People of Earth (2016) s02e09 Episode Script

Thruth or Dare

1 - Car! [GASPS] - Kurt.
Why were you so close to my face when I woke up? I'm an orphan.
I was found in a baby nursery store.
I really want to help this baby find its mother.
Fired?! This is because I believe in aliens.
Only about your negligence and incompetence.
I am going back to the FBI.
I say we mutiny.
Overthrow that square piece of shit.
Jeff, do you have a minute? I'm kind of in the middle of something.
I noticed the hull is still dirty and needs cleaning.
Tell me, Jeff Why haven't you completed your maintenance assignments? Oh, yeah.
I was planning on doing it later.
[BEEPING] Okay, fine.
I lied.
The hull is dirty, and that's because I didn't clean it.
In fact, I haven't done any of the menial tasks you've assigned me because Hello! It's not in my job description.
Can I show you something, Jeff? I think you'll find it interesting.
Can you explain what's happening here? I was doing CPR.
I was saving his life.
Maybe we should let the rest of the crew see it so they can decide what you were doing.
I'm sure Kurt would like to weigh in on what was happening.
Now, what were we talking about? Ah, yes.
Something about your job description.
Screw that floating jack-in-the-box.
Piece of little trash.
I'd like to kick him right in that square butt.
My job description.
You want to know my job description? [SIGHS] [DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE] Alex! I thought you left already.
I was driving by, and I thought, "Oh, no", I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Gina.
"I should see if she's home and say goodbye to her.
" Oh, well goodbye.
There is actually one thing I wanted to ask you.
Someone slipped this envelope in my convention tote bag.
- Was it you? - No.
What is it? It's an envelope that says, "You are not alone," and, on the inside, it says "family" in big, bold letters with a phone number on it.
As you know, I don't know who my family is, and I've kind of spent my whole life looking for them, but I also feel like this could totally be nothing.
Do you want to come inside - and talk about this? - Could we? Yeah, I-I would love to.
GERRY: I know you're here for Richard's mediation, but you haven't responded to my Evite for "Yvonne and Gerry's First Ever Party" and Annual Game Night and Pot Luck.
" Everyone else in group has RSVD'd "yes.
" I told Yvonne I'm coming.
Just respond to the Evite.
That'd be great.
Hey, guys.
Thanks so much for coming.
WikiHow says it's very helpful to have some character witnesses when you're suing your former employer.
Where's your lawyer? Lawyers are for guilty people.
I'll be representing myself.
I'm late! [CHUCKLES] Sorry.
Okay, this is a very important day for me, and for anyone who's been fired for their alien beliefs.
Now, Ozzie fought and died for our truth, but now it's time for me to pick up the sword of justice.
We got your back, bro.
Gerry, are you chewing gum? Here.
Give it here.
Ah! Finally getting around to doing your work, I see.
[LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] What? No! I-I love doing this! [CHUCKLES] [SOFTLY] Uh, can I talk to you alone away from the cameras? [NORMAL VOICE] Because, you know [CHUCKLES] nothing feels like work when you truly love your job! [SOFTLY] Meet me in the supply closet.
I don't think we should mutiny.
What?! You can't get cold feet now.
We all agreed.
I can't start the resistance on Earth with Eric running things up here.
We have to get rid of him.
But you don't understand.
I've been compromised.
Eric has a video of me.
Oh, stop making this about you.
It is about me! [WHISPERING] I'm doing something in the video.
What are you doing? - It can't be that terrible.
- Exactly.
I was performing CPR, and you have to do it directly on the mouth, so what you're really watching on the video is me saving Kurt's life with my mouth.
That's all.
And Eric's blackmailing you.
Uh, no.
Because he doesn't have anything on me.
I It was CPR.
Okay, Jeff, we all know you're in love with Kurt.
[GUFFAWS] What?! Kurt? The Reptilian? He's nothing to me.
We just work together on the same ship.
That's all.
Just tell Kurt how you feel, and then Eric won't have anything to blackmail you with.
I can't do that.
All right.
Well, it's a pretty big ship.
It's gonna take you a long time to clean it with that toothbrush.
But good luck.
What? Oh.
Richard, would you like to present your case? Yes.
Thank you, Your Honor.
I'm not a judge.
I'm just Patrick, the mediator.
Thank you, uh, Patrick.
[CLEARS THROAT] As you know, I was ruthlessly fired from my job A job that I am darn good at.
The reason given? Incompetence.
[SCOFFS] Please.
We all know the real reason that I was fired.
I knew too much.
What do you mean, "knew too much?" About aliens.
And the Reptilian agenda.
Now, shortly after my girlfriend was exploded at the hands of a Reptilian, I took a week off to grieve, as any normal person would.
Totally would've done that.
Thank you, Gerry.
You'll be hearing more from him later.
Now, "time off" is protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act of '93.
Uh, fun fact '93 is also the same year that tennis great Monica Seles was stabbed in the back by a crazed fan of her rival, Steffi Graf, who is a well-known Reptilian.
Oh, boy.
Have you tried calling it? 'Cause if it were me, and I'd been searching for my long-lost family, uh I think I'd call.
It could be a fake number.
Or a trap.
Or a prank.
I-I get pranked a lot.
Don't you wanna find out? Don't you want answers? To what? Like why did my parents abandon me? You know what else gets abandoned? Broken toys.
Junk cars.
Things nobody wants.
Alex, there are many, many reasons that a parent gives up their child.
You don't know that you were abandoned.
Oh, really? "Abandoned Baby Found Abandoned in Local Nursery Store.
" They use the word "abandoned" twice.
[COOING] They found me asleep in the furniture section.
They said I couldn't have been more than a few hours old.
The FBI did everything they could to find my family, but with no luck.
And over the years, it was the FBI that would check up on me at whatever foster home I was in.
Is that why your last name is Foster? Oh, my God.
I hope not.
Look, I get why you love the FBI, but maybe another reason why you're there is because you prefer to solve other people's mysteries more than your own, and I think it's time for you to solve the biggest mystery of all: Your orphanity.
Orphanity? Orphanity? - No.
- Orphanness.
Your orphanhood.
[BRITISH ACCENT] I'll be the Watson to your Holmes.
Don't do that.
[NORMAL VOICE] Let's just call the number.
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Just tell him how you feel.
Once you own it, Eric can't own you.
You're right.
It's easy.
I tell Kurt how I feel, then I tell Eric to shove it.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Hey, Kurt.
- How ya doing? - I'm great.
Listen, I was wondering if I could talk to you about something of a personal nature.
Car! I'm sorry.
That That keeps happening.
Wh Wh What were you saying? Don't worry about it.
See ya tomorrow.
We've got to erase that video.
I ca I can't do it.
You're nervous.
You're afraid that this person might reject you, and I'm not gonna lie to you There is a 50% chance it's gonna go really badly.
- Thanks.
- But there's also a 50% chance it's gonna go great.
I can't just dial a number willy-nilly.
I have to think this through.
The last time I rushed into something, I was the laughingstock of the FBI.
Okay, that sounds like a specific incident that you need to tell me about.
- Nope.
- Okay, great.
Then let's get right to dialing this number.
So, I was on this raid, and I didn't wait for backup, because I heard a baby inside.
[WHISPERING] No, I'm not waiting.
I'm going in.
I'm coming.
[ CRYING] Oh, for crying out loud.
The baby was on TV.
It was a PSA about secondhand smoke.
I almost got laughed out of the FBI.
[SIGHS] No wonder my parents didn't want me.
Would you like to know what stands out to me about that story? The fact that I risked my life for a television set? No.
You went in to save that baby without even thinking.
You went in that door because you were brave.
And I think that you should be brave right now and bust through this door for a real baby for Baby Alex.
Risk foolishness, and, this time, you might be rewarded.
Today, I will prove that I am no more incompetent than anyone else in this company.
Exhibit A.
This is Dinah from accounting shopping for cat toys online.
She is stealing company time.
Exhibit B.
Andrew in Sales.
He's not conducting any business, bathroom or otherwise.
He is literally sleeping on the job.
Exhibit C.
Cindy using the company photocopier to make baby-shower invitations.
Now, is this a happy occasion? Or an absolute abuse of company property? I don't even think she's really pregnant.
Now, I think I've proven that the bar of competence is set pretty low at Glemtech, and yet, somehow, my performance record is the worst in the company.
That's absurd.
Chelsea, will you please tell the room what my main topic of conversation at group is, apart from aliens and such? Your job.
What about my job? How you love it.
How you sold more computer-jack thingies than anybody else.
Super boring work stuff.
"Super boring work stuff.
" I talk so much about my job that it literally bores her.
Kelly, do you remember when you caught me crying outside the men's room just before group? Yeah.
It was It was intense.
And do you remember me saying that they were "happy tears" because I had gotten a new standing desk at work? No, I just remember the crying.
Well, there was no standing desk.
My co-workers just stole my chair.
Which is why I was crying.
Gerry, will you please look at the minutes for our group meeting on April 15th? Is there any mention of me wearing pajamas on that day? - No.
- Interesting.
Because it was Pajama Day at work.
But no one told me.
So there I stood like a pajama-less fool.
Now, on May 2nd.
Any notes about me wearing something unusual on that day? You wore a cowboy hat and a bolo tie.
That's right.
Because I was told it was Cowboy Day at work, but it wasn't.
That's messed up.
I was not fired from my job because I'm bad at it.
I was fired because no one likes the guy who talks about aliens.
Your Honor, I rest my case.
Again, I'm not a judge.
Do you have anything else you'd like to add? No, we're good.
Okay, we'll take a short recess while I review the case.
[CLEARS THROAT] You okay, Richard? Yeah, doing great.
Pretty sure I just won that thing.
It's not a snake.
- Take the phone, Alex.
- Mnh-mnh.
- Come on.
- I don't want to.
All right, look, I'm gonna dial the first number, and you dial the second.
Just did it.
You dial the second one.
All right, fine.
I'll dial the second.
Okay, now you do the third.
- Want to do the third? - Fine, I'll just Let me Okay.
You got it? You're good? You got it.
What kind of telephone is this? It's a land line.
I'm not a Millennial.
- It's ringing.
- Okay, good.
And I'm gonna throw up.
No, you're fine.
You're good.
- You got this.
It went to voice-mail.
- What do I do? - What does it say? "Leave a message after the beep.
" Okay.
Listen for the beep and then leave a message.
Hello, hello.
I'm Alex Foster, and I'm an orphan.
It's It's the truth.
It's the truth.
I'm calling you on the off chance that you're a family member or know who my my parents are.
Um, I was abandoned at a baby store as a newborn.
Actually, I didn't mean to use the word "abandoned.
" [STAMMERING] That sounded really accusatory, and I don't know what your deal is.
Maybe there was a really good reason for that.
[STAMMERING] Not that I'm blaming you or that you're even the person to blame.
And if you're not the person to blame, maybe you know who that person is so that you can Maybe kind of point me in the right direction of where to hunt them down.
It's enough.
It's good.
You're good.
Anyways, my past is my past, so "whatevs.
" Call me back.
Or don't call me back.
Either way.
But thank you for your time.
I love you.
Why did I don't know why I said I don't know why I said "I love you," that I love you.
- That was weird.
- Just hang up, I think.
We're done.
- I'm so sorry about that.
- Hang up.
- That was weird.
- Just hang up.
- Okay.
Okay, thanks a lot.
- Right.
- Good.
- How did I do? Did it give you the option to delete and re-record? - No.
- Okay.
Then you did perfect.
It's great.
Well, I think I did a pretty good job showing how terrible those guys are.
Honestly, Richard, we had no idea they were such jerks to you.
Did they really put a squirrel in your lunch box? You saw the evidence.
Those guys were dicks.
Sure it's a place you want to go back to, buddy? I love my job.
Look, no matter the outcome, you can always reinvent yourself, Richard.
I mean, look at me I'm a dancer and publisher now.
Who knows what I'm gonna be tomorrow.
The world's your oyster.
I'm allergic to shellfish, so I've made my decision.
Uh, just wink if I won.
Jeff, do you have to do that while I'm working? I'm just doing my job, because I'm a team player.
[WHISPERING] I tried to find the footage, but Eric locked me out of the system.
[WHISPERING] I'll try my access code.
Yeah, but if I can't get in, there's absolutely no - I'm in.
- Unbelievable.
The video's not here.
He must have it on a separate drive.
He's really serious about blackmailing you.
That six-sided son of a bitch! Wait a second.
What's this? [ BEEPING] It looks like he's charging.
- What? - [KEYBOARD CLACKING] He does it every day at the same time.
Jeff, this is our way to defeat Eric.
We grab him when he's charging.
"Jeff's Mutiny" is back in action.
[LOUDLY] Oh! You missed a spot.
[LOUDLY] Ohh! Well, thanks, Jonathan.
You're very helpful.
I'll be honest.
This was a weird case.
One side cites incompetence.
The other side cites belief in aliens.
Which is it? Aliens.
After reviewing all of the evidence, I think it's a cut-and-dry case of harassment.
It shouldn't matter that Richard's outlandish beliefs make him an easy target.
Richard was a competent employee by Glemtech standards.
Ah! Ya hear that? [MOCKINGLY] Competent.
Therefore, it is my decision that Richard Schultz is entitled to return to his previous position at Glemtech Manufacturing and he shall be awarded $75,000 for emotional damages.
- What?! - Yeah! - [LAUGHS] - Suck it, Glemtech! Congratulations! This is so wonderful! Oh.
Oh, you won! - For justice.
- Yes, Chelsea.
Justice for experiencers everywhere.
See you at work, mofos! I don't know, I don't know.
Who do you think it is? Do you think it's my family or someone who knows my family? Think I should leave another message? Listen, it's only been 15 minutes, okay? They could be at work or, you know, yoga or a movie or anything.
Well, that sounds like a pretty good life.
[TELEPHONE RINGS] Hello? Yes, yes.
She's right here.
[WHISPERING] Do you want some privacy? [WHISPERING] Don't you dare leave me.
Hello? This is Alex.
I'm sorry I'm [GROUP CHEERING] Congrats! - Congratulations! - What's going on? You just kicked Reptilian butt, that's what's going on.
We're celebrating you getting your job back.
In your pajamas? I don't understand.
We just thought that you deserved an actual Pajama Day.
You know, what they did to you at work was pretty mean.
Well, I-I don't have any pajamas, though.
- Well, we got you covered.
- Oh, guys! Aww! So, how was your first day back at work? Uh, I didn't go.
I quit.
You guys were right.
I-I don't need to be somewhere I'm not appreciated.
Besides, I've got 75 G's.
I don't have to work if I don't want to.
But I think I'll take a little time off, think about my next move.
Maybe I'll start my own business, and it'll be a company that doesn't discriminate against experiencers.
- Hear, hear! - So proud of you, Richard.
Oh, before we toast Richard, I just want to make sure that you're all coming to our Game Night tomorrow.
I know you all RSVP'd, but I thought an in-person head count was also necessary.
Y-Yeah, w-we'll be there, Gerry.
- Please stop texting.
- Very well, then.
- Yeah.
- To Richard.
- To Richard! - Thank you so much.
All right.
I need to reschedule my flight.
I just found out I have a sister.
Yes, I'll hold.
[WHISPERING] I have a sister! I have a sister! Anything could happen, and it could be right now But the choice is yours [WHISPERING] The mutiny happens tomorrow.
[WHISPERING] Is that what you wanted to tell me before? Yeah! Copy that.
[LOUDLY] Okay, well, I got to go scrub the other room.
This one is very clean.
[LOUDLY] Mm-hmm.
Ha ha ha! Well, you know me.
I love scrubbing! Finally It's complete.
Good job, Gerry.
I'm going to miss you when you're gone.