Party of Five s05e07 Episode Script

Tender Age

1 Sarah.
Sarah, you have to come.
you know the part where everyone sits around and names all the things that they're grateful for in the last year? well, who's gonna do that? you're like the champ at that.
I don't know, Bailey.
I don't think I'm gonna be up for it.
maybe--maybe the list is getting shorter.
come on, don't say that.
there are a lot of things.
there's Charlie's new baby.
there's your doing great in school.
that's not what I meant.
I know what you meant.
you meant us.
andlook, we'll get through this.
this is just us figuring stuff out.
right? why don't you come today? it'll be so weird with you not here.
I mean what does that mean that you're not here? well, it's gonna be weird for me, too, Bailey, but I can't.
well, so then-- you know what, bay? I think I'm just gonna go back to sleep.
I mean, I've hardly slept at all, ok? bye.
Happy Thanksgiving.
blamblam! blam! blamblamblam.
blamblam blam, blam Owen, come on.
we gotta go.
blam! Blam! let's go, Mr.
Terminator man.
I'm not Terminator.
I'm thunder trooper! ok, thunder trooper Owen, we're on a top priority baby run.
and our mission is we've gotta get some extra small pampers for thunder trooper Diana.
can I get it, Charlie? 20 bucks for a piece of plastic? I'll make you one out of wood way better than this.
let's go.
can I go on the merry-go-round? we got loads of more stores to go to.
please, Charlie, please? ok, one ride while I call home, all right? and one means one.
no, I didn't get her the pacifier.
I couldn't find the kind she likes.
uhthe duck head.
sure I can tell what kind she likes, the kind she doesn't spit out.
and what's this formula type? I can't even read your writing.
oh, sure.
You try writing while you're nursing and making coffee at the same time.
and when are people getting here, anyway? because I cannot--cannot do anything about fixing a big Turkey dinner.
it's all set up.
Julia's coming early, Kirsten, too.
all you gotta do is turn on the oven at-- Charlie, I don't know how to do all this.
it's easy.
It's stuffed and everything.
oven on, insert bird.
daph, look, Daphne all right, don't worry, I'll be back soon.
There she is.
hi, sweetheart! Owen! Did you see a kid? Owen! where are you? Owen! Everybody wants to live like they wanna live and everybody wants to love like they wanna love and everybody wants to be closer to free closer to free Owen! Owen, what's the big idea? you scared the heck-- what do you think you're doing? I'm sorry.
I'm looking for my little brother.
come with me, honey.
stay away from people you don't know.
I didn't do anything.
he grabbed me.
Owen! Hmm, I thought you said you hated Thanksgiving at your house.
Yeah, I do.
we don't even have it at the house.
my folks take us to the club so they can tell, like, a million golf stories a minute with their friends.
soduh? We'll go to my house.
it'll be great.
you already know everybody.
I don't know.
Maybe I should be with my family.
it's Turkey day and all.
besides, it's, like, holiday meal with the family.
that's a big--big deal.
it's like a big step.
so what are you telling me? it's like a big commitment or something? like my brothers are gonna ask you what your intentions are? if you want to know whether Griffin's gonna be there, you should just ask me, hmm? well, is he? no.
no Griffin.
he feels as weird about being there as you do.
weirder even.
now do you want to come? Owen! Miss? miss, excuse me.
you remember I was here before? kind of.
uh, I had my little brother with me.
your brother? about this tall, got brown hair.
I remember.
you do remember.
have you seen him since? I don't think so.
you don't think or he hasn't been back here? I tell me, damn it! I haven't seen him.
Attention shoppers, a reminder that the mall is closed at 1 P.
for the holiday.
thank you.
attention shoppers-- where do I draw the line, Kirsten? I mean, your being fair to me.
at what precise point do I draw the line and say, "ok, that's enough.
" you spend enough time over there.
are you talking about me helping out with the baby? because that was-- they needed me.
when don't these people need you? this is about Thanksgiving, ok? some other time we'll talk about does Charlie lean on me too much.
We are definitely going to talk about whether or not Charlie leans on you too much.
but not today, ok? because today is Thanksgiving.
you know pilgrims turkeys yeah, I'm familiar with the concept.
so we've got a choice.
we can bail on the salingers.
I can call them right now.
and we can go to Dr.
patel's instead.
patel, who all he does is talk to you about some article he's writing for the-- journal of dermatology.
While I'm in the backyard watching Mrs.
patel sleeping in her folding chair.
till it's time to make a run for curry takeout-- which is fine.
I love curry.
but not on Thanksgiving.
5 years old, huh? the fearless 5s.
that's when a lot of them just start wandering off.
not Owen.
He's never wandered off.
and I went back to the toy store where we were.
did you try over at foodworld? in other words, that's where a lot of them go: you know, the ice cream stand, pizza parlor-- I've been to foodworld.
all right, well, take it slow, Mr.
I don't want to take it slow.
well, what was he wearing? in other words, his clothes.
it'll help us spot him.
um I don't know.
he's, uh he's he's a little kid.
he's wearing sneakers, I think.
and he was wearing this.
uh, jeans? Overalls? what color was his shirt? in other words, you gotta give me something.
in other words, I don't know what Owen was wearing! Ok? ok.
call the wife.
she'll know.
no, no, no.
It's great that you called.
it's just--actually, I'm the only one here.
um, are you gonna have a happy Thanksgiving? it's kind of hard being away on the holidays, huh? well, this place is a complete morgue.
I'm practically the only one here.
I just-- I miss everybody.
uh, no, no, no.
I'm going over to Mr.
kroop's house for the big bird.
yeah, I guess I just look so pathetic being here all by myself he couldn't help but ask me over.
oh, uh, Claudia, can you, uh, hold on just a second? yeah, hello.
Charlie, you what? oh, Charlie.
oh, my god.
we'll find him.
everybody here's looking for him, the whole security office or whatever, but-- Claudia? What about Claudia? well, i-I've got her on the other line.
but I'll get off.
do it so she doesn't know anything's wrong, ok? then get back on.
I need you.
Ok, all right.
hey, Daphne, is Bailey around? 'cause I'd really like to talk to him.
huh? that's the doctor on the other line.
about Diana.
no, no, no.
nothing's wrong.
it's just a weekly checkup thing.
uh, yeah.
that'll be great.
ok, talk to you later.
Charlie, I can't believe this.
how can he be lost? no, no.
I'm not.
I'm not panicking.
I don't know what he's wearing.
you're the one that dressed him.
oh, how long has he been gone, anyway? gone? Owen's gone? he's lost? oh, Diana, no.
who's that, Charlie? Bailey, Charlie needs to know what Owen was wearing this morning.
he's missing at the mall.
what? shh, Diana, shh.
Charlie, how are we supposed to know what he was wearing if you don't? blue sweater.
I saw him come out of the bathroom this morning.
He took that off.
what else? umoveralls, I think.
no, no, no.
striped shirt.
stripes going across this way.
Tell him.
he was wearing a striped shirt, and the stripes were going across his chest.
what's wrong? Charlie lost Owen at the mall.
tell him I'm coming over there.
Bailey's on his way.
I'm going with him.
he says to bring a picture.
Owen salinger, please go to the nearest store and ask for security.
Owen salinger, please go to the nearest store and ask for security.
Unit three, change your frequency to four.
I don't see anything.
he's nowhere.
keep your eyes on the screens.
it's been 45 minutes! I make it 40.
tell you what, we'll give it another 5, then we'll call 9-1-1.
that's your big plan?! I could've done that myself.
I figured you guys knew what you were doing! hey, attitude's not gonna help us find your little brother.
dial the number 9-1-1 now.
unit two, second floor.
unit two, second floor.
I'll tell you what Thanksgiving is like around here.
it's complete and total chaos.
everybody talking at once.
you're worried about getting grilled? no one's even having one conversation long enough to grill anybody.
it's nuts.
it sounds nuts.
it is.
it's great.
you'll love it.
hey, where is everybody? anybody home?! what's wrong? You're it? my brother's missing, anything could've happened to him, and they send over one cop? when you say anything could've happened, do you have any idea what that might be? if I had, would I be standing here talking to you? look-- no, you look! you asked if I'm it, well, your answer's yes, for now.
I was driving patrol nearby, and they rang me in, tender age missing.
tender age? that's what we call a missing child under 10.
look, if more units are needed, I'll call for them, but right now I have a few questions for you.
now, do I have your cooperation or not? all right.
were you fighting? you and Owen? fighting? no.
any reason to think he might run away? run--no.
that is so unlike him.
we were having a great time.
I put him on the merry-go-round.
and then you made a phone call.
yeah, that's right.
any trouble at home lately? no.
No trouble at home.
excuse me, officer, sir.
I'm Bailey salinger.
you needed some pictures of my brother.
you got the description of the shirt he was wearing, right? stripes going across his chest.
I got it.
I might as well let you know.
I'm calling in more units.
more the better, right? because of what I said? well, we passed the hour and a quarter Mark.
if he's been missing this long and you're sure he's not a runaway-- a runaway? he's not.
then we proceed on 2 assumptions.
either he's lost, or it's a worst case scenario.
worst case? what is that? that he's been abducted.
Ok, it's called a grid search.
we divide the mall up into squares.
and one uniform will go with a family member or a friend, we go square by square.
it's painstaking, but it gets the job done.
we've made a few copies of Owen's picture.
you're gonna want to show 'em to everyone you see.
uh, we're gonna need more copies.
Paul and I will make those.
there's a copy shop by the escalator.
Look, we're racing the clock here.
the mall closes at 1:00 for Thanksgiving.
and then we lose our best shot at witnesses and hiding places.
what are we waiting for? let's do it.
- Bailey, you go with him.
- ok.
and you two stick with officer Shaw.
- all right.
- anybody finds anything, I want to hear about it immediately.
Owen I couldn't say whether I saw this kid or not.
look, I'm pretty sure he'd come by here.
could you look at the picture one more time? I just gave it a look.
I don't remember.
excuse me.
it's my turn.
what do you do? just say stuff to kids without looking at them? they sit on your lap, Santa, a whole 2 inches from your face.
I don't look too hard, ok? it's a job.
no, you look.
this is my brother.
I want you to look at this picture again and ask yourself-- officer, can you get this guy out of here? Mr.
salinger, come on.
what are you doing? Santa here is, like, "no.
Never seen him before.
" he barely even looked at the picture.
let's get back to work, ok? Come on.
let's just calm down.
let's get back to work.
and let's find him, ok? yeah, I hear you.
I know what you're saying, you're saying let's keep our minds on Owen, like you did this morning, right? are you saying I wasn't paying attention? he was with you! he got off the other side of the merry-go-round.
it could've happened to anybody.
but it never does.
I had him! I was watching him.
I was on the phone for 2 minutes! 2 minutes! it's Thanksgiving! you're in a crowded mall with a 5-year-old who's got a mind of his own.
how could you take your eyes off him for 2 seconds! is this helping to find him, bay, you hot-heading around? you didn't even know what he was wearing.
I was hardly awake when he left, and I knew better than you did.
I had about 18 million things on my mind.
Only Owen wasn't one of them.
was he? I know where Owen likes to go.
Why can't we check those places? Charlie already looked at all the places Owen likes.
I know better than Charlie.
I brought Owen here for his birthday.
this grid thing is so-- it's just the way it's done.
maybe it seems inefficient, but-- I don't care.
I know where he'd go.
ok, for instance? give her a moment to think about it.
there's a sports store.
you know, they sell team gear.
49ers shirts, like that.
we could start there.
Owen and football? he's only 5.
He's not that into a sport yet.
airplanes! I was just helping him fix up his room.
he wanted me to hang up all these airplanes.
he's got, like, a hundred of them.
remember last year, he wore around that snoopy aviator cap? right.
I forgot.
Planes are his thing right now.
there's a model department in Harvey's.
ok, so long as one of you comes with me.
you guys go.
let's do it.
I took this picture.
a few months ago.
we were at the beach, in bolinas.
it was this beautiful day.
I brushed his hair when we got home.
it was all wet, 'cause he was in the water.
I told him "you have such thick hair, owe.
" "the girls are gonna love your hair.
" I was teasing him, and he got all embarrassed.
Kirsten? it's ok.
It's ok.
I'm ok.
we're sitting here drinking coffee.
I should be doing something, anything to find him.
you want to find him? your best bet's keeping your eye on these screens right in front of you.
I raised him.
he's likeThe little guy that's always there.
I can't even think about if something awful happened to him.
I don't hear you saying, don't worry, we'll find your brother.
you want me to? look, Charlie, chances are we will find Owen.
I can't say I know what you're going through.
but I do have 2 children of my own.
what age? a boy Owen's age.
and a baby girl.
yeah? yeah.
me, too.
yeah? so neither one of us is getting any sleep.
as a matter of fact, I was on the phone about her when I can't believe I was that stupid.
now, there's a first class waste of time, kicking yourself.
I want us to find him in the next hour.
why? come on, you said that like it was important, "in the next hour.
" that's when the shift ends at the precinct.
and then the next shift takes over, right? and the next cops take over where these left off? no, not exactly.
missing persons takes it.
ok, missing persons.
what's wrong with that? missing persons takes a lot of cases.
runaway housewives kind of thing.
and plus this holiday doesn't help us.
we don't get a full force till Monday.
so if we don't find him in the next hour-- so let's find him, ok? Be there.
Be there.
(ring) damn.
Sarah, when you get this, it's not I don't mean to bother you, but this is really important.
Owen's lost at the galleria mall.
and we're all here, all of us, looking for him.
but every set of eyes helps.
andwe need you, or I wouldn't call.
I need you.
(ring) Charlie? Daphne? nope.
It's me.
Claudia, hi.
why'd you ask if it was Charlie? isn't he there? he ok, look, I figure somebody's gotta be there by now.
I mean, this is Thanksgiving.
lousy luck, claud.
everyone, uh, suddenly decided that they needed to get something at the store before it closed.
hey, um, I'm supposed to be making some yams.
look, this sounds a little too weird.
is everything ok there? oh, sure, sure.
what could be wrong? do you know anything about cooking yams? 'cause me, I don't have a clue.
yams? Ok.
you got a baking pan? now, where would that be? excuse me, sir.
Can you have a look at that? please? Excuse me.
this little boy is missing.
if you can have a look at that, please? I'm missing this little boy.
my brother.
boy not ok.
boy not--not ok.
this boy not ok? boy not good.
boy not ok.
what did you see, ma'am? my mother doesn't speak english.
can you ask her for us what she saw, please? (speaking Chinese) (speaking Chinese) my mom saw a boy being dragged out of the mall by a man.
the boy was crying, but she doesn't recognize the boy in the picture.
what about you? did you see anything? no.
I wasn't with her.
what about his clothes, what was he wearing? could you ask her? (speaking Chinese) (speaking Chinese) she saw-- the boy was-- I know.
I know I saw.
boy crying.
boy not ok.
we need to get her to Flaherty now.
thanks for your help.
well, we don't have to sweat the shift change.
we've got the whole next shift at our disposal.
why's that? because what Mrs.
chao saw qualifies as a positive indication of abduction.
that buys us every cop in town.
what did she see? a boy that may or may not be Owen.
but what about his shirt? there's a lot of striped shirts around.
That's not the part that scares us.
what is it.
what scares you? the man who's dragging the boy off.
Caucasian, heavy-set, very heavy-set, shoulder length hair yeah, so? so there was another case of abduction about 2 months ago, 1/4 mile from here.
the man they're looking for fits that description.
what happens now? ok, now we split up.
some of us will stay here in the mall.
this could all be just a coincidence.
but at the same time, we widen the search to the surrounding streets.
now, some of you will go in the squad cars.
let's say 2 to a unit.
our boys could use the help.
not you.
You know what your job is.
you I'm going to need on a search of the basement.
then who's gonna go with the units? I'll go.
you don't know Owen.
and I'll go.
he said 2 to a unit.
then that's the team.
let's do it, people.
Come on, let's check out this building.
construction sites, railroad yards, abandoned buildings, we call them "attractive nuisances.
" it's where kids sometimes hang out.
and homeless people, too, looks like.
I'll talk to these guys.
you two walk round the perimeter.
Holler if you find something.
Red sneakers.
huh? I just remembered.
that's all he's been wearing lately.
I don't know if anybody bothered to tell the cops that.
this scaffolding's dangerous.
I hope he's not stupid enough to be wandering around in here.
that's what you think he's doing, wandering around, instead of being grabbed by somebody? I don't know.
Owen wouldn't wander off like that.
I know you think that 'cause you don't know him.
yeah, and you do.
as a matter of fact-- uh-huh.
I totally get that.
you know about his red sneakers, his airplanes, what he'd do, what he wouldn't do.
you know how the entire family works.
Yeah, I do, since I was married awhile, am married to Julia.
whereas I'm the guy who's with her now.
why don't we split up, circle around, come back? (Ring) Hello? Daphne, it's me.
ok, put me on with somebody now, ok? I'm, like, dying here.
I'm really glad you called, only-- only what? don't tell me there's still no one there.
come on, Daphne, please put me on with someone.
please let me talk to someone.
I mean, I know how Thanksgiving works in my own family.
and either someone's there, or something's wrong.
I'm making these pie crusts, and I'm having this dilemma between butter versus lard.
Daphne, put somebody on.
I can't.
oh, my-- Is something wrong, Claudia? Claudia.
Claudia, you gotta calm down.
that's the first thing, ok? listen to me, we're all here looking, and there are lots of police officers, ok? Claudia, you there? I'm here, but I'm coming there, Bailey.
don't even try and talk me out of it.
this just shows I've got to be there when this stuff happens.
no! Claudia, you stay there.
that's the last thing we need.
you stay there.
no! I'm scared for Owen.
I know, but we're gonna find Owen any minute, and you're gonna be on a plane coming here.
that doesn't even make sense, right? Sir, come on.
ok? Claud? Thank you.
excuse me, miss? leave me alone.
I was only asking-- I said stay away from me.
I should call the police.
they shouldn't allow solicitors in the mall.
Paul, what's going on? sorry to disturb you, all right? take it.
Look at it.
it's not a 40% off sale, lady.
it's a kid, ok? See? Kirsten, it's all right.
just let it go.
go ahead, ma'am.
we're sorry.
we apologize.
don't apologize.
she's-- how can you say I'm sorry to her? you're hysterical.
I am not hysterical! I am angry, and I'm upset! and so what if I'm hysterical? Owen's lost! I can't be like you, all calm and apologizing to these selfish, damn people.
just calm down.
don't tell me to calm down.
and don't apologize for me again, ever! ever! There's, like, a mile of hallway down there.
we walked it all.
there's nothing.
and, Charlie, Daphne told Claudia on the phone.
your Daphne told Claudia, 3,000 miles away.
why would she do that? huh? what purpose does that possibly serve? what? maybe Claudia has a right to know.
now, shouldn't you get out there and look-- so you're defending Daphne? why should I have to defend Daphne? because telling Claudia was a damn, stupid thing to do, that's why.
so she screwed up.
so I screwed up.
everybody, but you, right? now, why don't you get-- you want to get mad? get mad at yourself.
don't you think I am?! huh? I just spoke to dispatch.
bayview hospital.
a boy's been brought in in a coma.
is he Owen? no clothing.
no clothing? it'd been removed, and the boy's been beaten badly.
oh, my god.
so badly they can't I.
him off the picture.
but that doesn't mean that one of you can't.
I need one of you to go down there.
I'm gonna go over there.
you're on the monitors.
you stay on the monitors.
I'll go.
I'll call you as soon asI've seen him.
take someone with you.
you'll be looking at a battered child.
even if it's not Owen, it'll be the worst thing you've ever seen.
you'll need someone there.
I'll go with him.
This way.
I--i can't see his face.
it's all bandaged.
well, that's for the light.
I can lift that up.
no, no.
it won't hurt.
just so you can see.
shall I move aside? do you need to come any closer? no, I don't need to come any closer.
oh, my god Bailey? it's not him.
it's not Owen.
come on.
I gotta call Charlie.
thank god that isn't Owen.
it's somebody's Owen, right? right? I mean, somebody's gonna come here, and they're gonna hope that's not their baby, and it's gonna be.
that's somebody's Owen.
Charlie? It's not him.
it's not Owen.
yeah, we're ok.
could you look at this? The mall will be closing in 15 minutes.
once again, have a happy Thanksgiving.
excuse me.
Can you take a look at that? Thank you.
can you look at that? We've got nowhere left to search.
there'll be a clean-up crew-- there's 15 minutes left.
15 minutes is 15 minutes.
Charlie, Owen is not in the mall.
you said it's our best shot! all of our witnesses are here.
there's 100 places to hide.
he's not in the mall.
that's what we have a grid-search for, so we can say for sure.
and he's not here.
it closes in 15 minutes, and I'm staying right here.
Once again, shoppers, a reminder.
the mall will be closing in ten minutes.
Sarah? yeah? I want you to know that if we were going to have baby, anyway, at any time, that I would love that baby and I would protect it, and I would want it.
I would, no matter what.
let's find Owen.
listen, nobody's going to give up, right? I mean, you guys are going to keep cruising around, and all the other cops in the city are going to get a description of Owen, right? Right? did you no, you didn't.
look, we just keep at it, that's all.
Griffin's seeing if we can get into the other units, help them look.
look? Look where? in--in the whole city for one kid? One little kid? where are we supposed to look, ned? we keep talking and walking around, all day, all day, and meanwhile, Owen is somewhere, or somebody has him.
you're going to make yourself crazy, all right.
Just we just keep looking, all right? what else can we do? we're gonna find him, we're gonna get him back.
how? come here.
I am so scared.
It's all right.
It's time to go.
It's dumb, but I feel like if I leave here, where I lost him It's not dumb.
(Doors clang shut) what are you going to do now? get in my truck and drive every street and alley until I find him.
listen, uhI know your shift's been over for a while.
thanks for everything you've done.
look, I don't have to be home right away.
I'll drive around, too.
(transmission over police radio) baker 9, this is Flaherty.
(static over police radio) what? What are they saying? tender age turned up.
homeless shelter, down around market.
'scuse me, I gotta get through here.
coming through, guys.
excuse me, I gotta get through here.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Owen, buddy.
hey, guy.
where have you been? are you all right? oh, god, it's good to see you.
you had everybody so crazy.
ok I have this pie before dinner? How did he get here? I mean, somebody tell me what happened.
well, it sounds like he's been with this guy over here.
a street character named Leon.
officer guinness here knows him.
sounds like he's pretty harmless.
harmless? and he did what? just takes off with Owen? is that harmless? hey, you I don't know you.
what do you want with me? I'm Charlie salinger.
I'm Owen's brother.
so that's your name, punk? Owen? never mind his name.
what were you doing with him? I was hoping your brother'd go away and leave me alone.
you what? look, Charlie, the way it happened is this, ok? Owen went up to him.
at the construction site behind the mall.
Leon never touched him.
the social services doctor checked Owen out.
touch him? Now, why would I touch him? how come you didn't call sooner? does he know his address? does he even know his own name, for crying out loud? because he wouldn't tell me.
then I thought maybe he might want some Turkey, so I let him come with me.
Leon's how we found him, Charlie.
Leon's all right.
Thank you.
Gonna get mad at me? what's the rule, Owen? if we're in a big place like the mall, and you turn around and you don't see me, you stay put.
or you tell a policeman.
you don't go looking for me.
that's how kids get lost.
I wasn't lost.
we've been over this and you know the rules.
and you definitely know your address and you know your name, so I don't understand when Leon says that you couldn't tell him.
What you do mean, you weren't lost? I mean, I wasn't looking for you.
I just didn't want to be on the mission.
the what? the baby mission.
you said, remember? we always have to do stuff for Diana.
she gets my room, you won't even let me have that gun, 'cause we can only get stuff for Diana.
Owen-- and you said she was thunder trooper Diana.
she's no thunder trooper.
she's a baby.
that's what she is, a baby.
you're right.
you're the only thunder trooper in the house.
all right? you're the only one I got.
Hey, everybody! look who's back.
hey! what? there he is.
Owen! he's back.
Owen, it's so good to see you.
(excited chatter) hey, you.
are you hungry? good.
'cause we are.
(laughter) So what do you say, fellas? everyone worked today, everyone oughta stay and eat uh, no, um actually, I'm going to take off.
I'm glad we found Owen.
Griffin, don't go.
why do you have to go? do you honestly have someplace else? nah, I'm fine.
ned is fine with it now.
I don't see any reason why you'd have to-- well, want a reason? I don't like the guy.
did something happen today? no.
No, actually, he was great out there, worked hard.
well, then, it can't be you're jealous.
oh, it'sIt's not that.
I told you it's just I don't like the guy.
make sure that Owen gets the drumstick, ok? this turned out good.
I got plates.
stand there, why don't ya? I could use a hand.
Yeah, that's enough.
that's enough.
I used to, uh, work in a restaurant.
what is it? Kirsten? I'm sorry.
sorry for what? for coming down on you today.
you weren't being "hysterical," you just--you just cared about Owen.
so did you.
I saw how hard you worked.
that's not what I meant.
you let yourself-- feel, care-- what I'm trying to say is, I can't help but think, if it were my child-- if--if I had to look into a dumpster for my child, I couldn't do it.
how often does something like that happen? come to work with me, come to the hospital and ask me then.
it happens, things happen-- this is the kind of ordeal that makes me feel-- it says to me I could never be a father.
How long do those candied yams take? A couple of hours.
You guys start bringing the stuff out.
are the water glasses out there? Yeah, they're out there.
what are you doing? umm, things to be thankful for.
I mean today was pretty easy, right? there's finding Owen, baby Diana.
and us? us? (background chatter continues) don't we belong on that list, too? you and me? what are you trying to ask me, Bailey? you were there today.
I mean when I was losing it, and trying to hold everything together without you, I'd turn around and there you were.
so I'm asking, "are we ok?" Ok, dinner's ready.
All right! Whoo! not so fast, buddy.
I want you sitting right next to me.
what are you thinking about? Leon.
yeah? and the superlaser detonator.
It's on my Christmas list.
Charlie? I can't find my sweater.
you know, the blue one I had.
don't worry.
You dropped it, and I've got it.
someplace Owen! Telephone call for you.
hello? Owen, it's Claudia.
oh, I just, I had to hear your voice, guy.
you know the merry-go-round, claud, that we went on together that time? Yeah.
yeah, well, I really got in trouble, claud.
troublei heard you got intoTrouble.
but you're ok, I mean, you're really ok.
Charlie's definitely getting me the superlaser detonator blaster.
(Claudia laughs) everybody's ready to eat, claud.
Gotta go.