Penny Dreadful (2014) s03e05 Episode Script

This World Is Our Hell

1 SIR MALCOLM: Previously on Penny Dreadful OSTOW: You chase this son of a bitch from London to here in the middle of the Devil's asshole because it's your duty? RUSK: I think there's more to Mr.
Talbot than meets the eye.
JEKYLL: There's the tragedy of it.
The serum only lasts a matter of hours - (SCREAMS) - and then they revert.
I believe I can increase the duration of the change, perhaps even render it permanent.
We'll create a choir of angels.
One in particular.
If we cannot save our son, the darkness will overcome the Earth.
And all our days will come to an end.
- (WOMAN SCREAMING) - (SQUELCHES) ETHAN: Once we go into the desert, we don't stop.
- And then? - My father.
A homecoming, is it? Why are you here? I want to liberate your truest self The beast that prowls around your heart.
I want to rule the darkness at your side.
(HORSES APPROACHING) (BIRDS TWITTERING) HECATE: How long until we reach your father's ranch? ETHAN: A couple of days' hard travel yet.
There's a riverbed in that canyon.
We let the horses drink.
We rest a few hours, that's it.
(HORSE NEIGHING IN THE DISTANCE) ETHAN: Looks like the marshals haven't given up.
(HORSES NEIGHING) MAN: Go! How many men? Twelve.
Maybe more.
Pursuing Ethan.
We shall be upon them by nightfall.
Our horses won't survive the pace.
I intend to acquire new horses.
You mean to murder every last one of them.
Those men stand between us and that demon that seeks to corrupt Ethan's soul.
To save my son, I would slaughter an entire army.
And I would gladly give up my own life.
Would he do the same for you? Ethan will kill me the first chance he gets.
(HORSE WHINNIES) (PANTING) There used to be a river here.
(SIGHS) Is there another source of water? Not for days.
What'd happened between you and your father? (CONTINUES PANTING) Why risk your life to face him now? Why does he send man after man to hunt you down? He wants me to answer for what I've done.
Was your sin that grave? Yes.
Such guilt you carry.
This shame, it hangs around your neck.
The only decent thing about me is the shame I feel.
Oh, spoken like a true servant of God.
This God, that would anoint you Lupus Dei That would make you a glorious monster, and have you hate yourself for being so monstrous.
He tortures you with guilt, and in return offers you what? Forgiveness.
Do you feel forgiven? There is only one way to free yourself of guilt.
Embrace your sins.
(WATER DRIPPING) (FLICKS SWITCH) Hey, is that necessary? I assure you, I mean you no harm.
It's not for our safety, old boy.
It's for yours.
What is this? What are you doing? Dr.
Jekyll's serum has proven remarkably effective at curing your mania, and incipient aggression.
(MACHINES POWER UP) Unfortunately its efficacy is but a few hours.
Really, Henry.
Relying on the sluggish bloodstream to deliver an impure compound? (FLICKING SWITCHES) Little wonder your patient suffered vestigial memories of the trauma you inflicted.
I've developed a superior method to purify the serum prolong its effectiveness.
(BALFOUR) How long? Permanently.
- You will be cured.
- (SNIFFS) We'll see, won't we, old sport? What's the method? I'm going to inject an electrified dosage into the prefrontal cortex of your brain.
All right.
Open your mouth.
(SCREAMS) (MUFFLED SOBS) That'll be all, Doctor, thank you.
Not of this treatment, nor of your crimes, nor of your sins, nor of your time in this horrid place.
(SOBBING) (WHISPERS) Every moment that has benighted your life and set you on your dark course I will take from you.
(WHIMPERING) You will re-enter this world an innocent lamb.
(SOBBING) - After all - (SNIFFLES) it is our memories which make us monsters (WHIRRS) is it not? (MUFFLED SCREAMING) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) (RUSK EXHALES) How'd you lose your arm? In battle.
My regiment was in pursuit of a Boer assassin.
Tracked him across half the Transvaal.
Finally, we thought we had him cornered but Well it was an ambush.
Only four of us survived.
And then? I cauterized the wound left my surviving companions behind and continued to track the assassin.
And before long, I caught up with him.
And I dragged him to Cape Town in chains.
And then I reported to the infirmary.
(ETHAN SIGHS) HECATE: I'll admit I'm envious of their fire.
A bit cavalier, though, don't you think? Out there in the open, taunting their prey.
There's no need to hide when you've got the numbers.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Ah, but do they? (HORSE WHINNIES) (SHUSHING) He's dying of thirst.
We will, too.
What is it? I just didn't take you for a lover of animals.
(BRAYING) I adore all the honest creatures of this world.
It's humans I hate.
Where'd you learn to ride? Equestrian competitions, mostly.
Should we find ourselves in a steeplechase, I shall acquit myself bravely.
And you? (INHALES DEEPLY) My father.
I suspect we're not so different, you and I.
Is that right? I didn't choose the master I serve.
My mother enlisted me.
She watched as Lucifer raked his claws across my body.
You think you know pain? I was five years old.
It's something, isn't it? To be betrayed by the person who's supposed to protect you? My father enlisted me in the army.
Wanted to make a man of me.
But I could've refused.
I could've deserted.
Well, why didn't you? I wanted to make him proud.
My commanding officer was a senator's son.
Cruel son of a bitch.
One day, we came across an Apache band who was camped near that river.
We attacked them at dawn while they were still sleeping, mostly.
The first one I killed she's just standing there.
I keep waiting for her to run.
I raise my gun and I pull the trigger.
And then I move on to the next.
And the next.
After it's all over, I go to the river to try and wash the blood off my hands.
(SCOFFS) My commanding officer drags the body of this boy he's killed.
The boy's face has been bashed in with a rock.
He says, "He wasn't worth the bullet.
" Then he dumps the body in the river to poison the water.
Looks at me and smiles.
"They'll give us medals for this, Ethan.
" I walked up to him and I shot him in the head.
Then I mount up, ride into the last Apache stronghold and beg them to take my scalp.
Ethan came to me, wanting to die.
He wanted to atone for his sins For the slaughter of my family.
But I thought it was crueler to make him live.
So I forced him to fight the same army he had served.
This much he owed for what he had done to my people.
But Ethan took to it.
He fought like a man desperate to redeem himself, or to die.
When Ethan first came to me, there were 39 of us left.
Thirty-nine free Apaches in all the world.
And the army sent 5, 000 soldiers to hunt us down.
For every 10 soldiers we killed, 100 took their place.
We were hunted things.
We found no sleep at night and no peace at dawn.
And so my tribe died, man by man.
And as we died, we turned cruel Did monstrous things.
HECATE: Whatever you did in the army Whatever the Indians made you do Know this God watched it all unfold and laughed.
This is the world he's made.
We can create a world of our own, Ethan.
And at your command, I can call forth the creatures of the night.
An army just beneath the surface of the sand.
Shall I summon them to strike down our enemies? Shall we unleash demons, thee and me? Yes.
You get their horses.
I'll take care of anyone in our way.
And kill them all.
(MAN COUGHS) Give me your hand.
Your blood has the power, not mine.
(MEN SCREAMING IN THE DISTANCE) Such music my master makes.
(HISSING) (SIGHS DEEPLY) Twenty-four hours, not the slightest sign of regression.
Nor of consciousness.
You've rendered the old boy catatonic.
A bit excessive with the voltage, wouldn't you say? You sound like one of our old dons at Cambridge.
"I find your methods questionable, Victor.
" God, how they disapproved of your work.
- And yours.
- No, Victor.
They cast me out.
Not quite the same.
If memory serves, they cast you out after you assaulted a member of the faculty.
You weren't there.
You did not hear what he said to me.
Ah! There's that rage.
You really must keep that in check, doctor.
No one will take you seriously.
Not even after you've inherited your father's title.
You think we're the same.
Fellow outcasts.
But if you could undergo this treatment if you could have every horrific moment struck from your memory every time your work was denigrated and you were treated like filth.
If for one moment you could feel like a lamb, and not like a beast wouldn't you do it? No.
And that, my true friend, is the difference between you and me.
I wonder, if this works It will work.
If it does will you go through with it? Will you be able to bring your Lily to this place? To insert the needle into her eye, and the horsebit into her mouth? Will you have the fortitude to see this through? (SIGHS) When Lily was as I created her I was, for a few days of my life, truly happy.
It was perfect.
She was perfect.
(GASPS LOUDLY) (GASPS) What? (PANTING) FRANKENSTEIN: Ocular activity remains normal.
Breathe, Mr.
Skin discoloration, no sign of eczema.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) Who are you people? Do you not recognize us? (PANTING) No.
Where am I? Royal Bedlam Hospital.
You're a patient here.
Why? FRANKENSTEIN: You threatened to assassinate the Queen.
That's not possible.
I would never.
I I love Her Majesty.
And I I would never harm anyone.
I can't even imagine wanting to.
You must believe me.
Oh, I do, Mr.
I most certainly do.
You still hoping to take Ethan Talbot alive? Ethan Talbot is a scourge upon the earth.
Whatever code I have followed I hereby disavow.
If given the chance, I will shoot him in the back.
And butcher all his kind.
Story goes coyote opened a bag of darkness, and it spread across the Earth.
The world was filled with creatures of the night.
Mankind was diseased, and devoured in the darkness.
But then a boy was born.
When he grew up, he faced the creatures of the night and defeated them.
And he won back the day.
The boy's name was Apache.
All Chiricahua are named after him.
(INHALES SHARPLY) This is the story of how the world was made.
Or a prophecy of how it ends.
(KAETENAY GROANS) Is there anything I can do? If I die, I die.
(GRUNTS) If I do not survive this night, something you need to know.
After my people were murdered or banished to the reservation after my son abandoned me I came to this land.
My land.
I wanted only to die.
I was not allowed to.
I received a vision.
This vision What did you see? I saw a world cast into darkness.
Streets were abandoned.
(RATS SQUEAKING) I saw animals of the night.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) Darkness will soon be upon us, Malcolm.
If we lose Ethan to evil, the night will never end.
And if it is a prophecy, what role do you play? Are you the savior? The warrior that ends the night? Or are you the wolf that loves it? We camped inside this cave for weeks.
By then, I was one of the tribe.
I had an Apache father who taught me the ways.
The army had hunted us to extinction.
But I knew where we could find food and guns.
Your father's ranch.
Heavily guarded, of course.
But I knew where the guards would be.
We could take what we needed and steal away.
Not a shot would be fired.
That is what my Apache father promised me.
(INHALES SHARPLY) I annihilated a tribe.
- I betrayed my family.
- Yes.
I slaughtered women and children, and murdered my friend, and I will send my father to hell, and laugh while I do it.
I'm done trying to be good.
(BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY) And when you end your father's life whisper these words "Lucifer, I am your animal.
" And you will never feel guilt again.
(SIGHS AND SNIFFLES) (HECATE GRUNTS) (PANTING) (HUFFS) (ETHAN PANTING) (PANTING) (HORSE NEIGHS IN THE DISTANCE) What the fuck are you doing here? (CHUCKLES) You never know where I'll turn up.
Take what's left.
Finish it.
Is she still alive? Uh-huh, barely.
(CLICKS) Pull the trigger and it'll be the last thing you do.
You shouldn't have come here, Malcolm.
The prodigal son has returned.
Your daddy will be real happy to see you.
(GUNS COCKING) (ETHAN GRUNTS) What do you want to do with this one? Up to you, Ethan.
Let him die slow.
He ain't worth the bullet.
SIR MALCOLM: You can't leave him here.
Ethan! Let him burn.
I'm so happy you're home.
It is Sir Malcolm Murray, is it not? I pay those Pinkerton boys an awful mess of money.
I'd hate to think I've been misinformed.
I'm Malcolm Murray.
Jared Talbot.
You are very welcome in my home.
Thank you for the change of clothes.
It's like looking in a mirror.
Here, this is from a distillery in Tennessee.
Fella by the name of William LaRue Weller.
You see, Billy, he puts wheat in the mash instead of rye.
Everyone called him a madman for doing it.
Now he makes millions, he's a mogul.
So it goes for all of us.
To building a better tomorrow.
I'll send you home with a case.
You'll never touch that Scottish nonsense again.
The woman who arrived here with your son Yes, it's been nice to have a lady in the house again.
It's been some time.
I'd like to see her.
Would you now? It's a matter of some urgency.
She's resting.
- Your son then? - Resting.
Talbot I think I'll lead the conversation, if that's all right.
For instance, I'd like to know why my son's been living in your mansion for the past year.
My daughter went missing.
I enlisted your son's services in an effort to find her.
- His services? - As a hired gun.
And did you find your daughter? My daughter died.
I was unable to save her.
Then you have my heartfelt sympathy.
That is a pain no father should know.
May the Lord have mercy on their souls.
This is by Audubon.
Some folks think he only did birds, but no such thing.
He did the bloodthirsty beasts as well.
It fits here.
This is a bloodthirsty land.
When I first came to this place, it was infested with those red-handed devils, the Apache.
More animal than human Not human at all, in truth.
I blazed my way through the darkness.
Through iron will and violent force, and the glory of God are empires born.
(SCOFFS) There are mountains named after me.
And at what cost? Your home's empty.
Your son hates you.
Your vainglorious pursuits have led to nothing but bloodshed and heartache.
But you're right, the whiskey is very fine.
Now what do you want from me? I want to know why you were riding with that Apache filth.
I was riding alongside a man.
Tell me, Malcolm.
When you were in Africa, how many of these "men" did you slaughter? It is like looking in a mirror.
- We are not the same.
- You're right I still have one child to save.
"Bring the fattened calf and kill it.
" "For this son of mine was lost and now is found.
" Ethan will live out his days on this land.
And you will help me in this.
And if I am unable to assist you? What would you do to someone who came between you and your child? (DOOR CLOSES) (GROANS SOFTLY) (SOFTLY) You're okay? Thanks to you.
You saved my life.
You'd have done the same for me.
And shall.
Again and again.
You know what needs to be done.
You don't have to remind me.
This reckoning is a long time coming.
I intend to enjoy it.
(DOOR OPENS) (JARED SIGHS) Rance, you can leave us now.
Sir Oh, hell.
My baby boy's not gonna hurt me.
I don't blame you for hating me.
I have given you cause.
But try as I have, I can't forgive you, either.
We're not here to make amends.
Why, then? To save your soul.
You slaughter a train full of innocent people, and you talk of redemption? Oh, not for me.
(CHUCKLES) I'll writhe in the fires of hell.
But see you say that word, "innocent.
" I don't know what it means.
My son was on that train.
There were people in the way.
Were they innocent? And when I look you in the eye and ask you if your sister Your precious little sister was she innocent? And I read the guilt upon your face, for which you must atone.
I've no intention of repenting.
That's because you weren't there to witness what happened.
Where were you, Ethan, when your Apaches attacked? I was in your stable, stealing your horses.
Rest assured I've kept everything exactly as they left it.
Time you see what it is you did, son.
We were having supper when they attacked Your Apache friends.
(CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) Your brother, Paul, was leading us in the Grace.
You remember your older brother, Paul who shielded you from my lash? He was whispering the Lord's Prayer when they struck.
Ten of my men (SNAPS FINGERS) wiped out in an instant.
(SCOFFS) It was as if they knew exactly where the men would be stationed.
Your brother, Paul, like the good shepherd, guided your mother and your sister into the chapel.
While me and the few men I had left went after our store of ammunition.
But that, too, had been ransacked.
Somehow they knew exactly where to look.
They were supposed to take the weapons.
That's all.
In the end, we barricaded ourselves here.
Your mother knelt here.
She held your precious little sister's hand.
She prayed to God for mercy.
Your mother.
She prayed as they broke down the doors, as they shot through my men, as they pinned me to the ground, turned my face and made me watch.
As they thrust their lances through your brother Paul's body again and again until he was unrecognizable.
A bloodied lump of flesh.
Your mother watched this happen.
Her first-born son.
She tried to shield your sister.
Held the precious girl so tight that it took three of them to pull them apart.
They scalped your mother as I watched.
At least she didn't live to see what happened next.
They forced me to my knees.
Pinned my arms behind my back.
Held my eyes open, stood little Mary in front of me.
She begged me to save her, to help her.
And then, he forced her mouth open with his hand.
Pressed his blade into her tongue.
Her mouth filled with blood.
I prayed to God to let her die, but she did not.
She suffered as the saints were made to suffer.
Then, he cut out her eyes.
So that she would wander, blind and mute, in this place of death.
That's what he said your Apache.
You brought the devil to my door, son.
And you gave him the key.
Now, you must get down on your knees and beg the mercy of our Lord.
You will weep for what you have done.
You will repent.
Or I will send you to hell myself.
I'm done repenting.
And I belong in hell.
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