Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

The Feast

1 Delicious, Yet Robust! Tasty New Brew Beer! Let's embark on a pilgrimage to see the fall foliage Autumn Journey Hey, you, behind me and to my right.
You, wearing the gray coat.
I would like you to stop manhandling other people's bodies.
Ew, a molester.
I-I didn't! She's lying! Hey, take that back! Where's your proof that I laid hands on you?! Hey, are you listening to me?! Parasyte The Maxim Feast Looks like they've chosen the winner of the Kayama Fantasy Literature Award.
The Seventh Transformation by Yoshimi Dai, right? Oh, you've read it? It's about a guy who gained the ability to talk to reptiles.
It's totally implausible.
Not again This makes 84.
Mincemeat Murders? It doesn't even surprise me anymore.
Thanks for breakfast.
Oh, you didn't even eat half.
Y-Yeah I may be the only person in the whole world who knows the truth behind those murders.
Hey You know, you've changed recently.
Huh? Me? Yeah.
I don't think so.
I know I just heard a voice Right here.
Migi?! I was just thinking something tickled What's wrong? Oh, nothing.
One of my kind is near.
Again? Pedestrians Cyclists Only It's slowly coming closer.
But there haven't been any Mincement Murders around here.
It's possible they just haven't found any bodies yet.
It's about 70 meters away from us.
60 meters.
Don't tell me It's inside this building.
Inside here Where is it? Who is it? A guy? A girl? Approximately 30 meters away.
I am certain it's someone in here.
30 meters? Don't make eye contact.
It'll find you.
It's looking for us, too, but thanks to the crowd, it seems unable to locate us.
Good morning, everyone.
I'd like to introduce a new math teacher who'll be subbing in for Matsuyama-sensei, who's been hospitalized after a traffic accident.
Come on up, Tamiya-sensei.
My name is Tamiya Ryoko.
It's nice to meet you all.
It's her.
What?! In addition, Yamamoto-sensei will become the new homeroom teacher for class 3-3 Class 3-3? That's her class.
and Tamiya-sensei will be the assistant homeroom teacher.
Don't look, Shinichi! She's looking at me.
Our eyes met.
She's quite the looker.
She found me Listen up.
After doing five laps around the field, stretch again to loosen up your muscles.
Then we'll split into two groups and play a match.
I hope you've all read up on the rules.
What a surprise.
They might be on the next exam.
Even after taking over the head, she managed to retain and maintain the host's specific position in society.
Not to mention, she's teaching humans.
She is very gifted.
Why are you putting her on a pedestal? We have to do something.
What do you mean by that? Well, don't we? She's going to eat everyone.
No, that's unlikely.
She desires to blend into human society.
She will not use humans in her immediate social circles as food.
They should be safe.
How are you so sure? Well, let's just monitor the situation for now.
How can Migi sleep at a time like this? Right now, if she were to All right, use this formula to solve problems six through twelve.
She's here! What's wrong? You don't seem to be making any progress Huh? Oh, um, well Sorry.
Bow! Izumi-kun, come to the guidance office later, would you? All right? Hey, did you do something? No I'm jealous! I'd love to get a personal lesson from a babe like her.
Hey, there's a babe right here.
Right, Izumi-kun? Nah, you've got nothing on Tamiya-sensei's mature beauty.
But I guess she prefers guys like Izumi.
Who'd have thought? What are you talking about?! You don't have a clue! What are you talking about? You're the one without a clue.
She's approximately 10 meters away.
You're awake now? Guidance Office Excuse me.
Come in, please.
Izumi Shinichi-kun, I believe you know what I am.
Yeah "Yeah"? That's no way to speak to your teacher, is it? There's no need to be so tense.
Your right hand should know that I have no intention of killing you.
Besides, if we were to fight in such close quarters, we would both end up mortally wounded.
I would like to talk some more with you.
Can you make time to meet after school today? All right.
What if it's a trap?! I want nothing to do with this! Why are humans so irrational? What?! If I wanted to kill you, I already would have.
Huh? I am curious about you.
You are the first case of this nature I have come across.
That's why I want more data.
I'd like to exchange information and discuss the future with you.
The future? Well, that's all I wanted to say.
Yes? Uh, do you have any plans today? Yes, I am counseling some students.
I see.
Excuse me.
Hey, come with me to the bookstore.
Hey, that's Shinichi, roll up your sleeves.
Why? It's not like we're going to fight.
Because there are two people coming.
Huh?! Or should I say, two of my kind? So it was a trap?! We don't know that yet.
More importantly, Shinichi, slow down your heartbeat some, will you? You're making me anxious.
Easy for you to say! Sorry for the wait.
Allow me to introduce you to A-san.
"A-san"? He doesn't have a name.
Who the hell is he? How can we consider him one of us? Stop it.
There is no advantage in trying to kill each other here.
I see.
So you have only met those two types so far.
So, Izumi-kun.
What do you think we are? Man-eating monsters.
What else should I think? Well, you see, A-san and I tried having sex.
S-Sorry! Excuse me! What do you think happened as a result? Yes.
I became pregnant.
So, here's a question for you: The "thing" that's growing inside me now What do you think it is? W-Well A normal human being, no? Well done.
Yes, an ordinary human baby.
Then, what does that make us? I don't know.
That's what I'd like to ask, too.
You eat other humans in order to keep your human host alive.
That's like cannibalism.
Why would you do something like that? Did you try asking that to your right hand? I receive nutrients directly through Shinichi's blood.
I consequently do not experience hunger, nor do I know the reasons for cannibalism.
We have no reproductive capabilities, and endlessly engage in quasi-cannibalistic activities.
Do such life forms exist anywhere else? I thought that strange, as well.
Do you count as a life form or not? Either way, I find it difficult to believe you're of this world.
I'm leaving.
Knowing what I am will not change anything.
I will eat when I feel hungry, and I will eliminate any who stand in my way.
That's all there is.
He is dangerous.
He should be eliminated.
Perhaps it's a difference in our maturation environments.
So Humans can take illogical actions at times, so I feel I should give you a warning.
Supposing you choose to see me as an enemy and cause a scene, you are at a greater disadvantage since you cannot change your face.
I prefer to safeguard my current "human" identity, as well, so I do not intend to do anything extreme.
However, if I so choose, I can take on an entire classroom and massacre everyone in three seconds.
You have friends in my class, do you not? Shinichi, are you home? Impressive.
I did not expect her to elicit such terror from you.
That's cold! Why must you do that, Shinichi? You took the bus yesterday evening, didn't you? Where'd you go? Satomi was worried about you, too.
Oh, nowhere really.
Shinichi, we are under attack.
I sense nothing but killing intent from it.
Huh? Sensei? What's wrong? Fool.
S-S-Someone, help! Hey, are you all right?! W-We have an intruder Call the police! Evacuate the students! You will now study on your own.
We're under attack? From who? Most likely the male we met yesterday.
Hold it! Why did you enter the school grounds without permission?! Come with me! He just neutralized three obstacles.
You mean he killed people? I am not sure, but he is certainly brash.
A knife? Dear God The intruder has a knife?! Th-This is an emergency announcement! There is an intruder in the building! Huh? Students are to follow their teachers' instructions An intruder? Evacuate? and evacuate to the school grounds I don't remember them saying there'd be a safety drill today.
in groups according to class.
I repeat: there is an intruder in the building.
Damn it! I can't believe he's doing this in broad daylight! Students are to follow their teachers' instructions He's optimistic about his chances and lacks forethought.
and evacuate to the school grounds He's not at all like Tamiya Ryoko.
in groups according to class.
Hey, where is she, anyway? She is approximately 150 meters away.
It appears she intends to observe our fight.
Guess that's better than her joining the enemy.
Evacuate using the stairs near Wing C and do not approach Wing A under any circumstances.
Tamiya-sensei! She's not here? All right, come with me.
Don't push! Don't push.
Stay in line and keep moving.
We should fight, Shinichi.
Fight? Why? Our opponent strode in without any regard for witnesses in broad daylight.
Even if we run, he will come after us.
It's better to take him out now.
But Besides, we currently have the advantage.
I have a plan.
A plan? Hey, who've you been talking to? Huh? Oh, just thinking out loud.
Hey, think that's the intruder? Huh? Where? Over there.
That middle-aged dude.
No way! There really is an intruder! Hey, stay in line! He is attempting to pinpoint your—no, my location, but this crowd is preventing him.
If If he finds us, what will happen? He will attack us, of course, along with everyone around us.
He will not hold back.
But that is also what we want.
What we want? As he scythes down the people around you, I will move swiftly to pierce his heart.
It's simplistic, but it has a high probability of success.
The people around me?! That's your Yes, that's my plan.
You are being protected by a shield— a "wall of meat," you could say.
To A, it should pose a most inconvenient obstacle.
A "wall of meat" I had forgotten what you are! Murano! Izumi-kun! Did you forget something? I'll come with you! Don't come near me! Get away from me! What? Oh, um Sorry! Just get out of here and take refuge fast! What's the matter, Shinichi? You did not find my plan to your liking? Of course not! How many people do you intend to kill? But it's to protect myself.
You sacrifice other lives so that your own life can continue.
That is how animals live.
Your Japanese is really good.
You understand human speech so well, yet why do you I remember now.
Humans are one-of-a-kind creatures that commit suicide.
It's not that I want to die.
What are you doing? This is a better option than using a wall of meat.
Class 3-2! Stay in line! Are you upset, Migi? Upset? I do not have time for that.
I must think of our next move.
Shinichi, what do you think separates us from A? What separates us? He's a killer, and I'm a morally upright high school student.
He can become someone else.
I can't.
He's one.
I am two.
Is that true? Huh? Does A perceive us as being two distinct entities? What do you mean? Here's your weapon, Shinichi.
"My" weapon? That's right.
A and I are just about evenly matched.
So there is only one solution.
You must join in the fight.
If you become flustered and hold me back, we will lose.
On the other hand, if you fight effectively, we will win.
"Effectively"? How? We delegate roles.
See Will that really work? Well, let's try it out.
Conceal that weapon.
It's true that Migi is far more of a combat expert than I am.
He's already killed two of his kind.
I just have to trust him.
He's coming, Shinichi.
A is within three meters of us.
Three meters?! Wh-Where?! I don't see him! He's directly below us.
Was that meant to be a barricade? You've only cut off your escape route.
Disheveled Hair Next time: "Disheveled Hair.