Paranormal Witness (2011) s05e11 Episode Script

The Hotel

1 (OMINOUS MUSIC) - Welcome, sir.
- Hi.
- Checking in? - Yeah.
You have no idea what you're walking into sometimes.
People may forget, but that building will never forget.
Hello? (GLASS SHATTERING) (SCREAMS) It was right behind me.
I don't know what it wants or why it's here.
I just wanted to get out of there.
I was terrified.
(EERIE PIANO MUSIC) I'm from New York, and I was traveling out of town for a few days to work on a film festival.
The hotel that I found, it wasn't a normal hotel that I'm accustomed to seeing.
It seemed like a different kind of place.
- Welcome, sir.
- Hi.
- Checking in? - Yeah, uh, Alex Aronson.
(FOREBODING MUSIC) I'm afraid we don't have any single rooms available, just a twin room.
Is that okay, Mr.
Aronson? Uh, as long as I don't have a roommate.
(CHUCKLES) Just means you get a bigger room.
Ah, perfect.
He checked me into a room that actually had two beds in it.
There you go.
Room 210.
- Thank you very much.
- Enjoy your stay.
The hotel definitely felt like it had a past history of some sort.
But I enjoy old buildings and enjoy old architecture.
The beds were very neatly made.
The linens were very crisp.
And it was actually very quiet.
I am a housekeeper at the hotel.
I have to clean the rooms, make sure they're ready for the guests for the night of.
I went into my first bedroom to clean for the day.
(SPOOKY MUSIC) The rooms they all have their own little unique personality.
Every one's different.
This was the only room that has a piano.
I came to the bed.
I got down on my knees to pick up trash.
And I seen what appeared to be a shadow walk by the door.
But there was nobody there.
It was just me.
So I brushed it off and went on to my next room.
All of a sudden (PIANO KEYS PLINKING) I could hear the piano keys start playing in the room.
It was like, ding ding ding ding (PIANO KEYS PLINKING) As if a kid was playing a little piano.
(PIANO MUSIC CONTINUES) (OMINOUS MUSIC) But there was nobody there.
I didn't know what to think.
But I knew what I heard.
Are you okay? I didn't want anybody to think that I was crazy.
Fine, thanks.
So I just kept on cleaning.
(PIANO KEYS PLINKING) (SPOOKY MUSIC) It was my first night at the hotel, and I was up late working on my laptop.
It was really silent in the room.
It was kind of just dead air.
(HEAVY THUMP) I heard loud stomps (THUD) Coming from the room above me.
(THUDDING CONTINUES) Bang, bang! (GLASS TINKLING) And it kept getting louder and louder and louder.
(CRASHING AND BANGING) I decided to just call the front desk and have them deal with it.
I am the general manager of the hotel.
Part of my job is, um, mostly just to make sure that the guests are happy.
(PHONE RINGING) Hello, front desk.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) Hello? The banging just stopped.
Just dead silence.
Hello? Is anyone there? Yeah, hi, uh, excuse me.
Um, there's someone in the room above me "They're making very loud noises.
" May I ask what floor you're on, sir? Uh, second.
Sir, we have no one staying in the room above you.
The top floor was in serious disrepair.
I mean, people didn't go up there.
Could you just double-check for me? I'm certain it's unoccupied.
Never had guests up there.
The manager told me that there was nobody checked into the room above me.
Let us know if you hear anything again.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
I just tried to reason with myself and kind of just shook it off.
(EXHALES) (SPOOKY MUSIC) My wife Justine works here at the hotel with me.
One night, I was alone on the main floor.
It was so quiet in there, the silence was almost heavy.
(STATIC CRACKLES) (STATIC CRACKLES) I suddenly heard a fuzzy, static-y sound.
(STATIC CRACKLES) (DISTANT JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING) I wondered, "Where is that music coming from?" So I decided to see what it was.
The sound was coming from the top floor of the hotel.
And I thought, "That's strange," because it wasn't open for customers.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) That's when I started to really feel, like, scared when I was alone up there.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) There was nobody in the room.
But it was a radio playing.
How did that radio turn itself on? (MUSIC STOPS) (INDISTINCT WHISPERS) Who's there? Suddenly I heard, like, a whisper.
(INDISTINCT WHISPERS) Matt? (TENSE MUSIC) Is everything okay? I didn't want Matt to think I was weird or crazy.
I thought I heard something.
So I was reluctant to talk to him.
Normally I'm a pretty deep sleeper, but for some reason, I just couldn't sleep.
It was so cold in the room.
It felt as if I had just walked into a walk-in freezer.
(SOFT SCRAPING) I heard something in the bathroom like somebody was slowly opening the shower curtain.
(SCRAPING) (ELECTRONIC BUZZ) It sounded like there was somebody in that bathroom.
(ELECTRONIC BUZZ) I had to see what was going on.
(BUZZING CONTINUES) I just tried to stand there as quietly as I could to just listen.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) There, right in the middle of the bathroom floor, was my electric razor.
And it was on.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) But the razor had no batteries in it.
I just couldn't figure out what was going on.
Someone was in the bathroom.
(DARK MUSIC) I had to see who was in the bathroom.
(PANTING) There was nobody there.
I was very puzzled, and I wasn't sure what to make of it.
Suddenly I noticed that there was a light coming from the closet, and now it was open.
(EERIE MUSIC) The hangers were moving.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
I felt a chill run through my body.
There was an imprint of a human body in the bed right in front of me.
I just wanted to get out of there.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) Is everything okay, sir? (BREATHING HEAVILY) I got to go.
Bill my card.
I left the hotel and never returned there.
What's going on? I don't know.
I don't think he's coming back.
It was not uncommon for guests to check out early or leave in the middle of the night.
Complained about noises on the top floor last night.
And I started to wonder, "What is up with the top floor?" We should clean it up.
(FOREBODING MUSIC) It was finally time for us to open the top floor.
We were going to immediately see the benefit of having this extra floor finished.
It was a few weeks later.
The top floor was now open for business, and we were excited to start checking in guests.
Looks great.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) - Checking in? - Uh, yeah.
Can I ask for some ID and a credit card for incidentals, please? I was a professional wrestler on the independent circuit, so I spent a lot of time traveling in and out of a lot of hotels all over the country.
Okay, there you are.
You'll be in suite 310.
It's an executive room on our newly refurbished top floor.
- Oh, great, thanks.
- Cheers.
Enjoy your stay.
It had been a really long day, so I was ready to just crash and call it a night.
(DOOR THUDS) (POUNDING ON DOOR) I was awoken by a loud knocking at my hotel room door.
(GRUNTS) Who's there? (POUNDING) Who is it? I went and I answered the door.
And nobody was there.
(SIGHS) As soon as I sat down on the bed (LOUD KNOCKING) The knocking on the door happened again.
Who is it? I thought, "Okay, somebody's trying to prank me.
" (EERIE MUSIC) Now I'm little bit aggravated.
(LOUD KNOCKING) There's no sounds.
There's no laughing.
There's no people.
It's silent.
(FRIGHTENING MUSIC) I completely froze.
(SOBBING) In the room was a shadowy figure.
I don't know what it wants or why it's here, but that's terrifying.
(HAUNTING MUSIC) (SOBBING) I got out of the hotel as quickly as I could.
(TENSE MUSIC) There was guests leaving way earlier than they were supposed to.
It made my mind wonder, "Why would they leave so early? "Why would they pay money, you know, to stay here, and they're just gone?" That day, I was on the top floor to get the rooms ready and cleaned up for the next guest.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) (DOOR SLOWLY CREAKING) The big, heavy door went "creak.
" Hello? I called out Anybody there? But there was nobody there.
Somebody's standing there.
He didn't even look at me.
He didn't even acknowledge me.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) And then he was gone.
I didn't know what to think.
What was going on? Are you sure he wasn't a guest? No way.
He definitely wasn't a guest.
Melissa told me that she was cleaning and saw a man in a brown suit on the top floor.
He wasn't normal.
She was shaken up by the experience.
He he was He was what? I think he was dead.
(DARK MUSIC) I was still in shock.
The image of this man was imprinted on my mind.
We'll look into it, all right? We'll get to the bottom of it.
(BELL DINGS) Hi, checking in? Fill out this form here.
I had never believed in ghosts before, but at this point, I had to wonder.
I hadn't really given up on the idea that maybe he just was a guest that was lost or just kind of looking around.
(EERIE PIANO MUSIC) My fiancé Phil and I had been together for two and a half years.
- Perfect, isn't it? - It is.
We definitely fell in love pretty quickly after we first started dating.
And I was the first one to say, "I love you," of course.
We were looking for a venue for our wedding, and we wanted one with a vintage feel.
You must be Chelsea.
- Phil? - Yeah.
I'm Justine, the manager's wife.
Congratulations on your engagement.
I'll call Matt down right away, but in the meantime, if you want to see some of the guest suites, there's some on the top floor you can see now.
(FOREBODING MUSIC) So we left and began looking around the hotel.
It was like kids in a candy store.
It had the vintage look that I love so much, and just it fit perfectly.
We kind of both looked at each other like, "I think this is it.
" I could absolutely see us getting married there.
As we get to the top level, it's kind of like we both stopped for a second like, "This looks like a whole different part of the hotel.
" It had a different feel to it.
Are you cold? I looked at my arms, and I had goose bumps going all the way up.
I'll see if I can find a thermostat or something.
Okay? (SPOOKY MUSIC) I went into the largest room at the end of the hall.
Everything was very elegant and oversized.
I absolutely fell in love with that room.
I felt like somebody was just staring at me.
It felt like whoever, whatever, was staring at me did not want me there.
(EERIE MUSIC) There's nobody in that room with me.
Maybe it was in my head, 'cause I knew that this was a very old building.
Whoa, sorry.
(LAUGHING) Did I scare you? Oh, no.
I, uh, couldn't find the thermostat, but I did find the manager.
Hi, I'm Matt.
So what do you think of the place? Oh, we love it, right? Uh, yeah, it's perfect.
I think we'll take it The whole place.
I was a little reluctant after what just happened.
(CHUCKLING) I was thinking, "Sometimes old buildings make you feel strange things.
" And I'm not gonna let a little feeling like that stop me from having our wedding here.
(DARK MUSIC) It was late, and the restaurant was closed because there was a wedding to set up.
(FOOTSTEPS) I heard a Like a slow step into the room.
(FOOTSTEPS) Hello? I would've sworn someone came in the room.
- (GLASS SHATTERING) - (GASPS) All of the sudden, the wine glass exploded.
My heart jumped in my chest.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) (INDISTINCT MURMUR) I heard a voice from the bathroom.
Hello? (MAN CRYING) Hello? (MAN CRYING) Can I help you? (TENSE MUSIC) - (CRYING) - Hello? There was somebody in the room with me.
(CRYING) All the color drained out of my face.
That's when I realized that there was definitely something to it.
The hotel's haunted.
Let me get your bags there.
This was the day I'd been waiting for for 28 years.
You can help yourself to some champagne, and we'll bring these up to your room for you.
Weddings at the hotel are a very big deal for us.
So when the bride, Chelsea, arrived, everyone was really excited about it.
I was like, "Oh, my God, I'm getting married.
" (EERIE MUSIC) There was a wedding at the hotel that day.
I was too busy to worry about anything.
I just I had to get stuff done.
I looked up.
It was a picture.
A picture of the man The same man that I had seen on the top floor.
Who's this? I wanted to find out more information about the history of the hotel.
Melissa, we have a wedding on.
Now's not really the time.
This is the man I saw on the top floor.
I found his photo on the wall of the dining room.
I really just couldn't believe it.
I told her All I know is that this hotel used to be the home of a wealthy family in the area.
I'm afraid that's about all I got, really.
Don't we have a book on the family somewhere? So we started to investigate.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) The history of the family shocked me.
We learned that there was a curse on the family.
People died here.
(GUNSHOT) (EERIE MUSIC) The hotel had previously been the home of a wealthy family in the area.
In 1902, Frederick, one of the sons, died of heart failure at 28 years old, which was unexpected and tragic for his father, William.
"William was so distraught" (SOBBING) (BANGING) He had locked himself into his room and complained he wasn't feeling very well.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) (SOBBING) It was a few weeks later.
William killed himself in his bedroom on the top floor.
He killed himself.
How could not be some kind of air of oppression and depression left over from that? I was not only gonna be marrying the man of my dreams, but I was doing it in the most perfect venue that I felt was built for us.
Is there a bathroom up here? - Downstairs.
- Downstairs.
I'll be right back.
Hello? I got halfway down the stairs (FOOTSTEPS) It was like somebody was stepping with me behind me.
(FOOTSTEPS) Suddenly, my heart was racing.
(FOOTSTEPS) (OMINOUS MUSIC) I couldn't even see it.
I didn't see anything.
It was right behind me.
(MAN SOBBING) (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) I had to just get out of there.
Help! There was something chasing me.
Help! Sarah, help! I see my friend Sarah come around the corner, and I'm yelling There's something chasing me! - There's something behind me! - Where? It was right there! I could hear it, but I couldn't see it.
Right there! I could hear it.
Sarah, it was chasing me.
I saw the look on my best friend's face of just pure terror.
(SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC) We learned that after William killed himself, the house was inherited by younger brother, Charles.
That was the exact same man that I seen on the top floor.
Charles Locke, the third son of William Senior.
(CRYING) Charles thought that there was a curse on the family.
He lived in the house a recluse.
"May 9, 1949.
Leaving the following suicide note" "No other family shall set foot in this mansion.
"This mansion will forever be ours.
"When I am found dead Blame no one but me.
" (GUNSHOT) Two suicides in this hotel.
I knew at this point that the guy that I have seen on the top floor must have been a ghost.
I realized Charles doesn't want us here.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) I I look up to the ceiling (SCREAMS) We had seen a ghost.
I don't think I've ever ran that fast.
Is it following us? (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) I was terrified.
Oh, my God.
What was that? I don't even want to know.
I knew we were in real danger.
(BOTH PANTING) And then (BOTH GASP) (HEAVY FOOTSTEPS) Somebody was stepping into the room.
(BANGING ON DOOR) Chelsea, are you in there? What's going on? (BOTH PANTING) (SOBBING) Honey I couldn't even talk.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) It was just It was unreal to me.
That was the That was the scariest thing I've ever experienced in my whole life.
(SNIFFLING) I see people leaving, and I could tell that there was a problem.
Go meet Sarah, okay? - So I said - Is everything okay? Not really, no.
My fiancée was just chased through your hotel by a man in a brown suit missing half his face.
I really just couldn't believe it.
It wasn't really until then that I came to believe that this place was really haunted.
(MELANCHOLY MUSIC) I definitely believe that whatever happens inside walls of a building stay there.
And people may forget, but that building will never forget.
Do your research before you stay anyplace, because you have no idea what you're walking into sometimes.
We still have guests that will have experiences and leave, because the history of the family remains in the house and on the property and will continue to be the history forever.