Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Someone on Earth had a sudden thought.
Parasyte The Maxim Metamorphosis How unfortunate I failed.
How unfortunate.
What's unfortunate? Shut up! I guess I was dreaming I feel like I didn't sleep too well.
Hm? Did you find the "snake"? It feels kind of numb.
Because you tied your earphone cord around it while half-asleep.
I'll just have some toast.
No, you need to have a proper breakfast.
I was really shook up last night.
That's my line.
Ah, hot! It's just a spider.
When are you going to get over that fear of bugs, Shinichi? The Japanese government has proposed three reform measures to address The Ja-pa-nese govern-ment has pro-posed the ongoing global economic crisis, said to be the worst since the Great Depression, Dad? Where's Mom? at the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting.
I'm hungry.
Dad? However, the Chinese government has lashed out against the proposal Where's Mom? and the Council is in a heated debate.
I'm hungry.
It is expected to take some time before a resolution is reached.
Next up in the news Gotcha! Huh? Murano?! That was so fake.
Wh-What was? You knew I was coming up behind you, didn't you? No, no way! Huh? Huh? Wh-Whoa! Th-This is just a misunderstanding! I mean, um You idiot! Why'd you do that? Tachikawa I have no idea.
I really don't.
Is something wrong with your right hand? Oh No.
It's nothing.
Ow! A snake! Ow! I-It burrowed into my hand?! I-It's climbing up my arm?! What's wrong, Shinichi?! Help! What are you doing? Why'd you tie up your arm? A snake! A snake's in my arm! What? A snake? Wow.
You take being half-asleep to a new level.
I'm serious! It made a hole in my hand and burrowed in! Yeah? So where's this hole, huh? Look! It's right— Huh?! Shinichi, you'd better not be on drugs.
Of course I'm not! Oh, really now, dear.
Weird It doesn't hurt or anything.
I wonder if that weird creature is actually inside my hand Izumi-kun! Playing games during class? Whatever you were up to, you know smartphone use isn't allowed during class.
But I had it turned off and Oh? Sorry.
Oh, Murano.
About this morning Man, she's pretty mad.
Okay, fine.
Out of kindness to an old friend, I'll go apologize for you.
Really? Thanks a lot.
But what about you? Are you okay? You've been acting strange all day.
Yeah I feel a little off.
I'll talk to the teacher and ask to go home early.
I wonder if it's possible for your hand to move on its own.
But if this has anything to do with that weird creature I saw last night Misaki! Misaki Thank goodness Dating 12 Women!! Popular athlete in shocking sex scandal! Shinichi? He's home early.
Are you even my own right hand? I'm going to test you.
You'd better not dodge How un fortunate.
Wha— I right hand fail.
F-Fail? What about my right hand? I a-ate it Not talk good yet Teach me Shinichi.
What are you? Tired Sleep.
Huh?! Hang on a second! I have tons of question I want to ask you! Hey! Hey, c'mon! Shinichi? Is something wrong? Shinichi, did you hear me? Don't come in! Nothing's wrong.
talking right hand talking right hand talking right hand w talking right hand we talking right hand wei talking right hand weir talking right hand weird talking right hand weird s talking right hand weird sn talking right hand weird sna talking right hand weird snak talking right hand weird snake burrow into human There's nothing that seems relevant.
So I guess no one else has had this problem.
Shinichi, dinner's ready! I got a call from the school.
They said you left early.
Did something happen? Not really I just didn't feel well.
Are you okay? Yeah Oh, you're having seconds? That's unusual.
So you don't feel well, but you do have an appetite? I feel better now.
Does it matter? I can't tell Mom or Dad about my right hand.
I love you, love you, love ya lots! Wall slam! Oops I had a bit too much Drank too much Nakamura-san, your laundry No I can't tell anyone about this.
Even if I went to the cops, they'd just think I'm crazy.
If they ran tests at a hospital, there'd be a huge uproar.
What should I do? Hey, wake up already.
It's morning? It's morning It's finally morning, and still I'm stuck in a nightmare.
What are you doing? Just what it looks like.
I'm studying.
Oh, you can talk normally now? So what are you, anyway? Don't tell me you're an alien? "Alien"? What's that? That snake-like thing is what you really look like, right? I won't deny that none of the biology books I checked had anything about me.
Did you really come from outer space? I don't know where I came from.
The earliest memory I have is the sense of how unfortunate it was that I couldn't take the brain.
"The brain"? You don't mean Are you going after my brain next? If that were possible, I would have done so already.
But it's not.
It's too late now that I've matured without having eaten your brain.
It's quite unfortunate.
What would've happened if you'd succeeded in taking my brain? You probably would have become a life form resembling a human, but with a head that morphs.
Why me, anyway? Coincidence.
I didn't choose you specifically.
I guess I have to go to a hospital now, uproar or not.
Why would you do that? To have them cut you off.
That would be undesirable.
I feed on the nutrients carried by your bloodstream to survive.
So, if I were to be cut off, I would shrivel up and die.
Plus, you would lose your right hand.
It'd be a loss for both of us.
"Both of us"?! You're the one who ate my right hand without even asking first! How about this? I'll fine tune the circuitry so that, while I'm asleep, you can control the hand just like before.
What? That's sufficient, no? Moving forward, we should cooperate and coexist.
That is our only option.
Wha— Who said you get to decide?! I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep.
Wait a minute! You always do that when things get inconvenient for you! Use me with care And I'm supposed to clean this up? Where's my bacon and eggs? You said you didn't want any yesterday.
You said I should have a proper breakfast, right? Can I have more toast, too? You're so fickle.
Violent incidents are happening all over the nation.
Another murder? Yeah.
A mother and her daughter were killed.
Not only were their bodies in terrible shape, but it also seems the father is the killer, and now he's missing.
There was also a dismembering in Osaka, and a murder in Miyagi where the body was hung up like laundry.
Not when we're eating, Dear.
Oops, sorry.
Hey, Shinichi, look.
You're fine with them now? Fine with what? But, you and bugs This is a different route from yesterday.
You're awake? Where are you going? I decided to talk to the police.
Don't do that.
You'll be isolated and turned into an experimental subject, or a sample.
Either way, you won't be able to lead a normal life anymore.
What should I do, then? I already told you this morning.
To cooperate and coexist is our only— Stop! Not so loud! One of mine is close.
What?! "One of mine" as in another of my species.
What did you say?! Wait, how can you tell? I can sense something like brain waves.
It's my first time sensing it, but I can tell it's one of mine.
It's about 200 meters straight that way.
There are other people who went through the same thing as me? Right.
Go right.
Shinichi? Okay.
Turn left up ahead.
It seems the other has sensed me, too.
What's wrong? Go.
You said it's one of you Could it be a person who's had his brain taken over? Possibly.
No way.
That's creepy as hell.
I need to know what exactly I am.
That information should be valuable to you, as well.
Twenty meters more.
It's around that corner.
It seems to be eating.
What? A A dog's eating another dog?! You also failed? Please stop talking.
You with your location in your host.
Me with my animal host.
Both dissatisfied.
Run! What?! Run! Hurry! What the hell? You told me to go there, and now you tell me to run?! I sensed that it wants to kill you! It harbors an intense suspicion toward you, because you are still human.
It intends to fight.
We'll fight here.
What?! Fight?! If it kills you, I'll die, too.
Here it comes.
What the You've gotta be kidding me! That's way out of line! I-Is that its heart? Look.
It's about to die.
It was living off the dog's organs and digestive system, as I'd suspected.
I had no idea there were more of you Its core was only the head.
It controls the rest of the body by seizing control of the nervous system, but because the core itself morphed into wings, its focus was dispersed, creating a gap in its defenses.
And you'd finally found one of your own kind A dog, huh? I suppose it's partially due to its maturation environment, but it was negligent with its studies.
That's why I was victorious.
It's like I'm talking with an insect that doesn't have a shred of empathy.
Shinichi, it's cold.
2 Days Ago Someone on Earth had a sudden thought.
"Life must be protected.
" Next time: Demon in the Flesh "Demon in the Flesh.