Party of Five s06e13 Episode Script

The Declaration of Co-Dependence

1 I got to get these carrots to balance out.
Alex thinks it's maybe why our profits are so far down.
I mean, nothing against you, man, you know.
Business is what it is, and this program gets kind of buggy sometimes.
Well, me and computers.
It's the only match worse than me and Franny.
Wait a second.
Here's the problem.
All these expenses that got entered in, somehow they got charged twice.
All of these Which is How did that happen? Every debit has to be entered individually.
I don't understand.
Let me save you some time.
The reason you don't understand, it would never occur to you.
What? That a guy you trust would do something like this.
What, Joe, what You're scaring me here.
What's going on? First thing you got to know, Bailey, is that you're gonna get it all back.
Every cent.
-Oh, my God! -It's a short-term jam.
I'll dig myself out of it.
Joe How much? How much money? Well, just add up all the double expenses.
I I don't even know the number.
I don't want to know.
What did you What the hell happened? What kind of jam are you in? Divorce is expensive, Bailey.
I had a mountain of legal bills.
What, so you You took money from us to pay them? I had a better idea.
This market, man Sometimes you watch it, and you feel like you know what it's thinking.
I mean, like the money is there waiting to be taken.
Wait wait, what, the stock market? In the first six months, I was nothing but up.
But these options, they expire, man.
Okay, enough, enough, Joe.
I don't want to hear this, okay? I can't believe this.
What are we gonna do here? This money We need this money.
You want me to tell the family? I mean, you shouldn't have to be stuck with that yourself.
Forget that.
They've got enough to deal with right now.
They have Griffin's hospital bills to sweat.
This is my fault.
I should've paid more attention.
There's nobody to blame here, Bailey, but me.
Joe, just be quiet, okay? And let me handle this.
Just let me think.
Everybody wants to live Like they wanna live And everybody wants to love Like they wanna love Everybody wants to be Closer to free Closer to free Where's Bailey? We're gonna miss the elephants.
There aren't any elephants.
It's a different kind of circus.
It's French.
I know, I know.
You don't have to say anything.
-I'm sorry I'm late.
You ready to go, bud? -I've been ready for an hour.
Okay, great.
But we got to get going now because I have to be back at the restaurant for dinner.
Isn't Joe there? Uh No.
I gave him the night off.
Why are we even going? We're already late.
Bay, you want me to take him? You seem kinda swamped.
No, no, no, no.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Come on.
It'll be fun.
We could both use a little fun right now, don't you think? All right.
Go get your coat.
Um, you guys have probably been waiting for these.
Wait a second.
Is this Is this restaurant money? -Uh-huh.
-Why are you giving them to us? Alex always mails them.
Why is it personal? This is from your account.
Yeah, I know.
I just I didn't have time to transfer the money over, so Hey, Bay Are you sure everything's okay? Yeah.
Yeah, it's fine.
Every thing is fine.
I'll see you guys later.
Okay, we're gonna have to break down production into 2 lines.
The, uh The first one will be the old stuff Nails, staples, faster assembly And the second one will be the new stuff.
Dowels, tongue-in-groove construction on every joint.
No metal, only glue.
Well, that'll mean retraining, retooling Gus won't go for that, Charlie.
Yes, he will.
I got 37 POs from new outlets here.
So, let's talk about who's on which line.
Can I ask you a dumb question? -Sure.
-So we'll still have jobs next month? Next month, next year, guys.
We got a lot of work to do here, okay? So, let's talk about how we're gonna split up the shifts.
Guys You don't have to You kept us off unemployment, my man! What, you trying to get away there? Leaving my party? No.
Uh, actually, I've been here a while.
I just Just haven't run into you.
But I got to run to this thing across town Oh, no.
That's cool.
I'm glad you could put in an appearance.
The reason I haven't seen you lately is that I've been going to these other meetings, Over on Mission.
It's closer to work.
That's great.
That's Listen, I got to talk to this guy.
He's my contractor.
He owes me some bathroom tiles.
So I'm glad I caught you.
You look really great.
They ought to call that the 13th step.
The one you take out the door! -What? -Well, I think you're the only one here that wants to stay less than I do.
Why do you say that? Because I caught that slick move, the one where you slip in and you wave and you slip right back out.
I mean, I would try that, but My sponsor, she'd, um get on her broom and track me down.
Oh, um, I'm Evvie.
-Who are you? -I'm Bailey.
So, Bailey Do you ever go to an AA meeting and feel like you've joined a cult? This isn't a meeting.
Yeah, well, it it might as well be.
I mean The gang's all here.
So do you? You may have a point, but I Really, I got to go.
No, you can't.
If you leave, they're gonna put me in a trance, and I'm gonna be converted for good, and I'm gonna have to eat the meatballs and-- I'm sorry, but I I really I got to get going.
Okay? But I'm sure I'll You know run into you again.
What, at at, like, a meeting? Yeah.
Thanks for bringing all this food, you guys.
-It looks amazing.
So much better than takeout.
I can't believe that someone actually made these from scratch.
-What do you call them again? -Dolmas.
They're stuffed grape leaves.
And you brought so much extra.
Well, we know how busy you all have been, so we thought And we're gonna be gone for 3 days, and I feel horrible about dumping the child care on you that whole time.
We'll be fine.
We'll just split our time up into shifts.
Um, speaking of which, Um, can you take her tomorrow? Not tomorrow.
Remember? I've got my Gabapentin side effects meeting.
I got to prep all morning.
But my afternoon's good if you can take her in the morning.
No, I can't.
I got six wholesale buyers coming in from 9:0 0 to 1:00.
Maybe I should stay for an extra day.
Look, honey, I can meet you in Texas later, right? -That's fine.
-Daph, no.
Forget it.
We'll be fine.
Well I will, uh go in at 5:00.
And log a few hours before breakfast, which will be no problem.
We're covered.
It's just this this feeling I have that I'm falling behind.
I mean Everyone else in my life Charlie, Bailey, they have careers, they have kids.
My friend Justin's engaged to be married This is Justin, the ex? He's getting straight As, he has a 20-year plan Clarify for me.
What number is he? I mean, how do how does he rate? What about this one? It's supposed to be good.
Uh It's too expensive.
-So where is Justin? I mean, where is he on the scale? Is he a seven? -Is he a nine? -What scale? Well, the friendship scale.
You know, 10 they are who you'd want to be trapped with on a desert island, down to one You'd watch 'em drown when the ship goes down.
Adam, that is so screwed up.
I don't rate people.
Yes, you do.
Everybody rates their friends.
You know, you got first tier, second tier-- I'm not talking to you about this.
How about this? What? Rate me.
Rate you.
Rate me.
Okay, well, up until 15 seconds ago, I would've given you an eight.
Solid 7.
5, with significant upside potential.
But then, this.
This, this infantile game.
I mean, I don't know.
-Hm? Dinner.
Explain how a hotel's gonna be cheap.
Well, if the food is free Adam, these blintzes are amazing, which means that as of this moment, you just shot up to a 9.
So I'm closing on Justin? Hey, you know what? That looks like fun.
Let's dance.
What? All right.
I don't get this.
Well As long as we're out here.
You know, you were right.
This is fun.
Are you having fun? Yeah.
Uh huh.
Hey, Bailey, I was talking to my real estate agent back in Los Angeles, And he said, I can unload my condo, -raise a little cash, and if I get a good price -No.
-and then he drops his commission-- -No.
Don't do anything stupid, okay? Well, I got to do something, Bailey.
Well, you will.
Believe me, you're gonna pay us back.
But for now I've done the math here, and and I think we're okay.
We can stay open.
I've got enough in the bank to cover the shortfall and Oh, no, no, no.
Hold the phone.
Your own money? Well, yeah.
What am I supposed to do? My family needs this restaurant, Joe, And it's not worth anything to us if it's closed.
Look, why don't you why don't you go home? I asked you to take some time off, And you've been here all day.
-Go on.
-Yeah, all right.
What, you forget something? Bailey, what's going on? What? Uh, Joe, relax.
I'm just having a beer.
Just a beer? Just a beer.
Bailey, um It's nothing to get upset about, okay? You know, um I am not in a position to judge, obviously, but-- Okay, look, I understand why you'd worry.
Okay? But you don't have to.
I've been having a beer now and again for, like two Weeks, and I'm fine.
It's fine.
-It's fine? -Yeah.
I've been sober for more than 2 years now.
So I have a beer or two.
That's all I want.
So -These yours, yeah? -Uh-huh.
So good night.
Oh, hey, Charlie.
-Are you excited? First new piece should be rolling off the line tomorrow sometime.
Listen, I just signed for the lumber that we ordered.
And-- Oh, good.
We're on schedule.
Is it in the mill yet? No, no.
I told him to hold off.
What? You did? Gus, I ordered quarter-sawn oak, and the shipment's pine.
I know.
I changed it.
Oak's a hell of a lot more expensive, Charlie.
Because it's stronger.
And it won't dent or scuff like pine will.
Not to mention, it's what our customers ordered.
Charlie I don't want to sound like a windbag here, but the way you make your money is you watch your costs.
Yeah, if that's the kind of furniture you're making.
And what exactly does that mean? Well, just My stuff, it has to appeal to a high-end buyer, Gus, Or we can't get the margins that we need.
Well, yes, we can, if we watch our costs! But you have to sell the stuff first, Gus, and these people don't want to buy pine.
What people? I don't know.
People who don't mind spending the money to get something that's That's What, better? Is that what you're trying to say? Uh uh, better than the stuff that I've been making? Gus, hold on.
No, look Charlie, someday you're gonna have your own business, and that's when you'll realize that you don't know half of what you think you do.
I just don't want to lose any of these orders, that's all.
You're not going to.
You're gonna do things the way they've always been done here, And you'll be just fine.
Okay? Here you go, guys.
Excuse me.
Bailey, Uh One of your girlfriends just came in.
I don't have any girlfriends.
Well, I tried to put her in a booth, but she wanted to sit at the bar, so there you go.
Um I'm sorry, I don't remember you.
-It's Evvie.
I know this is weird.
Uh but I just, um When we talked at John's party, I got this vibe off of you.
A vibe about, you know the AA stuff.
So I asked around the party, and I found out where you worked, and So, um what vibe? -What I mean -Just that you don't seem, like, as hard-core as the rest of those freaks, you know.
You might even still like to have a good time, and Uh I'm not really sure that we should be having this conversation.
Oh, come on.
Don't you go stepford on me.
I'm just saying that if you're having uh problems or doubts about anything, then you should probably talk to your sponsor about it.
Well, that's kind of why I'm here.
I'd pretty much rather be sober the rest of my life than talk to her.
Well, okay, but I can't help you with that.
Unless you were my sponsor.
-Why not? You've been sober a long time, and you seem like a person I really could relate to-- Well, I Um I really can't do that.
Oh, I know.
It's not kosher, the opposite-sex sponsor thing Did you hear me? I said I can't.
Um I'm I'm sorry.
I just You don't want to know the whole story, okay? But I just can't do that.
-But if you're having a tough night sometime, and you need someone to talk to Yeah.
"Through stardust and comets and wind and bad weather, a star that I place in the sky stays forever.
" Hey, Kirsten.
Miller's been asking about that draft of the study.
I know.
That's why I'm trying to settle her in for a nap, so I can get on it.
Okay, that's good, 'cause, you know what? It was supposed to be on his desk yesterday.
I know.
Thanks, Heather.
Are you sleepy yet? Well, she sure doesn't look sleepy to me.
No, she doesn't.
Well, that's what happens when interesting people come in.
Well, so why don't you just put her downstairs in the nursery? Uh, the 1-year-olds aren't in today, and she's not ready for the 3s.
She gets overstimulated.
See? You know what? I should, um, probably leave.
Yeah, great, whatever.
Um, see, you're sleepy.
Uh, heather? -Yeah? Could you ask Meredith to call my husband again for me, please? Sure.
-Come on, sweetie.
We're gonna go.
We're gonna go for a nap.
Take froggy.
Take froggy.
You said tacos.
I never thought you'd actually make them.
I, um, well, I thought it would be nice to do something you know, a la casa.
Candles, flowers.
I thought you hated "The Indigo Girls".
And you're wearing the shirt.
What shirt? The one that I said I liked, the "your eyes are so blue" shirt.
-Uh huh.
The, uh Well, "The Indigo Girls", that's just, you know, some KRC freebie.
And the food, it you know, was it was actually takeout.
And, uh, well, the shirt, you know, is because nothing nothing else was clean.
And that Oh, the candles are Adam.
What's going on? Uh okay.
You, see uh, sit.
You see, the, uh the thing is-- You know what? Um Don't.
What? -Don't.
You don't have to.
-Really? Are Are you sure? Maybe I should.
-Or I I don't know.
Maybe you shouldn't.
-I shouldn't? Uh, who knows? I mean, I I certainly have no idea what it is you're thinking of saying, but, um All kinds of things, all kinds of things are best left unsaid.
Yeah, you're right.
Right? Okay.
Did I ever Did I ever tell you about this hot sauce? -They make it in Tijuana.
-Mm mm.
It's like tongue-kissing a volcano.
Or something stupid like that.
-That's really hot.
-Yeah, it is.
So, uh who was that, uh, who was that woman over there before? What woman? You know.
The one you were talking with.
Sounded like it got a little heated.
No, that was fine.
It was nothing.
I I thought I heard her say something about AA.
She came here to ask if I would be her sponsor.
You You can't do that, right? Now? Now that you're drinking? No.
So, you told her that? No, of course not.
Because you wouldn't want your friends down at AA to know that.
It's not like it's a big secret.
-Right, right.
-You see what I'm saying? But your brother and sisters know, right? Bailey? Okay, well The reason that I haven't said anything to anybody about it is because there's nothing to say.
Because it's no big deal.
Well, it might be to them.
Well, to me, it isn't.
You don't want to give them a chance to see it your way? No, I don't Joe.
Why, do you? Is that what you're saying? That maybe you'd like to tell them for me? No! All I think is that it's something that-- I would think that you'd understand my position.
You know? How Maybe it's best not to upset them with something that they wouldn't really understand.
Print, copy, or fax? I don't see a disk or a document on you.
Look, I made a couple of calls, And I found out that you worked here.
Well, I have to get this toner changed.
There's people waiting for the machine.
I wanted to say I'm sorry.
For how I acted before.
-You asked me a fair question-- -Look, you don't have to say that.
I mean I was out of line.
No, you weren't.
You weren't.
Okay? I mean, that's the whole point of AA It is to have people around who understand.
And if you have a problem and you talk to somebody about it, someone who understands how you feel then it's probably as helpful to them as it is to you.
Are you okay? Yeah.
-I'm fine.
-Actually, I have a break coming up.
So, if you feel like coffee or something.
Yeah, that would be good.
-Hey, warren.
-Hey, Charlie, I'm sorry to bother you.
I just wanted to talk to you for a sec.
I'm kinda in a rush though.
I gotta get home to take care of my daughter.
Yeah, I got a couple of kids myself.
So, uh, what's goin' on? Well, it's just that things aren't exactly working the way you said.
I mean, we're using the cheaper wood, and we're joining with metal Yeah.
Yeah, I know.
And some of the guys, I mean, we're worried.
Some buyers came by, and Gus showed them the line, and The looks in their faces I mean, you could tell it.
These guys weren't-- Hey, Gus.
Good night.
Well, uh You know, maybe we'll have to lower prices a little bit.
Oh, come on, that's not what you said before.
Look, Gus has been doing this most of his life, Warren.
If he thinks that he can get customers that way, let's let's give him a shot.
Gus thinks a lot of things, Charlie, look where that got us.
Warren I fought with him as much as I can.
I mean, at the end of the day, it's his factory.
He owns the place.
Yeah, I know.
I It's just Well, you got us this far, and Last night I took out my family to eat.
First time in six months, And it felt good, you know? To not worry that I might lose my job.
It felt good.
And I'll be listening to this guy sharing.
And he'll say, "I'm 10 years sober, blah, blah, blah," and everybody claps like monkeys.
Like, "Hey, isn't that fantastic?" And all I can think of is, Ten years sober, and you're still here? God, I'm boring you speechless.
No, Evvie.
This is good for me, too.
Talking about this.
So, tell me the truth.
Does it ever get better? Or is this what I have to look forward to? 10 years sober, and still feeling the way I do right now.
Evvie, come on.
It's life.
It's life, I mean, what do you want? I want to feel good.
That's all.
Is that so much? No, I don't think so.
I hope not.
I didn't know if you'd be home.
I left you a bunch of messages.
-But look at this, here you are.
Um But I'm actually on my way to the library.
So Adam, you canceled breakfast, you blew off the date we made to work on your application-- I was busy.
What can I say? Okay, look, if you're not gonna talk about this, then I am.
'Cause I think I know what you're doing, Adam, -with the flowers and the music and the shirt-- -Julia -Just wait, wait, wait -No, let me say this.
You are so great, Adam.
You're fun.
And you're funny, and you're smart, and you're really you're You're everything I need right now.
You're a really great friend.
And what you don't know is there's all kinds of reasons why I can't let it turn into more.
I have these really bad boyfriend habits.
I jump from one to the next really quickly and all kinds of other things, but the main one being that if I let it turn into more and it goes badly, like it did last night, then, um I'm afraid to lose you.
So, I just Right now I I don't want to take that risk.
You are funny.
Um explain that, please.
You know, first of all, points for getting it partway right.
I was thinking about it, yes.
See, and that's fine, Adam, that's-- I said was.
You know, you got me out dancing, there was, you know, the contact thing.
Yeah, sure, I admit it.
You know, it made me wonder if there was anything there.
Which lasted through dinner that next night when I realized no way.
It's much better platonic.
Okay, so, then, why did you start avoiding me like that? Julia.
Did it never occur to you that I might have something besides you to think about? You know, some good reason not to call you back right away? I mean, here's a concept for you.
Not every boy wants to marry you.
You were busy? Yeah, you know, the application thing you mentioned.
You know, it's a lot of work.
Which I wanted to do by myself.
Oh, man, did I I am so -No, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Most guys, you'd probably be right.
Just not me.
-Hey, Gus.
Listen, uh I'm sorry, but we gotta talk.
Yeah, I guess we do.
I made some phone calls.
And practically half our buyers said they'd pull their orders if we switched to pine.
-Now, that's-- -Charlie, you don't have to-- Now, I know how you feel about risking the extra money-- -Give it a rest, will ya? -No, I won't! If you're gonna make me fight you on this, I will.
Well, you're gonna have a tough time when I'm in Tahiti.
Wait What? I was sittin' here about four or five hours ago, and a couple of guys came in off the floor, You know, with a problem And I gave 'em my answer.
And they stood there.
I said,"What's wrong?" They got all embarrassed, and then one of them said, "Where's Charlie? When's he coming in?" Look, Gus So I went down to the floor, and I took a good look.
It's beautiful furniture, Charlie, the stuff you're building.
The crazy thing is people will think I'm the genius that made it all happen, When the best thing I can do is just get out of the way.
What are you saying? You're You're thinking about leaving? Don't worry.
I'm not gonna disappear on you.
There'll still be plenty of questions.
I'll be around.
Gus, you can't do that.
You can't.
This business, it needs you.
It's yours, son.
I want you to run it.
That's not what I'm asking for, Gus.
I'm not even ready for that.
Oh, sure you are.
Why do you think I'm doing this, Charlie? You think I'd give it to anybody I didn't absolutely trust? That's not what I wanted, Gus.
That's not why I'm here.
I don't know.
Maybe it is.
What's goin' on? Where have you been, Bailey? We've been trying to find you.
You weren't home last night.
Yeah, I I got in late.
Why? Yeah, we left you a ton of messages at work.
You didn't call us back.
Bailey, Joe told us what's going on.
How could you not tell us about this, Bailey? It's nobody's business.
- Nobody's business? - No.
That place Bailey, that's our restaurant, too.
The restaurant? I know you wanted to handle it, Bailey, but just for my own sake, to get it off my chest, I told them.
Now, you see why I'd want to do that, don't you? Good for you.
Wait, where are you going? We have to talk about this.
When Charlie finds out-- No, we don't.
We don't have to talk about it.
It's already taken care of.
So, you're just gonna write a check from your own account and forget about it? Joe is paying me back.
So, until he does, we're done.
This isn't all that's wrong with the restaurant, Bailey.
Business is down, and we need that money.
You've been saying the same thing for months now.
Just sit tight.
Be patient.
It'll all come back.
And it hasn't come back, has it, Bailey? Okay, guys, relax.
No, we're not gonna relax.
What is going on with you, and what is with this weird denial thing? Look, Julia, I'm not in any denial, okay? Yeah, right.
Well, tomorrow you won't be.
We called Alex.
We're gonna meet with him.
You what? You called my accountant? We need to sit down with the books, Bailey.
The whole family.
You know what? None of you None of you has any right to judge me.
Okay, what I do with my money.
What I do with my life-- Bailey, we're not saying this is your fault, but if you're not gonna tell us the truth-- No, I know what you're saying.
I'm telling you I don't need to hear it.
-Bailey -I said I don't need to hear it.
I don't know what to say.
I mean It sounds like champagne is in order, but what what is with that look on your face? Well, I haven't said yes yet.
Okay, why not? Are you kidding me? This job All the decisions Everything It's all gonna be me.
So no one can stop you from doing What you think is right.
Including all the times that I'm wrong.
I mean, this company could still easily go under, Kirsten.
Charlie, come on.
I mean, the freedom to draw whatever you want -and then actually make it? -No, no, I know, I know.
It's my dream job.
It's just What? Times 3.
I mean, you know how hard I work now.
Putting this stuff into production is gonna take every minute.
I mean, forget about seeing me.
Forget about me being able to help out with Diana at all.
So So, what do you want me to say? You want me to tell you don't do it? No.
It's just This is it.
If I do this, it can't be "Which one of us is gonna make a concession?" It has to be you.
I can't take this job and then only do half the work.
So, if that's something that you're not willing to do, to make room in your work to be with Diana, then you tell me, and I'll say no.
I think, um if this is what you want then then you should do it.
Thank you.
Adam, hello.
-You're in a good mood.
Yes, I am.
'Cause I bring I bring brilliant news.
Okay, listen, you did not hear this from me, and I did not hear this from Becca, my friend in admissions, but, uh, you passed your GED.
Okay? Okay? And the dean loved your essay.
So, Adam, it looks it looks really good.
Did you hear me? Is that not great? Yeah.
Yeah, that's great.
No, no, Adam, be happier.
I insist.
You worked so hard on your application, And nownow you are gonna get in.
-You're gonna get in.
-Julia, stop.
I said stop! -What? -What? What was that, huh? -What was what? -What? The the the hugging me.
Then with the kissing.
You cannot do that.
I can't? Why not? Because Because What? Look, uh, I lied whenwhen I said those feelings weren't there.
When the truth is, I want to kiss you so much Julia And I know you don't think it's a good idea, but why why can't we just try? Huh? You know, what if we do and it is so great? You know, what if it's not a mistake? -Adam, I really don't know yet.
I don't know -You know what? I'm sorry, but Oh.
Well, that sure sucked, huh? -No, no, no, it didn't.
It was, um, it was -No, no, no, it was crap.
Don't lie.
You weren't into it, and I lost my nerve.
The whole thing sort of collapsed onto itself.
It was, uh, it was pretty horrible.
-Adam -You know what? I'm glad.
I'm glad we did it.
'Cause, you know, we tried, and now we know it's a bad idea.
So the kiss thing is behind us, and we never ever have to go there again.
-Adam -Never again.
Never again.
Good then.
Bailey knows about the meeting, Alex.
Are you expecting him soon? Because I've got a 5:00 and we can reschedule if you want.
Maybe he just got the appointment wrong.
You wrote him a note, didn't you? Oh, man.
Bailey I mean, his timing couldn't be worse.
I cannot afford to be here right now.
I've got meetings on meetings.
Okay, well, you know what? We'll just, we'll start without him.
For you.
Here's another copy for you.
God, there you are.
I've been calling you all day and all night.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It's just I I've been dealing with some family stuff.
So, you want to come into the meeting? What? Oh.
Uh no, I can't.
I can't.
I just stopped by to say hi.
Well, you know what? Forget the meeting.
I'll just catch the next one.
No, no, you go to the meeting.
You should go, and then we'll do something after.
I had to do that.
You're just so You're so sweet.
Well, thanks.
So now what? Evvie.
Your meeting.
Will you stop being such a good influence on me? Let's go to my house.
We'll watch Leaving Las Vegas.
It'll be just like a meeting.
But much more fun.
No, I told you.
I'll be in at 9:00.
So start cutting the front pieces, and then I'll I'll check 'em out before you Yeah.
Yeah, could you hold on? Kirsten, could you take her for a second? I'm on the phone with the factory.
I'm only half dressed, Charlie.
- Hang on.
Hang on.
- Is that them? -Hey.
Hey, you guys.
Welcome back.
-Good to be back.
-Hi there, sweetie.
Well, tell Warren an extra 3/8ths of an inch on the legs till we know if we're doing rollers or pads.
Hey, you guys are back.
What's the big rush? Are we late? Oh, no, I've just got a bunch of numbers to crunch, and I can't miss the chance to get stuff done when Diana's not here.
How was she? She was a dream.
A little trouble transitioning into nap time, but Oh, did you sing her Amazing Grace? Oh, yeah.
That knocks her out every time.
Wish I'd known.
Next time.
Okay, uh, bottles, diapers Okay.
I forgot Pooh.
-See ya.
-Um Yeah.
- Bye, cutie.
Bye, guys.
- Bye.
Why don't you go see Luke The Duke? -Come here.
Come here, baby.
Come here, baby.
-Go see him.
-Oh! -Charlie We kinda need to talk for a second.
What's up? Well the thing is Luke has been transferred back to Texas.
God, I'm sorry, Daph.
Oh, no It's not Uh Luke has this amazing family, Charlie.
They're wonderful.
They completely welcomed me in.
They They took me to this rodeo and this barbecue and this Oh Oh, there's Pooh.
Uh Which is why When he asked me to stay and live there with him I said yes.
Uh I mean What's that gonna mean for Diana? I mean, that's That's so far away.
Well maybe not.
Not if she comes with me.