Perpetual Grace, LTD (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Orphan Comb Death Fight

1 PAUL: How many kids did the fire-trainee guy have? The guy who burned holding your hose? 11 girls.
You ever think about having $2 million? It'd be easy, I'm saying.
PAUL: You gain my parents' total trust I can find your son.
PAUL: then we totally trick them to go to Mexico JAMES: There's a sheriff who oversees the county.
You have to go there, you have to pay him.
PAUL: It's not like we're hurting them.
We just get them out of the picture for a little while.
You totally take my identity I'm Paul.
Paul Allen Brown.
and then we take the total sum from their crooked church account.
This is gonna be easy.
They're just a couple of old people.
PA: I'm going to kill you, motherfucker.
Prepare for the Devil.
I shall deliver you unto his fucking kingdom come.
HECTOR: Check your e-mail.
He just killed a 24-year-old kid with a shoe.
- Paul Brown? - Yeah? - Can we talk? - What do you want to talk about? About the little girl.
You are a person of interest.
So I'm going to question you.
JAMES: What else didn't he tell me? What else? Perfecta.
PA: Order of business.
First, it's imperative I free myself from these handcuffs and place a call.
In order to do this, I need a simple thing.
I need the Spanish sheriff to buy a six-pack of beer, and in order to do this, I needn't scare, intimidate, or terrify him.
I just need, over the course of today's journey to a Mexican Super Max, to ensure that he has an awfully long day.
- SHERIFF DOLITTLE: Wesley, you can't use the station to question him.
But there's a closed-down barbershop in town that's as private as it gets.
- Richard Morgan.
No, no, please.
Richard Morgan, motherfucker.
Don't, please.
Don't, please.
- Fuck! Fuck, no! - [GUNSHOT.]
JUDGE: The plea of Guilty with Extenuating Circumstances allows a defendant to explain in his words what circumstances accompanied the commission of his crime.
The defendant may proceed with this phase of his plea.
NEW LEAF: It was a question of honor.
Your Honor my honor, Your Honor.
He snookered my mom.
She paid $6,000 for a new roof expecting a dense, concrete composite, and he snookered her with b.
planks of compressed paper painted over.
Rip job.
Pure rip.
And then he called her an F'ing "B" in her driveway.
Only he didn't just use letters in the manner that I just did, and he did that in front of my elderly dad, Kevin, who was made, I am sure in that moment, to feel weak.
And then he called my dad, in front of my mom, a "P".
JUDGE: What's that? A A "P"? It's for "pussy" Your Honor.
Which I am not.
I have honor, Your Honor.
Which that guy learned, at his terrified end there, near third base.
WOMAN: What makes LensCrafters a more conservative franchising opportunity than, say, a Kinkos or a Subway, are your soft fees.
Yes? Are franchisees locked into factory contracts for the hard costs of, say, frames or lenses? Good question.
Thank you.
Uh, they are not.
Thank you.
LensCrafters franchisees are Um, yes? Can I add [CLEARS THROAT.]
I just wanna add this is my first furlough earned through 900 hours of prison rodeo clowning, which is, you know, tough on the bod.
But I have researched multiple franchising opportunities, and LensCrafters, can I say, is just number one? So, I used my first furlough to come here today and to get to know you here a little, as I hope to be applying for a franchise soon.
And though I am a convicted felon, soon I'll be released, and my only conviction then will be to get customers into frames that allow them to see better and also fit their unique style and personality.
Thank you.
No problem.
NEW LEAF: And now, bullet point 11, on why you should invest in a LensCrafters and in me, is my awesome attention to detail.
Ah, "G" damn it.
- KEVIN: Awfully close there, son.
- I know.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I just can't get this dang thing straight.
Hang in there.
There she goes, there she goes.
All right.
And as we'll see coming up in bullet point 12, LensCrafters is your most conservative franchising opportunity due to your soft costs.
One stipulation.
Name her.
We want you to join us.
Really join us.
Join you where? Join us at Our Lady.
Ah! Dang! [SIGHS.]
Let me tell you what that means, my little demo of old man power.
You got a lot of time left to get strong, young man.
You got a lifetime left.
It's just fine, son, for your life to start now.
My, um My mother and father, Kevin and Denise I know them well.
Well, they're elderly.
The old stork brought a surprise when the old stork brought me.
And I've been a dis worse than a disappointment.
Whatever that is.
All kids are mixed blessings.
Wish I was mixed.
Aiming for it.
If I can right my ship with this franchise opportunity and other ways, now.
Which other ways? Loving them.
Treating them right.
Being not worse than a fucking disappointment.
Come on over here.
All over, at this moment, all over, people are falling down.
- Okay, sir.
- You're on your feet now.
I got you.
- Okay, sir.
- No, just call me Pa.
Everyone does.
Okay, Pa.
Starting now, right? Yeah, starting now.
NEW LEAF: Slower going than we were hoping, but But what? Well, uh, my mom and dad said they could, uh, bolster us through the third quarter here.
They'd bolster us through it.
Your parents' accounts are Our Lady accounts.
They invest through a greater account the church controls, Tracy.
I know it.
That's That's why I'm here to get it.
Little to get.
What? Little to get left there.
We're cursed, your parents and me.
How? Cursed with sons.
I have one.
Loved him through it all, like your mother and father, Kevin and Denise, have loved you through it all.
Through violence, through your ugliness, Tracy.
Then he returned after a prodigal period.
And I made the great mistake of placing faith in him.
The way Kevin and Denise placed faith in you.
Then gone with some of our funds, my son.
So, if our store goes, they can't bolster us through, then, uh, what, they lost they lost it all, Pa? Everything that they put in to get it started? All their savings? I'm afraid so, Tracy.
"Cursed with sons", as the saying goes.
What's the What's the saying? "Blessed with faith, cursed with sons.
" What's that mean? Sons fuck up.
Don't they, son? What's your boy's name? Paul Allen.
Paul Allen Brown.
How fucking long is he gonna keep us here? Isn't he supposed to rotate that fucking thing now and then? Hey! Aren't you supposed to rotate that thing now and then? Just another moment.
Seriously, man.
My kid's waiting at daycare! Just another moment.
Fucking unbelievable! Can I go at some point this winter? Guy? Einstein? Seriously, come on! Fucking idiot.
Oh, fuck.
Just trying to keep you safe, motherfucker! MAN: Jesus Christ! I'll fucking rotate that shit for you, bitch! JAILER: Paul Allen Brown? One day you'll, buy a ride on a comet And you'll ride into the sunset Of a planet that's beyond it Beyond the wall Of all there is And you will stash it in your pocket And you'll take it to Manhattan Where your grandma's 10, and you are 10 You're not a family man, you're best friends And you will hold it together Under the oldest running water Of the river of each other With the power of the future One day you'll ride into the dawning Of the morning of the dreaming And the sundown of the nearing The evening of Of the living Perpetual Grace, LTD 1x02 Orphan Comb Death Fight/font JAILER: Paul Allen Brown? Shit.
Paul Brown? Yeah? Get the fuck up.
Getting out today, Paul Allen? Uh, I hope so.
Me too.
'Cause I'm getting out today, too.
So I'm Wesley Walker.
I'm a Texas Ranger.
This is New Mexico.
Aware of that.
The Rangers have a jurisdictional alliance with other states.
It means I bring Texas with me when it concerns murder.
Murder? Paul, how did you come to know Theresa Williams? From Just from the area.
From Greater Austin? Yes.
At times.
At times? Yeah.
What does that mean? Just yeah.
You have an interesting history.
Thank you.
Oh, I don't know.
That wasn't a compliment.
There are gaps in it.
Why don't you just tell me about yourself? My father runs a church here.
And he had the church in Greater Austin.
"Paul Brown is cool.
He taught me cool stuff.
His dad is our new preacher.
" That's from her diary, written two weeks before we found her handcuffed and dead on a riverbed.
Six years ago, just before you went missing.
Now here you are.
What did you teach her? What "cool stuff"? I have to be going.
Going where? I should be going.
My mother and father were killed.
I'm sorry.
There's a thousand awful odds and ends and I They were killed two days ago in Mexico.
In Mexico? Yeah.
Someone has been trying very hard to reach you from Mexico.
You've had four calls from there.
You can get it.
It's cool.
I'll get it after I get out of here.
I have sad calls to make.
Can we talk later? We can.
You probably have more questions.
Oh, I do.
That's awful.
How's that? About the riverbed.
That's awful.
And I want to help.
As soon as this family moment passes, I'll be of all the help I can.
Thank you.
Can I go? You always could go.
I'm just asking some questions.
Someone put me in a cell.
That was me.
I wanted to sharpen you up.
We're discussing your potential involvement in a capital crime, a murder.
Which, in Texas, carries with it a dark consequence.
Maybe it's good to have some time to think about your important answers.
Are you allowed to do that? I'm a Texas Ranger.
Your name's Walker.
What's that? "Walker Texas Ranger".
And? And that's Chuck Norris.
Chuck what? Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris.
You can say it all you want, I don't know who that is.
It's a show.
I don't watch shows.
Lift your left pant leg, please.
What? I applied for and was granted a court order, granted due to your long stretches of disappearance.
Lift your left pant leg.
The state of Texas can't risk you disappearing again.
The order allows for your detention if you refuse.
Go on.
Lift your pant leg, Brown.
As a person of interest in the murder of Theresa Sincere Williams, you are obligated to an accounting of your whereabouts.
Hey! How's your eyesight? What? How's your eyesight, guy? It's pretty good.
Good for you, guy.
Although Although, what? The muscular harness that holds your pupil fatigues over time.
Vision weakens.
Happens to us all.
And we all have to go over to McCallen for fucking eyewear now because there's not an eyewear store in Half Acre.
No problem.
See ya.
There used to be.
Used to be what? An eyewear specialty store.
A LensCrafters.
It was cool.
Prompt service, a real customer-first kind of place, and free eye exams for juniors under 14.
It's gone.
Guess I'll go over to McCallen when my harness fatigues or whatever.
You will.
Yeah, you sure will.
See ya, man.
Oh, $26,000 back.
Or I'm gonna get ya.
You know what I'm talking about.
Kind of.
PAUL: I'm at kung fu practice.
I can't meet you right now.
Meet me in an hour, and I'll explain everything.
Kung fu practice? This dude just sort of arrested me, Paul.
Yah! Fuck.
Hey, you still have him? HECTOR: Yeah, he's secure.
He's in the ice cream van.
In the ice cream van? Yeah.
What's so secure about an ice cream van? Why Why isn't he in a cell or something? Oh, no, he's going to a cell.
I'm taking him to a Super Max.
We only have two in the whole I'm I'm taking him to Monterrey.
In an ice cream van? Uh, yeah.
I mean, no, it's it's secure.
It's It's a fake ice cream truck.
It's what we use to transport cartel members due to cartel killing guards in the regular prison transport vans - in escapes.
- That's fucked up.
Yeah, well, it gets even more fucked up.
How? Well, sometimes we have the cartels driving up in beer trucks or, uh, mattress factory fake trucks.
And so, sometimes here you see ice cream guys shooting it out with mattress delivery guys.
It's Mexico.
- Fucked up.
- Yeah, but, uh, they ain't chasing after this old weird guy, so I-I think we should be okay.
What? I need $2,000.
What? Yeah, man.
Like, right now.
I have a fucking ankle thing on my ankle.
I have a situation with my angel.
This has fucked up my plan.
I bought her a bracelet with a money order.
I was gonna put the cash in to cover it.
Look, my wife gonna look at my bank balance, and here I am hauling this guy to a Super Max.
Also, you should've told me this old guy is not just an old guy.
I didn't know that, man.
His son didn't tell me.
Yeah, there's a lot of stuff he didn't tell me.
I'm I'm standing out here wearing a fucking ankle bracelet.
Yeah, well, that's what I bought her, an ankle bracelet.
Now I'm in this bad situation.
It's not that kind of bracelet.
What kind is it? It's the kind that an old Texas Ranger puts on you for a murder.
- Yeah.
- I need that money, man.
Get that thing off, get the fuck down here.
Well, how do I get it off? It's like a fucking metal cage.
There's a way, man.
It happens here.
If you go to the emergency room, they'll take it off.
They have emergency tools.
If you get bit by a rattlesnake.
What? What? I'm supposed to just find a find a fucking rattlesnake? Yeah, man.
You're in New Mexico.
They're everywhere.
Go find a rattlesnake, let it bite you, go to the emergency room.
They'll take it off, give you the antidote, then get the fuck down here and put that money in the bank, or I'm gonna let go of this fucking crazy, old guy, man.
I swear.
I'm I'm sorry, man, but my wife, she's gonna see our bank balance, and she's gonna she can be so cruel to me in front of our sons.
Make me seem small in their eyes, you know? When you get to be my age, it's hard not to put on pounds, you know what I'm saying, and once they're on, they ain't coming off, and She taunts me, man.
She's cruel, you know? It does harm to my relationship with me and my sons.
Anyway, I'm I'm I'm afraid of her.
So, money, man.
Or I'm gonna let him go.
Let's exercise.
Fuck you.
Come on, man.
I mean, just exercise like It's It's good for your frame of mind on these long trips where you're restrained.
Look, we allow prisoners exercise breaks.
Come on.
You exercise.
I'm in tip-top.
You're a fat fuck.
Oh, come on, man.
Let your blood flow.
Spanish fatty.
Just so you know, five years ago, I was in pretty good shape.
I got a little stressed out with things at home now.
You know what? Get the fuck back in the ice cream van.
I need a beer.
PA: I was 7 when it dawned on me there was no God, the afternoon they wheeled my mom on past, and on the way out, banged her head on the front doorframe.
- [THUD.]
- I can still hear that sound.
Softer than you'd think.
More give, like a fruit.
Like some melon, but less use then to me.
Aunts? None.
Uncles? No.
Cousins? One, lockup.
Father? [LAUGHS.]
Next day, orphan comb death fight.
Fucking fights for my fucking comb.
It wasn't about the fucking comb.
It was about the fucking fight.
Fucking fighting to put me bottom.
For a certain sort of person, when he finds himself there, all he thinks about is getting into the middle, then getting on fucking top.
I'm this sort, and no one took my fucking comb.
Care to know why there's never been any Mexicans on the moon? Don't talk.
You know, I've never really thought about it.
Okay, why not? Nations in space Americans, Russians, Chinese, the English, never a Mexican.
Why not? Ambition, assertiveness, can-do attitudes, all of which are required for that monumental endeavor.
- Yeah? - Mexicans don't have those.
- Whoa.
- Home of the siesta.
That's Spain.
Shut the fuck up.
Fatty takes a nap.
Fatty's had it.
Shut the fuck up.
I'm resting my eyes.
I've been driving all day with my eyes in the sun.
Men are writing novels at this moment, Dozer.
Well, I am writing a novel, too, by the way, you fucking asshole.
It's more like a detective novel.
I have 36 pages, and it's pretty good, so shut the fuck up.
God damn it.
PA: There are a few psychological techniques I happened on to get topwise.
"Starting today", I call one used to dupe, say, damaged parishioners into believing I can help them via accessing their savings, change their lives for the better.
Its counterpart I call "Starting tomorrow".
Starting tomorrow is a technique I enjoy whereby I quietly break a person's fortitude down, inspiring in them feelings of self-loathing, which results in them relinquishing important degrees of control.
I make them, without them knowing, simply say "fuck it", and lapse back into shaky behavior, despair, and in that state, I prey on them.
You've begun moderate crown balding.
You should cap back up.
Stay capped, Pedro my two cents.
Shut the fuck up my two cents.
Also, during your lunch, two man-sized baskets of tortilla chips.
Good decision? Sitting well with you, you gluttonous fucker? Jesus Christ.
May I have one of those beers? No, it's against regulations.
Is it against regulations to conspire to abduct a fucking elderly couple and Yeah.
Well, I I-I had my reasons, and no harm will come to you, okay? May I have one of those beers, please? My mind is racing with concern for my wife.
She's safe.
I'm sick to my stomach.
I need settling.
Don't be.
She's okay, and you're gonna be okay in a couple of weeks.
No one was gonna get hurt, and you're the only one who's hurt anyone so far, by the way.
What? This is tedium, rolling on, just rolling on here.
Tell me about this detective novel.
Oh, okay.
Um, it's, uh, sort of a thriller with a little whodunit action, based on some real events of mine, some exciting real events of mine.
And, um, some really cool inventions and an elaborate plot line.
Small-town mayor gets murdered in the middle of the fucking night.
And, um, the sexy guy sheriff has to go up against the system to solve it.
And he has this new young lady partner.
The lady did it.
How the fuck did you know that? The story's inane.
May I have a beer? No.
W-What's "inane"? May I have just one beer, please? What's inane? It'll hurt your feelings.
Just give me a beer, and then we can be quiet for some time.
Look, I-I worked on this thing a really long time now.
It means, um, fucking stupid, uh, simple-minded.
Um, it's immensely familiar, your story.
From what? From other shitty detective stories.
Shut the fuck up again.
What? I-I don't under Unexceptional, lesser, weak.
It took me five years to write that thing.
36 pages, 5 years You know what? I got a lot going on.
I got a family.
That's seven pages a year.
Little more.
Not much more.
Shut the fuck up.
Are you hopeful this dreck will distinguish you? Add honor and accomplishment to a life that has little? Shut the fuck up, please.
Should be in the bin.
Quiet, man.
Chuck it.
Shut the fuck up.
Move on to the next failure.
Okay, if I give you a beer, will you shut the fuck up? Yes.
Okay? JAMES: Excuse me? I'm looking for the comptroller of the Perpetual Grace Church Scotty Sholes.
I'm Scotty Sholes.
I'm Paul Brown.
Stop walking toward me.
I'm What? Don't walk closer to me.
Like, closer than this? Remain across the field.
But I have to tell you something, and I don't wanna shout it.
'Cause it's personal.
Don't sit close to me.
Your father had a unique Their assets are in trust, held by Our Lady of Perpetual Grace, Limited.
The simplest way to proceed would be to dissolve the trust and assign control of the assets to you.
But it's going to take some time to process the estate, particularly given its value, which is greater than $4 million.
Like two weeks? Two weeks? Yeah.
Are you retarded? A-Am I what? Retarded? That seems that word, uh out of character.
- For who? - You.
You don't know my character.
I know yours, though.
You're rotten.
And retarded.
I guess.
It'll take 90 days.
No less.
It's Perpetual Grace, Limited, not Inc.
JAMES: You tell a guy that, man.
If you're asking this guy to be you, you tell a guy you're a person of special interest.
PAUL: I didn't know! Well, what do you know about it? 'Cause, man, that's fucked up.
No way.
No way what? No way, man.
- What? - Never, ever.
I would never, ever hurt someone.
Check it out.
Magic, man! Remember? It's my thing.
I was teaching her escapes.
She was a cool kid.
And she was really good.
But she pushed it, I guess.
Poor thing.
There was no killing, man.
I would never, ever.
She was a magic kid.
Let's stay the plan.
We're close.
I hurt someone, man.
Pawn shop kid.
I cracked him in the head.
Gotta wear a fucked-up helmet now.
$4 million.
You could buy that kid a a really cool helmet.
Like a Like a gold helmet or something.
Fuck what? Fuck, all right.
All right.
All right.
Now, let's go get you bit by a rattlesnake! Let me try something less rattlesnake first.
Remember me? Yeah.
You bought me a shake, taught me some vocab.
- Paul.
- Yeah.
I appreciate that, because small talk's really the only kind of talk I got.
So, I'm new in town.
Yeah, I don't really have any friends here, except for you.
Wonder if you'd do me a favor? I need someone to go to Mexico for a day, today.
Are we friends? I bought you that shake.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, well, don't you think we need like a couple more shared experiences Well, this can be one, totally.
What can? You going to Mexico for me.
For what? Give a guy some money.
I would, but I have this parent thing, this dead-parent thing that's - Yeah.
- you know.
Um, is it illegal? No.
He's a cop.
What? What? You just said, "Ow.
" Oh.
It hurts.
What hurts? My head.
Shiny things hurt my head.
Like, shiny things.
Like diamonds or Yeah.
Or, like, light.
Light? Yes.
Like any light, that's like all around? Like, natural, like, normal light? Yes.
What's the prognosis? The what? What's the doctor say your head will feel like in, like, future tomorrows? In future tomorrows, my head will I don't know, man.
Sometimes words hurt in my head, and I have to stop listening.
Words? Yes, words.
What, like like all sounds? Yes.
And all light? Yes.
All light and all sounds hurt your head? Yes.
So Fuck.
What are you supposed to do, just walk around in a blindfold and earmuffs for the rest of your life? Yeah, they're just, um they're in the wash, 'cause I've been wearing them nonstop, so [DRYER SIGNAL BUZZES.]
Excuse me.
So you were saying you want me to go to Mexico and do something important? Cool.
Let's do it.
I'm gonna get back to you on the Mexico thing.
Looking forward.
Never really been out of Kilroy.
All right.
See ya.
Take care, man.
HECTOR: Want me to throw out your beer? PA: I'm still working on it.
Got one beer left.
You want it? Thank you, no.
I'm not quite done with this one.
Get it.
Get the rhythm.
Get the rhythm.
There we go.
There we fucking go.
Get it.
Get the rhythm.
Get the rhythm.
There we go.
There we fucking go.