Penny Dreadful (2014) s03e03 Episode Script

Good and Evil Braided Be

1 VANESSA: Previously on Penny Dreadful You are aware, sir, of the extremity.
(GRUNTS) We butcher 'em.
I believe that's what I'm paying for.
LILY: And the men from your past who used you.
Will you forgive them? Would you have me forgive them? - (GROANING) - (GUNSHOT) ETHAN: I'm not the man you knew.
There's blood on my teeth.
Then you are the Apache I need.
I intend to bring Mr.
Talbot to the appropriate representatives of your government.
And how you gonna do that, Inspector? RUSK: The wolf is returning to his den.
Can we render the beast dormant? Show me what you can do.
Will you not greet our guest? I record my sessions for later review.
These are for my ears only.
If you believe the things I tell you, you'll never sleep quietly again.
Tell me.
(THE MASTER WHISPERS) She has told her story.
(WHIMPERING) Yes, Master.
THE MASTER: Kneel, child.
THE MASTER: You will be flesh of my flesh Blood of my blood.
You're safe.
(GRUNTS) The others? Not so safe.
(HORSE NEIGHING) ETHAN: They'll be after me.
I have to go.
HECATE: Where did you have in mind to go? You're not coming.
HECATE: Ethan Has my utility not been amply demonstrated? Has my allegiance not been proved? I followed you across an ocean and across a continent.
I will follow you to Hell.
I'll lead the way Wolf of God.
(HORSE NEIGHING) (BELL TOLLING) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) VANESSA: You sit there with your gramophone and your questions judging me, refusing to believe me when I say I know you! You have been my friend.
- My ancestor, you mean.
Joan Clayton.
You! You're exactly like her without the kindness.
- And the abortions.
- Stop it! Sit down, Vanessa.
Do you believe me? What are you asking me to believe? That I'm a reincarnation of your witch friend? That you are hunted by vampires? That you commune with Satan? Which part do you want me to believe? I believe all of it.
You believe I believe it.
There's no difference to me.
Sit down, Vanessa, please.
(CHUCKLES) Such a subject I am for you.
So full of neurosis.
No, Miss, so full of pain.
All of which is true.
You manifest it in any number of ways so you can make sense of it.
But it's inexplicable.
So the mind creates order around it.
Phantoms, villains, demons.
Those things we understand and can name.
But there is no name for it, Vanessa.
It is a dark root without a name, from which grows illness.
- And delusion? - Yes.
May I have a cigarette? Let go of me! - Miss Ives! Release my hand! - (SHUSHING) Through your skin to your bones crawling like the scorpion up, reaching.
You have a scar on the back of your neck.
Blood! There are tram cars outside the window.
A city! More blood! You were hurt by a man.
He would have killed you Had you not killed him first.
Such things have a name.
They are witches.
They are vampires.
They are Lucifer.
They are all those things which walk in your nightmares.
Shall we walk together? (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) (INAUDIBLE) (CARNIVAL MUSIC PLAYING) - (GASPS) - (HORSE NEIGHING) - New to the city, are you? - What? No.
(SALESMAN) I got on at Dumfries.
So you're from further north, I take it? Very.
You have family here? Yes.
(BELLS TOLLING IN THE DISTANCE) (PEOPLE GROANING AND SCREAMING) And you've no memory of it? Like a ghost walked through the room No more.
An apparition of memory, I have.
You were quite deranged.
And violent, they tell me.
Lean back, old man.
'Tis my teeth he fears.
And when your madness has returned, do you remember this state? Being sane? Not terribly.
And isn't that the pity of it? (SCREAMING MANIACALLY) (BABBLING) (CRYING) (WAILING) (DOOR LOCKS) Aye, there's the tragedy of it.
The serum only lasts a matter of hours.
And then they revert.
- The beast will out.
- And which is true? Which is the real man, the beast or the angel? - We are both.
- Are we? - "Good and evil, braided be.
" - (SCOFFS) Oh, no.
Not at all.
Or at least we can't seem to be that way.
So complicated, I mean.
In the end, we must be that thing the world demands of us.
We must take the lust and the avarice and the ambition and bury them.
All the alien, ugly things! All the things we really are! The other one! The other man! - We cannot allow him! - (GLASS SHATTERING) (BREATHING HEAVILY) (SIGHS) Steel yourself for the work ahead, Henry.
If you cannot endure the nightmare, you should not lie down for the sleep.
I can endure it! I have endured it my whole life! Good, for I think I can help.
With what? The regression.
I believe I can increase the duration of the change, perhaps even render it permanent.
I have been working on this for years now.
Believe me, there's no way to No.
You couldn't do it.
But I can.
You were always myopic when it came to your discipline.
We need not live on the fulcrum.
We can be angel or beast fully.
I can make that happen.
How? Electricity has unlocked her secrets to me.
By combining your work with mine we'll create a choir of angels.
One in particular.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I almost feel sorry for them.
So predictable in their fascinations.
All men are utter slaves to their desires.
Even Dorian? Dorian is an exceptional creature.
He's a man.
But unlike all others.
I've never known a man who didn't want to fuck me or beat me.
Can you say different? Well, I knew one.
A time ago, this was.
An American, in fact.
He was different.
What happened to him? It's more what happened to me.
(CHUCKLES) Eventful has my life been.
One day, perhaps.
Tell me.
I am yours.
Tell me.
SUFFRAGETTE LEADER: Join us! Join us, sisters! Votes for women.
Rise up! Ladies and sisters, rise up! Rise up! POLICEMAN: I'm asking you to disperse.
SUFFRAGETTE LEADER: Rise up for equality! - Votes for women! - (WHISTLE BLOWING) (CLAMORING) SUFFRAGETTE LEADER: We have the right, sir! - Get away! - (WHISTLE BLOWING) (WOMEN SCREAMING) They think as you do, the suffragettes.
Our enemies are the same but they seek equality.
And we? Mastery.
And they're all so awfully clamorous.
All this marching around in public and waving placards.
That's not it.
How do you accomplish anything in this life? By craft.
By stealth.
By poison.
By the throat quietly slit in the dead of the night.
By the careful and silent accumulation of power.
And when you have that power? Well, what do you do when you've assembled an army? You go to war.
(CHUCKLES) Don't you think it's time you told me? Told you what? You could have tracked Ethan here yourself.
Why'd you cross half the world to find me? Because Ethan trusts you with his life.
Does he not trust you? Why? Why? A woman, like a demon.
Branded and deeply scarred.
Speaking in tongues.
This means something to you.
She's a witch.
A servant of the devil.
KAETENAY: She's with Ethan now.
We must find him.
We must slaughter anyone who stands in our way.
If we cannot save our son, a terrible end awaits us.
All of us.
The beast will feed.
The darkness will overcome the Earth.
And all our days will come to an end.
Only Ethan can save us.
He has been chosen.
(WHISPERING) How do you know this? I have seen it.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) This car is for whites.
Indians and niggers go back.
Get your filthy ass up and out.
This gentleman's with me.
"Gentleman"? Indians travel with the livestock.
That's the goddamn law here, friend.
Before you speak another word I ask you to consider this How valuable is your life? (SCOFFS) Do you hold it dear? Does your wife value your company? Do you favor growing old to one day teach your ugly inbred children your grotesque manners? Lay hands on him that'll be your end.
(GRUNTS SOFTLY) (HORSE NEIGHING) That desert is three days across.
That is, if our horses survive.
- They die, we die.
- That won't happen.
Let me tell you something about life out here.
There is no mercy, anywhere.
Look around none.
Not in the land and not in me.
I hate every square inch of it and I hate you only slightly less.
Yet you know I'm here for a reason.
You can't fathom it quite, but you know it's true.
My father My Apache father taught me to believe in things beyond what we think we understand.
And you are surely one of them.
Then we best acquire our horses.
(SNORTING) (SHUSHING) - (GUN COCKS) - Hold it! Step back now.
Sir, I'm so sorry.
Allow me to explain.
(GUN COCKS) You don't have to explain a goddamn thing.
This isn't what it appears.
We're not thieves.
Tell him to step away from the horses.
You'll note my accent.
You see, I'm from England.
I've always wanted to see an actual Western ranch.
- Thus we found ourselves - WOMAN: Robert? - No! - (GROANS) (WOMAN GRUNTS) (WOMAN SCREAMS) (CHOKING) (BREATHING HEAVILY) What's done is done.
Because I murder with will and not like a blind animal, you think me a monster.
How many corpses have you left in your wake, Ethan? When there are bodies stretched from here to the horizon, and you can walk across them without touching the ground, then you can weep.
(SIGHS) (FLIES BUZZING) (MAN COUGHING) What do you see? (OSTOW) Neck broken, pretty clean.
The rest of them shredded and cannibalized.
- This one neatly killed.
- Suggesting? He had help.
Perhaps Mr.
Talbot isn't alone.
What aren't you telling me? I don't know what you mean, Marshal.
You chase this son of a bitch from London to here in the middle of the Devil's asshole because it's your duty? Precisely.
I think there's more to Mr.
Talbot than meets the eye.
Do you believe in the occult, Marshal? No.
You should start.
I couldn't find one for love or money, a cab, that is.
And then we had the trickiest situation with an Arctic bear.
Not an Arctic bear! - I'm afraid so.
- (BOTH LAUGH) Thank you for meeting me.
May I ask something? Can you tell me who lives upstairs? The first floor, right above this room.
No one lives there.
Who lived there previously, then? I wasn't here.
Always been empty since I come.
Could I see it? MAN: Yours for three shillings a week.
A month in advance.
No meals.
Is there anyone who might know who lived here before? Where they are now, I mean.
How would I know? Well, perhaps they left a forwarding address Look, friend, are you interested in taking the bloody flat or not? (BREATHING HEAVILY) I'm interested in finding the people who lived here.
VANESSA: And you often come to Limehouse? DR.
Never been here before, but Well, I'm in mind to try new things these days.
Adventuring with Captain Nemo? Not battling sea creatures or sinking frigates, exactly, but still New horizons.
I had a wife, you see.
She passed away just over a year ago.
- I'm so sorry.
- Thank you.
So, I'm just finding my feet again.
You understand? I do.
I want you to know When I saw you at the lecture, I thought of her.
And what she'd want for me.
I hear her voice in the house, still.
She had a very soft voice like a little bell.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
So this is life again.
I've barely seen it for the past year especially in such abundance.
I've been somewhat the same.
Healing, in a way.
Trying new things, dipping a toe into what this world offers.
And how do you find it? Promising.
Had a bit of a cough before.
Just finished my reading and lettering.
MARJORIE: Oh, you're a good boy.
Tell me about your reading, won't you? JACK: Alan Breck and David continue their escape across the heather.
Had a terrific row, though, and are at odds.
I thought they were going to fight, even, with their swords.
- I doubt that.
- (BOTH LAUGH) (SIGHS) A glimpse of things to come perhaps? VANESSA: Do you want to know the future? No, not really.
Where's the fun in that? That's more the thing.
What do you say? I'm not overly fond of mirrors.
That's absurd, you're so beautiful.
Look at this one.
(EXCLAIMS) Oh, shall we go back here? VANESSA: I don't like seeing myself.
SWEET: Come on.
(LAUGHING) (MUSIC FADING) (GASPS) (MUSIC RESUMES PLAYING) (MUSIC TURNS OMINOUS) (GASPING) Lady, lady, pudding and pie, what do I spy with my little eye? Cakes and ale and all tasty treats.
After we've had our juicy red meats.
(INHALING DEEPLY) Where is your master? Soon, my lady, my lady, my pudding and pie you'll meet him again.
Again? Old friends, you and he.
Bosom companions, like.
Don't you remember, my lady? In the white room.
Just you and he and that other.
His teeth were at your throat.
(SNIFFING) When was this? When was this? Long ago.
In the white room where there was no time.
No day and no night.
Surely you remember, my lady, my lady? (GASPING) There's a woman inside.
Dead? Mmm.
He scavenged the house for supplies.
Took the horses.
He's not a killer.
Not like this, I mean.
- His throat was cut.
- And the woman? Worse.
The Ethan Chandler I know is not a cold-blooded murderer.
We are losing him, Malcolm.
He is halfway damned already.
We should bury them.
Let the coyotes eat.
We go into the desert now.
We do not stop until we find him.
And when we find him? We save him if we can.
If we cannot we kill the evil he has become.
(SIGHING) (HORSE NEIGHING) Once we go into the desert, we don't stop.
We rest the horses some at night, that's it.
And then? My father.
A homecoming, is it? I so look forward to meeting your father.
All right, enough.
Why are you here? I want to liberate your truest self The beast that prowls around your heart.
And when you are truly yourself, and we are painted with blood, I want to rule the darkness at your side.
What if I don't want anyone at my side? You know you do.
Only not that melancholy Miss Ives.
Don't you speak her name.
- (GUNSHOTS) - (GASPS) (URGING HORSE FORWARD) (HORSE NEIGHING) Hold your fire! Hold your fire! MAN: Hold your fire! (OSTOW) He's with a woman.
The plot thickens.
I would prefer to take him alive.
Then you should get a fucking gun and help us.
Scotland Yard inspectors do not carry firearms.
Oh, you'll do great here in the West.
Come on! After them! Get about it! (INDISTINCT YELLING) (EXHALES) DR.
SWEET: Vanessa, please tell me.
What happened in there? It's like you saw a ghost.
Tell me what happened.
Sweet I'm so sorry.
I've enjoyed every moment we've spent together.
More than I thought I could.
(INHALES DEEPLY) But it's impossible.
You're looking at a man who faces the impossible every day.
Monkeys that walk upright like men.
Whales with tusks as long as sabers.
If there's one thing I know, it's that nothing's impossible.
It's too dangerous.
Take it as a sign of something (WHIMPERS) like love.
(SIGHS) (MAN GRUNTS) (CHOKING) (COINS JINGLING) DORIAN: In the Dark Ages in certain parts of Europe novitiate nuns were asked to pledge themselves to God in blood.
They would cut off their own breasts and make them an offering to the Almighty Much as soldiers in ancient Rome would have to prove themselves by killing an enemy.
You were not a Legionnaire unless painted with blood.
(SHUDDERING BREATH) We're all tested in one way or another, are we not? (BREATHING HEAVILY) You recognize this man? He bought me when I was 12.
Then? He used me as his pet whore for a time.
Like a monkey on a chain.
When I got older, he grew tired of me and whored me out.
Set me up on a platform and let them fuck me 10 at a time.
Gave me to the sailors and the Chinks and the Lascars, finally.
And then charged us £20 to see you tortured and killed.
That's £20 total, mind you.
£10 each.
That is your worth.
(PROPRIETOR WHIMPERING) Know what you do, Justine.
Such a thing is a pledge.
It can never be drawn back.
You can never be innocent again.
God will turn His back.
LILY: Mankind will shun you.
SWEET: You approached her.
I did nothing.
SWEET: You spoke to her.
She is mine! (SCREAMS) When the time is right, my flesh.
When she is abject.
When she is helpless.
When she begs for me.
Then! We will have her.
(GRUNTING) (SCREAMING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (JACK WHEEZING) (SIGHS) (CHURCH BELLS RINGING) To build an empire, you start with a single soldier.
Or a religion, with a single worshipper.
And which are we? You're our first, Justine.
There will be more.
You shall help us find them and bring them to our great enterprise.
An army we'll build.
Whores and fallen women.
The disgraced and the powerless.
The shunned and hated.
All those invisible women who move unseen through this great city.
Our soldiers.
And then? Power.
No man's pet.
DORIAN: Revolution.
Liberty is a bitch who must be bedded on a mattress of corpses.
(FLY BUZZING) (SWALLOWS) I know what I'm asking.
I don't think you do.
Hypnotism is a very new therapeutic tool.
It can be effective, but it can also be extremely traumatic.
Can I be more traumatized? You absurd woman.
Vanessa, hold on.
Why do you think he was talking about the Banning Clinic? The white room with no day or night can only be one place.
The cell I was kept in.
According to the records, Dr.
Banning attempted to treat you with hydrotherapy and psychotropic drugs.
He tortured me.
He also performed brain surgery.
You were trephined.
This has to be the room where I met the Master in the past! Help me.
Uncovered memories are sometimes suppressed for a reason.
The mind protects itself from what it doesn't want to know, the castle pulling up the drawbridge.
We would be lowering the bridge.
The emotions can be very raw, I'm warning you.
You're willing to give yourself over to this, - no matter what may come - Now.
It's not like the music hall acts.
Not everyone can be hypnotized and you still have full free will.
I can't make you do anything nor will you behave in any way outside your character.
You must allow it.
I can only facilitate your journey.
It's like going to sleep for a while, nothing else.
Will I remember? Like you remember a dream, mostly.
Now, shut your eyes and listen to the gramophone.
Do you hear the stylus cutting into the wax? Yes.
Concentrate on that sound and nothing else.
(GENTLE WHIRRING) Listen to it.
Do you remember your room at the Banning Clinic? - Yes.
- Tell me about it.
It was small and padded.
What was in it? Move your eyes around the room.
There's a small bed and chamber pot.
A plain chair in the corner.
No windows.
There are gaslights covered with mesh.
There's a metal door.
SEWARD: Let your eyes move over the door.
What do you see? It's clean metal.
There are rounded rivets along the edge.
There's a patina to the door a bit green, even.
Are you alone? VANESSA: Always.
No one comes in? The intendants to take me for treatment and an orderly with the food.
- (DOOR UNLOCKING) - (GASPS) I've brought your food, Miss Ives.

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