Pennyworth (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Marianne Faithfull

1 - - I hereby introduce our new leader, Lord James Harwood.
LADY HARWOOD: Welcome home, my love.
HARWOOD: Tell me what's on your mind.
You seem troubled.
We'd given you up for dead.
I-I feel like I'm dreaming.
- MRS.
PENNYWORTH: Your dad's got cancer.
He's dying.
ALFRED: I'm looking for Captain John Curzon.
This man has killed my fiancée.
Sorry, love.
The PM wants you buried alive.
- - Seven years.
Take him down.
Things are going to get pretty nasty.
I'm not sure you should be involved.
- That's exactly why you - I can't stop you from working for the No-Name League.
I'm just saying, think about it.
Thomas, you must take Martha with you to the negotiations.
I'm in.
What are the negotiations? Are you willing to kill to get out of here? AZIZ: The Ravens and the No-Name League are negotiating an electoral pact.
Lord Harwood and the No-Name patsies have to go.
What's all this wailing, Mother? The police wanted him to do a murder and he wouldn't, so he's going on the run.
HARWOOD: The prime minister tried to kill me.
And now, the crisis is here.
If the queen is with you, then we are.
The queen is with me.
Hello? Hello? The queen has been kidnapped.
Hello? - ALFRED: Hello, Mum.
- Alfie.
Where are you? Listen, I can't say too much 'cause your phone has probably been tapped.
What, somebody's listening? They should be ashamed of themselves.
Yeah, look.
I've found a way out of the country.
So if you don't hear from me for a while, don't worry about it.
As soon as I can, I'll let you know where I am.
PENNYWORTH: Is that Alfie? Yes.
Your father wants a word.
He-He's found his way out of the country; he's going.
: He said there's somebody listening.
Hello, son.
I won't ask any questions.
Y-You must be in a hurry, I expect.
Not long now.
Things are going to change, and you'll be safe to come home.
So we'll see you again soon.
Yeah, you will.
No doubt.
I-I'll put your mother back on.
Best of luck, son.
Bye, Dad.
PENNYWORTH: You be good, Alfie.
- Goodbye.
- Bye, Mum.
POLICEMAN: Approaching Lord Harwood's Manor.
Lord Harwood is to be apprehended alive.
POLICEMAN: Room's clear! The place is empty.
PEGGY: Now, listen, I'm gonna hold the phone for you, and you're gonna read this here, just as it's written.
Yeah? Now, you're to promise you won't cause any mischief or scream or owt like that.
No point, any road.
The neighbors are used to screaming.
You'll be good? - I really don't think - Do you want to live? Then do as you're told.
I I am safe and healthy and among friends.
I am speaking under no compulsion.
As queen and head of the armed forces, I command the immediate resignation of the government.
- By force, if necessary.
I appoint Lord Harwood - as my new prime minister - [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
invested with full sovereign power.
He has my full trust and confidence.
SOLDIER: All right, ready? Step it up! Move it! Left.
Left, right, left.
Give them a hand with the sandbags! That's it, soldiers! [SOLDIER CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY.]
The PM's on the line, my Lord.
Prime Minister, are you there? Hello? We're thinking.
Well, I thought we'd been disconnected.
We need more time to consider the position.
I have the queen, I have the pretender.
The army have tanks en route to your door.
There is nothing more to consider.
Resign now, or face the consequences in blood.
We will not be bullied, sir! Bullied, my old friend? Bullied? I'll see you hung on a hook! Tempers are high.
I'm sure you'll agree, my Lord, there is no need for that kind of talk.
Absolutely right.
No banter.
Give him time to see sense.
Why? We must do our utmost to avoid shedding English blood.
- Give him 24 hours.
- For God's sake.
Our utmost.
Prime Minister.
We will shortly have full control of the capital.
You have 24 hours to resign to ensure a peaceful transition.
If you don't, we shall use violence.
Personally, I'd prefer you to be stubborn, but it's your call, old man.
A high hand, sir.
I hope you know what you're doing, for all our sakes.
So do I.
Tell me.
Where is the queen? Well, I shan't be telling you that.
As a strategic cove yourself, you understand.
I understand well enough.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll see to the duke and duchess's accommodation.
MAN: Get the general on the line.
Light one of those for me, will you? Try to get along with him a little better.
Did I vex him? A little.
He'll get over it, I expect.
And you, Frances? Don't play with me, Jimmy.
We've abducted the queen.
You know damn well I didn't sign up for that.
We're doing big things, Frances.
Big things are heavy.
I can't do this without you.
Now more than ever, I need you to trust my judgment.
Do you? The list.
Yes, my Lord, the lists are ready.
Would you like a sandwich? No, thank you.
I'm not hungry.
That one's cheese and pickle, and that's fish paste.
Really, I I couldn't possibly We won't have it said that you weren't fed properly.
The bosun's named Roberts.
He'll be the man that you deal with, but the captain is in on it.
Once the ship is well out to sea, you can come out of hiding.
Two weeks, and you'll be in New Orleans.
Fuck, man.
We'll never see you again, will we? Don't worry.
I'll send you a postcard once I'm settled.
You'll keep an eye on Mum and Dad, right? BAZZA: We got them.
Hello, lads.
ALFRED: Hello, Officer.
- You're very cheery.
- Special alert.
Docks, railways, airports.
All closed.
All available men called out.
Overtime pay, untold.
- What's the occasion? - [LAUGHS.]
Oh, no, they don't tell us.
No, we just got to stop any and all suspicious-looking characters and bring them in for questioning.
That's all.
So where are you boys off to, then? - Back to our ship.
- Huh.
Sailors, are you? - ALFRED: Yeah.
- Anchors aweigh.
You'll have your union cards then.
Sir, we're late.
Our ship might leave without us.
You're safe.
No ships are allowed to leave port.
Union cards.
Fuck's sake.
Anchors aweigh? [GRUNTS.]
: It just came out wrong.
POLICEMAN: You fucking hear me! [DOORBELL BUZZING.]
Pack a bag.
Get your passport and valuables.
What? Why? What's going on? Lord Harwood is staging a coup a successful one, looks like.
He has the army with him, and yesterday he abducted the queen.
Oh, my God.
For sure? Straight from the Pentagon's phone intercepts.
It's not public knowledge yet, but all hell is about to break loose.
The Ravens will have a death list.
You and I are almost certainly on it.
A death list? - Come on.
- Seriously.
They could be on their way here now.
The CIA's arranged transport out of the country.
We'll go to my hotel room - and wait there.
It's safer.
- Out of the country? No.
You prefer to be hung from a lamppost? What about the League? What about Undine Thwaite? She can take care of herself.
Or not.
That's not our problem anymore.
Speak for yourself.
I made a commitment to the League, and I won't abandon them now.
I'll-I'll go to League HQ, and I'll see what I can do to help.
Don't be so stupid.
The League is doomed.
Why sacrifice yourself to a lost cause? You wouldn't understand.
You don't believe in anything.
Very little.
What I do believe in is true.
What you believe in isn't.
You're gonna give me a lecture on the real world now? Your precious Undine Thwaite had her own husband killed in front of her so that she could take his place.
- That's bullshit.
- No bull.
She is exactly as wrong as Harwood - or any other would-be dictator.
- You're lying.
Why the hell would I lie to you? The killing was sanctioned by the CIA.
They thought that she would be easier to control, and the gunman was our old friend Alfred Pennyworth.
Even if that's true, she's just one person.
That doesn't make the whole movement wrong.
No, it doesn't.
Can we go now? Look, I I'm sorry.
I didn't want to tell you.
Knowing a secret like that can be dangerous.
- Is there a back way out of here? - No.
- Then go hide.
- You go hide.
What? Martha.
- Alfred.
- Martha Kane.
Daveboy and Bazza.
- Hi.
- Hello, hi.
I'm sorry to burst in on you like this, but Whoa.
We're all friends here.
I was just about to ask Miss Kane if she knew where you were.
- Why? - Anyone else here? - No.
- We'll look around anyway.
- No offense.
- Go ahead.
I'm trying to get out of the country, but it seems like every copper in London's out looking for me.
So I thought, who do I know who knows people with airplanes who owes me a favor? Okay.
Two things.
One, the police aren't looking for you.
Harwood is staging a coup.
He's got the army on his side and he's abducted the queen.
Hence all the police activity.
And two, since when do I owe you a favor? The queen, abducted? THOMAS: Yeah, a short young woman with a Manchester accent attacked two ghillies and took her while she was out hunting.
Now Lord Harwood's the only one who knows where she is.
A short woman with a Manchester accent.
Bet Sykes.
- Bet Sykes is dead.
- ALFRED: Yeah.
Long story.
The meeting with Harwood.
Remember the woman with him? - He called her Sykes.
- Yes, I believe he did.
Interesting, 'cause that wasn't Bet Sykes.
Well, how would you know? You weren't even th [SCOFFS.]
You were there.
You were the bad sniper.
- You missed deliberately? - Alfie can shoot down flies.
You missed because it was us? ALFRED: I was tempted.
Would've solved a lot of problems, but it didn't seem like fair play.
Thank you.
And you guys, too, I guess.
Not at all.
I was for shooting you.
Nothing personal.
DAVEBOY: Me, too, and that's a lot of peer pressure on your man.
- You two should be grateful.
- I am.
Thank you.
Much appreciated, and fuck you guys.
I was thinking that you could pay me back with a seat on a plane to America.
You got it.
There's a plane leaving this morning.
But now I'm having second thoughts.
Don't do that.
Why? The queen's been hidden somewhere clever, and we've stumbled across two different women from Manchester named Sykes.
Now, if we were looking to find the queen, I'd call that a lead.
- You're right.
- BAZZA: Sherlock and Watson now.
We're not looking to find the queen.
It's none of our business.
Nor ours.
We're getting on that plane.
No, hold on.
If there's even the slightest chance that we can rescue the queen and stop Harwood, then surely we have a moral duty to try.
That is debatable.
We're fighting against fascism, against naked evil.
And we lost this round.
We have to leave.
- I have been ordered to leave.
- I haven't.
You see what you've done here? You can go.
I'm not stopping you.
BAZZA: Alfie, America.
If we rescue the queen, I'm sorted, aren't I? Wouldn't need to run.
Never mind Newgate, knighthoods all round.
I could stay with Mum and Dad.
And if we fail? Fail? Gercha.
- Morning, Mrs.
- Morning, Joe.
Just one bottle today.
- Just one.
PENNYWORTH: He's done it, Mother! He's done it! Who's done it? - Who's done what? - Lord Harwood has struck! The Raven Society's overthrown the government.
The revolution has come.
London's burning London's burning Yes.
Yes! All across the town, all across the night MAN [OVER LOUDSPEAKER.]
: Martial law has been declared.
Private citizens must remain indoors.
Only army and Raven Society personnel are permitted in the streets.
Get back! Get back! [SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY.]
Enemies of the Society will be determined combatants - and met with force.
: No! No! What a great traffic system [SCREAMING.]
I can't think of a better way to spend the night Than speeding around underneath the yellow lights London's burning With boredom now London's burning, dial 99999 [COUGHING.]
You said Ravens was just a hobby, like the Masons.
You never said anything about revolutions.
We've won, Mother, we've won.
Where are you going? I'll have to report for duty at my chapter.
You can't go out.
You're poorly.
I've never felt better in my life.
- [SIGHS.]
It's good to see you again, Alfred.
- Likewise.
- How are you? - Good.
You? - No, I mean really, how are you? In yourself.
In myself? Haven't checked recently.
Well, you should.
The violence you live with needs processing, I would think.
Don't you? Are all American women like this? That must be exhausting.
No, Martha is a special case.
I'm just saying that repression is unhealthy.
I couldn't disagree more.
Thank God we lived to see this moment.
The future's bright, but we here must remember we're the Old Guard.
The future doesn't belong to us.
Our day's near done.
If called upon, our duty is to defend this victory with our last breath! [COUGHS.]
No surrender! ALL: No surrender! [DISTANT SIREN WAILING.]
Awfully decent of you to stay, old boy.
Above and beyond and all that.
You flatter me, sir.
If I had some craven way to get out, I would take it.
As it is, if I must go, I'm glad to go out in honorable company.
In such dramatic fashion, eh? [BOTH CHUCKLE SOFTLY.]
Tell me something.
Did you kill Julian Thwaite? Why do you ask? I guess that means yes.
Did Undine Thwaite know? Was she part of it? I didn't ask her.
- Thomas says she knew.
- What does it matter now? I'd like to know the truth.
I told you the truth.
Forgive me if I don't always believe what you say.
I told you the truth because I want to help you make good choices.
Forgive me.
Why do you want to help me? How does that help your agenda? Agenda? Oh, for God's sake.
Helping you doesn't help me at all.
I like you, okay? I like you and I want to be a friend to you.
God knows why.
So, you want to discredit the cause that I believe in - because you like me? - No.
That's exactly correct.
I give up.
Oh You you-you mean, you like me.
- Forget I ever spoke, okay? - Wow.
That hadn't occurred to me.
Like, sexually? Uh, I'm sorry, Alfred.
Pretend I'm not here.
Nearly there.
Thank God.
Have you got Mrs.
Block, the Barber's Wife? Fuckery.
- Go on.
- That's all right.
You've another turn, until you get one wrong.
Go on.
And and Master Bun, the Baker's Son.
You're too bloody good at this game, too good by half.
Give over, Bet.
It's just a game.
- She's looking at my cards.
- She's been kidnapped.
She's had a knife at her throat, her throne's in balance, and yet she's so desperate to win at Happy Families, she's looking at your bloody cards, is she? Are you? No.
- Go on.
Hello? Hi.
Is Mistress Sykes at home? Who's asking? Hi, uh, we saw her advertisement, and we thought that maybe she could help us with [GRUNTS.]
What are you doing here? What do you think? Hello, everyone.
Your Majesty.
Remember me? Yes.
Hello again, Bet.
Do us a favor, put the knife down.
I'll stab her.
ALFRED: Leave off.
- Why would you do that? - [DOOR OPENS.]
You must be Margaret Sykes.
How do.
Tell your sister to put the knife down.
Oh, you think she'll do as I tell her, will she? Heck as like.
How'd you find us? You're in the phone book.
- BAZZA: Clear! - DAVEBOY: Clear! Bet, put the knife down.
Please? I'll stab her, I will.
: Nothing against you, pet.
I won't be thwarted.
He's got a gun pointed at you.
So does he.
That's you, thwarted.
Come on, love, please.
Have I to see my own sister shot dead out of sheer bloody mindedness? Have I to see that? - After all that I've done for you? - [WHIMPERS.]
Thank you.
I didn't give up.
She made me.
There's no one else here.
It's too easy.
Huh? [GASPS.]
Would you look at that, eh? - [PHONE RINGING.]
- He goes.
And her.
And these chaps.
- General Malcolm speaking.
- QUEEN: General? Listen to me very closely.
Yes, ma'am.
Given a choice You won't be needing that.
I'm sorry? That was the queen.
- Oh? - I have new orders.
I try not to take undue pleasure in doing my duty.
But in this case I'm going to indulge myself.
Take him away.
- And her.
- You coming with us.
Come on.
This way.
Keep on moving! Move it along there! [ENGINE STARTS.]
My dear people, I'm so very happy to speak to you today.
Happy to assure you I'm safe and among friends.
When death seems close, certain truths about oneself become all too clear.
In truth, I've not always been the best of rulers.
In truth, sometimes I've been blind to the suffering of my people.
That will change, I promise you.
We are all one nation, one island.
Let us move forward together in a spirit of unity and forgiveness.
God bless all of us.
Off air.
How was I? Bloody good, ma'am.
I do wish you wouldn't call me "ma'am.
" It sounds like you're speaking to my mother.
What would you like me to call you, then? [WHISPERING INDISTINCTLY.]
Sorry, Mr.
Least said, soonest mended, love.
Right, lads.
The usual? - Aye.
Funny old week.
Fucking coup? Bloody liberty, I call it.
The queen said it right, didn't she? We're all one island.
If you don't like it, get in the fucking queue.
Cheers, lads.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So, how's yourselves? Busy week? Not too bad.
All right? All right.
Where's Alfie? I-I don't know.
We must never tell anyone about this.
Not a soul.
Who'd believe me? [CHUCKLES.]
Um, I should, um I should be going.
Can't you stay for breakfast? It's it's almost midday.
- Thursday.
- Lunch, then.
I would.
I'd-I'd like to stay, but, um, I should, uh, see me mum and dad.
They'll be worried about me.
Of course.
That's fine.
Mum? Dad? - You're supposed to be gone! - Well, I changed my mind.
Didn't fancy abroad.
Be serious.
What about the law after you? Well, they changed their mind, too.
A royal pardon.
- Cast iron.
- How? Why? ALFRED: Well, wheels within wheels.
All's well that ends well, eh, Mum? [CHUCKLES.]
You had something to do with the defeat of Harwood's rebellion, I suppose.
Uh, hence the pardon.
Something like that.
Well, good.
I imagine you'll be well ensconced now with the powers that be.
Yeah, I am.
They've offered me a job.
A good one.
Working for Scotland Yard.
You gonna take it? Well, I have to think.
It felt good, though, Dad.
It felt like I did something useful, you know.
Long time since I've felt that.
Well, I'm very proud of you, son.
Very proud.
I'm glad you're pleased.
I would've thought you had quite liked the look of Harwood and the Ravens.
Order and strength and all that.
Hmm, and all that.
Well, I dare say there's nothing wrong with order and strength, but what do I know? Hmm.
While your mother's not watching [CHUCKLES.]
She told me, you know.
She had to.
Told you what? [QUIETLY.]
: Cancer.
Well, I'm I'm sorry she did that, son.
To be expected, I suppose.
I didn't want any fuss.
No, I understand.
Don't be angry with her.
Oh, I'm not.
I won't.
I've no anger left in me.
I'm just glad I know.
You know, so I can be here.
I haven't got very long, son.
I need you to promise me something.
- You never know.
- You have to promise me that you'll always think well of me when I'm gone.
Whatever people might say.
What might people say? - You promise me? - Yeah, I promise.
You told him about my cancer, you wretched woman! [LAUGHS.]
I'm only joking.
You silly sausage.
Come here.
I don't mind, really.
Hey maybe he'll show a little bit more respect now.
HARWOOD: I'm truly sorry, ladies.
I've got you into a bit of a scrape, eh? PEGGY: It don't look good, does it? We don't blame you, mind.
You did your best.
Don't despair.
All is not yet lost.
A great leader prepares for every possibility.
Even failure.
We still have one last battalion in reserve.
What do you mean, Jimmy? What have you done? The Old Guard die, they do not surrender.
Goodbye, you lot.
Will you be late? [GROANS.]
Don't stay up.
His nibs is throwing a big celebration dinner.
I love you.
Thanks very much.
I love you, too.
: Frankenstein would been accepted as a genius of science.
- Instead, he was sent to the guillotine.
- Goodbye, son.
- Bye, Dad.
: I swore I would have my revenge.
They will never be rid of me.
This is something I am proud of.
Come in.
I'm in.
What are you doing? - Paperwork.
- Hmm.
The CIA really sucks, huh? What do you want, Martha? I, um I've been thinking about what you said in the black mariah.
The black mariah? Mm-hmm.
Oh, that.
Uh, have you? I've forgotten.
It's a blur.
You said, um Well, actually, you said a lot of things, but, um you said that you like me.
I-I said nothing of the kind.
You you - inferred that.
- Was I wrong? Well, I like all sorts of women sexually.
You're not a special case.
- Why do you ask? - That was a no, wasn't it? I wasn't wrong? Well, not in principle.
- Where is this going? - Okay.
Well, I thought about what you said, and, um I surprised myself.
I find that I like you, too.
So here I am.
Here you are.
: You're quite safe now.
Hello? Yes.
May I ask who's Oh.
Alfie, it's for you.
- Who is it? - A lady.
Prefers not to say who she is.
Hello? Alfie, it's me.
Oh, hello.
Um, anything wrong? No, no, just bored.
I'm at a horrible dinner party.
I wish you were here.
Well, best I'm not, probably.
It's at the Sir Francis Duke's house.
The PM, the chancellor, and 20 other ancient creatures celebrating their victory.
Tedium beyond words.
Oh, yeah.
I can imagine.
- So, uh - Thank you for a lovely time.
It was scrumptious.
Uh, yeah, it was.
Thank you, too, also.
We shall meet again, I hope.
Yeah, I hope so, too.
I'm rather hard to get hold of.
I'll call you, shall I? Yeah.
Bye, Alfie.
Bye, Your M [BELL RINGS.]
MAN: I'm not tall enough to get it meself.
What's the matter? Don't know.
I've got a bad feeling as well.
Maybe it's the film.
It's still there.
What is it? [EXHALES.]
Dad was acting strange.
- He's not well.
- No, something else.
What? You made a face.
It's my face, I can do what I like with it.
Mum [SIGHS.]
He was upset about all that Raven Society lark.
Why? He-he just was.
Why? He's not one of them.
Not so as you'd know.
What do you mean? He was one of them? Well, why didn't he tell me? Why didn't you tell me? Nobody's supposed to know.
Not even me.
It was a secret hobby sort of thing, like the Masons, and he was in the most secret chapter.
As if a man's wife wouldn't find out.
Silly buggers.
It seemed harmless at the time.
Harmless? They tried to take over the country.
He just liked the camaraderie.
Call themselves the Old Guard.
Once a month, he'd come home drunk, singing "Jerusalem.
" Where are you going? Nowhere.
Need some air.
Bit of a shock, that's all.
- Alfie? - [DOOR SLAMS.]
What? [LAUGHS.]
: What? You're laughing.
: I'm - Hmm? - Well, it's funny, you and I making out.
- Okay.
You're not gonna be giggling the whole time, are you? I'll restrain myself.
- Comedic sex is all very well - [MARTHA SCREAMS.]
MARTHA: Thomas.
Thomas, stay with me.
Stay with me, Thomas.
CHEF: Keep it moving.
Excuse me.
You can't go down there.
Should you be here, sir? - Mrs.
Draper! - Alfie! - Ah - I thought that was you.
Ah gorgeous as ever.
Get out.
How are you? Got to have a quick word with the old man.
Mum's took poorly.
Come along, then.
- Nothing serious, I hope.
- Me, too.
He's all right, sir.
He's family.
All right.
MAN: Hey! Where you [GRUNTING.]
Dad? Alfie, what are you doing here? I I need to have a word with you.
Go away, son.
I'm on duty.
You do what I say, boy.
What the hell is going on? [ALL MURMURING.]
Shut it! Nobody move or speak.
Thank you.
- Dad - Except you, son.
You have to go now.
You need to be looking after your mother.
That's your job.
Think about her.
No, no, no.
She'll understand in the end.
I don't give a fuck about the end.
I care about now.
Don't do this.
I'm sorry, son.
I love you.
God bless England! [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
Regrets and I've had a few But then again Too few to mention I did what I had to do I saw it through Without exemption I've planned Each charted course Each careful step Along the highway And more Much more than this I did it my way.