Packed to the Rafters (2008) s04e22 Episode Script

Endings and Beginnings

(DRILL WHIRRS) JULIE: (NARRATES) They say every ending is a new beginning.
But sometimes I think that's just a nice way to soften the blow.
It's still gonna be a bill, even if you don't open it.
It's from the romance publishers.
Come on.
Open it.
It could be your big moment.
Until now, I'm the up-and-coming writer who's never been rejected.
Once I rip this open, I'm the useless writer who's only known failure.
Yeah, but what if it's a million-dollar advance? I'll look at it later.
Let me.
No, no.
There's more important things to do.
More important than a million bucks? There's a party tomorrow to organise.
It's not a party.
It's a gathering.
It's a launch, according to Nathan.
And I've seen your to-do list.
Alright, alright.
Dave Rafter.
JULIE: If this was a new beginning, it could wait.
Dave, on the other hand, was grabbing his with both hands.
OK, um, Matt Ah.
I have chased up who's coming, which is almost everyone.
And I spoke to the signwriter.
He's delivering first thing tomorrow morning.
Doesn't leave us much time, does it? It won't take us long to put up.
No, I mean, to change the sign.
Dad, how many times? Rafter and Son sounds pretty good to me.
Don't you reckon? Yeah, if you can find a son who actually sees his future as a sparky.
Uh, never say never.
Have a look at all this lot, will ya'? Just thought I'd see how it was all coming along.
I take it those are shed-warming presents.
No harm in starting the celebrations early.
What do you reckon? How are you, mate? Good, mate.
Yourself? Yeah, good.
This must be the famous Matt Jennings, is it? Uh Steve Wilson.
I'm a massive fan.
Always have been.
Jeez, I like this bloke already.
Steve, this is Matt.
This is the half-brother.
Here's me thinking I was.
Which half are you? Anyway, Dave tells me you're gonna play tomorrow night.
I thought I The good-looking one.
You're the what? Anyway, I was just saying, I thought I might pop along, have a listen Yeah, that'd be great.
You know, you can probably give that hand back some time.
Nathan! Oi, Steve.
I've just gotta chase up Not doing a runner, are ya'? No Eh? Yeah, I guess I probably am.
Should've seen the look on your face.
Come here.
I'm not here to take a piece out of you.
It's all in the past.
No drama.
Yeah? Yep.
Look at you, Mr Big Shot.
Bigger business, bigger family.
If you could sing, you'd be perfect.
(LAUGHS) Gonna give us a grand tour or what? (M UTFERS) Shouldn't take long, eh? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll give you the grand tour, alright! Oh! (LAUGHS) So, with the finger food Mm? I'll just bring it around and you can heat it up as you go.
Ah! Sounds perfect.
This is a good trial run for you, you know'? You'll be celebrating your own success soon.
Sorry'? Your book.
'Savannah of the Manor' or whatever it's called.
My chapter, you mean? Got a letter from them today.
(GASPS) What did they say? Well, I haven't opened it.
I don't want it to be bad news.
No-one likes rejection, no matter what form it comes in.
Oh, not that I'm saying it will be rejection.
Well, it very well could be.
Well, if you don't put yourself out there in the first place, then you'll never know what might have been.
Why do I get the feeling we're not talking about my book anymore'? I've got a date tonight.
Well, I think I've got a date.
And you've been letting me go on about party pies? Well, the whole thing's happened very suddenly, I've got to say, and part of me thinks I'm being silly.
Why? I'm not sure that it's appropriate.
(GASPS) It's Deano, isn't it, from the fruit shop? No, it's not.
Lovely as Deano is, it's not him.
Hello? Oh, really? Well, I'll be in there soon.
(HANGS UP) ls everything alright? Yes, it's just Mrs Montague, talking to the poker machines again.
Um, hey, with this mystery man, if you like him, you should go for it.
Love should be encouraged wherever it blossoms.
(LAUGHS) See'? You are a writer.
On! (LAUGHS) COBY: Eh? (JAKE LAUGHS) I told you I did it, didn't I? Yeah.
I never doubted you for a moment.
That's why you were looking over me shoulder the whole time.
(PHONE RINGS) Hmm (CANCELS CALL) Eh? Don't tell me you washed them - not after you shook hands with the great Steve Wilson? Oh, so, I like his music.
So what? Did you see the way he was holding him? (LAUGHS MOCKINGLY) “The good-looking one.
" Well, sorry for being impressed by a rock legend.
Oh, a legend? I just thought it was Steve Wilson.
See you tomorrow night? Try and keep me away, mate.
Good to meet you, boys.
Hey, Steve, you know Matt gigs all around Sydney, hey'? Not just here'? Oh, yeah? It's just a few gigs here and there.
Where do you play'? Oh, just the Legacy, mostly.
Legacy? There's a blast from the past.
Used to play there when I was starting out.
Matt and I are gonna belt out a few tunes tomorrow night.
Oh, are you? Yeah.
If you wanted real entertainment, you should've given me a call.
So, everything's under control? Yes.
No panic attacks required, I promise.
Oh, and, uh, Emma's offered to help serve drinks.
Oh! Although that might depend on how tonight goes.
If I stuff things up, she may never speak to me again.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
Where are you taking her? We're having dinner here.
Carbo and Retta are on their honeymoon.
We'll have the place to ourselves.
You need a hand with the cooking? No.
I'm just throwing a chook in the oven.
Well, if you get into trouble I know where to find you.
I'm happy for you, darling.
Yeah, well, I had to learn to cook some time.
(CHUCKLES) It's a new beginning, that's all.
Oh, and, remember, just, um, shove a lemon up its bum and you'll be fine.
Uh, you are talking about the chook, yeah? Yes.
NATHAN: Hey, Steve? Hey, um, look, I know you said it's all in the past but I just want to say thank you.
Uh, what I did could have wrecked your friendship with Dad Yeah, listen, I'm sure I'm not the first bloke whose girlfriend did the dirty and let's be honest - I kind of deserved it.
And you know what? You and Layla getting together, you kind of did me a favour.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
It's an awful way to go.
But, ultimately, Layla made her choices.
Steve, I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm finished.
What? I quit.
I'm done.
I said I'd help you get started.
Now I'm out of here.
What, just like that'? Yes.
I know we had an agreement We agreed.
Six months.
That was it.
So, what brought this on now'? it's just what I have to do.
N atho'? M ate'? He was in a good mood all morning.
He never said anything about leaving.
Yeah, but, you know, we all knew he wasn't gonna stick around forever.
(PHONE RINGS) What? (GROANS) Who was that'? No-one.
“No-one", as in a bank flogging insurance? Or “no-one", as in my mental sister? What? Is she stalking you? No.
Really? How many times? What? How many times has she called? I don't know.
We should change the locks, get a restraining order.
You're lucky we don't have a bunny to boil.
No, no.
You're blowing this out of proportion.
Listen, listen.
She's a nice girl.
And I can handle it.
The next time she calls your phone or pounces on you in the toilet, you tell her you are gonna call the cops.
It is the only way.
Trust me.
Oh! Clean shirt, Dad.
Don't get dressed up on our account.
(LAUGHS) I told you, I'm going to the club.
Oh, that's right.
So you did.
You know, Jules, there's just so long you can keep on claiming 'baby brain'.
Yes, well, I intend to milk it to the very last second.
Thank you.
So, well, did he say anything? TED: Hello, mate.
(SIGHS) Um Well, here he is.
Here I am.
Dad told you I quit, I take it? It's not exactly something that would slip my mind.
I realise it's really sudden.
What happened to “never say never" from this morning'? Remember? OK.
Um look, Steve just told me that Layla died of a drug overdose.
Layla? She's the girl you had the Yes, Mum.
The girl who was pretty much responsible for my marriage breaking up.
Andl just can't believe it.
I mean, I know she was wild but she was so young andshe's dead.
I can't help but thinking thatthat could've been me.
Yeah, but it wasn't.
You got out of there.
No, I know.
It's justlife's so short.
It's been two years since I broke up with Sammy, you know'? It's been two years.
And what have I been doing? I've been selling car parts on Carbo's dining room table and digging trenches.
It's not what I want my life to be.
Well Please don't try and talk it up, Mum.
I wasn't going to, darling.
I I know I've said this before.
I don't know what I want.
I just know that I'm not gonna find the answers hanging around here.
JULIE: (NARRATES) What Nathan wanted was a new beginning.
And maybe he wasn't the only one.
So, am I the husband of Australia's next literary sensation? It was a romance novel, darling.
Just a bit of fun.
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine.
I only did it to stop you teasing.
Oh, Jules.
I did actually start enjoying it, though.
“L can do this.
" I owe you 1O bucks.
Just put it on the tab.
(LAUGHS) JULIE: (NARRATES) If a new beginning was what I'd hoped for, this clearly wasn't it.
(SIGHS) So, where's the ice sculpture gonna fit? (DOORBELL RINGS) That'll be Emma.
It's way too early.
NATHAN: Oh, good one, Ben.
I thought you said you were cooking yourself.
Oh, no.
I'm not here to be put to work.
Napkin rings.
Oh! You are a lifesaver.
Napkin rings.
How could she resist? You know you can't shove paper towel in them.
Didn't you say something about going out for the rest of your life? I get the hint.
I've got stuff to do in the shed.
It's not too over the top, is it? I'm not gonna freak her out? No, darling.
No girl's ever been put off by napkin rings and matching china.
You know, I think Mel would've liked Emma, if they'd ever got to meet.
Although, if they did meet, it would've been pretty awkward.
I wouldn't be going on a date with Emma anyway, unless, of course, Mel didn't know about it, in which case Mel wouldn't have liked Emma much at all, I guess.
Darling, I know what you mean.
(SIGHS) And Mel would definitely want you to be happy.
Thank you.
I'll leave you to it.
Good luck.
I can't decide.
'Cause I kind of like this.
Oh, that one, definitely.
Check you out! It's not too much, is it? Mum, it's gorgeous.
I know I shouldn't have spent the money.
I don't even know if it's a proper date.
It will be, once he sees you looking like this, whoever he is.
Well, I just want to see how tonight goes before I say too much.
I don't want to jinx anything.
Well, if this guy doesn't snap you up immediately, he's not worth worrying about.
Well, the same goes for Ben.
I'm sure it'll be a wonderful night, no matter what you wear.
I hope so.
For both of us.
(BOTH LAUGH) TED: Look at you.
If I'd known you were gonna get all dolled up, I would've made more of an effort.
Oh, Ted, I just threw on the first thing I could find.
Well, isn't this lovely? Thank you so much for asking me.
Well, it's the least I could do after all the help you've given me with Cooper.
Now, how about a drink? Sauv blanc? Yes.
Too much? Too many candles? I can lose some.
See'? Uh, Ben No, no.
Don't want a fire.
It looks amazing.
Really, it does.
Yeah, I gotl got napkin rings.
I can see.
With real napkins.
(CHUCKLES) I might be a bit nervous.
Well, for the record, I changed five times before I left the house.
Alright, every piece of clothing I own is on my bed right now.
Here's what we're gonna do.
Get plastered? No.
Not unless the food's really bad, in which case we might have to.
But, uh, in the meantime, we're gonna make a pact.
No more being nervous.
(POURS DRINK) And no more awkward small talk about anything, especially napkin rings.
I think we've already exhausted the topic.
That'll be Bree in a wedding dress.
Oh, you're hilarious.
No! Hey, look Out, out, out OK, OK.
No, no, no, no.
She's like a vampire - she can't come in if you don't invite her.
Coby, can Jake and I have a minute? No.
I'm not gonna let you alone with him.
Not without garlic and a wooden cross.
Coby, chill! Yes, come in.
Thank you.
No, I don't want you here.
And neither does Jake.
Right, Jake? (SIGHS) Is that true? No.
Ititit's just He's trying to say you're a psycho.
That's enough, mate.
You keep banging on about how much better you are than Mum, but you're not.
These guys come into your life and within this much time, they cannot stand Coby, shut up! I know you two have had your problems but you don't need to be so harsh.
Oh (SIGHS) (CAR DOOR CLOSES) Look, you gotta stop all this.
You know, coming by and dropping over I'm sorry.
I told you, I don't do this.
I'm just I You should go.
You think it's true, don't you? What? Everything that Coby says.
Bree, you're a great girl.
And if things were Different? Yeah, but they're not, are they? JULIE: (NARRATES) Sometimes, it feels like new beginnings only happen to other people and you're just in the same old place.
Coby'? Coby'? It works.
Just leave it alone.
I cannot believe you're bailing.
Just something I have to do.
Well, that sucks.
But don't worry, Natho.
You do what you have to do.
You take off and do what you have to.
Here you are.
Uh It's from the great Steve Wilson.
You gotta drink it.
(SIGHS) I can't believe he's coming tomorrow night to hear me play.
I know.
Should I get your autograph now'? Or wait till you win 'Australia's Got Talent'? Don't leave it too long.
You never know what could happen.
Here's to that.
Here's to the great unknown, the whatever happens next.
So, what is next? Who knows'? That's the best part.
The world is your oyster.
The world's my oyster.
The first time I ever had oysters, I spewed my guts up all night.
I'm just saying.
It happens.
And the moral of the story is'? Always keep your seafood in the fridge? Yeah.
Oh, my God.
That smells amazing.
I reckon 15 more minutes and we're done.
You really are making the big effort here.
That's kind of the intention.
(DOOR OPENS) Hey, watch out! Coming through! Oh, that's so romantic.
Ooh, what happened to your ankle? What happened to your honeymoon? Let's just say there wasn't much honey.
Moon, on the other hand, no problem there.
There was plenty of moon.
Every time we left the room, moon.
At the pool, moon.
During breakfast, moon.
Breakfast? Not talking about the moon in the sky.
I forgot.
Yes, the big surprise.
The most romantic honeymoon ever planned.
It was Schoolies.
You went to the Gold Coast? During Schoolies? For your honeymoon? I forgot! What's with the candles? Did someone forget to pay the electricity bill'? (MOUTHS WORDS) (GASPS) You're on a date.
We'll go.
Honey We'll get out of your hair.
It's OK.
You both look exhausted.
Why don't you stay, have dinner with us'? Oh BOTH: No.
Yeah! I ask the staff to refill these every day.
You wouldn't think it was too much to ask.
By the look on his face, I think he already knows he's in trouble.
And your glass isn't even clean.
Look, it's got grubby paw prints all over it Hey, hey, hey.
They're probably mine.
It mightn't have been a good idea coming here.
It must feel like you never knock off work.
Oh, no.
It's lovely.
And I'm so thrilled that you asked me.
Like I said, it's the least I could do.
The pleasure's mine, really.
And just look at us - a couple of friends, happy to just sit down and have a bit of a yarn and a glass of wine together.
Well, I enjoy your company immensely, Ted, which is why I'm hopeful that maybe, one day, we could be even more than just friends.
So, what really happened to your ankle, Retta? (M U-l-FERS) Don't ask.
Don't ask.
Just like I'm not meant to ask any questions either, particularly about why my husband went missing for five hours.
CARBO: I told you what happened.
OK'? Besides, all the rooms in that place looked the same.
I got lost.
And then you ran into some mates We're leaving.
Where? I've got a credit card and I know how to use it.
Come on.
And pushed me downhill to the golf course Then you got your tattoo? Yes.
For you.
For me? “Rick”? Oh, you see, I thought it had everything - romance, intrigue, suspense.
Maybe too much Rita and Theo.
I was inspired by them - not word for word.
I was looking forward to writing the rest of it.
Oh, why not, if you enjoy doing it? What's the point'? They've already told me I'm no good.
Well, write something else.
Write something you know.
(DOORBELL RINGS) That'll be Bree.
“Chapter one - today I went to the butcher and got some chops.
“Then, on the way home, I noticed the car was low on petrol.
" That is riveting.
DAVE: That's great timing.
Come on in, Bree.
Thanks for coming around so soon.
You got the cheque? Uh, it'll be in the shed.
Cup of tea there if you want it.
Have a seat.
How are you? Fine.
Uh, how's thethe prep going for the big party? Oh.
Yeah, well, I think we'll all be glad when it's over, frankly.
(CLEARS TH ROAT) You alright? Yeah.
You sure? It's complicated.
You having problems with Coby'? Not just Coby.
Jake? (CLEARS THROAT) Maybe.
ls something going on with you two? Yeah.
It's, um Maybe.
It's DAVE: OK.
Well, here's the, uh here's the cheque.
If you can just drop it off tomorrow The address is on the front.
Uh, thanks.
Oh Hey, uh, look, with Jake, it's it's nothing serious, so, um What? I mean, I shouldn't have said anything.
So, I want to say it's nothing.
I'm an idiot.
Forget it.
JULIE: (NARRATES) Today might have been light on new beginnings but it was certainly a day of new developments.
Well, it just seems weird that Jake didn't say anything.
Yeah, but why should he? Well, what about Rachel? She's gonna be heartbroken, whether she admits it or not.
Is she? I thought New York was the love of her life now.
Yes, and once upon a time, it was Jake.
And apparently, he's moved on.
Evening, all.
Hi, Dad.
What's up? Oh, just some new developments.
Must be something in the water.
That was the best meal I've eaten in my life.
Yeah, I think my roast chook could've looked pretty sad in comparison.
Ooh, I don't know about that.
Because, you know, there was one thing I noticed.
I mean, don't get me wrong - the restaurant was gorgeous.
How about that view'? But they didn't have any napkin rings, did they? And they call it fine dining.
At those prices.
A joke.
(CHUCKLES) It was still the best first date I've ever been on.
(DOOR OPENS) Oh, kissing, kissing.
Sorry Mum.
I should go.
See you tomorrow'? Yeah.
I gotta go.
(LAUGHS) So, it was a good night, in other words? That's all you need to say.
How was yours? Well, I'm not so sure.
And I'm not sure it's a conversation for tonight.
Oh, look.
Ben's left his jacket.
I'll give it to him in the morning.
(DOOR CLOSES) All set for the big night, boss? Just got to collect the party frock.
Don't forget to pay the PA guy.
Bree picked up the cheque last night.
Bree? Yeah.
Come straight from your place, did she? Well How long you been seeing each other? Sorry'? You and Bree.
You are kidding me.
We're not seeing each other.
Not according to her.
Dial triple-zero now.
Dave, I don't know what she told you, but there's nothing going on Hey, hey, mate, it's no business of mine.
But you might want to let her know if there's trouble in paradise.
Coffee? Jake? Jake? Jake, are you listening to me now'? I cannot tell you this many times.
There's something wrong in her brain (SHOUTS) Coby, grow up! (SIGHS) Do you think it's a bit early to call Donna? I'm dying to know how last night went with this mystery man of hers.
If it was a success, she might be busy right now.
You know, somebody ought to use these skydiving passes before they run out.
You didn't tell us how your night went.
Uh, yeah.
Well, go on.
Uh, well, it took me a bit by surprise, I've got to say.
Really? What, was the food not good? You should tell Donna that.
She'll be onto that kitchen in a flash.
Well, Donna was there, actually.
Last night? Yeah.
Lasked her out, just as mates, to say thanks for all the help she'd given me with Cooper.
But Donna had a date last night with a mystery (GAS PS) No.
Ted? As in Ted Rafter? Taylor, actually.
And, yes, he's the only Ted I know.
As in my new boyfriend's grandfather? Mum, isn't that just a little bit incestuous? Look, you can't plan these things, Emma.
I've met a man I like and I don't think that I should have to defend myself.
Anyway, for all I know, I've made a complete fool of myself.
Why? What did he say? Well, he was a perfect gentleman.
Of course he was.
But he didn't say anything to indicate how he might feel.
Well, maybe you took him by surprise.
I was just about to call you.
Don't worry.
It's here.
Uh, yep.
Your wallet's in the pocket.
See you soon.
What's wrong'? Oh, nothing.
It's just a photo.
You know, I knew it was there.
It's not like I didn't know he'd been married.
Thank you.
If you're gonna do the whole “I forgot my wallet" thing, you're meant to do it before you pay the bill.
Damn it.
I mess that one up every time.
Don't worry.
It's the only stuff-up you made.
Hey, um, Mum, Emma's here.
Mum Julie.
I was wondering if you'd had a chance to talk to Ted this morning.
Do you think you could've told me it was my father? “Oh, hey.
I've got a hot date.
And by the way, it's your dad!" So, are you upset that I didn't tell you? Yes! Or is it that it was Ted I went outwith? Yes! Both! Ben, the ice is getting cold.
Mum You said if you like someone, give it a go.
Oh, go for it, yes! Go for it somewhere else! At the fruit shop with Deano, not with my father! Sometimes we just need to learn to keep our noses out of other people's business.
Not when it's my family we're talking about! One of your family may be about to break the heart of my daughter, but you don't hear me complaining.
Ben would never hurt Emma, alright? And I would never hurt your father.
Ladies, is there a problem? No! Nothing a few years won't fix! Hi, Emma.
JULIE: (NARRATES) A new relationship is the ultimate new beginning.
But, honestly, did she really have to set her sights on Dad? Let me know if you need a hand.
(LAUGHS) You done that before'? Yeah.
Hey, mate.
How are you? Oh, hello.
Oh, check, one, two.
Hey, Frosty.
How you going'? Just comecome and have a drink.
Oh, Donna.
Don't you look lovely? New dress, is it? It's an old favourite, actually.
Ah, yes.
Well, vintage is your thing.
Excuse me.
It can be changed, you know'? It could read 'Rafter and Barton' if you play your cards right.
Really? Yeah.
Uh, don't you think it would be 'Barton and Rafter' 'cause Barton comes first in the alphabet? Yeah, like I said about cards and playing them right.
Yeah, alright.
Well, it means a lot to me that you'd even think about it.
Hey, it's a family business.
As long as you know you're part of it.
I'll be back in a minute.
Can you come with me? Jake Jake Are you out of your mind? No, look, that's why I'm here Why did you tell the Rafters we were a couple? I didn't.
It just came out like that.
Why did it'? Ldon't know.
I Maybe I I wanted it to be true.
Bree Don't, because I'm embarrassed enough about this as it is.
I meant what I said to you about letting you in.
I haven't done that with anyone else.
My mum is so needy and she's always had to have a guy around.
And I never wanted to be like that.
So, if I met someone, I'd sleep with them a few times and that would be it.
I'd end it because, that way, no-one gets hurt and there's no complications.
But then I met you and I realised that you can't control how you feel about someone all the time.
It's just something that happens.
I know.
It's like me and Rachel.
It's not something you can just switch off.
Yeah, butit does get easier.
Uh I gotta get back to this party.
Dodo you want a drink or something? No.
I'll leave you to it.
Bree About what Coby said, like, I've never met your mum but from what I've seen, I reckon you're nothing like her.
(TRIES TO WHISTLE) Jules? (WHISTLES) OK, everyone, I know you'd be disappointed if I didn't make a speech.
You reckon? (LAUGHTER) Heckled by my own son.
Off to a good start.
I'd just like to take a couple of moments to thank some people, then I'll leave you all alone.
Um, firstly, you're only as good as the people that you work with and, so, Jake and Coby andand Matt and, of course, Nathan.
Thanks, mate.
The other person I'd like to thank is my wife.
Ah! I couldn't have done this without you.
Or anything, for that matter.
Thank you.
Thank you all for coming, and please consider Uh, drum roll, please.
(CLEARS THROAT) (TAPS GUITAR) Rafter's Electrical open! (ALL CHEER AND APPLAUD) (GROANING) Alright, let'slet's try that one again.
Uh, drum roll, please? I'm trying.
It's not working.
Come here.
Yeah, OK.
Well, uh, we just did the wiring.
The batteries are someone else's department.
(LAUGHTER) And Rafter's Electrical (CHEERING) “Open! A well-oiled machine! Come on! Come on! DAVE: Come on, come on.
There's some stress in the joints.
DAVE: Did it all myself.
Come on in.
Come on in.
Don't touch a thing, alright? Don't touch a thing.
(SINGS) All wired up, wired up, wired up Now I feel if there comes a time When everything just falls in line We live and learn from our big day Short-term pain for long-term gain Long-term gain, Dave! Whoo! All wired up NATHAN: He's pretty good.
I'm glad someone is.
The batteries were dead.
It could've happened to anyone.
Anyone else would've checked to see if it was working first.
You did - a million times.
That was the problem.
Yeah, I know.
I've worked that part out.
Thank you.
MATI": (SINGS) All wired up All wired up All wired up All wired up, wired up, wired up Hey! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Sounding good, eh? I can see why he's still playing the Legacy.
Oh, he just hasn't had his big break yet.
Oh, yeah.
That'd be it.
It's all about having fun, though, isn't it? Oh, yeah, but So far, so good.
Haven't cleared the place yet.
On the contrary, mate.
You'reyou're doing great.
I'm gonna see if I can get another beer.
It's good, Matt.
Good on you.
He didn't like it? He's too busy getting hammered to pay attention to the music.
Well, lucky I don't play for Steve Wilson.
Everyone else is loving it.
Well, that's good enough for me.
Thanks anyway for giving me a chance.
Oh Oh Benny boy, you know the drill.
Mineral water? Come on.
That stuff will kill me.
How about a water and a beer? (GROANS) Good idea.
Oh, Nathan! Steve.
You'reyou're having a good night, by the looks of it.
You know what? You got it right, you know that'? You played it smart.
I was the smart one? I don't get accused of that too often.
Your old man If you're gonna look up to anyone - to anyone - you look up to him.
That's not a problem.
I already do.
So, uh, Dave's asked me to play another set.
Uh, and as a special treat, he's gonna join us.
Couldn't play this song without my old mate Steve.
Come on, Steve.
Have some fun.
Just like we did in the old days.
Come on, mate.
No, no, no Go on, Steve.
(CHEERING) Good on you, Stevie! I wake up every morning with no-one beside me I wake up every morning and my mother would chide me I'm just a suburban boy Just a suburban boy Saturday night, no subway station Saturday night, just changing TV stations I'm just a suburban boy Just a suburban boy And I know what it's like to be rejected every night And I'm sure it must be For God's sake, go and ask her to dance.
Easier for boys from the cit-ay Would you like a dance, Donna? Yes, Ted.
I go to the football to cheer for my team I go to the football just to hear myself scream I'm just a suburban boy Just a suburban boy And I know what it's like to be rejected every night And I'm sure it must be easier for NATHAN: You're not going home yet, are you? COBY: No.
I'mI'm just getting out of everyone's way, that's all.
I can't believe this is still about the remote.
It's not just about that.
It's everything.
Everything that I touch Right.
So, something goes wrong and you just chuck it in and bail? Like you can talk.
That's different.
Why? Because it's you and not me? No, 'cause I'm not running away.
I'm being honest with myself.
I'm looking at my life.
I'm saying that's not how I want it to be.
Isn't that wonderful'? You can click your fingers and start all over.
Well, it's not like that for me.
Everything I try blows up in my face! Look at tonight.
It was a flat battery.
How am I supposed to do TAFE without you? How am I supposed to do that'? JULIE: (NARRATES) For something new to start, something else has to end, which is not so easy if you're the one being left behind.
Hoy-oh! Oi.
Where did you get to? Oh.
(CHUCKLES) I didn't feel like dancing.
(SIGHS) Dave seemed happy.
No, it was a good turnout.
It was good.
Saw Bree before.
At the party? Gee, she's got a hide.
She apologised.
So she should.
You should go easier on her, mate.
Oh, is that right? Yeah.
Well You know, she's trying to move on with her life.
Yeah, well, I'll believe that when I see it.
Mate, you gotta start letting go of this.
You were both dealt a bad hand.
Deal with it.
She is.
(DIALS NUMBER) (SIGHS) Oi, it's me.
You up for a drink? Yeah, it went alright.
People seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Oh, it went better than alright.
Hey, I know it's late but there's something we need to talk to you both about.
Sounds ominous.
Oh, Coby.
I was a bit worried about you, the way you took off like that.
Well, uh, Nath and I had achat.
And I told him that, instead of sitting around complaining, he should do something positive.
Always good advice.
Which is why we jumped online and we have booked round-the-world airfares.
Oh! (CHUCKLES) What, both of you? Yeah.
For, what, a holiday or'? Me, yes, but Not me.
Um, I'm planning on getting a bit of work over there.
Oh, so, it's not just a quick trip, then? When are you leaving? As soon as we get sorted.
First stop, New York.
We're gonna crash on Rachel's floor.
Then we'll see what happens.
Now I really hate you.
No, no, you don't.
Not really.
As long as you're happy, mate.
Thank you.
(LAUGHS) And, uh, what's your story, Mr Jennings'? Um, well, the bond's finished.
I'm good to go.
What about TAFE? TAFE's on a break.
It'll only be a few weeks.
I know I'm leaving you in the lurch but I haven't taken any time off.
This would be your first.
Sometimes youyou gotta turn your life around, you know'? Well, what do they say? Fortune favours the brave.
(CLICKS TONGUE) It's up to you, Dave.
I've never been overseas before.
And I would like to go.
(CHUCKLES) It's your call.
Don't change the locks.
(NATHAN LAUGHS) As if that'd stop you.
Bon voyage.
Yeah! Yes! Vega b Vegas! s, aby! BOTH: Vegas! What you doing? Ah.
Just a second.
I want to finish this paragraph before I lose the thought.
What is it'? It's my blog.
Your what? My blog.
It's like a diary on the internet.
Anyone can read it.
I figured one rejection shouldn't mean I give up something I enjoy.
Good on you.
Why is it called a 'blog'? I have no idea.
What are you writing about me? No, no, no.
You need to sign up and follow me.
I need to have at least one person follow me.
I am a published author.
Let me guess - your first entry was about another child leaving the nest.
Oh, yes.
He's young.
He's got the whole world waiting for him.
I think it's a good thing.
Get someone new in at work and we can make a fresh start.
Yes, well, fortune favours the brave.
That should count for us, you know'? The kids shouldn't be the only ones having fun.
Should I get naked? No.
JULIE: (NARRATES) For something to begin, sometimes something has to end.
Granted, that's not the most comforting thought at 5,000 feet.
Tell me again why this is a good idea! You tell me! I keep thinking about Ruby! We've been through this! It's perfectly safe! It's terrifying! It'll be fun! (COUNTDOWN TIMER BEEPS) OK! Argh MAN: One, two, three.
(JULIE SCREAMS) JULIE: (NARRATES) Isn't life always a plunge into the great unknown'? (ALL LAUGH) ALL I Ohhh! BEN: Dad, look at your face! (ALL LAUGH) Hang on.
Hang on.
Hang on.
It's never get old, is it? Not for a very long time.
Oi! Oi! I'll take it back! No.
No, no, no Oh.
Photo opportunity.
Here we go.
Lift me up! Oh.
Here we go.
Oh! Hey, Dad, Dad.
I'm you.
You know, by leaving, I automatically become the favourite brother.
Not that I wasn't already.
She's got way better taste than that.
Don't you, Rubes'? Rubes! Hey, Nath, there's something that I've always wanted to tell you.
Mm? What's that'? Well, ever since the day you were born, I've never, ever, ever liked you.
Especially your nose.
(LAUGHS) And every email you send me from every exotic location, I'm gonna not like you that little bit more.
I'll miss you too, mate.
(LAUGHS) And your big honky nose.
Oh! (LAUGHS) Good chat.
G'day, all.
OTH E RS: Hey.
Nathan, the finest wine five bucks can buy.
Oh, it's as cheap as you, Uncle Matt.
DAVE: Good timing.
Come and meet your niece.
Eh'? I'm about to Skype Rachel.
Um Ben Ben, could you, um Step aside, dinosaur.
What? It's just you've grown up so much, that's all.
Mum, I warned you We just want you to know how proud we are of you.
Dad No, it's true, mate.
(CHUCKLES) And we are all set.
(COMPUTER BLEEPS) Oh! Hello! Oi! OTHERS: Oi! You're all there.
What's going on? ALL: Hey! What time is it there? It's late.
I want to hear everything.
How are you all? Oh! You made Ruby cry! Oh, how are you, darling? This is Emma.
JULIE: (NARRATES) Around here, new beginnings seem to go hand in tissue with a few goodbye tears.
But without goodbyes, you can't look forward to new hellos.
How are you? Hey, Jake.
How you going'? JULIE: Bring on the future, whatever it has in store.