Penny Dreadful (2014) s03e08 Episode Script

Perpetual Night

1 VANESSA: Previously on Penny Dreadful CATRIONA: In his human form, Dracula can be killed like anyone else.
You're very confident we'll defeat him.
Hmm, not "we.
" You.
KAETENAY: I am with your friends.
We are coming to you.
You must hurry.
He is very close.
- What did you see? - She's in danger.
What are you doing here? You're working late.
You're awfully pale.
Are you sick? I'll be right as rain soon, right as rain, yes, I will.
Ever so charming, aren't you? - All charm and nothing but.
- DORIAN: You think you know sin? You're still learning the language.
- I wrote the bloody book.
- (SNICKERS) You want to play with me, kitten? Then show me your claws.
You betrayed me.
You gave me to him! Calm down.
You're still coming out of the anesthesia.
(SCREAMS) We're going to make you into a proper woman.
I will never serve you.
I don't want you to serve me, Vanessa, I want to serve you.
I will love you till time has lost all meaning.
Do you accept me? I accept myself.
(GROANS SOFTLY) VANESSA: "And then all light will end and the world will live in darkness.
The very air will be pestilence to mankind.
And our brethren, the Night Creatures, will emerge and feed.
Such is our power, such is our kingdom, such is my kiss.
" (COUGHING) (VANESSA'S RECORDED VOICE) And I know my destiny, whatever it might be, is somehow intertwined with Ethan's.
Of course, it's so hard to judge another's intentions.
But I would say Ethan Chandler is perhaps the only truly moral man I've ever known.
What do you think you're doing? VANESSA: He wouldn't say so himself, but there is a righteousness to him.
- Mr.
Renfield! - Hush, please.
(CROAKS) VANESSA: He has always sought to protect me.
(CROAKS) Not really a doctor, though.
Could not save a life.
Does not deal in blood.
Get out.
I really must listen.
Her old love returns.
The Master wants me to know everything she said of him.
Who exactly is your master? He has many names.
Dracula? What does he want with Miss Ives? Answer me, Mr.
What does he want with her? The Master does not want! She is already his.
His bride, his beloved.
They sup on the flesh and the blood, and the blood, and the blood.
Where is she? Not for your ears.
Unless I may keep them.
(CROAKING) (FROG CROAKING) (GASPS) Oh! I think we can consider this my resignation, Doctor.
(SQUELCHING) (FROG CROAKING) They keep coming up the drains.
Gifts from the Master.
All the Night Creatures coming out to play.
- Where is she? - She is with him.
She is home.
Oh! (CHUCKLES) Your hands give you away, almost, Doctor.
Shaking like that, shivering all over.
You're not a killer.
You should have listened to more of the recordings.
Where is everybody? Ain't nobody.
The bloody fog, mate.
- We require a carriage.
- DOCKER: Ain't none.
You'd be better off getting back on that ship and going back where you've come from.
City's like a graveyard now.
(RUSTLING) (SQUEAKING) (SQUEAKING CONTINUES) Vanessa? SIR MALCOLM: Vanessa? Vanessa? She's not here.
Something is.
Oh, Vanessa, thank God.
(SNARLS) (GRUNTING) (GROANS) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) (GUNSHOTS) (SNARLING) (GUN CLICKS) (GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) Sir Malcolm! (GROANS) (SCREAMS) (GROANS) (BOTH GRUNTING) (EXHALES) Who the hell are you? I believe I'm the woman who just saved your life.
KAETENAY: Ethan! (PANTING) I need a gun.
The wound's from a bite, Ethan.
You know what that means.
Give him the gun.
Hold on.
Men always so dramatic.
I have to cauterize the wound.
(SIGHS) What have you got to lose? Don't try to stay conscious.
(SCREAMING) (POKER CLANKING) - Who are you? - Catriona Hartdegen.
Miss, if you go in for titles.
We really ought to fetch a doctor.
Though soliciting a house call won't be easy.
I know a doctor.
Wait! Uh, whoever you are.
Ethan Chandler.
You'll need a mask, something to filter the air.
I can handle a fog.
That is not fog.
That's what we thought at first, an especially dense fog mixing with the chlorine gasses from the factories.
And then people started to die.
First by the dozens, then by the hundreds.
Last week 7, 000 people died in London.
It is not a fog, Mr.
Chandler, it is a plague.
I'll take my chances.
He needs a doctor, and I need to find Miss Ives.
We all need to find Miss Ives.
If I'm correct, she is the only one who can stop all this.
And what is "all of this?" The End of Days.
Keep him safe.
(CHAIN RATTLES) Won't you dance with me, Dorian? Another time, darling.
I'm afraid I've some housekeeping to tend to.
You'll let me know how you get on here, Doctor? Yes, yes.
One last kiss, darling? For old times' sake? (SCOFFS) (GATE CREAKS OPEN AND CLOSES) Our grand endeavor is almost complete.
And then we've a whole hospital to cure.
But I suspect you'll want some time first.
A honeymoon period.
What a fine little assistant you've found yourself, Victor.
I am not his assistant.
I gather your search had to span continents to find someone as cruel and as savage as you.
Miss Lily, we are not cruel, we are not savage.
We are healers.
- In a dungeon? - This is a hospital! Then may I have a moment alone with my doctor? Victor, please.
You should not be alone with her.
Leave us.
I shall make my rounds then.
Take your time.
(GATE CREAKS OPEN AND CLOSES) May I have some water? Will you make me beg for the barest scraps of dignity? Please.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) (CHAIN RATTLING) - (SHATTERS) - (SCREAMS) (BREATHES SHAKILY) (CHAIN RATTLING) Bless, O Father, for Thy gifts you give to us in Thy service for Christ's sake.
Thank you.
- Amen.
- Amen.
I've been thinking, perhaps we might return to our old home.
I spoke to the landlord and it's available, should we want it.
It's awfully far to go from the factory.
You're not going back to the factory.
There'll be jobs for me after the toll this fog has wrought.
At the docks.
In the graveyards.
And, um, after we've moved, we'll spend every Sunday in Kensington Gardens, like we used to.
You remember that, Jack? I remember that.
(CHUCKLES) The next fine day we'll go.
We'll lie in the long grass, eating pears.
Take a dip in the lido.
I don't know how to swim.
I'll teach you.
It's easy.
(COUGHING) It's this foul air.
Maybe we could even go away, you know? Escape the pestilence of the city.
Go to the coast, or even north.
Visit the Highlands, like your friends in Kidnapped.
Would you help me to bed? Of course.
(GRUNTS SOFTLY) Might you read to me too? Always.
Will we go to the Highlands when I'm well? (CHUCKLES) Yes.
To the park when the weather is kinder? We shall go everywhere, thee and me.
You may keep the gowns, the trinkets.
Sell them, treasure them as forget-me-nots.
Take whatever you please, but leave this place now.
Where is Lily? (SCOFFS SOFTLY) Where is she? Gone.
She's Frankenstein's now.
- His obedient little bride.
- (GLASS THUDS) I gave her to him.
It's not possible.
The miracles of the Modern Age.
For all her fire and all her furious power, your valiant leader was snuffed out by a few drops of liquid.
No man could defeat her.
While I still allow it.
In my time I have seen a thousand Lilys.
Beating their breasts.
Burning too bright and too wild.
I understand she dazzled you, but she's gone now.
Trust me when I tell you that you are lucky.
You have glimpsed liberty, and that is more than most ever know.
Go back to your short little life, or build a new one.
I don't care in the slightest.
I can't go back.
I can't live that way again.
You will be surprised at what one can live with.
I won't go back.
The choice isn't yours to make, child.
But it is.
I would rather die here on my feet than live a lifetime on my knees.
Do you mean that? As you wish.
Frankenstein? (POUNDING ON DOOR) - Victor! - What are you doing, sir? Out in this night, this dire night.
Do you know where he is? - Who, sir? - The doctor who lives here.
Called away, he was.
But I can take you to him.
Won't you follow me, sir? (FIRE CRACKLING) (EXHALES) Back in the land of the living.
(GRUNTS) For the pain.
I imagine it smarts, rather.
Who are you? Catriona Hartdegen.
- I'm the one who - Burned me.
Saved you, some might argue.
I really should look at that dressing now.
- Will you sit? - Where's Vanessa? I don't know.
I'm looking for her too.
- Why? - That's rather a long story.
Then tell it.
I will if you sit.
(SIGHS) Why is it men always resist doing what's best for them if they think it makes them look weak? Especially when the advice is advocated by a member of the opposite sex.
I suppose we're just proud.
Well, I'm all for pride, but there are limits.
- I've never known them.
- Then you'll learn.
Are you going to teach me? You could do worse.
Though I've a firm hand, Sir M.
Why are you in my house? Sit! Please.
Miss Ives approached me looking for information on a creature that she believed was hunting her.
A vampire.
Why did she come to you? I'm rather an expert.
In vampires? In death.
Some sort of undertaker? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Do I look like an undertaker? No, you look like I really couldn't say.
Let's say I look like a friend then.
- Mmm.
- (KNOCKING ON DOOR) (LATCH CLANKS) I'm looking for Vanessa Ives.
- Who are you? - A friend.
You must be Sir Malcolm Murray.
You, I don't know.
Where is she? How do you know Miss Ives? I'm not at liberty to discuss my relationship with her.
Then I urge you to find that liberty.
She's not here? Alas, no.
She needs our help, more than you can know.
If you want to save her, come with me now.
Where? Among the demons.
Bringing you to this place.
If it had been possible anywhere else You are going to execute me.
What does the location matter? You're not going to die.
I shall be unmade.
Become a non-person.
I would rather die who I am than live as your demure little wife.
You and I will be happy.
You deluded man.
Even if you keep me locked in the attic, render me with the mind of an obliging child, I will always see that dark little space that so yearns to be a soul.
I gave you life! I made you perfect in every way.
And here you are, a murderer, a savage beast.
You were a miracle.
I was an offering! A whore, resurrected to be given to your Creature.
- To spare your life.
- (THUNDER RUMBLING) But even that great demon has proved to be more human than you.
(THUNDER RUMBLING LOUDLY) (SIGHS) (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) Do you not see the cruelty of what you are doing, Victor? You created life so let it live.
Monstrous, I may be, in your eyes.
A savage beast, you say, then so be it! I am the sum part of one woman's days.
No more, no less.
That woman has known pain and outrage so terrible that it's made her into this misshapen thing that you so loathe, but let her be who she is! I can take away the pain.
(SCOFFS) (VOICE BREAKING) You don't know.
(CHAIN RATTLES) You don't know.
(CHAIN RATTLES) (BREATHES SHAKILY) There are some wounds that can never heal.
There are scars that make us who we are.
But without them, we don't exist.
I had you see, a daughter.
Love is too small a word for what I felt for my little girl.
(INHALES SHAKILY) All words fail.
Holding her was like feeling the sun from both sides.
(SIGHS) We lived in this room, in Spitalfields.
A hovel.
I still had to whore or there'd be no food.
I'd lay her by the fire, pile the coal up high.
It broke my heart to go.
One night it was so cold even the whores weren't out.
(CHUCKLES) Can you imagine? She was crying when I left.
(SOBS) They weren't cries of teething.
They were cries of loneliness.
I cannot forget them.
I found a john.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) This rough bastard, just crushing me against the bricks.
But I didn't care.
I wanted it over.
When he was done, he didn't want to pay.
He struck me.
(CHUCKLES) And I'd been hit before.
But him, he knew how to aim.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) I felt this sting across my temple.
I saw the world fall on its side.
I can see myself lying there in the street.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) Too weak to get up, not weak enough to die.
(SOBS) Why didn't I just get up? That was all I had to do.
Just get up! Get fucking up! (SIGHS) (LILY SIGHS) (SNIFFLES) (SIGHS) It was light when I woke.
(SNIFFLING) It had snowed.
The whole world was white.
I ran home.
The fire was (BREATHES DEEPLY) The coal was dust.
(GASPS) She was cold when I lifted her.
(SOBS) Cold as ice.
(LILY SOBBING) She died alone.
(INHALES) Her name was Sarah.
(SOBS) Please, don't take her from me.
(SOBBING) Please.
(EXHALES) (GASPS) (SOBBING) (CHAINS RATTLING) It is too easy being monsters.
Let us try to be human.
(GASPS) (GATE CREAKS OPEN AND CLOSES) (THUNDER RUMBLING) The Night Creatures have been eating.
A sight it would have been.
Don't you think, sir? (FAINT WHISPERING) (INDISTINCT VOICES) BOY 1: Ethan.
(CHANTING) London bridge is falling down (CHILD LAUGHING) BOY 2: Ethan.
(CHANTING) London bridge is falling down (VOICES FADE) The creatures of the night.
What music they make.
Do you like it, Mr.
Chandler? You are at one with the night, are you not? - Where is she? - She is happy.
If you truly love her, that ought to be enough for you.
Tell me where she is or I'll put a bullet through you.
(CHOKING) You do love her.
I can see it in you.
That, sir, is your tragedy, not hers.
(CHOKING) (COUGHS) As long as I have life in me, she will never be your prisoner.
SWEET: How little you think of her.
She is no one's captive.
I am simply the man who stands gratefully at her side.
- I will save her.
- She is saved.
While you were in America wrestling with your demons, she freed herself of hers.
She has made her choice.
Leave her in peace.
I understand very little of the forces of my life.
Those things that have shaped me, and cursed me.
But I know that my destiny is joined with hers.
I will not stop.
I suppose I can't blame you.
I would feel the same.
After all, without her, what do we have left, Ethan? (GRUNTS) His name is Renfield.
He was my secretary.
He said that Vanessa was with the Master.
This is the creature she called Dracula.
I've got to get him to tell us where she is.
And how do you intend to discover this information? I intend to reach into his mind and rip it out.
Is he restrained? - Yes, Doctor.
He was biting, so I - Yes, yes, I know.
Unlock it.
(KEYS RATTLING) Good evening, Doctor.
You've brought friends.
(CHUCKLES) Shall they be my friends as well? Turn around, Mr.
Are you going to beat me, sir? - Would you like me to? - Oh, very droll.
But I've had more than enough of that for one day, thank you kindly.
Now, you you're more my thing.
Oh, you have no idea.
Shall we play, you and I? - I like games.
- And if I win? You won't, little man.
(SOFTLY) Don't I scare you? (METAL CLANKS) I whistle away haunts like you before breakfast, love.
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