Parallels (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Hard Awakening

1 Poe? Poe! What is it? Poe, enough.
Enough! PARALLELS Get in place.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's hurry it up a bit.
Everyone stand up, like Dylan.
Yeah, that's good.
- How are you doing? - Fine, and you? - Hi - Not bad.
- Sup? - Hey.
Coming through, guys.
- What are you doing? - Hey.
No, Victor.
- The short one up front.
- What? - Aw, man.
- All right.
Let's do it.
You'll see your friends again later.
- Sit down.
- Where? Get in front somewhere.
Find yourself a spot.
Quit goofing around for a second, would you? - There you go.
Ready? Yeah? - Yeah.
Look straight at me.
You all look great.
- The future is ahead of you.
- Sir? - What? - Are you the future? Because, to be honest, you're not what I expected.
Ha ha, funny.
You're cruel.
Yeah, that's great, you guys.
Just a few more.
There you go.
- You want to meet up at our place tonight? - Yeah, sure.
Where's Victor? I think he's with Mr.
Lagarde, - but I'm not There he is.
- Hey, guys! - All good.
- Hey.
It's done.
Wasn't very easy, but I negotiated.
Eighth grade, do-over.
- What? Dang! - Seriously? Yeah.
Guys, I love you, but I never should have skipped a year.
I was just fine where I was.
- But we'll stay friends, right? - Course.
I only have you guys anyway.
It's just, I'm tired of being the youngest.
Imagine being in high school with you.
That would be worse.
Then I would be the youngest of the youngest.
- No one would date me, for sure.
Come on.
- Ah, that's the reason.
- The little blonde in eighth grade? - What little blonde? Clarisse.
The little blonde's name is Clarisse.
Dang, why didn't you tell us that's why you wanted to repeat a year? Would you stop it? And stop saying "dang.
" - Nobody says that.
- Well, my mom does.
I mean, seriously, are you that excited to become adults? Victor, we're not becoming adults.
I mean, it's just high school.
Just high school? Just high school? Really? After high school comes college.
And after college, unemployment.
The world's going to hit us all head-on.
And you're excited for that? Because I'm not.
- What? - You look like you need a hug.
- Oh, come on.
Please stop.
- Yeah, you do.
Come here.
You guys are too much.
I love you guys.
All right, fine.
- Well, 10:00 tonight, all right? - Yeah.
- I'll bring some food.
- Okay.
I'll bring something too.
- Later.
- See ya.
- See you tonight.
- All right.
- Hey, Mr.
- Oh, hello, Romane.
- Thank you.
Have a nice evening.
- You too, ma'am.
- Oh, hi there, sweetheart.
- Hi, Mom.
Give me a hug.
- How are you? - Fine.
Yeah? Oh, Mr.
Siriex asked me to work overtime tonight.
- Would you mind getting Camille? - Sure.
Yeah, of course.
So glad I have you.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- Bye, Mom.
- See you later, sweetie.
Look what I got.
Oh, it's my favorite candy! Yeah, I know.
- Here.
A green one.
- Thanks.
Hey, your dad is here.
Hey, sweetie.
Haven't seen you in a while.
Well Mom told you, right? I know it won't be easy for you at first, but Well, I'm here now.
We'll have time to really get to know each other.
It'll be great.
Just watch.
- Okay? - Okay.
"Okay, Papa.
" Okay, Papa.
Thanks, sweetie.
High five? Cool.
Hi, Romane.
Hi, Hervé.
People change, you know.
Let's hope.
By the way, tonight, I think that that I might ask Romane to be my girlfriend.
You "think" you might ask her? That confident, huh? She might turn me down? That won't happen.
She likes you.
Everybody likes you.
You're handsome, tall, nice, you smell good.
You're not that dumb.
I'm telling you.
If you don't, then I'll date her as soon as I get a little taller.
Shut up, Victor.
Well, okay.
- If I want to ask her, how should I do it? - You want my advice? I look like an expert? At least you look like you're worried less than I am.
Just ask her, Sam.
- Ask her what? - Well, ask if you can kiss her.
People do that.
So, you're saying, out of the blue, I just ask her, "How are you, Romane? Is it all right if I kiss you?" - Seriously? For real? - Yeah.
Why not? Okay.
Seems risky, but okay.
They're home.
Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen.
It's about to get rough.
- Repeating the year? - Look, I Let your father finish.
You're not repeating.
We'll hire private teachers.
You're going to work and get better grades.
It won't change things.
I'm not at that level.
That level? You? Honey, I know one thing, and it's that you're very intelligent.
- But you don't make the best of it.
- What's that mean? Will you watch your tone, please? It means every time we get home, you're on your phone or playing games.
- I work hard.
- You work hard? Really? Sam.
Look me in the eye and tell me your brother's been working enough this semester.
Um There you have it.
There's my answer.
Sam, go to your room, please.
Go on, please.
Math: exercises 4 History: exercise History, March 21, 2021 What did they say? Don't want to talk about it.
Whose side are you on though? I don't know.
There's no side to be on.
It's not a war.
They're our parents, and you're my brother.
It's not easy being your brother.
Your little brother.
I wish you could act like my big brother sometimes.
Sam, Victor, dinner's ready! Forget it.
Wait, Victor.
Have you seen the latest results from the hadronic calorimeter? Yeah.
Alban, you know what? We'll do it your way even though I think it's a very bad idea.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Honey, I'll be home late.
We have to run a test at work.
They just implemented a ridiculous protocol.
We're going to blow it and waste our time.
Anyway, men only really listen after you've proved them wrong.
What did you say? Uh - Don't wait for me with dinner.
- Okay.
Oh, and great report card again.
- Top of the class? - Uh, I think so.
And an "A" in math.
- Mountains this weekend.
Don't forget.
- Yeah, I won't.
Four-hour hike, crazy elevation, weather will be awesome.
Sounds cool.
I didn't forget your birthday present.
Didn't get here yet.
Don't worry.
It's fine.
I'm off now.
- I love you.
- I love you too, Mom.
We should all leave our homes and then move into a cabin in the woods.
- Who's in? - I'm up for it.
But I don't think we can count him in.
- Wait.
Why not? - Bugs scare you.
No, bugs aren't scary.
What? I'm not scared of bugs.
That spider on your shoulder, that's okay? A spider on my shoulder? All right, whatever you say.
I warned ya.
There is no spider on my I don't get why you like him.
So, where's Bilal? Right here.
- Bilal.
- Battery died.
You walked through the woods in the dark? - Well, yeah.
- Didn't you trip? Well, yeah.
- Let's go? - All right.
NO TRESPASSING I actually thought you were a deer, Bilal.
I totally did too.
Wait till you see.
Hey, guys, wait up.
Can you shine the light on the door? Yeah.
Hope it's warm in there.
Oh, dang! You redecorated everything for my birthday? - Should I put the music on? - Of course.
Happy birthday, bud.
- Finally here.
- Great! Come on.
Let's eat.
Yeah, I'm hungry.
- So, you like it? - It's amazing, you guys.
- Thank you.
- So cool.
Oh, wait.
My special surprise.
Oh, wow.
Where'd you get it? Our house? - Why? Gonna rat me out? - Can I open it? It's your birthday, old man.
Course you can.
- Sorry, guys.
- No.
Don't worry.
It's fine.
And another one bites the dust And let's be clear, I trust no one You did not break me I'm still fighting for peace Well, I've got thick skin And an elastic heart But your blade, it might be too sharp I'm like a rubber band Until you pull too hard Yeah, I may snap and I move fast You won't see me fall apart I've got an elastic heart Yeah, I've got an elastic heart And I will stay up through the night Yeah, let's be clear Won't close my eyes And I know that I can survive I'll walk through fire to save my life Can I Can I Would it be okay if I kissed you? Sure.
We should have paid the electric bill.
Romane! Bilal, Victor! Romane! Bilal! Victor! Sam? I Love You my darling - Hello? - All right.
Fan out.
- Anyone out there? - Hello! Hello? - Okay.
- Hello! - Hello! - Anybody? Send the dogs up ahead.
Check over there.
Over here! I got something over here! 11:43 p.
Nuclear Research & Studies Well you were right.
You all heard that? I was right.
So, what? That doesn't help us.
You can go home, everyone.
I'll shut down the beast.
Well, the power station called.
It seems like part of the network tripped because of us.
- Review tomorrow? - Mm-hmm.
Grab the dogs.
Fan out to the right.
Don't forget to check the trees.
- You see anything? - I can't see a damn thing.
What's going on? There's no one there.
Samuel, you need to tell me everything from the start.
Okay? We gotta tell the other parents.
We took care of it.
Hello, Mrs.
I'm Lieutenant Retz's assistant.
Your son, Bilal, and two of his friends have been reported missing.
You need to bring in pictures of your son to the station as soon as possible.
You can call me at 0479 Don't be scared, please.
Take my bag.
The PIN is 1283.
Go ahead.
I don't care.
It's really not the right time.
Go on now, please.
It's me.
It's Bilal.
I don't know what happened, but I ended up like this somehow.
Don't be scared.
I swear, Mom, it's me.
It's It's my birthday today.
Or, uh, yesterday.
I was born yesterday.
It was my birthday, and uh and we are gonna go to the mountains.
It's a four-hour hike with a crazy elevation.
I swear, I don't know what happened.
What did you do to Bilal? But, Mom, it's me.
I am Bilal.
- Where is Bilal? - But Mom No.
Mom, it's me.
It's Hey! Stop! You all right, ma'am? Did he assault you? POLICE STATION Maybe they ran away? Ran away? Why? Romane would never do that.
Not without her sister anyway.
Sam? The guy, the stranger.
You saw him, right? You could recognize him? We need to find him.
Sam, about that You said the power outage lasted five seconds.
Five seconds during which Romane, Bilal and Victor disappeared.
And this guy appeared instead, is that right? Yeah.
You also said the door was locked from inside.
I know how this must sound, but Apparently, in the trash, they found, uh, pieces of a champagne bottle.
What if you were under the influence, and the party went wrong, and they They maybe left? No.
No, we didn't drink anything.
And why would they leave anyway? They're They're my friends.
And Victor And me and Romane, we Sam? You know you can talk to us.
Well, the results for Samuel came back negative.
No alcohol.
Samuel, can we speak? Could you describe the man from the bunker? Yeah, he was tall.
I mean, more than 5'11".
Thirty years old, maybe more.
I mean, just old.
He had curly hair and big glasses.
And he had a beard.
Belkabir, did you see that guy too? Look, uh, we'll keep searching tonight.
Tomorrow, we'll have backup coming to help us.
Okay? We put out a missing persons report.
I promise we're doing the best we can.
Go home, and I'll keep you posted.
One more thing.
What is it? It's the truth.
I mean it.
It's It's almost like It was like they had disappeared.
For real.
I believe you.
I do.
Now, try and get some rest.
Mommy? Sweetie.
Come here.
Um, I have to go.
The police station called me to complete Victor's file.
- Mom's here if you need anything.
- Yeah.
Or you can call me.
Um, okay.
See you later.
Mom? Mom, you okay? Sam, listen to me.
I'm Bilal.
I was born on March 21 in Paris.
Yesterday was my birthday.
No, no, no! We met in sixth grade.
Our biology teacher, Mrs.
Julien, remember? She paired us up for lab work.
You said I was the first Arab you met.
I said you can't say that.
You said sorry.
That's when Well, I knew you weren't a bad dude.
Th-th-th-the bunker, just before the lights went off in there, you were on the couch with with Romane.
You were about to kiss her.
Sam, it's me, Bilal.
I'm your friend.
Your friend.
What's your favorite soccer team? Well, I'm not a fan of soccer.
There's a girl you like in our class.
Who is it? The one I said or the real one? The one you said.
And the real one? Romane.
What? Okay, last question.
I have a scar on my body.
- Where is it, and how did I get it? - A burn on your chest.
It's from Victor.
I mean, dang.
It's really you! Look at you.
- You see this? - Yeah, not bad.
I got abs too.
Wanna see? No, let's not.
You got anything to eat? What do you remember? During the power outage, I mean? Um, nothing.
Nothing at all.
- What's that on your finger? - Hmm? "To our love.
June 5, 2031.
" - 2031? - Oh, dang! So in 2031, there's a woman who loves me then.
Do you have memories from 2031? Or from another year? No? June, 2031 Hmm.
Well, all right.
We need to understand what went down.
What happened to me.
- And find the others.
- Yeah.
Where do you think they are? 9 hours earlier Would it be okay if I kissed you? Sure.
We should have paid the electric bill.
Sam? Bilal?
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