Party of Five s06e20 Episode Script

Great Expectations

1 Marriage, as we know, is a venerable, auspicious institution laden with joy and promise.
But it is also a solemn ordinance, not to be entered into frivolously or deceptively without the assurance of deep, ardent love and commitment.
Now, do you young people have anything that you would like to say before we continue? A poem to read? A thought? Young man? You look nice.
Thank you.
Well, then Do you, Holly Marie Beggins, take William Bradley McCorkle to be your lawfully wedded husband? I do.
And do you, William Bradley take the lovely Holly Marie to be your lawfully wedded wife? Yes, I do.
By the power vested in me by the State of California I now pronounce you man and wife.
I'll go sign the papers.
Kiss her.
Hey, Will.
Yeah? Down, boy.
Hey How about a kiss for the best man? No, Bailey.
-What? -People.
Yeah? Yeah, the INS takes this very seriously.
They could be anywhere.
Anywhere? You mean Like, here, now? Come on We have to be careful, for sure, but don't you think that's being a little bit paranoid here? -What? -Like her? Right there? No, I'm not being paranoid.
I could get deported, and he could get sent to jail.
Hey, hey, hey, well, you know what? Do we really need to use the "j" word here? Wait, nobody's going to jail.
Hey, that janitor just walked past a cigarette butt.
What does that mean? I'm sorry, I'm just Not taking any chances, Bailey.
Will? Everybody wants to live Like they wanna live And everybody wants to love Like they wanna love Everybody wants to be Closer to free Closer to free Charlie.
It's beautiful.
I thought about, uh, curving the slats but then it seemed like that might not be that safe, you know? Yeah What? I don't know I'm not sure if it is that safe.
What do you mean? To be banking on this so soon.
To be building things for this baby already.
Hold on a second I mean, that's why we didn't tell our families, Charlie.
Kirsten, I really don't see how building a crib can hurt that baby.
You know what I mean.
Things can still go wrong.
It happens all the time.
It just it makes me nervous, that being here so early.
I feel like we're tempting the gods or something.
Tempting the gods? That's how I feel.
-Yeah, fine.
You're back.
I wasn't expecting you back.
This is, uh, Agent Lawrence from the, uh Immigration and Naturalization Service.
Uh, this is my husband, Will McCorkle.
And, uh, this is our friend, Bailey Salinger.
Just thought I'd drop in, introduce myself.
-Nice meeting you.
So, I was just saying that it's a real shame that you two can't hang around because you've got that party to get to which I thought you were going straight to.
The-- yeah, uh, birthday thing.
Birthday party.
Will forgot the gift.
The gift Which I forgot to wrap.
You must be a close friend.
What? Have your own set of keys.
Keys Keys.
Oh, these.
These keys.
Oh, these aren't these aren't my keys.
These are his keys.
These are Will, take your keys.
Oh Well, anyway, um I'll see the two of you the day after tomorrow.
Day after tomorrow? Oh, yeah, he, uh they have an interview for us.
Standard procedure.
Oh, we'll be there.
Listen, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but, uh, you'd be amazed how many people marry Americans for the sole purpose of circumventing our immigration laws.
Not a concern with you two.
I'm sure.
Hey What are you doing here? I thought you were in Mexico.
I was.
I, uh I, I just got back.
Well, welcome back.
Can I come in? Sure.
Look, Julia, I just wanted to say No, no, you know what, Adam? You said enough before you left.
Before you took off without telling me where you were going or why.
Because if you cared at all about what I thought or what I felt, you would have at least discussed it with me before you took off to some Mexican commune.
Well, it's more of an artist colony I don't care anymore.
-Julia -What? I'm moving to Mexico.
What? I mean You're right.
I had no business saying any of that stuff to you, especially since I was the one who had something to prove to the school, to myself, to whoever.
So I took off.
I, I ran away.
And it wasn't fair to do to you.
Or to us.
And you're going back there But I'm here for the next three days.
And I'd like to see you as much as I can.
Before you leave.
We are dead.
We are dead people.
We're never gonna fool that guy.
Did you, did you see him? Did you see how his eyeballs were drilling straight through us? Let's, let's, let's confess! We should roll over, beg for mercy.
Forget it, Will.
It's too late for that now.
Will, it's all going to be fine.
Deep breaths.
Calm down.
Calm down.
I mean, how is that possible? Do you know-- know what happens to us if we get caught? I can never run for elected office.
Yeah, you realize that, right? Let Will, can we worry about your political career after you move out of my basement? Oh, thanks.
That's very helpful.
Boys, let's just think about this.
We knew this was gonna happen.
We just didn't realize it was going to happen quite so soon.
That's right.
She's exactly right.
This isn't so bad.
You guys have 48 hours to get to know each other as well as a real couple.
Oh, what were we thinking? I wanted to be someone in this world, do something.
I was going to save social security.
Yeah, I had a whole plan.
Wait a minute.
Wait a second.
Who do you both know that well? You know me.
-You're right.
-So anything that he asks Holly about you, if she answers with me in mind, then you do the same thing.
Your answers have to match up.
-What are you talking about? Say he asks her, "What does your husband eat for breakfast"? She thinks of me, says Granola and chocolate milk.
You, of course, would know this, so you say the same thing.
That's half the battle right there.
Now you just need a crash course in getting to know Holly.
We can both help you with that.
I don't know -Oh, come on.
-Will, Will Uh, does your husband wear boxers or briefs? Boxers.
What's his favorite sport? Wrestling! See, man, it's cake.
We're halfway there.
-Hey! -Huh? Wet dish, longing to be dried.
Hm, sorry.
What? What? That goofy smile on your face.
What's going on over there? Oh, I had the most amazing dream last night, Julia.
It's been with me all day long.
Oh, yeah? What was it about? Me and Todd.
What happened? Well, we're in his car which he loves more than anyone should love a car, in my opinion and he was actually letting me drive it.
Which I never have because he never lets me, like, ever So, I'm driving.
And I'm hitting every green light.
All of a sudden, we're not on the street anymore.
We're actually flying.
Sounds symbolic.
So he looks at me, and he smiles and says "You made the car fly".
And then he, like, reaches into his chest, but I mean, it's not gross or anything, and he pulls out this key in the shape of a heart.
Julia, the key to his heart.
And he hands it to me, and he says "I love you, Claudia".
Just like that.
Just so Simple and real.
Isn't that incredible? I guess.
You guess.
What does that mean? Well, it's just a dream, Claud.
Yeah, but it was so real when he said it.
Still, I just don't think you should get caught up in something you wish he'd said.
It's not a disaster.
We'll handle it, you know? It just means delivering a week or two past due.
The--the only thing that concerns me is it's getting worse.
-I know.
-Last week, we were averaging -six days late, and this week, it's eight.
-I know.
I know.
It's not good.
Let's just see what Mitch has to say.
How's it going? Well, we're, uh we're up to four pieces an hour.
And I don't think the guys can do it much faster than that.
Why aren't they partnered up? I mean, I thought we talked about putting two guys on these back assemblies.
Yeah, I--I thought about it, but that doesn't make sense.
I mean, to put two guys on the same piece, the math says-- Mitch, we talked about this.
I mean you can't even give it a try? So, you want me to shut down the line for a day while the guys learn new jobs when it's 90% that it probably won't work.
Yes, I do.
I asked you to give it a shot.
That doesn't mean you deciding that I'm wrong all on your own.
Hold on.
Mitch, I think what we're saying is, try and look at the big picture here Okay? A little time lost now, learning how to build this stuff right, that's time well spent.
Look, you guys hired me out of my last job to get this place moving.
And you told me when we sat down you said that we're not about micromanagement here, everybody gets a piece of the business, you can be your own boss.
Well, that's right Mitch, you own a piece of the company but that doesn't mean we don't still have a management structure here, or-- Look, I want you to double them up.
Okay? If it doesn't work then we can always go back to your way.
All right? You're the boss.
The nature of critical evaluation in 18th century romanticism.
-This has gotta be for Ms.
Reading is hard enough, but writing about how other people wrote about writing? It just seems like so much writing.
So don't do it.
-Yeah, right.
-I mean it.
-Adam-- -Come with me to Mexico instead.
You're kidding, right? I mean it.
I mean, I was thinking about it and, Julia, you would love San Miguel.
I mean, it's got cobblestone streets and Gothic cathedrals.
There's two art institutes there, there's weird creative types everywhere, and it's got the coffee that you can't get here.
The kind that's like mud.
Adam Don't do this to me.
Not right now.
I can't just pack up and move to Mexico.
Of course you can.
Why can't you? Well, 'cause I've got school, for one thing.
So? You take a leave of absence.
I can get you into my workshop at the institute and you'll get full credit here.
It's not that simple.
Um, I've got other responsibilities.
Like? Like my family.
So come for a month.
Come for a week even.
But I warn you When you get down there, you are not gonna want to leave.
Oh You make it sound like paradise.
It would be if you were there.
What're you doing, Will? Bay, I gotta know this stuff.
What color her toothbrush is, what brand of this she uses.
Will, I don't know half that stuff.
I don't really-- Does she use pins or barrettes? Does she floss? Does she use--ow! -Blood.
-It's What's going on? I cut myself.
I have bandages.
Yeah, don't worry.
He knows.
Would you please tell him he doesn't need to know every single intimate detail of your life.
I mean, next thing, he's gonna be hunting through your underwear drawer.
-Underwear drawer.
-Put it on the list.
Give me your finger.
I'm sorry.
I was going through things.
I wasn't paying attention.
Will, please don't apologize.
Your apologizing seems kind of backwards.
What? Every time I look at you, I feel so guilty.
All this stress and anxiety for my stupid green card.
Wait--wait, you know what? Don't feel bad.
If I weren't such a coward, I mean, this wouldn't be anything.
Coward? Will, are you kidding? You give yourself so little credit sometimes.
If only I could tell you how completely in awe I am of you.
NoYou don't have to be in awe.
Oh, really it's It's very humbling.
I don't know if I could do what you're doing.
It's very unselfish.
Um You know what, I think I can finish that.
Because Bronte believed that in order to create a true romantic heroine, she herself had to be carried away by her characters, her work, by her own life.
And so, she created Jane.
Jane, who rejects Puritan convention, and lives by her heart.
Who's brought back to her lover by a passionate dream.
Message? Don't get bogged down by rules and mores.
Follow your urges.
Listen to your hearts.
That's the way to true prolific freedom and creative fulfillment.
Not to mention a very hot love life.
Who was on the phone just now? The travel agent.
They wanted to make sure that we were, um, we knew we were going to be paying a cancellation fee.
Mm, that's right.
I forgot to tell you.
I was gonna talk to you about it last night, but then you got home so late.
You canceled the weekend? I mean, I was really looking forward to doing that with you.
I know.
I know.
Me, too.
But, you know what? I just thought it would be nice If we stayed home and just relaxed.
Kirsten, we've been over this.
I mean, they can find me at home.
They can drag me into work.
They can't drag me into work in Carmel.
-I know.
-Then what happened? I We just finished saying that we were gonna make time for each other.
That's why we planned the whole weekend.
Okay, don't be mad at me.
But I thought about going so far You know, all the way to Carmel, and I just felt like I don't want to be that far away from my doctor.
Kirsten Come on.
I mean, it's one thing to not want to put a crib in your house but if you're gonna go shutting yourself in-- I'm not shutting myself in.
I'm just--we can go to the movies.
We can go for something to eat.
If there's not some big crisis at work Which there will be.
Look, Charlie I have waited longer for this.
I have worked harder for this than for anything.
I mean, honestly, why would I take any chances? This is nice, huh? Just us sitting here reading, doing our homework, you know? Just being together.
Not having to say a word.
You want to take a drive? What? Wh--where? I don't know, anywhere.
I mean, just hop in the car and just fly.
You know? Sure, if you want to.
Just, um, let me finish this chapter first.
Yeah, absolutely.
Do you think I could maybe drive? W--would you mind? Um, well, I--I would except You remember? The--the lease thing.
The kind of insurance, won't let anyone drive but me, so Oh.
You don't think I'm a very good driver, do you? What? No, that's not it.
You just don't trust me.
Claudia, I do.
Because, Todd, I trust you completely.
I mean You're my boyfriend, and I trust you and love you, and I would let you drive my car if I had one.
But, um obviously, you don't feel the same way.
Um, I'll just Claudia, wait.
Checks I need you to sign here.
Also, a couple of contracts you ought to look over-- Not now.
Look, I need you To draw up a severance package for Mitch.
I'm letting him go.
What? Charlie, why? I told him to try running the line my way and he completely ignored me.
-He did? -Yeah.
I was just down there.
Nothing's changed.
Okay, look.
That's not good.
But before we start throwing money away on a severance deal let me go down there and try and talk to him.
Bailey, no offense, man, but how? I mean, you don't know a dowel from a spindle.
Okay, but I know a paycheck from a pink slip.
Look, if the guy can't run the line any faster he's not worth it.
He can't do the job.
Look at the situation here.
If I start to lose orders and I can't pay back the money that I borrowed to expand this place and this business goes under Okay.
So who's gonna run the line if Mitch goes? Not me, obviously.
-We'll figure it out.
-When? We've got chairs due more than a week ago, Charlie, and people are going to start canceling their orders.
Fine, I'll do it.
I'll run the line.
You will? Who's gonna do your job? You can't do it all, Charlie, that's why you hired Mitch.
And me.
It's open.
I wasn't expecting to see you.
Did you finish your essay? I'm going with you.
What? For a month.
Six weeks maybe and then I come home.
You are not going to want to leave.
-We will see.
-What made you change your mind? I want something to write about that's not other writers' writing about other writers writing.
Yes! Well, when can you leave? Well, I cleared it with Dean Distefano this afternoon so I guess all I have to do now istell my family.
And then, if Bill and Marty have the joints pegged then we'll have two pieces prepped at the same time, okay? Let's try that.
What's going on? I thought that four hands on the job might save us enough time to justify moving the-- Charlie, I've heard the plan plenty of times.
Yeah, but we haven't tried it yet.
Look, if I'm in your way here, just come out and say it.
No, I--I'm serious.
Do you want me out of here? That's not what I want, Mitch.
Then why are you doing my job here? I just wanted to see if this might work better.
Mitch, give me a break here.
If I'm wrong, we can always go back to your idea.
If not, what's wrong with giving it a try? Let me tell you what's wrong.
You don't trust me to know my job.
Admit it.
Look, that is not what I'm doing down here, Mitch.
I--I'll tell you what.
You've been sitting there waiting for me to crap out since day one.
so I'm going to save you the trouble.
I quit.
Got your own key now, huh? Yeah.
You going to be studying here? Yeah, that was the plan.
Why? Well, 'cause Holly and I have some work to do later But, I mean, if you're quiet, I guess it's okay.
Well, thanks.
Thanks a lot.
You know what? As long as you're here, she gave me some questions for you to answer.
Like, uh Which side of the bed does she sleep on? Left.
Which puts me on the right.
Actually, it puts me on the right.
Uhm What's her favorite sexual position? What? Says it right here.
Okay, she got these questions from a girlfriend of hers who went through the same thing last year.
They can ask this stuff, Bailey.
I mean, she made the list, which is I don't know, man.
Some of this stuff -What? -Nothing.
Never mind.
What? Okay, one of the questions they asked the girlfriend was "What was your worst fight?" And she put down this thing that you did at her cousin's house? She okay first of all I wasn't hitting on anybody, okay? We were playing a board game.
And second of all-- Bay, it's me, okay? I know how you are.
Excuse me? You know what? Who cares? This is not even the point.
The point is, I can't believe You'd do something like that, you know, to such a-- such a cool person.
This is unbelievable.
You know what? I'm not talking about this with you.
Okay, be that way.
At least you're consistent.
Just a sec.
Can I talk to you? Yeah.
I was just going to come down and talk to you.
Really? About what? Oh, no.
You first.
What's going on? What's that? It's a letter t--to Todd.
Telling him I want us to break up.
What? Why? What happened? You were right, Julia.
About my dream, about it only being something that I wanted to happen.
Oh, no.
Oh, yes.
I guess I just, you know, had to go to him and ask him if I could drive his car.
And he said no? Of course he said no.
And then I had to test the rest of the dream by telling him that I loved him.
Oh, Claud.
Of course, he didn't say it back to me, 'cause he obviously doesn't feel that way.
Oh, you don't know that.
Why would I do this to myself? This was a dream.
Well, because it's it's how you felt.
He just doesn't feel the same way.
Well, did you say it because you wanted to hear him say it back? Or did you say it because it was how you felt? I don't know.
Maybe both.
Well, if you said it because it's how you felt, you just couldn't not, then Claud, you should be proud of yourself.
I don't know that many people who are strong enough to say exactly what's on their mind no matter what.
I wish I could be more like you.
No Really.
What do you think I should do? What do you want to do? Thank you.
What did you want to talk to me about? It'll keep.
Where's Will? He's on his way.
We're supposed to be going over our favorite foods.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
What? What's wrong? Why did you have to tell Will about that fight that we had? At Rick's party? What do you mean? That's part of the ruse.
He's supposed to be you, remember? It was your idea, your very good idea.
But you couldn't make something up for that one question? There's nothing of ours that's worth protecting to you? We don't have time for this, Bailey.
The interview's in three hours.
I know when the interview is.
I got it tattooed on my brain.
Yes, so let it go, please.
You understand how much this matters to me, Bailey.
Yeah, I understand.
I understand that it matters to you more than anything.
Meaning what? You? Yeah, that's how it feels.
Well, then, maybe it's true.
-Look -No.
You know what? You should get ready.
Bailey Please let me say this.
You know what my life has been like with mum and dad moving us around, all the different schools and the traveling.
Well, through all that, the one thing that I've had, the one thing that I've been sure of is I've always wanted to be a doctor.
Now, you know how I feel about you.
But this for certain is my future.
And I know that.
As for us I just can't know that in the same way.
I can't.
Kirsten? Are you okay? No.
I Kirsten, what's going on? Are you pregnant? I came by to pick up the books that Charlie had for when Daphne was pregnant.
Something felt wrong, and I--I checked and I'm bleeding.
Oh, God.
Don't panic.
Um, come here.
Tell me what's going on.
Are you having cramps? Are you I don't know what to do.
-I don't know what to do.
-Oh, Kirsten.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Everything's going to be okay.
You know what? I want you to come with me.
I'm gonna get you to a doctor, okay? Gently, gently.
-Where's Kirsten? She's in with the doctor And they said she'd be out in a minute.
Is she okay? I--I don't know.
I mean, she wasn't feeling any pain but, uh I'm gonna go in and see.
It's okay.
The baby's okay.
We're both fine.
Thank God.
What happened? I started bleeding.
And Julia found me and brought me here.
Thank God she was there, because I couldn't move.
I was so freaked out.
What did the doctor say? She did, uh, some tests and a sonogram.
And it turns out I just-- I don't have enough progesterone in my system.
What does that mean? The blood, it came from the endometrium, not the baby or the placenta.
It's pretty common, she says.
I just need to take some hormones.
Well, I guess you weren't wrong about not going away, huh? No, but I told Dr.
Adams how anxious I've been and she said that panicky mothers expecting the worst, they can actually make it more likely.
So she told me to just trust what should happen will happen you know, just have some faith.
I wish he would get in here.
I feel like I'm on death row.
Don't worry, Will.
It's gonna be fine.
So Let's get to it.
I always start my interviews with the same question.
It's kind of a nice way to ease in.
How did you two fall in love? That's, uh Wow.
Uh Quite a question.
Well, eh Um It was, uh Here.
Uh, let me.
Well, it's kind of a weird situation.
We were sort of set up.
In fact, she was seeing someone when we met.
But, uh, the more we hung out the harder it was not to realize that this woman is amazing.
No, she's brilliant, beautiful, sweet and romantic.
Anyway, there was this thing that I was nervous about.
This this test, you might call it.
At work.
And I was I was so shaky this one time, that I cut my hand.
And the whole time that she worked on me you know, fixing me up, she kept telling me that she wasn't worried.
That she believed in me.
And the way that she said it you know, the look in her eyes I could--I could see myself there.
You know? And the me that I saw in her eyes I never saw myself that way before.
I mean, she made me feel like this guy you know, it was this guy that I so want to be.
Wait, don't.
Todd, I just, um I came here to apologize.
About before.
You don't have to.
It was my fault.
I mean, I should've-- No, you shouldn't've.
I shouldn't've.
It's just Um, see, my--my parents used to say it all the time to us and to each other.
Just, "I love you.
I love you".
Right up until the time I found out they were both having affairs and got a divorce.
So, I just didn't say it much after that.
I figured it really didn't mean much.
But I feel it.
This is for you.
I had a copy made this morning.
This is Let's go for a ride.
You're driving.
I got your call.
Um, I wanted to pick up my last check, and then I need to get home for dinner.
Yeah, yeah, we can get that for you.
But, uh I wanted to say something first.
-I'll get out of your way.
-No, no, it's okay.
You can stay.
I just wanted to let you know how things went today.
Uh, they tried doubling up like I told them to And you were right.
Well, halfway.
They were faster at some stations and slower at others, so we got all mixed up.
Yeah? I let Sid run the line for the day.
-Sid's good.
But he's not as good as you.
And the process, it still needs a lot of work.
Listen, Charlie, I'm sorry that I sounded off like I did.
But, uh You know If you're asking me not to quit, I still-- Look, I'm new at this, too.
And the truth is, if I pushed you to quit with whatever I did then I made a mistake.
I mean, I'll I might give you some bad ideas, but I might give you some good ones, too.
So Just try trusting me a little.
And, uh I'll try trusting you, too.
There you are.
I was getting worried about you.
I got an airport shuttle meeting us here any minute.
-Adam-- -Where's your bag? Oh, you didn't leave it downstairs, did you? 'Cause the neighborhood loves an unattended bag.
Adam, I'm not going with you.
What? No, Julia I want to.
I really do.
And San Miguel sounds so perfect.
You know, the--the city and the institute, and and you.
I would love to be able to just pack up my bags and go, but my family-- I knew this would happen.
They're going through all this stuff right now.
And they will be.
You don't owe it to them never to leave.
No, I know that.
Um Actually, this isn't about them needing me.
This is--this is about me needing them.
They're so amazing, Adam, my family.
I mean, they are all so brave.
And I get stuff from them that I don't even realize half the time.
Like being able to say this to you when I know that you think I'm taking a huge step backwards.
No, I don't.
Not as long as it's what you really want.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm going to miss you so much.
I'm going to miss you, too.
Would you like to work for me? Hey, Bailey.
How'd it go? It was incredible.
Wasn't it, Will? -Yeah.
-I was so proud of him.
He actually made this guy believe that he was madly in love with me.
Kind of had me going, too.
Go on.
Tell him.
I think he bought it, yeah.
Yeah, he's being bashful.
Truly brilliant.
Um, you know, I'm kind of thirsty.
Um, be right back.
So what now? I'm not sure.
Just glad that that part's over for now.
That's good.
Listen, uh Bailey About what I said before Holly, you don't have to-- I feel bad-- Holly, stop.
You told me the truth.
Which is I should be grateful that you trust me to know it.
I should be grateful for a lot of things.
Aaah! Kirsten! Charlie! What is that? Charlie, this is so wonderful.
Oh, I had no idea.
-Oh, I know.
-You're having a baby Guys, guys, guys, guys.
Guys, what are you yelling about? You're gonna wake Owen up.
Bailey, they're having a baby.
What? You're having a baby? Oh, my God.
My God.
Um, it's Adam.
Come on, Julia, if you're there, pick up the phone.
Look, you still have time.
Seize the moment.
Come on, you know you want to.
Just come, come for a couple of days.
You know, if you don't like it I'll buy your ticket back.
Come on, Julia.
Get down here.
Your whole future is waiting for you.
Hey, O.
You're going to be an uncle again, bud.
Julia Hi.