Packed to the Rafters (2008) s02e05 Episode Script

Brave New World

DAVE: We walk through a lot of doors in life.
Usually we know where we're headed.
Other times, we don't have a clue.
The door opens and before you know it life takes a whole new direction.
SONG: Everyone's waiting I stand at the station 'Cause everything goes I know, I know Early start for you.
Lots of appointments to get through.
Can't have a 9-month waiting list, can you? (CH UCKLES) And there's your baby again.
Two left feet.
It really is a Rafter.
You must do lots of these.
Everyone gets it done, right? Yeah.
Almost everyone.
Yeah, it pays to be safe.
We're not taking any chances.
We're actually off to a mothers' wellness group on Saturday.
Nine Moons or something.
Very ooga-booga.
Mung beans.
And incorrect.
Technically, it's 1O lunar months, not 9.
Um, dodoes it look OK'? Your baby's growth is right on track.
You can see the nasal bone really well.
The heart beat's strong.
Does it show anything else? You know this is just a screening test.
It's not definitive.
Yeah, but so far it's Dr Marsh will go through it with you.
An ultrasound before breakfast, that is not right.
I don't know how you can eat.
How is worrying about it gonna help? Well, they're testing for Down syndrome.
At Mum's age, there's a higher risk of that.
(DOOR OPENS) The chances are still slim, right? Rolled oats or muesli.
Never let Carbo shop for cereal.
Whatwhat happened to your hair? Um, so, Rachel, what time are Mum and Dad getting home? Should we wait for them to get back? What? No! No big welcoming committee.
That's way too much pressure.
Yeah, look, I think they'll tell us in their own time.
We should just get on with our day.
Yeah, I vote for that.
It's my first day at Front Music.
I want to, erwell, I don't want to be late.
Tell me you got dressed in the dark.
Ben, I work in the music industry now.
I've got to look the part.
And I know which part.
Don't listen to them.
You look hot.
Now, go get 'em.
For couples your age, 1 baby in 2O is born with Down syndrome.
So that's 2O to 1.
That's not bad.
Wouldn't back a horse with those odds.
(CH UCKLES SOFTLY) The test we're doing today will refine those odds - up or down.
So, what's the verdict? The reading is in the upper range.
What are the chances now'? We can't tell that yet.
Just a ballpark figure'? Maybe as high as one in four.
But bear in mind that the increments in these tests are so small that there is margin for error.
Um, theythey took a blood sample.
Will that confirm it? Mm-hm.
The blood test results will be read in conjunction with the ultrasound measurements to give a final answer.
If we find certain Dawn's markers in both results, it considerably increases the likelihood, yes.
So if the tests come back good we're off the hook? Your horse is back to being a long shot.
So, basically, no need to worry until the results come back.
But you should be prepared.
We'll know in a few days.
Um, I'm Nathan Rafter.
I'm Starting work today.
Yeah, Layla said.
But it's, like, seriously early.
Is it? Mmm.
Layla was in a hook-up with New York until 2am.
Didn't she say? It's a conference call.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, of course! Um, no, she will be in'? Later.
There are some magazines to read.
OhI'm Amber.
Do you want a coffee? Thanks.
That'd be great.
OK, 'cause the cafe's just around the corner.
They make a great chai latte.
Ooh, and if you're going, could you grab me one? I'll fix you up later.
Hello? They've gone to work.
Well, you should go too.
Aren't you meant to meet Jake? Oh, maybe I'll just stay here with you.
Why? I'm fine.
I might just go into the office.
Keep busy.
Yeah, we haven't got the blood test results yet.
No need to panic.
Oh, who's panicking? No-one.
It's only one chance in four.
That's 75% it'll be OK.
Yeah, I know.
But if the testing does point to Dawn's, then What? Well, it doesn't doesn't affect anything, does it? Wellit would.
Of course it would.
Yeah, but we'd be OK.
We'd cope.
Well, we probably should do some research.
Find out what we're dealing with.
Let's wait till we get the test results.
Until we know the odds, I'm not even going to think about it.
TED: Have there been any messages for me from home? Julie was having some tests.
Everything alright? Ah, yeah.
Just routine stuff.
Is my phone number on the Rafters' fridge? There's a list of all my girlfriends.
You know, this is probably the last time you can stay over.
Hmm'? My daughter arrives tomorrow.
Susannah'? Remember? I told you.
Right, right! She's coming down from Queensland with her partner.
And there's a baby on the way.
This place is going to be pretty crowded.
What? They're staying here with you? No, not exactly.
I thought I'd rent them the place, you know, mates rates until they get settled and I'd move into something smaller.
Somewhere local, you know.
A garden flat.
And to make it more affordable I thought I might be able to find some handsome man who knew how to cook my eggs.
Can you think of anyone? You're a hussy, Marjorie.
(CH UCKLES) I'm shocked.
Oh, you and me.
Just think about it.
I will.
I'll give it a good think.
But now I'd better finish this off and run.
I mean head off.
Oh, my God.
Have you been here long'? Three coffees.
And four Brags.
But it's cool.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I should've warned you.
But that American producer was pushing me on every territory and royalty in that contract.
Er, of course.
Some days we work 10:00 till 4:00, other days it's dawn till midnight and it gets crazy.
It's fine.
Really, I just thought, first day and all, I should You suck-up.
Come on, then.
I owe you a grand tour.
So, you've met Amber? Yes.
This is Steve's office - when he's in the country.
When accounts gets in, she sits here.
Oh, the recording studios and the little boy's room are back down the corridor.
This is where the musos sleep when they've pulled an all-nighter, which it looks like they have.
Relatively fresh.
Hey, Amber, is Levi still here? Yeah, I think that was his breakfast.
I thought I told him to go home.
He said you wanted the concept for the game-show guys on his desk by lunchtime.
That's right.
I did, didn't I'.
> (CHUCKLES) God, they are feral when you interrupt them.
And we're here.
So, welcome to the music industry.
I love it already.
Not overwhelmed'? Overwhelmed'? No! Nah.
Not at all.
You liar.
But hey, it's new territory for me too.
That's why I hired you, remember? Mm-hm.
You're here.
So we can do the whole synergy thing.
And we can share paperclips.
Don't worry.
I will get stuck in.
You've got an hour.
An hour? Oh, my brain's a bit fried so I thought we'd do your welcome lunch.
Get to know each other a bit better.
Maybe muddle out some kind of strategy? But basically we'll just drink.
Well, now I really love this industry.
But do not speak too soon 'cause some days you won't get lunch at all.
Oh, the company's back catalogue is on your hard drive.
It might be a good place to start.
Enjoy! Will do.
It's How do I turn it off'? Hi.
Did you leave these on my porch? Should I have put them out the back? No! You should've shoved your banksia up your bum! Or better still, shoved it up my husband's bum - together with the spiky end of the protea! Oh, you know your flowers.
Who gives bloody natives anyway? Bloody cheapskate.
Would a bunch of roses be too much? Your husband wanted something different.
He spent a ton of cash.
Now it can be a ton of compost! (GRUNTS) Ooh! If you didn't want them, you could've just said, “No, thanks.
” You're not working today'? Oh, maybe for a couple of hours.
I told Don I had a doctor's appointment, which I did.
And? Nothing to report, really.
Just waiting on some more results.
More results? It's OK if you don't want to talk about it.
Listen, when you and Greg were trying for a baby What? In those agonising three years before he shacked up with Sally? If you'd fallen pregnant and found out that something wasn't right with the baby'? Julie, if I'd fallen pregnant, the kid could have grown two heads and I still would've had it.
Probably by caesarean.
Yeah, and I'm I'm keeping this baby - whatever happens.
Is Dave OK with all this? Yeah.
Well, I don't know.
God, I hope so.
I thought you'd talked all this through.
Yeah, we had.
It's just, he's saying that we shouldn't think about it until we know.
Well, that's probably fair enough.
Yeah, I know.
So why do I feel like he's backing away? You really should read some of this.
Congenital heart problems.
Bone malformation.
Leukaemia Yeah.
Yeah, alright, that too.
But there are scientific breakthroughs every day.
There's support systems in place It's too soon.
We don't know where we stand.
But we need to be ready for these things! If we are having a Dawn's baby If, Jules.
Ifthen we've got to inform ourselves.
Just turn off the computer.
Let's get something to eat, have an early night.
You can't just bury your head in the sand! I'm sorry.
I just don't see the point Look, I know you're scared, alright? I'm frightened too.
But together, we can do this! I mean, we're a team, aren't we'? Yeah.
DAVE: And she was right.
I was scared.
But that was only part of it.
Yeah, no worries.
I'll lock up.
Toula, of course I know the alarm code.
I got in, didn't I'? Look, I've gotta go.
Get better, OK'? Please don't call O00.
I'm here to apologise.
No need.
I see it all the time.
Flowers rev people up.
That's so true.
But I could've hurt you with that arrangement.
I'm very strong.
No, no.
It's sweet.
You look very strong too.
Mr'? Um, Mr Carbo.
My friends just call me Carbo.
Well, lifting flowers all day must give you quite a work-out, Mr Carbo.
You know, I do a lot of lifting around here.
I bet you do.
Hey, I saved some of your bunch.
Did you want to take them now'? Oh, no.
I can't take them now.
On my way out.
But, er, any time you'd like to deliver them, I'll definitely open my door for you.
Strictly speaking, it's a balanced board Mate, it was freaky.
Totally ready to take my head off one minute, making goo-goo smoochy eyes at me the next.
Did you call the cops? Why would I'? Well, she attacked you.
Yeah, but she was kind of hot.
So now what are you telling me? You're into this woman? Nah, nah, I'm way too professional for that.
You hear stories about the pool boy and the plumber all the time.
Maybe it's true.
Desperate housewives.
Ding-dong at the door.
So, er, what is she? Blonde? ToniI'd say she'd be closer to 40.
What? What? You have got a type! Hot older women.
Mate, you're full of it.
First Chrissy, now this chick.
Hey? Carbo the 'Cougar-nator'.
She got a daughter? Hey, look, two out of two does not make a type, alright? Yeah? How many women under 35 have you been on a date with lately? Hey, I don't exactly see you going out with any young hotties either.
And you and Mel have been split for ages.
Three weeks is not ages! Time enough to get back on your horse, that's all I'm saying.
Alright, look, either make it up with Mel or move on.
Stick to dating old women, mate, because you've got no idea what you're talking about.
That has got to be the first time I've ever drank Sambuca at lunch.
The first time you ever drank Sambuca, I reckon.
Correct! Look, why don't you dump some of the catalogue on your iPod and waddle off home for a listen? Are you kidding? No.
Layla, Mitch Langdon rang.
He said he's good for tomorrow.
Thank you.
But stand by because tomorrow is a big day.
We've got lunch with Mitch from Moby Sound.
Ooh! More food? Well, more booze, actually.
Mitch hates a drink.
But, hey, do you know Cuddlepot and Snugglepie? I think you mean Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.
OK, whatever.
Mitch is turning the whole series into 100 one-minute episodes for download to little kids' mobiles.
Do little kids have mobiles? Well, I guess they will when he's made 100 episodes.
He's just trying to do something different.
He wants to shake things up for a new generation of techno-savvy sprogs'? Correct.
So you have to schmooze Mitch, OK'? 'Cause we're pitching for both the underscore and the associated soundtrack.
The verb 'to schmooze', at last it's a term that I understand.
Now go home.
I'll see you tomorrow.
See ya.
I started late then had a ridiculously long lunch.
It was awesome.
Sounds great, mate.
RACHEL: Did you do any actual work? Yes! I listened to, er, some stuff.
Oh, the agony of it all.
Mmm, but the heavy-duty action kicks off tomorrow.
We have got lunch with a producer.
Ooh! SAM MY: Somewhere nice? Well, you don't schmooze clients at Pizza Hut.
We're going to some fancy two-hat joint in town.
God, is it a job or a vacation? I think it sounds fantastic, Nathan.
Mmm! It is.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, was everything OK this morning'? Hmm'? Oh! Yeah, yeah.
It was fine.
(PHONE RINGS) We're waiting on blood test results.
Mum, how about you put your feet up? I can finish.
Everything was fine, Rachel.
Dave Rafter.
Oh, Marjorie.
No, Ted's not here.
No, he's, er, gone for a walk.
I'll let him know.
Are you sure everything's OK'? Any developments, we'll let you know.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Hello? Oh, yeah.
You OK'? I was planning on asking you the same question.
I'm fine.
Why wouldn't I be'? Well, it's not like you to pass up on a call from Marjorie.
Look, er keep it out of the gossip columns, but she wants us to move in together.
What do you want? To head for the hills.
(LAUGHS) Commitment phobia.
Oh, there might be a few other factors nibbling around the edges.
Such as'? Oh, who pays for what, who does what Well, you better slow things down a bit and do what's right for you.
And what about you? What about me? Who are you hiding from? No-one.
DAVE: Jules was right.
We're a team.
We always find a compromise, some middle ground.
But here, there was no middle ground.
There was no compromise.
SONG: Find the one who lets you be yourself Find the one whose love lies where you lay For all you know, the time you have is blessed Blessed best by where your lover lay So hold on Hold on and on and on I take it you're not playing solitaire.
You're right.
We need to know what we're dealing with.
Darling, I know it's a challenge.
But lots of Dawn's kids grow up to lead full and happy lives.
They get jobs, drive cars, get married I know that, and that's what I'm trying to focus on - the positives.
Well, that's good.
It doesn't always work out that way, does it? I mean, what if the child needs 24-hour care? Well, we'll give it.
You're a great dad.
You'll be a great dad.
Yeah, well, maybe, but, Jules, we're not getting any younger.
What if something happens to us and suddenly it falls in Rachel's lap or Nathan's or Ben's? It doesn't just affect us.
Don't drag the kids into this.
You're looking at it from the worst perspective.
That won't happen.
What if it does'? Well, it's not their choice.
Isn't it? No.
I thought we'd decided.
Well, decisions can be revisited.
Not this one! No.
I'm just trying to be honest.
I don't know if I can deal with this, or if I want this.
And if you can't hear me, where does that leave us'? Don't do this to me.
Finished? Yeah.
Mum, look, I'm really sorry about last night.
I shouldn't have pushed.
Darling, don't apologise.
It's fine.
You should get to work, shouldn't you? You'll be late.
I'm off for a poker lesson.
Texas Hold'Em.
It's all the rage, apparently.
You picking Marjorie up? No.
She's got an appointment, I think.
Yeah, a pole-dancing class.
She can't get enough of 'em.
Oh, that'll be good.
Julie I'll see you tonight.
Jules, we can't not talk about this.
This is the rest of our lives.
I'm sick to death of this 'good result/bad result' thing.
We are talking about a child.
Stop judging the kid before it's even born.
You wanna be an adult? Let's make a list.
Pros and cons.
You cannot tick off a list of problems against the life of a child! Well, it's your body! You win! You're always gonna win, aren't you? Five-card-draw poker.
Only game worth learning, or so I'm told.
Just don't play strip poker on the beach, 'cause you've only got your cossie to lose.
(CH UCKLES) How are you, Frank'? I haven't seen you for a while.
Well, I've been in Europe, haven't I'? Meeting up with my internet hook-ups.
Any luck? Yes.
Girl in Dusseldorf I quite liked - Bettina.
Broadened my horizons, let me tell you! Married, of course.
And she wanted her husband to join in.
I might be many things, Ted, but that isn't one of them.
G'day, Grandad.
G'day, mate.
Where's Marjorie? I'm just here for the poker class.
Gotta have a bit of time for yourself, haven't you? Yeah.
I've really been enjoying my 'me' time without Melissa on the scene.
Hey, er, you should come and have a beer with me and Carbo, hey? Three amigos together.
What do you reckon? Sure.
WOMAN: Good morning.
Looks like you're on, mate.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to introduce you to the challenging, complex and infinitely fascinating game of Texas Hold'Em.
My name is Marjory.
Everyone has their cards? Now, there's a coincidence.
Prepare to become addicted.
Hey there.
Oh, hi! Small world.
These are for you.
Don't chuck 'em at me, but.
(LAUGHS) Very nice.
Are they from my drop-kick husband again? Yeah.
He's not giving up.
He's got my mobile number now.
Hmm! Purple hyacinth.
For forgiveness.
Every second bloody flower's for forgiveness, isn't it? Yeah.
I did a flower appreciation course every Tuesday night for three months.
That was before karate classes but after furniture restoration.
You're keeping yourself busy, eh? Well, Drop-Kick never got home before 9:00 and never took the slightest bit of interest in what I was doing, so Sorry - did you want some flowers? I've got some beautiful gerberas OhI'll take those.
Actually, uh Could you hold those two buckets up for me, please? Sure.
Really lovely.
On second thoughts, I'll take the gerberas.
I do like a long stalk.
Oh, yeah, but it's the colours that make 'em.
Just look at the way the, um I seem to be your only customer.
What's in there? Storeroom.
Very small.
Very flexible.
That was a good group today.
I had fun.
You're a good teacher.
And it was nice meeting you, Ted.
Same here.
How come the interest in poker? Oh, my husband was poker mad.
We used to play every Friday night with friends.
None as keen as Graham and me, though.
Well, no wonder you're an expert.
Graham had his weaknesses.
He could never resist going for an inside straight.
If I only knew what that meant.
He passed away five years ago next month.
(CH UCKLES WRYLY) Sounds stupid, but every time I play poker, I No.
Everyone has their way of remembering.
If you really are interested in demystifying poker, I'd be happy to offer you some private lessons.
Maybe we could even have dinner after.
Well, that's a lovely idea, and thanks, but no.
I'm actually seeing someone at the moment.
Quite a coincidence.
She's a Marjorie too.
Well, sounds like you've drawn a good hand, then.
I'm happy for you.
Well, I'll see you at the next workshop? Oh, you will.
Bye, Ted.
Bye, Marjory.
Mate, I'm not one to brag You know that customer I told you about? Oh, my God.
She just left.
(LAUGHS) So much for professionalism.
The storeroom's a bit of a mess, but there's something about these experienced women.
You know'? The way they hold you and the way they The way they match the bloom with the foliage is as much of an art as the choice of flowers.
Have you got a customer? Yes.
And a rose that's magnificent in the morning can be just as fresh in the afternoon.
It's her, isn't it? Sorry.
Sold out.
What? Thought you had to go.
Do you need a hand with your delivery run'? I gotta tell you, I am so ready for Mitch Langdon.
Although Gumnut Babies aren't exactly the first gig I thought I'd be pitching for.
Well, it wasn't quite what I expected either, but, hey - a gig's a gig, right? So let's nail this.
Now, I've been doing my homework, and I have skimmed through every single Snugglepot book ever published.
I see.
Good work! And Cuddlepie.
Don't forget her.
It's 'him', actually.
They're foster brothers.
No way.
Don't worry - I'm ready.
If Mitch wants to talk names, I can talk names.
Definitely the king of schmooze.
That is why I hired this guy.
Oh, um, Layla, can I just make a call? Oh, yeah.
So I booked the restaurant for 1:00 and the taxi is on its way.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hold on.
Hey, you.
How's your lazy day off going'? It's not that lazy.
Sam, look, I'm not sure how long this lunch is gonna go for, but apparently this guy's a bit of a party animal, so don't wait up, OK'? OK.
Well, break a leg.
Thank you.
I love you.
Yeah, I love you too.
We are good to go.
Let's do this.
The Norton job's finished.
They paid cash.
Oh! Excellent.
Plus good timing.
We got another call come in.
You're needed down at Freeman Park.
There's exposed wires near the slippery dip.
Exposed wires at a playground? OK.
SONG: Everyone's waiting I stand at the station 'Cause everything goes I know, I know Pick up your feet, boy It's time to come clean Which one's yours? The girl with the white hat.
She's coming down the slippery slide.
Come on, Sarah.
Come on.
Good girl.
Dodgy wires? Didn't know how else to get you here.
Sneaky seemed best.
Well, I don't do sneaky, Jules.
Not with something serious.
Yeah, OK.
watch them.
I don't like being ambushed.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I Talk to the parents.
They're gorgeous kids.
See how they fit in'? The kids aren't the problem.
So what is? (SIGHS) Look, this isn't the place, alright? OK'? Justjust leave me alone.
Dave, I Just leave it! CHILD: Hi, Mum! Hi, Mum! DAVE: How could I explain that I remembered exactly what it was like not to fit in? That was the problem.
Oh, hey.
Well, I had a pretty constructive day.
How was yours? Well, your dad and I, um spent some time in the park together.
Oh! That must have been nice.
Yeah, it was, wasn't it? Just leave it, Jules.
Did you come to any conclusions? Oh, about what? Please.
Just leave it.
Hey, Sam, there was that thing you wanted to show me? Well, no privacy when you live like sardines.
If this is about the baby, I'm worried.
You think it might be'? Yeah, well, they've both been pretty tense.
Let's hope not.
Hey, who's going to TAFE? Me! Maybe.
There's this journalism course I wanna try.
It's features writing.
I was thinking maybe, um, women's mags, maybe travel stuff What brought this on? Oh, I don't know.
I've just been feeling restless at work.
My job's just so same-same all the time.
Is it OK to be jealous of your husband? That depends what you're jealous of.
If it's Nathan's dress sense, then I'd say no.
His new job just sounds so amazing and he's so fired up about it and Il envy that.
I need a new focus too.
NATHAN: Oh, yes! Thank you, I will take that as a win.
You are one classy schmooze artist.
You had Mitch Langdon laughing.
I mean, you even had him crying at one point.
Chalk one up for team.
Now it is over to the creative musical types to write some magicthings.
Right, I'm just calling Steve in LA.
Look in that fridge, there's some champagne.
Layla, I've actually gotta go.
One second.
Steve Hello? Who's this? Right.
Um, isis Steve awake too? Hey.
Hey, sorry to interrupt.
Um, I just thought you might wanna know that we aced it.
Yeah, Mitch is coming in next week.
No, I can't push him back, Steve.
You should see his schedule.
Yes, but you were scheduled to be back.
I mean, the meeting's all set up.
We'll handle it.
Say hi to Natasha.
So bloody selfish.
Sorry about that.
It's a, um long-distance relationship with an egomaniac.
Am I drinking alone? I'll have one glass but we're not finishing the bottle.
But it'sit's the good stuff.
It's against the law to let it go flat.
(swans) Good job.
Uh, hello, who called me at work to drool down the phone line? That was a courtesy call.
What happened in the storeroom? Are we talking horizontal, vertical or both? Well, let's just say (PHONE RINGS) on Say what? Hello? Carbo, say what? Toni, hi.
Is that her? No.
No, not too sore, thanks.
Sorry? (CHUCKLES) I'd love to but I can't.
Yeah, I've gotta meet my Mum and Dad tonight.
Hey, Toni, how did you get this number? Sure.
Yeah, soon.
(PHONE BEEPS) She went through the paperwork in the shop while I was catching my breath.
BOTH: Stalker.
Um, Sam.
Sam, I just had the best day of my life.
I nailed a big client to the wall, I got to eat something with real truffles in it, I got a Cabcharge and did I say that I brought in a big client? Nathan, it's midnight.
It's what? It's midnight.
OhI'm sorry.
(SIGHS) Sorry.
It's just that Steve and Layla had some kind of fight and I couldn't leave her alone, Sam.
She was so miserable.
You should have seen her.
She was plastered.
Right, 'cause that's exactly what a wife needs to hear.
Could you please shut up? One of us has to work early in the morning.
(SIGHS) Sorry.
Shutting up.
SONG: Find the one who lets you be yourself Find the one whose love lies where you lay For, you know, the time you have is blessed Blessed best by where your lover lay So hold on.
Oh, great.
(SIGHS) Come on.
Mr Albricht.
Yeah, it's Nick from Vitalidis Flowers.
Yeah, look, we had a bit of a problem delivering those arrangements to your wife.
I probably shouldn't be saying this but, uh, I think, maybe, flowers isn't what Toni needs right now.
Don't tell me, you've forgotten an invoice.
No, um, we're just having a girls morning.
Oh, well, what about Nine Moons'? Uh, Chrissy offered to come so I'm letting you off the hook.
Oh, fine.
I think I'm double-parked.
We'll see you later.
Ahh, this is my friend from Nimbin.
You put some on your tummy and just a drop behind the ears, twice a day.
It's totally natural ingredients.
I started using it with my first and, ohh nausea just dissolves away like ice cubes on a summer road.
And that's my name.
(GIGGLES) Summer.
Ahh, welcome to Nine Moon.
Hi, I'mI'm Julie.
This is Chrissy.
It is lovely to have another same-sex couple join us.
Take a seat next to Abby and Susannah.
Oh, no, no, we're not same-sex.
(LAUGHS) Oh, well, we are but, no, it's just We're just We're good friends.
I can tell.
Don't hyperventilate.
(LAUGHS) Well, not until second stage labour.
(LAUGHS) We are all on the road to motherhood.
This group is just to help support over any bumps and potholes, yeah? At the end of this journey we want the happiest, healthiest baby the universe can give us.
Let's see what else we got here.
Have a smell of that one.
Oh, this is ridiculous.
Dave should be here.
SUMMER: Divine.
Morning, Marjorie.
(LAUGHS) I thought I'd frightened you off, well and truly.
I don't know where you get these ideas.
Well, you haven't been returning my calls.
Well, there's been a lot going on.
I've been busy.
You don't have to explain.
Look, I've been carrying on like a 22-year-old whose girlfriend's just asked him to set a date.
Look, it's alright, really.
I mean, moving in, it was just wishful thinking.
Well, don't burn the house down just yet.
Uh (swans) I've been doing a bit of thinking about us and what you mean to me.
And I want to be with you as often as I can.
But as for setting up house together - that's (SIGHS) .
that's a big step.
And if we do move in together it'll be for one reason I have to wait for you to pop the question? Well, let's just see how we go.
I'll help you find a place, get settled in.
And then, maybe, in time.
Hmm'? Ohh.
Looks like your daughter's turned up.
So, when do I get to meet her? Soon enough.
Is she at home at the moment'? Toni, I can't, OK'? I'm really busy, orders up to the eyeballs.
I need a really huge favour, Carbo.
Really huge.
Can we pretend none of this ever happened? Look, it was all fantastic and exactly what I needed.
But can we justforget? I guess.
My husband turned up Did he'? Saying the most wonderful things.
He's changed so much.
It was like he was reading my mind.
And it was all really exciting and Yeah, no need for details, I-l get it.
I'm sorrybut he's my husband.
On the house.
I just want you to be happy.
You're really sweet.
Hey, Toni.
Look, I won't say anything about yesterday to anyone but I won't forget it.
Mate, who's the man? I'm telling you, the love-god is on fire, deadset.
Any problem you've got.
I can fix it.
What are you talking about? Toni and her husband, all sorted.
And now I'm gonna sort you.
Hey, I do not need sorting, OK'? Oh, that's what you think.
Yeah, moping round the house like a wet towel.
I'm telling you, by this time next week, if you're not back in the saddle, I'm losing my touch.
Let's get a drink.
I was sitting in the park yesterday and I kept thinking to myself what am I really afraid of? And I thought about the time before the Wilsons and how I was passed from family to family.
You know, always the outsider, always different.
You know, I was the kid who couldn't fill in the names of his family tree at school.
And I hated it.
How does that affect this baby? Kids are cruel, Jules.
Yeah, they can be.
You know, and what I went through was nothing in comparison to what this kid might have to.
And I don't want that.
I don't want my child not to fit in.
I don't ever want them to feel unloved, or looked down upon or rejected.
And they won't.
We'll protect them from that.
We can't protect them from everything.
Look, I know things were awful for you.
But you can't go mixing up your past with this child's future.
(SIGHS) We've gotta have faith in ourselves as parents.
And stop second-guessing the future.
Well, the future's here.
I got a call from the doctors while you were out.
They wanna see us first thing Monday morning.
Whatever comes, OK'? Yeah.
Safe to put my head above the trenches, is it? We're fine.
Always have been.
Well, glad to hear it.
'Cause I may not be moving out just yet.
Oh, you were moving out? Uh, well, Marjorie thought we should get a flat.
Oh, well, that'd be good.
Yeah, it will be.
When we're ready.
But not just yet.
So, is Marjorie a broken woman? (SCOFFS) We're fine.
Always have been.
Celebratory beers all round, then.
Herbal tea for you.
So, how was the group'? Oh, it was good.
Found lots of mums and dads to swap notes with.
Even a lesbian couple.
Oh, Dad, they were lovely.
And they'll make great parents.
Two mums.
How's that fair to the kid? (SCOFFS) Do you reckon? I dunno.
She's gonna (LAUGHS) No, she didn't.
Hello, darlings.
How was the group'? Oh, it was beautiful, thank you.
The essential oils, the perineal massages, yoga stretches.
A little too herbal for me.
You loved it.
And so did he.
Come inside, tell me all about it.
I've made something to eat and I've cleaned out yet another wardrobe.
Fantastic, thanks, Mum.
DAVE: Lives change in a heartbeat sometimes - a trace of a chemical in the blood, a simple yes or no.
Well, the results are very clear.
Your blood tests are normal.
Which means, in conjunction with the nuchal translucency tests, your chances of having a Down syndrome child are back in the very low range.
As I said, the tests aren't foolproof.
There's still a chance.
We can do more testing.
Amniocentesis at 15 weeks Oh, no, no.
No more tests.
DAVE: We'd definitely been tested enough and thankfully we made it through.
That's a major salad.
Are we eating with a giant rabbit? Salad for everyone tonight.
We've all gotta stay as healthy as possible for this baby.
No complaints.
Beer is the antidote to all these vitamins.
Anyone else? Yep.
Yeah, cheers.
JULIE: Ah! No, no, no I'm sorry.
Why did the tomato blush? Why'? He saw the salad dressing.
DAVE: And by realising I was ready to face the future I was ready to face the past.
And ready to start filling in the names of my family tree.