Packed to the Rafters (2008) s04e12 Episode Script

You've Got To Have Friends

BEN: Ben.
JULIE: (NARRATES) What would life be without friends? Pretty unfulfilled.
Yeah! What are you doing? I'm trying to get Ruby to say my name first.
I've got a bet with Nathan.
Oh, well, sorry to tell you this, darling, but I think you've got some competition.
What do you mean? If she's gonna say anyone's name first, it'll be Madison.
Who's Madison? Madison's your best friend at day care, isn't it, darling? Well, at least it's not Nathan.
I'm still in the game.
I wonder if you'll be best friends with Madison like Ben is with Carbo.
Oh, don't wish that on her.
Did Madison glom onto you too? Here we go.
What is this 'glomming' thing? My new favourite word.
It's like 'latch' - when someone latches onto you.
Like Carbo glommed onto me on the first day of school, remember? Oh, here we go.
When the magpie swooped down.
Yeah, he ran screaming while I got pecked.
You'll never let that go, will you? Sorry to keep you.
No worries.
Are you ready? Let's go.
Actually, I've just remembered something else I've got to do.
Oh, I'm just worried we might be a bit Two minutes.
I promise.
JULIE: Yep, friends make life worthwhile.
Punctual friends in particular.
Ben, Ben, Ben.
Ah! I remembered some paperwork that just couldn't wait.
Oh, that's alright.
What's 2O minutes between friends? I think I've, um I think I've forgotten my, uh, thing.
Three minutes.
What's 23 minutes between friends? I never would have picked you being mates with Donna.
She's so twitchy.
Oh, don't be cruel.
Maybe she's a glommer, like Carbo.
Better cut her loose, Mum, otherwise in 2O years time, she'll still be there, using your toothbrush, eating your food.
If it's you that can't get rid of Carbo, why have you moved into his house? Sorry.
Quicker than I thought.
Sure you haven't forgotten anything? Actually I'm joking! Let's go.
Aerobics, here we come.
Bye! See ya, ladies.
No splashing the instructor.
Alright, mate, we'd better get back to it.
Van's not gonna pack itself.
Yeah, no, I'm coming.
I'm coming! Oh, and by the way, I've been thinking Oh, no! Jakey boy! Thinking? That's no good for you.
I'm serious.
This whole deal with your sister Oh, no.
Not that again.
Listen! Don't we have a van to pack? I think you should give her a chance.
Oh, no.
It's started.
What's started? This is how she operates.
Yeah, what are you talking about - 'operates'? She's a nice girl.
Yeah? Then why did her latest flatmate just kick her out? I don't know.
Did he? No, no, she, Jakey boy, she! Did you not get the text? Bree was probably cracking onto her boyfriend! You don't know that.
No'? Well, it's a pretty good guess.
I've seen it all before.
And guysalways fall for it.
Well, nobody's falling for anything.
Why does Alex always get tongue-tied every time she walks into a room'? He's like that with every girl! That doesn't mean you have to be.
Oh I'm not.
I'm thinking of you and this huge chip on your shoulder and how maybe asking her round for tea or something might break the ice.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Why not? Look, if you and Alex want to keep your blinkers on and start socialising with my sister, that is up to you.
Well, so, are you gonna be there? Nol didn't say that.
Coby, she's your sister! Yes, which means I know her a whole lot better than either of you do.
Aqua aerobics.
(LAUGHS) Are you as weirded out as I am that they're friends? No, I'm alright.
As long as they don't talk about me, ever.
And as long as run into my mum at your mum's house or your mum at my mum's house Actually, you know what? I'm totally weirded out.
I suppose Mum obsessed about the trivia night all morning.
No, she only mentioned it 200 times.
She must have been up half the night writing the questions.
Who writes their own questions? Well, I had a trivia night once, and I did.
The host provides them.
Yeah, that's where I went wrong.
My housemates are making a team.
It's a shame I can't go, actually.
I'll do your shift.
Serious? Of course.
You're a legend! Thank you! Hey, if you love the Boat Club so much, you want to spend all your free time here, I won't stand in your way.
I just love it here.
Hey! Nice entrance.
What are you doing here? I love you too, Coby.
I'm here to see Grandad, not that it's any of your business.
Something caught your eye, mate? Yeah.
Mm, flat-bar roadie.
You know your bikes.
Oh, yeah, I used to ride a bit.
Always modified mine.
Really? Yeah.
Pegged a playing card to the frame - made that ticking noise as it ran through the spokes.
When you pedalled faster, it sounded like a motorbike.
(IMITATES MOTORBIKE) (IMITATES MOTORBIKE) It's not as simple as that but Just hold on a second.
Hey, Bree.
You looking for Tom? In the back garden.
Hey, Bree? Coby thought you might like to come to our place for dinner tonight.
Really? No, not really.
But I thought it'd be a good opportunity for you to, you know, clear the air.
What are you having? Uh, Vietnamese.
You can cook Vietnamese? Yes.
But Alex can use a phone.
Yeah, cool.
Count me in.
Our place at 7:00.
(TED HUMS) (TOM HUMS) What'? Don't! So, how'd the aqua thing go? Oh, it was great! Once we got there.
Donna's a hard woman to get moving.
She kept finding last-minute things she forgot to do.
You had a good time? Yeah.
I did, actually.
I haven't laughed so much in ages.
Even at my sterling wit? Yes, hard to believe, I know.
No, no, it's just nice to have a girlfriend again.
I bet she doesn't look as good in tights as I do.
Is that that sterling wit'? That's just the tip of the iceberg! (CHUCKLES) Oh, hey! Hi, Bree.
Hey, Julie.
Bree just dropped in for a chat.
Do you want to stay for dinner? Nah, she's got another offer.
Yeah, but thanks, anyway.
I'd better push off.
See ya.
See ya, love.
Listen, just to say thank you for your hospitality, I got you this.
It's not a bad little drop.
You're no trouble! Thank you.
Yeah, I'll just, uh I'll just pop it in the cellar.
Ooh! Dave's sterling wit.
Tough crowd.
('WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN' BY THE BANGLES PLAYS) Yeah, knew it! The only one dressed as Travolta! That's 'cause it's '80s night.
So'? 'Saturday Night Fever' was in the '70s.
Late '70s.
Yeah, but Ben, great turnout! Yeah, it's awesome! There's actually people here who aren't from our family.
Yeah, yeah, have a laugh.
Hey, any sign of your mum'? No, it's a bit strange.
I thought she'd come and check it out.
You guys look great.
BOTH: Thanks.
But wasn't 'Saturday Night Fever'? '70s, yes.
Late '70s.
Alright, folks, I'm Nick Steven-Jones and we're gonna kick this thing off! (ALL CHEER) Alright! Sharpen those pencils, sharpen those brains Tell me if you need help.
I'm a whiz at this sort of thing.
Won't be required.
It's in the bag.
Them's fighting words.
Alright, it's a music question to get the ball rolling.
Yes, my speciality! The other teams don't stand a chance! Which female artist released the top-selling album 'Guilty' in 1980'? I repeat - in 1980, which female artist released the top-selling album'? What are you looking at me for'? 'Cause you said you're an expert.
Yeah, mainly in Bananarama.
Which female artist released the top-selling album 'Guilty'? Come on, guys, that's an easy one to start.
Barbra Streisand.
Are you sure? Barbra Streisand.
Just write it down.
I think it's, uh, Cyndi Lauper.
Yeah, it's, uh I can't believe you don't even drink.
I don't think I've ever seen Coby drinking anything but beer.
No, we tricked him into drinking water.
Really? Yeah.
Told him it was vodka.
(CHUCKLES) I'm going to the pub.
What about dinner? I'll eat it there.
(DOORBELL RINGS) That'll be our food.
I'll get it.
I don't want to kick him out.
That's cool.
We prefer you to Coby anyway.
You owe me 4O bucks.
Yeah, he's a talker, alright.
I got you curry beef and coconut.
It's my favourite.
(CH UCKLES) Sounds great but I'm vegetarian.
So Why didn't you check? Why didn't you get a vegie dish? It's not my fault! I'mI'm kidding.
Don't blame me! Ohhh! (LAUGHS) Yeah.
That's a good one.
You nearly had me.
Oh! I'm stupid! It's alright.
Stupid! Al, it's alright.
It's fine.
We'll make some more.
You guys got rice'? Maybe.
Just lead the way.
NICK: Alright, this is question 15, the last one in this current round.
What band, in 1987, had a platinum hit with their album 'Crazy Nights'? CARBO: Hey, brains trust, wake up.
You're not pulling your weight.
What are you talking about? You're not answering enough questions.
Give me a break.
I was born in 1987.
Why not ask Ben to pull his weight? Ben and I always get the same answers.
How long have you known Ben? Forever.
We were neighbours.
And there was the first day at school when you glommed on to me.
Yeah, right.
Our first day of school and he got pecked by a magpie.
I ran to get help, of course.
Ran to get help? He ran screaming to his mum like this.
He was like, “Oh! The birds, the birds, the birds!" Oh, yeah, 'cause he was frozen in terror.
Like, “Ohh! Ohh!" There was blood on my eye, Carbo! A little bit.
it was a little bit.
Carbo drew the bird's attention so you could escape.
Oh, yeah, that's what happened.
Funny for the first 19 years.
After 20, a bit old.
He was like, “Mum, Mum, Mum!" I said, “Magpie, get me, magpie!" I was laughing! “Leave my friend alone!” I wasn't scared.
You had a little blood.
You're still scared of magpies.
I am not.
OK, guys, all the answer sheets are in, so I'm just gonna take a few moments to tally the results and we're gonna have a winner, OK'? Don't go away.
Ah! Thank you.
Table service and everything.
I should come here more often.
Don't get used to it.
Do you think we'll win'? It's a no-brainer, babe.
Maybe I should go and flirt with him.
Oh, Retta! What? Or maybe you should.
You're pretty.
He actually kind of reminds me of my ex-boyfriend in a weird way.
With a haircut like that, no wonder you dumped him.
He dumped me, actually.
Oh, no, are you OK'? Yeah, I am now.
Well, we need to find you a new boyfriend.
No, I'm fine.
Is there anyone that you like'? No, not really.
Oh! So, there is! Thereis a guy, um, in my course who seems nice.
Nice! NICK: OK, guys.
Looks like we have a deadlock between two teams.
Baby In The Corner and VH SS Commodore.
(ALL CHEER) (HUMS 'MEXICAN HAT DANCE') So, we're gonna go to our tiebreaker question.
You know how it works.
I'm gonna perform an action from a classic '80s film and the first correct shouted answer wins, alright? Here you go.
Thinking caps on.
I've got this.
Ooh! Um, 'Breakfast Club'! No.
'Sixteen Candles'! No, not 'Sixteen Candles', no.
WOMAN: 'Back to the Future'.
'Anything'! No! The movie, Carbo.
'Say Anything'.
'Say Anything' is correct.
(ALL CHEER) JULIE: (NARRATES) All friendships start with a spark.
But that doesn't mean you always notice the exact moment.
Oh! You're still here.
No, Cobes, I left hours ago.
Listen, this flatmate, is she kicking you out just because her boyfriend's a creep? Yeah.
That sucks.
BREE: That's life.
I'd better go grab my stuff before Katie hocks it.
You're not gonna go back there? Just for a minute.
Alright, I'll come with you.
Why'? Yeah.
Why? So this jerk doesn't try cracking onto you again.
You reckon? I kicked him in the nuts last night.
He's lucky to be walking.
I'd just feel better if you'd let me drive you.
I'll come too.
Mate, she can handle herself.
I don't want you taking any unnecessary risks.
Alright? Come on.
Aw, you don't listen.
Oh! Ah! Alright! Tap out, tap out.
Thanks for dinner.
You're welcome.
Oh! Uh, she can look after herself.
Just (CHUCKLES) Mum, hi.
Oh! Hello.
Were you home all night? Yes.
Why? It's not like you to miss a work thing, that's all.
Well, no need for me to be there.
Sometimes you just have to stop, put your feet up and smell thegardenias.
Is everything OK'? Everything3 fine.
Would you like something to eat? No.
I'm exhausted and my feet are killing me.
I'm going straight to bed.
'Night, love.
Everything OK'? Yeah, she's asleep now.
What was wrong'? Bad dream, I think.
About a swimming pool full of middle-aged mums.
Oh, that's enough to terrify anyone.
That's weird.
Donna? Hi.
ls everything OK'? I'm sorry, Julie.
I realise it's late but I just didn't know who else to call.
No, no, that's OK.
I was awake.
What's wrong'? I'm sorry that we missed the start of our class today.
Well, you didn't need to call about that.
It's not a problem.
Oh, no, but it is a problem.
It's my problem.
And I really need to explain what's going on in my life.
Could you come around early? Before work? Oh, uhOK.
How does, um, 8:00 sound? Perfect.
I really appreciate it.
It's no problem.
Everything OK'? Um, yeah, well, I think so.
She just wants someone to chat to.
What'? At 11:00 at night'? No, no, tomorrow.
She sounded really upset.
Oh, no! What? I'm meant to be dropping Ruby at Madison's for a play date.
Drop her off on the way.
What? It's a bit early, isn't it? What time's the play date? Well, how long does Donna want you for'? Well, I don't know! She's upset.
I can't drop her.
I've got a job.
OK, I'll see if Dad can.
And don't forget I've gotta do the pays.
I'll do that after.
(SIGHS) Look, Jules, do you really think this is a good idea? I mean, Donna seems a little bitnervy.
Oh, you know, you're as bad as Ben.
She's fine! I'll be fine.
If you say so.
I do.
JULIE: (NARRATES) Until you really get to know each other, a new friend is a mystery.
And, unfortunately, they don't come with instruction manuals.
OK, I'm off to Donna's.
Are you sure you don't mind dropping Ruby, Dad? No, no, I'll do it on the way to tai chi.
Thank you.
Well, I'll be as quick as I can.
And, no, I haven't forgotten the pays.
I'll be on my mobile if anyone needs me.
Right, well, I'd better go too.
Bye, darling.
Have fun with Madison.
Who's this Madison and how do I know she's not a bad influence'? She's Ruby's best friend, isn't she, darling? OK, see you later.
Bye, love.
Hey, Tom? Hey? What's this'? Swingers' club'? Oh, Teddy, I am flattered but The other side.
“Caretaker wanted"? You're on the job hunt for me.
That's very kind of you, Ted.
I just stumbled across it.
“Accommodation included.
” That makes sense.
I never noticed that.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll give them a ring.
Well, they might want a resume.
Yeah, yeah, well I'll get a resume.
Come in.
How are you? Sorry the house is such a mess.
Oh, it's You caught me doing the dishes.
(CHUCKLES) Well, you gave me a bit of a scare last night.
Emma's still asleep.
I don't want to wake her.
Oh, OK.
Well, should we go out for a coffee? Get out of the house? Oh, OK.
Um, just a minute.
Sorry it's such a mess.
I'mI'm testing it.
I'm thinking of taking it camping.
OK, OK, I thought that Bree could crash here for a couple of nights.
You know, I want her to be comfortable.
Alright, I thought that she could sleep in my bed and I would take the mattress.
At last.
Yeah, well, it's the least I can do for a mate.
Oh, she's a mate now, is she? Yeah.
It's all above board.
There's no funny stuff.
Well, look, the fact is Coby doesn't want her here.
And it's not our place to get involved.
Alright? Alright? Yeah.
I'll leave it alone.
Thanks, mate.
(TURNS ON PUMP) Oh! Oh, this is silly.
(WATER RUNS) Um, Donna Well, sorry.
It's just that you were taking so long I just need to wash my hands.
Donna, they're clean.
They're not clean! Come on.
Let's go and sit down.
Emma will hear OK, then, we'll get out of the house.
They look so sore.
It's a disorder.
Obsessive compulsive disorder.
People joke.
They don't know the truth of it.
I'm not like this the whole time.
It's just bad at the moment.
Is there any treatment? There's a few things you can do to try to control it.
Self-empowerment classes.
Nothing like a corset and feather boa to help you forget your problems.
Have you always been like it? I've always been neat, tidy, anxious but the hand-washing, that didn't start until I was having problems with Mark.
We'd been arguing.
I ran into the bathroom, took my wedding ring off and threw it into the toilet.
It was so stupid.
But there it was, my wedding ring in the toilet with my whole relationship.
I couldn't leave it there.
I had to fish it out.
But, um After that, it felt like I could never really get them clean.
Clean? How could they not be'? I saw Mark the other day at the supermarket and it all came back.
It's so unfair.
Come on.
Let's take a walk.
Hey, Carbo.
You should be wearing one of these.
Magpie season.
Bugger off, Benno.
Morning, Grandad.
Morning, mate.
Morning, uh, other Grandad.
Maybe you'd better just call me Tom.
Are you right? No, just a bit puffed.
What, from bringing the bins in'? The doctors gave me some exercises when I had my heart scare.
Maybe we could run through them together.
Run? Not literally.
Well, come and see me later on in the morning when I've had my first beer.
Are you thinking about getting in condition? Nah, don't really need to.
I've got a fantastic metabolism.
(GRUNTS) Eat whatever I want, never put on a kilo.
I used to say that at your age.
I was about the same weight too.
But come 30, I suddenly had to loosen the belt.
(CH UCKLES) Maybe we really do take after each other.
Does Emma know any of this? Mark and I split when she was overseas, so she's been spared the worst of it.
She just thinks I'm highly strung.
(CHUCKLES) Not a huge leap to make.
But I've mostly had it under control.
It flared up a bit when I started the new job, nothing I couldn't handle.
But thenMark.
He just looked straight through me as if I wasn't even there.
And then all these rituals that I thought I had under control just I can't imagine how hard it must be for you.
(SIGHS) I just want to be free.
I don't want this anymore.
It makes me want to scream.
So, scream.
I couldn't.
Why not'? Not with these people around.
Ah, who cares?! It might make you feel better.
Beats scrubbing your hands raw.
(CH UCKLES) Ooh! (SCREAMS) What are you doing? We're fine.
(SCREAMS) Julie! Go on, your turn.
(SHOUTS MEEKLY) Oh, what's that'? Come on, you can do better than that.
(SHOUTS MEEKLY) Louder! (SCREAMS) on! Yeah! Actually, I do feel a bit better.
(BOTH SCREAM) JULIE: What are friends for if not getting it all off your chest'? DONNA: They'll be wondering where I am at work.
Do you want me to wait while you get ready? No, no.
You go.
I'll be fine.
Are you sure? I'm happy to.
Oh, that'd be wonderful.
I'll be quick.
I just need to wash my hands.
Just kidding.
Oh! I'm so sorry about laying all this on you so early in our friendship.
I'm sure you'd do the same for me.
Oh, I doubt we'll have time for you.
I'm a psychiatrist's dream.
You're in a rush.
Think I'd be used to it by now.
Grandad Ted.
Grandad Tom.
(G R U NTS) Grandson Ben.
Hey, you know how we were talking about exercise before'? You're not serious about that, are you? Well, I should probably be doing a bit more of it, myself.
Why? Are you afraid you'll turn into me? (CHUCKLES) No.
I'm concerned about my heart.
Well, it can't be any worse than this, so, OK, I'm in.
You two are going to exercise? Don't sound so surprised.
Why don't you join us'? No, thanks.
I've got my own workout regime.
(SCOFFS) What? Do you think a body like this happens by accident? What are they for'? Toning your arms.
Carbo's mum's.
Her Olivia Newton-John phase.
I guess I'm taking the pink.
There you go.
What happens now'? One foot in front of the other, I guess.
Hey, slow down.
You OK'? Just give me a minute.
Is it your heart'? No, no, no, no, no.
I'm just out of breath, that's all.
I haven't had this much exercise in years.
Phew! Heya! Barton passes to Jennings! Oh, wayward pass but he saves it beautifully.
Coby, um, about your sister Uh, yeah? What about her? Are things really that bad between you? So bad that you would let her sleep rough'? Alex! What? You want her to stay here? Is that what this is about? Wellnnow that you mention it And you're doing all this out of the kindness of your heart.
That's right.
I've told ya till I'm blue in the face, don't fall for it.
She's bad news.
Fall for what? You know what I'm talking about.
No way.
I promise.
That is the last thing on my mind.
Whatwhat do you say? No.
(CHUCKLES) Told ya.
That's too bad.
I already invited her.
What? What?! Alex! Look, look, this is your house, or yours and Jake's.
You can invite who you want, I get that.
Just why does it have to be her? She's a friend.
No, you think she is.
She's nice! No.
She's got big blue eyes and a smile.
That doesn't make her nice.
And when I spilled the rice from the takeaway, she helped me make some more.
And now she's moving in'? Don't you think there's a reason she's being nice? Are you saying that I'm an idiot? No, no, I'm saying watch her.
And that's the last thing I'm saying.
Mate to mate.
(DOOR SHUTS) Afternoon.
How was the call-out? Which one? (CH UCKLES) What are you up to? Oh, nothing.
Just, um, looking at something for Donna.
Is that all I get? Umyes.
Secret women's business.
Oh, Donna, hi.
I was just Oh.
Oh, really? No, listen - I was just reading up about this.
Yeah, yeah.
If you're feeling anxious, try some controlled breathing.
OK, so, you breathe in (INHALES DEEPLY) .
for four, hold it for four, one, two, three, four, and then breathe out for four.
So, breathe in (INHALES DEEPLY) hold it for four - yeah - and breathe out for four.
Well, call me if you need to.
Alright, love.
(HANGS UP) Jules? Do you need the phone? No.
What's going on? Oh, it's just Donna's having a hard time, so I'm just giving her some support.
Late-night phone calls, early-morning visits, now you're helping her to breathe? Hey! Have some compassion.
Did you give up on Jake when he had epilepsy? He had a medical condition.
How do you know this isn't? Is it'? You can't even tell me? Even if it's having an impact.
Look, I haven't forgotten the pays.
This isn't about the pays.
All I'm saying is that there's a difference between a needy friend and a friend who needs you occasionally.
No, I'm alright.
I bet the last time you picked up one of these, you beat a fellow prisoner to death, hey, Tom? Oh, that made the papers down here, did it? (CHUCKLES) You're a bit too gullible, son.
Must be nice to be out of prison.
Well, 'nice' is one word for it.
Do whatever you like, go wherever you like.
That kind of freedom costs money.
You'll find a job.
I hope so.
I need my own place.
I can't live with your folks forever.
Ted would love that.
Ah, Ted's alright.
I enjoy winding him up.
You're pretty good at it.
What about you? What are your plans? I don't know.
Just keep working, hang out with friends and family.
Butwell, don't you want a little bit ofwell, you know'? It's a bit too soon for that.
Too soon.
Yeah, well, you're a you seem like a sensitive kid, so you'll know when the time's right.
Thanks, Grandad.
You know, I hold a bit of sway at the Boat Club.
I could line you up a job as a glassie.
I think I'll go for the job that Ted found me.
Thanks for thinking of me, though.
No problem.
JULIE: Sometimes friendships can be found in the most surprising of places.
(CHUCKLES) I'm not stopping.
That's OK.
Do you want a drink or something? No, seriously! It's your day off.
The last person you want to see is someone from work.
But I just wanted to drop off these herbs.
I was buying myself some anyway.
There's parsley, mint, tarragon, a couple of others.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Every vegie patch should have some.
Anyway, I'd better go and enjoy the rest of my day off.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
(CHUCKLES) What - like dress in a fluoro singlet and stick on a cheesy moustache? Oh, you loved it.
Well, um, by the way, tell me if, umif it's none of my business Any question that starts like that probably is.
No! Wellyeah, maybe.
I don't know.
(CHUCKLES) But that that guy from your course - you know, the one you were telling Retta about“? Rafael.
Raf Is that his name?! He's gorgeous.
Plays tennis.
Ben, why are you even interested? I'm not.
Just asking.
Woman of mystery.
Woman of privacy.
(CH UCKLES) Hey, what about that guy that dumped you? Ben! What? I'm justjust trying to get to know you better.
It was in London and he broke my heart.
Satisfied? Oh.
That sucks.
You move on eventually.
Anyway, his loss.
Well, on that depressing note, I'll see you at work tomorrow.
Yeah, you will.
And, uh, thank you for those.
See ya.
Is that all of your stuff'? Yep.
You never know when you'll need a quick getaway.
Um, let me show you to your room.
(CH UCKLES) Ta-da! Thank you.
You can take my bed if you prefer.
(LAUGHS) I promise I won't be in there.
No, no.
This'll do fine.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks for the invite, guys.
Yeah, well, don't look at me.
It was his idea.
Ignore him.
If there's anything you want, just ask.
I could use a glass of water.
Well, you know where the tap is.
Um Seriously, Coby - pull back on the emotion.
It's overwhelming.
Yeah, it's not a bad drop.
Have you tried their stout? No, no.
Stout's not my go.
Don't bother.
You'll demean yourself.
What? Nothing.
So, how'd your exercise go with Ben'? Exercise? Is that so hard to believe? No, not you - Ben.
We had a nice chat, actually.
I've got raps on that kid.
He's got his head screwed on.
Something smells nice.
BOTH: That'd be me.
I think I preferred it when you two were fighting.
Are you making a cuppa? The kettle's just boiled, actually.
So, how was everyone's day? Oh, it was fine.
That'd be.
fine, then.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) I'll get it.
I'm Donna.
I'm Tom.
Perfect timing.
You be nice.
Oh, hi, everyone.
Sorry for interrupting.
I just wanted to drop by and give you this to thank you for helping me today.
Oh, Donna, that's lovely! You didn't have to do that.
I'll get Dave to put it in the cellar.
It's to thank you too, Dave, for letting me borrow Julie.
I can't tell you what a help she's been.
I'd better get going.
I'll see you out.
I didn't know you had a cellar.
(CHUCKLES) It's a long story.
What's all this? Oh, just some research.
So, they say that screaming, singing and computer games are all really good distractions.
So, we were right on track in the park this morning.
Now, I've already looked into this And apparently exercise is the simplest way to dull the urge.
So, I was thinking - boot camp.
What? You know - the exercise groups.
You mean those crazy people that do push-ups in the park at 4am? Yeah, yeah.
I've got the number for a trainer.
So, I thought we could go tomorrow.
Can't we just go for a walk? No, no, no - not enough endorphins.
We need to tire you out to make an impact.
We'? Yeah.
Oh, go on.
Give it a try.
What the hell, right'? I'm sure it'll be a scream.
(LAUGHS) You been hiding on us, mate? Aw! I spend all day with you at work.
Don't want to spend my nights with you too.
Well, that's it for me.
I'm gonna call it a night.
Oh, no - this next episode is hilarious.
Yeah, well, I'll tune in from behind my sheet.
We'll keep it down.
No, don't worry about it.
I can sleep through anything.
Do you want me to warm the bed for you? Alex! Thanks, but.
Go easy, mate! I was talking about a hot-water bottle.
Well, just take it slow.
That's all I'm saying.
Yeah, fine.
(SIGHS) OK, I get it.
I get the hint.
Why are you getting up at 4:30am? Hmm.
Boot camp with Donna.
Well, I hope you both enjoy it.
Oh, I'm sure we will.
You'd better not read for too long.
You've got to get up soon.
(CHUCKLES) Scared I'll pin you again? Yeah, yeah.
Something like that.
I'm just after a glass of water too.
Where are your glasses'? Oh, sorry.
They're up there.
Oh, thanks.
You right? Yeah.
On OK.
Let's get started.
Oh! Hi.
How are you? Good.
You? Fine.
Ready to get into it? Absolutely.
Um Just (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) What the hell are we doing? I honestly don't know.
Oh! I was just trying to help.
I appreciate it, but I think this is something I've gotta do myself.
And not at 5:30 in the morning.
God, no.
I got a bit carried away, didn't I'? Don't take this the wrong way but you were kind of scaring me.
How about I buy you a cup of coffee? Oh, OK.
What's gonna be open at this time of the morning, though? Good point.
How about a Bloody Mary at the Taxi Club? Oh, I've got a rule - no drinking before breakfast.
(WHISTLE BLOWS) (GASPS) Ooh, quick! Bakeries are open.
How about I buy you a bread roll'? Great.
I'll follow you.
JULIE: (NARRATES) Friendships can't be one-sided.
You've got to give as much as you get.
Otherwise it's easy to feel swamped.
Did you need more juice, Bree'? Is your toast hot enough'? It's good.
Well, my toast is cold.
It means hers would be too.
Hey, Mum, you can sit down.
No, you can't eat cold toast! My toast is cold! What do you think? What is it'? My memoirs.
It's a CV, you nitwit.
Where's the rest? That's it.
I thought it must be double-sided.
Come on.
I'm only teasing you.
I'm not a complete waste of space.
Well, no-one's saying that.
Ben offered me a job at his work.
It wouldn't be out of pity, if that's what you're thinking.
No, no, no, no - I'm not saying that.
It's just there's a gap here - They're gonna ask me what I was doing.
Well, just tell them.
That's the system, isn't it? I mean, you do your time and then you get to have another go.
(SCOFFS) (MAGPIE WARBLES) Hey, uh, Carbo, there's a magpie up there.
You might want to watch that.
I'm not looking up, mate.
It's it's a pretty big one.
It looks angry.
Look - I ran for help.
Just admit it.
Move on.
(SCREAMS) Hey, Carbo, watch out, man! A magpie! (SQUEALS) Not the head! Not the head! Not the head! Watch it, ya drongo.
Sorry, MrTom.
Mr Jennings to you.
Sorry, Mr Jennings.
What's wrong with your mate? Oh, that's Carbo.
He's special.
Yeah, you got that right.
(MAGPIE WARBLES) Anyway, I'd better get to work.
Hey, listen, before you go, um, I was just wondering, um Well, what I wanted to ask about was that glassie job.
That is, if it's still going.
Yeah, I think so.
I'll ask.
What made you change your mind? Beggars can't be choosers.
Don't worry, Tom.
I'll make it happen.
So, he's your grandfather.
Any experience? Nah.
And he's just out of jail.
Tell him he can start on Monday.
What? Never knew you were such a softie.
What do you mean? Getting your grandad a job.
really sweet.
I can't believe your mum went for that.
That was the worst sales pitch ever.
She has been in a good mood lately.
Maybe we've got your mum to thank.
Either that or she's (WHISTLES) .
on the turps.
(SCOFFS) JULIE: (NARRATES) Good friends, once made, need little maintenance.
Just sometimes it pays to give them the attention they deserve.
You take that.
Hey, you two.
Having fun'? Yeah.
When I get to drive the truck.
How was boot camp? Ah.
Well, uh We didn't go.
You were right.
Happens occasionally.
I was overinvesting.
Even Donna thought so.
Sorry about last night.
I wasjust being protective.
But I'm willing to concede that I possibly went a little bit far.
Well, that's big of you.
Who you calling big? (CH UCKLES) Il do get a lot out of my friendship with Donna.
I can see that.
Thanks for looking out for me.
So, how was day care, hey? Ah, well, I got some hot gossip on that front.
Oh'? Ruby's got a new bestie.
What?! Really? Mm.
What happened to Madison? Madison's on the way out.
Who's the newbie, then? Aubergine.
Aubergine?! Oh, no.
Where do parents come up with these names? Yeah.
Good luck saying that one, Ruby.
(BOTH LAUGH) Aubergine.
JULIE: (NARRATES) Friends and family sometimes clash but if you're lucky enough to marry your best friend, you're onto something truly special.