Packed to the Rafters (2008) s02e13 Episode Script

Blurring the Lines

SONG: Let's do it (TONE-LOC'S 'WILD THING' PLAYS) NATHAN: (NARRATES) Vlfith guys, what turns us on is simple biology.
You don't get to choose your fantasies.
Sometimes, I think it's more complicated than that.
What if there is some element of choice? That's when the trouble starts.
Let's do it.
SAM MY: Nathan.
What? Huh? Bad dream? Oh No.
No, no, no.
Not really.
Just, um Oh, just work stuff.
Oh, Layla's still not hassling you, is she? No.
No, no, it's all good.
Boundaries, remember? Parameters.
(CH UCKLES) You were thrashing around like crazy.
Was I'? (LAUGHS) Yep.
I know.
It's What? Hey.
How come you were awake? Were you'? Oh.
Dad's hearing tomorrow.
I can't stop thinking about it.
Do you want me to come with you? What? And miss all your deadlines? Sure.
I can be there for my wife, can't I'? No, I'm alright.
But I want to come.
Sam, I'm coming.
Oh, hey.
Would you like me to go make you some herbal tea? No.
No'? But a hug might help.
(BOTH MOAN) (NARRATES) OK, who knows what the deal is with fantasies? They don't just appear out of nowhere.
Oh! That dream couldn't be all bad, could it? (LAUGHS AWK\NARDLY) No.
No, but I've actually got to pee.
I've gotta go take a pee.
No matter how out there they are, they're still a part of you.
Whether you like it or not.
Smoked salmon? Darling, I Yeah, I know.
Risk of listeria.
That's why there's bacon - cooked to a crisp.
Very pregnancy aware.
Yeah, I'm not taking any chances.
Mmm! That bacon smells good! It's for the pregnant people, which rules you out - I hope.
Yeah, with the distance Jake and I have been keeping, I'd say that's pretty impossible.
HEY, YOU 9W5 Seen page four of today's paper? It's a full round-up of Sammy's dad's trial.
Good or bad'? (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) Morning! Morning.
NATHAN: Hey! That bacon smells good.
It smells great.
What's up? Sammy, sorry.
This isn't going to make things any easier.
Well, it's on page four! Nobody reads page four.
Yeah-no, I always skip straight to the horoscope.
That kind of publicity doesn't stick.
Well, maybe not.
But today I've got to go to court for another dose of it.
Mum wants me there to hold her hand.
Andl'll be there to hold yours.
Don't you have a big day at work? I think this is a bit more important.
Good on you, mate.
Well, all the extra hours I've been working, I think they owe me.
Yeah, but only if Layla doesn't mind.
It's not Layla's call.
(NARRATES) So, not going to work today - classic avoidance.
OK, I'll see you at 2:00pm to give you a quote.
Yeah, thanks for calling.
Is that another job'? Yeah.
Another big job.
Office block in Peakhurst needs completely rewiring.
But Dave, we've got Yeah, I know.
Jake and I have more work than we can handle and Warney's way too expensive to keep hiring on a day rate.
But if we were to put him on full-time Come on.
He's been behaving himself lately, hasn't he? Helped us out of a few tight spots.
Mmm Look, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable working here.
And if you can't get your head around it, I suppose we could hire someone else.
We need someone now.
I'll have a chat to him, set down some terms and conditions.
Justmake sure he knows who's boss.
And pat him down each time he knocks off.
Good choice, Arte.
Very nice for your first day.
Very modest.
Remember, men will get you to bend over for a bum ogle.
So if a guy A bum ogle.
I know.
What is that'? Same with the front, you know.
The cleavageview.
(CLEARS THROAT) Nico, how can I work in a bar if I don't bend? At the knees, Arte.
At the knees.
Where do you get this stuff from? Look, I've been the victim of sexual harassment.
It's not just waiters and barmen.
Us florists cop it too.
Yeah, and you loved every second of it.
Nico, you have never worked in a bar or cafe in your life, yes? Correct.
And I have worked in them since I was 12.
Look, I don't know about cafes.
But I know about guys - how we think.
And it's not pretty.
Yeah, gotta give him that.
Now, I've gotta go.
Remember, Ben's there if you get in any trouble.
So you just say.
OK'? (SPEAKS GREEK) Not your uncle.
A concerned friend.
(SPEAKS GREEK) (SPEAKS GREEK ANGRILY) Carbo, I really thought you were going to relax about Arte.
I'm not just relaxed, I'm rapt.
This is the perfect job for her.
I know what's going on.
I see the way you look at her.
You like her.
Funny, mate.
Look, just don't let me down, OK'? See ya, Mel.
On the team, Dave.
Whoo-hoo! Don't worry, mate.
You won't regret it.
I'd better not or you'll have Chrissy to answer to.
You've gotta keep the women happy.
Don't worry.
Back from the hearing already? How'd it go? Er, well, we didn't make it past the car park.
(REPORTERS CLAMOU R) Suki turned up.
She didn't just turn up.
She blatantly flounced up like a trollop on heat.
Not that anyone was interested.
(REPORTERS CLAMOU R) Mum of course lost her temper.
I did not.
You home-wrecker! (ALL SHOUT) I just gave her a piece of my mind.
Perfectly civilised given the circumstances.
You gold-digger! (REPORTERS CLAMOU R) Get back, get back.
If you do want to see the photos, they'll be in all the papers.
Oh, Sammy, if you're blaming me for this, I think that's very unfair.
I'd better Yeah.
I think you'd better.
Hey, Dave.
That's the lady whose hubby's been the in paper a lot.
She's a top-looking woman, mate.
Just load the van, Warney.
How long you known her? Sammy, I realise I might have embarrassed you.
MIGHT have embarrassed me? I just thought that going along would give me some form of closure.
The only reason you went along was to see Dad get what's coming to him.
Oh, well, yeah, maybe you're right.
And I know I shouldn't have lost my temper but, oh, I've gotta say, it was spine-tinglingly satisfying.
Mum! Come on! I've wanted to smack Suki for years.
(NATHAN LAUGHS AWK\NARDLY) What's that saying, Mum, about today's newspaper? Oh, it's tomorrow's fish and chip wrapping.
Yes! That's right.
So Unless it ends up on YouTube.
That's not helping, Dad.
Well, we're back here so early so why don't you just head off to work? No, I told Layla I wasn't coming in today.
But what about all those deadlines you were stressed about yesterday? Poor thing.
We must be causing all sorts of problems.
No, it's fine.
She'll survive one day without me.
I wanna be with you.
And be twice as stressed tomorrow'? I'll be fine.
I can handle Mum.
I'll tell Layla that I am coming in.
Thank you so much.
I owe you.
No worries.
The producers' bios are on your desk.
He's thinking of something with a country twang, apparently.
So, should we play him the demo of Levi's rockabilly stuff'? Great minds.
I have already sent it.
Hey, but, Nath Ooh.
thank you.
What was that for'? I'm just saying thank you.
I really do appreciate it that you've come in.
But, hey, Nathan, come back here.
Look, we do not want Sammy getting the wrong idea and thinking there's something going on between us when we both know that there isn't.
(PHONE RINGS) Steve! Hi! Hi.
No, no.
They're calling back in an hour.
Yeah, we were actually thinking rockabilly.
I'll just get Nathan to check.
Hang on.
Hey, Nath.
Yep? Can you check the date I sent that demo to Melbourne? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Um, just a Sorry.
Just a second.
(TYPES) Our best man is on the job as we speak.
All good so far'? No problem.
Does it ever get busy? Give it a half hour, this place will be packed.
Don't wish it on yourself.
Sorry I'm late.
Oh, here's trouble.
I got caught up at the dentist.
Isn't that last week's excuse? Who's this? Ah.
Arte, this is Lexi.
Arte's Carbo's friend from Greece.
Carbo? Poor you.
I hope he hasn't bored you to death talking about V8 engines, has he? Nico is not boring.
How long have you know him? OK, that's enough.
You are on the lunch shift together.
You can show Arte the ropes, right? Oh, yes.
My specialty - ropes.
Now what? Did you max out your cap or something? Huh'? You've called 1O times already.
Did you figure stalking her would be cheaper? Look, it gets busy.
I was worried she wouldn't cope.
She's not coping.
She's killing it.
And what's more, she's doing it without a single bend, squat or ogle.
Good! Thank you.
Nico, what are you doing here? Just coming here for a lemonade before my next delivery.
You're checking on me.
Go back to your flowers.
I am fine.
She's right.
I'd better get going.
But did you have to put her with that Lexi chick? Relax.
She's harmless.
Harmless? Remember that time she challenged us to tequila shots and you passed out on the median strip walking home? Nude! Don't worry about it.
You're being paranoid.
I'm keeping an eye on her, remember? You'd better be.
See ya, Arte.
Are you staying with Carbo? Mmm.
Our mothers are best friends.
You've got to get out more.
But, hey, it's nice to meet you, and have another girl around this place.
Do you want to hang out later? Hang out? And do what? As long as there's cute boys involved, who cares what we do? (GIGGLES) OK.
Ah, hello there.
How was the obstetrician? Oh, good.
All on track.
My favourite bit of advice - “Don't overdo it.
" Hey, look, I'm more than happy to give you a lift home.
Oh! Don't be ridiculous.
I can walk from here.
Well, why did you call a cab'? I said I could walk, didn't mean I would.
Trish, I don't want you to feel like you're on your own.
So just drop in any time, OK'? How sweet.
I am free for dinner tomorrow night, as it happens.
Tomorrow night! That'sgreat.
That's a great idea.
G'day, Jules.
How's it going'? Great news having me back on board.
Hey? Model employee, don't worry.
Employee? Er We haven't been introduced.
Um, Trish was just leaving.
That's it.
You're the lady that's been in the news lately.
Warney, just I don't mean to pry.
But I've been following this story a bit and I've gotta say, that husband of yours, he sounds like a real tosser.
Is that right? He'd have to be to let go of a top-looking woman like you.
Must have rocks in his head.
Getting rid of him must've been the best thing ever.
(CH UCKLES) That's a very astute reading of the situation, um Warne.
Stuart Warne.
I'm Trish.
Er, well, if you're going somewhere, I could give you a lift.
Don't you have work to do, employee? No.
We're finished for the day, right? Er You've got a cab coming.
Oh, I can cancel it.
Thank you, Stuart.
I would love a lift.
Well, come this way.
My chariot awaits.
(CHUCKLES) How could you let that happen? What? It's not like I was trying to hide it.
Oh, right.
You just forgot to mention you put Warney back on full-time.
It only happened this morning.
(SCOFFS) Look, Jules, we needed someone extra.
I thought you'd be happy the business is expanding.
I am happy! I just wish that someone extra wasn't Warney.
He's earned some trust, you know, helping Jake when he was electrocuted.
Oh! He checked his vital signs! No, no.
He did much more than that.
Alright, OK.
The guy's a legend.
You've obviously made up your mind.
Just keep him out of our house and your wallet.
Has Ben been nicking money again? No.
Your father's put Warney back on full-time.
What? Why'? Jakehasn't resigned, has he? Well, with some of the management choices that have been made, I wouldn't be surprised.
I'm gonna have a bath.
Jake's still working for you, right? Yes.
So, what's Mum on about? Nothing.
Just ignore her.
She'll calm down.
Did you see him today'? Yeah, briefly.
He's on a job in Jannali.
Did he ask about me at all? No.
We, er, pretty much just talked about work.
Well, if he wants to be immature, avoid every chance he gets to see me, maintain the rage, that's fine.
It's just his tough luck.
Nice bloke, hard worker.
No sense when it comes to women.
See, look.
There's a typo in the word 'mutual'.
Do you want to read over it before I send it? No, I'm sure it's perfect.
As usual.
(CLEARS THROAT) Well, I guess that is me done.
Nath Yeah? you just sent that email to me.
(CHUCKLES) Got to watch that, sending emails to the wrong person.
It could get complicated.
There we go.
Well, thank you for coming in.
It's my job.
Hey, Nathan Yep.
you know there is an easy solution to all of this.
All this what? Go home to your wife.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Don't tell me Layla's turned into a morning person.
She's still there.
I just finished what I had to and got out.
WOW! Mmm! Ah, I think I like this new you.
Mmm? I, um I think I should go to bed.
I was having exactly the same thought.
I'll probably just go to sleep.
I've gotta get back at work first thing in the morning.
Well, I guess it is getting kind of late.
Are you coming? Er, no.
I will be in in a sec.
(Tv PLAYS) Yep.
(NARRATES) We've all got stuff in our heads that we don't tell our partners.
And that isn't lying.
That's just common sense.
SONG: Let's do it ('WILD THING' BY TONE-LOC PLAYS) Wild thing Wild thing Wild thing Wild thing Shopping at the mall Looking for some gear to buy Don't No! Ooh! On.
(WHIMPERS) What are youwhat are you doing? (CLOSES DOOR) Everyone does it.
I know.
But when you got home from work, you said you weren't interested.
No, I didn't.
I said that I was tired.
Well, obviously not that tired.
It was a long day.
I woke up.
I couldn't get back to sleep.
I just needed to relax.
Andl was asleep.
Sam, I didn't want to disturb you.
Well, you should have! I could have made you a herbal tea.
(LAUGHS) on, no.
Mmm? There's nothing else I should be worried about here, is there? No.
Those things we spoke about, what Layla said about sleeping with one person for the rest of your life you said that person was me.
It still is.
Thatthat is not sex.
Then what is that'? It's just it's a stupid thing guys do.
It doesn't mean anything.
We're just wired differently.
We feel an itch and we have to do something about it.
And what got you itching? Sorry'? Who were you thinking about? No-one.
Oh, well, there has to be someone.
Tell me! Oh Jessica Simpson.
It's the jiggling.
We really are wired differently.
Hey! Hey.
Nico, you know Lexi.
Yeah, I know Lexi.
Hey, Nico.
Carbo to you.
Um, so, what are you guys doing? After we finished work, we hung out for a while.
We had fun.
We thought we'd have a sleepover.
Yeah, like when we were kids! Hot chocolate, sharing secrets Arte, I think the kettle's boiled.
Do you wanna make us some coffee? Mmm.
What did your last slave die of? I don't mind.
Fun girl.
She's a good girl.
I only met her yesterday and already I know her better than you do.
Oh, you don't know her at all.
You'd be surprised at what I do know.
Nico, I can't find the coffee.
Did we run out? Don't worry about it.
I'll get it.
So, she slept over.
Where? On the sofa? In Arte's room.
In Arte's bed.
What are you saying? Draw your own conclusions, my friend.
Well, what conclusions are you drawing? Well, I can't be sure but I can tell you this - Lexi is a wild child and Arte is from the island of Lesbos.
(GROANS) Never gets old, does it? Nah.
Look, we're out of coffee.
Can you get some? Get it yourself.
(GROANS) We've got Trish coming for dinner and all I've got is roast.
DAVE: I love your roast.
Yeah, but the book says to kill listeria, you've got to cook at temperatures above 77 degrees Celsius.
And the problem is? How will I know when the inside of a roast is above 77 degrees Celsius? You just cook it till it's well-done.
Oh, I hate well-done roast! Too dry.
Everyone hates well-done roast.
But I can't risk listeria! Pregnancy used to be so simple.
Now you need a university degree.
Don't ask.
I'm going to the shed.
I guess I should do some study.
Where's the coffee? I'll see you for dinner? Yeah.
Unless you want to do it by yourself.
Eat dinner, I mean.
(CHUCKLES) An obscure yet pointed comment.
I don't want to talk about it.
It's extremely private.
You can't just say that and not give me the juice.
Um Sammy burst in on me in the bathroom having aw Oh! Oh.
Oh! Oh! And, er, you were thinking about“? Jessica Simpson.
The jiggling-.
That's what I thought.
So, what's the problem? Overwhelming guilt.
Relax, mate.
You're in the clear.
Fantasising while you're in a relationship is fine.
So long as it's not someone that you know, it's fair play, no betrayal.
Not that I do that anymore.
Mine was always Barbarella.
Oh! Grandad.
Brigitte Bardot.
What a woman! It was Jane Fonda.
Oh, yeah.
I'm out of here.
(LAUGHTER) Don't! That tickles! Stop it.
Check it out.
Check what out? (WHISPERS) The touching and giggling and the toenail painting! What's so unusual about that'? Nothing, if you're from Lesbos.
I told you, it's just what 18-year-old girls do.
I'm gonna, you know, read this outside.
Get somefresh air.
Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched? Who by? Carbo.
Ah, Nico just worries about me.
He is like my big brother, an uncle.
Well, if you ask me, Uncle Nico's got the hots for you big-time.
No way! You don't know him.
I know guys! Nico's not like that.
He's just protective of me.
Oh, yeah.
He's protective, alright.
Because he likes you.
He does not! Do you want a bet'? Nico.
Yes? Lexi has a great idea.
But we need to ask a favour.
I have this friend that's DJ'ing at Deviate tonight.
It's a nightclub.
Lexi says he could put our names on the door.
It should be a huge night.
It's across town so we'd need someone to give us a lift.
Wait, wait.
You want me to drive you to a nightclub called Deviate.
It's just a great place to dance and meet people.
Can't drive you.
And it's too far by bus and too exy by cab.
You'll have to stay here.
We could put your name on the door.
And Ben and Melissa's.
But why not? Why can't you drive? I parked the Charger under a fruit tree yesterday.
So'? Fruit bat poo all over.
I've gotta wash the car or it will eat through the duco.
There's no way I'm driving the Charger looking like that.
Grow up.
How's it look? We did a good job.
She looks hot, doesn't she? Hot.
So, now your car's washed, you can drive us to the club, yes? Um Nico.
I have to go inside now.
Are you OK'? (HIGH-PITCHED) Yep.
See'? I told you it would work.
(GIGGLES) NATHAN: (NARRATES) They say men think about sex every 52 seconds.
That's why! decided to do some work on the weekend.
No distractions.
Nothing to push me over the 52-second average.
(DOOR OPENS) Nathan! Layla.
Well, that's not happiness to see me.
Oh, I'm just surprised.
It's a Saturday.
Yeah, well, we work Saturdays.
Quite often.
Yeah, I know.
I just thought Look, I'm done here so I should Well, great.
Let me take you out for lunch.
As a thank-you for all the hard work you've been doing lately.
Oh, it's OK.
I probably should get home.
Nathan Mmm? Look, we need to deal with this.
This tension is ridiculous.
Look, it's distracting you and it's really defocusing me.
Let's just remove the issue.
Defuse the tension.
I'm sorry? Just do the deed.
You know, get this whole silly business out of the way and move on.
Are you saying what I think you're saying? Yeah.
And, Nath, I'm talking sense.
Look, no-one has to know.
I have to go home.
Sammy's waiting for me.
Yeah-no, and Sammy will always be there waiting for you - no matter how we resolve this.
I really have to go.
(NARRATES) That's the biggest problem with forbidden fantasy.
What do you do if you're offered the chance to make it come true? I love you.
I love you too.
Hey, Sam, there's something I, um I want to tell you.
I want to get it off my chest.
What's up? Well, we promised that we'd be open with each other.
Er, now I'm worried.
Did Layla kiss you again? No.
No, but I think she wants to take it further.
She propositioned you? Pretty much.
After everything you said to her about respecting our boundaries.
She just hates seeing other people happy! Her own relationship sucks so she tries to mess up everyone else's.
Unbelievable! (SIGHS) And this happened today'? Yeah.
So, she propositioned you, you raced home and practically dragged me in here.
This better not be some weird Layla thing.
What? Sam, no! No, of course it's not like that! I wanted to be with you.
Were you thinking about her when I caught you in the bathroom? What'? No! What? What the'? Sam, where are you going'? To have a shower.
I told you this because we promised honesty.
No secrets.
I am being honest.
Yeah, I know, but your timing sucks.
(MOANS) NATHAN: (NARRATES) Every 52 seconds.
(MOANS) SONG: Are you ready? You keep saying you've got something for me Something you call love But now confess Confess You've been messing where you shouldn't be messing Ohhh Now someone else is getting all your best These boots are made for walking That's just what they'll do Ahh One of these days these boots Are gonna walk all over you Hey! These boots are made for walking That's just what they'll do One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you J"Ahhh (MOANS) What's all the noise, mate? Sounded like you were in a bit of pain.
I had a dream.
About Arte.
That's not right! I'm going for a run.
You don't run.
I do now.
G'day, mate.
Are you alright? Dad, when you were, um when you were younger and thinner Obviously, this would have been going back a little while.
But, eryou must have gotten interest from women, right? Yeah.
When I was younger and thinner, it happened.
Just occasionally.
What about after you got married? Well, they're just not as obvious with it.
But they still look, married or not.
I mean, they're only human, right? OK.
What about if it went further than looking? Further? How'? I don't know.
Say it just got more intense.
How would you have brushed it off'? Er, I'm not sure I, er, understand what you're asking.
Say that someone was flirting with you Er, mate.
It takes two to flirt.
Maybe you should just tell me what's going on.
OK, um there's been a woman who has been coming on pretty strongly lately.
And? And I guess I've been giving her signals back.
anything happened? No.
No, no.
I guess it's just gone up a notch lately.
OK, I'm not exactly sure that I understand what “up a notch" means.
And I'm not gonna ask but I will say this.
Look, we all look at other women.
But a real man - a man who loves his wife and respects her - he doesn't go there.
Alright? Do I know her? Do you know her? No.
No, no.
It's a client from work.
I'll probably never see her again.
Probably not a bad idea.
(DOOR OPENS) Nathan Sorry to disappoint.
Sammy! Hi.
If you're looking for Nathan, he's not here.
I was looking for you.
OK Last time we spoke, you asked whether I'd be happy to sleep with one man for the rest of my life.
Been playing on your mind, has it? Well, the answer is yes.
I wouldn't just want to.
It's what everyone should want.
In your opinion.
'Cause we all know what yours is.
Open relationships are the way to go, right? Yeah.
And your point is? It seems to me it's a good excuse for Steve to screw around on you whenever he likes.
Sammy, I think you should probably leave.
And I think you should stay the hell away from Nathan.
Me'?! I think you should be more concerned about what Nathan wants.
If Steve doesn't seem to want you, then why would my husband? Have a good weekend.
OK, this roast is now officially safe for pregnant consumption.
(LAUGHS) Oooh, meat thermometer.
I've always wanted one of those.
Yes! They do come in handy.
(LAUGHS) Where's Trish? Not like her to be late.
Not when there's a drink on offer.
Listen, I've put you next to her.
I hope you don't mind.
I think I need a buffer.
Oh, it's fine.
I'll be closer to the wine.
(LAUGHS) Something smells good! Where's Sammy? Uh, she's gone for a walk.
I hope you haven't given her a reason to say away.
(DOOR SLAMS) Sorry I'm late.
Oh, that's OK.
We're still waiting for your mum anyway.
We need to talk.
Yeah, we do.
OK, what can I do? OK, Sam.
I have done the wrong thing here.
Not sorting out this Layla situation before it went too far.
You think? I've come up with a solution to the problem.
A sexual harassment suit? I'm gonna quit my job.
What? I know you're thinking I love that job and I do, but this is way more important.
Alright, just shut up for a minute, Nathan.
Firstly, we can't afford for you to just quit your job.
Secondly, I'm not angry about the fact that Layla came on to you.
Well, I am.
But that's not the problem here.
I am angry at the fact that you were tempted.
I wasn't.
You were! Just shut up! It might have only been for a couple of seconds, but I know, Nathan.
I was never gonna go there.
Besides, Sam, that's why I'm quitting.
And how do I know this won't happen at the next job? And the one after that'? If it happens again then I'll quit that job too.
Don't you get it? The way you're talking, it sounds like you don't even trust yourself and if you don't trust yourself, how am I supposed to trust you? What do you want me to do? I want you to go to work and do your job.
And Layla? Be a man, Nathan! God! You set your boundaries - just stick to them! If you can't control yourself, thenthere's no hope for us.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Now we're gonna go and have dinner with Mum and enjoy it.
End of discussion.
I was starting to get worried aboutyou.
G'day, Jules.
Hi! Huh.
Come in.
Wine? Thanks.
Thank you.
Sorry we're late.
You all know Stuart.
We go way back.
I think I just lost my appetite.
This friend of mine, she's pregnant, she goes for a check-up and the girl said, “Would you like to know what sex the baby is?” And she said, “No, but I'd like to know who the father is.
" (LAUGHTER) Oldie but a goldie.
OK! Guess I'd better go to the little boys' room.
See you soon.
Is there something wrong here? You're all treating Stuart like he's got a disease.
Well, if no-one else is gonna say it, I will.
What are you doing with him, Mum? What on earth do you mean?! Um, should we have dessert outside? Oh! Great idea.
Change of scenery.
Ha! I'll light the mosquito coils.
I'll go and find them.
I'llbring the coffee.
You're embarrassing yourself.
This is because of Dad, isn't it? You're trying to keep up by scoring yourself a younger boyfriend.
Oh, Stuart is just good company.
Good company'? Right.
You're friends.
I mean, you've got so much in common! Oh, for God's sake, I've barely known him for a day.
Exactly! One day! Yet he is your guest at a family dinner.
In case you haven't noticed, after years of lying and cheating, my husband is not around anymore.
And all I want here is just to find some happiness of my own.
Patricia? Babe? NATHAN: (NARRATES) Fantasies don't harm anyone if they stay fantasies.
Mmm, what about us'? Do we have happiness? Of course we do.
Real life "real relationships - they're a lot harder.
Oh, unless you were Ben How do I look? Like a dream.
who was living his fantasy (FATBOY SLIM'S 'ROCKAFELLER SKANK' PLAYS) "and only needed to hear one little word to make it complete.
You OK'? Sure.
Just the same guy who asked you to marry him.
He's still waiting for you to say yes.
So you're not OK'? Relax.
I'm fine.
Mmm'? Mmm.
Hey, what are you doing? You gotta be hoping for one slack doorbitch dressing like that.
I'm driving, remember? There's a game on tonight.
Yeah, we already saw it.
You fell asleep.
All the more reason to watch it again.
OK, I've had enough.
What? Arte.
What about her? You like her! Just admit it.
(LEXI CLEARS TH ROAT) Doesn't Arte look great? Wow.
Oooh, you girls look hot.
(GIGGLES) Uh, just give me five minutes to get changed.
I'm coming too.
We're gonna have some fun tonight.
Vodka lime soda for Melissa.
Wine spritzer for Arte.
(SPEAKS GREEK) Mwah! No worries.
And a double orange whiskey for Lexi.
Cheers, Uncle.
You're welcome and I'm not your uncle or anyone else's.
Let's dance.
I'm worried about those two.
Oh, wishful thinking, mate.
Or maybe not.
MELISSA: Did it ever occur to you two geniuses that they might be playing you? You and every other guy in the room'? Come on.
If you want it, ow Now who the hell are you to treat me like that'? I don't care where you've been what you've done or where you're at Now who the hell are you to act the way you do? Come dance.
I don't dance.
No, don'tleaveshould I should keep an eye on the Now who the hell are you? Now, when I was a little girl My mama sat me down and told me all about the world Whoa.
Hey! She told me true She said one day you would probably break my heart in two But now I I beg to differ, baby Arte.
Arte, I can't do this.
I can't do it.
Nico! Hey, Carbo! Carbo, wait.
What for'? They're just messing with you.
Just make sure she gets home, OK'? Don't worry about it.
NATHAN: (NARRATES) The way I see it, when we start our lives, our fantasies are innocent.
Then we grow up and reality takes over.
Darling, I'm exhausted.
Do you mind? That's alright.
You go to bed.
Chrissy and I'll clean up, eh? Aww.
For some of us, that's just the way we want it, while others never stop having impossible dreams of perfection.
And other times, dreams really do come true, just when we least expect it.
Nico, I want to say sorry.
For what? I acted stupid.
Lexi and I were teasing you.
I'm sorry.
Look, I'm just a guy, Arte.
Not your big brother, not your uncle -just me.
I used to think I was protecting you.
But now the reason why I don't like you acting like that, dancing like that - it's because I have feelings for you.
You're right, Nico.
You're not related to me at all.
NATHAN: (NARRATES) And then there are the really sad cases.
The ones who have the dream but don't realise it.
Layla? I'm gonna lay down some rules.
Haven't I heard this before'? This time I want you to listen.
I'm all ears.
First rule - we're colleagues.
We work together - that's all.
Second rule - no doing the deed or defusing the tension or whatever the hell you want to call it, ever.
Are these your rules or Sammy's? This has got nothing to do with Sammy.
Yeah? Then why are you making such a big fuss about it? You propositioned me.
Yeah, and you just had to tell her.
She's my wife! Look, you knocked me back.
End of story.
Forget it, OK'? I'm fine.
Yeah? I'm not! I don't want to quit.
No'? Then why did you really come here? It's a universal truth.
Fantasies should stay fantasies.
So what happens when they don't?