Paranormal Survivor (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Spirit Protectors

RONNIE: There's an evil entity in the house.
NARRATOR: You are about to see real people I was terrified beyond belief.
NARRATOR: Reliving horrifying paranormal encounters for the first time I truly felt it was like living in hell.
NARRATOR: As spirits protect the living and their property.
My wife would hear voices.
There was something definitely going on.
They're here to protect their family.
If I didn't go through it, I wouldn't believe it.
NARRATOR: Be prepared to be afraid.
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I am a single mother of an 11-year-old boy.
It's always just been the two of us.
Just me and him.
I live in a house, and it's been divided into two apartments.
I have the upstairs.
I grew up on the next street, and my mother still lives there, and, like, all my childhood memories are there.
I love the neighborhood.
It's just a quiet, calm street.
Not a lot of traffic.
I like it a lot.
[ LAUGHS ] After I signed the lease, I had a really bad dream, and it's one of those dreams that really scares you.
[ SCREAMS ] I dreamt that there was a decapitated girl in the bathtub of the apartment.
[ SCREAMING ] no! There was no water in the tub, but she was kind of folded over herself, bent over her knees, down by the drain, and she was Blue and dead.
NARRATOR: In the days before she moved in, Nikki's horrific dream became a recurring nightmare.
I kept seeing the dead girl with no head, and I kept thinking about what I was gonna do.
And I knew I was being irrational.
I'm, like, "Oh, there's no way this place is haunted.
" Then I just kind of tried to forget about it, but it stuck with me for at least three or four days.
Then I moved in.
NARRATOR: But despite Nikki's best efforts to put it out of her mind, it wasn't long before she started noticing some weird things happening.
One day I went to the bathroom.
And my towel rack was on the floor.
And I didn't think anything of it.
I mean, the screws fell out, so I figured, "Oh, well, somebody just didn't anchor them properly, or it wasn't very strong.
" So I just put it back up and forgot about it.
Later that day, I was watching TV in the living room.
All of a sudden, my pot rack's vaulting off the wall into the middle of the kitchen floor.
[ CLATTERING ] I picked it up and examined it.
I tried to put it back on the wall, but the screws were still in the wall.
There was no way to get it back on the wall.
It didn't fit.
It didn't go.
You'd have to unscrew the screws to put it back on the wall.
It didn't just fall.
It flew across the room.
I don't have a big kitchen, but it's big enough that it probably went probably five or six feet.
Sometimes entities and negative spirits will actually start doing violent or chaotic incidents in the household like throwing items or attacking the family.
I believe that they do this to stir up negative energy, such as fear, because that's their energy source.
It's something that they feed off of.
I'm skeptical of, like, spirits and whatnot.
NARRATOR: Around this time, a neighbor told Nikki that the previous tenant in her apartment had complained of being haunted.
One day, a girl showed up at my front door looking for her mail, and I realized that it was the girl that used to live in my apartment.
Oh, hi.
She told me things used to fall off her walls all the time, that doors would shut, that her daughter saw a big, scary man, and sometimes she'd be talking to it.
Sometimes she'd be screaming.
She told me the doorbell would ring.
I said, "Well, that hasn't happened to me.
" Bye-bye.
I hadn't mentioned anything to my son, especially about what the neighbors had said and what the previous tenant said 'cause I didn't want to scare him.
So, I just kind of let it go.
NARRATOR: Nikki tried to carry on as normal for the sake of her son, but the entity in her home had different ideas.
I have an e-cigarette 'cause I quit smoking, and I usually have it with me at all times or within reach, or I know where it is 'cause I need it, so I had put it on my TV stand, and I think I went to do the dishes or something.
And I came back to get it, and it wasn't there.
I started looking through the whole apartment.
I think I looked for probably a good hour, hour and a half.
I started to yell.
Probably about 30 seconds to a minute later, it was back on my living room floor, right in the center of my living room floor.
And that was a little unnerving.
The girl that lived downstairs had lived there for probably about two or three years by then, and she said that they had gone through probably four or five tenants upstairs in the last two years, so I thought that was a little weird.
I think it was probably the next day when the doorbell rang at 11:25 P.
[ DOORBELL RINGS ] My heart was, like, pounding.
And I thought, you know, who's gonna show up at my house at 11:30 at night? That's crazy.
NARRATOR: Nikki Playford had been experiencing strange incidents since moving into a new home.
There was something definitely going on.
So, I posted on social media.
I basically just asked if anybody had ever experienced living in a place that they thought was haunted or whatever.
What did they do? Did they get help? I didn't know what to do.
Like, what do you do? I got 450 replies.
Someone referred me to a medium, Shannon, and I'm very skeptical about mediums.
The first thing I do is try and figure out if it's someone who just wants attention, so I made connection with her and spoke with her a little bit.
NARRATOR: Shannon immediately picked up on Nikki's fear and confirmed that there was a strong male presence in her apartment.
I made a comment about the man that was in her home.
I asked if there was a path nearby because I felt like he had passed either on a path or on some train tracks nearby.
As soon as she said tracks, I just knew it was Rodney.
He was murdered about three years ago on train tracks.
He was pushing his daughter in her stroller when someone ended up stabbing him and leaving him to die.
He was related to my son.
NARRATOR: Rodney was a distant relative of the family, and it was pure coincidence that Aiden was at the hospital the day he was brought in.
Worried that Rodney's spirit was unhappy and causing the disturbances, Nikki asked Shannon to perform a cleansing ceremony.
I wasn't sure exactly what I was dealing with.
I felt there was a negative energy.
We had peterborogh paranormal come, as well, to help.
They brought a lot of equipment.
One thing being a ghost box, which I didn't know at the time was pretty much the same thing as a ouija board, and it can invite things in.
DOIGE: And you can hear different voices coming across.
It's like a radio when you're switching stations very quickly, and you hear different words.
[ STATIC ] When they asked what it wanted Aiden.
is when it said my son's name.
It said, "Murdered.
" Murdered.
DOIGE: She was pretty freaked out.
She was worrying that it meant Aiden was gonna be murdered, or that Aiden was gonna murder someone.
I mean, hearing those words randomly put together, you come up with a million different things that it could be, so she was definitely very worried.
Of course it scared me.
Like, what are they gonna do to my son? NARRATOR: With a better understanding of the presence in her home, Nikki and Shannon carried out a cleansing, which allowed Rodney to communicate directly with the medium.
We decided to smudge the apartment.
So, I used the Sage and sweet grass, and we went around her whole apartment.
PLAYFORD: Rodney told her that he was sticking around because he was Scared.
DOIGE: He had, like, an inner turmoil, and negative energies will latch onto that.
He struggled with, like, drugs, and he had his demons, I guess you could say.
And he was scared that because some of the things he did in his life, he was gonna go to hell.
DOIGE: He didn't cross over right at that point.
He wasn't ready to go yet.
So, before I left, I let her know, sometimes it can take multiple times of us coming back to clear a space.
I felt a little bit guilty when I left because I felt like there was still some energy there.
It wasn't something that I felt like I could take care of on my own.
I didn't want to tell her exactly what I was feeling.
I wanted to wait and speak with my daughter so that we could figure out exactly what was going on.
NARRATOR: Without disclosing all of her fears, Shannon advised Nikki to remove Aiden from the apartment, as he had been the main focus of the spirit.
So, I sent him to my mom's.
So, the next day, as I'm laying down trying to sleep, I hear, like, thumping and dragging noises.
[ THUMPING ] And it's not just me hearing them.
My dog, Lucy, would sit up and stare, and her ears would go up, and she'd be, like, on high alert, and something wasn't right.
[ BARKING ] I'm, like, freaking out.
I'm really scared.
I'm all by myself in the house.
Even my downstairs neighbor is gone away for the weekend.
She's in Niagara Falls, so I am, like, completely alone in this entire house.
I got on the phone and called Shannon.
I was, like, "Is everything gone? Like, I don't feel right.
" She's, like, "Well, no.
" I said, like, "Is Rodney not gone? Like, I don't get it.
Like, what's going on?" She said, "No, he's gone", but you have other things there.
" She told me whatever it is, it was invited in, and that it is in Aiden's room.
She told me to salt the windowsills and then the threshold of the doorway from our front door and across Aiden's doorway so that it can't get out.
So I did all that, and my son's bedroom door slammed shut.
NARRATOR: After enlisting the help of a medium, Nikki Playford was desperate to believe her home was now safe.
It wasn't long before she was disappointed.
My son's bedroom door slammed shut.
I went, and I opened the door about, I don't know, half a foot, and someone pushes me out of the room and slams the door shut.
It felt like someone or something was standing in the doorway, like, glaring at me.
And so that really scared me.
The only thing I can think of is that Rodney was there to try and protect us from whatever it was.
And now that he's not there, it was, like, full force.
NARRATOR: Nikki realized that cleansing the home of Rodney's spirit had been a mistake.
With his family connection to her son, Aiden, the spirit had been protecting the two of them.
The next night, Shannon and her daughter came back because Chelsea is the one that deals with these types of things.
Chelsea is definitely more connected to other energies that don't make themselves known to me.
When I got to Nikki's, I felt dread.
I felt a lot of negative, overwhelming energy.
I felt like it wanted to hurt people.
I felt like it wanted to hurt me.
We don't normally get something that powerful.
My daughter and I went into the room together.
It was just overwhelming energy.
It was heavy.
It was like I'd hit a wall, and I couldn't take a step forward.
I was a little bit shocked because I don't normally deal with that kind of energy.
And we're saying the lord's prayer, "Our father," and every time we got to that point, "Deliver us from evil," every time we said those words, we both got goose bumps through our whole body, and it was just, like [ EXHALES ] Like, it was that's what we were dealing with, was evil.
Our father who art in heaven And I could see a big, black mass.
Our father, hallowed be thy name It looked like a bat, but like a man.
It was just all black.
And there were wings that were with it, too.
Kind of like a big gargoyle.
O'BRIEN: It was very large, and I just felt like it was just right in front of me.
Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.
Our father And that's when we were calling on archangels to come and help.
We saw this sounds crazy.
It's gonna sound crazy.
[ CHUCKLES ] But I saw We saw angels come in.
And my mom asked me what I'm seeing, and I told her 'cause she was seeing the same thing of this angel come in, and more than one were trying to take this entity out of the room.
And it was like a battle.
Our father And it's like they were fighting right there in front of us and trying to take what was there out.
It wouldn't leave.
Our father.
Our father who art And then was ripped away, and it was dragged out of the house.
Hallowed be thy name.
And we felt like it was gone.
I've never seen a struggle before to take away an energy, and that was fearful for me.
It was just the worst house cleansing we've ever done.
We've done lots.
That's definitely the worst one.
All the activity stopped in my apartment the very next day.
It was calm.
I wasn't scared.
If I didn't go through it, I wouldn't believe it.
NARRATOR: Protective spirits are often drawn to children.
In Nikki's case, it was a deceased relative of her son.
For the Rose family, it was their young daughter who would end up needing a spirit protector.
WOMAN: 16 Ronnie, take 4.
Color marker.
I was 25 years old, and I was single.
I was looking for a house to start a family in, and I found this place, and as soon as I walked up to it, I knew it was the place for me.
I had to have it.
It's a large, two-story house, six bedrooms, got an acre of land and three or four buildings in the backyard.
The house was here for over 100 years.
It's a really unique property.
Before I even bought the house, the owner gave me a key to move stuff in.
I had a couch here, and I was sleeping in the living room.
I got woke up at 2:00 in the morning.
I heard all the cabinet doors slamming shut in the kitchen.
[ BANGING ] And I got up and went in there, thinking someone was in there.
NARRATOR: It was Ronnie Rose's first night in his new home, and already, he was feeling far from comfortable.
There's no one there, and all the doors were shut.
At first, I thought it was an intruder that came in, but on going in, I was only one room away, so there's no way they could have got out in that time.
[ HINGES CREAK ] I just pulled the covers over my head after that and fell asleep till morning, but I was really scared, felt something was in there.
The next morning, everything was fine, so I kind of tried to push it away, like, maybe I was half asleep.
NARRATOR: Ronnie tried to convince himself it was all nothing, but whatever had caused the strange incident had other ideas.
I started hearing, like, footsteps upstairs when I was alone and at night, hearing stuff dropping on the floor.
Sometimes you just get a feeling that someone was there with you even though you're alone.
NARRATOR: It was becoming evermore difficult to ignore the worrying events.
I was in the house a few weeks at this point.
I was in a spare bedroom.
I was going in the dresser, getting some clothes out, and it was the middle of the day.
Window was open.
It was sunny.
I looked up, and I saw a little girl probably about 5, 6 years old, wearing a white dress with dark hair.
Her back was turned to me, standing in the doorway of the room I was in.
I couldn't see her face, but I could just see black hair with a long, white dress that almost touched the floor.
And she was kind of see-through-looking.
And then she walked out across the hallway into another bedroom, and then just disappeared in the doorway.
I was startled when I saw it, and I just kind of thought I was imagining and tried to push that away because I knew I was alone in the house.
I didn't have any children, so it was out of place to me.
NARRATOR: Ronnie's hopes that it was all a figment of his imagination were dashed when his brother moved in with him.
My brother stayed here for a few weeks when he was getting his first apartment.
He asked me the next morning, "Were you in my room last night?" And I said no.
He said, "You weren't leaning over my bed with your face by me?" I said, "No, I was upstairs sleeping.
" He described what the man looked like and what he was wearing.
The man was probably about 6-feet tall, gray hair, wearing a white shirt.
When he said he saw that, I did believe him.
The man that built our house actually died in that bedroom.
NARRATOR: Along with the house, Ronnie had inherited an album of old photos from the previous owners.
RONNIE: I showed a picture of the man that built the house with his four sons, and he instantly pointed to the man in the center of the photo and said, "That was the guy I saw last night.
" I kind of felt a little relieved that someone else that was at this house experienced something, and it wasn't someone that I knew.
I feel that his presence is here because he built this house.
He built the business that was here.
He's got a lot of memories here.
It's pretty typical for somebody who built or designed a house or was very attached to their home to stay in that home in the afterlife, after they've died.
They feel some sort of ownership of the house still, or that they feel a little bit possessive of it.
And oftentimes, they'll make themselves known and really establish that this is their house still.
NARRATOR: Although the incidents were unsettling, Ronnie was determined to get on with his life.
I bought the house in hopes of meeting someone, starting a family.
I didn't know Candice would be that person.
When I first met Ronnie, he did have the house.
He lived here for almost a year before him and I met.
We both had the same ideas on what we wanted in life, family and everything, and after about a month or two, her lease was actually up on her apartment, and I told her to move in here.
I really loved the house.
I loved the age of it.
I loved the style of the house and how open it was.
And we loved Both of us loved the backyard.
We decided to get married eventually and have a family.
I never really talked to her about anything that had happened here.
NARRATOR: Happy to be together, the couple were oblivious to any other activity in their home until Ronnie started chatting with his neighbors.
I'm still friendly with the people I bought the house from, and they always tell me a story that the old man had buried money somewhere in the house, and there's a little room in the basement that he had built to make wine in, and this little bump-out in the foundation on the wall like a shelf that's about 2 feet wide by 6 feet.
It seemed like a really odd thing to be there, so I broke out the concrete and started digging to see if I could find anything, not even knowing if this story is true or not, but just trying to check it out.
And my wife, Candice, was with me at the time.
And we're down there for about a half-hour breaking the concrete and digging a hole out.
All of a sudden, we felt a really overbearing presence, like something wanted us out of there.
NARRATOR: Learning that the man who built his house had hidden some treasure in the property, Ronnie Rose set about investigating a strange section of the wall in the basement.
And we're down there for about a half-hour breaking the concrete and digging a hole out.
All of a sudden, we felt a really overbearing presence, like something wanted us out of there.
It's very overwhelming when you're in that area.
You just immediately feel like something is right there with you.
They are really trying to tell you, you are not supposed to be here.
RONNIE: It's just a really unnerving feeling, like someone was angry with us and wanted us to be away and stop doing what we were doing in that spot.
We decided, we better stop doing this and went upstairs.
Sometimes spirits will stay here on earth because they have unresolved issues, such as feeling possessive or needing to guard a certain item.
So, say if somebody buried cash or money in the basement, that spirit will still feel possessive of that item.
They will feel the need to protect it and guard against that so that other people will not discover the item.
The rest of the night, no matter where we were in the house, there's always a strong presence that was scaring us the rest of the night.
Whenever I go near that spot, even if it's nothing to do with digging the hole or anything, I start feeling a presence around me, no matter what time of day or night it is.
NARRATOR: Ronnie and Candice took the hint and never tried to open the wall again.
Shortly after the basement incident, Candice gave birth to their first child.
Things progressively got stronger after we had Kaylie.
At night, putting our daughter to bed in her room, my wife would hear voices, like a woman's voice whispering in her ear when she's sitting in the rocking chair at night.
[ BABY CRYING ] I would fall asleep rocking her, and somebody was always standing behind her door.
[ INDISTINCT WHISPERING ] And when I drifted off to sleep, I would be awoken by a whisper.
And I could tell it was a little girl's whisper.
[ INDISTINCT WHISPERING ] And I couldn't make out what she was saying to me, but I could tell that she was trying to talk.
[ INDISTINCT WHISPERING ] NARRATOR: Ronnie could not shake the nagging fear that his family might be at risk.
After my daughter was a few months old, she would always wake up around the same time in the middle of the night crying.
And when you'd walk in her room, you'd get a really strange feeling that someone was in there It was scary.
We decided to get a baby monitor to listen, and we'd hear whispers in there.
[ BABY CRYING ] [ INDISTINCT WHISPERING ] [ CRYING STOPS ] NARRATOR: Candice went back to bed, hoping it was an isolated incident until one night We were in our bedroom.
[ BABY CRYING ] [ INDISTINCT WHISPERING ] And we would just be, like, "Did you hear that?" And he's, like, "Yeah.
" Ronnie said, "Yeah, I heard that.
" [ BABY CRYING ] Like, you think you're crazy.
[ INDISTINCT WHISPERING ] [ BABY CRYING ] That was spooky because we had physically heard it ourselves, but not being removed from it.
Like, and you know your kid's in there, and you can't take her out of there immediately.
And, like, there's something in there with her, and you don't know, are these things bad? You know, is she gonna be harmed in some way? We got a monitor with a video screen on it, and whenever our daughter would start crying and fussing in the middle of the night, we'd look at it.
[ BABY CRYING ] We could see orbs flying all around in her room.
And then we'd have to go get her because at this point, she was really crying.
Something was scaring her in there.
[ BABY CRYING ] NARRATOR: The couple were almost at their wits' end, but then the activity in Kaylie's room stopped, and everything went back to normal For a while.
When she got older and she could talk, she was always looking at her closet door at night, and she always wanted the door to be shut.
[ INDISTINCT WHISPERING ] We asked Kaylie what was bothering her in her room, and she was seeing things.
NARRATOR: A series of unexplained events had plagued Ronnie Rose and his wife, Candice, in their new home.
Now the activity seemed to be focusing on their daughter, Kaylie.
We asked Kaylie what was bothering her in her room, if she was seeing things.
And she would say that she saw red eyes.
And she's scary-looking because her face looks messed up on the one side, and she always tries to talk to her and be near her, and she's just scary to look at, so she would cry 'cause she didn't know what to do.
She didn't know what it was.
Kaylie described her as being young, sort of longish hair, and she would always say that her face was messed up, that there was something wrong with her face, and that's what scared her.
We were worried for our daughter.
We didn't know if whatever was in there was gonna do something to hurt her.
Or she was gonna be traumatized from being scared all the time.
So we wanted to find some kind of resolution to it.
We decided to have somebody come and investigate and see if they could back up what we were experiencing.
Which prompted us to contact a paranormal investigation team.
I called John Griffin.
He has a paranormal research team, and he came out.
Ronnie and Candice called me.
Their family was frightened, specifically more so their daughter.
They were really worried about their daughter.
We had one of our intuitives volunteer to come and do a walk-through of the house.
He immediately was drawn to the second floor, particularly the daughter's room, and that he saw this little girl with a burnt face.
We decided we would do a cleansing for their house.
It worked for a while.
[ INDISTINCT WHISPERING ] Kaylie told us that the ghost in the room said that, after the baby was born, daddy would be here, but mommy won't.
Kaylie would come up to Ronnie, and she said, "Daddy, you're gonna be okay, but mommy's not going to be.
" We didn't know what to think when a 3-year-old is telling us someone that we can't see is telling her these things.
We didn't know what to think about it.
NARRATOR: Ronnie and Candice decided to dig a little deeper into the background of the house.
Because of the history of the house, we wanted to have the property on the historical registry, so we were doing research.
We went down to the historical society in schenectady, and we told them where we lived.
And the woman instantly said, "Do you want to find out about the ghost that's there?" And we said, "We were just trying to find out about the property.
" How do you know there's a ghost?" And for a couple years before I bought the house, it was vacant, and there were sporadic tenants renting the place.
And a woman that lived there before me had went down there trying to find out if there was any ghosts.
We had John and his team come back out, and they investigated some more.
John came with a psychic.
We found that there was a family A mother, a father, and a little girl.
The psychic told us that a few blocks from here, there was a fire probably 1920s or '30s, and this little girl had lived at that house.
And her father was kind of mean to her, so she liked hanging out at our house with the kids, so she was always over here.
And the little girl had actually died in a fire.
CANDICE: When she died in the fire, her face was disfigured on one side.
And her spirit came to this house because all her memories of good things happening were here, so she felt more at home at this house.
It's believed that when you're a spirit, you have free choice.
So if you think about the places that you've enjoyed visiting in your lifetime, things that you have fond memories of, spirits oftentimes will go back to a location that they have happy memories of because it brings them peace, it brings them joy.
And, you know, they like to go there physically.
And so oftentimes, these spirits will return to a location they have memories of.
The psychic described what the man looked like, and it was the same man in the photo I have.
NARRATOR: Could this be the spirit that was taking over Ronnie's house? In the basement, we just feel a really strong presence at night.
It's kind of scary.
No matter how many lights or anything you have on, you don't want to be down there alone at night.
John did some evps down there.
He said it was An evil spirit was there.
So, we ended up having to come back out and bless again.
NARRATOR: John believed the house had both positive and negative spirits.
Far from trying to harm Kaylie, the little ghost girl in the bedroom was trying to protect her from evil.
John didn't know who the evil entity was, just that they're trying to suppress the good spirits that are in the house.
The little ghost girl that's in the house would always try to play with my daughter at night, and that's what was keeping her up.
She wasn't there to scare her, but they're around the same age, so the ghost thought this could be a playmate for her.
The little girl is a good spirit.
She was just scary in appearance because of the way she died.
So, she still has the disfigured face and to any little child, that would be scary to see, especially in the middle of the night waking up, and that's what appears before you.
But she is a good spirit.
We were told by John that she was sent here from god to protect Kaylie.
We didn't want the good spirits that we feel should be in this house to leave, just the ones that were attributing negative aspects to what's going on.
John came with the psychic, and they said prayers, and they were burning Sage in the rooms and sprinkling holy water around, trying to get the evil spirits to leave.
GRIFFIN: Deliver us from evil.
Deliver us from evil, lord.
Cleanse this house of evil, lord.
Evil spirits, leave this place.
Right now, our house is pretty much normal.
Once in a while, we'll experience a few things at night, but it's not the negative spirits that used to be here.
We feel it's just a family and they're They're in their house, and they're not gonna leave, and we're okay with that because they built this place.
They have a lot of memories here, and those ghosts don't bother us.
So when we do experience it, we kind of know who it is.