Pennyworth (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Julie Christie

1 Oh! My card.
Pennyworth Security.
HARWOOD: My name is Lord Harwood.
We need men like you.
ESME: I don't know anything.
Please don't hurt me.
Who is the leader of the Raven Society? I'm the leader.
[SCREAMS] SYKES: It is you, isn't it? Lord Harwood.
What's going on? I know him.
He's me old boss.
Oh, aye? - So you want to call a truce? - We do.
That man tortured me.
He destroyed my life.
H-He has to die.
CURZON: Do you really think Esme died by accident? Who hates you so much that your death isn't enough? What do you see? My God.
He has been waiting all this time to write me back.
"A little too late, my friend.
I'm glad you know the truth.
" THOMAS: Why is a nice American society girl like you mixed up with the No-Name League? I could ask the same of you.
THOMAS: This is my sister Patricia.
Could I leave her with you for a few hours? PATRICIA: Do you like parties, Martha? Who the hell is this guy? PATRICIA: Alistair is a Satanist.
Oh, I love her already.
[GROWLING] ["PLAY WITH FIRE" BY THE ROLLING STONES PLAYING] Well, you've got your diamonds And you've got your pretty clothes And the chauffeur drives your car You let everybody know But don't play with me 'Cause you're playing with fire So, don't you play with me 'Cause you're playing with fire.
- THOMAS: Thank God! - [GASPS] Where have you been? What the hell? Where's Patricia? What where are your clothes? [BREATHING HEAVILY] Jesus, are you okay? What the hell happened to you? I'm fine.
Calm down.
What are you doing in my apartment? Calm down? I thought you were dead.
I've been worried sick.
We went out to a party, and I guess things got a little wild.
Got a little wild? You are naked! Where is Patricia? Patricia is a lunatic, but she's a grown woman.
I'm not her nanny, and you're not her father, and anyway, what was I supposed to do? I'm sure Patricia's just sleeping it off someplace.
Oh, unbelievable.
The irresponsibility! Please.
Like you never got drunk and lost track of time.
You have been gone for three days! Three days? What are you talking about? - Today's Saturday.
- Martha, it's Monday.
- No.
- Monday! What the fuck? What the hell happened to you? Where is Patricia? [BIRDS CAWING] Anything? - Nothing.
- Daveboy? Nope, nothing, Alfie, sorry.
[SIGHS] There's got to be something.
Tell us where he's hiding.
[GRUNTS] Alfie? What is it? The bastard wore it like a medal.
I don't understand.
All you done was make a joke.
It was just a joke.
Laugh's on me, eh? The witch was right.
It's my fault Esme's dead.
And now he's playing with me.
He's the cat.
And I'm the mouse.
BAZZA: Alfie? Look around you.
The man's crazy.
There's no reason in crazy.
[DOOR OPENS] I don't even know his first name.
I just clean his house.
That's all.
Mondays and Thursdays.
You're not a very good cleaner.
Curzon is very particular.
Uh, he only has me clean his quarters.
I'm not to touch the rest of the house.
What sort of a man is he? Oh, like any other man, I suppose.
Well, does he have a job, friends, family? I do Mondays and Thursdays.
Have you any idea where he's gone? What did he do? Did he ever talk of an Alfred Pennyworth? Like I said, we don't speak much.
He's up at the crack, puts on his uniform, and off he goes.
Uniform? He's still commissioned? Not according to the Records Office, he's not.
So where the fuck is he going all dolled up? SYKES: Please let me come.
You know it's not down to me.
I wouldn't leave you on your own.
It's Lord Snooty's decree.
Be fair, Peg.
You know it makes sense.
She's a liability.
A liability? [EXHALES] All I mean to say is that someone might recognize you, my dove, that's all.
I know what liability means.
Off you go.
Don't mind me.
We won't be long, will we? No.
Sorry, Bet.
Come now.
Wish us luck.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Good morning.
We're here to see Dr.
Surgery hours are between 12:00 and 6:00.
Nobody's poorly, love.
It's a social call.
There's nobody listed.
It's a surprise visit.
If you're not on the list you're not on the list.
She'll want to see us.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Good morning, madam.
How can I help? If you've come to sell something, the answer is: no, thank you, good day.
PEGGY: Alone, are we? Now that's an impertinent question.
Why do you ask? We've a situation wanting discretion.
Loose lips sink ships and all that.
I'm listening.
- So you're alone, then? - Yes, I am.
Explain yourself, madam.
My God, James! Hello, Frances.
I thought you were dead! We all thought you were dead.
Well, I rather thought so, too, but, um well, here I am.
MARTHA: This is the place.
THOMAS: You sure? [EXHALES] I mean, it looks different in daylight, but yeah, I'm pretty sure.
- This is the place, I think.
- You think? Would you please stop repeating everything I say in a loud voice? I can't believe I trusted you.
What a mess.
It's all I need right now.
Then go.
I can handle this.
Three days, Martha.
A three-day blackout? Forgive me if I doubt your ability to handle this.
I can and I will.
You have no conception of the trouble you've caused.
Every time Patricia pulls this sort of crap, it ends up in the papers, and the Wayne family name - gets dragged through the mud.
- You self-important boob.
I woke up naked on Hampstead Heath.
I have no idea what happened to me.
Your sister is missing and you're worried about your name? Oh hello.
Welcome back, Martha.
Who's your friend? [CLEARS THROAT] Pardon the intrusion.
This young lady says that my sister might be here.
Patricia Wayne.
We've always got so many guests.
Where's Crowley? I want to speak to him.
Have a drink.
Wet your whistle.
I'm sure we have anything you'd like.
No, thank you.
As I was saying, my sister? Where's Crowley? Hold your horses, Martha.
He'll be along.
Call me Miss Kane, whoever the hell you are.
Who are you? Oh.
I'm sorry, I I thought you'd remember me.
Such fun we had.
If I don't see Crowley and Patricia Wayne down here right this minute, I'm calling the police.
[CHUCKLING]: Oh, no, no, no.
No, don't do that.
- No police.
- No.
We don't want the police here, either.
We just want my sister.
Miss Kane.
How lovely to see you again.
And in such illustrious company.
The famous Thomas Wayne.
Your sister speaks very highly of you.
I doubt that.
Crowley, is it? - Where is my sister? - I'm so sorry you've been worried about her.
Patricia's fine.
She's upstairs.
Safe and sound.
Well good.
Bring her here, please.
Of course.
My angel, fetch Patricia, would you? Thank you.
If she is indeed okay, you have my apologies for coming in - hot, so to speak.
- Apology, my ass.
I'm missing three days of my life thanks to whatever it is you slipped into my drink.
Three days? Dear me.
I can assure you, Martha, I slipped nothing into your drink.
Perhaps the police can find out.
Martha, I'm sorry you didn't have a good time.
I haven't the foggiest notion what happened to you.
I'm afraid I wasn't paying attention.
It was a good party.
And I rather took you for an adult.
As for the police, call them, by all means.
The chief inspector is a dear friend.
He'll tell you I'm a good egg.
A good egg? Martha.
Let's not make a federal case of this.
If Patricia is okay, there's no need to involve the police.
I'll be the judge of that.
Where's the crime here? Sin we have in joyful abundance, but crime no.
There was a man with a goat's head.
There was blood.
I remember that much.
Dear me.
You did have a wild old time.
A goat's head forsooth.
- Martha, I - Don't "Martha" me.
- Oh, my goodness.
- [CHUCKLES] Are you, are you okay? You are so cute.
You mean, was I ravished by the devil? Violated by Beelzebub? Okay.
Get your things.
We're leaving.
Leaving? Oh, no, I'm not leaving.
I'm finally home.
Don't be ridiculous.
This isn't your home.
And this man I don't know who this man is, but he's not respectable and you're not staying here.
Patricia is an adult.
If she wishes to stay, what kind of host would I be to let her be taken against her will? Patricia I would like to speak with you alone.
Don't want to.
CROWLEY: Go along and be nice, Patricia.
Talk to him.
He's family.
Do you have Mrs.
Bung, the brewer's wife? [LAUGHS] GAUNT: We were rather lost without your leadership.
[CHUCKLES] You are a species of a miracle.
I am, aren't I? A battered somewhat grotesque miracle.
My gosh.
What horrors you have suffered.
We must get you out of the country and beyond our enemies' reach.
The Germans would be glad to offer refuge.
Oh, heavens no.
I can't leave England.
The crisis is coming.
The game's afoot.
Well, I defer to your judgment of course, but I-I rather think the peace that we've cobbled together [CHUCKLES] will hold.
I hope so.
Peace - above all things.
- Absolutely.
But Undine Thwaite is no fool.
She'll break the truce as soon as she's consolidated power.
You think so? Mrs.
Thwaite seems sincere in her desire for peace.
You had her husband killed in front of her.
Bold and ruthless move, by the way.
But I expect she'd be rather vengeful.
Whatever she may say.
I did not kill Julian Thwaite.
[CHUCKLES] Everyone, ev-everyone thinks I did, but I didn't.
This murderous sort of political intrigue is beyond my ken.
Now, tell me your plans, I am at your disposal.
My plan is simple.
A glorious triumph.
A national awakening.
I will destroy my enemies and lead this country back to greatness.
Touch ambitious, maybe.
How are you going to do that, exactly? I mean, if you reveal yourself, the government will arrest you and they will not make the mistake - of letting you live this time.
- Yes.
For now I shall remain in hiding.
We will let the Raven Society grand council know that I'm alive and well, but no one else must know.
And then when the time is right, I shall reveal myself publicly.
To maximum effect.
I see.
You seem doubtful.
No, no, no, no, no.
Sounds like a plan.
THOMAS: What is going on here, Patricia? I'm happier than I've ever been, Tommy.
Look at me.
- [SIGHS] - Well I have to admit, you do look good.
I feel like a new woman.
Probably some kind of drug, I imagine.
No drugs.
Well, some.
But they're incidental.
[SNIFFS] Love.
That's the thing, that's what I've found here.
Love and honesty.
Oh, please.
You should hear yourself.
How can you be so gullible? Can't you see that he's a bad hat? This whole place reeks of darkness.
There is no light without darkness.
All we are is darkness.
We are simply shadows - cast by the divine flame.
- Oh, mendacious drivel.
You are Patricia Wayne.
And you have a family who loves you and you have responsibilities that you must honor.
Last time you saw me, you asked why I was so unhappy and I got upset because I didn't know.
I was dead inside and I didn't know why.
Now I know.
I can see.
For the first time in my life, I'm alive and Aleister showed me the way.
He is a he is a jumped-up pimp, Patricia.
Satanism? Devil worship? Oh, come on, it's bullshit.
You're embarrassing yourself and the family.
- Hmm.
- [EXHALES] Now we're getting to it.
You don't give a fuck about me.
You're just worried about the family name.
So what if I am? It is a name worth protecting.
You mean it's a share price worth protecting.
Yes, it's a goddamn share price worth protecting.
Yes, it is.
Tommy, you're my brother and I love you, so I'm gonna tell you the truth.
[SIGHS] You're a callous, coldhearted, small-minded, priggish, moneygrubbing, loveless, fucked-in-the-head loser.
Well I am sorry you feel that way.
For the first time in my life, I'm happy, I'm fucking happy.
Why do you care why? Why can't you just be glad that I am happy? If you are happy then I'm glad for you, of course I am.
If I could believe you.
Believe me.
Hands to hold someone [DOOR OPENS] Oh.
I didn't hear you come in, love.
- When you feel - [SNIFFLES] Nobody wants to Are you hungry? How about some nice liver and onions? No, Mum.
Already ate.
I'll just make some eggs, then.
To hold a brand-new baby [EXHALES] Hands to guide them on Went to India for that tea, did you? You need hands To thank the Lord For living, ooh Bicarbonate of soda.
What? Bicarbonate of soda.
Oh, get out of there.
[SIGHING] Second shelf, by the flour.
Excuse me, son.
[WATER RUNNING] All right, then.
First you make a paste.
A touch of warm water.
Need hands To show the world [FIZZING] And you need hands When you have I once polished the Hepworth diamond for Lady Fortinbrass.
I think I can manage that little thing.
[CHUCKLES LIGHTLY] Ever so gently, wrap the paste around the stone and the setting like this.
Yeah? Give it a little bath.
All right.
And a clean cloth.
Lint-free, mind.
It's a nice one you've chosen.
[BLOWS SHARPLY] Great color.
She'd have made a wonderful daughter-in-law.
[KETTLE WHISTLING] [EXHALES] I'll take my tea in the living room, love.
When you're done picking the leaves.
Right you are, Your Majesty.
The intensity of your contempt is impressive, Martha, but quite unwarranted.
Whatever happened to you happened because you wanted it to happen.
The only compulsion in our religion is desire.
You can spout all the cod theology you like.
You're nothing but a pathetic little con man.
[CHUCKLES] Sticks and stones, Martha.
I've been vilified by popes and kings.
But here I am still.
Well, Thomas Wayne is no pope.
The Wayne family are billionaires.
Do you think they got that way by sermonizing? They've crushed nations.
What are you to them? A flea.
The deadliest of creatures.
Keep talking.
You'll see.
Crowley, I'm warning you.
If any harm should come to my sister, you'll pay dearly.
- Let's go.
- Go? You're leaving her here? She's an adult.
She must do as she likes.
You can't just leave her here.
- This man - I know what he is, goddamn it.
CROWLEY: But please you mustn't leave so soon, and in such a bad temper.
You can at least stay for something to eat.
- We have so much to talk about.
- Good day to you, sir.
Patricia if you change your mind, call me.
Thank you, Tommy.
You can't leave your sister there.
- I just did.
- She's in danger.
She's been in danger her whole life.
That's where she wants to be.
Crowley will tire of Patricia, or Patricia will tire of him, and he'll call me and ask for money, and I'll pay him off.
That's how these things work, okay? How can you be so cold? - Practice and discipline.
- Jesus, you're an asshole! Before you worry about my sister, take a look at yourself.
I thought you were a sensible woman.
But you obviously have some serious personal issues to confront.
- Mayfair, please.
- DRIVER: Right away, sir.
- Where do you think you're going? - Quick half.
- Take the edge off.
- Officers only.
- I am an officer.
- [CHUCKLES] And I'm Queen Victoria.
Well, keep smiling, Your Majesty.
Fuck off.
Fair play.
If I could have your attention, please, gentlemen.
Private Alfred Pennyworth.
Special Air Service.
Now, excuse me for disrupting you, but I'm looking for one of your officers and hoping you might be able to help me.
Captain John Fitz-Smytth Curzon, Third Battalion, retired.
Captain Curzon, someone must know where he is.
[PEOPLE MURMURING] I'm all for loyalty to old comrades and all that, all right, but this bloke has dishonored your regiment, all right? - You owe him nothing.
Fuck off - Come along, boyo.
- Oh, you're in for a kicking.
- Fuck off.
MALCOLM: Belay that, Sergeant.
Let him have his say.
Carry on, young man.
Thank you, sir.
I'll try to be brief.
Now, your man Curzon killed my fiancée.
Her name was Esme Winikus.
Never hurt a fly.
Now he done her to get back at me for making a joke at his expense.
His men laughed at him and he never forgave me.
So he beat her and strangled her to death.
This man's put a black mark against the good name of your regiment.
Now I'm asking you, as honorable men, please help me.
Captain John Fitz-Smytth Curzon.
Third Battalion.
I'm asking for your help as human fucking beings.
Now if you can't do what's right, then I won't answer for what happens when I find the bastard.
You're a loon, you are.
Yeah, and you're a fucking slave, mate.
A slave to a mob of chinless wankers.
Walk away, son, - just walk away.
- Or what? Why don't you take a swing, see what you get? - I said walk away.
- Come ahead, try me.
- I warned you.
- MALCOLM: Steady on, Sergeant.
That'll do.
I'll deal with him.
Yes, sir.
A slave to wankers! You SAS chaps, you're an odd bunch.
Cool as cucumbers and mad as hatters.
No fear and no discipline.
More like bandits than decent soldiers.
Do you know where Curzon is? On the face of it, your story sounds absurd.
Why would I lie? Oh.
I can think of a hundred reasons, but you look like an honest man.
I like to think I'm a good judge of such things.
On my life, it's the truth.
You're asking rather a lot.
You're asking the regiment to betray one of its own.
A lunatic, a murderer.
Army's full of them.
You can't win wars without lunatics and murderers.
I just want this one.
Well, I'll make inquiries.
Rutlands look after their own, but we don't harbor cads.
[TRAIN HORN BLOWS IN DISTANCE] Where can I reach you? Severed Arms public house.
Bethnal Green.
Well, no promises, but if your story passes muster, I'll have a man there tomorrow at 1400 hours.
Thank you, sir.
What do you want? You need to go get your sister away from that man.
He's not a pimp, he's in league with the devil.
I mean, really, he is.
It's not an act.
It's true.
The devil.
Okay, now you're scaring me.
Do you know how crazy you sound? I'm telling you the truth.
I [PANTING] I started remembering what happened to me.
And? [CRYING]: And it's horrible.
It's unspeakable.
I can't I can't begin to describe the the vileness.
Were you sexually assaulted? No, it's not that.
It's worse.
- Worse how? - I don't know.
I just I don't know, I just, I I-I-I feel it.
Something evil happened.
Let's be frank.
You had a bad experience at a sordid party, followed by some bad dreams.
That's all.
It's perfectly natural to feel upset.
The devil doesn't exist.
And if he does exist, he's not in Chelsea throwing some beatnik orgies.
I'm sure he has something better to do.
- I saw him.
- No, Martha, you didn't.
And if you continue to believe that you did, you should seek psychiatric help.
Your sister is in terrible danger.
You saw her for yourself.
She's never been happier.
Exactly, and how much sense does that make? If you don't help her, then I will.
- How? - Well, I'd contact the police, - but they'll say the same as you.
- Exactly.
So I'll have to take care of it myself.
If you don't hear from me, you might contact the authorities and ask them to investigate, if it's not too much trouble.
Martha, really? [SIGHS] [SOFTLY]: For God's sake.
Wait! Martha.
- [PIG SNORTING] - [KNOCKING] You're back.
And right on time, I'm so glad.
All right, Crowley, let's not waste our breath on formalities.
- How much? - Do sit down.
My angel, fetch Patricia, would you? At once, sir.
Such a lovely boy.
Red or white? Neither.
- I asked you how much.
- How much for what? You know damn well what.
Martha, patience.
As we agreed? I've spent years extricating my sister from the clutches of various pimps and perverts.
They always have a price.
I'm not a pimp.
I don't want your money.
I have more than I know what to do with.
So what do you want? I'm very fond of your sister.
I'd hate to lose her, even if she wanted to leave, - which she doesn't.
- I'm waiting.
Martha knows what I want.
- Don't you, darling? - A good beating.
Such spirit.
What do you want, Crowley? I want your soul, of course.
That is, my master wants it.
[CHUCKLES] Is that all? Fine.
Consider it yours.
Give me my sister.
You're a businessman, Mr.
You know that saying something doesn't make it so.
I'll need a contract, inked in your blood, of course.
Oh, please, spare me this bilge.
I don't believe in Satan.
Oh, you're modern, rational, well-educated, a civilized man of peace and moderation.
Of course you don't believe in Satan, but that doesn't matter.
Satan believes in you.
He knows there's a beast inside of you.
There is no beast inside of me, just profound irritation.
Oh, ye of little faith.
Wayne Enterprises has doors just like that in our Gotham lobby.
Ah, yes.
Wayne Enterprises.
How marvelous to be a billionaire.
Such freedom.
I see.
When you say you want my soul, you mean the company and its assets.
- Dream on, buster.
- Heartbreaking.
You've spent your whole life never knowing if someone's interested in you or just your name.
Believe me when I say: it's you he wants.
Your spiritual essence, not your company.
You're a good con man.
I can see how you brainwashed my sister.
You'd need more than parlor tricks to convince me.
Your brother thinks I've brainwashed you.
That's ridiculous.
Aleister is just a very wise and loving man.
A teacher.
Patricia, he's a servant of the fucking devil.
Martha, I'm trying to make a deal with this person and you're making everything much harder.
Tell me.
How did you two end up working together? What was the league thinking? What league? Oh, come.
I'm not a fool.
The No-Name League.
We're not working for the No-Name League.
CROWLEY: Really? Next, you'll tell me you're not spying on them for the CIA.
That's a strange idea.
Not true.
- You're CIA? - I'm not.
Holy shit.
[SCOFFS] Of course.
I should've guessed.
The CIA? Like [LAUGHS] The CIA? - [LAUGHING] - I am not.
Where'd you get such a notion? - My boss.
Where else? - THOMAS: Okay, listen, it is extremely dangerous to spread that kind of a lie.
See his teeth? Yes, deceptively sharp.
There's a beast inside this one.
PATRICIA: I am so impressed, Tommy.
For real, the CIA.
Have you killed people? - I repeat, no.
- Son of a bitch.
CIA? Wow.
Never mind the CIA, which I'm not a member of.
Let me get this straight.
In exchange for my sister's liberty, I have to sell [LAUGHS, COUGHS] I have to sell my soul to the devil.
What do you say? I'll give you 50,000 to hand her over.
I'm not a goddamn package.
I don't want your money.
If the devil is real, don't you think my actual soul is a bit of a high price to stop you debauching my sister.
She's not Snow White.
- 200,000 pounds.
- Fuck you.
You get much more than Patricia in return.
You get my master's eternal friendship.
You're a smart businessman, Mr.
Wayne, think of that.
Think of the power you'll have.
I have power now, you fool.
I can buy and sell the likes of you.
See now, there's the beast inside of you.
The real Thomas Wayne is emerging.
I'll play along with your ludicrous charade.
You're Lucifer's servant.
I don't negotiate with underlings.
Let me speak with your boss.
Well, as a rule, he doesn't grant personal audiences, except for saints and the like, but there's no harm in asking.
[DOOR CREAKS OPEN] [DOOR CLOSES] [THOMAS SIGHS] So, you want to meet the devil? No, I don't.
And I'm confident I won't.
But supposing you do? Suppose you meet him.
Will you listen to what he has to say? Can we get on with this, please? I'm curious to see what hocus-pocus you've cooked up.
Good enough.
All right.
[SCOFFS] Really? Blue movies? [PROJECTOR CLICKING] Oh JASON: Fucking lunatic, that one.
Got the devil in her.
- So to speak.
- [CHUCKLES] [MOANING, PANTING] Your family must have been a right old mess to turn a woman that way.
[MOANING CONTINUES] Did you ever have a go? If you haven't, - you should.
- Turn it off.
Turn it off! I said turn it off! You missed the best part.
[PANTING] [JASON GROANING] Christ Now, be honest, Thomas.
Tell me you didn't meet the devil.
[DOOR OPENS] PATRICIA: Christ, Tommy, what - Let's go.
- No.
Aleister! - Help! - Please be at peace, Patricia.
Your brother and I understand each other now.
You must do what he wants.
I command it.
Patricia! No - Goodbye, all.
- [DOOR CLOSES] Officers stick together always.
How do you know Curzon and the Fusiliers aren't sending some fucker to do you in? - I don't.
- Don't you worry, Baz.
Who they gonna send, eh? I'd like to see the regular army boys that are gallus enough to try us.
The famous last words of many good men.
[COW LOWING] You're betting blind, Alfie.
I've got no choice.
This is Curzon's game.
I have to play the cards in front of me.
SID: Well, lads, same again? - Aye.
- Any squaddies been in? Squaddies? No.
I don't encourage 'em.
Barring present company, naturally.
- Sandra not about? - She's upstairs.
She's got the hump with you.
She won't say why.
Oh, that's funny.
SID: Yeah, funny that.
What's that about, then? Couldn't tell you.
I'll have a word when I see her.
But listen, if I don't see her, - tell her I say I'm sorry.
- About what? Well, whatever it is.
[DOOR OPENS] Your man will be there tomorrow night.
Room seven.
ALFRED: This is from General Malcolm.
Doom and Gloom? - No bother.
- BAZZA: Or a trap.
We better go in early and heavy.
No, I don't think so.
- I think this is a one-man job.
- No.
It's not.
Don't be daft.
You're in a dark frame of mind, Alfred.
You must treat this man like any other target.
You could be taking on a whole regiment.
Well, then, one or two more men won't make any odds, will they? No, I know this place.
It's a one-man job.
Don't you change the things you do Only time can tell if we get on well "Mars is in the house of Aquarius, "so this will be a good time for you to take decisive action in your business and personal life.
" Stop wriggling.
"But beware false friends and empty promises.
" Hmm.
Hmm? Well, you know who that's about, don't you? Your lady doctor.
- [LAUGHS] - You can laugh now, but what if she's told on us? What if the police are closing in on us as we speak? You needn't worry, Peg.
Frances has no falsity in her.
She's not capable of treachery or cowardice, poor soul.
Oh, I like that color.
Do me next, eh? As it happens, my dear, I think I can offer you a much better service than that.
I've been talking quietly to some old Raven Society friends.
Well-connected types.
And there's news of your old friend, Alfred Pennyworth.
Oh? Resourceful young man.
It seems he's found out who killed his fiancée.
I thought you'd like to know.
Who did it? Where are they? MARTHA: Thomas.
Huh? Will you please tell us what happened? Nothing happened.
You saw him, didn't you? [SHUDDERS] We were never there.
Not any of us.
You understand? You saw him.
ALFRED: Hey, you're supposed to be dead.
SYKES: Well, I'm not, am I? Let's get on with it.
[WHISTLE BLOWS OVER TV] How do you know it's him? Let me handle this.
[SIGHS] Come on.
Get the bastard! [GUNSHOTS] [GRUNTS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [PANTING] You're supposed to be dead.
Well, I'm not, am I? That was your bloody doing.
I had the bastard.
[GROANS] GAUNT: Our enemies call us zealots.
- [MURMURING ASSENT] - And they are correct.
Zealots we are, and proud of it.
[SCATTERED APPLAUSE] When did rigor and discipline and duty become terms of abuse? And who were the great men and women of history who changed the world? Moderates? No! Zealots, like you and I! People of faith.
[CHEERS, APPLAUSE] - MAN: That's right! - MAN 2: Well said.
Those citizens that are not loyal patriots shall be silenced.
Those foreigners who are not our friends shall be expelled.
[CHEERING] We shall put down sexual deviants, and we shall hang thieves! [CHEERING LOUDLY] Yes! The Raven Society, ladies and gentlemen, is on the cusp of a new dawn.
We shall lurk in the shadows no longer.
A revelation is coming that will shock the world.
[CHUCKLING]: I promise you, it'll shock the world! Are you with me?! [CHEERING LOUDLY] Are you with me?! Yes! [CHEERING CONTINUES] [OPERA MUSIC PLAYING]