Pearson (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Alderman

- Ms.
Pearson? - [GASPS.]
Everything okay, ma'am? I'm fine, Oscar.
Thank you.
Cold Feet [WHIRRING.]
Always walk in a vicious circle Home, Ms.
Pearson? I'm going to walk tonight.
Cold feet Always walk in a vicious circle Oh, yeah Cold Calumet and 61st.
Always takin' you nowhere [LINE TRILLING.]
- Hello? - Is he with you? - Cold feet - I need to know.
Look, I'm kind of in the middle of a He's supposed to meet me and he's not here.
He's not with me.
I swear.
Have you spoken to him? Jessica, what's going on? Where are you? [HIP HOP MUSIC BLARES IN THE DISTANCE.]
Stay on the line.
You're scaring me.
Where are you? Jessica.
A vicious circle [DRAMATIC TONE.]
Steph said she told you to come in the house.
It's family time.
- I didn't want to intrude.
- This again? I mean, Christ, we went over this a million times.
No, it's not about that.
I like the fresh air.
- Wait, you like the fresh air? - Yeah, I do.
How is she doing, by the way? Who, Steph? She's fine.
You're the man.
You know best.
What's going on in that head of yours? - Nothing.
- Bullshit, I know you.
You got a bug up your ass.
I wanna know what it is.
It's this Pearson woman.
- What about her? - You don't know her, Bobby.
I know she was smart enough to get Pat McGann by the balls.
I'm serious.
Don't bring her inside.
Find out what she wants and I've given her what she wants.
I run a big city here, all right? I know what I'm doing.
- What are you worried about? - I worry, okay? It's my job to take care of you.
Your job's to get me to Stan's before they run out of glazed.
You're an asshole.
I was gonna say treat yourself, but [CHUCKLES.]
Let's get out of here.
This is a nice way to start the day.
- Doesn't have to end here.
- Mm.
I've earned myself a few sick days.
I haven't.
- You are really doing this.
- Jeff.
I'm not looking for a fight, Jessica.
I'm trying to have your back.
You had all weekend to have my back.
Dropping this on me when I'm on my way out the door, that's a fight.
I gave you the weekend because I thought that you would come to your senses.
You know, I made a promise to my father.
To reconnect with your family, not work for a professional liar.
All politicians are professional liars.
At least this way, I can actually help my family.
- Oh, Jessica.
- Well, don't you get it? I spent years doing nothing but making money and fighting to keep my name up on a wall.
My life needs to be about more.
And it has nothing to do with you missing the action.
You know what? For a man who doesn't want to start a fight, you're doing a lousy job.
Jessica, wait.
I'm sorry.
This is the last thing that I wanted.
No, I know what you wanted.
You thought you'd tell me about some rumor that your friend at Justice heard and then I'd just forget about the whole thing.
It is not a rumor.
The man who went up against the city was found murdered.
If your friend knows something, tell him to show you.
I can't go to him now.
You're about to be the mayor's brand new right hand.
I live with you and that makes me a part of it.
Oh, so that's what this is about.
No, don't make me the bad guy.
You are allowed to look out for yourself, Jeff.
I wouldn't want to be with a man that didn't, but you're going to have to decide whether or not you want to be a part of this.
Because like it or not, I'm taking that job, and I won't have the same conversation every morning.
City Hall, ma'am.
Just drive.
This is stupid.
- Can I go, please? - No, you can't.
They still have to get your blood sugar up, so sit still.
You're creeping me out, lady.
Jessica, what are you doing here? Can I talk to you? It'll just take a minute.
In case you haven't noticed, this is an emergency room.
So unless it's an emergency I'm dropping your mother's lawsuit.
What do you mean you're dropping it? The mayor offered me a job if I let it go and I'm taking it.
I just wanted to be straight with you.
Wow, you're not even trying to soft peddle it, are you? - Angela, please.
- Please, what? That poor girl's starving herself out at Franklin and you walk in to tell me you're selling us out to further your career? Franklin? The strike? The hunger strike? What do you want with me, Jessica? All I want is for you to listen to why.
Well, I don't have time to listen 'cause while you're out here cutting yourself a deal, I have to find my family a place to live.
We could've dragged that lawsuit out for months, when it was over, we were going to lose.
I take this job, I can do more than just save one housing project.
Do more? You don't even know what's going on down the street.
Look, I didn't expect you to do this thing for us in the first place, but my mother, she put her hopes in you.
She may put on a brave face, but trust me, the minute you left, she cried her eyes out.
Shit, you didn't even tell her.
- I'm going to.
I'm - Uh-uh.
I see what's going on here.
You're hoping that I'd tell her for you? Let me tell you something, cousin, I do enough dirty work around here.
You have to do that yourself.
Hold up, big guy.
Not so fast.
Lunch with Local 19.
We have to talk about messaging.
What's the message? All they're going to do is bust my balls about the docks drying up.
Hey, I've been saying we should start talks to upgrade the Port.
What are you, my policy guy now too? - Maybe I should be.
- Oh.
Okay fine, that's what we'll tell them.
- You're not serious.
- Hey, you sold me.
They won't know what we're talking about and it'll buy us time.
So now we're lying to the Longshoremen.
Hey, Derrick, you do know the tooth fairy was your dad, right? I'm just saying, instead of bullshitting them, how about we actually upgrade the ports? I mean, at this rate, the unions will be dead in Your point's been made.
What else? The press found out your buses have been delayed again, and they're pushing me for a statement.
- God damn it! - You can't blame them.
You told them you'd be fully electric by the end of last year and now nearly half the old fleet is either broken down Or off the road, I'm aware.
Just figure out what to say.
Don't make me look stupid.
You look stupid? Never.
- Let me and Keri have a minute.
- Derrick.
You guys are going to be the death of me.
You love him.
Yeah, well, I'm not gonna tell him that.
What's going on with the buses, Keri? - I'm taking a beating here.
- You know what's going on.
Nivens is an asshole and he's flexing his muscles 'cause you didn't give him the Lansing contract.
You have too much on your plate.
I know what I can handle.
A city attorney who burns out after a year - doesn't do me any good.
- I'm not gonna burn out.
I'm gonna get this done for you like I do everything else.
I'm not saying you won't.
I'm just saying maybe Jessica Pearson can make some headway.
That's funny.
Oh, my God, you're not kidding.
I'm not.
Since when did she do anything for you? Look, I know you don't like her but she ran a huge New York firm.
She's got skills and free time and she wants back in the game.
This is crazy! She's going to work for you while she has a lawsuit against the city? There is no lawsuit against the city.
There was as of yesterday.
There is no lawsuit.
Well [SIGHS.]
I don't know what you expect from me.
I expect you both to be professional.
How is that going to work? I took her law license for you.
You took her license for you.
Regardless, she knows I'm the one that took it and she accused me of sleeping with you.
Nothing? Okay, is that it? - Keri.
- Is that it? That's it.
I just didn't want you to be blindsided, that's all.
Just stay in your lane, I'm sure she'll stay in hers.
They've taught us that the kids don't matter! We need to tell them that we do! We do matter, our teachers matter, and our children matter! - Let me out of here.
- Save our kids! It's not just our schools we're fighting for.
There's at least 20 others on the chopping block and all from the West and South sides.
- The low-income neighborhoods.
- Mm-hmm.
City says it's because of poor performance, but how are our kids supposed to perform when they've been letting our schools rot for the last 30 years.
But what about your local alderman? - He must be fighting to save it.
- Miss Sell-Out? All she talks about is trying to privatize.
She doesn't give a damn about anybody but herself and her fat cat donors.
Well, if that's the case, then she probably doesn't care about that young girl that collapsed this morning.
I'm sure she doesn't.
What's your point? My point is, this is all well and good, but it doesn't get you a seat at the table.
Who did you say you were again? You ain't from around here, that much I know.
Oh, what if I told you I work for the mayor? If you do, I would tell you both to go to hell.
His child has a school.
If this plan goes through city council, mine won't.
Oh, there's a shakedown in my town Said I cannot make it Come a long ways from faking it - Which floor is the mayor on? - Fifth floor.
They want to crucify me For being a believer Sometimes I see what they see Granted, it's not a New York law firm, but it's the best we had.
If I'd wanted a view of the park, I'd have stayed in corporate law.
You're late, Ms.
Would you like to know why? I have a feeling I don't.
I'm late because I paid a visit to one of the schools you're shutting down.
If you're talking about what's going on at Franklin, that's a decision the City Council's making based on budgetary concerns.
And that's a bullshit line a politician gives when he knows he's on the wrong side of an issue.
You're going to learn pretty quickly around there that issues are often less important than relationships.
- Alderman Coats.
- See? - You're a quick study.
- Oh, I did the math.
You need her allegiance, she needs her big-money backers and when they tell her to jump, you say how high.
Debbie Coats is a friend and an ally and right now, I need all the allies I can get.
Even if that ally is selling out the black community? No one's selling anyone out and the strike'll blow over.
In the meantime, try focusing on what I brought you in to do.
Electric buses.
Hmm, can't wait to dig in.
It might not be as sexy as a good old fashioned hunger strike but it affects a hell of a lot more people on the south side than whether Franklin High School stays open.
And right now, this is what I want.
In that case, I look forward to getting up to speed.
Way to tie in the bus motif.
I'm here all week.
Welcome to City Hall.
Don't be late again.
Hizzoner! Where's your detail? Eh, resting outside comfortably on the city's dime.
Oh, Old Man Daley wouldn't take a shit without a cop outside his stall.
- Lucky cop.
What's this? It's the lawsuit against North Park.
Go ahead and rip it up.
Yo, Pat, your dog's up.
I hope you made better deals when you were a public defender 'cause you just gave away the store.
What are you talking about? What the hell are you thinking bringing Jessica Pearson into City Hall? - Are you a goddamn idiot? - Here you go.
I had no choice.
She was gonna crack open your books and tie your dirty money to me.
- What was I supposed to do? - Figure something out.
You don't give her the keys to the kingdom.
I'm giving her an office, that's all.
And if anyone's to blame for this mess, it's you.
Hey, watch yourself, Bobby Boy.
Oh, now it's Bobby Boy.
When it's the middle of the night and you've been played like a chump, then it's, "Do something for me, Mr.
" All right, without me, you're a lifer on the City Council making speeches about opposite side of the street parking.
- I know what I owe you.
- Do ya? 'Cause you better not have any illusions about letting this woman get between us.
I don't know what that means.
It means that now that you know what she's capable of, are you going to use her to come after me? Jesus Christ.
I told you, I know where I stand.
What about where she stands? Okay, that shit with North Park is nothing compared to what she could find.
She's a threat to both of us, Bobby.
And that's why I hired her.
Someone once taught me to keep my enemies close.
Well, you remember that the first time she pulls on her leash.
Bobby Novak in the house! [BELL RINGING.]
There are plenty of good restaurants in your ward.
Norm's, I hear, has a fabulous gumbo.
Well, I'm not required to eat in the community I serve, ma'am.
No, but you are required to serve that community and from what I gather, you're falling sleeping on the job.
I don't mean to be rude, but who are you? I'm working on behalf of those nice people who are starving to keep their school open.
You can tell those nice people instead of blaming me, they should be thanking me.
Now I know politicians like to take credit for everything, but you're going to have to walk me through that one.
Did you know I grew up just down the street from Franklin? - I know all about you.
- Then you also know, I took a bus 21 miles roundtrip every day because my parents wanted me educated at a magnet school.
I hated every minute of it, but it was the best thing for me.
Are you saying you know what's best for the people of your ward? I'm saying if they let me, I'm trying to lift them up.
The only person you're interested in lifting up is yourself.
You look like you've been doing pretty well for yourself too and I know all the community organizers in this town.
So I will ask you again: who the hell are you? I work for your friend Bobby Novak and if you think he's going to sacrifice his re-election to keep you in office, you're sadly mistaken.
I'm assuming you're the "me" in "see me.
" Did you tell Debbie Coats I was going to sell her down the river? I told her it wasn't in her self interest to close down that school.
God damn it, let's be clear here.
I gave you an assignment and not only did you ignore it, you alienated one of my closest allies.
First of all, I'm not your student, I don't take assignments.
Secondly, you ally yourself with that woman and you're going to be a one-term mayor.
You don't know anything about politics.
But I know about power and if you sit around, waiting for this thing to blow over, you won't have any.
Please, you've been here all of two minutes? And it took half that to see what they think about you on the South Side.
These aren't stupid people, Mr.
- Oh, I know that.
- They're smart.
- I agree.
- They're passionate, and all they want is for their children - Thanks for the civics lesson.
- To go to a decent school! I'm a product of public schools.
I would love nothing more than to pour money into Franklin and every other school about to close.
It breaks my heart when I see what's going on out there, but I have to make choices.
Then make the right choice now.
This isn't going to work.
Oh, come on, baby, this is our first fight.
- Don't be like that.
- I'm not joking around.
You knew what the deal was when you took it.
You may not be my student, but you do take assignments and if you can't do that, we'll shake hands and call it a day.
So you'd be willing to cut ties right here and now.
In a New York second.
And what makes you think I won't toss that little grenade I have on you and Pat McGann? If you really thought that would get you what you wanted, you'd have done it already.
And what is it you think I want, Mr.
Mayor? The opportunity to stand where you are right now.
You're moving out? I'm taking that trial in Miami.
The one you said you weren't interested in two weeks ago.
Well, Dana convinced me that they could really use my expertise.
How long are you gonna be gone? It's a RICO trial, Jessica.
You remember what those are like.
So do you want to get into it now or do you want to run away and pretend we don't have things to talk about? I'm not running anywhere.
My firm needed my help Don't lie to me, Jeff.
You're better than that.
You need space, say you want space.
But don't pretend you didn't call them and volunteer.
You want the truth? I did go to them and volunteer.
I should go, I'm already cutting it close.
I'll call you in a day or so.
So much for having my back.
I do have your back, Jessica, but there are two people in every relationship.
And right, I need to look after my own.
No offense, but I am not going to miss this place.
Well, I don't want to see you back in here either.
Better listen to what that nurse said about your shots.
Screw that, but I'll listen to you 'cause you're the best nurse here.
Oh, to be honest, I'm not actually a nurse.
You got the outfit.
Yeah, it's called a Certified Nursing Assistant, but what I mostly do is change sheets and clean bed pans.
I would hate that.
Yeah, I don't love it either, but I never had a chance to get an education.
That's why what you're doing to save the school is so important.
Thank your cousin for that.
What do you mean? She came by to see me last night.
Said she knows the mayor and that she'd do all she can to help.
She said that, huh? It was nice of her to check in on me.
- She didn't have to do that.
- [SIGHS.]
I know, it's just what everybody's doing these days.
I'm telling you, you don't look 100.
You don't look a day over 99.
I gotta call you back.
Okay, bye.
Hello, Keri.
I understand you're joining our happy little family.
I am and because I know what a busy woman you are, I've taken it upon myself to whip up the first draft of a lawsuit.
Shouldn't be news to you, but you're not a lawyer anymore.
It's like riding a bike.
City of Chicago v.
Midwest Portage.
You want to sue the bus manufacturer.
The mayor gave me an assignment.
I'm just following orders.
Do you know why we don't go after our supplier, Ms.
Pearson? Because you don't know what a breach of contract looks like? Because we have an existing relationship with the CEO that stretches back over ten years That sounds like patronage to me.
And because suing only draws attention to the fact that one of the mayor's signature issues is failing.
Well, let me guess, you rather handle it with endless lunches on the taxpayer's dime.
Like I said, it's a relationship and you have a lot to learn about the way things are done around here.
And you still have a lot to learn about being a lawyer.
I understand the concept of a bluff.
Is that what this is? I'd just like to know, since obviously you have a plan.
It's a kick in the ass, which is why the mayor brought me in.
Nice to see you, Keri.
Right, uh, I just wanted to say that I heard what you're doing with the hunger strikers and if you need any help with anything I'm sorry, who are you? I'm Derrick Mayes, ma'am.
I'm the mayor's press secretary.
Oh, in that case, maybe you should talk to him.
I talk to him all the time, but it doesn't seem to change anything.
I mean, don't get me wrong, Bobby's like Superman to me, but he straddles the fence on too many issues and I'm glad someone's here to push him.
You shouldn't go behind the mayor's back like this.
It's good for him.
He won't see it that way.
Isn't that what you did with the alderman? Someone likes to listen in on conversations.
My ear's to the ground, ma'am, not outside his door.
Oh, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Derrick Mayes, but the strikers are on their own.
This is exactly the kind of thing we should be fighting for.
Then take it up with Superman.
I'm taking it up with you.
Am I taking orders from this woman? I just wanna know what the ground rules are.
Keri, keep your voice down.
Stay in her lane.
She's not only out of her lane, she's swerving into oncoming traffic.
What happened? What happened is that she waltzed into my office like Marie Antoinette, telling me who and what to sue as though I were an associate at her law firm.
Midwest Portage.
Ring a bell? I told you I was having her look into it.
So you're okay with this.
Yeah, I'm okay with it.
In fact, I'm happy as hell 'cause it shows me someone's actually listening.
It's amazing day two, it's already come to this.
- Keri.
- Why is she here? Really, why is she here? Don't give me some bullshit excuse about clearing my plate and, no, you cut a deal with her.
It's not what you think.
Is this is your way of marginalizing me? - Because - Marginalize you? I'm trying to protect you.
I know it made you sick to help McGann and kick those people out on the street.
There's too much dirty shit I have to do, including why I cut a deal with her, and I value you too much to have you mixed up in it.
Then tell her to back off and let me do my job.
You tell her.
I miss you.
It's been weeks.
It's killing me.
I I have worked too hard to be seen as that girl.
No one sees you as that.
She does.
The woman that you bought in to keep me clean, she sees me as that and every time I see her, it's a reminder.
So now she's the reason we're not sleeping together.
It's ironic, isn't it? [DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES.]
Oh, I love the whole Deep Throat thing.
- I shouldn't be seen with you.
- Oh, relax.
You're a cop.
Oh, and here's the money I owe you for failing to intimidate Jessica Pearson when she came to town.
I don't want it.
Come on, think of it as a retainer.
Listen, Pat, I've been thinking No, don't think.
Just do your job and let me know what Bobby's doing with this woman.
You want me to spy on my brother? Just keep your eyes and ears open.
Don't get all dramatic.
I'm getting a little tired of you telling me what to do.
- All right, easy, kiddo.
- I'm his brother! You're his half-brother.
His bastard half-brother who he won't even acknowledge because he cares more about his political future.
Hey, look, I'm not saying Bobby doesn't care about you.
I know he does.
But if this woman pokes her nose in things and blows everything up, you're not a Novak.
That's all I'm saying.
So if not for me, do it for yourself.
When you said you wanted to meet after work, I was hoping it'd be a Bulls game not a charity event.
Oh, well, I can't justify a $1,000 on somebody who's already welching.
Okay, I admit.
We're behind on the buses.
Guilty as charged.
I appreciate the mea culpa, Dennis, but the mayor still thinks that you're punishing him because you didn't get the Lansing deal.
I'd hate to think you're that petty.
That's not what this is about.
The God's honest truth is that our supply chain is broken.
Blaming the supply chain.
That never gets old.
I'm sorry, you are? Jessica Pearson.
I thought the two of you would be discussing settlement? Settlement? What is she talking I'm sorry, we must've gotten our wires crossed.
We were discussing a plan for expediting the delivery of the buses.
Oh, a plan never starts with the God's honest truth.
That's an excuse and the mayor has had enough of them.
I believe this is yours.
You're suing me.
No, um, nobody's suing anyone.
Pearson is new and she doesn't understand how things are done in Chicago.
She's right.
In New York when someone's serving up bullshit excuses, it doesn't matter if they're backed by a stringed quartet.
They're still bullshit.
What's bullshit is you pulling this good cop/bad cop act on me.
I still have a lot of pending deals with your office, Keri.
Yes, you do and unless you're willing to start honoring your contract today, I may want to rethink all of them.
I don't appreciate being played.
Neither does the city.
See you in court.
I like the way you went with that.
You almost remind me of a young me.
What the hell do you think you're doing? At the moment, your job.
That would be impossible since I'm the actual lawyer.
That didn't stop me from getting one of the 20 eager lawyers in your office to draft that for me.
Oh, is that what this is about? - You want to humiliate me.
- Humiliate you? I've just raised your stock.
You've finally shown him you have a spine.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Not the million! - Ooh, thank God.
She didn't lose the money, did she? Please tell me she didn't lose it.
No, thank God, but that red ball bounced ten times before it landed.
- The kids asleep? - Yeah.
I put them down about an hour ago.
Be nice to see them awake once before they're 18.
Thanks, Ma.
Did you hear from Jessica? No.
Something wrong? No.
She showed up at the hospital yesterday, got all up in my business.
What happened? Remember those kids on TV, they're trying to save Franklin? One of them landed in my ER.
Dear Lord.
In walks Jessica making big promises to this poor girl about keeping her school open.
Maybe she'll do it.
What makes you say that? What? I Ma, these kids are starving themselves and no one gives a damn if they live or die, but some outsider strolls in and they're just going to keep the school open? She is a successful woman, Angela.
People, they they listen to her.
Yeah, well, people listen to a lot of folk who are full of shit.
You are being a little too hard on her.
She's all talk, Ma, and the sooner you realize that, the better.
One red ball left.
- The mayor went home.
- I'm not looking for the mayor.
I'm looking for you.
I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds.
I can get a little overzealous.
No, overzealous is good in the right hands.
It gets things done.
You want something from me, don't you? You want to make a difference, all you have to do is get me the last three tax returns for Alderman Coats and tell me where she lives.
Is this legal? We're not doing anything illegal, are we? We're putting our money where our mouth is.
Hey, don't forget.
We got that fundraiser up in Glencoe before the council meeting tomorrow.
I got a lane on 94 in case we're running late.
Good man.
I saw McGann today.
That's funny.
I guess he didn't like what I had to say.
What's that supposed to mean? C'mon, Nick.
You know what it means.
He tries to divide us.
That's his thing.
Maybe so, but he's not wrong about that Pearson woman.
That fat piece of shit.
You see, he's doing it already.
Suddenly, it's you and him on a side.
I don't want to be on his side, but I need an ally.
We're together every day.
What, this? I took this bullshit job for you, Bobby.
To serve and protect one man.
- You.
- I don't believe this shit.
Where am I in all of this? What happens if the truth comes out? Nothing's coming out.
Who's going to look out for me, Bobby? All I've ever done is look out for you! From the minute I knew, I treated you like my own flesh and blood.
I protected you, I confided in you, and I got you on this bullshit detail that every other cop in the city wants because you're family.
You're the one who doesn't come inside the house.
You're the one.
That's on you.
It's you and me.
I love you.
No space L shaped Oh somewhere To fit in Alien Come on Oh Coming out of the woodwork Chest bursts like John Hurt Coming out of the woods AK - (NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE) - 20 All rise.
Four seven Please be seated.
Next on the docket, Finley v.
Is everybody here? Your Honor, Keri Allen representing the City of Chicago.
We were first up on the docket after lunch.
Were on the docket.
Not anymore.
What? Why? Well, that's a question for one of your colleagues.
Someone from the mayor's office called and said the matter had been settled.
Now, would the parties from the case I called please approach the bench? Thank you.
Coming out of the woodworks [WATER RUNNING, SQUEAK.]
You've got some nerve.
Hijacking my meeting is one thing, but hanging me out to dry in court is another.
That affects my reputation and that I won't stand for.
You should've thought about reputation before you took my license.
Have you ever thought about why I took your license, Ms.
Pearson? Oh, I know why.
You're pissed because I made your office look like shit with the 13th District case.
Wrong! You made the 13th District look like shit.
My father was a police officer and he didn't go out there and risk his life every single day so you could call him and all other cops animals.
I didn't know about your father.
You do now.
And I didn't call them anything.
I went after specific men who did specific things.
Well, let me be specific with you right now.
You want to come at me, come at me, but stay the hell away from my department and any of the lawyers who work for me or I'll make disbarment feel like jaywalking.
Are you threatening me? I'm warning you.
I've been underestimated my whole life 'cause I don't look like a policeman's daughter.
But I'm 33 years old and I'm the City Attorney.
I didn't get where I am by being stupid.
The Council will come to order.
I'll now call the role.
Alderman Blake.
- Present.
- Alderman Morrison? - Present.
- Alderman Coats.
Uh, if I may before we begin, I'd like permission to speak.
As you know, I believe a math and science education is vital to the future of our young people.
That's why I supported the Richard Feynman School of Science and Engineering, a charter school on the North side, to replace my ward's aging high school.
As I said, it's a short distance for our kids to travel, but it'll take them far in their careers.
However, in light of the community's incredible commitment to keep Franklin open and the mayor's personal plea, I have decided to withdraw my support for closing the school.
Please, please.
If you will.
Effective immediately, I have also decided to resign as alderman of the 54th Ward to pursue opportunities in the private sector.
It's been an honor to serve and work with you all.
What the hell is going on? I'm going to look like an idiot if I don't make some kind of statement.
This has all the information about the alderman's new position as well as a commitment to rebuild schools in Kenwood and the surrounding communities.
- You knew about this? - I did.
What do you think? Oyster White or Charleston Blue? I'm just curious.
Since you're the one who got her the job, what exactly is Debbie Coats going to be doing at Midwest Portage? She's going to make it a priority to ramp up production and deliver your fleet of electric buses.
You went behind my back, Ms.
I made you look good, Mr.
You just ended a 23 day hunger strike.
Did I? I mean, the strike only ended because a greedy alderman took a cush VP job.
And now you have 60 days to replace her with someone who better represents the community.
You might want to make a statement about that so the strikers know you heard them.
You mean this.
I like that Derrick.
- He is on top of everything.
You know, you may not know this, but I was the youngest alderman ever elected.
I'd done a whole year at the public defender's office.
I was ready to take on the world.
First month in, I tried to raise the minimum wage to $7.
25's half what it should be.
You would've thought I was a Leninist.
But I didn't back down and I pushed it through.
See, I knew there was a dreamer hiding in there somewhere.
Look where you are now.
I'm where I am right now because right after that, the oldest member told me what might happen if I bit off too much too soon.
I can't tell if that's advice or a warning.
You saved the day today, but everything we do here has real life consequences.
You think I don't know that? I think you're a smart woman who doesn't understand that when shit happens, it's my name on the door, not yours.
This is all new to me, Mr.
Mayor, and it's going to take a little time for me to get used to not calling the shots.
But I don't think you want me taking smaller bites.
- No? - No.
I think you have a problem you need solved and that's why you brought me in.
Now you've seen what I can do, why don't you tell me what Pat McGann has on you.
I'd go with the blue.
Oh, Jessica! [CLICKING.]
Hey, why don't you come in? Oh, I don't think I should.
Is something wrong? Lily, I need to tell you something that I I should have told you days ago.
I dropped your lawsuit in exchange for a job with the mayor.
I know.
Angela said she didn't tell you.
She didn't have to tell me.
I know when something's going on with my daughter.
- Lillian, I'm so sorry.
- Don't be sorry.
But the question is why? Why why didn't you tell me? I I didn't want to tell you that I'd failed.
You didn't fail, Jessica.
No, I made a promise to save your home and I couldn't make it happen.
No, come on.
Come inside.
Not tonight.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Jeff is waiting for me.
Um another night? Okay.
- You got a death wish.
I'm kin to the Aztec I heard what happened in court today.
You okay? Nothing a glass of chardonnay won't fix.
You shouldn't be here.
- We're not doing anything.
I'm kin to the Argonauts Then why are you here? I'm concerned about you.
You left work early.
Don't be.
I'm fine.
Is that number three or four? Think you know me so well.
I do, and it's not like you to run from a fight.
- Oh you.
- There's my girl.
No, I'm not your girl and I don't need you coming around here checking on me.
Well, maybe I need you.
Did you ever think of that? You should've thought of that before you brought that woman into my office.
She's not here to replace you.
Believe me, I'm not sticking around to find out.
What does that mean? Keri.
I don't care who has power in the office or what she does.
I'm here risking every goddamn thing in my life because you're the person I need.
Your wife is the person that you I'm kin to two stones making fire I'm kin to melted ice giving water I'm kin to two stones making fire I'm kin to melted ice giving water [OVER CAR RADIO.]
I'm kin to two stones making fire I'm kin to melted ice giving water [SIGHS.]
No need to cover up fault lines They make us who we are We are many And I've been trying to hold Hold together Throwing all my hope My time and money You didn't see it coming Like the sunrise You feel it even if your back is turned Mm-mm And nothing stops the pressure From building up And nothing stops the gravity Giving up And after all The time we spent Holding off our feelings, yeah Cracks appear Cracks appear From the inside out Hmm Cracks appear Cracks appear From the inside out Disappear Come on Disappear Yeah, yeah, yeah Ooh Ooh - Aaron.
- Aaron.