Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e24 Episode Script


1 Web News Weather Image parasite In the end, no one knows what they really are.
They're still being talked about online, but there's been no formal announcement from any public agencies.
Ever since the battle at the city hall, there's been no notable parasite activity in this area, Nishi Fukuyama Station South Exit or even in the whole world.
Why did they suddenly go quiet? One obvious reason was that the battle was effective as an object lesson.
Another was that they, themselves, became even more adept at blending into human society.
Like Tamura Reiko before them, some gradually altered their diet to require less human flesh and thus become more human.
As for the one here Shinichi Migi, you never change.
You're so blunt.
But I'm really glad you're alive, Migi.
How do I look to you now, Shinichi? You look like you.
Before, you were totally different.
Um, I think it was like Never mind.
I've actually come here today to say goodbye.
Huh? What do you mean? I think I'll go to sleep.
Sleep? You're always going to sleep anyway.
It's a different kind of sleep.
This time, it'll be for a while longer.
It may very well last until I die.
In other words, you can think of it as regaining an ordinary right hand.
What? What are you talking about? I don't get what you mean! My internal structure has been altered yet again.
In particular, my time spent in a lucid dream of sorts within Gotou's body, where I felt alone, yet not alone, has been a major factor in that change.
But, Migi Not only did I obtain a massive amount of information at once, but I also became capable of pursuing many lines of thoughts in parallel.
I now want to shut out all other information for a while and see what I can accomplish with the material I currently have at my disposal.
So, I will stop all surface activity for the time being.
What? I can't believe I'm hearing this.
You were always so curious.
What's wrong? Aren't there still all kinds of things you don't know? You're right.
Well, I'll put it this way.
I'm going to try heading in a different direction.
A direction that's slightly different from your world.
I don't understand.
Shinichi, I want you to think of me as a dream.
That's why I'm saying goodbye to you in one.
What are you talking about?! All the days I spent with you, all the times we helped each other They weren't a dream! You're right.
The horrific events in your vicinity— the deaths of many people— did happen in reality.
Mom! Mom! Why is Mom here? It's a mental projection you generated upon hearing me talk about deaths.
Oh, so this is how your mother appears to you in your mind.
Huh, what? What do you mean? What's this? They're all very different from how I perceived them in my mind's eye.
Show how you see me.
Huh? What do you mean, "Huh?" Well, so that's that.
We can pretty much only hope to understand each other on certain points.
Even supposing that humans, who technically share the same structure, could exchange souls with each other, they would see and hear worlds far beyond their imagination.
Well, I should get going.
I'm going to flip the switch.
Wait! How am I supposed to fight parasites by myself, if they show up? You'll be fine.
You should be more wary of traffic accidents.
Wait! So I can't ever talk to you again? Forever?! Possibly.
But, well, it's not like either of us is going to die anytime soon.
Besides, it's not normal for someone to talk to his hand, anyway.
This is too much.
How can you spring this on me? You'll have forgotten all about this dream when you wake up, like usual.
I'd like you to have forgotten about me along with this dream.
Yes, I'm sure you can.
Listen, when you wake up in the morning, what you'll see is an ordinary right hand.
That's how things should be.
Migi Thank you for everything, Shinichi.
There's no way I could forget! Idiot! You idiot Parasyte The Maxim Nagai's been annoying lately, always following me around.
Oh, Akiho.
Oh, there he is! Izumi-kun, long time no see! Hey.
Did you wait long? No, Yuuko and Akiho just happened to pass by.
I'm going to an art exhibit with Akiho.
Not that I really want to We wouldn't want to be in your way, so we'll take off.
Later, guys! They seem to be having fun.
Yeah, looks like they're enjoying college life to the fullest.
I've been left behind.
Hurry up and catch up, then.
I'm waiting for you.
Studying after failing college entrance exams is like taking a nap in a park on a sunny day, compared to all the crazy stuff that came before.
Nothing's happened lately.
I haven't come across a single sign of the parasites around here.
I talked about what might've happened to them with Uda-san in Izu over the phone, once, but I didn't tell him about Migi.
Migi's "disappearance" is unique, even among his kind.
Migi In the end, I never did understand you.
But that's okay.
I'm sure you're walking in places unknown to me.
The many battles we fought together They weren't for the sake of Earth or anything.
It was for humanity Or, really, more for me as an individual.
In the end, I couldn't see things from the parasites' perspective, never mind from Migi's.
Of course not.
It wasn't possible from the beginning.
As two different species, we may at times take advantage of each other and kill each other, but it's impossible to understand each other.
Actually, you shouldn't even think that you've figured out another species based on your standards.
I think it's human arrogance to think we understand how other life forms feel.
There may be no other life forms that are truly a "friend" to man.
Still, even if we can't comprehend them, they are, without a doubt, neighbors deserving of our respect.
We protect other species because humans themselves are lonely creatures.
We protect the environment because humans themselves don't want to go extinct.
What drives us is simply self-gratification.
But I think that's fine, and that it's really all there is to it.
There's no point in despising humans by human standards.
That's right.
So in the end, it's hypocritical for us to love Earth without loving ourselves.
What's with you? Huh? Oh, just I was thinking how peaceful things have been lately.
Really? I heard crime's on the rise.
That's it! That's why they're no longer conspicuous.
Well, maybe they never were conspicuous to begin with.
Even murders can be chalked up to wild beasts feeding themselves.
In a narrow sense, they were our enemies, but in a broader sense, they were our kindred.
All of us were born here on this planet, weren't we? And we've been living our lives close to someone else.
Parasyte Come to think of it, we've been together for a while, haven't we? We're together? Huh? Just kidding.
I forgot what I was about to say.
What? Huh? What now? Was I imagining it? He looked liked that guy.
No, I thought I saw someone I knew.
No Motor Vehicles (Pedestrians Only) Bicycles and Approved Vehicles Allowed Higashi Fukuyama City Police No, it is him! What's wrong? Can you hold this? Wait here.
Huh? I'll be right back! He went through here? Is he looking for someone? He's looking for me.
Satomi! What the What the hell?! This can't be happening! I should've just pretended I didn't see him! Let's go.
Hey, what're you— S-Someone, help! I won't kill you until later.
I still need to talk to your boyfriend.
Satomi! Hey You didn't waste any time, huh? Satomi! Izumi-kun Aw, how cute.
She's so scared, she can barely talk.
Don't! What'd you do to her?! Nothing yet.
The blood's from that broad.
Hey, c'mon.
Can you let her go? Huh?! Are you stupid?! Then what do I need to do? If you'll spare her life, I'll do anything.
Is there something you want? Please tell me what it is.
What do I want? The cops aren't stupid.
It's only a matter of time before I'll be hanged.
But since I managed to run into you first, I thought I'd ask for an answer that wouldn't come from a human.
Huh? It makes sense when monsters kill humans.
They're just feeding themselves.
But what about me? What do you think I am? Nah, I think you know the answer already.
You know I'm the true human here.
Why are other guys so much better at keeping themselves in control? It's human nature to want to kill each other, you know? They're making a big fuss about nothing when they're all bloodthirsty themselves.
People who don't know who they truly are bitch at me about what I do, but I can tell monsters and humans apart just by looking at them.
I know how unnatural this whole world's become, too.
There's no need for monsters! Humans were created to be cannibals in the first place! We've been like that for thousands of years! It's because we tried to stop all of a sudden that our numbers ballooned into the billions! The world's gonna burst if we don't do something! Everyone's a damn liar, but you're different, right? Be honest, like me.
What are you getting at? Don't play dumb.
You're a mixed breed, aren't you? You've got monster in you! What?! I knew from the first time I laid eyes on you.
It's not in your head, though.
It's somewhere else in your body.
Don't Don't be ridiculous! You're his girlfriend.
You must've seen his body.
Wasn't there some suspicious mark that might've been where a monster burrowed inside? Please.
Let her go.
Answer me! I'm the normal human being, right? I'm just following my instincts! I'm the one being true to my nature, but human society is desperate to keep ignoring me.
I'm just asking you for a favor, given that you're halfway between humans and monsters.
Izumi-kun Halfway between humans and parasites, huh? Someone said something similar to me before.
Compared to Gotou, you're spun glass, but I'm not that strong anymore.
If words are all you want, I'll say anything.
So just let her go.
Yeah, you're right! Like you said, I'm— Izumi-kun! Call the police.
You don't need to listen to this jerk.
How can he be considered a normal human being?! You're even worse than those monsters! Huh.
You were so scared, you couldn't even talk, and now look how spunky you are.
I'm not scared of you! I've been through much worse at school! S-Satomi Both Izumi-kun and I have gone through it.
That's right.
Izumi-kun, you were amazing when it all happened.
You carried me and protected me with everything you had.
Sure, you might not be "normal," but you're human! Humans think all life is precious! You're the monster, jerk! That's enough, Satomi.
Izumi-kun, just go! Sure, fine.
Go call the cops, kid.
I think this girl's going to be more fun.
I'll have fun taking this toy apart while I wait.
This'll probably be the last fun I ever have.
It's always more fun taking apart the spunky ones.
Sh-Shinichi-kun! I I was always trying to catch up with you.
But you're so fast, you kept walking off into worlds I didn't understand I was the one left behind.
But now that I've finally caught up with you, it looks like I might've actually gone too far ahead.
Stop! I'll save her! I'll get to her in time! That's right, I'm fast! I'm not a normal human being! To me, he looks like he's frozen in time! With my left, strike his knife hand up and slam his jaw! Then with my right Toys are so easily broken No It can't be.
This is too much.
Why does it always end like this? An organism I met in passing and got to know was suddenly dead.
Why do I get sad when that happens? Well, that's because humans have so much time on their hands.
But that's their greatest merit.
An organism with time to spare in their hearts How wonderful is that? So Quit whining already.
I'm getting tired, so you can do the holding.
Huh? Satomi! I got to her in time? M-Migi! You okay? Thanks, Migi.
You're still alive! Did Satomi see Migi? Oh, well.
I don't mind if she saw him.
What a beautiful sky.
Do you remember the puppy that died? I'd thrown him away in a trash can.
I forgot to tell you before, but after I thought about it for a while, I moved him and buried him under a tree.
I know.
You did that because you're You're Shinichi-kun.
There are three people on the ground there, too! Three, he says.
Yeah, they think we're dead.
We were all born here on Earth We try to keep understanding each other along these tiny points until they accumulate.
We try to get closer to someone else until our lives someday end.