Painkiller Jane s01e02 Episode Script

Toy Soldiers

Security breach! Main locker! Aisle four! Zero response! Stop! Now! I got him! Where is he? Nobody could have survived that! He's gone! Attention all units, target is mia.
I'm not convinced that we're brought up to deal with our problems.
Mostly, we just distract ourselves when something tough comes up.
We learn that early.
I barely saw my father while my mother was alive.
After she was gone, he took me to the movies, the circus, ball games, distractions.
As a kid, you'd always be given something good to help you deal with something bad.
Go to the doctor, here's a balloon.
Fall down and scrape your knee, have a cookie.
If you cry hard enough you might even get two.
And when you're grown up it get's even better you get to eat the whole bag.
this is a cross-section, midgenome.
This haplotype goes beyond the mitochondrial inceptors Seth is our medical expert, cute but not my type.
Definitely not the cookie and balloon type.
I have a feeling his idea of a treat would make most kids cry for mommy.
I've noticed some remarkable differences Are you listening to me? Yeah, yeah, hanging on every loci.
At this moment, I wish I was hanging.
From a rafter.
Only given my condition not much of an option.
What I really could go for right now, major distractions.
Like tequila shots and a weekend with brad pitt And angelina.
To be honest, I've never seen anything exactly like it.
That's because I'm special.
So you still don't have a prognosis, do you? I wish I did, Jane.
As quickly as you heal there are aspects of your genetic structure that are a little weird.
You do speak english.
What's this mean for me? That we continue to study you, try to find answers.
If I'm still alive.
Look, besides this, you seem quite healthy.
for a freak? That's not what I said.
But it's what you're thinking.
No, it's not, it's what you're thinking.
And you shouldn't be.
Actually, if you break down the nucleus of the gene cell Unless it's in latin, I'm not interested.
- We have a briefing in ten minutes.
- I'm going for a walk.
This was five years ago, you would've been fried doing that.
You mean anyone else but me.
Oh, yeah, I see what you mean.
What're you doing? Fixing a bad relay.
I like to keep the switches working.
What's the point? Keeps me working, I guess.
Uh-huh, smart man.
You okay, Jane? No, but rumor has it I heal quickly.
Jane, where are you? Andre is looking for you? Here's what we're dealing with.
This man, still unidentified, was caught attempting to steal munitions from a military ammo dump.
Dead, right? There he goes.
That was last month.
Since then, there have been two other reports.
Both break-ins, both attempts to obtain weapons or surveillance gear, where someone thought to be dead turned out not to be.
You guys ever encounter a neuro that couldn't be killed? Don't know.
Killing 'em's not in our playbook.
Mostly, we chip them.
No one took any blood samples from any of the scenes? There weren't any.
- With that kind of impact - There weren't any.
Two weeks ago, an unauthorized entry into the safe at farrington construction The designers of the new world commerce building.
The wcb is being dedicated in three days.
I hear the president's going to come into town, he's going to shake some hands, kiss some babies.
And drum up some campaign contributions? So we've got attempts to obtain grade a weaponry, surveillance equipment, rifle scopes.
By someone who might now have the complete floor and ground plans for the wcb tower.
The feds believe the incidents are related.
They handle presidential security.
Where do we come in? Given what we've seen and what we know - If there's a neuro behind it - It's our deal.
Are the feds authorized to share information with us? They don't even know we exist.
And we have to keep it that way.
I'm working on tunneling into their database so we can play catch up.
No luck so far, they're good.
I'm better, but they're good.
How do we intervene on a federal operation if we're not privy to their intel? We watch the game.
We wait for them to throw a pass and we intercept.
The name of my game.
You play? She's talking about the players.
Most of the time after work, I just want to go home, be alone in my misery, take a shower, have a glass of wine or three.
This was not one of those times, I wanted to go out, I wanted to be with people.
The question was, what people? Amanda is my next door neighbour, she's younger, goes out all the time.
Hey, honey, it's your father again.
Can you give me a call, just want to make sure everything's okay.
I know you're busy with your job, but give me a call when you can.
Love ya.
Couldn't be better.
C'mon! And I am the best! Yo, Andre.
I just busted the feds' radio encryption.
They've hot wired into the walking dead incidents they've got a beat on the perp, they're setting up a sting for tonight.
Want the details? Okay, I was weak.
Get over it.
Amanda was going out and I was going with her.
What did I have to lose, except my dignity.
Am I cramping your style? No, actually.
You're pretty hot.
I just felt like some noise and distraction.
We're just at a different place in our life, you're together, and I'm still looking for the missing pieces.
I hope you're looking in the right places.
Whatever it takes.
But it's not what you think.
You know what I think? I know what most people think.
I'm not like most people.
I noticed.
I mean everyone works so hard to fit in and be like everyone else.
Seems to me if you're gonna work that hard it oughtta be to not be like everyone else.
Some people think I'm a freak, it's cool with me.
Being different might not always be as rewarding as you think it is.
How would you know? You've got a job.
You've got stuff.
You don't have to hustle to get by.
Seems to me you're a lot like other people.
Vasco, Andre, I need you on site.
Alright, I'll be there.
I've gotta go.
See ya around.
Yeah, sure.
Fire! Secure him! He's dead.
Do what I said.
Secure him, now! Bring him to forensics.
These doors stay locked until I arrive.
Secure the area.
Everyone else, debrief in two hours.
I'd call that a solid interception.
I love stealing from the feds.
Do you love stealing from the feds, too? What's the rush Vasco, the guy's already dead? And here I thought you were an adrenaline junkie.
Not when a woman's driving.
I can confirm two things.
First, the victim is not a neuro.
Any doubt about that? None.
And second? There's no way this man could've attempted to steal a military vehicle earlier tonight.
We were at the scene within thirty minutes, Seth.
He was secured and under guard by the feds since the moment he was apprehended.
Well, the man lying here, he's been dead for at least five weeks.
The body went missing five days ago.
Is someone always on duty here? Twenty-four hours a day.
Mostly, to answer questions from the tourists.
Not much burial ground left nowadays.
Between the crematoriums and medical research What about security? Why bother? So anyone can get in? Or out.
Doesn't take much to see what happened here.
The way the dirt's piled up, the hand prints along the inside, no tool marks.
That grave wasn't broken in to, guys, it was broken out of.
Riley! Research, boss.
Maybe closer than you think.
From all appearances it seems our mr.
Hawkings over there left under his own power.
Well, since you brought him in, he's been doing a pretty good impression of a dead guy.
Seth have anything to add? Just a post-mortem.
Aaron hawkings.
Died at age twenty-seven years old from complications due to an hereditary cardiovascular condition.
You check with records? Death certificate's legit.
He'd been diagnosed as a child.
Since I knew you'd ask I came up with at least a dozen other cases of corpses missing from graveyards.
All within the last nine weeks.
They're all young.
And hot.
But dead.
You haven't been on some of my dates.
You'd need body armor.
All male, all under thirty.
In life, all in excellent physical condition.
You think a woman's behind this? Or a football coach.
Those guys were alive, they'd make a helluva defensive line.
Or soldiers.
A special ops team.
If the feds are right, and whoever broke in to get the plans for the new tower is connected with the other break-ins helluva way to make a move on the president Who'd be more unstoppable than a small army of corpses? For the newer members of the class, what the hell are you talking about? Obviously a neuro that can raise people from the dead.
Can that happen? Haven't seen it before but it could explain what's happening.
How is that possible? How the hell is any of this possible? How can they induce hallucinations, control other people's minds? We don't have a handbook here, people.
We're writing it as we go.
Gonna ask him for help? I would if I could.
Guess there's a first time for everything.
Five years ago, I never heard of a neuro.
Genetic aberrations.
I don't even know what we're dealing with.
But we deal with it.
Why do you think he didn't get up and walk away, like the other supposed dead people.
The neuros need to be in the area to exert control alright, when the feds sprung their ambush, maybe they scared off the neuro.
And he was forced to leave mr.
Hawkings behind.
At least in special ops we knew what we were fighting and why.
This is you being philosophical.
I want to understand what it is I'm asking my people to die fighting for.
Perhaps we aren't meant to have all the answers to our questions.
Is this you being philosophical? Not by choice.
Shocking, isn't it? I mean who has books? Why not read online.
Connection to the past.
Something you can touch or feel.
Makes me feel safe and grounded.
What's your deal? What do you mean? I mean what's your deal? I know I said you seem a lot like other people.
But I'm not sure about that.
Is that why you invited yourself over tonight? To try and figure me out? There's something about you that's a little off to the side.
I've heard "different" and, most recently, "weird.
" "off to the side's" a new one.
It's not a bad thing.
Hey, look at me.
You think we're alike? Maybe.
The difference is, I'm cool with being what I am.
But you, I don't know, there's something about you, like you're trying to hide it from everyone.
I think we'd better call it a night.
There's still half a bottle left.
I'm beat.
Maybe another time.
Okay, see ya.
Amanda was being honest and I wasn't.
Truth is, I was more "off to the side" than she would ever know.
I was angry, and although it didn't make a lot of sense, I had to prove it to myself.
Like the lady said "off to the side.
" it's my opinion, sir, that the president's security might be compromised.
The tower dedication cannot be rescheduled.
Then his security team needs to be fully informed.
They're already aware of risk potential.
But not what's behind it.
Your team will have to work that angle.
That's four people.
If we're up against what I think we might be The decision is final, agent Mcbride.
Yes, sir.
Boss, we've got one on the move.
What? Another corpse.
I instructed cemetery personnel in the affected area to keep an eye on subjects that match the physical profile.
Good, where is it? Started off at lawnmore cemetery.
But he's a good five miles from there now.
How're you tracking him? I'm on the comm set with the cemetery caretaker.
I talked him into following the guy.
Brave man.
Not really, he's crapping himself so you guys better - get rolling like now.
- We're on it.
Climbed right out of the ground and walked here.
We'll take care of it.
I never seen anything like it.
He climbed right out of the ground.
Alright, you and Maureen, you take the dead guy.
Connor and I, we'll see if we can find his controller.
Climbed right out of the ground.
Mo! Mo, are you okay? Night vision goggles.
See what else you can find.
Take it easy.
Looks like the neuro gave up the fight.
We must have scared him off.
What the hell's in this place that was so important? That's what we're going to find out.
Basketballs and tennis rackets.
It's full of sporting goods.
Maybe Joe was right.
The guy's starting his own team.
How does this figure in a specials ops mission to hit the president? It doesn't.
Using fit, young men to form an army We need to take a second look at our profile.
His name's albert malley.
Everything about him's off-profile.
He died of natural causes six months ago.
What's his history? Sketchy.
I'm not sure if he was indigent Living alone But I'm having a hard time coming up with a last known address Family.
You're having a hard time? Temporary.
Trust me.
I'll get what we need I'm tunneling into the I.
You can do that? Yeah.
Wish I knew you eight years ago.
Even if someone claimed him as a dependent I should be able to come up with a hit.
Anyone spotted him? Not since he Arose? The locals are all over it.
If they find him, I will.
What's the consensus? Anyone think this is wired into the tower ceremony? Even an army's gotta eat.
Maybe he's a cook.
You know a lot of dead people with appetites? Don't know a lotta dead people walkin' around either.
The dedication ceremony's tomorrow morning.
We're going to have to keep on that track unless anyone's got a better idea.
This is the president's route.
He'll be in the third car from the front and he's pretty much protected until they stop and cross into the lobby where the ceremony is.
If I was going to try for a hit This is where I'd do it.
There's a clear line of fire from at least three different points Between the limo and the front entrance there's a tight window of exposure.
But enough time to kill somebody.
We have to proceed as planned.
We're way off profile here.
Sporting goods, albert malley? You really think this is about hitting the president? We can't risk otherwise.
But if we're wrong And we are We might be putting someone else's life at risk.
No one's died so far.
So far! Last night the guy tried to put a pipe through Maureen's head.
You even said, we don't even know what we're up against.
You know I'm right about this.
You might be.
But we have our orders.
I thought we didn't take orders.
This conversation's over.
Nice bike! Thanks! Is it yours? It is now.
Doesn't run but you've got a friend who'll fix it.
Hey, a guy came by to see you.
It was your dad.
What'd he say? Dad stuff, I guess.
Kept asking if you were okay.
Said he hadn't talked to you in a while.
Yeah, thanks.
I'll tell you one thing If I had a dad I'd talk to him.
Where the hell's Vasco?! Why wouldn't they close the area off to pedestrians and private vehicles? Maybe they thought that would draw more attention.
You know, we're going to have to deploy, even short-handed.
If there are any shooters, we're going to have to leave them to the feds and hope they can stop them.
Because they sure as hell can't kill them.
Connor, you work surveillance up here.
We'll work ground level.
If we see anyone who looks dead? Radio to Connor.
Give him the position and hopefully the neuro's in proximity and can be identified.
If he's not wearing a sign, how the hell are we supposed to I.
him? I don't know.
If the shooter's on the move, the neuro will probably have to play tag and stay within range.
We've just got to do our best we can.
I've got Riley's reading satellite, looking for unusual movement.
It's a long shot.
Yeah, it's a long shot, but it's the only one we have.
Remember, we're dealing with a small window of opportunity so that's where we focus our efforts.
Let's roll.
I'm hooking you up to the live network feed.
Reading you guys.
on this rainy afternoon.
Both supporters and opponents have come together to greet the commander in chief.
Reading you guys.
I know you can survive gunshots.
I'm not sure you'll survive Andre if he finds out what you're doing.
This isn't about the president and he knows it.
It's your funeral.
I'll deal with him when I have to.
How do I monitor central police bands on this thing? If he wonders how you worked all my gear on your own I didn't help.
Motorcade's approaching Now.
You're watching live suv's and motorcade roll toward their destination.
Here we go, guys.
Forty feet in front of me, heading toward the first entrance.
I got him.
Only from behind, though.
Keep on him.
Closing in.
Got him! Damn! I thought you meant the president.
Albert malley was spotted forty miles from that dedication site.
He's dead.
Probably has a lousy sense of direction.
If albert malley was there, the neuro was there.
You want me to call an abort into Mcbride? Not until I'm sure.
Monitor that band and keep me posted.
No problem.
The hell with the president.
I didn't vote for him anyway.
All clear from up here.
Why would a federal agent be interest in albert? It seems that he has some unclaimed inheritance funds to the best of my knowledge, albert had no family.
No one that was in a position to leave him money.
You have a son? Yes, eric.
He lives with you? I don't see why any of this is your business.
Is your son interested in sports? I wouldn't know.
Jim's a very busy man.
And eric Eric's always kept to himself, mostly.
Except for albert.
Albert was our gardener and handyman.
He was close to eric? Yes.
Davies Where is eric right now? I tell them what to do and they do it.
They never tell me what to do or yell at me.
That's why they're my friends.
I can play with them whenever I want And they're never mean.
Why are people mean, albert? You've never been mean.
You always liked me.
I guess that's why we're friends, right albert? What the hell do I supposed to shot her? Eric comes here to play, jim.
Where did he get all this This junk? That's his stuff.
There's a map here.
Do you know where this is? That's the statler's property down by the river.
There's nothing there.
We can do whatever I want, albert.
Watch this, albert.
Who are you? My name is Jane.
I take it this is albert.
What are you doing here? Finding out how a lonely boy spends his time.
You shouldn't be here.
Should any of "them" Be here? I didn't hurt anybody.
You know it isn't right.
You have to make it stop.
That's none of your business! I know all about being lonely, eric.
This all started when albert died.
Albert's my friend.
And you missed him and you got lonely.
But you didn't take him first.
Because you knew it wasn't right.
Doesn't albert deserve to rest in peace? Don't all of them? Damn.
Can you get off a clear shot? Bad position.
I can't shoot him while she's blocking him.
If I can get behind him, over there.
Distract him.
I'll circle around.
In case we need a back up.
He's just a kid! He's a neuro! I've got this.
I've got a shot.
Connor, you okay! Come on Jane, one step to the right.
Why don't you chip the bastard.
Can't get a clean shot without hitting Vasco.
What about the healing thing? What about it? Vasco.
Woman's taken shots to the heart and walked away.
We can't rely on that.
Look, dial the range on that dart for three feet beyond her.
It'll pass right through her.
At least it's a definite maybe.
That knife takes her head off, there's no maybe about it.
Eric, you're going to be okay.
No one's going to hurt you.
You're going to be okay.
Okay? It's alright.
What did I have in common with this boy who didn't shave yet? Absolutely nothing and yet everything.
We both knew what it was like to be on the outside.
He just funneled his torment onto dead people.
Me, I'm still trying to find my funnel.
Startin' to smell like a bad day down here.
Let's go kiddo.
Where are you taking me? I didn't hurt anyone.
It's going to be okay.
I had this under control.
Didn't look like it from where I was standing.
You okay? No, I'm not okay.
You shot me.
I shot through you.
And could've killed me.
But didn't.
Not that the thought hasn't crossed your mind.
Just not this time.
Giving your kids stuff to make up for not having time to talk to them, can have serious consequences.
Some turn to gangs, drugs, street life, and some find less destructive ways to deal with it.
Eric raised people from the dead.
I'm not sure if that falls into the "serious consequences" category or not.
I mean they were already dead.
The problem with distractions, cookies, balloons tequila, brad pitt.
They never really solve anything.
Okay, maybe brangelina.
The point is, most keep you from having to face your problems.
Avoid them long enough though and you never end up living an honest life.
At some point you have to stop distracting yourself and deal with what's really bugging you.
Like I said, when you're young, you're given something good to distract from something bad.
Then we grow up.
Hard to say exactly when that happens, but it happens.
and distractions seem harder to come by.
Hello? Hello? I don't think I'm ready to do that now.
Maybe it's because Seth says I have more time than I realize.