Party of Five s06e16 Episode Script

Blast from the Past

1 So who hasn't spoken today? Bailey, we haven't heard yet from you.
Got anything for the room? Not today.
I'm pretty good.
Glad to hear it.
That's super.
What? These rooms are supposed to be safe.
No judgment, just understanding.
That's what we all give you, and that's what you can give us.
You're 100% right.
I'll be good.
Well, yesterday, we ran out of time when you were telling us about the night of the accident.
Well It's weird because before, before I got sober the first time, the drinking would sneak up on me, you know, like, one beer turned into three, and so on and so on.
But this time was different.
This time It was like a decision, which I guess is why I'm not really scared that I'm gonna slip again now.
I mean, it's not like my problems are gone, because The reasons that I drank, whatever they are, are still there, but the drinking I don't know.
It feels like I switched it on, so I can more or less switch it off.
Can I say something? What the hell is he doing here? -Oliver, look-- -He had a slip up.
He got drunk one time and now he's taking up space in rehab? This is not a competition here.
I mean, Richard drank half a pint of mouthwash when they wouldn't sell him a beer.
Dale parked his car under 10 feet of water at Stinson Beach.
So what? I don't have the right to be here if I don't have the DTs or something? Hey, you paid your money.
You can be wherever you want.
It's just You're making me feel lower than I felt already.
Yeah, well, I'm sorry.
That's not my problem.
That's right.
You have no problem.
You know what, that is so wrong! Okay, guys.
Settle down.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's just You have your problems, I'm sure.
But booze isn't one of them, is it? From where I sit, your life it's a beautiful dream.
Be thankful for that and go home.
You do want to go home, don't you? Everybody wants to live Like they wanna live And everybody wants to love Like they wanna love Everybody wants to be Closer to free Closer to free -What's up? -Hmm? -You stuck on a passage? -What? I've been standing over there waving at nothing.
-Oh? -What the hell is on that screen? Nothing.
You don't want to you don't want to know.
Yeah, sure I do.
Now I really do, Julia.
Read it.
I thought you, uh, hadn't heard from Justin since he went home.
I hadn't.
Not a word till last night.
Julia, it says he's eloping with Laura to Vegas.
I know that.
I've read it 50 times.
So, um, are you going? Well, how do I know that he wants me to come? Huh? I mean, he he didn't ask in the e-mail.
Oh, come on, Julia.
Why do you think he sent this? People don't mail announcements when they elope.
But what does he want? I mean, is he saying come be at my wedding or is he saying come stop it? You should go.
What? Well, you obviously don't want to lose him.
Do you? Well, I, uh Right.
Then go.
As a friend, I'm telling you, go.
I was right, wasn't I? She's getting worse.
Well, her weight and sleep reports are still within the protocol but-- Protocol? What, uh Just look at her.
Does she look better? You have her in the placebo group, don't you? That's why she's like this.
She's not taking the active drug, right? See, if you could just tell me, then I can know to pull her out or not.
It's a double-blind study, Mrs.
Newman, which means neither the patient or the therapist know who's getting the nefazodone.
I should have never signed her up for this.
I mean, that these drug companies They don't care about my daughter.
Or that she won't eat.
-Or go to school -I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
I know this is hard for both of you.
Do you? Or is that just part of the protocol? Do you really have any idea what my child is going through? I'm sorry, Mrs.
Newman, I'll be right back.
Just wait here one moment, okay? Dr.
-Do you have a minute? -Well-- Because I was thinking about our last session, and it kind of brought up a lot of questions-- Bailey, I'm I'm sorry, but you were discharged, weren't you? Yeah, they just checked me out, so I thought I would come talk to you before I left.
Bailey, I have six more evaluations, then group.
-Okay, I understand, but-- -Bailey -I just wanted-- -Bailey, please take this the right way.
You're doing great.
Now, I know you have issues, and I'd be happy to talk about them with you, just not now.
You can make an appointment with me any weekday.
In the meantime, talk to your family.
They sound very supportive.
They are, but I'm not sure this is something-- Bailey, this is good news.
You're doing extremely well.
So, what do you feel like doing? Um, I I don't know.
Do you want to practice or Or we could not.
You know? Just, after all those sessions, surrounded by all those musicians and stuff, it's nice just being us for a change, you know? Just the two of us.
You and me.
I I wonder what's on TV.
Touch me, Eric.
I know you want to.
Julia, are you okay? Julia, what are you still doing here? I thought it was settled.
I thought you were going.
Settled? Claud, how is that settled? Well, it will be.
It will be.
When you finally, uh, talk to Justin.
And and say what? I mean, what am I supposed to say? I don't even know why he wrote me.
Julia, you know.
Tell him not to get married.
B-because why? What is my argument? What what you were saying before.
You know, about him getting rushed into this.
I said that to him the last time I saw him, and look what good it did me.
The only other solution is that I tell him he should be with someone else instead.
Someone specific.
Someone like me, right? Well, should he? God, Claud, I don't know.
I mean, we haven't been together for what, four years? -I mean-- -Julia? What? Should he? God, I have I have to go there.
Don't I? But how am I gonna do that? My car won't make it.
I'm too poor to fly.
Take Todd's car.
Excuse me.
What? Take it where? Uh, Todd, we're having a private conversation.
-About my car? -Yeah.
You don't mind if Julia borrows it, do you? It's it's a lease.
I mean, you know, my my insurance won't let anyone drive it but me.
Then then you'll drive her.
-Me? Drive her where? -Las Vegas.
Oh, this is perfect.
I'll come with you guys.
-Vegas? -This is this is good.
I mean, we've been working too hard anyway.
We need this, you know.
It's like fun and just impulsive.
Todd, we need it a lot.
Hold off Perkins for, like, half an hour, all right? Take him for a tour of the mill or something.
I'll be in there as soon as I can.
All right.
Thanks, Ruth.
Oh, man.
It's tough doing two jobs, huh? It'd be a lot easier if this accountant would get here.
Well, tell ya, it's good having you around here again.
I mean, it's like the old days, you and me runnin' the joint.
Yeah, Joe.
Yeah, hey.
Uh, all right.
Yeah, hang on a second.
Hey, Charlie, it's Alex.
He got held up.
He's gonna be an hour.
-An hour? -Yeah.
Oh, my I got two meetings at the factory, and I'm supposed to pick up Owen.
You want me to reschedule? With the quarterly taxes coming up? All right, look, I'll tell you what.
Just leave the computer.
Let me meet with the guy.
I mean, it's not like I haven't done it a 100 times.
Just tell him to get here as soon as he can.
And I'll I'll cancel my meeting.
Victor, hey, hey, yeah, it's it's Charlie.
Uh, listen, I know I was supposed to pick up Owen after school today, but something's come up.
Hello? Is anybody here? Hey! Man, you're home.
What? Didn't expect you back for a couple more days.
So where is everybody? Uh, Julia and Claudia took off for Vegas, Owen's with Charlie.
You got your jacket.
You going out? Yeah, um, damn it.
You know, I'm supposed to meet Meredith, And, uh, it's too late to call and cancel.
-Oh, well, go.
-No, no wait.
Maybe I'll Maybe I'll meet her and send her back home.
Uh, Will, forget that.
Really, I'm actually I'm probably just gonna crash anyway.
Go, really.
Have a good time.
I'll see you later.
Owen, come on! Brush your teeth.
We don't want to be late for school.
All right, all right.
Hey, sleepyhead.
Shouldn't you be getting ready for work? I'm not sure I'm going to go in today.
You, not going in? You feeling all right? I'm just tired.
You seem kind of What's going on? It's just work, you know? This drug trial.
I mean, some of these kids are really sick.
They're depressed.
And it's just getting hard to watch.
Well, they're in the study, right? Which means they're getting therapy.
They need meds.
And some of them aren't getting the active drug, and the ones that are, I'm not sure if it's even working.
It's just I don't know, but it never used to get to me before, you know? But lately, I just Well, you know, um, it's weird.
I mean, you've been fine for so long, but I mean, when we started trying to get pregnant, you did go off your antidepressants, and I don't know.
I'm not depressed, Charlie, if that's what you're saying.
I'm just upset and I'm I'm frustrated.
Okay, okay.
I was just Bay, you in there? Yeah, come in.
Look, I swear to you, I didn't plan this.
Okay, if you want to sit in here all day, that's fine.
I'm not trying to make you cheer up or make you come out of your room or-- Will, what are you Hi.
How you doin'? Hey.
You look great.
Thank you for being so forgiving.
Not at all.
You did the right thing.
You obviously needed help.
God, and look at me.
I'm supposed to be the one learning how to heal people.
No, I was totally out of line coming to your place like that, Holly.
And I had been drinking.
I didn't deserve your sympathy at all.
-Anyway Will's been really sweet.
He's been giving me updates.
Therapy's obviously working.
Now, look at you.
You look good.
And you look calm.
And-- Holly, Holly.
Look, thank you for coming here.
Okay, I mean that.
But I can't have anybody else look at me and tell me that I look great.
I mean, quitting drinking suddenly seems like the easiest thing that I ever did in my life, because I quit, I'm finished with it.
And now, if anything, I feel worse.
It's like now I feel like there's more questions than there were before.
And everybody's looking at me and they're telling me that I look fine, because that's what they want, but the truth is I'm not.
I'm not fine at all.
Next time I drive halfway through the night, remind me to wear looser clothing.
My leg is still asleep.
Keep your eyes peeled.
They're checked in here.
Laura can't find out I'm here.
Next, please.
How many rooms? Sir, how many rooms? Todd, she's asking you a question.
Todd? Earth to Todd.
What? Sorry, I I was just Yeah, I know.
I saw.
No, I didn't.
I mean, I wasn't I'm not at all Julia! Justin! Claudia, it's not what you think.
I mean - Come here.
Come here.
- What? I was just -What are you doing here? -What am I doing here? You e-mailed me.
You tell me what I'm doing here.
Laura's letting it ride on her birthday number.
She's right over there.
Justin, what? You want me to leave? No, no, I don't.
Oh, my God! You actually came.
-Well, yeah.
Justin, talk to me.
Justin, we have to talk.
Yeah, I know.
Uh, not now, though.
-Well, when? -Uh, I don't know.
Ah, she's looking over here.
I I'll see you later, okay? Did you tell Frances Newman to pull her daughter out of the study? She was going to pull Lizzie out anyway.
I just supported her.
That doesn't matter.
You should have discussed it with me first.
The girl needs meds, well-tested meds.
I made the decision based on her needs, not ours.
But it wasn't your decision to make.
Then whose is it? The client's? Their stockholders? I did the most responsible thing, and you know it.
Kirsten, what's the matter with you? Nothing.
Nothing is the matter with me.
You have had patients like Lizzie before.
Lots of them.
We've had this conversation.
These kids are in studies so that thousands of kids just like them can be helped.
This is different.
I mean, Lizzie's different.
Is she? Or is it you? I don't know what you're talking about.
Last week, you fought with the prescribing MD.
You've been calling in sick and now this.
What's happening, Kirsten? What's wrong with you? What are you doing back here? What? Did you win the lottery and find out you have to pay taxes? Just waiting to talk to the doctor.
That's nice.
That looks right, thanks.
Hey, put that down! Back off! Don't touch me! Orderly, help! I need help! Back off! Did you hear me? I said back off! Orderly! Hey, Oliver, take it easy, man.
You're gonna get hurt.
Get away from me, both of you! Bring those back! Damn! Oliver, Oliver, don't! -Oliver, stop it! -No, damn it.
I need that.
-Stop! Take it easy! -Let go of me.
Stop it! All right, come on.
Take it easy.
Thanks for nothing, you stupid little boy scout.
Why can't you just leave it alone, huh? Adam, what are you doing here? I gotta come clean, Julia, okay? -With what? -I lied.
Look, I said, as a friend, That I thought you should come here.
I have been choking on that stupid word for, like, weeks now.
'Cause the thing is you are not my friend.
-Adam-- -No, I Okay, what you and Justin have, I can't touch that.
No, it's a it's a lifetime of knowing each other, of loving each other.
And I don't love you, Julia.
I mean, I I barely know you.
But what I do love is I love how your voice gets all flutey when you try and leave a funny message on my machine.
Or how you always ask me for my news first, even when your news is better.
I love how you always come over with some kind of take-out, 'cause you're so sure I'll starve on my own.
I, uh, I'm sorry to dump this on you.
I I really am, 'cause I've tried not to put any pressure on you.
You know, I I kept my mouth shut, so that you could be free.
But, now you're here and and he's here, and I can't not say my piece, which is just I wish you'd be free with me.
Uh, that's Claudia.
I'm I'm sorry.
Hold on.
Is this a bad time? No.
No, no, it's fine.
I was I was I was just leaving.
Excuse me.
It doesn't make any sense.
Yeah, I know, I know, I know.
You decided to get married tomorrow.
You want it that badly, but then you call me? I mean, that doesn't make sense.
So, since when has it ever made sense? I mean, getting married, you know? How can two people possibly know if something that feels right today is gonna feel right tomorrow? What are you talking about? That's what makes it romantic.
It's a leap of faith.
It's believing that we can make something together that's better than what we can make alone.
And Laura and me I mean, we love each other, and we're we're gonna take the leap.
Okay, so then, what about me? Why am I here? Well, that's the The part that, uh, I wish made more sense.
Look, I want to do this.
I want to get married.
Well, then, Justin, if that's what you want, then-- Julia, I love you.
I always have, and Laura, um, she wants to get married and I love her, too.
But the only problem is that if I'm gonna take this leap, I keep asking myself, "Is it supposed to be us? Should I be taking this leap with you?" So I wrote you because I want to know how you feel.
The last time I saw you, you said all that stuff and How do you feel? I don't know.
Well, it's a hard question, I realize that, but, uh-- Justin, how can I possibly know? Right.
Receipts are all there.
Final tally balances out.
Any word on when Bailey's coming back? Not soon enough.
I don't have time for this.
Then let me do it.
Joe, it's all right.
I got it covered.
How long is this gonna go on? Well, I figure Bailey just needs a little bit more time-- No, I mean you and me.
How long is this "not trusting me" gonna go on? I don't know, Joe.
I've pretty much done everything I can do to prove myself to you.
I sold my condo, I sold my car, everything I have of value.
Um, I'm just shy of paying back what I borrowed.
See, that's just it, Joe.
You didn't you didn't borrow.
What you did is called something else.
I made a mistake, Charlie.
I mean, I seem to remember you making one or two mis-- -Joe, this is not about me.
-That's right.
It's about us.
You and me.
It's about how 20 years of knowing me seems to mean nothing to you.
Nothing? Joe, it means everything.
I A stranger walks in here and does what you did, and I'm I'm pissed off, I'm mad, but that's it.
But you 20 years, and then you do this.
-I'm still me, Charlie.
-How am I supposed to know that, Joe? Okay.
You know what? If this is how it is, then maybe there's no point in me sticking around.
I'll clear out my stuff tomorrow.
-How are you? -Oh, hello.
Just wanted to make sure they didn't lobotomize you.
God, I wish they would.
Would you mind not staring at me like that? I'm sorry, I'm just I'm fine.
Look, thanks.
But it's not like you saved me from anything.
Even if I got those pills down, they just would've pumped my stomach.
Well, then, why did you bother doing it? That's funny you have to ask me that.
What do you mean? You didn't want to leave here, either.
I just want to figure out what the hell is wrong with me.
Really? Let me save you some therapy bills.
Pull up a couch.
You're into the cavalry rush, same as me.
-Cavalry? -Sure.
You love a good crisis.
Really gets the blood going.
-What do you mean? -We've all heard your story.
Those orphans all pulling together.
Look, I don't do what you did.
I don't get myself into trouble, so people have to come rushing to my rescue.
Doesn't matter.
It's the same disease.
Some of us get off on needing a 911 rescue.
And some of us get off on giving it.
It's a trade secret, Mr.
It's okay with me.
Here we are.
But don't be a real man, be a king.
Todd? Todd, it's Claudia.
You decent? Oh, you're here.
Hey, what are you doing? I I can explain this.
No, see, the remote, it's the remote's broken, and-- Come on.
First with the dancing girls, and now the porno? No, the porno, it's it's an accident, all right? Um, the girls downstairs, I mean, that was I just couldn't help but notice.
I mean Hello? Why can't you notice me? -What? -Todd, you kissed me.
I mean, you kissed me.
Maybe it was a hundred years ago, but I mean, it's like I turned into your sister or something.
I mean, do you want me to, you know, wear feathers, and and sparkly things, or or this short cheerleader skirt? I mean, tell me, what's suddenly wrong with me? Wait, you think that I'm not interested? Well, what am I supposed to think? You're like the king of mixed signals.
Me? Mixed signals? Me, me? The one who is killing himself not to be a pig.
-Why? -Because you have this past.
I mean, you tell me the reason you're scared to get into a relationship is is because of what's his name? Derek.
I mean, what am I supposed to think? Every time I want to touch you, I feel like, you know, what if she just wants to be friends or am I forcing myself on her? Am I making the same wrong assumptions that he did? You actually That's what you thought? I've been going insane.
I mean, we're together like thousands of hours a day, and you sit there and smiling and laughing and breathing and just smelling so unbelievably incredible.
-Todd-- -And we're in this hotel room in in sin city, and if I don't figure out what it is that you want, I'm scared that I'm just gonna-- That's what I want.
Okay? Marriage is a sacred commitment not to be taken lightly or whimsically.
It's an oath of love you both make to each other, to this congregation, and to God.
But before we proceed, I must ask if there is anyone present who objects to this union, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.
Very well, then.
The rings, please.
Do you promise to love, honor, and cherish Laura for as long as you both shall live? I do.
And Laura, do you promise to love, honor, and cherish Justin for as long as you both shall live? We're booking plenty of seatings, but, uh, Joe changed the menu, uh, to simpler dishes, stuff that's cheaper, which means less revenue.
-I think that's a lot of the problem.
If we upgrade the menu, and increase-- Charlie, I don't want to hear this, okay? Please.
Please, just do whatever you want over there.
I don't care anymore, okay? Look, I I know this probably doesn't seem that important to you right now.
No, it's just not right now.
I don't know if it ever did, Charlie.
People think that I was good at that job, so that I must have loved doing it.
Bailey, why are you suddenly going on-- You and Julia and Claud, you all have this stuff that you guys do because because there's something inside of you that won't let you do anything else.
But what's there for me? What do I have that I'm great at? Bailey.
Practically everything you've ever put your mind to.
I'll tell you what it is.
It's whatever you need.
You got a problem? You call Bailey.
Something needs saving? You call Bailey.
Give yourself some credit.
Don't you see what that means? I don't know what to do with myself until somebody else is in trouble.
I would have no reason for living, Charlie, if it wasn't for what? If it wasn't for Mom and Dad dying.
Hold on a second.
Charlie, it's true, it's true! The absolute best The absolute high point for me in my life was when you got sick.
Because I took over.
I took the family, I took the house, I took the restaurant.
Finally, I was the man.
But you take all that away and what's left? I'm I'm this this person who needs people that he loves to be dying for him to be happy.
Sorry I'm so late.
Bailey had some, uh, meltdown.
I don't know, he's really I'm worried about him.
I don't know when he's gonna Hey.
Are you okay? Hey, what's going on? You're not the only one who noticed.
I felt it.
I've been thinking that maybe that I was getting sick again.
So I went to the doctor.
Kirsten And he said He told me I'm pregnant.
What? You -Pregnant? -That's why I've I've been such a mess lately, Charlie.
I'm not depressed, I'm just I've been I'm swimming in hormones.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, So we're we're gonna we're having a-- It worked.
We're pregnant.
A baby? Our own, we -We actually did it? -We did it.
We did it.
We did it.
You know what I like about the future? It's not like the only choice you have is to plan the whole thing.
You can also, if you want to, you can sit back and relax and see what happens.
I I guess.
That was nice, what you did.
Coming all the way down there to say what you said.
It was exactly what I needed.
I know you're feeling a little bit shaky right now, but, uh, I gotta get to the office.
-Anyway, Owen's outside.
-Wait, what are you Why didn't you take him to school? Well, he's got this assignment for his reading tutor, this letters and colors thing.
I know what you're trying to do here, okay? He tried to explain it to me, but I-- This isn't like basket weaving at rehab, okay? You can't fix this problem by keeping me busy.
I'm not trying to fix anything, Bailey.
Hey, Owe.
How you doing? I'm okay.
How are you? I'm fine.
Okay, I I gotta get moving.
See you later, okay? Bye, Charlie.
I wrote you a letter when you were away.
Yeah? You did? Yeah, it's just a bunch of get-well stuff, you know? 'Cause I missed you.
Well, that sounds nice.
Can I show you? Sure, yeah.
I worked really hard on it.
Got most of the letters right too, I think.
Yeah, yeah, you did.
So, do you think you could work on it with me? See, I thought maybe if I got it real good, I could, you know, hand it to Ms.
Claud and Jule tried to help me, and Charlie did, too, but no one's as good as you.
Did you put forks on the table cloth? How many people are coming? Hey.
So, you called me? What's going on? Yeah, we're, uh we're having dinner.
Uh, Charlie, I was packing to leave.
What's going on? Joe, listen, uh, will you stay at the restaurant? What? -Why are you-- -Kirsten and I got a lot going on right now.
And Bailey, you know, who knows? So I need you there.
-Well, I hope you're not-- -You might be right.
I mean, the past really doesn't tell you that much about the future anyway.
So I'm asking you.
Will you stay? Okay, everybody, dig in.
Hey, Joe, are you staying for supper? -Yeah, I guess I am.
-Sit down.
What can I get for you? -Oh, um, surprise me.
What's everybody doing here? What's going on? It's Tuesday night.
This is our new night for family dinners.
Yeah? Since when? Uh -Since tonight.
-Really? It's not like we had a meeting about it or anything.
We just It's the Chinese, isn't it? You wanted Italian.
It's okay I'm okay.
But I'm starving.
Let's eat.
We need serving spoons? Yeah.
Joe, they're over there.
-Do you mind grabbing them? -Oh, yeah, you got it.
Will, you get me two plates?