Parfum (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Ambergris is lust.
Sweet, painful, murderous lust.
For centuries, people have tried to find out where ambergris came from, which washed ashore on lucky days.
The Chinese thought ambergris was the saliva of dragons.
The Arabs said ambergris stemmed from springs at the end of the world.
Ambergris stems from the digestive tract of sick sperm whales.
Cost: 50,000 Euro per kilo.
The most expensive shit in the world.
PERFUME AMBERGRIS As rainfall has held off in the last few days, high water levels of the Niers are dropping.
The citizens were lucky this time.
Only one cellar had to be pumped out.
The volunteer fire brigade says it's surface water.
No need to worry.
The water level of the Niers is currently only 5'5", according to Nierverband e.
, with a downward trend.
Further rainfall could cause problems.
Oil tanks located in cellars should be secured.
But the weather gods mean well.
The next few days should stay mainly dry.
Only scattered showers are expected.
It will stay nice in the Lower Rhine region.
Therefore, water levels should drop quickly to normal levels.
- Look, Roman.
- The traffic situation in the area: Autumn is turnip time.
Like every year at this time, countless turnip transports are heading to the sugar beet plant Bongers und Koch in Aldekerk.
Expect major delays on the road due to slow-moving tractors.
Also Felix, put on some clothes.
What's that? K! Katharina! Katharina! Felix! Felix, come in.
I'll get you hot chocolate.
If you're not fast enough, you'll wait there forever.
Do you know the Lower Rhine? Who's the lead prosecutor in this case? How would I know? Ms.
Simon, good morning.
So it's your case.
- KÃhler.
Nice to meet you.
- Simon.
KÃhler is leading the investigations.
This is Dr.
Schenk, our coroner.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Someone only loves certain body parts.
It is sexual.
"Loves"? Could it not be hate instead? Hate looks different.
He took tissue and hair.
Apart from one strand.
KÃhler, Ms.
Simon Keep me in the loop.
Hello? I see.
Nearly every night, he runs away.
Why always that same dream? There could be fear or a desire behind it.
I have only one desire.
For the dream to disappear.
The boy should go away and never come back.
Could that be the desire behind it? Yes.
That would have been good.
Imagine that.
Try to imagine Merten manages to escape.
I can't.
I just can't.
I need that report straightaway.
Top priority.
"Goodbye, Mr.
" A single mother.
Apparently, not very successful.
The house says something else.
Is the father of the child rich? An inheritance? Head, pubic and axillary hair A sexual fetish.
But why the deep incisions? I'll be honest.
I know everything about holdups at kebab shops, suicides and shootings around the train station.
But this? Maybe it was one of her many men.
She had a whole troop of them.
A damn flock or something.
We were friends.
Met in school.
Who's the kid's father? As if she knew that herself.
Maybe you'd like some coffee? - Thank you.
- No.
We'll interview you separately later.
We'll also need your fingerprints and a genetic sample, Mr.
So we can differentiate a stranger from you, should we find any traces.
I'd like to talk to the boy now.
That's not possible.
It is.
Felix doesn't talk.
He understands some things, but he doesn't say a word.
Look here.
Is that a horse? Is this Is this a car? Is this Mom? You don't know what happened to your mom.
ROOM AVAILABLE I've been thinking about getting a dog myself.
I always get them from the pound.
Some are a bit troubled at first, but that lessens.
So, about last night.
Well Diva, okay? She's the one with the white nose.
She can't hold it for too long, so she needs to go at midnight and first thing in the morning.
Yeah, you feel bad about that, huh? That's when I saw the car.
Do you remember the make? Or the color? The streetlights are so far apart, you wouldn't be able to distinguish colors either.
Do you remember anything else? No.
Oh, well Such a shame.
Especially for the boy.
He came over at times.
He was like one of the dogs.
At the bowls with the dogs.
Like one of you, right? Yes, you.
The boy was eating dog food? It's healthy.
You should try some.
No, thanks.
Stay here.
Be good.
The Lower Rhine is up and coming as a holiday destination.
So, if you come across a tourist, you can send him my way.
That's why I was checking if the car could be a tourist.
But it was a local number plate.
- You remember the number plate? - Yes.
It was something from the area.
Wesel, Kleve or Essen.
Anyway, not from far away, or I'd have asked about the room.
Yeah, right.
Okay, then.
Thanks again.
- Goodbye.
- Not at all.
Come back anytime.
Your ears are round like mine And your eyes are blue And your forehead with all the wrinkles Looks like you will become smart later Shine your light, sun, in the night Stars, look after us Rainbow, cover us like a tent As the beginning of a new world Is sleeping here Dream the way you will love And dream the way you wilt Dream of what will make your dreams Come true some day Are you still coming? Shine your light, sun, in the night Stars I guess not.
look after us Rainbow, cover us like a tent Asshole.
As the beginning of a new world Is sleeping here You're the beginning You're the beginning - Good morning.
- Good morning.
Just a second.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Yeah, you gave me something very special.
A total highlight.
This is the work of a master.
At first, we thought the lesions were just superficial.
But this here goes really deep.
The perp has removed all subcutaneous fatty tissue.
Could have been a scalpel.
That's not what's so special, though.
I nearly missed it.
We found sperm in the vaginal cavity.
So there was intercourse? Of course there was.
But that wasn't the surprise.
I noticed the victim lost urine, which is normal with strangulation, but there was no defecation.
So, I checked the bowels Nothing.
She could have been fasting, but she wasn't, as her stomach was full.
Which must mean the perp has taken the feces.
- The feces? - A trophy.
Just like skin and hair.
Did you kill her? It wasn't me.
Look at me.
Then it was one of the other three.
I swear I'll make them pay.
If you want to keep working for me, there is one rule.
If somebody wants to fuck you, you spread your legs and get fucked.
Simple, really.
But he had foul teeth.
- And his underpants - He didn't wipe his ass? Yeah, he really stank.
If you're too good for that, you go somewhere else.
Is that clear? - Clear? - Yes.
Put in some effort.
And here are the latest regional reports.
A woman was found murdered in her home at Halferden in the Lower Rhine area.
Victim is 35-year-old Katharina Läufer, singer-songwriter, who sang at weddings Stop.
Piss off.
She lived at the homestead alone with her son.
There are no suspects yet.
Prosecution announced a press conference for this afternoon.
Repairs are continuing at the Rhine Bridge at Neuenkamp on the A40.
According to forensic investigations and witnesses, the scenario looks like this.
The perp parked his car behind the track and came across the field.
We need to announce time and place of the funeral at the press conference.
The perp might show up.
Lots of fingerprints in the house.
Some of them belong to an old acquaintance.
Thomas Butsche.
Did time for assault and illegal possession of firearms.
- A pimp.
- Okay.
Question him.
Of course he'll be questioned, just like the Seligers.
But we should keep our options open.
It could have been a complete stranger.
Someone who saw her somewhere.
At a concert.
Maybe a fan.
The victim's child showed a high level of sedatives.
We also found sedatives in the milk bottle.
We're assuming the perp was sedating the kid this way.
Therefore, it's likely she knew him personally.
Feces, tissue, maybe scent.
A trophy murder.
This kind of killer often has no connection to the victim at all.
The emotionless, almost considerate, circumstances of the crime speak for it.
We can't ignore this possibility.
A cautious perp like that is supposed to show up at the funeral? Absurd.
House search at Roman Seliger's: the semen sample is his.
The funeral will not be made public.
If there are no more questions Thank you.
At the current state of investigations, there is no suspect yet.
Simon, does your presence mean it was a sexual offense? SINGER KATHARINA LÄUFER MURDERED - Yes.
- Is there a risk of re-offending? There's definitely a risk.
Which is why we're urgently investigating in all directions.
What was the result of the postmortem? The result was death by strangulation.
The body has been released for the funeral.
- The funeral will - The press conference is over.
Thank you.
Prosecution heads the proceedings.
Not you.
All the time, anytime.
When did you last see her? The afternoon before she died.
- Felix was asleep and she let me come.
- Meaning? Yesterday, in front of my wife, I didn't want to She's fragile enough.
I had sex with Katharina that day.
Was it a one-off? It went on since school.
She probably wanted more than just short, secret meetings.
It was rather the other way around.
I did offer.
Her hair, her ways, even her feet I was hooked.
You should have seen her at her concerts.
She sat there with her guitar and had that special way of playing with her shoe.
The heel loose, just the tip hanging off her toes.
When she did that, I knew she was picking someone for the night.
Whoever the tip was pointing at, she took home.
I warned her about the high heels.
Hallux valgus, you know.
Deformity of the big toe.
She laughed.
She said, "When I'm old and nobody loves me anymore, at least I'll still have my hallux valgus.
" She was insatiable.
If she knew her songs are now played on the radio She'd have died for that.
What about your wife? She didn't know for 15 years? There are things in a marriage you know, but don't talk about.
And as long as you don't, it's like they don't exist, right? I didn't really mind.
Only when she wasn't in the mood.
Then it was bad.
For whom? Who was it bad for? You know This bed It's full of ground elder.
I cover it.
That's what you do.
The weeds don't get any sun, and should be gone after a year.
After a year, I remove the cover and plant flowers, and every single time, I think, "This time it'll work.
" If I help the flowers with good soil, or cut the tree so there's no shadow But no flowers grow.
Keep still.
Just ground elder.
Hey, don't move.
Keep still.
Does Mommy have to get angry? Got to sleep now! Stupid Felix! I didn't hit Felix.
No problem.
I used to hit the boys myself.
Did anybody else hit Felix? He didn't want to listen to his mom.
- And then? - Then she hit him and sent him to bed.
Did he scream? He sucked at the bottle.
- He got the bottle when he was naughty? - With milk.
And he fell asleep? Will you play family with me? I think that game is too difficult.
- KÃhler.
- It's me.
- Ms.
Simon? - Where are you? - Where are you? - In the garden.
The sedatives in the milk It wasn't the perp, it was the mother.
If you ask me, the boy was sedated for months.
So, it might not have been someone known to the boy, any old stranger.
We need to make the funeral public.
I don't want you to close the casket.
Our friends should see her the way she is now.
That's what the lying in repose is for, before.
I want it to be the same during the service.
I'm sorry, but in Germany, that is unusual.
Just the five of us.
Exclude the public.
"Your needs and wishes, as individual as they may be, will be catered for.
" How about a diamond funeral? - Diamond funeral? - Yes.
At the cremation of the body, we create a diamond from the ashes.
I find that somewhat dubious, physically as well as legally.
My friend at the Morgenpost will be interested.
Only the closest friends.
Fine, as you wish.
- I'll get her prepared.
- You leave her just the way she is.
This dress, no wig.
Nothing from the house search at the Seligers'? No.
Brettschneider will question Thomas Butsche.
Anything else? No indications of similar murders in recent years.
I could have sworn he did it before.
Did you check the missing persons lists? We can't follow up on every missing person, but we checked for connections between missing women and Butsche or the Seligers.
Forensics have found traces of over 50 different men on the victim's mattress.
The mattress model has only been on the market for two years.
Her lovers were at Katharina Läufer's concerts and went home with her.
A few got in touch and are being checked out.
But we're missing 30 at least.
We'll question her brother tomorrow, but he spent the last few years in America.
We're treading water.
Okay, we'll risk it.
Inform the local radio stations about the funeral.
Simon, you're not coming.
Why? KÃhler you're not either.
Thank you.
I see.
Simon, one minute.
Do you think this is appropriate? Calling me an asshole by text? Yes.
You knew from the start what you were getting into.
- And right now - I am also overworked.
Were you waiting for me yesterday? Not at all.
I watched a movie.
Really? What movie? "Goodbye, Mr.
" Maybe you're right.
Maybe we should just leave it.
No problem.
It's easier.
My wife is taking the kids to her parents this weekend.
We could go to the seaside.
At least for one night.
But only if you want it, too.
But you'd have to change the movie title.
I missed you.
We will confirm whether you were here all night.
The whole puking bachelor party will tell you that I threw them out personally.
Business is great.
You're planning to open at the train station? Yeah.
Everybody's complaining about it, even though I'm clean.
No minors.
No Romanians.
I don't like filth.
Except for Pearl.
She doesn't even wash her fingers after masturbating.
A real slut.
To each his own.
You hear that? An ass like that brings cash rolling in.
With that ass doggy style? It's on the house.
NIGH When the night falls I want to see you You're everywhere but with me And I'm driven by lust whispering of you And I was so certain to find you here The night is ice-cold and I follow it Searching for you in its middle Every light like a stone Every star like paper And I was so certain to find you here I offered you the when and where But you left me alone In the middle of the night Lastly, I gave you the big why And I tumbled into the middle of the night Stay the night Oh, stay the night Stay the night In the middle of the night it gets dark And I throw a stone at your window Want to feel you where you lie But you prefer to feel yourself And I was so certain that You love me I offered you the when and where But you left me alone In the middle of the night Lastly, I gave you the big why And I tumbled into the middle of the night Stay the night Oh, stay the night Stay the night And at the end of the night The moon tears itself to pieces The river falls into the four And at the end of the night I divide you into three To share with the night and the lust And the night stays alone with you And the night stays alone with you And the night stays alone with you I take from you the when and where And throw you into the middle of the night This was the song "Night" by the brutally-murdered singer Katharina Läufer.
Three days after the murder of the 35-year-old, there has been no progress.
Katharina Läufer will be buried at St.
Michael cemetery this afternoon.
I haven't seen her since high school.
Will you go to the funeral? Maybe it'll help with closure.
If I can find the courage If I manage to look them in the eye then the fear has gone.
Then I can manage everything else as well.
I'm an idiot, right? Who are you most afraid of? They were so much better than me.
Back then, I was afraid they'd mock me because of my teeth.
Because of everything.
I didn't realize I should have been scared of their friendship.
I think I'm most afraid of seeing Elena again.
According to the prosecution, a repeat offense cannot be ruled out.
Local police are asking the public for help.
A page has been set up for clues on the Kleve police website.
The funeral of Katharina Läufer is this afternoon at St.
Michael cemetery Should I change my shoes? No.
You look beautiful.
Nothing will happen to you with me there.
My sister wasn't exactly nice to me.
I still have the scars on my back.
She was five years older.
So you don't know what could have happened? I went abroad right after the death of our mother.
I didn't want any contact with my sister, so I don't know her little boy either.
You're taking him in.
Why? Well, he's my nephew.
Roman was asking if we'd look after him.
And we're happy to.
She was tight with Seliger and the others from the boarding school.
Thomas and Elena and I can't think of his name right now.
Elena Seliger, and Thomas what? Butsche.
Thomas Butsche.
You were at boarding school.
Which one? St.
And Moritz.
Moritz de Vries.
There was one more with really bad teeth.
Moritz de Vries and a fifth.
Here comes the Invisible.
It's been a long time since we were all together.
Fortunately, she spent most of her time at boarding school.
But that changed when the little boy disappeared.
- What? - Yes, the whole town was in an uproar.
Everybody has their theories.
Katharina stopped going to boarding school then.
And Roman, Butsche and Moritz didn't come to see her anymore.
They didn't talk.
After so many years, we're reunited again through Katharina's death.
Just like she united us back then through her zest for life.
But was it zest for life? A greed for life? Curiosity? Or maybe life itself? Who was Katharina? K.
I guess she was something different for each of us.
And maybe we are what we are mostly because of her.
"Perfumes there are as sweet as the music of pipes and strings As pure as the naked flesh of children As full of peace as wide green prairies And there are others, having the whole Corrupt proud all-pervasiveness of infinite things Like frankincense, and musk, and myrrh, and ambergris That cry of the ecstasy of the body and of the soul" Honey, you go with Felix's uncle.
Does that look familiar? Would you like to see this, too? It's exactly the right places.
What did you say? - The cuts.
- What did you do to her, perfumer? What did you do to her? Elena It needn't have been one of us.