Packed to the Rafters (2008) s01e04 Episode Script

How Did We Get Here?

(CLICK!) (ELECTRONIC SWOOSH) NATHAN: I've really stuffed up.
Manied the world's most gorgeous girl now I'm shacked up back home with my parents.
How did we get here? It was meant to be magic, it was meant to be amazing, like it was at the start.
First time I saw her.
You know the rules.
I left a message on your phone.
I told you I was wearing this tonight.
Oh, oh, so you're gonna take it all off, why don't you? Whoa.
(LAUGHS) Well, if that is not an invitation No! Happy? (GIRLS CONTINUE ARGUING) Nate, she's way out of your league, mate.
Most basic rule when it comes to sales - if this is the level you want to achieve, aim for here, mate.
Aim for here.
Go on, then.
If you reckon you got what it takes.
Why do you have to make such a major drama out of everything'? (M UTFERS) The man with the plan.
I'd love a drink.
That'd be great.
I'll have a champagne, please.
I wasn't the kind of guy she normally went for, I knew that much.
But, like I said, something was happening that night.
Something "magic.
You trying to impress me? No, I would never do that.
Is it working? (GRUNTS) (MOANS) (GROANS) When can I see you again? Tomorrow morning when you make me breakfast.
Sorry, was that a little forward'? Slutty, maybe? No.
Slutty's good.
(SNORTS) Sluttyit's good.
Well, you can thank my dad.
He's the one that sent me to an all-girls school.
I guess that means we're going back to your place.
No, I still live at home.
Daddy thinks I'm a virgin.
I can get us a room somewhere.
You're not married? No.
You don't live on the street? No.
You have an actual address.
So we're going back to your place.
MY Place.
“ Your place.
My actual address Yeah, that was gonna be problematic.
I was gonna have to improvise "and hope to God she'd buy it.
(WHISTLES) Sothis is your place.
No, it wasn't.
Yesyes, it is.
What do you think? Flowers - very nice.
What can I say? I am a flowers kind of guy.
What an idiot.
The place was styled within an inch of its life.
Do you mind? Actually, Il do.
I, um Oh, shoes off.
You're right.
Yeah, sorry.
And the other one.
No, no, no, no.
(SQUEALS AND LAUGHS) Come on, it's really fun! Get up! No, no it's not.
Why? I don't want you to hurt yourself.
(LAUGHS) Where's the bathroom? Yes, Nathan, where IS the bathroom? Through there and up the stairs.
(SNORTS) For a minute there I thought you'd forgotten.
Hmm! Oh, wow! Nice.
Bathroom's through there.
(LAUGHS) Come on, what kind of poonce has this many cushions on his bed'? Just getting in touch with my feminine side, aren't I'? Sammy (LAUGHS) Sammy, don't! ls there a problem? Uh (H ESITANTLY) I don't want you to hurt yourself.
Suppose the real owners aren't gonna be too happy, are they? The Andersons, is it? When's the next open for inspection? I was totally busted.
I promise you, it's not what you're thinking.
(SIGHS) Here's my number.
If you ever decide to cut the crap, give me a call.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Hello? I'm an idiot.
I justwanted you to like me and I thought that if I showed you the place where I really live, then there would be zero chance of that.
How shallow do you really think I am? I guess we're gonna find out.
(DOOR OPENS) Just haven't got around to buying furniture.
I haven't had time and No, actually, I probably can't afford it.
Not yet, I mean.
Not to get the stuff that I want.
Well there's a bed.
What more do we need? And that, like I said, was the start.
The hottest, most awesome, coolest few months of my life.
(BEN LEE'S 'LOVE ME LIKE THE WORLD IS ENDING' PLAYS) (BOTH LAUGH) It was only a matter of time before I got to meet the parents.
That's when the complications started.
I mean, I knew your dad did well but he is Minted? Loaded.
He's totally, totally loaded.
Maybe I just wanted you to like me for me.
Nah, that's impossible.
I could never do that.
(LAUGHS) Shut up.
Hold UP- What? Real estate.
As in Tony Westaway? As in big, ugly apartment blocks.
Sam, why didn't you say anything? Real estate, property developer - what's the diff? “What's the diff?" What's the diff?! Oh Stop drooling.
You haven't met them yet.
Sir, I just want you to know how serious I am about your daughter.
(CHUCKLES) So, I understand you're in real estate too.
Well, I'm an agent at Hampton Lewis.
Oh, you must be happy down at your office after the weekend.
Place down by the beach, Yeah, it was a good result.
Personally, I think it could have been better.
(YAWNS) Martin, the agent, he let the place itself do all the work for him.
Well, a view like that, why not? Because you're working for a client.
If he'd pushed a bit harder, I think he could have got $2 million over reserve, maybe more.
Well, I must remember to tell him that.
Martin, I mean.
We play golf sometimes.
(CHUCKLES) When he isn't playing tennis with Suki.
We're outta here if you two can't behave yourselves.
You wouldn't be saying anything I hadn't already told him.
He reckons I'm a cocky little bugger and that's exactly why I'm the best agent they've got.
OK, let's go, Nathan.
It's been lovely.
You know, I've been called a cocky little bugger myself sometimes.
Come on.
Looks like we survived round one.
It's nice to see you, darling.
I thought we were going to have to call up Missing Persons.
It's good to see you too, Mum.
So Nathan's family, what are they like'? Great - the question I'd been hoping no-one would ever ask.
Oh, it'snice.
It's that one.
Hmm'? It's that one.
Oh! (LAUGHS) Well, that IS nice.
Yeah, right.
After my parents' place, how bad could this really be'? So have you ever met anyone who lived this far west of George Street in your entire life? Yes.
I met you.
Doesn't count.
(CHUCKLES) Well, the houses around here are really cute.
Cute little gardens.
Your grandparents are gonna live in that for six months? Well, don't blame me.
It's Rachel.
to Nathan like a limpet and had a humour bypass at birth.
Now, you promise me you'll be nice to your brother when he gets here.
Oh, do you always have to make it so plainly obvious that he's your favourite? Oh, get out.
(LAUGHS) Here we go.
Hello? Oh, there you are.
Wondered where you'd got to.
Hello, darling.
And this must be Sammy.
Yeah, hi.
Lovely to meet you.
Oh, nice to meet you too.
I'll get you a drink.
OK, the moment of truth.
Were they going to behave? Dude, she's a babe! Not a chance.
(LAUGHS) Hi, I'm Ben, the good-looking and charming older brother.
So exactly how much is Nathan paying you to be here today? Oh, that's actually between the client and our agency but, um, if you'd like a full list of our girls and their services Oh, looks like I'm 2O bucks down already.
Oh, just a bet we had.
Rachel No, no, no, it's all good.
You're just not what we expected, that's all.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I'm always happy to surprise.
You meanshe IS a prostitute? (GROANS) Joke, idiot.
Sammy, hi.
Pleasure's all mine.
Sammy, this is my sister, Rachel, by the way.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
This is my boyfriend, Daniel.
Nice to meet you both.
So what do you think? DAVE: Good.
Hey! No, I'm just saying that Nathan's obviously inherited his father's taste in gorgeous women.
Ohooh! (SLAP!) Oh, and his grandfather's.
(CHUCKLES) Oi! Come and give your grandmother a hug.
Hello, Nan.
Sammy Hey, Grandad.
Good to see you.
I told you my nan was a big spunk.
And you weren't lying.
Ooh, I like her already.
Thank you.
Cheezel? Thanks, Dad.
don't hold back.
What have they all been saying about me? You really want to know'? Hmm, on second thoughts, maybe not.
(LAUGHS) Relax, they all love you.
Gotta say, it's not what I'm used to, that's for sure.
Sammy, we've gotta get going.
But they're lovely people, how families should be.
They've always been very nice to me.
Are you serious? Yeah.
That's freaky.
That's freaky.
I look at your olds and I think, “I could do that lifestyle" Yeah, and I look at yours and think, “Amazing - they actually love each other.
“ You two, it's a party.
Could you just join in'? Actually, Mum, we've gotta get going.
Nathan, we don't have to rush! Yes, we do! Come on! While the going's good Well, you haven't even shown me your room yet.
(SIGHS) What's in there - dead bodies? Are you an axe murderer? No, but I will be if we stay.
(LAUGHS) Sam, I want to go before Mum starts getting sentimental and the party games start.
Party games? Are you serious? NAN: Nathan? Nan, sorry.
Look, you and Grandad have a good trip, OK'? She's a lovely girl, nothing less than you deserve.
Vlfith an approval rating like that, no prizes for guessing what was next on the agenda.
(GRUMBLES) Dammit.
What's the matter? There's something in the bed.
What? There's something in the bed.
What'?! Oh, I don't think it's anything scary.
I just I don't know.
Do you wannatake a look? Wa Mmm, no, but close.
Open it.
Will you marry me? Yes! Yes, of course! The girl of my dreams had just said 'yes'.
Her dad was richer than God and seemed to like me.
I don't know who I was more scared of living up to.
Sammy had met my parents, I had met hers.
Eventually, they all had to meet each other.
This place is amazing.
It's like something out of a magazine.
Oh, we have been featured a couple of times.
Bet this thing packs a few horsepower.
Yeah, it's a terrific machine.
Still, if you're gonna cook the best, always use the best, I say.
Maria, the wagyu there? Yes.
Wagyu - look at that.
We don't want to stand on ceremony, do we'? Then why are we'? Alright, everyone, sit down.
It's like a boardroom out here.
Des Uh, Dave, actually.
Oh So, first time we get together and our kids have already announced their engagement.
You were the one that always said, “lf you like what you see, why not move on the deal?“ And that's exactly what young Nathan's done so we should applaud him on that, at least.
You can blame us if you like.
We did actually say to Nathan that if he let Sammy go, we'd disown him.
(CHUCKLES) Mum Your mum's only joking, mate.
What? Don't pick fights.
I'm not picking a fight.
So we're thinking spring.
Not too hot, not too cold.
Darling, everywhere will be booked.
You'll never get a church.
What's the rush? ls there any reason you need to fast-track this? No, I'm not pregnant, if that's what you're asking.
(LAUGHS AWK\NARDLY) Dave and I were married in spring.
It was a gorgeous day.
Any reason YOU needed to fast-track it? Now that you ask, we loved each other, we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together Yeah, plus I'd just given birth to our eldest, Rachel, and, uh, we didn't want her growing up a bastard.
On (SNIGGERS) (LAUGHS) Got a problem with that, Dad? I'm gonna put the beef on.
Maria Priceless.
SAMMY'S MUM: Well, if your hearts are set on spring, I suppose we can contact a wedding planner.
Sammy could handle her father - no worries on that score.
Darling, slow it right down.
You don't want to trip down the stairs.
Alright, alright.
Let's get this show on the road then, huh? You don't want to be on time.
It's bad luck.
Superstition, Mum.
Well You look like an angel.
You look so beautiful.
She's right.
You look beautiful.
I hate you.
I just need to know you're happy.
I am because it's what I want.
I want Nathan.
Well, I hope he knows how lucky he is.
Promise me you're gonna behave today.
Promise me you're going to be nice to my new family.
I promise.
(SIGHS) (ORGAN MUSIC PLAYS) DAVE: Oh, this is all very proper.
Just be thankful we're not paying for any of it.
I sure hope Nathan knows what he's getting himself into.
The guy might put on a good barbie, but I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.
When did Nathan ever not know what he was getting himself into'? Yeah.
If she calls me 'Des' again, I'll Stop it.
(GAS PS) Here he is.
Oh, darling, you look gorgeous.
Thank you.
Doesn't he, Oliver? Come here, big boy.
Here we go.
See, I told you you'd get something nice from that rental place.
Oh, it's not Hmm'? It's not It's nothing.
God, I'm nervous.
Oh, darling, you'll be fine.
I'm so proud of you, handsome man.
(HORN BEEPS) Oh, no.
Oh, he can't park there.
TED: Right there, my darling.
(QUIETLY) You think you're nervous now.
Dad! (LAUGHS) Nothing like cutting it fine, eh? Don't blame me.
Blame your mother - she's got to stop at every town we pass through.
Oh, blame his bladder, more like it.
(GASPS) Look at my boy! Nan.
How are you? You look so handsome, darling.
Thank you very much.
Are you nervous? How are you, pal? I'm terrified.
You're terrified? Don't be terrified.
She's beautiful and you're beautiful.
Hi, darling.
Oh, hey.
Look at you! You look gorgeous.
Have you been here long'? No.
Not long.
Where's Daniel? Uh, he's actually not feeling very well.
Is he alright? Oh, no, nothing to worry about.
He's fine.
Last chance to back out, mate.
Here she comes.
I know it's corny, but it really was like the world had stopped and that we were the only two people in it.
(BEN LEE'S 'LOVE ME LIKE THE WORLD IS ENDING' PLAYS) How did I get to be so lucky? It was the perfect day.
My best man remembered the ring.
No-one put his hand up when they asked if anyone objects.
Nothing could spoil it.
(ALL CHEER) (THUD!) (GUESTS GASP) Mum? DAVE: Louise? Is she alright? DAVE: Somebody call an ambulance! Nan? Stand back, everyone, please.
Darling? Wake up, love.
There was nothing they could do.
A massive heart attack.
I didn't even know she was sick.
(GENTLY) Honey, what do you want to do about the reception? Are you serious? Do you think anyone is interested in celebrating now that this? No, I just mean it's already paid for - we might as well Forget it, Dad.
There are more important things than money.
To this day, I know Sam's dad thinks the whole thing was a set-up - my family's way of getting the last word.
We should have been on our honeymoon.
Instead we were at a wake.
Are you OK'? (QUIETLY) Yeah.
I don't even know what to say.
Itit's just not fair.
She loved all the grandkids.
But she had a real soft spot for Nathan.
Hey, I don't want you taking all this as some sort of a bad sign.
She would have hated the thought of spoiling the day.
Of course not.
She was so happy to be there.
And I know that she was hoping that both of you would be as happy together as we were.
Nathan, can I have a word? Sure.
I've got a proposition for you.
No way! End of story.
Can I at least finish what I was going to say? It's a fantastic offer - heaps of money, great client base, great promotion prospects.
Nathan! It could really lead places.
Can't you see his agenda here? He wants to help set us up for life? He wants to control us.
The same way he has tried to my whole life.
Which school, with friends, with my career The wedding! Are you seriously asking me to turn this down'? (SIGHS) You work for him, he owns you.
Owns me! I don't want to owe him anything.
(SIGHS) I don't want you to end up like him, and I do not want to end up like my mother.
I'm sorry - I've thought about it, and it's just not the right move for me at this point in time.
But I truly appreciate the offer, and maybe sometime in the future There's no future.
This is a one-time offer.
Take it or leave it.
Where are your balls, boy? Are you your own man or not? Quit the macho act, Dad.
We're married now.
We just We don't want handouts and special favours.
We've both got jobs, and we want to make a go of it by ourselves.
You know my beautiful daughter here, God bless her, has never worn the same outfit twice? Shut up.
As if.
I'm just stating the facts.
That hotel job of yours doesn't earn enough to keep you in lipstick.
I should know- I pay the Amex bills.
Well, I've come up with a budget and we're going to stick to it.
This just gets better and better.
We'll see.
I give it four months.
Five, max.
We were in trouble after three.
We're not going skiing.
But I already told Monique 'yes' to skiing.
I understand that, but we can't afford it.
Well, we just got that new credit card.
six months, so if we just We're 32 grand in the hole.
What? I said we're 32 grand in the hole.
How'? Have you not been listening to a word I've said? It's credit cards, Sam.
It's these.
We're paying interest on interest.
We're going backwards.
So I'm calling your dad, and No! I don't know, maybe if I suck up to him enough Nathan, no! We are not in a position to be picky.
I'm not having my dad bail us out.
No way I'm giving him that satisfaction.
We've just got to come up with a budget.
We had a budget.
We blew it out.
Oh, so now this is all my fault? No, but shopping is like an extreme sport to you.
Well, don't you get it? With rent and interest on this loan, that's our money gone.
You're not working for my father! Well, we are in the crap if I don't.
What about your parents' dinner? I texted them and I told them we were caught up at work.
It's their anniversary, Nathan.
Can't afford it.
They're paying- No.
I mean globally.
You and I.
There's no more dinners.
There's no more skiing.
There's no more shoes.
We actually can't afford it.
Is it really that bad'? Yeah, it's really that bad.
I am so sorry.
For what? Letting us get into this position.
It wasn't meant to be like this.
(SIGHS) We'll get through it.
I know I'm not great with budgets.
But there is one way out.
Well, I've really got to hand it to you two.
You've got the right idea - economise now, reap the benefits later - makes a lot of sense.
Not a lot of kids your age would have the smarts to go for it.
I just don't get why we can't tell them the truth.
Believe me, it's better this way.
For six months, we will work our butts off, save like crazy, pay off the credit cards, get back on track, move on.
It's not forever.
Well, welcome to your new home, Mrs Rafter.
Whoo-hoo! Oh, now this kills me! Oh, no! It's so cute.
No, that's got to go.
Why? This is all part of you.
I love it.
Bro, you really are regressing.
First you move back home.
Now you're playing with kiddie toys.
Oh, yeah? This is coming from the guy who can whistle through his nose.
Hey, I'm just saying hi.
Wondering what the real deal is.
The 'real deal'? The real reason you're here.
Like I said before, for those of you who need it repeated, we are saving on a house and a business deal in Queensland.
Yeah, and I'm Obi-wan Kenobi.
Waaaaah! You'll spill eventually.
He knows.
No, he doesn't.
And he's not going to.
Whatever you say.
You know you look kind of hot with that lightsaber? Kind of masterful.
Well, I can think of one thing we don't need a credit card for.
But not telling the truth was the problem.
It was the ticking time bomb threatening to blow us apart.
Sammy was cool, though.
(ALARM BEEPS) Say it with me BOTH: There is no hurdle we can't face together.
BOTH: Oh! The three-minute shower isn't just about the environment, you know.
Oh, Rachel, leave her alone.
It's Sammy - she's got to get to work.
Oh, and what - now my career's suddenly irrelevant? Oh, I love this show.
No deal! Free.
Hair crisis.
Oh, um I just got this great new leave-in hair conditioner.
Um, help yourself.
Tonight's your night off.
I'm making dinner.
Oh (ALARM BEEPS) Ow! NATHAN: Ooh, are you alright? Yep.
Are you sure there's no more cupboard space? (SHRIEKS) Oh, sorry! Do you mind if I just grab my towel? Go for it.
Oh! JULIE: Oh, no! Is dinner ready? Yeah, actually.
Um Hey, I know we don't know each other very well, but we're kind of related now.
Oh, goodie.
Does that mean we get to borrow each other's clothes? Hey, I know you've got a lot of stuff going on, so if you ever wanted to talk about it Because you'd understand? Well, I'd try to.
Why are you even here? What's the deal? Is this some sort of social experiment? 'I'm a Rich Kid, Get Me Out of Here'.
Take it or leave it but don't think you've got the exclusive on problems.
(TYPES) You OK'? I don't want to do this.
Oh, come on.
Why can't we just tell them the truth? No.
No way.
Why not? This is a bad idea.
We No.
This is a good idea.
It's your stupid secrecy act that's ruining everything.
BEN: Thanks, guys.
I will replace this.
DAVE: I know you will.
We're hitting the Super Centre tomorrow.
So, what have you two got planned for the weekend? SAM: Oh, nothing much.
Um, if anyone's interested in family activities, I was thinking a picnic or touch football.
When did you last play touch football? Well, there's a first time for everything.
I'll teach ya.
I love touch footy.
It's a long time since I've seen you play touch footy.
Real estate's my life.
What can I tell you? (COUGHS) Boring.
Like what you do saves lives, does it, Ben? Just ignore him.
Yeah, but you must still get to have a social life, don't you? Yeah, I thought if you two didn't have at least two functions in the diary you broke out in hives.
(BEN SNIGGERS) We just thought we'd keep a low profile for a while.
Just because you moved here to save, you don't have to go into shutdown.
You're young.
You're not short of a quid.
Work takes precedence.
That's just how it is.
BEN: Boring! JULIE: So how's the big development going'? Is it selling well? (SIGHS) Sorry.
Nathan, are you alright? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm good.
You're not hungry, mate? No, actually, I Sorry, guys.
I'm so sorry.
I've just got this work thing.
It's doing my head in.
Can you excuse me for a second? BEN: Morning! So, a family barbie this afternoon.
It'll be just like the old days.
Don't even think about it, Ben.
Mum, one teabag! Go to the shop, you loser.
Buy your own.
Oh, says the bludger who's living back home.
One teabag.
Are you going to pay for that teabag? Pretty funny how you ended up back here, isn't it? The dude who couldn't wait to get out of this place quibbling over one teabag.
Oh, yes.
You know the story.
What do you reckon the real story is, Dad? Mmm.
This is good.
How much are you good for at the moment, Benny boy? Mate You know, that is enough! Lunchtime, we are sitting down, as a family, and we're gonna enjoy each other's company and there'll be no excuses, OK'? OK.
Here's your toast.
Thanks, love.
Well, I don't like to big-note myself but (CLEARS THROAT) when it comes to a barbecue, my dad is a master.
Andhe taught me everything he knows.
Dad's the tong master around here.
Aren't you, Dad? Oh, yum.
Whatever's in that marinade, I need the recipe.
Well, sorry, but firstly, you're crap in the kitchen.
And, secondly, it's a family secret.
Well, I'm afraid I am family now.
Oh, yeah! Mmm.
Thanks for being here.
It means a lot to Jules.
No worries.
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Better go feed the masses.
Hey- Hey- Um, another half an hour and we're bailing to Jemma's.
No, let's stay.
I'm having a really good time.
JULIE: Come on, you two! Mum, that was great.
And, on that note, we'd better be heading off.
Already? No, we don't have to go yet.
Stay, Nathan.
You might start enjoying yourself.
I couldn't deal with any more questions.
(SIGHS) I cannot believe we ditched your parents for this.
OK, so it's a fizzer.
What do you wanna do? Do you wanna go see a movie? (SCOFFS) I don't get you.
Anything to avoid going home.
Nonol mean, Mum was cool.
She said 'go'.
She was upset.
Didn't you hear her speech about communication? We've gotta start communicating! Well, Sammy, I sat there, I ate lunch.
I pretended to laugh at Ben's stupid jokes No, you didn't.
(SCOFFS) We are sitting in a bar, buying drinks we can't afford, because we're too scared to face them.
Is that not wrong on so many levels? You don't know what it's like.
You're right.
I don't.
So tell me.
Am I reading them so wrong'? (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Answer it.
Go on.
What? When? But he's home now'? No, no, no.
No, no.
Tell us when we get there.
We're coming right over.
We've gotta go.
It's Grandad.
He was standing on a cliff'? He was pretty close to the edge.
(SIGHS) Wow.
I don't believe any of this.
Listen, what he needs right now is to talk to both of you, to try and explain about this afternoon and the thing with Nan's clothes.
Yeah, of course.
Whwhat do I say? What you want to say.
Mum just told us.
I just want you to know that it's all OK.
Whatever happens we love you.
And whatever you want to talk about or tell us, we're here to listen and I'll try not to put my foot in it.
Seems to be my special talent around here.
Justthought I should warn you.
(SIGHS) Sorry, making it all about me again.
That's just typical, isn't it? Well, I was going to say something.
If I could get a word in.
(SIGHS) Sorry.
I keep doing this.
It's so embarrassing.
You're just like his nan.
Real chatterbox.
Life of the party.
(SIGHS) You are allowed to miss her, you know, Grandad? Thanks, Nate.
But I shouldn't have lied.
Not to the family.
It's a man's shame and his pride.
It, er you know, gets in the way sometimes.
But there shouldn't be lies.
(DOOR OPENS) You heard what he said.
No more lies.
This is different.
No, it's not.
It's exactly the same.
(SIGHS) I justdon't get you.
He's spilling the most intimate personal details, and you can't even tell them about a few stupid debts.
Oh, what is it'? What is so bad that you can't tell me? It's nothing.
(SIGHS) I'm tired.
So, that's how we got here, pretty much.
How to move forward was the next question.
Hey, Sam.
Sam, wake up.
(SIGHS) What is it? It's not about the debt.
(SIGHS) What? They put their faith in me.
Who, Nathan? Mum and Dad.
I hounded them to send me to private school, and they slogged their guts out to do it.
Did for me what they didn't do for Ben and Rachel.
I can never repay them for that.
I can't.
The best that I could do was to be a success.
And here I am.
I'm five years out of school and I'm 3O grand down the drain.
(SIGHS) I just feel like the world's biggest loser.
I feel like all their hard work was just it's just been thrown away.
They believe in me.
They're proud of me.
Especially Mum.
I can't destroy that.
I can't take that away from them.
(SIGHS) They'll always be proud of you.
The one thing you're keeping from them is the real you.
Are you happy living this lie? No.
I'm not.
(SIGHS) So what, then'? We've gotta start somewhere.
Hello? Hi.
JULIE: Nathan? Sammy, is everything alright? Yeah, I think so.
It's four o'clock in the morning, mate.
What's wrong'? Yeah, I know.
Could we talk to you both about something? Yeah, of course you can.
Come in.