Pandora (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Time Out of Mind

Previously on Pandora My father won't always control Parallax.
If he keeps harvesting the organs of clones he grows, he may just live forever.
Is this what Earth used to be like? This was way before the Great Migration started.
We've all been infected.
Jax's sample is negative.
No infection detected.
There's something special about you.
My telepathic powers seem to be growing.
That's telekinesis, not telepathy.
The only reason you came on this little adventure was because I promised you information about your parents.
You used me to get what you wanted.
Wait Help! You saw something.
The planet, our home, is dying.
We ignored the warnings.
We gave in to greed.
Now we must leave.
For future generations, we need to Yeah, I'm watching her right now, and I'm telling you, it smells like running away.
That's why I'll win.
Liu's opponent, industrialist and tech entrepreneur Nelson Fisk, also spoke to us.
You know, it's scientifically proved, you know? She's running away from the Earth, and we have to save the Earth.
She's a science nerd.
They wants sizzle, not steak.
Her Migration plan will be dead on arrival once I give my proposal.
can't just run away.
We can and we will make the Earth great again.
Yeah, if you think that's passion, wait for the final speech.
Got to go.
Duty calls.
Very important meeting.
Okay, honey, bedroom's right over there.
Make yourself comfortable.
You? I know you, you're Okay, guys, guys! Get in here! [GRUNTS.]
I'm one of the great scientists.
Not a lot of people know that.
I'm one of the great scientists, I'm telling you.
You know, making spaceships [GUNSHOT.]
I'm trying to save the world.
I ask you, who could be against that? [GRUNTING, PANTING.]
Please just let me say one thing.
No! - [GASPS.]
Today's lesson is - Nice of you to join us.
- about one of the most important events in history.
The Great Migration of 2047.
In 2039, we had devastated our home.
Now, it was decided our only hope was for much of humanity to journey to the stars and wait for Mother Earth to recover.
But another plan was almost presented Are you okay? [WHISPERS.]
I just had the strangest dream.
In class? It's not that boring.
I dreamt I killed a man.
There was a man who was hailed as a genius, a hero, perhaps even our savior by some.
But before he could unveil his plan, he was tragically assassinated.
His name was Nelson Fisk.
Now what's wrong? Nelson Fisk.
That's him.
That's the man I killed.
Ah, Xander, thank you for joining us on such short notice.
I want you to meet my mentor who first recruited me into the CIS.
Prescott Fleming needs no introduction, professor.
It's an honor, sir.
If half of what Donovan tells me about you is true, the honor is entirely mine.
This is Prescott's better half, Maya.
Well, I know when it's time to leave.
Leave you to your work.
Lovely to meet you, Mr.
He wouldn't tell you this, but Donovan values your work greatly.
So don't let him convince you otherwise.
I asked Professor Osborn to summon you here today.
I have questions and concerns.
Some of us at CIS are worried about certain emotional attachments you may have.
I've been doing my job.
My duty.
Of course you have.
And we expect you to keep on doing your job.
Nothing more, nothing less.
You can count on me, sir.
So let me ask you, when the Zatarian arrived at New Portland with the girl, why was he allowed access to a classified CIS facility? He saved my life.
And Jax's.
Well, if the Zatarians didn't know about portal technology before, well, you can be assured they do now.
Are you actually accusing me of working with the Zatarians to undermine EarthCom security? - Well, are you? - All right, enough.
There is nothing the CIS needs to worry about when it comes to Mr.
Duvall's loyalties.
I'll vouch for that.
That is all, Xander.
You may go.
You're too hard on him.
Oh, do stop treating him like a son.
He allowed the Zatarian to leave New Portland alive and to board the Tereshkova.
Duvall is not a cold-blooded assassin, Prescott.
Nobody's perfect.
Obviously, I share your concerns about Ralen as much as your belief that he is here to obtain intelligence on Pandora for the Zatarians.
So why are you really here, Prescott? Parallax.
Harlan Fried now seems to have inexplicable access to everything we do at CIS as well.
Inexplicable access? Unless there's a mole inside the organization.
We should try one more time.
We'll get it.
We're going to get it.
Just keep at it, okay? Have another drink.
Ready? I think you need to close your eyes.
Deep breaths.
Okay, that's all I've got.
I'm sorry, the rest is all you.
Just, you know, focus.
Okay, maybe you're not there yet.
Sometimes it just takes a sec Oh, hold that thought.
No, literally, keep thinking it.
Oh! Oh, sorry.
Sorry, I think I broke his concentration.
Oh, boy, did the temperature just drop way down to arctic cold or what? More like Pluto.
Clearly, he's still upset over what went down with his dad.
I thought after what happened with Pilar, he'd give me another chance.
He will, just give him time.
No, but he's right, Atria.
When I encouraged him to talk to his dad and Tierney, I did it for myself and not him.
Maybe I don't deserve Thomas's friendship.
You were there for me when I needed you the most.
And Pilar.
You're a good person who suffered a horrible loss.
He's probably just hurt that you didn't feel you could confide in him.
So you said you had a problem.
I can't even explain it.
I guess I should be used to that by now.
Perhaps you should tell us what's going on.
I had this weird dream in class the other day, and it really freaked me out.
I had a dream I killed someone.
His name was Nelson Fisk.
Nelson Fisk? Well, he died over 150 years ago, so I'd say you've got a pretty great alibi.
You are making a humorous retort, but on Zatar, we believe strongly in the existence of past lives.
That is exactly what it felt like.
It was so real.
It wasn't like a dream at all.
More like a memory.
It's certainly possible that's what you experienced.
Is there a way that Zatarians can access these repressed memories? There is a ritual which allows us to transport our minds to days long past.
But it's dangerous.
You can get lost there.
If the ritual goes wrong or is used incorrectly, it can lead to madness.
Okay, so that's a hard pass.
When can we begin? Welcome, Ralen.
What is with all the candles? We thought it would help.
It will not.
Although you do need to remove all your garments.
That is, of course, not part of the ritual.
However, it is very warm in here from all these candles.
Is Jax supposed to? It tastes better than it looks.
What's that? From the lady.
Should I be jealous? [SIGHS.]
That wasn't necessary.
You looked like you could use one.
You think Donovan and my husband were too hard on you.
I've loved Prescott since I was 19, and even now I still have to leave the room when CIS business comes up.
I've gotten really good at graceful exits - over the years.
Marriage isn't easy for men like my husband, nor Donovan.
He isn't married.
But he was.
I see he never told you.
Men like Osborn like to keep their lives in compartments.
They never tell anyone everything.
But it doesn't mean he doesn't trust you.
You just need to know that, no matter how hard it is now, one day, you will feel very at home in their world.
If that is what you wish.
End of pep talk.
But my advice isn't free, so why don't you buy me a drink or two? Or three? [LAUGHING.]
No, no, no, no.
No touching allowed.
Fisk is co-opting the narrative.
He looks strong.
We look weak.
The people see him as standing and fighting, while we look like we're running away.
We're just trying to give Earth a chance to recover without us.
It's the only responsible plan.
I asked you to stay behind because I have a special assignment for you.
- If you're up to it.
- Of course.
I need you to spy on Fisk and his campaign.
There's something about his plan that doesn't remotely add up.
Something is wrong with his science, but I can't figure out what.
And right now we need an advantage.
- Is she supposed? - Shh! [CHANTING CONTINUES.]
It's always nice to meet a counterpart.
You're with the Liu contingent, aren't you? So we can't be friends? [LAUGHS.]
I mean, yes.
Sure, we can.
- I'm Jacqueline.
- Harlan.
Harlan Fried.
What happened? I don't know.
I'm not sure, but it felt so real.
Almost like I was actually there 150 years ago.
You must concentrate.
The memory is inside you.
But the more painful it is, the harder it is to access.
I met someone.
Who? It was Harlan Fried.
He was actually really hot.
Okay, now I know you were only dreaming.
We need to access some files.
Everything you have on Nelson Fisk and the London Climate Conference of 2039.
Must be that time of year when Professor Pevney's teaching about the Migration, huh? - [JAX.]
- Great professor, isn't he? Absolutely.
These files are old.
I don't even have a data file for them.
They only exist as hard copies on paper.
We'll take that then.
All right.
Access denied.
Sorry, that's not gonna be possible.
Not possible? Why not? - Access is restricted.
- On whose authority? By order of Professor Donovan Osborn.
Thank you.
The idea was always to bury these files Sorry, dear.
I have no idea, but Donovan wants you to go in.
Well, we can't bloody well do that now, can we? Do yourself a favor.
Say no.
Tell him this is no job for a young man of conscience like yourself.
Fleming seems upset.
With good reason.
We have a traitor in our midst.
Earlier today, a file request was made at the Academy library.
Certain sensitive files were requested by my niece, of all people.
Don't worry, for once this is not about Jacqueline.
Somebody in the library contacted a mole inside CIS, and now Harlan Fried knows about the files.
Fried was never supposed to know.
I told Prescott I wanted you to look into it.
He wasn't very keen on that idea, I imagine.
He doesn't trust you.
But I do, and that's all that matters.
We need to find that mole.
Be careful.
Whoever this person is will stop at nothing to keep their identity a secret.
Jax? Jax? Don't.
If you bring her out of it the wrong way, she can become lost and never find her way back to us again.
I should never have let her do this in the first place.
It's not as though you or anyone else could stop her.
Once Jax makes up her mind I know, I know.
But you can't let her continue.
When she gets out, you have to stop.
I'm trying to save the world.
Who could be against that? No! [GASPS.]
This must not continue anymore.
We still don't know what happened.
Nelson Fisk tried to save the world from environmental calamity, and I killed him.
That was 150 years ago.
It could not have been you.
You're the one who told me past lives are real.
And I know with every fiber in my being that I did it.
This is all too dangerous.
You can become lost in the past and never able to escape.
This must end.
I can handle it.
Give me the elixir.
- I will not.
Don't feel sorry for me.
You're making it worse.
I'm not.
I don't [SIGHS.]
I'm guessing you had another headache in class today.
A headache I could handle.
Hearing the thoughts of every single student sitting near me, that's worse.
Some of these guys, you don't even want to know what's going through their heads.
Judging by the things they say, I doubt their thoughts are worth hearing.
We can get through this, Thomas.
You know you're the only one I can talk to.
You're scared.
I get it.
It's scary to be special.
Even though that's all I've ever really wanted.
You are special.
And I You what? I love you.
Commander, we require your help.
I'm afraid now's not really a good time, Ralen.
Xander, I need your help.
I need you to talk to my uncle for me.
Yeah? Why can't you talk to him? What are you doing? Is there something in your eye? What, um? What do you need me to ask the professor about? Some files at the library.
He had them sealed, and I need to know what's in them.
I need you to get them.
I'm I'm sorry, but I can't.
Jax is asking for your help.
Yeah, I get that, Ralen, but you have my answer.
Does what she's suffered mean nothing to you? She is in pain even now, and you can help.
I don't need you to tell me what Jax needs.
Are you two going to fight over Jax? - This is exciting.
- Enough.
This isn't helping.
Xander, I can't explain it, and you wouldn't believe me if I tried, but I have to know what's in those files.
I have to go.
That was most uncharacteristic of Commander Duvall.
If you mean he acted like a total scum weasel, I agree.
What was all that about anyway, Jax? You okay? - What was all that about anyway, Jax? - I'm fine.
What was all that about anyway, Jax? You okay? You okay? [GASPS.]
What is wrong with her? [RALEN.]
I believe it is the guilt.
The ritual has given her many more questions.
No answers.
So how do we help? She saved me when my bio-organics were hijacked by Sarika.
Now I will save her.
Jax, we're trying again one more time.
Going back to find out what happened.
I have to warn you, doing this again so soon We know.
I don't have a choice.
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
In a way, you are.
You're getting lost in your own past, or at least some version of it.
If this is the only way, I have to try.
Regardless, this is the last of the elixir.
You can't get more? Not unless I go back to Zatar.
Even then, it's very hard to come by.
Only the most royal houses You're from a royal house? Maybe I've been too hard on you, Ralen.
Suffice it to say, this will be our final attempt.
Working hard as always, I see.
Can I tell you a secret? Nelson watches Elena's speeches, like, obsessively.
He thinks she's got a great speechwriter.
You do have a way with words.
I have a way with a lot of things.
What just happened? [RALEN.]
I do not know, but she seems quite content.
It appears she's in a great deal of pain.
Yeah, I'm not sure that's pain.
Damn! [ATRIA.]
Come quick! [GASPS.]
There's some kind of wild firefight going on outside! [GASPING, PANTING.]
School project? What? What's wrong? What did I do? [SIGHS.]
Stop! Now you tell me who you work for! You tell me now, or I'll let the telepaths get it out! Fleming! I work for Fleming! [PANTING.]
The answer is no.
I haven't even You don't have to.
He can Well, you know.
That's why I need his help.
Jax, don't ask.
I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't important, if Thomas wasn't my only hope.
No matter how quietly you talk [JAX.]
I know.
I'm sorry, I know I have no right to ask you for help.
But I also have no choice.
After everything that's happened I know.
I'm sorry.
But if you can read minds, then you know that already.
Even I can see how badly she needs you, and I can't read minds.
You know how many inexplicable things have happened to me, from suddenly being able to read alien tongue to not being infected by a deadly genetically engineered pathogen.
But what does it all mean? I think these experiences have unlocked something in me.
Memories from over a hundred years ago.
I don't understand, Jax.
I don't understand either.
But I'm pretty sure I killed someone, and I don't think that man deserved to die.
And I need to know why before I lose my mind.
What is going on? Why did Donovan call me at this ungodly time of night? This way, Prescott, please.
What's the bloody meaning of this? How dare you? Relax.
We just need to talk.
And why is Mr.
Duvall holding a pistol on me? In case you take the news badly.
What the hell are you talking about? This is ridiculous.
Do you remember my wife? Your wife? Yes, of course I do.
Do you remember what happened to her? She was shot.
They never caught the enemy agent who killed her.
I killed her.
When I found out she was the enemy agent, I killed her.
It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
That is the pain I am trying to spare you now.
What? What are you? [GASPS.]
Maya? Are you sure? You were right, sir.
There is a mole in the CIS.
And I'm afraid it's your wife.
Uh Kneel down, I guess.
I don't know.
It's not like I've done this before.
I heard that.
Oh, now you're just showing off.
Relax, Jax.
You have to let me in.
Fisky is expecting me.
Liu's opponent, industrialist and tech entrepreneur Nelson Fisk, also spoke to us.
You know, it's scientifically proved, you know? She's running away from the Earth She's a science nerd.
They wants sizzle, not steak.
Her Migration plan will be dead on arrival - once I give my proposal.
- We can't just run away.
We can and we will make the Earth great again.
If you think that's passion, wait for the final speech.
You got to back Earth, you got to back the people.
I got my young protégé, Fried, to take care of Professor Markovitz and Dr.
By the time anyone finds out the CO2 scrubbers don't work, we'll be rich and long gone from this doomed planet.
Don't worry.
I don't know, maybe Liu's "migration to the stars" plan would have worked.
Who knows, but who cares? You know, if they're lucky, maybe she'll even get a few ships off-world before too many people die when they realize our carbon scrubbers are pure fantasy and don't work.
Got to go.
Duty calls.
Very important meeting.
Okay, honey, bedroom's right over there.
Make yourself comfortable.
Guys! Guys! Get in here! [GRUNTS, YELLS.]
I'm one of the great scientists.
Not a lot of people know that.
I'm one of the great scientists, I'm telling you.
You know, making spaceships [GUNSHOT.]
I'm trying to save the world.
I ask you, who could be against that? [GRUNTING, PANTING.]
Please just let me say one thing.
- [FISK.]
No! - [GUNSHOT.]
It was all a lie.
Fisk's plan to save the Earth, it was just a scam.
He didn't care about anything or anyone other than making money.
The planet and humanity would have been doomed.
After the tragic murder of Nelson Fisk, his bold plan suddenly died with him.
The only viable plan left was the Great Migration.
Elena Liu successfully presented her proposal in London.
It was adopted immediately by governments around the world, providing the foundation for what would become the Earth Confederacy.
And we ventured out into the stars in thousands of arc ships across the galaxy, setting up the colonies and waited patiently for Mother Earth to heal herself.
Sir, what happened to the people who were on Fisk's team? Well, some of them disappeared even before the Great Migration.
Some suspect they were murdered, but we'll never know why.
There was one young man you may have heard of, though.
Harlan Fried.
Now, Harlan Fried was, as a young man, one of Fisk's most trusted advisors.
Yeah, okay, he was hot.
Which makes it even more odd that, after being the biggest advocate for Fisk's proposal, he quickly chose to endorse Elena Liu's Great Migration plan and abruptly left politics to start Parallax Galactic, the very same pangalactic multinational we know today.
Now, many believe it was an act of conscience on his part.
Others wonder if there was more to the story than that.
Fisk's plan wouldn't have worked.
I know that, and you know that.
But the rest of the world still doesn't.
So what? His plan is as dead as he is.
Only if I kill it.
We still have public opinion with us.
So if you want me to endorse your plan, you need to make it worth my while.
I have a company I'm looking to start.
I need seed money from the international grant money you'll receive, and I need ships.
You want money and spaceships for disowning a plan you know would never work.
Don't you realize that billions of people will die if Fisk's plan were implemented? Oh, and I want a moon.
Io, in fact.
Jupiter still has 79 other moons, so you shouldn't miss it much.
So do we have a deal, Miss Liu? We have a deal.
Nice getting to know you, Jax.
Suffice it to say, I truly enjoyed our time together.
I wish I could say the same.
Oh, don't worry.
I'm sure we'll see each other again in the future.
You okay? You didn't kill anyone else, I hope? No.
But I need to find out what else my uncle is hiding about Harlan Fried.
And me.
Uncle, are you home? Xander, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you.
I'm looking for my uncle.
Well, the professor had to leave unexpectedly on business.
Anything I can help you with? I think there's something strange going on with me, and my uncle knows more than he's telling me.
What makes you say that? [KOSSARA.]
Xander, where are you? Jax, I'm so sorry.
I didn't know you were here.
Is everything all right? I was just looking for my uncle.
I didn't mean to wake you.
I have to go.
Good night.
It must be very important for you to come here, Donovan.
It is.
I need your help.