Painkiller Jane s01e16 Episode Script

Thanks for the Memories

My name is jane vasco.
I could use you on my team.
I work for a secret government agency that hunts neuros.
People who can do dangerous things with their minds.
On my first assignment Something a little weird happened, okay, something really weird.
Until I get some answers I'm getting on with my life, doing my job.
Stocking up on aspirin, because I gotta tell ya pain's a bitch! They say bad things come in threes.
I've had about eight so far today so I gotta think I've had my quota.
Maybe not.
Can I help you? Were we supposed to get together tonight? It doesn't matter, thank god you're here because I can't get my stupid key to work.
What's wrong? I'm sorry, who are you? Look, I've had a hell of a day.
All I want is a couple tylenol - and a dozen glasses of wine.
- Look, Miss, I I really don't have time for this.
Brian, it's not funny.
No, you're right, it's not.
Either go now or I am going to have to call the police.
Daddy When're we going to eat? In a minute, sweetie.
Who's she? No one.
Why don't you go back and finish getting ready mom'll be home soon, okay? You're not going to believe what happened today, people.
Very weird.
Very neuro.
Hope someone has an explanation, because I have no idea what the What the hell are you doing down here? Joe.
Joe, it's me, jane.
I don't want no trouble.
So just get the hell out of here and leave me alone.
I need some answers, joe.
What the hell is going on here? I'll shoot, I'll do it.
Go ahead.
We both know I'll heal.
Andre, talk to me.
And tell me you know who I am.
Jane, listen to me, they shut down nico, they're destroying any evidence of the team's existence.
Joe's been re-programmed, they killed connor and riley.
They're getting close to me.
It's just a matter of time before they find you.
Why is this happening! There's got to be You tell me.
Should I be paranoid right now.
Most of my team's been assassinated, joe has been brainwashed, and I can't even begin to understand what's going on with my boyfriend.
I'm also about to be offed.
I hate the word "offed".
I hate the concept more.
Andre says they're trying to wipe out any trace of the unit and what we do.
I can't let that happen.
Since I don't have time to write my memoirs, I've got to find a way, and fast.
Which is why I'm thinking about Simon.
Well, I suppose I should be flattered, an entire team the best of the best, devoted to following and finding people like me.
Your friend, Riley, his mind is a vault of information, neuros That's what you call us.
At least I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in my uniqueness.
Today is your lucky day, pal, because I'm about to arrange for you to meet the rest of the freaks so you don't feel so lonely.
If you ever want to see your friend again, intact, that might not be the wise thing to do.
Wait let's hear him out.
We don't even know if anyone can restore riley's memory.
Oh, I can.
I can steal knowledge, I can transfer knowledge and I can restore knowledge.
It's jane vasco.
I need to see you.
A '71 latour should be savored not gulped.
Savoring's not in my life right now.
I don't even know if life is in my life right now.
Why are you here, jane? My team has been taken out and I'm supposed to be next.
If that happens, the world will never know.
About us.
About what you did to us.
For good or bad, there needs to be a record.
And I thought you were here to chip me You're here for me to pick your brain.
You realize That you're dying.
I know.
But I still think you can get the story down and put it somewhere safe.
Are you willing to help me? Yes, I will help you.
So, how exactly does this work? Take my hands.
Just envision your experiences.
But there's so many.
Start at the beginning Have a seat.
Your current investigation has been terminated by the director.
Why? She chose not to share that with me, agent vasco.
I could use you on my team.
Only I don't know what your team does, do I? We hunt neuros, neurological aberrant, six years ago the government became aware of a genetic aberration appearing in the population.
Those with the aberration posses a unique ability to influence others.
Welcome to the freak show.
Someone is dealing substandard medications on the black market.
We believe there's a neuro behind the operation.
The drugs in question are made and manufactured by vonotek.
So we got to go back in.
Yes, but not solo.
I want you and jane inside.
You can play tag with hyde and watch each other's back.
He's vonotek's head of security.
Report to security on floor 1-14 take the express elevator.
Blue one's hyde, jane's on him.
Just landed on the 46th floor.
What the hell are you doing?! It's me, it's jane! Why am I not dead? Agent vasco just survived a 46 storey fall.
Lacerations, contusions, internal organ damage, she doesn't have any.
Not even a scratch.
Is she? Nothing in her blood work, tissue samples, brain scan indicate anything related to what we're dealing with.
Listen to me! Whatever the hell is going on with me, I really need to know what it is.
Okay? I'll answers for you, jane.
You have my word.
Despite their differences, we've discovered a definable pattern in their gene code.
This aberration seems to affect the neurological center of the frontal and cerebral cortex.
But we've encountered dozens of variations.
In how many people? To date, almost 200.
What the hell are you talking about? Obviously a neuro that can raise people from the dead.
I came up with at least a dozen other cases of corpses missing from graveyards.
All within the last nine weeks.
They're all young.
And hot.
I didn't hurt anybody.
You know it isn't right.
You have to make it stop.
That's none of your business! I know all about being lonely, eric.
This all started when albert died.
Albert's my friend.
And you missed him and you were lonely.
Why don't you chip the little bastard.
Can't get a clean shot without hitting vasco.
just dial the range vector to three feet beyond.
It'll pass right through her.
Eric, you're going to be okay.
All right? Nobody's gonna hurt you.
You're gonna be okay.
Let's go kiddo! Where are you taking me? I didn't hurt anyone.
It's gonna be okay.
What's wrong? Where would you have taken me if you hadn't left me here? To an internment center.
Internment center.
It isn't like that.
What is it like, jane? Have you seen it yourself? No, but I've been assured Assured by who? The people who have killed your team! The people who are hunting you down?! You can't die now You can't.
I guess it was too much I'm so sorry.
You should be.
The intent was to protect the public from danger.
And just what is your interpretation of "danger" I wonder.
I wish I could show you.
Why can't you? There is that little heart attack episode you just had.
I'll be just fine.
You're savoring.
I'll try to remember that, the next time I'm doing heart medication.
They all knew each other.
They'd all worked together Now they are all dead.
What happened to them? They died of old age.
These women were healthy one minute, rapidly aged and dead the next.
I think we'll have to investigate this from the inside.
The only way I can get into this dress is if I have it painted on.
Demarco designs his dresses for girls with single digit bmis.
You're just too healthy.
Good luck.
Public opinion is running pretty high, people want someone to blame.
There is someone to blame! A pyromaniac neuro.
Richard don't! To hell with you! Seem to be dealing with a neuro who seems to induce persistent visual hallucinations in his victims.
Connor, the last time we saw you we left you to question marty lento.
The next here you were in here guns blazing.
The neuro must have got to him back at the factory when you left with marty.
Connor, what are you doing man! Connor stop! It's okay, it's okay! It's jane! That s.
Got in my head! Yes.
They were unpleasant people.
That's like saying hitler had issues.
Simon, these people were a danger to society, they were a danger to themselves.
You saw what I saw, they had to be stopped! They had to be stopped! So We gathered all the people together, good or bad, hunted them down and shipped them off.
I didn't always agree.
But you went along with it.
Not always.
The man is ethan grant, no criminal record, no nothing.
He told the police that he "saw" the plane crash before it happened.
There's no other evidence connecting him to it.
But there's other calls, right? The voice print from his airline call matches three others from the past six months, warning people about bad things that were going to happen: a gas main explosion, a fire at an elementary school, and get this A tornado that touched down near amarillo, texas.
You heard what the man said.
If he's right, and so far you say he has been, then three of you will die.
If you actually believe that someone can see the future.
Even if I don't why risk it? He hasn't committed any crime.
he's only been trying to save people's lives.
So far, yes.
But if he is a neuro and if he can see the future, you have to wonder what else he can do.
Why assume he's trying to hurt anyone? Because he can, traditional law enforcement can't handle him.
That power makes him and every other neuro our problem.
Even if it costs us our lives.
Let's leave this alone, andre.
Is he still in custody? No.
They had to release him.
Way to go, Feds.
That's the address where they picked him up.
A house owned by his sister, sarah.
Hello? Ethan.
Keep him on.
Riley, you got that? I need a trace.
Got it.
He says to tell the two agents sitting in my living room that there's going to be a terrible accident.
Eleven people will die.
He's saying that they're not gonna listen to him.
Maybe they'll listen to you.
You have to let this one go, andre.
Can't do it, jane, you know that.
He goes through what we just went through every time he sees a disaster coming.
Now you want to act like one of the government thugs that he's afraid of and hunt him down.
That is just it, maybe we can help him? So far we're doing a bang-up job.
No, I mean with his visions.
If he's a neuro we can chip him, give him some peace.
Unless you want him to deal with this for the rest of his life.
No, you think ethan is some ticking time bomb that needs to be defused.
You don't care about helping him.
You do.
I think we've got a second neuro.
Hit our suv this morning, hit us at the marina this afternoon.
I got him! What're you saying? We've got some lunatic neuro stalking the team? It's starting to look that way.
They'd need access to our intel.
They got that.
A leak? Holy! I would never do anything to put this team in danger.
You would never do anything consciously.
I've discovered how joseph's healing ability works.
Jane, you've more than once voiced your doubts about what it is we have to do.
And, let's be frank, on several occasions you have deliberately disobeyed my orders.
We believe joseph's energy affected you or your mind, in such a way that your doubts began to manifest themselves and started to work against the team.
I don't believe that.
I didn't think you would.
I don't blame you but it's clear that you've become a liability.
Now I'd prefer to not have to restrain you.
Convincing enough for you? Open up, let's go! I wasn't expecting anyone.
This should be interesting.
They're about to find me and try to kill me.
Only I've yet to be killed.
It's not that I can't be, It's just that I haven't yet.
Which begs the question what are they gonna do to me? to achieve their goal.
And how much is it going to hurt.
What the hell are you doing? Finding something worthy for us to take.
What are you talking about? Take us where? Bust it down! Don't forget to shut the door.
I figured they'd have been here, and they wouldn't think I'd be stupid enough to come back.
We're probably safe for awhile.
I thought you said brian was here.
He was.
They were.
Maybe they took him.
I have no idea.
What's jane 1-13.
Jane 1-13? What's that? We should continue.
And then we can find a corkscrew.
What are you thinking about now, jane! As quickly as you heal there are aspects of your genetic structure that are a little weird.
I'm really going to hate this.
Don't ask me if I'm okay.
I know what you're trying to do, but I won't turn elyse over to you.
I know what they can do here.
I've seen them cure people like elyse.
I know what they've done for me.
You? Oh, god! Oh, god! Tell me, are you willing to take a chance on a miracle? Lento! get out of there! All I know is that It hurts like hell.
Sorry, you can put this on, your shirt is pretty much toast.
So if my brain controls my healing, I should be able to turn the healing off.
Confused, right? I'm dead.
So just keep on doing what you were doing.
Pretend I'm not even here.
Or am I? Seeing is believing, isn't it? I know how difficult it is for you, but you have to see the wonder in it, jane.
What if there was a way someday to use it to help others cancer patients, terminally ill children.
My team They were good people, simon.
I know you don't think so I never said that The world needs to know about them too.
And so do you.
The government spent a lot of money traing me I'm very good at what I do.
I can approach a man from 100 metres and he'll never hear me coming.
You okay? My boots are worse than my ears.
Hand me that gun! Slowly! Against the fence with her.
You're dead before your hand hit the knob.
I'm a federal officer Alright pal, let's see how much of risk you're willing to take.
You found the neuro? Yeah, I'm with him right now.
Good work, riley.
I'm in I'm on And I am The best! Crap! There was no answer when I knocked.
I thought I heard some noises so I thought there might be something wrong in here so So you picked the lock?! Yeah, it wasn't all that difficult.
What are you doing here, riley? Who the heck goes in the basement alone? Mummy! Nice hardware.
Damn right.
Oh, you mean the bike.
Can you live with yourself now! Yeah, I can live with myself.
Case closed you son of a bitch! Football, the name of my game.
You play? She's talking about the players.
You take the ugly one.
Wait! D.
Hands up! If I could get my pen to work, you would think the mayor's office had a pen that worked.
Hold it! I wouldn't do that if I were you, sheriff.
Just put it down.
This might change your mind.
But I.
I chipped him.
How often do you trust your life to a friend.
I trusted my life to maureen every day.
And when she died she was part of a team, that had her back too.
We did our best.
All of us.
She knew that.
We'll miss her.
I'll really miss her.
What the hell is going on, Brian?! I can't explain right now.
Meet me on the subway platform.
Which one? You know what I'm talking about, jane.
There's a lot of weird stuff happening.
Really? Just trust me.
That was Brian.
He wants me to meet him at the subway.
He's not supposed to know about the subway.
Then again he wasn't supposed to married with children and living in my apartment either.
Can you trust him? I don't know.
We had a good relationship, I thought Show me.
I'm a grown woman, I can take it, So go on, hit me with your best shot.
Come on! Duty calls.
Something like that.
I promise I'll make it up to you.
That I'm looking forward to.
Bri, what are you doing here? You wanna try that again but this time with, "bri, hey, this is great.
"I thought you were out of town.
"I'm so happy that you came back a day early "just to see me.
" I don't know what to think.
But you are thinking of going to meet him.
It's hard not to let our emotional attachments cloud our judgments.
But what are my options? To go on the run, live in hiding forever? No offense.
But I want to know the truth.
I tried running away before, to escape the inevitable It didn't work.
Agent vasco.
I'm not even sure who you are an agent with, but I know in three days, you and your team will try to arrest me.
It won't go well.
Your three teammates will be killed.
And then you'll shoot me.
I die in front of the orange door.
You're afraid to go after this guy.
You're the ones that should be afraid according to him, I make it out of this.
Maybe we don't have a choice.
Haven't his experiences and ours proven we can't change the outcome.
Nobody controls my destiny but me.
Agent vasco? Ethan, where are you? I knew you'd come here.
I saw it.
I believe you.
And I believe your premonition about me and my team.
How do I stop it? I'm sorry.
Just stopped by Jane's place there's some clothes and a suitcase missing.
But she left her locator behind.
Will somebody please tell me what the hell is going on here?! Jane is still trying to change the future ethan grant predicted.
By leaving town! Right now she's probably trying to get as far away from ethan grant, the tosrona factory and us as possible.
Without her, the premonition can't play out the way he saw it.
Alright, I saw movement in the north-west corner.
So this is going down.
It won't be what he predicted without vasco.
Let's find out.
Bowers, why don't you lay down some fire! Don't worry andre, I'm going to get you out of here.
How bad is it? What the?! That one really hurt! But I saw andre die.
I drugged connor and andre.
Don't you understand! I died in their place! You trying to fake out fate, jane! Who says it's a fake out? Maybe this is exactly what ethan saw.
He interpreted it as seeing three different people die.
But I saw my own death.
You shouldn't believe everything you see.
Come on.
Watch out! You can't stop fate, no one can.
It's like a living thing, it swallows us all into darkness.
No matter what happens, I promise, you're story will be told.
Thank you.
whatever they did, whatever they threatened you with, I understand.
I just want you to be okay.
Brian? Do exactly as I tell you.
You won't heal from this, trust me.
Why Brian? Quiet.
Just please tell me, is someone making you to do this? Was it always a lie? Jane, are you alright? What the hell is happening? You're fine, you're fine.
Look at me! I was administering some tests.
I had to sedate you.
How long have I been out? A couple of hours.
The anesthesia I gave you should have kept you out for longer.
Are you sure you're alright? Yeah, yeah I just need to get up.
This is interesting.
Check this out.
She's down by the pier and she jumped off, nobody saw her surface.
She was down at the aqueduct, and she just Disappeared.
We've got some kind of fish neuro that can breathe underwater? Time to get out your scuba gear.
And I will rig up a chip spear-gun Well! Sleeping beauty awakes.
And I didn't even get the chance to kiss her.
What, no frog jokes? You're all alive, right? I never thought I'd be so happy to feel your body Well, if you like it that much, I'll have you jumping up and down for joy later on.
Or hear your stupid sexist jokes.
Whoa, what did frankenseth do to you in there? Jane, are you okay? Yeah.
I guess I don't know.
I think you need to go home, pull yourself together.
I think going home's a really good idea for me right now.
Warned you about hiring women, boss.
Well, nice to see you, too.
We were supposed to meet for dinner tonight, right? I suppose I will have to start thinking about making the next generation a reality some day.
Right now, I just want to practice.
A lot.
Daddy, who's she? We need to talk.
There's another girl in my life, my niece, seven years old and adorable.
Must have dropped that in my briefcase.
I hope you can handle the competition.