Party of Five (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Patch Job

1 Previously on Party of Five VALENTINA: Emilio, Lucia, something's happening! - I think he's having a seizure.
- He's shaking.
VALENTINA: Emilio, help him! Rafa has lead poisoning.
Well, what are my options? - And don't say - DACA.
No, Lucia.
That's dangerous for me in a totally different way.
I just want everyone to be safe! VALENTINA: That girl has two mothers, two, and I don't even have one.
I'd like to maybe try dancing.
Do you think I'll be any good at it? I think you'll be great.
The welfare of these children is your responsibility, but now it's mine too.
I don't understand.
A file's been opened.
I'm your case manager now.
I don't have time to get good at parenting, Val.
I need to be good at it now.
Well, I don't understand, they're just getting rid of it? My stepmom's on a cleaning kick.
She's tossing any items that brought my dad joy before she came into the picture.
So yes? You want it? Are you kidding? Of course.
Yes! Beto.
Where would we even put it? We'll make room, okay? Don't listen to her.
You're amazing, you know that? MATTHEW: What are you doing over here by yourself? Trying not to ruin my appetite by watching those two make out.
Who's Amanda Davis? Is she a friend? - You got a crush? - No.
I just like that name.
Amanda Davis is a girl with a pool.
Someone who rides horses.
Amanda travels a lot? Definitely.
I kinda think I'm more of an Amanda.
Is that terrible? It's weird that parents get to decide something so important about you without asking, you know? Without knowing who you really are.
One hundred percent.
WAITER: Have you folks decided? Um I'll have the shrimp diablo.
May I recommended the chicken mole? Uh, what's wrong with the shrimp? We're out.
Of all fish.
The order never got placed with the supplier.
That's crazy.
Hey, Oscar.
What's the deal? No fish? A few things have fallen through the cracks since your brother's been out.
I just wanna make sure Rafa was all right before I put the pressure back on him.
Well, Rafa's fully recovered.
It's Emilio who isn't.
This whole thing really spooked him.
I don't think he's ready to let the baby out of his sight.
Oh, wait, he's texting me right now.
Says he wants us to bring him back an order of the shrimp diablo.
Let him know there's stuff here he really needs to take care of.
OSCAR: Including filling Vanessa's position.
It's a shame she quit.
Do you blame her? He set up a few hostess interviews but never followed up.
As a matter of fact, we got a young lady here right now.
Hmm, better to send her home, Oscar.
Emilio will have to reschedule.
- This is her? - Yeah.
BETO: Natalia? She doesn't have any restaurant experience.
Says here she's an A-U pair? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
What? Is that like a sous chef? No.
More like a nanny.
What does it say under special skills? People write the craziest stuff under special skills.
It says she's ALL: Certified in infant CPR.
- I'll go see if I can catch her.
- Run.
Uh, but don't seem desperate! EMILIO: Okay, this is everything you need to know about lead poisoning, uh, the chelation treatment, and the symptoms to watch out for.
Headline is looking out for iron deficiency, so I've prepped some sweet potatoes and Spinach.
You told me, remember? In the fridge.
Did he give you the number for 911? [CHUCKLING.]
Time to go to work like a big boy.
Ooh, gordito.
I'm just gonna do a half day today, okay? LUCIA: Uh-huh.
You'll be back before you know it.
EMILIO: I can be home anytime if you need me.
I've got it under control.
Uh Bye, Rafita.
Ready to have some fun? [PARTY CHATTER.]
How'd you learn to do that? My dad.
Though we don't play as often as we used to.
Sorry, Matt.
I'm going to miss at some point.
I promise.
GIRL: There you go.
So, you're friends with Matt, huh? Did you meet at school? Church.
We bonded over our atheism.
What's he like? Does he have a girlfriend? He's not much of a talker.
SASHA: Oh yeah, you're definitely my favorite.
TESS: Way better than Drew.
Drew! Mr.
Over-Promise and Under-Deliver.
Then there was Graham.
She broke up with him on their one-month anniversary.
Uh, no, girl.
She dumped him because he forgot their one-month anniversary.
He was oblivious and planned nothing.
When's yours? It's tomorrow.
Should I have planned something? MATTHEW: Seven, corner pocket.
Cardigan and Sex Pistols t-shirt.
Hmm? Do you think she's cute? I don't know, Luce.
You'd rather play pool than talk to a cute girl who's vibing you? This, I know how to do.
But that Oh, come on! At least go say hi.
And then what? She says, tell me a little about yourself, and where do I start? Undocumented? Or homeless? Yes, but putting all that aside for a second I can't put that aside! Right, but putting aside that you can't put it aside ELLA: Come on, Matt! You're up! [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
Acostas in the kitchen.
What the hell is that thing doing in our home? Hmm? Anybody gonna answer me? It came from Ella.
Where is the dining room table? Beto made everyone lug it down into the basement.
Really, Bey? That social worker could literally walk in here any minute and deem me an unfit parent - because I'm running a pool hall! - BETO: What's the prob? The second anyone rings that doorbell, I toss a tablecloth over it and boom: dining room table.
EMILIO: And you? - Didn't think to call me? - NATALIA: I'm sorry.
I thought I was just supposed to babysit Rafa.
Since when do we need your permission to have our friends over? Since your brother was in the hospital.
Who knows what kind of germs those kids are exposing him to, right here in his own home? BETO: Look, man I get it.
You're afraid that something bad could happen because something bad already has happened.
The way I see it we can either sit in a room and worry about what the next bad thing is.
Or we can sit in a room, play pool, and worry.
I vote B.
I mean, haven't we all earned the right to have a little fun? But if Beto gets to keep the pool table, it's only fair that I get to get something I want, too.
What kind of logic is that? Huh? Beto's pool table isn't costing me a penny.
Those dance classes you want are super expensive.
And the ones at the Y are I want to krump.
They don't offer classes in krumping.
Well, then learn a different style.
Tap! Tap sounds fun, right? It's not tap.
The brochure said "tap-ercise.
" It's also open to ages 10 to 100.
- I'd rather be dead.
- EMILIO: Look, if you're gonna have a tantrum, just please do it somewhere Rafa can't hear you.
She's good.
She's got that telenovela head-turn and everything.
It's okay.
I'll just let her stay up late tonight, and she'll love me again in the morning.
So I got the whole story from the kids.
Three days in the hospital is no walk in the park.
Yeah, but Rafa's okay now, and that's all that matters.
Your parents must've really trusted you to leave you with so much responsibility.
They sure did.
LUCIA: Milo! BETO: Quick, dude! What now? - BETO: Jesus! - LUCIA: Ooh! There was a pop and then water just started spraying out! Uh I have a cousin who's a plumber.
- I could give him a call? - It's fine.
- I can handle it.
- NATALIA: Are you sure? I said I got it! I'm just gonna need a few things from the hardware store.
It's a good thing I was here, huh? Ma'am, getting in my face isn't helping the situation.
There's an outstanding warrant for his arrest.
Ramirez is coming with us.
So that you can deport him? Not happening.
May I see the warrant, please? Can you identify yourself? Teresa Sullivan.
I'm with Dream for Justice.
We're an immigrant rights organization.
You got a phone? Turn it on.
Ramirez failed to appear in court.
TERESA: For a speeding ticket that he got five years ago.
This is an administrative warrant, not a judicial warrant.
Hasn't been signed by a judge.
You're obstructing a legal proceeding.
TERESA: No way.
Technically, we're standing on private property.
That means you need a search warrant to apprehend him or a judicial warrant, and you have neither.
Are you getting this? Nudge it this way and you'll feel it loosen up Hey, are plumbers' tape and Teflon tape the same thing? I should've asked Lucia to get both.
Hey, since you're gonna be staying home to deal with this, I should probably head to the restaurant to cover for you, huh? Yeah, would you? That would be great.
Do you think I could maybe get paid for the hours? You want me to pay you for filling in for me while I fix our plumbing? I just need to make money.
Yeah, well, when you figure out a way to do so, let me know.
MAN ON SCREEN: Likely the leak is coming from up above Ella's not No.
God, no.
Swear on Rafa's life.
Really? Don't you think that's a little I swear on Rafa's life.
I just want to take Ella out to a nice dinner.
Take her to the restaurant.
Won't cost you a thing.
I want to take her someplace fancy.
You can't afford anyplace fancy.
Yeah, but it's our anniversary.
Our one-month anniversary, but still.
- I need to show her how much I care.
By spending money that I don't have.
MAN ON SCREEN: slight crack in the PVC, which will need to be replaced.
Technically, we're standing on private property.
That means you need a search warrant to apprehend him or a judicial How amazing is she? Just the fact that people like her even exist blows my mind.
You know, she's probably an expert on DACA renewals.
Not going down that road, Luce.
You got me a pristine social security number off that guy.
I'm all set.
Grateful and set.
I got you a job.
If someone finds out you have a fake number, you could still get deported.
DACA's a sure thing.
I mean, you could get a driver's license, open a bank account, finish school Drop it, Lucia.
You could make new friends, meet girls, and not feel like you have to lie - about your status.
- So what? I told you, I don't care about that.
You don't have anything to be afraid of.
You think I'm afraid? That's what you think this is about? Why else wouldn't you want to renew? It would make everything so much easier.
Well, I like my life hard, okay.
Makes me feel like I'm actually living it.
Girl you like me Girl you like me Girl you like me Beto and I are gonna watch some TV.
You wanna join? Nah.
If it's something you don't like, you two'll probably just end up making out.
You didn't like any of the stuff I scavenged from my stepmom's Goodwill donation? Everything's too big.
You'll grow into it.
I can tell.
In a couple of months, you're gonna have a growth spurt.
In all directions.
I think this might look really good on you.
It's cashmere.
Where does all this stuff come from anyways? Whenever Wendy reinvents herself, she cleans out her closet.
Then I collect the stuff, and I sell it.
In January, I paid for me and five friends to go on a ski trip.
- Seriously? - Hmm.
From a bunch of old stuff? You'd be shocked how much people would pay for a designer handbag.
It could be a few thousand dollars.
And you use the money to pay for stuff that your parents won't let you have? That's the best part.
I never have to ask my dad for cash anymore.
Why? What did Emilio say "no" to? NATALIA: Your brother's down for the count.
So I'm just gonna head out, if you don't mind.
I have a reading, so [GRUNTS.]
You're into that stuff? Yeah, pretty deep into it.
You? Can I be honest? Nuh-uh.
No, I think it's all pretty much bullshit.
No offense.
Well It's something that's really important to me, but obviously it's not for everyone.
I had it done once at a party.
This woman said I had an especially long life line, and this? The scar I got opening a can of baked beans on a camping trip in third grade.
- Hmm.
What? A poetry reading.
- I write poetry.
- Oh, I thought like crystal balls No.
That is total bullshit.
I agree.
Poems didn't do anything for me in school.
But, I mean, I love music.
That's kind of a poetry, right? Yeah, it is.
- Um mm-hmm.
- I'm gonna - Yeah, um - I'm gonna go.
Hey, you mind, uh, giving me a hand? Run the sink when I tell you.
Okay, turn it on.
It works.
- Ooh! - Ah! Damn it! Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I could still call my cousin, you know.
No, no, no.
Just, uh, grab the wrench.
Are you sure you got it if I let go? Um yeah.
Could you go check on him? I'm sure he'll go back to sleep.
Look, for my own peace of mind, could you please He was putting himself back to sleep before the hospital, wasn't he? Don't you want him to go back to that? Look, if you won't go check on him, then I will.
- Just come and hold it and I'll go.
- Just wait one minute.
See you in the morning.
Shouldn't you be at work? I'm waiting for Natalia to get here.
I'm gonna have her watch Rafa at the restaurant.
- What did you order? - Nothing.
Well, you must've wanted nothing to get here pretty fast, huh? Overnight! That costs extra.
If you must know, it's, um lady stuff.
Open it.
Personal lady stuff.
For my lady regions.
Hey, you can't just do that! The Glow Ups? Isn't that the name of the dance troupe you're not joining? I found a way to pay for it.
Did you take the credit card? That is not okay, Val.
Ella paid for it, okay.
For the outfit, for the lessons.
So, you don't have to worry about it.
I said no to this.
You can't just go behind my back and beg other people to buy you stuff.
I didn't beg.
It was a present.
What's the big deal? I found something I'm excited about, it's not costing you a penny, and there's absolutely no reason I shouldn't be allowed to have it! We're not done talking about this! VALENTINA: Yes, we are! I know you probably have an opinion.
It would be great if you kept it to yourself.
So your friend just refuses to look into renewal? His plan is to keep working off a fake social security number I got him.
I don't really want to say how.
Well, however you got it, you can both be charged with identity theft.
That's a felony for you and a removable offense for your friend.
Uh, it was just supposed to be a temporary fix.
But if he renewed his DACA status Yeah, but it seems like he's been pretty clear that he doesn't wanna do that.
But if he heard from you what's involved, maybe he's more likely to You think a total stranger can make a more compelling case than someone who really knows him? Matthew and I met pretty recently.
I don't know much about him.
You seem pretty invested in what happens to him.
I saw you in the parking lot with that man.
Aren't you invested in what happens to people you don't even know? Yes, but that's the work that I do.
Look, maybe you're the world's greatest good Samaritan, who's happy to jack a social security number for some kid she's just met.
I'm just wondering if maybe there's something in it for you, too.
Seriously, how'd you even know about this place? You kidding me? I love fondue.
I actually even made it a couple times.
By accidentally leaving a bag of grated cheddar in a very, very hot car.
I actually never heard of the stuff.
But Avery says it's your favorite.
WAITER: Have you two decided? BETO: Uh, yes.
I think we're going to do the "pricks" fix menu.
ELLA: Oh, wait I kinda hate Caesar salad, anchovies.
Uh, can she swap salads? The prix fix menu can be limiting.
Perhaps you'd prefer to order a la carte? Ooh then I can get the lobster.
People do love the lobster.
People are also very allergic to lobster.
Deathly allergic.
Ooh, that does open us up for the soufflé for dessert.
If you'd like the soufflé trio, well, I'd need to put the order in right now.
Soufflé I say we go for it.
What do you say, Beto? Yay.
- Los pollitos dicen Pio, pio, pio Cuando tienen hambre Cuando tienen frío Hmm.
Pobrecitos, they're cold.
- Hello.
- JAVIER ON SCREEN: Hello? Excuse me, who are you? I'm Natalia, and you are? I'm Rafa's father.
Where's Emilio? He's working out front.
I'll get him for you, sir.
- Papi.
- Hey.
You're not answering your phone.
I turned the ringer off while I was out on the floor .
You hired a babysitter? Why isn't Rafa at daycare? Uh, Inez is having plumbing problems.
And N-Natalia's just helping out in the meantime.
You didn't tell us any of this.
Not me, not your mother You know, I I didn't want to worry you.
Well, what makes us worry is not knowing things.
You saw him yourself.
He's fine.
Well, I'm taking care of him.
I am taking care of everyone.
God, I should not have eaten all that bread.
I'm already full.
Well, we can cancel dessert? I'm sure they'd let us Another bottle of sparkling? - Uh, I think we're good - Thanks a lot, Greg.
Do you think he's an actor? Most waiters in LA are actors.
Not the ones at our restaurant.
For a while there, I thought maybe I wanted to act.
You're definitely pretty enough.
But it passed.
Like every idea I have.
Nothing sticks, you know? Shouldn't I have some clue of what I want? All I know is, "A," I want to be with you.
And, "B," I want to travel.
Don't you? Maybe this summer we can go someplace? Oh, maybe we can drive across country? I have summer school, remember? I can't.
But even if I didn't, I can't really afford that, Ella.
No, I know.
Of course not.
It'd be my treat.
I don't want you to pay for stuff for me.
Why? If it's something we both want to do, only you can't afford it, what's the big deal if I pay? Because I can't reciprocate it.
There's nothing that I'll be able to do for you.
Yeah, but there is.
Look at this.
That lobster you ordered was $38.
I didn't expect you to pay for that.
I figured I'd at least pay half.
- Why? Because I'm broke? - No! Because it's 2020, and women don't need men to pay for them! But I wanted to.
And I could've.
If we'd stuck to the set menu, I could've done it.
You didn't tell me that! How was I supposed to know that? Ella, you know our situation.
You see how we live.
I didn't ask you to take me to a fancy restaurant.
That was your idea! I What are you mad at me for, Beto? Being a girl who likes things that you can't afford to give me? Or being a girl who likes to give you things you can't afford? I don't know.
Well, figure it out.
WAITER: Your entrée, sir.
EMILIO: I wish you hadn't done that.
You mean the call just now? With your dad? You didn't want Rafa talking to his father? Excuse me, you're Emilio? - The manager said I should - One second.
Rafa shouldn't be looking at a screen all day.
He wasn't.
We've been here eight hours.
There's only so long he was happy banging a pot.
I'm here to interview for the position? By any chance, do you have any experience taking care of children? Do you have a flawless driving record? Do you know infant CPR? I thought this was a hostess job.
So did I.
The real question is: are you okay having a boss who thinks he wants you to watch the baby, but really, he wants you to watch the baby - while he watches you? - EMILIO: No, no, no.
You see, the real question is: can you follow instructions? Like when I ask you to watch the baby, will you, in fact, check on the baby? Now seems like a bad time.
I can come back la Rafa put himself back to sleep.
That's irrelevant.
I'm your employer.
I asked you to perform a simple task that [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
What is it, Bey? You're just looking to find fault, Emilio.
Look, I'm in the middle of something, okay.
There is no one who can do the job the way you want them to do it Yes, just get to the point.
because you want to do it yourself.
So why don't you? I quit.
- You wha You what? - You are an angel.
Your brother? Not so much.
Just, just Look, wait.
Just stay put.
I'll be right there.
Is there any chance you can quit tomorrow? GREG: Still working, are we? Yes, Greg, we are.
And will your companion be No, she won't.
And may I Just one more minute.
Can I, uh, get some more coffee, please? Sure thing.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Are you out of your mind? Taking her to a place like this? I didn't expect her to order the lobster.
And where'd you get the money to pay for any of it? Please don't tell me you sold your blood.
I didn't.
I sold my plasma.
What is wrong with you, Beto? Hmm? Why do you have to impress this girl? Either she's into you or she's not.
But why do you have to spend money that you don't have on her? Money I don't have.
Holy shit.
Well, I guess now we're even.
- You and me? - No.
Me and Ella.
Oh, you don't know? Ella paid for Val's dance classes.
Six months of lessons cost exactly the same as this meal.
You let her pay for Val's classes? She didn't ask? She just did it.
I've gotta, uh I'll see you at home.
- I've been calling you! - Where's Rafa? He's been down for an hour.
I triple checked.
We came home, and there was water everywhere.
And I called my cousin to turn off the main valve I told you not to.
It was an emergency, and I'm helping you out.
You should be thanking me.
Anyway, he says that all the plumbing's in terrible shape, not just the pipe that burst.
And also if you open up the walls, you're gonna find a lot of corrosion.
Also, who patched everywhere with duct tape? Was that your dad? Because Cesar said that this is gonna keep happening over and over again unless you address the larger problem.
You think I don't know that? You think I think I have any idea what I'm doing? Well, you seem to want to do everything yourself.
Because the second anyone takes a closer look, a babysitter, a social worker, a plumber they'll see that I'm just a shitty patch job, too.
It's not that my parents trusted me to take care of this family.
It's that there was no one else to do the job.
And there are leaks everywhere I turn In the restaurant, the house Val this morning, Beto this evening, the baby always.
Whichever one is worse at the moment, that's the one I grab onto until something else leaks.
I-I should go check on him? I'll go.
I was hoping you'd bring me my lobster, you know, like Prince Charming returning my slipper.
I mean, I have an evil stepmom and everything.
And I am Ella.
You know, like, Cinder ella.
Not even a smile? I'm confused.
Aren't you mad at me? I made a good dramatic exit, and now I'm over it.
Well, I'm not.
When Emilio came to bail me out, he told me that you're paying for Val's classes? Why would you do that? Be Because I I don't Because she wanted them.
And after everything she'd been through, I thought she deserved to get something she wanted.
And maybe she'd like you a little more? You thought I'd like you more if you bought me a fancy dinner.
- What's the difference? - No.
Mine wasn't a bribe.
It was a mistake but it wasn't a bribe.
Are you breaking up with me? I don't I don't know.
I've had, like, seven cups of coffee in the last hour, and my mind's racing, and I keep thinking how you said that in your family money equals love and I think on some level you believe it.
Yeah, well, my dad offered me diamond studs and a trip to Fiji to break up with you.
And for the record, I told him he could go to hell.
Maybe that's why you like me.
Because your dad doesn't.
Wow! You really think I'm that shallow? Or, no, wait, maybe you think I couldn't possibly like you just for you? Are you really that insecure? You know, maybe that's, that's one way losing your parents really screwed you up.
It made you think that being a good person just isn't enough.
But you are, Beto.
And that's enough for me.
Uh, let's just not break up, okay? Okay? I just, I I really don't want to break up.
I can't tell what you're thinking.
I, I just I really need to pee.
EMILIO: He's asleep.
Look, I'm sorry about unloading all that on you.
If you want, I can add up your hours and, uh, write you a check.
He's going to fall down, you know.
Hit his head.
He's gonna have colds and fevers and throw up and it's normal.
I know.
I can't let anything bad happen to him.
To any of them.
You know? I've got this social worker breathing down my neck.
We have no running water in the house.
I'm telling you.
My cousin But I get it.
You want to do it all yourself.
My dad did.
You know, he came to this country with fifty dollars in his pocket.
He had himself to rely on.
Solved his own problems.
Is that what he told you? He was a self-made man? Emilio no one comes to this country with nothing and single-handedly builds the life he made here.
It just doesn't happen.
I mean, fifty dollars? How long did that last him? A few days maybe? No.
What happened is they met a man who knew a man who loaned them some cash and his cousin let them sleep on her pullout sofa and her husband was a house painter who needed an extra guy on his crew, and gave your father the job.
That's what immigrants do.
That's what my parents did.
They take the hand that's offered to them and then they reach back and extend their own.
And they know there's no shame in it.
I took off 25 percent.
Friends and family discount.
But I'm neither.
Not yet.
Cesar and I worked out an installment plan.
But still, the first payment's rough.
NATALIA: It's gonna get loud, so I'm gonna take him down to the park.
Have fun.
You packed his hat and sunscreen, right? Sunscreen.
Uh, I could sell some more of my plasma in the next few days.
Wha What do you mean more? Maybe we should ask Ella.
BOTH: We're not asking Ella.
I would've done anything to keep my parents here.
I don't want any more people disappearing on me.
Your DACA renewal? That's for me.
It's what I need you to do to make me feel secure.
And that's not fair.
So whatever you want to do.
Even if it's nothing.
Whatever your reasons are even if I don't understand them.
When I was little, my mom used to get mad at me because of the clothes I wore.
They were too baggy, she said.
My nails were too dirty.
I wanted my hair cut too short.
No matter what I did I could never be the little girl she wanted.
And I wanted to make my mother happy.
I tried.
But I couldn't pretend because the thing is she didn't give birth to a daughter.
Lucia, for me to renew DACA, I would have to present my birth certificate.
That's the only way.
But that name that's someone I never was.
And I won't go back and say that's me not for any reason.
Do you see now? I do.
I see you.
I see you.
MAN: Okay, okay, girls, let's go around and everyone introduce yourselves.
JOCELYN: Hi, I'm Jocelyn, this is my second year with the troupe, and I love dancing more than anything.
KELLY-ANNE: Hi, I'm Kelly-Anne Penner.
I've been dancing since I was five, and I'm really excited to be here.
Um hi.
I'm Amanda Davis.
My mom used to be a ballerina, and there's nothing that makes her happier than watching me dance.
I'm really excited to be here too.
EMILIO: I could see getting used to this though.
Enjoying a nice, relaxing game of billiards after a long day of oppressing the masses.
We'd have to start smoking cigars and drinking brandy.
Hey, how much you think a butler costs? - Like, a good one? - Hmm.
Probably a lot.
Last shot's yours.
This way, guys, come on in.
This is perfect for the house, am I right, guys? Is that new felt? - Just had her redone.
- MAN: Yo! Look, we've had a lot of calls off the listing, so the price is the price.
Not looking to haggle.
All right.
- Take care of her.
- MAN: Ready? She's been good to us.
MAN: Yup.
Yup, yup.
I got it.
Hey, you boys need help? - MAN 1: No, we got it.
- MAN 2: We got it.
- We got it.
- Keep going.
- Turn it, turn it.
- Keep going.
Careful, careful.
MAN: Watch the corners.
Here I am again Stuck in the middle Here I am again Stuck in the middle
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