Pearson (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

The Fixer

1 Previously on "Pearson" I wanted to thank you for helping me with my mom.
Rebecca Adler from McDermott called me today about you.
I told her she was getting the best lawyer I've ever seen.
- I know that wasn't easy.
- I love you.
What's the deal with the mayor's trip to Seattle? They're saying he's doing all kinds of dirty shit.
Bobby told me to lay off McGann because he just made a deal to put Ickaris on his land.
- He didn't tell you.
- He did not.
There's a homeless encampment growing outside of City Hall.
Doesn't look very good for your friend Bobby.
Yeah, I'm not in the welfare business.
You have over 200 vacant units in Streeterville.
- I'm Carlos Salazar.
- I spoke with the city last night.
They gave us an offer.
This is just a Band-Aid to get you off the street.
You think we'll take the scraps you're handing us and give up.
Let me tell you something, Mr.
We aren't going anywhere! Not going anywhere! ALL: [CHANTING.]
Not going anywhere! Nick was unsettled by something McGann did.
A grown man doesn't go after another unless his back is against the wall.
Did you tell Jessica Pearson what you did? - No.
- Well, she figured it out, and she can take us all down.
Put the gun down.
I killed someone and I wanna confess.
They used to call me "psycho.
" Like in a loving way, you know, like "Psycho" 'cause I-I nearly killed some neighborhood kid when I was 14.
Bashed his head in with a brick.
After I saw what I did to that kid, I swore I would never hurt anybody again.
But he knew people were scared of me and he used it.
That's why when he wanted to get rid of Diehl he told his buddy Pete to have his flunky son do it.
But he knew it would go sideways.
He didn't care.
And now I found out he's got a tape.
I should've killed him years ago.
You shouldn't say anymore.
You you're a lawyer, right? I can tell you anything.
This stays between us.
Of course it does, but I'm not a criminal defense attorney, Nick.
This is what McGann has on us.
I mean, I killed Diehl for him.
And he's using it to control Bobby.
I-I don't know where else to go.
Don't you care? I-I know you care about Bobby.
I don't understand.
You've been living with this for 15 years? - Why - I can't live with it anymore.
Haven't you ever gotten to a point where you can't live with something anymore? I'm going to the police.
I don't care what you say.
I just want this over and done.
I just thought that maybe maybe you could - Okay, okay, okay, hey.
- Maybe if I came to you - Okay, look at me.
- For some help I don't know.
I will help you.
Not going anywhere! - Ladies and gentlemen.
- Not going anywhere! - [GAVEL BANGING.]
- Ladies and gentlemen, please.
If you don't clear the room in an orderly fashion, the County Sheriffs will start making arrests.
Let's head to City Hall, guys.
Come on, let's go.
Well, that must be your cousin.
I thought you were gonna try to talk some sense into her.
Well, you told me Carlos Salazar was the real threat.
Yeah, well, apparently she's the one they're listening to.
And I'm fighting a war on two fronts.
There's no reason for a fight at all when your friend has 200 empty apartments on Huron.
God damn it, I told you we won't be visiting that.
- Can I say something? - What? - Give them what they want.
- And what does that mean? It means go back there and tell them you're committed to a 21st Century Housing plan, safe, permanent housing to replace the original projects.
So lie to their faces, while I'm on camera.
Sounds like a great campaign ad for any one of the hundred people trying to take my job.
I'm not saying lie.
I'm saying make a commitment.
We don't have the votes or the money, Derrick.
- You haven't even tried.
You picked a hell of a night to start binge watching your favorite show.
Are you alone? I am now.
Nick D'Amato's sitting in my living room.
Oh, thank God.
The mayor needs some good news.
No, you can't tell him.
Keri, he's been going out of his mind.
He's gonna want to know.
Can you just get to my place now, please? Do you have any idea what's going on down here? I do, and trust me, this is worse.
Things settling down out there? Well, no one's in cuffs yet, if that's what you mean.
- Thanks.
- Well don't thank me.
City Hall's not our court.
Across the street is though.
What's your point? Someone threw a bottle and hit one of my men earlier tonight.
12 stitches in his head.
Someone from the demonstration? - Does it matter? - Yeah, actually, it does.
- Oh, come on, Bobby.
- No, you come on.
You want us to just sweep those people out like trash because your men have built-in risk? Tell them to do their jobs.
Okay, my men, they're happy to do their job, but whenever they're in a line, they're seen as a threat.
- I'm not pulling them.
- I'm not asking you to.
But this isn't just about protecting a demonstration.
It's becoming a public health and safety issue.
- It's also a political one.
- Bingo.
You have a job to protect those people, Chuck.
I've got a job to protect all of your voters, Bobby.
Look, Chuck, I just need a little time to settle this.
You go in there with 20 cruisers, it's gonna go from bad to worse.
I can try and buy you some time, but the clock's ticking.
Don't go inside yet.
I don't plan to until you tell me what I'm walking into.
Are you familiar with the union boss who disappeared in '03? Tommy Diehl.
Nick wants to confess to killing him.
He says that he did it for McGann, that it was self-defense, and that that's what McGann is holding over them.
Apparently there's a tape proving it.
You don't look surprised.
That he killed him or that he wants to confess? I don't have time to play 20 questions, Jessica.
Do you want to help me or not? He came to you because he needs an attorney.
Jessica, I I'm leaving City Hall because I don't wanna be a part of this anymore.
I can't.
I already told Bobby I'm quitting.
I need him out of my apartment.
I'll talk to him.
Okay, uh, he doesn't know I called you.
He thinks I'm out here getting food.
Is there anything else I need to know? Yeah.
He has a gun.
What's she doing here? Let Jessica handle this.
It's what she does.
- I told you everything.
- Yes, you did, and I can't repeat a word of it or I'd lose my license.
And what about her? She's got no license to lose.
- Nick, please - I should never have come here.
- Please, listen - It's okay, Keri.
- Let me talk to him.
- I'm not talking to you.
I knew when you left we were headed down this road.
- Yeah, you don't know shit.
- I did know.
And I meant it when I said I want to help you.
Don't bullshit me.
You have been nothing but trouble since you got here.
- And before then, we we were - What? Fine? You and your brother have been blackmailed for 15 years.
I hardly call that fine.
And if you're really trying to protect him, you can't just walk into a police station and you certainly can't do it now.
This is about me and McGann.
This has nothing to do with Bobby.
Nick, wake up.
You open that Pandora's Box, I guarantee it's gonna come back around on him.
He has major liability.
- You don't know that.
- I do.
You do this now, while he's dealing with this tidal wave at City Hall, you won't be protecting him.
You'll be feeding him to the lions.
I'm gonna confess.
You can't talk me out of it.
Oh okay, no.
I'm not gonna try.
I'm not, but you gotta keep Keri out of this.
And you need to do it right.
You can trust her.
You can.
Good night, Daddy.
I love you.
I love you too, Monkey.
Put Mommy back on the phone? Mom, Daddy wants to talk to you.
Thank you, sweetie.
Yeah? Hey, I'm not coming home tonight.
This is your plan from now on? What? I'm just asking if this is the way that it's going to be.
Things are blowing up here.
I just wanted I thought we were done with the lying, Bobby.
Jesus, Steph.
Turn on the news.
You can't make it home.
Okay, I get it.
You're still my wife.
We can talk about that when things aren't blowing up.
Are you filing for divorce? I said we can talk about that later.
God damn it.
If you're gonna play games, maybe I won't - Games? - That's right, games.
File or don't file.
I'm not gonna let you use it to lead me around by the balls.
You're lashing out at the wrong person.
I am not the one who has been neutering you all these years.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Did you hear about the shitstorm over at City Council? I did.
Did you know it was Jessica's cousin that's ringleader? - I do.
- Did I do something wrong? No, no, I'm just trying to finish up so I can go home.
My dad and I have a lot of paperwork to fill out for my mom's hearing.
That almost sounded true.
That is true.
And this has nothing to do with that kiss? - What kiss? - What kiss? [SCOFFS.]
I-I didn't kiss you.
Your lips, my face.
I call that a kiss.
- I'd call it a peck.
Where's Ms.
Pearson? [TOGETHER.]
She's not here.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
She didn't tell me.
I need you.
You think Karen Chao will support that Permanent Housing Project you're always going on about? I think she's open to it.
Depends on what you're willing to give up.
Set a meeting with her for tomorrow morning.
Find out what she wants.
Meeting with the City Council President.
Isn't that something your Chief of Staff should handle? Stop wrangling for a promotion, get it done.
And will you be part of said meeting? No, I have the groundbreaking for Ickaris tomorrow.
Are you shitting me? We're at DEFCON 1 and you're still rolling out the red carpet for that guy? I'm rolling out the red carpet because it's a means to an end.
You said McGann wasn't on the hook for replacement housing.
You heard Ms.
He's got 200 empty apartments in Streeterville.
So you're gonna go out there and flat out lie? No.
I'm making a commitment.
This should be warm enough, but if you need another blanket just let me know.
Doesn't matter.
I can't sleep.
You need some rest, Nick.
I can't.
In that case why don't you write down everything you told Keri and all the stuff you didn't tell her.
You want my confession? [SIGHS.]
We not only need to make sure your story holds water we need to account for what Bobby knows and when he found out.
And what do you need it for? [SCOFFS.]
You really don't trust anybody, do you? It's because everybody I've known has either turned against me or let me down.
Your brother hasn't.
He's the only one.
He, uh, saved [SIGHS.]
I know you don't trust me, Nick.
But you're a fool if you turn yourself in without a lawyer.
And the lawyer we get you might not have Bobby's best interests at heart.
Like you, you mean? You know what? I wouldn't think of taking your statement right now.
You need a good night's rest.
And if you still don't trust me in the morning, there's the door.
But there's one thing I need tonight.
You can't be in my home with a gun.
If that's how you feel, you can leave right now.
I'm not gonna hurt you, Jessica.
It's not my safety I'm worried about.
Please, for Bobby.
You say you're doing this for him.
If something were to happen to you Thank you.
Before we officially break ground on this amazing new project, Mayor Novak would like to say a few words.
Thank you, Derrick.
Good morning.
As you know, I recently flew out to Seattle to convince Ickaris CEO David Nilsson to build his headquarters on this sight instead of the previously planned Lincoln Yards.
And I told him why.
Point blank.
I promised to bring jobs to the South Side.
Now David was concerned that his company not be the reason for less affordable housing.
So I assured him that Pat McGann and I were as committed as he is to fixing that problem, and that we could find a way to both bring jobs here and not abandon our neediest residents.
So, when Pat saw what was going on outside City Hall, he called me last night and he donated over 200 apartments on Huron Street as temporary homes for those displaced by the redevelopment.
That's what Chicago is.
We're all in this together.
Thank you, Pat.
You stupid son of a bitch, I can pull out and embarrass you, you know.
No, you won't do that.
You're the one who made the promise, not me.
You have any idea what putting those people in that neighborhood is gonna do? "Those people"? Careful, Pat, you don't want to be mistaken for a racist.
I'm a realist.
Now forget what it's gonna cost me.
You're trading bad optics for a potential riot.
Jesus, grow up.
It's not 1968.
What Chicago are you living in? It's still two cities.
And I swear to God Swear to God, what? You're gonna keep your word and put those people in your apartments or I'm gonna blow everything to pieces.
You're self-destructing, kiddo.
Yeah, that's what happens when you got nothing to lose.
All right.
- Everybody ready? - Yeah.
One, two, three.
Feeling inspired? [SIGHS.]
You said you wanted everything in writing, so this is everything.
Well, I also need to know what's on this tape Keri mentioned.
It's all here.
All right, I'll look at it.
But just remember, even if you've dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's, we can't just walk into the police Until everything's in order and the timing makes sense for Bobby.
I got it.
I got it.
Thank you.
- I haven't done anything yet.
- I mean for last night.
Truth is, I've been in a pretty dark place these last few days and you were right to, um I just need this off my back.
So thank you for doing this.
You're welcome.
Can I ask you for one more thing? And it is not easy for me.
You can always ask.
I haven't showered in awhile.
- I noticed.
I can go back to my place if you're not comfortable.
I promised Keri that I would handle this and you need someone to look after you, so Okay.
Towels are under the sink.
Hey, just, uh, pull up here on the left, please.
Ah, thank you.
Danny, what are you doing here? What's going on, Danny? Can we go somewhere and talk? Thank you for waiting, Miss Cook.
- Can I call you Angela? - Can I call you Bobby? You have caused me quite a headache, Angela.
We were just fine living where we were.
I'm sorry about North Park.
But I agreed to redevelop it because the original plan set aside 35% for public housing.
Original plans are always bullshit.
If I knew that, I find it hard to believe you didn't.
But there's nothing more we can do about that now, is there? About the past? No.
But about your future, there is.
Have a seat.
I want to show you something.
The original developer owns three high-rises in Streeterville.
As of this morning, he's committing over 200 units to you and your fellow demonstrators.
Nearby shopping, fresh markets, good schools, low-crime.
We heard you.
You deserve better than the existing shelters.
And he's just gonna let us all live there for free? For up to three months.
- Look, Angela.
I saw your children out there.
Conditions are only gonna deteriorate.
This is no place for them.
And neither is the shelter on 71st, which is exactly where we'll end up when the clock runs out.
I'm working with the City Council right now to find a permanent solution.
Carlos Salazar said you'd say that.
Carlos isn't here.
You and I are.
Work with me.
I'm willing to I'm willing to make whatever sacrifices are needed.
Sacrifices? No offense, Mr.
Mayor, but I gave up my home and my job.
What did you have to give up? A Tuesday night? Angela.
So, what do you think? [SIGHS.]
I think if you're going to confess to murder, then you need to make sure everything makes sense.
I didn't murder anybody.
It was self-defense.
You read it.
Why didn't you go to the police? - What are you doing? - I'm preparing you.
Why didn't you go to the police? Because I went to his office with a baseball bat.
To scare him, and then, "things got out of hand.
" That's right.
He pulled a knife on you, grabbed your throat, scratched your face.
So what? That's evidence of a struggle.
I did time in juvie.
You think they were gonna believe me? - I was a scared kid.
- Who killed a man.
A big man.
Tommy Diehl was 200, 220? Yeah, that didn't matter once the bat hit him.
- What about afterwards? - What about it? How'd you get rid of the body? I dumped him in the lake.
It's all right there.
No, it isn't.
What dock was it? What time of day did you get there? How does a man who's 160 pounds soaking wet do all of that by himself? I know you had help.
You weren't alone.
- I don't believe this shit.
- You're a cop, Nick.
You know what they're gonna do to you.
They're gonna put you in a box until you get your story straight.
So let 'em.
I'm confessing.
To what? For who? I am not lying.
You stood in the lobby of City Hall and told me, if I thought you were capable of murder to get myself another driver.
You remember saying that? Were you lying then? Yes.
You seemed awfully convincing.
Mayor? I was just about to call you.
Now I'm waist-deep in this.
Where the hell are you? - I'm handling a situation.
- Yeah, well, handle it later.
Your cousin's gone full activist on me.
I need you here now.
Do you know when Keri's coming back? Miss Allen called in sick today.
- I hope you get what you want.
- [SIGHS.]
Yeah, me too.
Thank you, Yoli.
You're welcome.
And, uh, nice to meet you.
You too.
Temperature's supposed to drop tonight.
Thank you for the weather forecast.
We'll be fine.
You know, the mayor pulled a lot of strings to get enough housing for you and everyone else out there.
It was a half measure.
You know what, Angela, you keep biting your nose to spite your face, you won't be able to breathe.
We'll stay through the first snow if we have to.
You're acting like woman who has nothing to lose.
I have nothing to lose.
You lost your job.
It wasn't even because I missed a shift.
It was the fact that I took food and said no one helped me.
Food they were gonna throw out.
Come back.
Stay with me.
I can't put my needs over the big picture.
Look, Carlos said that if we just stay committed Carlos is a politician.
His commitment to the cause ended as soon as I offered him the vacant alderman seat.
So that's what you did.
I'm sorry.
You know what, look, it's getting late.
I gotta pick up the boys.
Angela, wait.
There's something I wanna show you before you go.
If it means going back to the mayor asking for a payoff, it's a waste of time.
I don't need him for this.
Hey, do you wanna help me with this affordable housing plan? Oh, I-I would love to, but I just have a ton of work to do for Jessica and I'm trying to get out of here so I can meet my friends from Streets and San.
And last night it was paperwork to file - for your mom's hearing.
- What? You do know what you're doing, right? I mean it's obvious, you can't even look me in the eyes since that kiss.
You are so, so hung up on this kiss thing.
It messes with a guy's head, you know.
Derrick, we work together.
Ah, so you do have feelings for me.
It's just that you don't want to act on it - because we work together.
- Derrick I mean, I can respect that.
I just want the truth.
Let's talk this through.
Well, the truth is it was just a peck.
Here, try it out.
What are you doing, Jessica? It's yours, if you want it.
What do you mean it's mine? You live in the 54th, don't you? There's a vacant alderman seat.
The mayor has four days to fill it and I'm offering it to you.
I thought you offered that seat to Carlos Salazar.
Carlos showed me his true colors when he abandoned you for power.
Is that the kind of person you want representing your ward? And now you're asking me to do the same.
You showed me your true colors by standing up to the mayor.
What happens when Carlos finds out you broke your promise? Let me worry about Carlos Salazar.
This is crazy.
I'm not qualified.
Everything you've done has put you in this position.
Your work at the hospital, as a mother, your involvement in the church, and now this.
Everyone out there was listening to you, and they were listening to you because you're a part of their community.
You're a natural leader, Angela.
Look what you've done.
You have the Mayor of Chicago running scared.
You want to set an example for your boys? Do more than protest.
Take a seat at the table.
And in exchange? Clearly you're doing this to move the tents.
No strings.
Come tomorrow.
You're the only name I'm submitting to the mayor, whether you're camped across the street or not.
You lied to Carlos.
How do I know you're not doing the same to me? Carlos isn't family.
You are.
McDermott, Will, and Emery.
Hi, Keri Allen for Rebecca Adler, please.
One moment.
Hi, are you ready to put a ring on it? I was thinking two-carat, emerald-cut, but I don't wanna be too showy.
I think that we can arrange that.
Are you sure? Yeah, yeah.
I'm sure.
I'm so glad.
Why don't you take the next two weeks and get things wrapped up there I actually don't need two weeks.
I've already spoken to the mayor.
That is fantastic news, Keri.
We are so happy to have you.
Then how's Monday? Monday's great.
I will see you then.
Jeff I can explain [TENSE MUSIC.]
If this is about Nick being upstairs, I-I can explain that.
I got pinched.
What does that mean? I flew in to surprise you this morning and when I got back my friend from Justice and the FBI were waiting for me.
I'm so sorry.
You're sorry? I have been stuck in a room in the Federal building for the past ten goddamn hours, trying to convince the government that I had absolutely nothing to do with whatever it is you're messed up in, and you're sorry? [SNIFFS.]
The file you gave me came from your friend at Justice.
That means he's in as much trouble as you are.
He didn't give me that file, Jessica.
What? He didn't give it to me.
I took it.
Oh, my God You said I didn't have your back.
I never meant for you to be a part of this.
Well, I am.
And now I can't even walk into my own living room and know that it's safe to talk.
You think it's bugged? I don't Jess, I don't know.
But based on what they already know, I guarantee your phone and office are.
And probably the entire fifth floor at City Hall.
No, they need cause to tap my phones.
Don't you get it, Jess? You are under investigation.
They are watching every single thing that you do.
I don't wanna hear it.
I'm getting I'm getting hourly updates.
Everything's calm out there.
Have you talked to Sheriff Layne? I haven't talked to that asshole in two years, why? Well, there's a rumor going around that he's gonna take matters into his own hand first thing in the morning.
What the hell are you talking about? He doesn't have jurisdiction.
Legally he can send his men wherever he wants.
He's after my job, isn't he? Okay, look, I don't know if he's running or not, but if his guys go in there like some kind of military force I'll lose the black vote and I'll look weak.
I'll lose everyone.
Let my guys do it tonight.
Oh, God damn it.
Bobby, it is your best move.
And that way it looks like you are still calling the shots.
Look, don't do anything till after I make a statement.
I don't want it looking like an ambush.
You tell Derrick I need him.
What do they know? They didn't exactly walk me through their case notes.
Well, you spent ten hours with them.
You can tell by the questions they asked.
Why don't you tell me everything that you know and I'll confirm if they asked me about it? Excuse me? You said this has nothing to do with that plaintiff who was shot, right? So what is it about? [TENSE MUSIC.]
- I can't.
- Why not? Because you don't want to or because you think I flipped? Jeff Wanna see if I'm wearing a wire, Jessica? Go right ahead.
There's no marital privilege between us.
They can force you to testify against me.
Force me, but not you, right? You're the one who has something to lose.
You're a partner at a law firm.
For now.
All right, c'mon, what do you got? I got the whole press room waiting for me.
It's fine.
Your enthusiasm is overwhelming.
What do you want me to say? I want my press secretary to help me craft a statement.
Okay, for starters, who're you talking to? I'm talking to the people of Chicago.
Not the ones you're about to kick to the curb.
"While demonstrators have raised important issues, "the health and safety of those working in the downtown area must also be taken into consideration"? This is your way of assuring the white voters you're not a bleeding heart.
That's my way of telling the homeless - I heard what they want.
- Then give them hope.
You're not even mentioning an affordable housing project.
Yeah, because there isn't one.
For now, but the Council President's willing to push for one when the time is right.
I'm not promising something I can't deliver.
Then don't promise, but you're not even talking to them.
I'm trying to stop a riot from breaking out.
And I've got news for you.
Most of my voters don't give a shit about the homeless.
There it is.
You're always looking to straddle the fence.
- And what about you? - Me? Yeah.
Every day you come in here, you take a paycheck with one hand and you hold your nose with the other.
I'm trying to be loyal to you without falling off a moral cliff.
Well, don't.
Pick a side.
I just did.
God damn it.
I wish I could tell you.
My life would be so much easier if I could.
But I can't do that to you.
I guess I should thank the FBI for showing me what I should've seen all along.
I wanted this to work.
I know you don't believe me.
Oh, I believe you.
The sad thing is I really do believe you.
But now it's too late.
I'll, uh I'll destroy that file you gave me.
I owe you that much.
Look around, Jess.
Look at where we are.
Why are you doing this? Please, please don't give me that bullshit about atoning for your father and reaching out to your family.
The truth, please.
That's what you owe me.
I've only ever said this to one other person.
And it sounds a little crazy.
But life is this.
I like this.
Well, I'm good with life the way it is.
Take this.
Call my friend.
Cooperate, Jessica.
Wear a wire.
Do whatever they ask.
It's the last thing I'll ever ask of you.
I remember the first time I saw you speak in this room.
My dad said, "Don't date some alderman.
"You're used to the good life.
Those guys never really amount to anything.
" And then [LAUGHS.]
I snuck in the back and you were going on about the smoking ban, - do you remember that? - Mm-hmm.
I think at that point you already had the votes but you were so passionate, so principled.
I mean, my God, Bobby, you were 28 years old and you were standing up to Daley.
And I thought, "My family is wrong.
This guy, this guy's going places.
" Gold digger.
And I thought things would never change.
Should probably talk about how to play this.
I don't want a divorce, Bobby.
I just want the man that I saw that day.
- Steph - I don't wanna throw away everything that we have built together.
Not if you are willing to change.
I'm not sure that guy exists anymore.
Well, if he doesn't, then you should sign those papers.
Please clear out the public space.
We need all these tents removed from the plaza.
This is a direct order from the Chicago Police Department.
I repeat, please clear out the public space.
Not going anywhere! ALL: [CHANTING.]
Not going anywhere! I repeat, please clear out the public space.
Not going anywhere! Please.
I know you don't trust me, but the best thing to do is get on those buses.
Damn right we don't trust you.
ALL: Yeah! Yeah, well, you shouldn't.
You shouldn't trust me.
I'm a politician, right? We say whatever we want to get elected.
And when we're elected we say whatever we need to say to get re-elected.
I wouldn't trust me either.
But I want everyone in Chicago to hear me right now.
I want affordable public housing for every resident in need.
If that makes me too liberal hell, if that makes me a socialist, I don't care.
Every one of us could be where you are right now.
Every single one of us.
It's not enough to walk by and say, "There but for the grace of God.
" We have to do something.
So I am telling you, if I don't get a 21st Century Housing Project for every homeless person in Chicago through the City Council before next year's election, vote me out.
If I fail I don't deserve to be your mayor.
Damn right.
Vote me out.
That's the best I can do.
Now, please, go get on those buses.
You heard the man.
He's gonna give us what we want.
Now let's hold him to it.
C'mon, guys, let's go.
C'mon, let's pack up these tents and get out of here.
Go be with your friends.
You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
Thank you.
We need to meet, but it can't be here.
It's about Nick.
All right, let's bring her in.
Okay, let's head out.
Keri Allen? FBI.
We'd like to ask you a few questions.
- Ms.
Pearson? - [GASPS.]
Everything okay, ma'am? I'm fine, Oscar.
Thank you.
Home, Ms.
Pearson? I'm gonna walk tonight.
Calumet and 61st.
- Hello? - Is he with you? - I need to know.
- Look, I'm kind of in the He's supposed to meet me and he's not here.
He's not with me, I swear.
Have you spoken to him? Jessica, what's going on? Where are you? Stay on the line.
You're scaring me.
Where where are you? What's going on? Jessica.
Look out, lady! How much? He's here.
Where's Nick? Your brother's safe.
Is that why we're out here at midnight? So you can blackmail me again? We're here because Nick wants to confess to killing Tommy Diehl, and the FBI has both of us under surveillance.
Jesus Christ.
I take it that's a reaction to the surveillance, since you knew about Diehl.
Where is he? He's ready to turn himself in, Mr.
God damn it.
He he can't do that.
Why not? Because you're the one who killed him? Your brother is ready to go to prison for you.
I heard you.
Well, then do something about it.
What do you want me to say? For all I know, you could be working for the Feds right now.
You want your men to come and pat me down, see if I'm wearing a wire? We can go that way.
But you brought me in to fix your McGann problem and now that I know what it is, I say we get to work.
But let me be perfectly clear.
I fix this mess for you, I'm done being your errand girl.
Aaron! Aaron! Oy.