Painkiller (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Hot! Hot! Hot!

This program is based on real events.
However, certain characters,
names, incidents, locations, and dialogue
have been fictionalized
for dramatic purposes.
My story has not been fictionalized.
This is my son Matthew Stavron.
He was addicted to OxyContin
and he's no longer here with us.
I miss him.
He was beautiful, I loved him.
I miss his charming smile
and I miss those, "I love you, Mama"
and those hugs.
["We Wish You a Merry Christmas" playing]
- Come on, Dad. You're always so slow.
- Get the door for me, son.
Merry Christmas! Hi, Uncle.
We've had a good year.
Merry Christmas, brother.
- What is this?
- [Raymond] A thank you.
I got something for Marietta too.
It's classy, I promise.
I got a matching one for Beverly.
- And cufflinks for you
- Return them. You know better than this.
What? Why?
Go back to Tiffany's. Return it all. Now.
Those diamonds are for you.
They have nothing to do
with your wife, or me.
They're for you to feel important.
Richard, does your father
feel important right now?
That's because he's confused.
He's confused things with wealth.
Things you buy.
Wealth is something you build,
and you don't do it for yourself.
- You build wealth for your family.
- You spend all your money on art.
- Do you understand what a legacy is?
- No.
[Arthur] Mm.
How about this?
Do you know who invented dynamite?
It was this Swedish chemist,
and he made a fortune off it.
More money than he knew what to do with.
One day,
when he was still very much alive,
the newspaper ran his obituary by mistake.
They called him a "merchant of death."
It was his brother who'd died,
but when he picked up that paper
and saw his life's work
spelled out in front of him,
he was horrified.
"This is what my life has been?
This is what I'll be known for?"
Death and bombs and murder?
That day he changed his will.
He donated his fortune
to establish a prize
honoring the most brilliant people
on the planet.
Today, nobody knows Alfred Nobel
as a merchant of death.
All they know is the Nobel Peace Prize.
That is legacy.
That is why we invest in art.
That is why we invest in museums.
That is why they now bear
the single most valuable thing
that we will ever own.
Our name.
Your father has to be reminded of that.
So, brother, take this garish nonsense
back where you got it.
[woman] Have a nice day, Raymond.
[door closes]
Carnegie and Frick.
They sent children to the mines.
Rockefeller, he poisoned half the planet.
Only thing people remember
are the libraries and concert halls,
so why wouldn't the Sacklers
think they could pull this off?
- [man] Be seated.
- [Edie] Purdue believed their executives
had sailed through
the Congressional testimony.
And now they were untouchable.
We only heard about it
after it pulsed up in Maine.
After Jay McCloskey reported it.
That one lie gave us what we needed
to subpoena all their documents.
Purdue Pharma is being served a subpoena
from the office of the U.S. Attorney
of the Western District of Virginia.
[Edie] Their money was under threat.
Their legacy was under threat.
But Richard didn't quite behave
the way you'd expect.
The dude was weird.
It's a fishing expedition. Has to be.
- You know it is, or that's your guess?
- It has to be a fishing expedition.
What do they actually want?
[Howard] They want everything.
[smoke detector beeps]
Okay. Well, if they want everything,
let's give them exactly that. Everything.
[Edie] And so they gave us everything.
They handed over years' worth of e-mails,
interoffice memos,
and other internal documents.
Millions of pages of stuff.
Almost all of which were,
by design, useless to us.
But we had to read through all of it.
Every word.
Now, Brownlee brought two top lawyers.
- Hi.
- [Edie] Rick Mountcastle
- Welcome.
- and Randy Ramseyer.
Our goal in this phase was simple.
Confirm that Purdue knew
OxyContin was a problem,
and more importantly,
confirm when they knew it.
Once we had proof in writing,
their lies would start to fall apart.
[John] Boxes on the table!
A through G on the west wall.
H though T on the east wall.
Make sure you can read
the box descriptions.
I wanna be able to walk through here
and know what's happening.
Keep this organized.
When you see the word "crush" or "snort,"
mark it in blue.
I'm seeing a lot of mentions of Narcan
and naloxone as overdoses in these.
- Same here. Let's mark those in yellow.
- Uh-huh.
What about death?
- Red?
- Red.
[pop music playing over stereo]
Thank you again
for giving me one of your whales.
Yeah. No, it works out well.
I just don't have the bandwidth.
And it's really not that big of a deal.
You just You bring donuts and coffee
and you remember birthdays, you know.
Simple stuff.
Hey. I'd clean his fucking toilet
if he buys drugs. Okay?
What is all this about?
It's "the moms." They're harmless.
These bored housewife protestors,
blaming everyone but themselves.
Maybe if you were a better parent,
your kid wouldn't be a junkie.
[crowd shouting]
Keep your head down and walk fast.
So, someone should call the police.
'Cause I'm about
to absolutely murder this shit.
[crowd continues shouting]
Hey, you remember me?
You bought that car
with the death of a 16-year-old girl.
- You must be Benji.
- Yes, ma'am.
Um, this is my colleague Molly Dover.
She's gonna be taking over for me.
Appreciate all the work you're doing,
- and I hope that gun is loaded. [laughs]
- [Benji laughs]
- Uh, this is our receptionist, Joy.
- [Joy] Shannon.
- Hi, Joy. I love your hair.
- Geggy is in charge around here.
Okay, don't mess with Geggy.
Got it. Molly.
Some sort of party going on
I didn't know about?
[man] Hey, look who it is!
The head kingpin drug-pushing dealer!
The issue is addiction, not prescription.
You are doing an amazing job.
Thanks. Yeah.
- I feel like we're doing all right.
- No stress. Yeah.
- Appreciate that. Who are you?
- Of course.
- Oh.
- Oh, Dr. Cooper, this is Molly Dover.
She'll be working with the office
from now on.
- Oh.
- So happy to be working with you.
- Yeah.
- I saw you speak in Houston.
"It is a misuse of language
to refer to opioid products as narcotics.
Just as it would be a misuse of language
to refer to sex as vice."
- You remember that?
- [Molly] You were incredible.
- Oh, my goodness, yes.
- Oh.
I'm so glad I only had one glass of wine,
so I could remember every word you said.
- [man] Kill yourself!
- [banging on glass]
[woman] We have three patients waiting.
Okay, I'll be right there!
Kind of crazy around here.
Well, thanks.
So you're gonna be coming around here?
Yeah. Shan brought me in.
Okay. Nice to meet you.
Where are you from?
- Upper Arlington, Ohio. Have you been?
- [Cooper] No, no, I haven't.
- It's really beautiful.
- Yeah?
Um, we have a couple of other places
we have to get to, so, um
I'm glad you met,
and she's gonna be around.
Okay. Well, nice to meet you, Molly.
- So good to meet you. I'll see you soon.
- Yeah. All right.
Would you ask Benji
to walk us out, please?
Of course. Benji, will you walk the
Molly and Shannon out, please?
- [Benji] No problem.
- [Shannon] Thank you.
- Nice to meet you, Molly. Okay.
- So good to meet you. I'll see you soon.
More people to get addicted on OxyContin!
You're paid and you move on!
- [Hartman] But you gotta be smart.
- [line ringing]
They say that people are starting
to chop this stuff up and snort it.
[Glen on voicemail] This is the Krygers.
We're not home. You know what to do.
Hey, Lil. It's Glen.
Um, I have to swing by
and pick up some shoes.
[tense music playing]
I don't have the pair
that I need for work.
So I just wanted to
I just need some shoes.
And I'll be over to pick them up soon.
Hey, can I just come inside
and get my shoes?
I told you not to come here.
Don't come back here, you fuck!
I just called and left a message saying
I need to come and pick up my shoes.
I'll leave.
Be right there.
You look sick.
[Glen] I'm not sick, Lil.
I'm doing better.
- Looks like you're wearing shoes.
- It's
I am wearing shoes, Lil.
I'm just asking to go into my own house
and grab some shoes.
- Those aren't the shoes.
- Tough luck.
I wanna come here and
I'm sorry for all this shit
I'm putting you and
Fucking loser!
Glen, you gotta go.
I'm not leaving 'til I see my daughter.
I'll call the police.
[door locks]
I'll pick up a script and I'll be out.
Hey, Doc.
What's going on?
I apologize, I couldn't call
'cause my phone died.
I just need another script if you may.
Uh We've already filled
your prescription.
I know. I just need you
to write another one.
- I'm hurting a little.
- We're not giving you any more.
- Glen, take a breath.
- What?
- I am.
- Tell me what's going on.
I'm gonna tell you. I'm in pain, Doc.
- I got ya.
- Write a script, please.
I won't write you a script.
This is not about pain anymore.
I'm in pain, and aren't you
supposed to help your patient in pain?
- Yes, and I'll help you.
- So help me by writing a script.
I'll help you by taking you off of this.
- What?
- To put you on something else.
- You need to detox. You're not well.
- What are you talking about? Detoxing?
I'll treat you with something
called methadone.
- [Glen] Methadone?
- It's a synthetic
I'm not asking for you
to give me other drugs.
I'm in pain.
I need you to help me with the pain.
- Calm down, all right?
- I'm calm. I'm calm.
- You've gotta stay calm.
- I am calm. This is calm.
- I'm gonna put you on a synthetic opioid
- No, let me be clear for a second.
Were you not sitting in this chair
telling me and my wife
that it's gonna be okay?
She won't look me in the face.
I can't see my fucking daughter!
- You need to
- [yelling] So write the fucking script!
- You can't fake this.
- I understand.
Here. Look at this.
I'm at an 11 right now!
- I got
- So help me! Write a script!
- Eleven! Write the fucking script!
- I understand!
- Write it!
- It's okay. It's okay.
So write it! Fuck you!
[glass breaks]
[Glen] I had a ten-year warranty on these.
You got at least nine
Nine years left on these.
All the paperwork you need is there.
How much to sell?
150 at most.
Six for everything.
Fucking door.
$2,000 worth of tools. Give me six.
Fuck you.
- Give me a break. Come on.
- Give me a fucking break.
[car horn honking]
[Glen] How much?
You've broken up, boy.
That's the same fucking price.
I won't give you that ring for free.
- [man] Three ninety-five.
- Five. I gave you my wedding ring.
Wasn't my wedding.
- Four.
- Four.
- Okay.
- Three ninety.
Hey. How much to cut? How much to cut?
It's 200 cash to see the doctor.
Wanna jump in front of the line?
Look what I gotta deal with.
It's doubled up.
- Two hundred cash, to me.
- Yup.
- Eighty. Eighty cash.
- No.
No, step off.
Step off. Look at the line.
Step. Step.
[man 1] Somebody's out.
- Give me the money. Don't look at me.
- Fuck.
[man 2]
Keep your head down. Give me that money.
- Don't do this.
- You got more. Show it to me.
- I got nothing.
- I feel that wallet.
I feel that wallet. Give me that wallet.
Stay here.
- Stay down. Don't move. Stay down.
- Stay there.
[Arthur] This is a problem.
[Richard] I'm still reading.
[Arthur] Trust me. This is a problem.
If it is, it's a small one.
[Arthur] Small ones become big ones.
A blister becomes an abscess,
which then becomes staph.
And that kills you.
[Arthur] Handle this. Now.
Win them over if you can,
but meet it head on, personally.
I have every intention of doing so.
You're playing games with my legacy.
[smoke detector beeps]
[elevator bell dings]
Good morning. Welcome.
Deborah Marlowe.
Executive assistant to Howard Udell.
[John] Great. U.S. Attorney John Brownlee.
This is Rick Mountcastle.
Randy Ramseyer. Edie Flowers.
- I'm sorry, I don't have Ms. Flowers.
- Oh. She's part of my investigative team.
Congratulations, that's terrific.
Unfortunately, I can't bring in anyone
who hasn't been pre-approved.
[John] I'd really like her in there.
I'm sorry, you're welcome
to reschedule the meeting,
if you would like me to pre-approve her.
- [John] Is that necessary?
- It is if she needs to be in the room.
You're welcome to wait in our lobby.
- I don't think so
- Yes. I'll do that.
Have a seat.
- You're a good boy.
- [knocking on door]
- You're a good boy, Unch.
- Dr. Richard?
- It's this hand. I'm ready.
- Okay.
So, Dr. Richard
- Dr. Richard, we have to focus.
- [Richard] Yeah.
- I'm ready. Oh, ouch.
- They're here.
So Mr. Brownlee's gonna want
to talk about the overdoses.
Well, of the ones that he flagged,
only two of them had oxycodone
as the sole molecule involved
- Correct.
- and one of those was a suicide.
The Bryan Hutchens case.
The Bryan Hutchens case.
[Richard] Yes, yes, the car accident.
Oh, Howard.
He had caffeine
and nicotine in his system.
The effects of nicotine
have killed more people
than opioids by a factor of thousands.
And car accidents?
Why aren't they suing Buick? Ha!
Oh, yeah, that's a good scratch.
You see that ball over there, Howard?
You go get that ball for me?
- You're my good boy. Here, let me have it.
- We need to take this seriously, please.
I'm dead serious, Howard.
I'm not worried about this pipsqueak
from West Virginia.
- Western Virginia.
- But there are 50 states and if we even
Unch. Unch.
Right. Well, if we even get nicked,
there'll be blood in the water.
- So give them nothing.
- We have to give them something, sir.
Just to make it go away.
Perhaps a small settlement?
No. No. No. Do not use that word. Ever.
Eliminate the word "settlement"
from your brain.
Gentlemen. Howard Udell.
- John Brownlee.
- Ah. Mr. Brownlee.
- Rick Mountcastle.
- [Howard] Mr. Mountcastle.
- Richard Ramseyer.
- Richard. Shall we?
- I'm sorry. Aren't we waiting on others?
- No, sir.
- It's just you?
- Yes, sir.
We were under the impression
we'd meet the Sacklers.
No. Just little old me.
Come on. Come on. Come on, Unch.
- All right.
- Okay, then.
[Unch barking in distance]
How can I help you, Mr. Brownlee?
I don't know that you can do anything,
but you could tell your bosses
we have a few things in mind.
Fire away.
[Richard whistling]
[Richard] Aw, come on.
[ball slams against glass]
Come on, that's a good boy.
First, we'd like you to change the labels
so that OxyContin
can no longer be marketed
for anything other than end-of-life care.
[Richard] That's it, boy. Unch. Unch.
[Howard] Next?
We'd like Purdue to make an investment
in the communities in Virginia
that have been harmed by your drug,
something to the tune of $2 billion.
Oh, yeah. Oh, that's a good boy.
- [Howard] Anything else?
- [John] Yes.
We'd like a public apology from Purdue.
The company should take
full responsibility for its wrongdoing.
You're so handsome and so drooly.
- Okay.
- [Richard] Good boy.
- [ball slams]
- What is that?
Deborah. Wet wipes.
[Howard] So, if I have this right:
Change the labels,
uh, investment in the community
to the tune of $2 billion,
and a public apology.
Come on, boy. Come on.
- Is that all?
- [Richard] Yes, yes.
No, but those are the waters
we're swimming in.
[Richard] Get that ball.
Oh, my dear. My dear, sorry about that.
Richard Sackler, I'm Edie Flowers.
- Hello.
- You are a
You did a good job making all that money.
Thank you.
Come on.
I gotta get this dog some exercise.
Come on, boy. This way. Let's run around.
Come on. This way.
Let's go back. Let's go back.
[Howard] Well, okay.
Gentlemen [clears throat] here are
the waters we are swimming in.
Write this down.
A one-time $10 million gift
to Virginia law enforcement
or the charity of your choosing.
And the company
will not admit to any wrongdoing.
You're offering 10 million
for a settlement?
It's not. I didn't say "settlement."
Is this how you negotiate for your bosses?
We believe we are
being demonized unfairly.
OxyContin accounts for less than 4%
of all opioid prescriptions
What percentage of overdoses?
Well, sir, of the 12 you flagged
in your own file here,
OxyContin was the only drug
present in only two.
- Mr. Udell, I have the numbers here.
- May I finish, sir?
- Yes, you may.
- Thank you.
The point is, opioid prescriptions
began increasing steadily in the 1970s,
long before OxyContin was even an idea.
So to single us out seems not only unfair,
but frankly, a little dishonest.
But, even with that,
Purdue is committed to helping you.
And we think our offer of $10 million
is not only sufficient, but generous.
[John] Hmm.
Here are the new deep,
deep waters we're swimming in.
Now we want 5 billion and you can take
the drug off the market entirely.
You boys are trying to make us squeal.
- I think you can afford it.
- [Howard] No.
Is that all?
[John] Tell the Sacklers
that I'm not intimidated by their money,
or their connections,
and I'm not going anywhere.
That's all there is to say then.
I had never seen Brownlee so upset.
They treated him
like some country hillbilly bumpkin
who should be grateful for scraps.
[humming "Yankee Doodle"]
That wasn't Brownlee.
Hey. Let's go.
What happened?
They thought they'd shut him down.
And they'd only lit a fire under his ass.
When we didn't get what we needed
from the paperwork, we changed strategy.
In a company this big,
doing something so shitty
to so many people,
there had to be someone
who would talk to us.
So phase two of our investigation began,
with cold calls.
Look up key words. Richard Sackler,
Curtis Wright, FDA. All right?
He's the guy that approved it.
Anything between Richard Sackler, Bangkok.
We know he's been to Thailand.
I want receipts.
We're on top of this, right?
My name is Randy Ramseyer.
I'm calling Hello?
[John] Go through the Rolodex.
Richard Mountcastle.
U.S. Attorney's Office.
I'm calling about your employment,
regarding your employment
- [John] I want who, when, why.
- My name is Randy Ramseyer, I'm calling
- How long have you been at Purdue?
- [John] What's going on over there?
Call them. Keep calling them.
Are you in possession of e-mails
between you and senior management?
Ms. Shaeffer. Edie Flowers
from the U.S. Attorney's Office.
- OxyContin.
- OxyContin.
- [John] We don't let anyone off the hook.
- Oxy.
If you could give me a call back
75 milligrams, 100 milligrams.
- 120 milligrams.
- What can you tell me about Curtis Wright?
Anything regarding Richard Sackler
and the FDA?
- Thank you.
- Richard Sackler and the FDA?
- Ring any bells?
- Hello?
I'm not having any luck.
We've gone through half their employees.
You know what Purdue pays, right?
- They're not gonna bite the hand.
- Keep calling.
Hello, Ms. Marlowe?
Hi, I'm Edie Flowers.
I'm with the Attorney General
You know what? Um
We actually met.
Um, I came to Purdue
with U.S. Attorney John Brownlee.
Well, that's funny.
Nobody ever remembers me.
You told me I needed to wait in the lobby.
I did?
Yes, you did.
I wonder if I could talk to you
for a moment.
I'm sorry, am I in trouble or?
What? No.
If I I mean,
you can't do that to people.
Just trick them.
I'm not trying to trick you,
I'm not trying to trick anyone.
I'm hoping that you'd be willing
to talk to me about your time at Purdue.
That was strange.
[Howard] The meeting with Brownlee
didn't get us what we wanted.
He rejected us outright
and now he is on the warpath,
and he's calling everybody at the DOJ
trying to build support for his case.
Maybe we should
increase the offer of our gift.
Stop saying "gift."
It's a fucking settlement.
We won't be mistreated.
We just give them a little money,
it goes away.
Say sorry and give them a little money.
You're not gonna know the money is gone,
and they will leave us alone.
- What's the harm?
- [Raymond] Mortimer, settle.
- I said, what harm?
- [Raymond] Mortimer!
- Settle!
- All right.
[Richard] No, no.
No, we've already made tweaks
on our terms, we do not settle.
We do not pay. We do not apologize.
What sort of tweaks?
We added a black box.
- A warning, to the label.
- Made prescription pads harder to forge.
Sent brochures to doctors
about addictions.
We donated to more charities.
We pulled the 160s off the market.
Huh. Oxycoffins.
Excuse me?
That's what they called 160s. Oxycoffins.
This doesn't concern you in the slightest.
[Richard] We do not settle. We do not pay.
We are a tiger.
With teeth, claws, and balls.
Tigers don't settle.
[Howard] What do you think you're doing?
- Don't put that in the notes.
- [Mortimer] Do you understand?
We are under investigation right now.
Howard, what has she got in here?
Give me that.
- Mortimer.
- Are you stupid? I mean, Jesus Christ.
Whoa, Dr. Sackler.
Dr. Sackler, I'll take care of it.
- I'll take care of it. Out. Out.
- [Raymond] Mortimer, sit!
Both of you. Out.
- Out. Now!
- There's nothing in there.
You're just a panic junkie.
Now sit the fuck down.
- I'm telling you, you're a panic junkie!
- Goddamn it!
- Guys, stop!
- Don't you try to come after me!
- Don't you dare.
- Hey!
You know Purdue spent over $9 million
on doctor dinners?
$9.2365 million on dinner.
- [Edie] I could use some dinner.
- Hold on.
[Edie] What time is it?
Edie, someone's asking for you.
Who is it?
This is Edie Flowers.
This is Deborah Marlowe at Purdue.
Hi, Deborah.
[snaps fingers]
Yeah, I have some things
that I think you wanna know.
- [Edie] Uh-huh.
- So a few years ago,
Mr. Udell had me go online
and find whatever I could
about OxyContin abuse and addiction.
How people were getting it,
you know, how they were using it.
Maps, chat rooms
Fuck, I mean the idiot's
not very fucking tech savvy.
Was this before McCloskey?
Yeah. The year before.
He was told by the Sacklers
he needed to do a report for the execs
to know if this was really
a fucking problem.
Uh-huh. What did you find?
Well, I found street prices,
how to convince
your fucking doctor to prescribe it,
maps of doctors in the area
that would prescribe it
Yeah, I basically did
a 59-page memo that said,
"This shit is bad,
and people are abusing it everywhere."
This shit is addictive as fuck.
- And you reported this to Udell?
- [Deborah laughs]
- Yeah, I sent it to everyone.
- Everyone?
Dr. Richard, Dr. Raymond, Dr. Mortimer,
Friedman, Goldenheim.
The whole fucking pig squad.
And, of course,
Mr. Udell just started yelling at me.
He threw a fucking coffee pot at my head.
And, I mean,
I just did what he fucking said,
and when he called it a memo,
he didn't mean a fucking memo,
he meant send it to him or something.
I don't know, I mean, I
I said I was sorry, and I
I didn't know what to do.
He told me to go to everybody's office
and get the memo back.
And he told me
He told me to shred everything.
He told me to get rid of everything.
And I panicked
and I didn't know what to do,
and so I did what he asked, and
then I was like, I shouldn't have
I shouldn't have done that.
These are really bad people.
These junkies are not victims,
they're victimizers.
I knew when you called,
I should do something, but I didn't.
Now I want to,
and now you know what you know.
Before, I just didn't
I don't know. I didn't fucking know.
Okay, you did the right thing.
[clears throat] We need her on record.
Would you be willing to come to Virginia
to go on the record?
- Oh. Fuck.
- No, we go to her.
Or, or, or
we can come to you.
Um, yeah. Yeah.
And everyone's going to Miami, so, um
- It would have to be
- [Edie] They can come tomorrow.
They? Isn't it just you?
We can come tomorrow.
Me and my boss.
I know it seems fast,
but the sooner we do this,
the sooner you get out
from under all of this.
I don't think I'll ever get out
from under all this.
You will.
You would be helping so many people.
I really wanna burn
this whole fucking place down.
- [man 1] Oh, my God.
- [man 2] Fuck.
We'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, okay.
- [John] Yes.
- [people applauding]
You know it, man.
[smoke detector beeps]
[footsteps approaching]
[Elizabeth] Richard?
- Richard?
- [smoke detector beeps]
- [Elizabeth] Wake up.
- Beth?
- [Howard] Sir
- Where's Beth?
[Howard] Sir, I don't know
where your ex-wife is, but
we're two and a half hours late.
We really gotta go.
[beeping continues]
Yeah. [clears throat]
All right.
You gonna be okay to fly?
Yeah. Go downstairs.
Wait for me there.
[Richard sighs]
[Richard] Go downstairs. Get the fuck out.
[door opens]
[smoke detector beeps]
Come on.
- Is this a good idea?
- Miami?
I think so. Our team could use it.
That wasn't a real question.
We have had the best year
in the history of our company.
Adjusted for inflation,
better than any year you ever had.
You're too focused on the money, Richard.
You always have been.
I think you're jealous, Arthur.
[Arthur] Now you want to throw
a great, big look-at-me party
when you're being investigated.
We need to show
that we have nothing to worry about.
[Arthur] You got plenty to worry about.
Trust me.
Our people deserve a victory lap.
We are winning.
You don't take a victory lap
when you're winning,
you take it when you've won.
You're fucking this up.
[smoke detector beeps]
And don't let Mortimer
wear that preposterous fucking suit.
[tense music playing]
- [stomping in distance]
- [knocking on door]
[Howard] Dr. Richard, we gotta go.
[stomping continues]
[clears throat]
- What are we doing here?
- What do you mean?
This. These shenanigans.
Keeping morale high
and celebrating a banner year.
- They're calling our employees.
- Who is?
- Investigators. Looking for a snitch.
- Let them look.
You don't think there's one person
with a little story to tell?
Dad, we've done nothing wrong.
- You think that that matters?
- I don't wanna talk about this right now.
- Howard, my glasses.
- Right here.
- [clearing throat]
- [Mortimer] We are so fucked.
We're not fucked. We're not fucked.
Go No. Go watch the show.
You look like the Terminator. Go get them.
- [crowd chanting] OxyContin!
- [crowd clapping in unison]
- OxyContin! OxyContin! OxyContin!
- Whoo!
[rock music playing]
[man] We love you, Richard!
I like the enthusiasm.
- [crowd cheering]
- Richard!
We love you, Richard!
[Richard] Thank you. I love you too.
Whoo! Whoo!
You know, it's always hot in Miami.
[crowd cheering]
Which is why
it's the perfect place for Purdue
to have its annual sales conference,
because we are hot!
[crowd cheering]
We are burning up the competition
with sales of OxyContin.
[crowd cheering]
Do you know
it is now the number one opioid brand
in the country?
- [crowd cheering]
- And we
- We are not stopping.
- We did that.
Now, let me hear you shout!
[crowd chanting] OxyContin!
OxyContin! OxyContin! OxyContin!
[band playing upbeat music]
All right!
Yeah, you're gonna feel brand new ♪
[John] Okay. This is perfect.
Set up there.
Put the camera here.
Remember. We let her lead, right?
The less we talk, the better.
We try to get her on the memo, right?
That's key.
[crowd cheering]
- Flowers.
- Yes, sir?
Good job.
Oh. This looks great.
She should be here any second.
- Yeah.
- [line ringing]
There's a chance
they were listening in on her.
She was nervous.
When she called, she was nervous.
[phone ringing]
[Edie] We waited in that suite for hours.
[ringing continues]
And hours.
And hours.
[crowd cheering]
Let's call her again.
[line ringing]
[on voicemail] You've reached
Deborah Marlowe. Leave a message.
Hi, Deborah.
This is Edie Flowers.
We're supposed
to have an appointment today.
Meet to do a deposition.
Um, it is 2:20.
We called her over and over again.
Called hospitals and police stations
to see if something had happened.
- And you know where she was?
- [sighs]
It's really painful, you know?
[Edie] She was at an urgent care
I'm having a hard time working.
doctor shopping.
And, um
I've tried Tylenol. It's
It's not working.
I think it's like carpal tunnel
or something, and I just
I need something stronger.
[Edie] We found out later
she was taking close to 30 pills a day.
I won't get more, I promise.
I know that you can
[Edie] The research assignment
Udell had given her
was basically a how-to guide
for her to abuse OxyContin.
I just need the pills. Please!
Jesus Christ!
- [Edie] She'd been an addict for years.
- [Deborah] Fucking prescription!
[Edie] And now our star witness
was unreliable.
Fuck you! [sobbing]
[Edie] We were finished.
We couldn't prosecute
unless we found someone on the inside.
- Is Jack here?
- Oh, my God.
Are you alone?
No, he's not here.
- He's at work.
- Can I come in for a second?
Sure. Yeah.
[clears throat]
How you doing?
I'm all right.
What's up?
Listen, there's no
easy way to say anything at this point.
I just
I messed up.
I messed up, okay?
Big time.
And it's time for me to be accountable.
To you. To this family.
And, you know, I was
I was driving on my way here, and
I didn't know what to say, and I
I was thinking of just the better times,
and one of the best times of my life
was when I married your mother.
- And knowing that I have you in my life
- [sobbing]
was and is a privilege.
And I will not take that for granted
ever again.
And I consider you my son, okay?
That being said, you deserve better.
You deserve better, and I'm gonna be
a better man for this family, and for you.
And, um
And I love you.
[clears throat]
And I just need your help.
I love you too.
What do you? What do you mean help you?
I need a little cash,
or I need you to tell me,
or if you know of somebody
that knows where I can get some OxyContin.
[Tyler] Oh, my God. No.
- Hey, wait.
- Shut up. What are you talking about?
Wait a second.
- I'm hurting
- Talking about cash.
- What do you mean?
- I'm hurting.
- I know you know somebody.
- Shut up!
[yelling] What are you talking about?
What are you doing?
Come over with a fucking
- [pop music playing over speakers]
- [indistinct chatter]
Go, Molly. Go, go, go.
[Phil] Ladies, ladies, ladies.
Can we join you?
Sure, Phil.
Or shall I say Mr. VP of Fucking Sales?
Five Patróns,
because I am drinking to that.
[Britt] Whoo!
Have we met? You look so familiar.
This is Purdue's new MVP right here.
Our new killer consultant.
I'm Jay. I'm Jay McCloskey.
- Hi.
- [Shannon] Wait.
No. The U.S. Attorney from Maine?
I believe OxyContin
to be the biggest criminal
and social threat in the state of Maine.
Your letter to like 5,000 doctors.
Tomorrow's keynote fucking speaker.
Well, sir,
I know he is an attorney from Maine,
and he is also
[clears throat] He's also working with us.
I thought you hated Purdue.
Well, you know,
they've done a lot to listen,
been willing to change.
I'm thrilled to be part of it.
- Whoo!
- [crowd clapping]
[congressman] He works for you now?
No, sir, he's not on our payroll.
He is a consultant.
"Hate" is a strong word, young lady.
You're too young to be this jaded.
Get in here, buddy.
Four, on the rocks.
- Give me four, on the rocks.
- [Britt] Take them!
[Phil] I'm that drunk. Straight up.
- Shut up! What are you talking about?
- I know you know someone.
What the fuck? Come here with a fucking
- Pur-fucking-due!
- [all cheering]
- [Glen] You know somebody
- Shut up!
Get out!
Get out!
- What the fuck? Shut up!
- I'm hurting.
- I don't fucking care! Shut up!
- [tense music playing]
- Shut up! Shut up!
- I'm dying here.
You don't even have a drink
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Fucking hell.
Come on, buddy.
Fight this shit.
Come on, man.
I'm all right. I'm all right.
[all laughing, chattering]
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
He's old, but I'll still hook up with him.
[Britt] He's definitely 50.
[Jenn] He's looking good for 50.
[Britt] He is a plastic surgeon.
God, I want a plastic surgeon.
I'm so bored of fucking orthos.
- Why?
- What's wrong with orthos?
- [Britt] Oh, they're just ego, ego, ego.
- [Shannon] Wait a second.
Wait, wait, wait.
This is OxyContin.
- Yeah. It's a party, Shannon.
- What are you doing?
Have you never?
- No.
- [Molly] What?
- I don't believe that for a second.
- [Shannon] I haven't.
- [Britt] Shannon, try this.
- [Shannon] What are you doing?
[Jenn] Shannon, get up on it, come on.
Try it.
Where'd you get this?
Let go of me.
[woman] What horny fucking pigs.
All of them.
[Shannon] What?
Ugh. Fuck me.
What the fuck is this?
Your hand-off was successful.
You throwing me on Cooper's dick
'cause you couldn't do it.
- Well-played.
- [Jenn] Way to go, girl.
- You didn't have to
- Fuck him?
Yeah, I did.
- That's the whole deal, right?
- No, you didn't. I
I didn't know you were gonna do that.
- I wouldn't have
- Are you serious?
I didn't think that was what
- I thought it was
- [Molly] Fuck off.
Fuck off.
My God.
[Jenn] Come on, do a line, Shan.
Come on.
[Jenn] Come on.
[Britt] Try it.
- Do it, do it, do it.
- [Shannon] Are you serious?
[Jenn] Why not? Come on.
Come on.
It feels good, right?
It feels so good.
It feels good.
[voices echoing]
[toilet flushes]
Hey, girl, can I have some?
[Jenn] Come on. What was I supposed to do?
He was on top of me.
His two friends
You are so fine!
["Macarena" playing over speakers]
[Jenn] So fine.
[music continues, distorted]
[Jenn] So fine.
[music continues]
["Step into the Breeze"
playing over speakers]
So fine, got everything I need ♪
You got me down ♪
On my bended knees ♪
You know to lay me down ♪
When I'm feelin' slow ♪
Come on ♪
You got me hummin ♪
Oh, that song ♪
You know to lay me back ♪
And you know that's true ♪
My baby gives me ♪
Much more than I can use ♪
You know to lay me back ♪
When I'm feelin slow ♪
Come on ♪
Come on ♪
The river cools, I believe ♪
I want to step ♪
Into the breeze ♪
Come on ♪
[water splashes]
- [woman] Oh, my God! No!
- [man 1] Hey, hey, hey.
- Come on. Hey.
- Is she dead?
- [man 2] Who is she?
- [man 1] Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, hey. Hey. Come on.
[siren wailing in distance]
[somber music playing]
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