Party of Five s05e13 Episode Script

Fillmore Street

1 The arraignment went as smooth as silk.
We've got to talk about how to handle yourselves on the stand.
Why? Are we gonna be cross-examined, or something? Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to practice beforehand.
That's one of the reasons I brought you in here today.
Okay? -Sure.
-Yes, sir.
You really shouldn't worry.
The jury's gonna love you guys.
Now, I got to take care of a couple of things, and then I'll bring you in and we'll do a little mock-cross.
You guys sit tight.
Okay, thanks.
Okay, all we have to do is what fellows told us and we get to go home.
Simple as that, right? I'm gonna find a rest room.
I'll be right back.
I saw you with that d.
Excuse me? You're the woman who's gonna testify against Albert, right? Look-- why are you so scared? Albert's the one who should be scared.
Look, can I just say this, miss? I can tell you're a nice lady, and Albert's my brother.
And he's always been this smart kid, and it's just in the last couple of years he's been getting into trouble.
But all he does is steal stuff.
Look, I don't think that we should be-- you can ask the cops.
I mean, Albert's a thief, but it's just 'cause he's got a baby boy to feed.
Just stop talking to me.
I just want you to know who my brother really is.
Look, I don't care, okay? Just go away.
I'm sorry.
I'm just trying for my baby brother.
I'm just trying, you know? Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't have to study here.
-Ned-- -no, really, Julia.
I mean, we're gonna bump into each other.
It's gonna be weird and awkward and-- you lost control, didn't you? That's the only time you've ever been that mad, scared, really.
And you were scared 'cause you thought that me not wanting the apartment was me not wanting us.
Yeah, that's-- that's exactly-- that's exactly right.
That's what I was trying to explain to you.
You just went crazy.
You lost control.
Everyone loses control sometimes.
It's like the more you care about someone, the easier it is to get that mad at them.
And you just care, ned.
And how can I hold that against you? How did you get so amazing? I love you, ned.
Everybody wants to live like they wanna live and everybody wants to love like they wanna love and everybody wants to be closer to free closer to free So I reviewed your previous policy and I just have a couple of questions.
Now, Diana salinger is who? This little peanut here.
This little wet peanut.
Okay, good.
But you might want to think about claiming your wife or girlfriend, too.
It's just me and Diana.
Okay, good.
I mean, not good.
Just-- whatever.
Uh, anyway, have you decided on an amount? -Uh, half a million? -Um Now, actually, I'm going to have to witness you signing this, and we're still waiting for your mortgage information, but I can take that.
Um But I could stop by your house tomorrow night and drop it off.
Is this still your same address? Yes.
Yes, it is.
You guys do that here? Sure, why not? What else am I gonna do, take a bath, watch TV, call the boyfriend I don't have? Great.
Okay, thank you.
It's Beth.
The service is great here.
So you were harassed by this guy's sister and you didn't tell me? You didn't tell the d.
? No, because I knew that you were gonna react like this.
Look, she was just trying, you know, like she said, trying-- trying? Yeah, trying to scare you out of testifying.
But it wasn't like that.
She just wanted to tell me that Albert had a baby, you know, and that he's never really hurt anybody.
Sarah, he hurt you, whether he used that knife or not.
I know, but-- but what? What, are you saying that you bought this stuff that she said to you? God, no, I hated it.
I mean, she made me feel guilty, you know.
She made me feel like it was my fault that her brother's in trouble.
Well, I'm going to see to it for sure that these people leave you alone, all of them.
All of who? It was just his sister.
Well, his family shouldn't be able to get in our face this way.
Fellows said we'd be protected.
And when do you have to go back there again? Tomorrow.
I have to call for a time.
We are putting ourselves on the line here, helping them get a criminal, and we have to be afraid like this? How sick is that? I never said that I was afraid of her.
I was just saying that I resent her for making me feel guilty.
But I'll go back.
I mean, I want to go back.
It's just really confusing right now.
It's okay.
It's gonna be all right.
67,000 children.
Thank you, Dale.
Okay, we'll see you then.
She says we passed the homestudy, and she wants to see us tomorrow at 2:30.
Oh, great, great.
Look at this.
See how this happens? You get an unstable government, social unrest, bread lines long, it's total chaos.
God, look at those faces.
The state-run adoption system just shuts down completely.
Meanwhile, children are born, waiting lists grow.
But, Paul, I don't know.
What? I think international adoptions take a really long time, the passports, the paperwork? The Internet stuff said years even.
Yeah, but the stuff I read said it can take less time.
I mean, the orphanages in China, they're just overflowing.
And who's going anywhere anyway? It's a lifetime we're talking about, isn't it? Yeah.
Yeah, but what? Look at these faces.
We're gonna adopt.
Okay, so, let's save a child, too, Kirsten.
Let's save a child.
We could, couldn't we? Yeah.
We could.
Griffin, oh, my god, you scared me.
Maggie let me in, and then she had a class to get to.
What are you doing here? Well, I had the day off, so i-- Oh, bless you.
Anyway, I figured I'd come down and check on your car.
Are you sick? The car.
Griffin I told you last week it was just a minor little tap.
Yeah, well, you know, I was thinking, a little tap like that could really mess up the alignment.
Anyway, I already took it to the shop to have it checked.
It's there right now.
Oh, yeah? What shop? I'll run by there and make sure they're not ripping you off.
No, Griffin.
Look, I'm sure it's fine.
They're friends of ned's.
Ned's? Look, I'm sorry that you came by, but you should have called first, you know, 'cause my car's not here, and I can't stay and chat.
I've got a class.
Listen, julee You know that I'm still here for you if you need me, right? I mean, nobody else knows that old car like I do, right? I've got to get to class.
No, dude, they're pseudo-ska-punk-posers playing fake agro happy pop on these brand-new instruments bought for them by their parents.
No, they're dumb, white suburban kids doing imitations of sixties Jamaican ska.
Listen, I got to go.
Say hi to your mom, okay? Bye.
Remember me? Yeah, I sure do.
Listen, I came by here to ask you to come back to the band.
No can do.
Well, then, you have to tell me why.
'Cause you quit when I joined, and I don't know what I did that just, like, drove you running.
All right, listen.
Would you drive 200 miles and spend five hours looking through John fogerty's hotel room trash for a broken guitar string? His trash? Would you move out of your mom's place because she wouldn't let you have practice there and sell your grandfather's world war I dog tags to buy a 45-watt Fender bassman? I might if I knew what a Fender bassman was.
Yeah, well, would you, would you show up at the jumpi' blue's joint at 5001, Fillmore street tomorrow night at midnight based on a rumor that Taj Mahal might show up to do a little impromptu blues jam? I might if I didn't have this trig test to study for.
Well, that's exactly why I left the band when you joined, okay? The cashier's at the front.
Hi, there.
You always sneak up on people like that? You always poke around parking lots.
Well, I just thought I'd come down and check up on things.
Get hit like Julia did-- what are you talking about? Oh, what? She didn't tell you about it? Well, apparently, some Jerk tapped her, on that service road behind the dorm.
A lot of idiots out there.
Some guys shouldn't even be on the road.
Don't you think, correct me if I'm wrong, but guy-to-guy here, you two are separated, right? Dichotomized? Sundered? How about split? Does that ring a bell for you? Now, why don't you come right out and say what you want to say? I think you should leave all the husband-boyfriend- lover jobs to me now, like fixing her car Or fixing her anything for that matter, okay? Look at her, she's so cute.
Look at those little ears.
salinger, i could come over and help you with the baby anytime you ever wanted.
Rumor has it you're a bachelor dad.
The rumor's true.
Thanks, Amanda.
Okay, you guys, that was the bell.
pimpernipple hates it when I call him frank, but could I call you Charlie, Mr.
salinger? Yes, absolutely.
I hate to be so formal.
I'm really a very casual person.
I like hiking and picnics and classical music and-- would you come with me to the city council meeting tomorrow night? We could use a voice for the arts funding campaign.
Tomorrow night? Um sure.
It starts at 9:00.
But we could get together for a cup of coffee first and discuss your thoughts.
Come by my house at 7:30.
Thanks, Charlie.
Hey, Amanda Looks like I could use you tomorrow night.
Are you free? Free? Me? Oh, my god! What time? Hey, you two.
Did Lauren get you coffee? Yes.
Thank you, yes.
Have a seat and brace yourselves.
I have a very dear friend, an o.
In Houston, who called last week.
A delta Alpha chi kid from s.
Has been hiding her pregnancy under her sweatshirt.
I submitted your names as soon as I heard.
Direct placement, closed adoption, she chose you.
You could be on a plane as soon as next week picking up your baby.
But how? So fast? I thought the waiting list-- I mean, aren't there couples who've been waiting longer? Yes, but they are not a pediatric neurosurgeon and an at-home wife with a background in child psychology.
She chose you.
He has blond hair and he has blue eyes as light as yours, Kirsten.
It is a perfect match.
He? Yeah.
Did you hear that? He.
fellows won't be a minute.
Can I get you something? No, thank you.
I hate it when that happens.
Yeah, me, too.
Sarah, ready for you.
You know, can I talk to you for a sec? Sure.
What's up? You know, about my dad, about the trouble that we went through when Jill and I were little? Yeah, I think I know something about that, yeah.
He had a hard time dealing with stuff.
That was, like, out of his control.
And anytime anything bad would happen, he'd come up with some reason, to, to smack us around.
That kind of deal, whenever, someone has so much anger pent up in them, I can, like, smell that now, you know? Like a mile away.
It's like a-- like a sixth sense.
What's going on? Well, last week, Julia came home, and she had a-- a sprained arm She said that she got in a car accident, but I think she was lying.
What are you saying, you think that ned did it? I think so, yeah.
I don't think so, Griffin.
I don't.
I mean, maybe Maybe this is-- is more about you.
What do you mean? I don't know, maybe it's about-- about you feeling bad about her moving on.
I want Julia to move on.
I do.
I mean, why do you think I stayed here last year and didn't move to palo alto? That's not it.
There's something going on down there.
Listen, I know my sister.
Well, that's okay.
Forget about it.
I can handle this alone if I have to.
You know I love you, baby and I don't love nobody else yes, I need you, baby better than I love myself don't want no changes no changes between me and you Drink, honey? A ginger ale.
And could you send one over to that gentleman in the plaid shirt and tell him it's from me? Yes, I love you, baby with all of my heart yes, I need you, baby can we make They're amazing, aren't they? A brand, brand, brand, brand-new start? These guys, they're not coming from ten years of classical, either.
There's no music on paper up there.
See these guys just close their eyes.
When you play from your soul, you don't play music, music plays you.
You learn to play like that, I'll come back to the band.
Well, maybe you could help me figure it out.
Maybe you could teach me.
Yeah, maybe I could.
You got here tonight? Come on.
All right, look, here, close your eyes, okay? Now, focus your attention on the beat of the drum, all right? The groove.
Did you feel that? I mean, do you feel the groove, Claudia? I'm not used to this.
My sick days were usually spent trying to cough louder than my brothers.
My bedside manner I got from doctor dad.
He was great when I was near death.
Of course, I'd rather been blessed with a mechanic father like Griffin.
I saw him in the parking lot earlier looking at your car.
You weren't going to tell me he came by? Oh, what's to tell? I don't know.
The guy drives an hour to check out a scratch on his ex-wife's car, ex-wife fails to mention ex-husband came by, sort of telling.
I didn't mention it because it didn't mean anything.
Yeah, but I can't crawl inside your head and know that, jule.
Now, how do I you two aren't gonna get back together some day? You're separated, after all, not divorced.
That is just a matter of paperwork, ned.
Yeah, well, if that's true, why do you talk to him? Why is he still around? Are you saying you never want me to see him again? Is that too much to ask? Is it? I mean, you are, the last time I checked, the woman I love through good times and bad, through sickness and health.
No, I haven't said it in a church or anything like Griffin-- he is not a threat to you, ned.
So now what are you saying, I'm paranoid? 'Cause I don't-- I don't have to stick around for that.
No, ned, wait.
I'm not listen, I'm not saying that.
Okay, just Forget about it.
Forget about it.
I-- I see your point.
You've got a point.
You know what I miss? Having an appetite.
I get it.
I shouldn't cook.
People who work at restaurants shouldn't cook at home.
No, Bailey, the reason I'm not eating is the same reason I'm not sleeping.
This whole thing's gonna be over soon.
Now that we have this restraining order, you don't have to worry about anybody hassling you anymore.
What restraining order? I went to see fellows.
I told him what happened, and he agreed with me.
We've got an order out on the guy's whole family.
You put out a restraining order on Albert's family without even telling me? Yes, I did.
We shouldn't have to walk around like this, unprotected.
And I saw how scared you were.
No, you didn't.
You don't know how I feel, okay? I don't know how you feel? Look, I saw him today.
Him, who? Albert Terry? You saw him? How? Where? By accident.
He was coming out of the d.
'S office as I was going in.
They had him in handcuffs.
Did he see you? Yeah, he talked to me.
What? See, that is exactly what should not be happening.
It wasn't exactly talking.
Bailey, listen to me.
I looked at him, and I didn't see this-- this awful guy who terrified me at knife-point like I said in the statement.
What are you talking about? What did you see? It's gonna sound really weird, but he is just a kid.
You know, but-- but not like somebody that we'd know.
More like somebody we'd be on a bus with.
But it got me thinking, you know, about how he's never hurt anybody.
He never hurt anybody? He hurt you.
Sarah, he hurt us.
But he didn't, Bailey.
I mean, he could have, but he ran.
You know, so all he's done is he's broken into cars, and I guess he stole a computer for a school in Noe valley.
According to who, his sister? No, Mr.
fellows told me.
He showed me a big list, and I guess it was supposed to scare me or something, but it had almost the opposite effect on me.
He stole stuff, yeah, Bailey, but he's never touched anybody before.
This person should be taken off the streets and locked up.
I know.
God, I know that that's what everyone keeps saying, but, Bailey, i-- but what? I mean, that is what we're gonna do here, right? We're gonna lock this guy up.
Oh, hey.
What are you doing home? Are you sick? I almost lost a little girl this morning.
One and a half.
Long surgery.
I'm sorry, Paul.
Undetected brain tumor.
The parents had no health insurance, so the kid had never had a checkup.
It's gotta make you think, you know? They almost lose a child because they don't have any money, and we get one because we do.
I know it seems unfair.
We're very fortunate.
No, I don't know, Kirsten.
What? I don't know if What don't you know? I don't know if this is the right way.
If we shouldn't just wait and do this like we said, in Romania or China, like in those articles I showed you.
Okay, but, Paul, Paul, look, I understand your concerns, and I think they're great and admirable.
They're why I love you.
But There is a little baby boy, not in theory But an actual little baby boy waiting for us in Houston.
Are you saying that you don't want him? Not this way.
I call Dale, and I'll tell her to call it off.
Okay, I'm gonna make an assumption here.
You're tellin' me now that you're not sure if Albert Terry's the guy.
Now, I'm gonna assume that that's a lie.
His sister threatened you, so you're afraid.
You're afraid that Albert Terry's family is gonna go on a get-even kick if he gets sent to prison, right? Wrong.
Look, why do I feel like I'm the one getting cross-examined here? I think I know how I feel.
Sarah-- no.
I'm not the one who's done something wrong.
That's right, Sarah.
You're guilty of nothing.
Except if you let your fear get the best of you.
Look, I just don't understand why he has to go to jail because he can't get a job or doesn't have enough money to feed his kid.
So you admit that he did it, yet you won't testify? Why? Because you think he's the victim here, that you think it's someone else's fault-- my fault, your fault, the world's fault that he is who he is? Who is he? And you and Bailey, you sit here and you talk about him like he's an animal.
He's a human person with a child and a sister and who knows what else? Don't you think that if somebody has to resort to stealing that there's gotta be a problem behind it somehow? Sarah Albert Terry, no matter what the reasons, is a violent criminal.
Your compassion is not gonna change that fact.
I can still testify if she won't, right? With Sarah refusing to corroborate? If Sarah wants to walk him, he walks.
Sarah I can't be sure that Albert Terry is a violent criminal who deserves to go to jail, and I won't say that.
Well, he said to meet him here.
My brother Charlie? Yeah.
Do you know when he'll be back? You know what? I hope he's gonna be back any minute now, so why don't you just come in and sit in the living room? With his other date.
I'll just I'll get that.
Hi I have a date With Charlie.
You, too? I mean, you do? I'm Claudia, Charlie's sister.
Well, you know what? Why don't you just come on in? He should be home any minute.
I hope.
Hi Amanda.
Hi, Ms.
Would any of you like a fight a sprite? You know, a soda or somethin'? Yes, thank you.
Yes, thank you.
Come in, ned.
It's open.
Griffin, damn it, what are you doing here? Just let me say one thing-- you can't do this anymore.
You can't come by without calling first.
Is he-- is he hitting you? What? Is he hitting you? Griffin-- 'cause it's okay.
It's not your fault.
Damn it, Griffin, I cannot believe you're doing this to me.
What is this? Griffin was just leaving.
I don't even know what he's doing here.
Does this bother you, me being here? Is this what you meant by our little chat we had yesterday? Griffin, stop it.
What? You control who comes in and out of her dorm room? You control who comes in and out of her life? Griffin, ned and I are none of your business.
Would you please just leave? No.
You heard the lady.
Ned, just let him go, okay? Griffin, just go.
Make me.
She said leave! Ned, stop it, please.
-Do you feel better now? -Griffin, just leave! 'Cause I know you wanna hit me.
That's what you do, right? Griffin, stop it and just leave! Ned, don't! Griffin, just leave, please.
She's not gonna admit it.
I think I've proven my point.
"Hey"? Hey, are you aware that there are three very dressed-up, ready-to-be-swept- off-their-feet women waiting for you in the living room? What? Oh, yeah.
Pantyhose and lipstick, very recently shaved legs.
I'm telling you, he asked me over.
Well, you must have misinterpreted him.
So do you always ask three women out at once? Is that, like, what you're into or something? You were dropping off insurance forms.
Look, you're either very slick or very thick, pal.
He's thick.
No, I'm not.
Why do you think I take shop, Mr.
salinger? Do you think I'm actually interested in wood? You always say you love my classes.
I mean, what about the extra-credit projects.
Amanda, wait.
Walsh, help me out here.
Oh, you don't want to know what I thought.
You, too? I don't know what to say.
I'm so sorry that I misled all of you.
Dating just hasn't crossed my mind in a long time.
I never thought I'd ever say that.
See, I I've pretty much found the love of my life for now.
This little woman, this one little woman My baby girl.
My Diana.
That would be her.
So If you'll excuse me.
There's nothing sexier than a single guy with a snugly.
Hospital cafeteria.
Not famous for its fresh, crisp produce.
I called Dale.
She was disappointed.
She tried to convince me that sometimes a stork flies over and drops a baby in a couple's lap 'cause it's meant to be.
But I told her it wasn't Meant to be.
Not meant to be this way.
I think maybe, Paul Not meant to be.
Not this way or any way.
Why do you think that? I thought we talked this over.
I think That the reason we're not on a plane right now flying to Texas-- I think we're not on the plane right now Because we're never gonna be.
Am I right? I didn't mean to mislead you.
So you heard that Cody's back in the band, right? Yeah I heard.
I heard you heard.
He told me he told you.
Look, Claudia-- why did you tell him to stay away from me? Because in like a couple of weeks, you're gonna find out what a jerk he is.
I'm trying to save you the effort.
But no one asked you to save me the effort.
Look, it's easy to fall for jerks, all right? I'm just tellin' you, don't.
It's not worth it, all right? Now, there are plenty of guys out there who wouldn't let you wander down Fillmore street in the middle of the night.
But that's not your decision to make.
It is.
It is because It is because I care about you, okay? Now, you got a decision to make here.
It's either the band or Cody.
Not both.
It's just that simple.
I'm on my way to bed.
I've got another hour here.
It's good you're able to concentrate again.
Must mean your conscience is okay.
It shouldn't be? You make your own decisions.
Okay, is that because I decided not to ruin someone else's life? I don't know, Sarah? What about our lives? What about other people's lives, people who work hard for a living? People who don't steal, don't hurt other people.
People who just mind their own business until one day, when they've got their backs turned-- that is all I have right now.
All you have? What's all you have? My belief, Bailey.
My faith in other people and second chances, you know, for him, for me, for everybody.
That's what I have that's gonna get me back to my old self again.
That's what's gonna keep me from being afraid all the time, everywhere I go.
Do you want me to lose that? Do you want me to feel scared for the rest of my life? So you just go around, and whatever people do to you, you just let them because it's not their fault? What do you do if you don't put these people behind bars? Because I don't get it, Sarah.
What do you do? I don't know, Bailey.
Something else.
Okay, like what? Really, tell me.
I don't know.
Don't be up too late, okay? Okay.
Oh! Come on.
Why didn't you call from inside? I would have gone over.
Yeah, I know.
I just I wanted us to be alone to talk about this whole thing.
I know that you're probably still upset with me, and I know everybody including you thinks I should butt out, but I can't.
I can't just stand by and do nothing, all right? I'm worried about you.
Okay, and I appreciate that.
I do.
I understand, and I'm not mad anymore.
You're not? No.
Of course not.
How can I be when all you are is worried about me? I just This is difficult.
What is it? What's goin' on with you, jule? Would you tell me? I called Emmet And he's gonna draw up the divorce, okay? What? He's gonna file on my behalf, and he said if you want to know anything about it, you just have to call him up.
This is why you came down here? We don't have any money, so it's gonna be simple, just signing a bunch of paperwork, okay? I can't believe this! Look, Griffin, ned and i-- we're making a go of this, and you hovering and looking over my shoulder and making judgments-- looking over your shoulder? This is the first time I've been down there since you started! But you're still in my life, Griffin.
You live with my family, for god's sakes, and it's not fair to you to have to worry about me when I can't When I can't worry about you anymore.
I can't Worry about you anymore, Griffin.
Please This This That's it? That's it.
I came as soon as I could.
It's brutal out there.
Excuse me? Can I get a regular cup of coffee, please? Sure.
What's goin' on? Kirsten, what? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm such a mess.
What happened? What's goin' on? I had him, Charlie.
Had him who? I came this close To a baby.
And, Paul He ran As fast as he could.
He didn't want to, but he just He couldn't help it.
And now the baby's gone.
And that's it.
I don't know how to forgive him, Charlie.
I don't know if I can forgive him.
I just I don't know if I can do this anymore.
I just don't know if I can.
It's okay.
Come here.
Come here.
And the lawyer? She said That he had my eyes.
It was He was a A perfect match.
It's okay.
Hey It was hard, but it's over.
You should have waited till tomorrow, jule.
You shouldn't have gone out in the rain like that.
And now you're gonna be stuck in bed for a week.
And that would be bad? No.
Come to think of it.
No, I guess not.
Is Albert here? My name's Sarah.