Penny Dreadful (2014) s02e10 Episode Script

And They Were Enemies

Previously on Penny Dreadful: She's the one the master seeks above all.
What do you want of me? Sometimes you tie a lamb to lure a lion.
The Wolf of God.
Stand alongside the great winged Lucifer as he reconquers heaven's bloody throne.
My beloved immortal.
This sad, little world is ours.
Let's explore what Father's been building.
Animals are right in cages.
- You can't keep me here.
- But of course we can.
Ethan Talbot, you will not take one step from this house unobserved.
Cornered animals are the most dangerous.
But they are cornered nonetheless.
You're not real.
- You're not here.
- Sir Malcolm's in trouble.
I will not let him suffer alone.
What if Miss Ives should prove stronger than you think.
If I were of another constitution, I would fear you.
- She's gone.
- Oh, fuck's sake.
Get the others.
You have no idea what hell you are stepping into.
Welcome to my home, Miss Ives.
Sir Malcolm.
It's Dr.
Your children have returned.
I can't stop it.
I need to see Sir Malcolm immediately.
There's someone else you need to see first.
So, I'm to meet your master.
He's your master as well.
How many scattered corpses will you leave in your bloody wake before your life has run its course? A hundred? A thousand? A race? Or will it be all of mankind we devour? And you speak for the Fallen Angel? "The Fallen Angel.
" Much the most gentle appellation you could give me, beloved.
Beloved, is it? Don't deny what you know to be true, Amunet.
And all of this the witches, the attacks just to bring me here.
I've missed you, Vanessa.
No, you need me to agree.
You can't take my soul.
I have to give it.
You must give it freely and of your own accord.
I do not snatch tributes like a starving slave grasping for bones.
And for this carnival trickery he promises you eternal youth? Nay.
Can your vanity so blind you to his duplicity? He is the Father of Lies.
Who's the liar here? You claim to stand with the angel while your every action speaks otherwise.
What is your life but a catalog of depravity, betrayal, and now homicide? I will not compound my guilt by accepting your ministrations.
But you already have.
The moment you opened your mouth and spoke the Verbis Diablo.
The moment you stretched your midnight powers to take the life of another.
At that moment you took me in your arms and kissed me deep.
Kiss me now and end the pain.
My soul is mine, that part of God is mine! God has turned his back on you.
" "God.
" "Ministers of Grace.
" You've left them behind, you know you have.
- No.
- All of that is behind you.
But what lies ahead? Think of it.
All of time.
All of history.
Everlasting power to rule the darkness with he who loves you and will never reject you.
You have no power to tempt me.
I have faced eyes more cruel than yours, woman.
Then face mine.
Face yourself.
There is no more powerful inducement to me than this: Know yourself.
Like a lamb I was, Victor.
How could you let me be hurt? It was him.
What am I but an extension of you? All your sin emptied into me.
I'm your other half your truest self.
Don't blame the children for the father's cruelty.
We were born innocent.
You made us into monsters.
I don't know how you can live with it, Malcolm.
All those tombstones in a row.
Wife, daughter, son.
- Not me.
Not my doing.
- You know it was.
- Who walked away as I starved? - Who pulled the trigger that killed me? - Did you name a mountain after me? - Did you enjoy her body as I bled? Did we ask for this life? Or was it your pride? To conquer death is an ennobled calling.
I am a scientist.
A scientist.
And when you touched my naked body? Your fingertips running along my flesh.
This was abuse, not science.
I was your friend.
I never had another.
You walked away at the moment of my birth.
The past is dead.
I cannot remake what's done.
Come to the graveyard on the hill and tell me the past is dead.
Touch the tombstones.
We're still warm.
And so we walk with your sin dead and yet not fully alive.
Haunting the twilight, living between.
This is what you have made, Victor.
If I could go back it would be different.
Live my life again, I would do such other things.
Husband, life only leads forward.
There is no going back, Creator.
There is only this moment on, Father.
That's what you taught me.
Intrepidly moving forward no matter the obstacles.
You are a man who discovers new worlds always grasping for tomorrow.
So, will you do that now? How will you atone? What peace can there be without atonement? - How? - What would you have me do? You have the engines of the future all around you.
The needle.
The scalpel.
The noose.
The gun to the temple.
Take your razor and slit your throat.
Join your family.
A final tombstone on the hill.
The sip of poison from the amber bottle.
The single bullet under the chin.
There is no other peace for thee, Frankenstein.
Walk into the river let it bring you quiet.
Enjoy our company.
One of us again.
Come home, please.
End it.
You can't tempt me.
You can take my body but my soul is my own.
Not one thing you seek? Not one jewel you prize above all others? Yes, there is an old dream in you.
A deep longing.
- You know it.
- No.
Let me show you what I can give you.
To be free of pain.
To be loved, simply for who you are.
Is that not the engine of all human creatures? To be normal.
Mother, I don't understand why Charles is so awful to me.
We were drawing pictures and I made fun of her silly horse.
- It wasn't silly.
- Well, it looks like a hippopotamus.
- Doesn't it, Clare? - I'm sure it doesn't.
No, it really does.
Morning, Van.
Sorry, I got lost in the paper.
Don't kiss.
- We were drawing horses.
- And hippopotami.
- Charles.
- Horses, is it? Well, you know, I've seen a few of those in my day.
Tell you what.
Go get them, give me a look and I'll judge their authenticity.
Why are you looking at me like that? Nothing.
No reason.
I'm sorry, you're right.
Sundays are for family.
Speaking of which - Let's send the kids to the park.
- Ethan.
- Just for an hour.
- Stop it.
I thought you wanted a whole brood of kids? You know perfectly well that Mina and Jonathan are coming to tea.
Oh, not for hours and hours.
Daddy, does this look like a hippopotamus? Not at all.
Maybe it looks like a horse that's eaten a little too much.
I like fat horses.
Fat horses are too slow.
Not if you're on a long trail.
You want a little extra muscle then.
Take the pioneers, they had to ride clear across the country.
They couldn't stop that horse carriage to You're very cruel.
No, Vanessa.
This is kindness.
It's what you truly want, isn't it? One last, great experiment, Victor.
The greatest of all.
One last expedition into the unknown, Father.
Terra Incognito.
Magical words.
Piercing the tissue that separates life from death.
Your mission.
Your calling.
Be the man you are, Malcolm.
End the suffering.
No more guilt.
Join the poets.
The great explorers of the past.
Be with me.
Please, Father.
Join us, Father.
We need you.
There will never be peace for you otherwise.
Take my hand again.
Be at peace.
I will give you an eternity of peace with the man you love.
And at the moment of your death your family will gather around you and hold your hand.
- And then? - No more suffering.
No more anguished nights of terror.
Only the peace of being who you were meant to be.
At my side.
Cherished bride.
Your body will die, but your spirit will be everlasting.
Say yes.
And my friends? Released.
Left to live freely.
And my God? A better God at your side.
And me? You will be who you are.
End the torment, Vanessa.
Kiss me.
You offer me a normal life.
Why do you think I want that anymore? I know what I am.
Do you? Beloved.
Know your master.
Oh, no.
No! Never underestimate the power of a queen with lovely hair, my dear.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
Doctor? - The others are here, I don't know where.
- Vanessa? Yes.
Come on.
Chandler? He's safe.
Poole? Dead.
It's done.
My dear Mr.
Putney's prepared you some food.
Though she's a bit parsimonious when it comes to the vittles.
- Husband.
- You know it's true.
Heavy on the spices, light on the joint, as they say.
You haven't tried screaming yet.
I was not made to scream.
Some scream, some cause others to scream.
Oh, Lord preserve us from that face.
Yes, that's right.
Sharpened up the wardrobe, did I.
Twenty shillings this cost me.
Walked right into Harrods like I owned the place like a bleeding potentate.
"My good man," says I to himself "I'm in the mood for a fresh bit of apparel in which to bedeck myself.
Silk, if you please.
" What a feeling that was.
What do you want? I've a proposition I'd like you to consider.
We have a future ahead of us now, do the Putneys.
As ballyhoos go, my crime scenes were an ace success and my freak show will beggar that.
Queues stretching from here to Hackney we'll have once we get a few more of you in.
Why, right now I've a line on a limbless boy who sits in an apple crate and some malformed doxie we could claim as "sister to the late and lamented Mr.
Merrick, the Elephant Man.
" And? And you've a choice.
You can share in the success, or you can suffer.
Join us, Mr.
Join the great enterprise.
- That got his attention.
- Money has a way of doing that.
Look here, I don't think Harry Public enjoys seeing miserable freaks I think he likes to look at jolly freaks, doing the odd trick.
Odd trick.
You play along, we'll give you a share of the take.
Think how nice a few shillings will sound in your pocket.
Go on.
Now, we'll have to leave you caged to start, you understand? - Yes.
- Could get you a blanket.
Yeah, we could give you a blanket.
And a candle for the reading if you like.
More books.
A library.
And if you prove your fidelity to the great enterprise we'll speak about letting you out on occasion.
Until then? You do your job.
You let the punters take a good gander and you give them a proper fright.
A trick or two.
You welcome the new arrivals, tell them what's what.
Ease their transition into servitude.
A father to all the other freaks, if you will.
King of the Freaks.
Father, are you down here? Are you sleeping, Mr.
Clare? You're probably handsome in your dreams.
I'll bet you wish you could sleep every second.
No such luck, you grotesque animal.
Father? Mother? Father? You didn't have to accompany me.
It's good to have a friend on such a night.
I'll be fine.
I needed the friend, doctor.
I have not seen such things.
Or done such things.
And with such relish.
God help me.
You will have a mind to my particular secret, yes? I'm sorry? That tribe into which I was born.
Yes, of course.
- Good night, Mr.
- Good night.
Do take care of yourself.
And know that beneath these silken tresses I have a good ear for listening should you need one.
- Victor, how lovely to see you.
- Good evening, doctor.
Stop it.
Cousin, how you look.
Are you quite all right? - Would you like to sit down? - Spare me your gallantry.
Lily, you must come home.
I am home, darling.
Really, doctor.
Lily's not a girl for tenement garrets, now, is she? On the South Bank, no less.
- Now there's gallantry.
- Who'd you have in mind to shoot? Stop it! Please, come back, Lily.
I love you.
We can make it our home again, I promise.
Our bed in the storm you mean? You were too sweet, that night I took your awkward virginity.
All thumbs he was.
How trembling and terrified.
Stop it.
Like a grubby little boy cramming his hand into the sweet jar.
Please, Creator, you made me too well for that.
Oh, yes, I know.
Always have.
You are so sublimely malleable.
You'll have to do better than that, sport.
Shall we kill him? They're made for killing.
I've experienced so many sensations over the years but never one precisely like this.
Complete supremacy.
Cruelty even.
And him? Shall we murder him right now? Entirely up to you, darling.
He might still prove useful to us.
Let him live.
Let him live with what he has created a master race.
A race of immortals, meant to command.
Soon he will kneel to us.
They all will.
When our day has come you will know terror.
Until then, little man live with the knowledge of what you have spawned and suffer.
I'll bring him home to Africa.
From whence I should never have brought him.
Let him lie in his native earth.
You'll be all right? Of course.
Chandler will be here.
Don't worry about me.
Sembene was a proper man.
I've not known many.
You know what I am.
And here I stand.
Sir Malcolm is going to Africa.
This dreadful house will soon be empty.
We can lock the doors and walk away forever.
There's no walking away from what I am.
What we both are.
I have run from the darkness for so long only to find myself in a place darker still.
Walk with me.
You recall the night I came to your room? I was so frightened.
You were kind, and in the morning I was not so afraid.
Stay with me tonight.
And tomorrow? I promise you, we will be less afraid.
I need to think.
Forgive me.
I do.
Hold on there.
We tried to stop him, sir.
Leave us.
Go on now.
Shut the door.
I did it.
The Mariner's Inn.
All of them.
- You confess? - Yes.
Sit down, Mr.
May I ask one thing? You may ask anything.
I'll confess to the lot.
Just make it quick.
- The hanging, you mean? - Yes.
There's not going to be a hanging.
At least not here.
I've had these for weeks but I wanted the satisfaction of writing finis to this affair in my own way as I told you I would.
What is that? It's an extradition order.
You're going home, Ethan.
Miss Ives.
Why are you here? I needed a friend.
Won't you sit? Are you leaving? Yes.
For long? Forever.
Where will you go? Where I belong.
Away from mankind.
This dream I had, this This long dream of kinship with those unlike me it is gone.
When you have seen that of which you are capable when you have stood in blood long enough what is there left but to wade to a desolate shore away from all others? Yes.
And you? Where is your shore? There is no place far enough.
I have lost the immortal part of myself, you see.
No, I've thrown it away.
No matter how far you have walked from God he is still waiting ahead.
You don't believe in God.
But you do.
That dream is gone.
Come with me? Our desolate shore.
There is around me a shroud that brings only pain.
I won't allow you to suffer.
Not you.
I think you are the most human man I have ever known.
Dear Vanessa your many kindnesses I will always carry with me.
Such generosity has not been a part of my life and I thank you for your affection and understanding.
In my most frightened and lonely moments, you were there.
And such light you brought to me.
But I am made for the dark.
This we both know.
I am fit for only one place, and should have been there long ago deep in the cold clay on a forgotten hill.
Your road may be difficult but mine is doomed.
So, we walk alone.
Written with love Ethan.
So, we walk alone.

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