Payback (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Whose is that?
Give it back.
Give it back.
Pick up the mess.
Seriously? Now you're spying?
I'm not spying. I'm checking.
She's so young.
20's not young.
When they came back yesterday,
Donny smelt like a deep-fat fryer.
I think she sat
in McDonald's all afternoon.
It was raining.
I know.
I just thought
she'd do activities with them.
I gave her a whole list.
Aye, I saw.
Look, it was always gonna be weird
having someone in the house, right?
The au pair is fine.
The kids will be fine.
And I get to spend all day, every
day, working with my beautiful wife.
So, what do we say?
It's all good.
That's my girl.
Did she just put the TV on?
Oh! Stop it.
You're not going into the office?
I'm working from home this morning.
There's a call I need to take.
Good luck today, yeah?
Yeah, thanks.
So you're completing
on the island this morning?
Money goes in start of business.
The purchase can't be linked
back to us, can it, Cal?
Hey, baby girl.
Hey, Doris.
Oh, you've nearly finished that,
haven't you?
Oh, that's great,
but you might just want
to cut that up a bit smaller,
More smaller.
Small, yeah.
So, you're OK to take them to the
park, yeah, while I go to the gym?
Can I have the iPad? You can have it
for half an hour after lunch.
After lunch.
Yeah, you know the rule, don't you?
Ah. Now if you're going for a run,
just be careful not to break a hip.
Don't worry about me.
I'm in prime physical condition.
Daddy, you're so embarrassing.
I'm a new man since I quit smoking.
Is that right?
Right, I'm heading out to the gym.
Yeah, see you, darling.
Bye. Bye, Mummy!
Bye-bye, Mummy.
The deadline's 9:30? You're sure?
'That's when the island deal
The solicitor's in Edinburgh?
He is, but the money
could come from anywhere.
'They move it through a number
of offshore accounts.'
'But once it's in Scotland
we can try to trace it?'
'Yeah, that's the plan.'
These again?
There you go, my friend.
One of them going spare, boss?
Aye. Sure, pal.
Oi! Oi!
Oi, yous, come here.
Move it!
Stop! Jared!
Come on!
Jared? Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Baby, can you hear me?
Do you do you have a phone?
Can you call an ambulance, please?
Jared. Jared, can you hear me? Help!
Oh, God, help us!
Ready for shock!
What's going on?
It's Jared.
I saw the body.
They were putting a tent up over it.
There were police everywhere.
Are you sure it was Jared?
Go and get Malky.
DC Khan.
'It didn't happen.
'There was no sign of the funds
in the solicitor's account.
OK, thanks for letting me know.
'Obviously we will keep monitoring.'
They missed the deadline.
You told me this would be
our big break on Cal Morris.
That him making this purchase
could give us a way
into his shell corporations,
let us track his offshore accounts.
It should have,
according to the intel we had.
Surveillance linked Morris
to the island.
He was the buyer.
So what happens now?
Presumably the vendor
will open it up to other bids.
But I don't understand it.
Their solicitor was even pushing
for an earlier closing date.
Why do all that and then
pull out at the last minute?
Maybe he got cold feet.
Maybe he came up with a better plan.
Who knows?
Fact is, we're done here.
But if we can establish
why he changed his mind No.
Forget it. He hasn't bought it.
You can't trace his money.
You've got nothing on him.
You're more use to me
on CMP right now.
With all due respect, anyone
can monitor audio surveillance.
I'm a financial investigator.
And as a financial investigator,
you pick up
on the telling little details
other people miss.
Isn't that what you told me?
So get yourself back over there and
find me a lead that goes somewhere.
No, I know the money
left the Caymans.
No, that's
that's not the question.
No, I need I need to know,
were the funds released
to City Royal Bank?
Have they gone to the solicitor?
OK, right.
Right, well, listen, just get me
Dimitri on the phone and find out.
Dimitri, hi.
So it didn't happen?
Total bust.
They didn't transfer the funds.
Morris had set it all up so he
could make the purchase anonymously.
He was obviously using dirty cash.
He just needed to do it,
we would see it and
would have been huge.
So what now?
DCI Guthrie just wants me back
on general audio surveillance.
Just when I thought
I'd got rid of you.
I know, it's not exactly
my area of expertise.
I can't believe
I finally got him interested
in a financial lead
and it was all for nothing.
He just doesn't get numbers.
With Guthrie it's all about
the drugs and big guns.
Your husband was going for a run?
You said your husband had told
you he was going for a run?
Yeah. Um, actually, no.
He just
he was wearing his running gear.
Was that his usual routine
in the morning?
Well, sometimes,
if he was working from home.
OK. Well, we're trying to
understand how the fight started
and who was involved.
Are you sure you didn't recognise
any of the boys
who attacked your husband?
I really didn't see their faces.
I just saw him.
We really appreciate your time.
We'll need to take
a proper statement at some point,
but we'll be in touch.
Um, Mrs Noble,
what did your husband
do for a living?
He was an accountant.
So, first three transfers
went through as planned.
Then the courier withdrew the funds
in cash from the bank in Malta
and paid them into
the second account as arranged.
Yeah, to break the chain.
Yeah, so then Jared
was gonna make the transfer
to Dimitri's holding account
in Cyprus,
so that he could make the payment
to the solicitor here in Edinburgh,
to pass it on to the vendor by 9:30.
Did it have to be
quite so convoluted?
Jared wanted to be sure
of covering our tracks.
So why didn't Dimitri call
to say he hadn't received it?
Yeah, it seems there was
some confusion over timings,
what with Cyprus
being two hours ahead,
whereas Malta
Jesus Christ.
OK, right.
Call the Scottish solicitors and
tell them we need a few more hours.
I am not losing this island.
The thing is
Jared was the one who set up
the second Maltese account.
Yeah, but he must have given you
the details.
Are you kidding me?
My two and half mil is
in an account you can't access?
A purchase this size,
it was laying us wide open,
so we agreed we shouldn't risk
any connection.
Jared is dead.
How do I get my money?
I just can't believe it.
And it was kids?
God, this
this is what we're dealing with.
They're all carrying knives,
wanting to look the big man.
How's Esme?
She doesn't know yet. Um
Oh, love.
She's at school.
Just not quite sure how to tell her.
Um, the police said that I have
to go to the morgue today.
Right. Er, yeah.
There'll need to be
a formal identification.
Er, and they also said
that I need to make a statement.
If you want me to be there not
as a solicitor, just as a friend.
That's all right.
They said it wouldn't take long.
You don't have to do any of this
on your own.
We're right here.
Jared would want us
to look out for you. Thanks.
Somebody's screwing with me.
We don't know that yet.
What, you think it's a coincidence?
Somebody stabs my accountant
and then my deal falls through?
I need you to talk to your PI,
find out who's behind this.
I need to speak to Lexie Noble.
Well, she's a partner in his firm,
but Jared was clear
he didn't want her involved.
She won't know anything.
We know he was at home,
waiting to make the transfer.
Maybe he left
the account details lying around.
Maybe she overheard a phone call.
Either way, I need to know
if she picked up on something.
but we can't approach her directly.
We can't risk the police
linking you to Jared through her.
Find a clever way of doing it,
but get it done.
What is this?
You know this one?
I'm scared.
Why are you scared?
Argh! And what is this?
I need to tell you something.
'You know you know how I told
you that Daddy had an accident?'
Well, it was really bad,
and, um
.. the doctors tried
everything that they could
but his body was just too tired.
Daddy died.
He wasn't in any pain or anything.
It was just like he went to sleep.
And he's always gonna love you.
And I'm here.
I'm gonna look after you.
You, me and Donny,
we'll look after each other. OK?
Can I still go to school tomorrow?
Yeah, yeah. If you want, yeah.
Don't forget your lunch.
Here, I'll get this.
Now, listen, if you feel tired,
or you just want to come home,
you tell Miss Laing,
and she will call me. OK?
OK, Mummy.
My mum was on the phone again.
Er, Doris, um
.. if you can't stay,
with all that's going on here,
I completely understand.
But you need help, no?
Unless you have family, or
God. No, anything but that.
OK. Then I stay.
Thank you.
OK, we go now.
Thank you. You have a good day.
I love you.
Thanks for this, Rufus.
That's OK.
Didn't know who else to ask.
You said there might be
a problem with the bank?
Yeah. So, um,
I got a letter from the school,
and it seems like a direct debit
didn't go through.
But it all went through Jared's
account, and I can't access it,
so I think that we need
to just inform the bank that
Sure. Well, we can sort that out.
Cos you know what they're
like if you don't pay the fees.
I was thinking maybe
if I can't access Jared's account,
that we should maybe cash in
one of our ISAs or something?
You could.
To tide us over.
Jared did liquidate quite a lot
of your savings, though, didn't he?
Well, a while back,
when things got a bit tricky.
Um no.
He I mean, he
talked about
moving some things around
to get a better return. Is
I am pretty sure
he re-mortgaged the house.
Re-mortgaged the
Re-mortgaged our house?
Look, I might have got that wrong.
But first things first, I'll need
you to look at the policy details
of Jared's life insurance. OK?
I don't know what to say.
I mean, we're all just in shock.
You know, if there's anything
we can do Oh, thanks, Jason.
I just really need this for now.
Er, we've had, er, we've had
quite a few calls from clients.
You know,
passing on their condolences,
but, er, one or two
were just a bit concerned.
Right, yeah.
Yeah, we'll need to let
them know what's happening.
Could you print me off
our current client list?
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
Also, Jason, did Jared keep
any personal papers anywhere,
like mortgage agreements
and that kind of thing?
I don't think so.
Do you want me to have a look?
No, it's it's OK. Don't worry.
Jared's idea of security. Just keep
all your passwords in a drawer.
I kept telling him
to not write them down.
So did I, but he said it was fine
cos he always used his cipher.
Oh, he, um
he adds two to every number.
Ah! Ah!
My God, are you all right?
Just give me your hand.
Here, let's
Let's get you home.
Take it easy.
Oh. That was unbelievable.
Ah, could we
could we bring her inside, please?
Yeah, come in.
Thank you. Let's get you a seat.
This is all just
passwords and personal stuff.
I need account numbers.
Nah, nothing.
Take some photos anyway,
in case they're useful.
Are you sure I can't get you
something stronger?
No, thank you.
I'm Malcolm, by the way.
Not Lexie Noble?
Jared's wife?
I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
I don't know you, do I?
No, you wouldn't, but,
um, Jared spoke about you a lot.
I should probably
get going, actually.
Sure, of course. Er, excuse me?
Could you call her a taxi, please?
Thank you. Thank you.
Speaking of Jared, did he talk
to you much about his work?
Not really.
He didn't ever mention a deal
he was doing for a client?
We didn't really
talk about his clients.
But you're a partner in the firm,
aren't you?
I mean, he must have mentioned
the odd detail.
How is it that you know him, sorry?
He was an associate of ours.
Highly trusted,
very discreet associate.
This is yours, by the way.
I had a quick look.
Hope you don't mind.
Saw the password book,
your client list,
and I was thinking maybe, maybe
you'd come across some bank details.
There's one account in particular
that we're interested in.
A Maltese account.
Did he ever
ever say anything about that to you?
I don't I don't know anything
about it. I'm sorry.
OK. Right, I'm gonna leave you
my number, all right?
Mind if I use your pen?
If you come across any account
numbers or paperwork, you call me.
How's Esme?
She's fine. Enjoying
that nice private school of hers?
Mm-hmm. I know Jared was
a bit worried about the expense,
but I told him, I said,
"Jared, you cannot put a price
on your children."
I said that.
You take care, Mrs Noble.
Doris, um
.. has anyone approached you while
you've been with the kids, or?
Like a reporter?
No, just anyone
.. anyone a bit odd.
No, no-one.
OK. OK, good.
Oh, God, what a mess.
Um, could you take care of
the toys and I'll do this stuff?
Right, OK.
Cipher. Eight becomes six.
Three becomes one.
Five becomes three.
'The person you're calling is unable
to take your call at the moment'
Somebody's turned Jared's burner on.
Maybe his missus.
That would be my guess.
So, they're sure he's our witness?
PC Naylor's confirmed it with
the newsagent's. Good. Let's go.
He was a good guy. You know,
he'd stop, pass the time of day.
You still didn't stay
to give a statement?
I'm here now though, in't I?
Did you get a look
at the boy with the knife?
I saw the knife.
I didnae see the lad's face.
Heard what he said, though.
Noble's attacker spoke to him?
Oh, aye.
Shouted "Jared",
just to get his attention,
like, before he stuck the knife in.
Why are you here?
We have reason to believe
the attack on your husband
may have been premeditated.
I don't understand.
A witness has come forward,
claiming they heard
your husband's attacker call him
by his name.
Now, he may have been mistaken,
but this is a significant new lead.
We're no longer talking
about a random attack
or a case of mistaken identity.
Someone had a reason
to want Jared dead.
Your accountancy firm,
what type of work does it do?
Er, we look after
small local businesses, um,
self-employed consultants,
Presumably you keep detailed records
for all your clients?
They're all on the main server.
All right.
Well, we're gonna need to carry
out a search of your house
and your company offices.
Now? No, my kids are sleeping.
We'll need to take any mobile
phones and personal computers,
both Jared's and your own.
Why do you need mine?
We just need to keep an open mind.
You can come back
as soon as we've finished.
What? I can't even be here?
We'll put you up in a hotel
until the searches are complete.
Kathy here, she's gonna
help you pack some things. OK?
Can we access
existing recordings on here?
Well, not officially,
but it's all on the system.
What are you looking for?
Anything related to Cal Morris
on the day of the island sale. 31st.
There's just one recording.
Can you send it to me?
Check your recent files.
Thank you.
'What's going on?'
'It's Jared.'
'Are you sure it was Jared?'
Oh, God help us.
It's Captain Mainwaring.
DC Khan.
Do you have a minute, sir?
There's something
I need you to hear.
I did some searching for anything
we might have missed on Cal Morris.
'What's going on?'
'It's Jared.'
That's him talking
to his nephew Aaron.
'Someone's gone and stabbed him.
I don't know what happened,
'but he's dead.'
'Are you sure it was Jared?'
'I saw the body. They were
putting a tent up over it.'
'There were police everywhere.'
'Go and get Malky.'
The rest of the tape is inaudible,
but that recording was made
31 minutes before
the island deal fell through.
15 minutes before that,
an accountant called Jared Noble
died following a knife attack.
So you think this Jared Noble
was connected to the deal somehow?
More than that. I think
the money didn't go through
because Jared Noble was killed.
So, Jared left the house and
then you left to go to the gym?
No. I actually left first.
But you were still near the house
when he was attacked?
Yeah. I
Our au pair is new
and I wanted to make sure
that she took the children
to the play park.
So you went back to the house?
No, I parked in a side road
and I followed her.
I know.
And then I obviously realised
I was stupid, so I headed back,
and that's
when I saw Jared.
So, have you finished searching
the house?
We have.
Did you find anything suspicious?
I'm presuming not, because you'd
be arresting me, wouldn't you?
Well, we are still carrying out
financial checks,
but we've completed the searches,
so you're free to go home.
But we'll have a marked car
make regular checks
on the house, just to be safe.
Take your jacket off.
I will take them up,
then we will tidy all this.
Pop your bag up in your room
and I'll see you in the kitchen, OK?
Go careful.
Mummy, they've moved my teddy.
Oh, no. I'll be up in a sec.
Oh, my God.
Jared, who were you dealing with?
No, we're not going downstairs
again. It's bedtime now.
Isn't it?
It's bedtime.
Wanna sleep with
There's a man on the phone for you.
Who is this?
'I see you've found
Jared's other phone.'
The police
are right outside my door.
'Good for them.
'But I'm the one
you need to talk to.
'You know now
that Jared had secrets.
'Well, he's left us
with some unfinished business.'
Do you know anything
about Jared's death?
'I don't.
'I really don't.
I wish to God I did.
'Like I say, we should talk.
'Maybe I can get you some answers.
'Meet me tomorrow at the Lawnmarket.
'Just by St Columba's. 11 o'clock.'
Mrs Noble,
were you aware that your husband
had a Crestland Bank credit card?
I, um, I'm not sure.
He had a few different cards.
Well, the statement for this one
shows some interesting charges.
Couple of nice restaurants.
Chez Renoir.
Murrayfield Bistro.
Both high-end, very intimate.
Seems he also bought himself
some pretty pricey
sapphire earrings, too.
Maybe they weren't for you.
There's also this charge here
for a double room
at the Regency House Hotel.
Did Jared ever mention
a Sarah Blaine?
I, I maybe.
There are a lot of Sarahs.
I don't know.
True, true.
It's just this particular Sarah
was booked onto a flight
to Miami with your husband.
Using this Crestland Bank
credit card,
Jared booked two tickets
to Miami International
a week before he died, one for
this Sarah Blaine and the other,
we assume it was for himself,
although he used a false name.
I don't understand.
Seems like Jared
might have been planning
to start a new life
with his mistress.
That's not possible.
Say it was.
And say, you found out that
he was planning to leave you.
And not just leave,
but abandon you and his kids
and disappear.
Under that kind of pressure, there's
not many that wouldn't crack.
OK, I think we're done here.
This isn't true.
Our witness was feet away
when Jared was stabbed.
He said he heard his attacker say
"Jared, you shouldnae
have fucked around, man."
Well, that's a pretty
strong indicator of motive.
Wouldn't you say? Enough.
If you wish to question my client
any further you're gonna
have to do so under caution.
Come on, Lexie, let's go.
All right.
We'll leave it there for now.
Did Jared ever say anything
to you about going away?
Er, no. He
What were you gonna say?
We talked about
the trip to America,
to see his parents at half-term.
He asked if I'd be OK
to flying by myself with kids.
I thought maybe he was taking
you somewhere, just two of you.
He did not tell you?
I'm gonna go and meet someone.
If I'm not back in two hours,
I want you to phone the police.
Tell them I went
to St Columba's on Lawnmarket.
Er, wait.
Take my alarm.
Be careful.
OK, what have we got?
Aurora Quest Holdings,
Pier Horizon Enterprises,
Adaptive Curated.
These are shell companies
that we strongly suspect
to be linked to Cal Morris.
All of them are making sizeable
monthly payments to this company,
Jared Noble & Associates.
So he was working for Morris.
He was working for Morris.
'And who are the associates?'
'Well, there's one,
his wife, Alexandra Noble.'
'She's an accountant?'
Shall we walk?
You'll have to turn off your mobile.
Er, I don't have it with me.
What about the one I called you on?
I left it in the house.
Can I ask where you found it?
it was hidden in the cellar.
Anything else hidden in the cellar?
No, just the mobile.
That's disappointing.
You said on the phone that you
could give me answers about Jared
and about what he was doing.
OK, here's the thing.
Your husband was overseeing
a transfer for me
.. and now, sadly,
that money has gone astray.
So I was hoping
that you would help me find it.
I wouldn't know how to do that.
Go back to your cellar,
and look for anything
Jared might have left
regarding foreign accounts.
You do that, and I promise you
I will get you answers.
Now, that's more
than the police will do,
because once they find out
he was working for me,
that's all they'll care about.
Do we have a deal?
No, I'm sorry, I can't.
That's not how it works.
You don't say no to me.
You keep the phone,
and I'll call you.
It is OK. Just smoke alarm.
Police was here returning papers.
She called an engineer.
He said it was
just some faulty connection.
I don't like this,
having the wife involved.
She knows too much.
That's why she needs
to be in our circle.
And if she doesn't deliver?
'The kids are asleep.'
'Thanks. Do you mind locking up?'
'Uh-huh. Sure.'
There. All done.
OK, thanks.
And Jason left this for you.
Post from office.
I might go, too?
I hope
I did not say the wrong thing.
About the trip to America.
You're fine, honestly.
Oh, God!
Oh, God, Jared, you
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