Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e11 Episode Script

Catch Me If You Can

Welcome to the Velvet Room.
I see you have formed another new bond after overcoming a fierce battle.
It is the Lovers Arcana.
I am certain this power will be of assistance.
The Lovers, eh? Taken in moderation, romance can fertilise the heart, but if taken to excess it will devour you.
Glaciers of ideas importing to my friends then exporting to the next Keeping it open we want no closing Even without doughs our thoughts can be dope and This mind train no one can stop And act of thinking is terrible to stop We just wanna change up, not drop And my crew can rock it, like uprock Life is tedious, if it ain't flowing Copy and paste? Constant defaulting? Put my courage to it, begin showing off That's the way we wanna live Keep going Yeah What was so much of transparency Turned into bright expectation My instinct tells me to keep going together Going together It's breathtaking moments in life Addicted to it, minds craving more and more I'm believing you and I can do anything We can change the world Hey, sky's the limit, we can spread wings Through roadless travel, together we go It's his fault.
It's his! His fault! Critical hit !! Dragon boss Mitsuo Well? Did you see that? I did it! I'm amazing.
Wasn't this supposed to be a peaceful town? Doujima-san? Serial murders, huh? Damn it! What the hell? I thought the victims were limited to people shown on TV! I've never seen Morokin on TV before.
He didn't even appear on the Midnight Channel.
Damn, why did this happen? I thought we figured some stuff out, but maybe it was all a big coincidence.
Midnight Channel might not even be related to the murders.
That can't be Then why is Morokin dead? I don't know.
M-My bad! I got short with you.
This was beyond us.
There's no way we could catch someone eluding the cops.
What's with that? Didn't you get involved because it's over the cops' heads? The killer will stay at large if we get weak-kneed now! Are you cool with that? Huh?! None of us ordered this! It's on the house.
Normally we only offer this on rainy days.
T-That's It takes understanding to accept everything, knowledge to set a good pace, courage to attack the pile of meat, and diligence to keep eating.
It takes all of that to finish off this special nikudon! Thanks, but why? Eat before it gets cold.
Well, let's chow down.
I eat and eat and still can't see the rice! Meat, meat, grease, grease and meat.
Seriously, what's with this monster? But we've made a dent in it I think! The serving's way too big! I don't think I'll reach the bottom.
But we'll get there if we keep pressing on.
Yeah, you're right! We'll get there eventually if we keep at it.
Mmhmm, I'm sure of it! Yeah, damn straight! We may not be able to see it now, but regardless, we gotta keep going.
I really can't see the bottom of the bowl.
That's all?! You really are a weirdo.
We gained a lot from that battle.
It's 3,000 yen each.
Wasn't it on the house?! If Morokin got thrown into the TV, Kuma might know something.
Plus, I'm worried he's still deflated Huh? What're workers doing here? I hope they haven't found out about the TV.
Hi there! Is something the matter? Oh, Yosuke Great timing! Kumada-san came by.
Huh? Kumada? This is bliss.
Wow, he's here! This chair is pretty bearific! You look comfy.
W-What are you doing here? You finally showed up! I've been waiting.
Kuma-san, is it wise to leave the TV? You can? Of course I can, since there's an exit.
It just never occurred to me before.
But I got beary interested in your world after hanging out with you.
Yeah, that happens! I just knew Sensei would understand! Oh, someone asked for my name, so I said, "I'm Kuma, duh"! Thus the Kumada, huh? Oh, Kumakichi! We need to ask you something.
Huh? So you're absolutely positive no one went into the TV? That's what I keep saying! I was all by my bearsome self as I worked to recovery.
Which means that Morokin never went inside.
So he was killed in our world Do you think the killer murdered him in the real world since he wasn't succeeding with the TV? Sounds likely.
We've already saved three people in a row.
So he's getting impatient.
Phew, I'm roasting! Off it goes! C-Cut that out! Kids are watching! Geez! You'll scare the kids if they see an empty mascot moving around.
I'm not empty anymore! Off it goes! Phew, what a nice breeze! Someone's inside him! Y-You're Ehh?! N-No way I feel all revitalized! I grew this in a jiffy so Chie and Yukiko'd flirt with me.
You grew insides just to flirt? How many times must you bring that up? Say, got any clothes on hand? I'm like a newborn baby! Don't you dare drop your drawers! He needs clothes! He grew a human body inside himself? Good for him.
Stop it! What the hell is that bear?! Huh? What are you looking at, Doujima? The people who recently went missing.
I don't think they're unrelated to the serial murders.
More importantly, did you hear about that boy detective? The one helping with the investigation? He's still a kid What were our superiors thinking? It's no wonder since we haven't made any progress.
I blame this on you for bringing in that weirdo.
Ouch! Uh, are you Kuma? Yes, that's right.
What do you think? Brilliant! Seriously, don't encourage him.
No way.
Who is he really? I was shocked at first, but he's definitely our Kuma-kun.
Honestly, he hasn't changed to the point that it's frustrating.
He went nuts in the lady's department.
I did? You can't follow your instincts when you're in this form, got it? This is my first time here Sorry.
We aren't angry with you.
Thank goodness! I was afraid you hated me.
Huh? Come to think of it, where's Kuma-kun's head? Oh, they have some! What do you want? Got a problem? You're rude, you damn brat.
I'll show you what happens if you cross me.
Understanding Generous Knowledge Informed Diligence Strong Courage Brave Expression Persuasive Courage Brave Diligence Strong Knowledge Informed Expression Persuasive Understanding Generous Onii-chan! Can I help you? W-Who're you? Are you okay? Yeah.
Thank you, Onii-chan.
But what are you doing here? Took ya long enough.
I had to stop by my house.
Oh, my pretty head! I'm glad you came back to me.
Thank you.
Sensei, you're so nice! Isn't it great that you aren't empty anymore? Yeah, but I still don't know anything about myself.
Let's look for your true inner self together.
Sensei! Yeah! We'll catch the real me.
Why is he exploding with energy? He's been like this the whole time.
It's like everything's new to him.
Fine, take this.
What's this for? Get some popsicles and share them with Kuma.
Wow, you're a rich man.
That's Junes' prince for you.
Oh, what's this, Hanamura? You're acting like a senpai! Huh? I see.
Hanamura, you really are an adult.
Thank God you're an adult.
Adults don't sweat the small stuff, right? I know you're up to something.
You see, we charged whatever we couldn't cover for Kuma's clothes to your account.
You what?! I'm paying?! What the hell?! No one told me about this! I can't help that we didn't have enough money.
Junes' clothes are really expensive.
Okay, baby! Don't fight over me.
Shut up! This is all your fault! Why'd you put it on my account without asking?! C'mon, let's get some popsicles, Kuma.
Because I don't have any money! Give me a sec! Then don't buy clothes! These are for Rise-chan.
You're saying he was fine the way he was? Sensei, please give them to her.
Of course not! Then what do you want? Sure, you got it.
At least cover half the tab! Say, this may take them a while, so why don't we go? No.
Pay! No.
Pay! No.
Please pay.
I'll treat you! Sounds good.
Then give me a steak.
Let's leave them be.
That defeats the point! My, I see you came after all.
Aren't you Hey! What now?! It's him Here to appease Kujikawa Rise next? Narukami! Oh, so you're all here.
I still haven't introduced myself.
I'm Shirogane Naoto, a detective.
I am currently helping the police investigate the serial murders.
A detective? Right! Actually, may I ask for your take on something? W-What is it? Wasn't our latest victim, Moroka-san Kinshiro, a teacher at your school? What of it? The second victim, Konishi Saki, attended the same school.
The media is solely focusing on that, but that isn't important.
Something far more important is off.
Like? What're you getting at? Moroka-san was never aired on TV.
What does that mean? Beats me.
Very well.
I simply want to close this case as quickly as possible.
I've got my eye on you.
What was that about? Sorry for bringing you out here.
My grandma would get worried if she overheard our discussion.
Are you feeling any better? I'm fine now.
But man, this bites.
Risechi, are you sure you didn't see the guy's face? I was in the other world when I regained consciousness.
It's just like with Kanji-kun and me.
Um, well What is it? Well, thank you for saving my life.
It made me happy! Don't sweat it! You're so cute! I just realized you really are the real Risechi! Hey, Senpai.
Would you be in trouble with me? Do you need my help? Yeah.
I'd feel secure with you around.
Yup, yup! Are these proof I'm one of you? Everyone was wearing them in the TV, weren't they? We're happy to work with you.
Yep! Now we're friends.
Friends with Risechi I finally get to enjoy my sweet teens! Is that story about Morokin legit? Apparently it is.
It was on TV! More importantly, is it true Risechi transferred to our school? Oh, good morning.
As of today, I will be taking Moroka-sensei's place as your homeroom teacher.
I'm Kashiwagi Noriko.
Nice to meet you! Not to move on, but finals are next week.
Don't neglect your studies because I've bewitched you.
From Morokin to Kashiwagi.
Talk about an intense combo! She's well endowed.
Finals are coming up? I totally forgot about them.
Yukiko! I saw him yesterday! Not him! Hey, come with me, Yukiko.
Come to my world! Hey! Back off! What's with you? Keep out of this! Yukiko, you'll come with me, won't you? Right? Uh, who are you? We've never met, have we? Whoa, you totally wiped him from your memory.
You dare defy me?! I I! Who're you? You need Senpai for something? Moron! You'll regret this! What's his problem? I am the killer.
I can't believe Risechi retired I commited all of the murders in Inaba.
I can't believe Risechi retired I commited all of the murders in Inaba.
I am the killer.
Yeah, sure.
And I've reported you in.
I commited all of the murders in Inaba.
I am the killer.
Yeah, sure.
And I've reported you in.
Attention hog.
Attention hog.
Yeah, sure.
And I've reported you in.
Attention hog.
Let's discuss Risechi's ass.
Yeah, sure.
And I've reported you in.
Attention hog.
Let's discuss Risechi's ass.
Let's discuss Risechi's ass.
Attention hog.
Risechi's washed up.
Kanami Mashita's going to be the new Let's discuss Risechi's ass.
Don't be rash.
Don't kill anyone.
Wait, I guess you already- Really? Like for real? Don't be rash.
Don't kill anyone.
Wait, I guess you already- Really? Like for real? Risechi could fight for another ten years.
I hope for a comback! Really? Like for real? Don't be rash.
Don't kill anyone.
Wait, I guess you already- Don't be rash.
Don't kill anyone.
Wait, I guess you already- Risechi could fight for another ten years.
I hope for a comback! Risechi could fight for another ten years.
I hope for a comback! Don't be rash.
Don't kill anyone.
Wait, I guess you already- Mitsuo-chan, it's dinnertime! Mitsuo-chan! If you're the killer, you have to prove it.
Dont encourage 292.
Let's turn him in.
I'll prove it to you ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Finals are over at last Why bother with English? I'd just hire an interpreter if I needed it.
Dat'sh not dza point.
So how did you do, Senpai? My pen was moving too fast for its own good.
Wow! Most impressive, Senpai.
By the way, where's Kuma-san? Isn't he living with you, Hanamura? Oh, him.
He's working for his keep as our mascot.
So you forced him to wear that.
You reverted him back.
What's up, guys? Let me join in if you're stud hunting.
Don't bring that up anymore! This is more like a group date than picking each other up.
It's even 3-3! We'd never have a group date with you guys.
Well, Morokin would snap and start screaming at us if we were.
Morokin He was an ass.
I didn't like him, either.
No one ever liked that creep.
But geez, no one deserves to die like that.
Let's catch the killer.
Midnight Channel hasn't been airing lately But still That won't be necessary.
They've identified the culprit.
You should leave the rest to the police.
They've identified the culprit? Who is it? They didn't tell me.
I just know that he is a high school student like us.
The killer is a high schooler? As such, I imagine your little game is up.
We aren't playing around.
A game?! Aren't you the one playing around? You don't deny your involvement? I don't care if you're some detective, you're just solving puzzles! You're the one treating it like a game! Someone dear to me was killed.
I'm not playing around here.
Besides, we made a promise.
Yo-Yo-Yo-Yosuke! I'm playing around, eh? You may be right.
So what's our oh-so-famous detective doing here? Did they give you the boot after they caught the killer? My job is over, now that they know who the culprit is.
But I admit it's sad that they're through with me once my job's done.
But I'm used to it.
You're Well, I'm going now.
Is it all over? I don't know.
If what he said is true Are we done gathering together like this? I heard they identified the culprit.
What, so they caught him? It looks like Shirogane's story was for real.
What's left for us to do? There's nothing left.
Not yet.
Well, it's raining, so let's check Midnight Channel.
Right, let's check it out.
No time to waste, but make your pace It's okay to remove copy and paste I'm doing my way.
You do it your way Don't just follow your left, find the right way Stereotypes Too many hypes I'm the epitome of new types Having the fear is power to my soul Cuz I overcome them That's how I roll Expose your thoughts Don't be afraid of making mistakes Rules prevailing in That may be your greatest rival Believe in faith and your heart Your true soul Stop being in the shades Come on out in the open sun Beauty of the child of destiny Delightful days are rich with density of love Thorny path, there's no easy way for real bliss So I keep on fighting for beauty of destiny You think you're paying attention to me, don't you? You think you know me.
Then catch me if you can.
You see that? Yeah, let's go! All guys like games! I'll get him in one attack.
How'd you get here? It'd be nice if everyone came to visit again.
I am nothingness! Master, you're up! I said I killed them!