Peppa Pig (2004) s01e02 Episode Script

Mr. Dinosaur is Lost

I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is mommy Pig.
And this is daddy Pig.
George's favourite toy is Mr.
Dinosaur! George loves Mr.
Groar!!! Sometimes George likes to scare Peppa with Mr.
Groar!!! Eeek! It's scary! At supper time, Mr.
Dinosaur sits next to George.
I beg your pardon?! Was that you George, or was it Mr.
Dinosaur! At bath time, George shares his bath with Mr.
Groar!!! Goodnight Peppa! Goodnight mommy! Goodnight George and goodnight Mr.
Groar!!! When George goes to bed Mr.
Dinosaur is tucked up with him.
George's favourite game is throwing Mr.
Dinosaur up in the air.
And catching him when he falls back down.
Peppa and daddy Pig are playing draughts.
I win daddy!!! Oh! Well done, Peppa.
George?! George, what's the matter? Dinosaur.
George?! Have you lost Mr.
Dinosaur? George has lost Mr.
Dont' worry, George.
We'll find Mr.
It's a job for a detective.
Daddy, what is a de-tec-tive? A detective is a very important person who is good at finding things.
Me! Me! I'm good at finding things.
All right! Peppa is the detective.
George?! I'm the detective.
I will help you finding Mr.
Maybe the detective should ask George some simple questions.
George, where's Mr.
Dinosaur? George does not know where Mr.
Dinosaur is.
The detective could try and guess where Mr.
Dinosaur might be.
I know! I know where he is.
George always has Mr.
Dinosaur with him in the bath.
So, Mr.
Dinosaur is in the bath.
Dinosaur is not in the bath.
Oh! I know! I know where Mr.
Dinosaur is.
George always has Mr.
Dinosaur in his bed at night.
So, that's where he is.
Dinosaur is not in George's bed.
Oh! Maybe we should try the garden.
Yes, the garden! I was going to say that.
Where is Mr.
Dinosaur is very hard to find.
Oooh! Mr.
Dinosaur isn't anywhere.
George?! You do love to throw Mr.
Dinosaur in the air.
I wonder if this time you threw Mr.
Dinosaur just a bit too high.
There he is! There he is! I saw him first.
Well done, Peppa.
You really are a very good detective.
Groar!!! George is so happy to have Mr.
Dinosaur back again.
Maybe, itsn't a good idea to play with dinosaurs near trees.

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