Parallels (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Lost Time

1 - [Retz.]
Previously, on Parallels - [electricity crackling.]
You said the power outage lasted five seconds.
Five seconds during which Romane, Bilal, and Victor disappeared, and this guy appeared instead, is that right? That man that was on the couch, you'd never seen him before? - Uh, no.
- It's really you! They searched the place.
They won't come back.
And we have to find the others.
Sam? Bilal? Guys, where are you? I proposed to your mother last night.
You better make her happy this time around.
Because at 11:23 p.
, there was a power outage in the whole valley.
That's precisely when Victor, Bilal and Romane disappeared.
I hadn't made the connection.
Your brother is missing.
You need to tell us the truth! - But I did tell the truth! - [Arnaud.]
Hey, watch your attitude! If you keep doing this, you'll go to Holy Cross.
[ears ringing.]
[children, distorted.]
Happy birthday to you [woman, distorted.]
Happy birthday to you [children, distorted.]
Happy birthday, dear Daddy [children, distorted.]
Happy birthday to you [gasps.]
- [pants.]
- [ringing fades.]
I'm married, and I have kids.
Okay, are we there with you? Romane, Victor and me.
No? Any of us? How can I be here with you and having a whole life behind me? - Dang, who am I actually? - [phone buzzing.]
- Your mother.
- What? - [buzzing continues.]
- Your mother's calling.
So, uh [clears throat.]
What's certain is that I come from the future.
Which means I traveled in time.
And if I did, it means Romane and Victor did as well.
- Smart.
- Thanks.
So I figured that they could be lost somewhere in the future.
PARALLELS Okay, then, what if you're here for a reason? Such as? [toy gun pops.]
Like, if you're here to prevent a disaster.
Or, perhaps, save the world.
Either that, or Yeah, but, if I have a mission, why don't I know it? [Bilal.]
You suck.
[fidget spinner whirring.]
Remember that kid that went missing ten years ago? Of course.
My mom wouldn't let me go out by myself for five years.
Even to go to school.
Every time, she'd tell me, "Remember that Hugo kid.
You have to" Yeah, that's it.
Hugo! His dog also went missing too.
It was a real bummer.
Yeah, they just sort of vanished.
- Like Romane and Victor? - Exactly.
Exactly, and there might be a connection.
Hugo Moreau.
The only thing they found was his crutch out in the woods - in the middle of broad daylight.
- [Bilal sighs.]
Aw, poor kid.
- His father's name is Jonathan.
- And? Jonathan Moreau.
He still lives around here.
We should talk to him.
- Why would he talk to us? - There's that.
I have an idea.
Check it out.
While you keep him busy Knock, knock.
"Hi, neighbor," whatever, I'll go around the back.
And search the house for evidence.
Wait, uh, is that your plan? [Sam.]
You You go in, distract him while I I search.
Okay, but what do I say? You're a journalist investigating the disappearance of Romane and Victor.
Seeing if there's a connection with Hugo.
I got it.
As you can see, it's identical.
Meaning what? The fingerprints match.
Uh, hang on.
Are you sure? [technician.]
All right.
Well, thanks.
You're welcome.
- [phone beeps.]
- [clatters.]
- You okay? - [Retz.]
Look I will need you to focus on this.
And then, I'll ask you a question.
Just one.
- And you have to be honest.
- Okay.
So, in Mrs.
Belkabir's car there are three sets of fingerprints.
Two adults.
One kid.
In the front on the driver's side - Mrs.
- Mrs.
- On the passenger's side - [Laurent.]
The son, Bilal.
In the back seat The person who broke in the car, the night that the kids went missing.
- That's right.
- Mm-hmm.
I just had the lab on the phone.
They say that, given the size of the fingerprint, that person would be over six feet.
- Was he identified though? - He was.
- Well, that's great - It's not great.
It's a different size, but it's the same fingerprint, okay? They're the same ridges, same furrows.
100% identical.
Not a shadow of a doubt.
So, my question to you is - So your question is - [Retz.]
Explain it.
Explain it? Well That's what I said.
[sirens wailing in the distance.]
- [bell rings.]
- [footsteps approaching.]
Doctor André SILVESTRI Cardiologist [door closes.]
DISAPPEARANCE: Possible runaway case [sighs.]
I'm at the doctor's.
There's a line.
I need to go back to work afterwards.
Could you pick up Camille from school? Okay, my love.
It's Lieutenant Retz.
[footsteps approaching.]
[door opens.]
I've brought some coffee.
I brought decaf.
Thinking, uh May I come in? Yeah.
I won't be long.
I wanted to talk to you about the statement you made the first night.
You You mentioned a conversation with a stranger, - who called you "Mom" several times.
- Well, you know what? I I don't remember.
- Why is that? - Well, I've thought it over and, uh Um, do you know when you repeat a word so many times in your head - that it stops making sense? - Yeah? Well, same for me.
And I've visualized the scene over and over and over, and it's all confused now.
I mean, really, why would a stranger call me "Mom"? It doesn't make sense.
In the panic, I must've got mixed up.
[Retz sighs.]
Why are you asking me this? Something going on? No, I mean [sighs.]
When I do a puzzle, I always start with the sides first, because the pieces are easy to spot.
So I'm working from the outside inwards.
The same with investigations.
I start with the facts that are irrefutable.
Scientific evidence, for instance.
And I build the case from this.
Except here, I, uh The sides are gone.
You do puzzles? Is it weird to do puzzles? - Puzzles? - Puzzles.
They really help you focus.
I like to do quantum physics.
Nothing's tangible.
White can become black, or North is South.
Something can exist and at the same time, it doesn't.
SchrÃdinger's cat.
Yeah, that's right.
[punching keys.]
Bet Okay - [computer dings.]
- No! [sighs.]
Camille [panting.]
[engine starts.]
- [teacher.]
Hello, can I help you? - I'm Camille's father.
Where is she? [teacher.]
I-Isn't she with you? I saw her waiting there earlier.
Hold on.
We need to call the police.
No, no, no.
No, it's all right.
There must have been a misunderstanding with her mom.
Don't call anyone.
It's okay.
- [cat meows.]
- [Camille.]
Come here, kitty.
- [Romane chuckles.]
Cute, isn't she? - Yeah.
- [Romane.]
You hold her.
- [Camille.]
- [Romane chuckles.]
- [Camille.]
She's so soft.
- [twig breaks.]
- [gasps.]
[cat meows.]
[car approaching.]
Oh, sweetheart.
- I was so scared.
Come on.
Let's go.
- [Camille groans.]
[Hervé pants.]
Why'd you leave school by yourself, huh? You're sad? Well, I'm sad too.
I I also love Romane.
But Mom's really upset with this.
You know, she couldn't sleep.
She's very stressed, and, um and that's why she forgot to pick you up at school.
Don't be mad at her.
Don't be mad.
[door closes.]
- Should we go grab a bite? - Oh, yeah! - All right, what do we get? - [Camille.]
Honey pancakes.
Honey pancakes it is.
You work hard at school today? - [Camille.]
- [Hervé.]
Yeah? You see? It fits you perfectly.
- You think? - Yeah.
Then insert the wider tip in the loop - What? - previously inserted - Wait.
Hold on a second - I'll be a journalist without a tie.
- Okay.
- [Bilal sighs.]
Go ahead.
Uh, say hello.
What? Why? Say hello like a journalist.
- Like an adult.
- Right now? Really? - Yeah.
- Okay.
No, you look like you're apologizing.
- Okay, try it again.
- Hello.
Nice, but better.
- Hello.
- Too intense.
What's up? - [laughs.]
- [scoffs.]
Uh, hi.
We talked on the phone.
Y-You know, j-journalist.
Thank you for talking.
[clears throat.]
Uh [dog growls.]
- You have a dog? - [Jonathan.]
Is he nice? Depends on you.
- What is that? - Whiskey.
Uh, no.
Thank you.
I'm good.
I really don't drink, you know, when I'm working.
- Uh, coffee, then? - Mm-hmm.
[dog whines.]
Why are you interested in Hugo? It was ten years ago.
Well, my paper is covering the recent disappearance of the three teens.
I wondered if it's related to Hugo.
I thought that too.
Except there's a huge difference.
Here, the kids here are grown.
They're teenagers.
- My Hugo was eight years old.
- [clock rings.]
He was still a kid.
He didn't even know how to tie his shoes.
[dog whines.]
I know what it feels like to be those parents.
The wait, not knowing The feeling the sky is falling in.
It's not just a feeling, really.
[dog growls.]
- You okay? - Yep, sorry.
What do you wanna know? [Bilal.]
Well, if there are similarities.
For instance, did something special happen that day? No, no.
Nothing at all.
It was just like any other day.
That's the worst part.
I thought about things over and over.
I tried to understand.
Did your son have any habits, outside of school? [Jonathan.]
Yeah, he would often walk Poe in the woods.
Poe was his dog.
These two were always together.
If someone had wanted to attack Hugo, Poe would have defended him for sure.
- Uh, isn't that the same dog? - Him? No.
No, Poe was 12.
He'd be dead today.
No, that's Quito.
- Quito! [whistles.]
- [Quito whines.]
Come on, boy.
Come over here.
You're a good boy.
ALL LOOKING FOR HUGO That day, when they didn't return, I went looking for him.
I just had to.
I thought that I could've found a clue or something I went into the woods and stumbled upon the crutch.
I found right next to it, this little puppy, a few weeks old, totally lost.
I'm sorry.
Did you just say you found Quito next to the crutch? [Jonathan.]
[Quito panting.]
I mean, dang.
It must be the same dog.
There's no other way.
He traveled in time or found the fountain of youth.
I don't know.
Where are we? I'm not sure we're allowed to be here.
Don't worry, don't worry.
We won't stay long.
I just need to check something out.
- You see that? - Huh? [Sam.]
That's where Hugo disappeared.
- After.
You see that? - Okay.
Doesn't this wall look familiar? [panting.]
It's exactly like Moreau's dog.
Victor and Romane must've traveled back in time.
Okay, but where are they? [Bilal.]
No, when are they? [school bell rings.]
[students chattering.]
four years later [chattering.]
- [student 1.]
- [student 2.]
- [student 1.]
- [student 2.]
- [student 1.]
- [student 2.]
- [student 1.]
- [student 2.]
And Yanis.
[student 1.]
Gab, my team.
[student 2.]
Uh, well, then, uh, Victor.
Hey, Victor.
You coming? - [whistle blows.]
- [students clamoring.]
[student 1.]
Dude! - Go! - I got it! Over here! - Yeah! - [whistle blows.]
Yeah! - [student.]
Let's go, guys! - [grunts.]
Get moving! Get moving! What are you doing? Coming to you, idiot! [student 1.]
Come on! Hey! - [grunts.]
- [whistle blows.]
[student laughs.]
- What's the deal? - [laughs.]
- What are you doing? - Got you good, huh? - [student 3.]
Got a problem? - Look at those killer's eyes.
You're gonna make us disappear too? Like your brother, huh? Do it.
- Do it.
- [student 3.]
You trashed him, dude.
[student 4.]
Let's go, guys.
Let's get back to it.
[whistle blows.]
[whistle blows.]
What do you want? To get to know you.
- Who, me? - Mm-hmm.
I don't like their eyes.
I like yours.
And, uh, Victor? Can I ask you a question? [Victor.]
Yeah, sure.
Did you did you have something to do with it? About your brother and his friend going missing.
It's just that everyone here has their theories, you know? I promise I won't tell anyone.
- Victor! - [school bell rings.]
[zipper opens.]
[scanner beeping.]
That'll be 15.
30 euros.
- On the card? - [customer.]
Yes, dear.
- [Romane.]
Receipt? - No, thanks.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Romane? - Yes, Mr.
Siriex? - "That's 15.
30 euros, please.
" - Sorry? You forgot to say, "please.
" - Oh, yeah.
- That's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, listen to this.
"Tonight after four years, the ERN will reactivate the particle accelerator.
The goal is to understand the origins of the universe.
" Who is going to be interested? No one.
If you ask me, they should spend it on public transportation instead.
That's politicians for you.
[engine stops.]
- [Romane.]
Leaving already? - Yeah.
You're not gonna stay for the test? No, I did what I had to do.
They'll manage just fine without me.
What are you gonna do? Well, not sure yet.
But it'll be by the sea.
I'm done with the mountains.
Come visit me.
Thanks, but it might be complicated with Mom.
I was cleaning Bilal's room, and I found this, and I think he would want you to to have it.
[bell tolling.]
Thank you.
You take care of yourself, all right? [car door opens, closes.]
[engine starts.]
[tolling continues.]
["ilomilo" playing.]
- [Vanessa.]
What color did you choose? - [Camille.]
Why? [Vanessa.]
Is that a pirate's mustache? Cute.
I'm going to be a beautiful pirate! - [Camille.]
Stop moving! - [Vanessa.]
Okay! [Romane.]
So, what are you making her look like? - [Camille.]
Like a space pirate! - [Romane.]
Awesome! - Hmm? - Mmm.
Yeah, there's the mustache.
- You look pretty like that.
- Yeah, I think so.
I'll make you up like a warrior.
- [Romane laughs.]
No, no, no! - [Camille.]
Mom, hold her! - Stop! - [Camille.]
Here you go! - No! - [all laughing.]
- [Romane.]
No! - [Camille.]
No, I'm not done yet! [Romane.]
No, I don't wanna do make up.
Look at this.
I still need a bit of work.
Hey, Hervé.
- What are you doing here? - Can we come in? Don't have the money.
If I did, I would give it to you now, but I don't.
Got anything? Jewelry, a TV? No.
What are you doing? My kids are here.
We need to be paid, Hervé.
There's nothing valuable in there.
Look, I talked to my wife.
We're gonna sell the house.
You're gonna sell? I mean, the land, the location.
It's gained a lot of value, with everyone wanting to live in nature.
This place will sell in a flash.
I need a little more time.
I'll pay you back.
I swear I will.
I'll pay you back.
I'll double it.
Double? Hurry up.
Are we clear? It's clear.
- [engine starts.]
- [door opens.]
[toothbrush buzzing.]
I heard everything last night.
You wanna sell the house? My daughters' house? I was willing to give you a second chance.
You said you'd be a great father and husband.
You promised.
- [Vanessa inhales.]
- Oh, Vanessa You really think I didn't notice you were stealing? Who do you think I am? - [Hervé.]
Calm down.
- I want you out.
- No.
- I want you out of my house! No.
- [grunts.]
- [bangs.]
I want you out! I want you out! - Vanessa - [Vanessa strains, gasps.]
- Vanessa.
- [gasping.]
- Vanessa.
- [gasping.]
Vanessa! Vanessa! Answer me, Vanessa! - Romane! - Mom? Mom! - [Hervé.]
Vanessa! - [Romane.]
Mom! [bell tolling.]
[engine stops.]
- [hand brake grinds.]
- [door opens.]
[door closes.]
[water running.]
- [closes tap.]
- [whirring.]
[whirring stops.]
[Hervé sighs.]
You know, Romane, I wanted to tell you, uh Since your mother and I were married, and you don't have any other family, then I I'm your legal guardian.
But, uh in two months, you'll be an adult.
Meaning you'll be independent.
Free to do as you please.
I'm selling the house, Romane and Camille and I will go settle in Canada.
You'll take care of her? I'm leaving with her.
Like it or not.
Accept it.
I'm just telling you.
I'm not asking your permission or for you to Is it 'cause you can't afford to live here? No problem.
I'll keep working and give you half my salary.
Your salary as a cashier? Who do you think I am? You think I wanna live off you? - I have projects of my own.
- She's my sister.
I'll get custody.
Your half-sister! And I'm her father.
It won't hold up in court.
You can't take her from me.
Apparently, you're wrong on that.
[footsteps departing.]
- [teacher.]
- [students chattering.]
I know vacation is only an hour away, but I need your attention.
The content of this class will be assessed.
You'll have to explain the geometry of a molecule Hey, look at this.
- based on its Lewis structure.
- [phones buzzing.]
- Let's go.
Page 114 of the textbook.
- [students laughing.]
Would anyone like to tell me what you're giggling about? Could you share it so I can laugh too? No? Kindly put your phone away, young man.
[students laugh.]
Come on, come on, come on.
[students scream.]
Everyone all right? [school bell rings.]
- [students chattering.]
- Cool, cool, yeah.
Mom would've liked to come pick you up, but she's attending a seminar.
[presenter on radio.]
And it's tonight at 8 p.
that the ERN recommissions its particle accelerator as part of the Atlas project.
The goal is clear: to better understand the origins of the universe.
The announcement drew the ire of organizations who strongly oppose the cost of the research, but who are also against the risks related to the test.
[protesters chanting.]
What is this? [protesters.]
They lied! It flopped! This project should be stopped! They lied! WE'RE NOT GIVING UP! MAD AT ERN - [protesters.]
They lied! It flopped! - [Arnaud.]
What idiots.
- This project should be stopped! - I'll drop you at home.
I have work to do.
- [Victor.]
Sam? Sam? - [Sam.]
What? That I might ask Romane to be my girlfriend.
You "think" you might ask her? That confident, huh? [Sam.]
She might turn me down.
That won't happen.
She likes you.
We recall the massive power outage that occurred on March 21st, 2021 caused by a similar test.
On site, our special correspondent Samuel Deslandes missing? Experiment ERN 21 March First test at the ERN ABDUCTED Hey, Romane, it's Victor.
Call me back, please.
I found some weird stuff about the ERN tests.
We need to talk.
That kid, Hugo, in 2011.
Sam and Bilal, four years ago.
- Each time, there was a test at the ERN.
- [Romane sighs.]
Come on.
Obviously, there's a connection.
We gotta do something.
Go back to the bunker.
I read that there's another test tonight.
It's now or never.
What do you want, Victor? You wanna go back in time? - Exactly.
That's what I want.
- That's absurd.
Seriously? You like your life here? I mean, come on.
[bells tolling.]
See you later, Victor.
Be at the bunker 15 minutes before.
[scanner beeping.]
- [sighs.]
- [objects clatter.]
Tonight, after four years, the ERN will reactivate the particle accelerator.
[electricity crackles.]
Sam? [Victor.]
Be at the bunker 15 minutes before.
- [Romane.]
Forget it.
Don't say a word.
- [Victor chuckles.]
- I knew you'd come.
- [Romane.]
I said not a word.
Wait for me.
- [metal squeaks.]
- [door closes.]
They must've cut the power.
It feels so weird to be here.
- [Victor.]
Check it out.
- [Sam.]
Come on.
- [Victor.]
Yo! - [chattering.]
- [Sam.]
Over here.
Is this good? - [Romane.]
What are you doing? [laughs.]
Bilal, Bilal, Bilal, Bilal, Bilal, Bilal.
Bilal! [chattering, distorted.]
- [laughter.]
- No! Hey! Let's go! - [Bilal.]
Let's go, let's go! - [Romane.]
You guys are wild! [Romane.]
What do we do? Back to where we were? [footsteps approaching.]
All right.
Only one minute left.
[Romane sighs.]
The things you make me do.
Let's say that it works, what do you do first? Ask Clarisse out.
The blonde in the front row? - Oh, yeah.
- [Romane laughs.]
- You never dated her? - [Victor.]
- She thought I was strange.
Imagine that.
- [laughs.]
What? Why are you laughing? Then again, you and your brother never were good at talking to girls.
[lighter strikes.]
If we do go back, I think I'll change parents.
And you? Hervé.
I want him out of my life.
That bad? Why? What happened? How much time left? Five seconds.
Three, two, one [Romane.]
Hold on.
That was it? [chuckles.]
I can't say I thought it'd work, but I gotta go.
Camille's waiting for me at her friend's.
- Wait, it may not be over.
- Yes.
Yes, it is, Victor.
Just stop, okay? We go back to real life.
I'm done here.

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