Penny Dreadful (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Grand Guignol

Previously on Penny Dreadful Father! Mina! No! We'll find her again.
At least you know she's alive.
Is that what you call it? Do what you have promised me.
You will make me an immortal mate.
My bride must be beautiful.
You're brooding, Mr.
It's Miss Croft.
She's not well.
Best you didn't kiss me anymore.
Keep a safe distance.
Hold her arms still! Miss Ives is manifesting a deep psychosexual responsiveness.
Something or someone has triggered it.
You don't know what it's like having this thing inside me.
An animal scratching to get out.
You're now in a very special place.
Find her.
You must.
We might never have this chance again.
Whatever game you think you're playing I've had enough! I know he doesn't want her to die, but I'm not quite sure why he wants her to live.
- She's like a daughter.
- No.
She's not.
That's the problem.
There cannot be a happy end For claw will slash and tooth will rend.
I know where Mina is.
"There cannot be a happy end, "for claw will slash and tooth will rend.
" And nothing more? There were images I'd seen before from the theater where I saw the play.
I believe Mina is trying to be found.
We know they flee when they're discovered, like a pack of rats seeking a new den.
Perhaps this time we'll be lucky.
And if we are? I left my son to suffer without me.
I'll not do the same to my daughter.
Meaning? If I can save her, I will.
If I cannot, I will end her suffering.
And will that bring you peace? Don't be naive.
It doesn't suit you.
I'll contact the others.
We'll go after the theater closes tonight.
There is a gentleman here to see you.
Show Mr.
Gray in.
Miss Ives.
Gray, hello.
Won't you sit down? I'm so glad to see you've recovered.
I stopped by, but they told me you were ill.
I'm quite myself.
Of course.
I went traveling, you know, since I couldn't see you.
Yes, um Italy at first.
Bought some manuscripts.
Welcome back.
Will you read my future? I don't know that you have one.
Everyone has a future.
Not everyone.
Some people only have a past.
Then read my past.
Then you would have no more mystery.
Let me take you to lunch, at least.
I'm engaged today.
Then dinner, better yet.
There's a new I'm sorry, it's impossible.
I would like to talk to you.
- If you'll excuse me - Miss Ives.
At 4:00 today I'll be waiting at Rothschild's Slipper.
- Please - Good morning, Mr.
Sembene can show you out.
We ought to just take him.
Not here.
Have patience, Mr.
Enjoy the hunt.
This winter never ends in this fucking country.
If you'll come this way, sir.
It's a prototype, acquired by something less than our usual standards of professional etiquette.
It has something new.
Automatic firing mechanism.
Highest velocity pistol shells in the world.
Stop an elephant.
I'll take it.
Sir Malcolm.
Wait a minute, Kali, is it not? From the seance? It's actually Evelyn Paul, from Brighton.
- Preferable.
- Yes.
But the clients do so enjoy the legerdemain.
Who doesn't? Are you interested in firearms? My late husband was.
I suppose I'm sentimental about the smell of gun oil.
And a woman alone in a city needs protection, doesn't she? I sense you're more than capable of looking after yourself, Mrs.
Oh, Evelyn, please.
You're planning another expedition, I read.
How long will you be gone? Matter of a year, perhaps two.
What a shame.
And us just getting reacquainted.
So how's your friend? Miss Ives? A friend of my daughter.
Couldn't rightly say.
I don't see much of her.
Who do you see much of? Tired old explorers like myself.
Well, I must run.
This has been a pleasure, Evelyn.
Not so memorable as our first encounter.
I wouldn't say that.
I hope we shall meet again.
I'm sure of it.
Good day.
Die, die, die.
Line, line, line.
Watch your marks here, darling.
And Which of us is bound for heaven or hell? Now comes the moment when we shall tell.
Oh, for Christ's sake.
The other line! Release the other line.
Get me down.
Just bring him down.
I'm not doing this again.
To hell with this.
Calm down.
What's the problem? Sorry, Vincent.
If he can't get the fucking pulls right Simon, stop it.
Look, would you get me out of this thing? Mr.
Gregor, please! I'm not going up until you get this sorted.
Now, he's a menace.
Sorry, Simon.
It won't happen again.
Don't come near me.
God, I can't bear the bloody sight of you.
And neither can anyone else, I might add.
When you get your monster to behave, we'll be back.
Maud, come.
Maud! I'm sorry, Vincent.
No, pet.
Show business.
All bitches.
I brought you an orange.
Thank you.
Everyone likes oranges, I reckon.
Thank you.
Reading again? Yes.
Thank you for the book.
Paradise Lost.
That was sweet.
Are you reading it? Well, it's awfully long.
You've read it? Yes.
There are There are lines that speak to me.
"O fleeting joys "Of Paradise, dear "Bought with lasting woes! "Did I request thee, Maker "Out of my clay "To mould me Man?" I'm sorry about Simon today.
He's a beast sometimes, but he doesn't really mean it.
Yes, he does.
He makes you happy? In a way.
I suppose we take the happiness we can.
Do you? I believe that lot is for others.
What a sad thing to say.
You don't have to hide your face from me.
I'll see you later, then.
May I speak with you? Yes.
You have not been honest with me.
What do you want, Vanessa? It's gone.
What? The photograph of Mina and Peter.
Yes, it is.
Why did you not want me on the ship? I was trying to protect you.
I don't believe you.
Believe what you like.
What haven't you told me? Nothing I would say would come as a surprise.
So you simply want the satisfaction of hearing me say it.
Very well.
I would sacrifice you to save my daughter.
I would choose her over you.
I might even hope I get the chance.
But until then, you are invaluable to me.
Your connection to Mina is my lifeline, so I must keep you alive.
I put the photograph in the drawer because I couldn't bear it.
It broke my heart.
Not a young girl's heart, Vanessa.
A man's heart.
You must handle your guilt on your own.
I'll not help you.
Neither of us is free from guilt.
Yes, but you want to be.
That's the difference between us.
Then you should put the picture back.
Let it break your heart.
What have you done to yourself? I, um I brought an orange.
You really shouldn't come in here.
Simon comes in here.
How do you know what Simon does? I I'm sorry Will you have the orange with me? Please get out.
Clean that nonsense off your face.
Please? Please? I'm sorry for this.
Ridiculous theatricals, are we not? Nothing to be done.
We are mortals all, extravagant in our weakness.
Given half a chance, I'd keep you and sack her, but the public demands the ingenue.
I am a slave to the public.
Thank you for your kindness, Vincent.
I've not known much of it.
Remember us better than we are.
Thank you for coming, Miss Ives.
May I call you Vanessa? Of course.
The bloom is fading.
Another 15 years, and it will flower again.
A lifetime.
An instant.
Will you walk with me? Do you feel I owe you an explanation? For what? My sudden flight from your house.
You owe me nothing but your company this afternoon.
Yes, that's your way.
The pleasant neutrality that risks nothing.
Then allow me to risk everything.
Gray, I am not the woman you think I am.
And with you, I am not the woman I want to be.
It's too dangerous.
I have no fear.
But I must.
Between us there's a rare connection, I won't deny it.
But that very intimacy released something unhealthy in me, something I cannot allow.
You will not be able to deny it.
I'm sorry, I will.
Poor Dorian.
You've never known this feeling before, have you? I don't know what I'm feeling.
It's rejection.
Goodbye, Mr.
Well, you can't stay here.
I've no intention to.
Then why did you come? Because I've nowhere else.
No, I have no one else.
Is that not the saddest of all, creator? I'm again cast on your barren shores.
My heart is not large enough to forgive you for the murder of Professor Van Helsing, nor for this monstrous thing you have demanded of me.
And a futile thing, too.
All futile.
What dreams I had of my mate.
Of another being, looking into these eyes, upon this face, and recoiling not.
But how could that happen? For the monster is not in my face, but in my soul.
I once thought that if I was like other men, I would be happy and loved.
The malignance has grown, you see, from the outside in.
And this shattered visage merely reflects the abomination that is my heart.
Oh, my creator, why Why did you not make me of steel and stone? Why did you allow me to feel? I would rather be the corpse I was than the man I am.
Go ahead.
Pull the trigger.
It would be a blessing.
Doctor? Stay here.
I need you.
I can give you a sedative.
It would ease things.
You're comfortable, then? My body? Yes.
And your spirit? My soul? If you like.
I hated that fucker God, you see? Cruel.
Cruel, he was.
But now Yes? I'm frightened.
You have nothing to fear.
You're stepping through a door.
That is all.
Aye, but to where? I've not been good.
Who waits for me on the other side of the door? It won't be long.
Could you go to the end of the corridor and fetch me a basin of fresh water? I'll be right back.
I believe in a place between heaven and hell, between the living and the dead.
A glorious place of everlasting rebirth, perhaps even salvation.
Do you believe in such a place? Now, there is a A price to pay for such a passage, as there is with all things.
I know that you'll pay it easily.
I'm sorry, Ethan.
It's over.
Her passing was a thing of grace, I promise you.
Spend your time with her.
And don't worry.
I'll take care of the body.
Beer, thanks.
And one for my friend.
This goddamn country, right? What I wouldn't give for an ice chip.
Or a cherry phosphate.
What if? You miss the cherry phosphates, Ethan? Name's Warren Roper.
Friend here is Mr.
No actual first name, so far as I know.
Of course, he was raised Chiricahua Apache before the Carlisle School Americanized him, made him the proper Christian gent you see before you.
What do you want? Your father's eager to see you.
Don't you miss your daddy? Federal marshals.
Heavens, no.
We're in the private sector, you might say.
We're employed by the Pinkerton Agency.
We've been charged to bring you back to the land of ice chips and cherry phosphates.
You left some tears behind you, son.
And a whole mess of blood.
Whole mess.
Show him, Mr.
You come along easily, now.
We'll smoke dime cigars and play canasta the whole passage back.
I'll even let you win.
Give us any vexation, and we'll drag you back like a monkey.
Your daddy says, "Come home," so home you come.
You can't run forever, Ethan.
I do miss the ice chips.
You won't be needing those, Mr.
Who did that? We have underestimated our prey, Mr.
You're a damned Apache.
Track him.
Thank you for coming, Mr.
Miss Ives.
I don't take tobacco.
Neither do I.
I was so very sorry to hear about Ms.
Thank you for your kindness when I was ill.
Was it kindness, I wonder.
Let's say it was.
You're here.
If Mina's inside, we shall seize our moment, but under no circumstances are you to approach her.
She is my responsibility.
Help! Vanessa.
Sweet Vanessa.
You've brought her to me.
You've done well.
No, Mr.
You have no role in this play.
Don't move, Ethan.
Mina, I can save you.
Why do you think I want to be saved? Look at me.
Somewhere inside, you know who you are.
Who you were meant to be.
I am who I was meant to be.
You'll understand when you join the Master.
When you all join him.
And now that he has his bride, he'll sire generations.
Don't do this.
It's already done.
I'm your daughter.
I already have a daughter.
You were right.
I was never going to go to Africa.
This room will seem empty without my gear.
We should get a Christmas tree, should we not? We can have the boys come over to decorate.
Good to see you again, pal.
You ought to just come along now.
The fun's over.
You think so? You're gonna make us chain you up like a monkey? Mmm.
Got us a monkey here? We got us a monkey here.
Monkey? No.
No monkey.
May I speak with you? Do you believe in the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ? Yes.
Do you believe our Lord forgives all? - Yes.
- Then we've made a good start, haven't we? What do you fear, girl? Those things of which I am capable.
Of which I have proven myself capable.
Are they really so monstrous? Do you believe a soul can be taken over by another? That you can lose yourself to something dark? I believe in the devil, if that's what you mean.
That's what I mean.
I believe in curses.
I believe in demons.
I believe in monsters.
Do you? I believe more in sicknesses that can be treated.
But when the treatments fail.
When science fails.
What is there then? You mean exorcism? You know, back in Wales, where I'm from, there was a boy who was ill.
The parish decided upon the right of exorcism.
They did not seek approval from Rome.
It was, uh, well, a community event, you might say.
And I was asked to assist.
To help that poor boy.
What happened? He died.
They all died.
Did he find God? No.
No one did.
Before we continue our conversation, my dear, there is one thing you must understand.
Even if it can be verified, this is a long, grueling and dangerous thing you ask.
It could take months, or years, or always, or never.
But before we say another word, you must look into your heart and you must answer me a question.
Just one.
If you have been touched by the demon, it's like being touched by the back hand of God.
Makes you sacred in a way, doesn't it? Makes you unique, with a kind of glory.
The glory of suffering, even.
Now, here's my question.
Do you really want to be normal?
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