Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

A Stormy Summer Vacation (1)

Welcome to the Velvet Room.
I see you have overcome your harshest battle to date.
You've done well! I believe you are in need of some time to rest and rejuvenate.
There may not be much time left, but there is value in occasionally doing as you wish.
Hide and seek, it wants to play again.
Like a detective, I won't let it get away.
Its constantly costuming with loads of fake.
I will strip-search if I have to.
No I’m not afraid to know it no, no, no.
I am so determined.
To chase after what's hidden, and seize this day, this moment.
Wanna know! And I keep accelerate.
Wanna go! Ignition, turned on.
Its both the time to drive to truth.
Wanna seize! Stranger than any movies.
Wanna seize! Ignorance is not bliss.
They say that truth will out! Can't keep on hiding.
There's no turning back now! I'm gonna go on, I'm gonna go get what I want! Did you catch a cold? You poor thing Now you won't get cold.
Goodbye, Fox-san! I heard you came home drenched yesterday.
What happened to your umbrella? I lost it Oh, jeez We just bought that! I'm sorry I'm back.
Welcome home! Oh, you were out late.
I was busy I'm back.
Welcome home! Should I warm up your dinner? Sorry, but I already ate.
You did Nanako, have you heard of Neo Featherman? Yeah, everyone loves him.
I see heroes these days are something else, aren't they? It's Customer Appreciation Day every day at Junes! I'm back Come see and experience it! Hey, you! I hear you've been coming home late! Eh, yeah I guess.
There's wasabi in it Did you forget to wipe it off? Here, I'll do that for you.
What will it be? Halibut! You're so mature, Nanako-chan! Hmmm, I'll have urchin roe Why, you! That was the only one! You snooze, you lose.
Anyway, moving on to Yu! You've been acting strange lately So, do you have a girl? You do, don't you? You have a girl! It's not a girl.
Hey, Doujima-san! We may have solved the case, but don't drink too much! Hey, Yu! Y-Yes? If it isn't a girl, what's keeping you out so late? Actually Since when were you such a tease? Yu, that was a riot! What's wrong? Just leave me alone.
Still, that killer was something else.
I can't believe the serial killer was a high school kid.
But I'm glad we caught him.
His fingerprints were on the victims clothes, so I'd say this case is closed! If you doubt the one you love, solve the case promptly with the power of magic! Leave the investigation up to us! I'm the Magical Detective Loveline! I'm off Take care! Alrighty! Leave the investigation up to me! I'm the Magical Detective Loveline! Want me to fill you with holes?! He's the culprit! We're on the scene! Huh? Nana-chan, what are you doing? Oh, Mast- Stop that! Huh? Why? I'm trailing him.
Trailing him, eh? Hmm, my nose says to go this way! But onii-chan is over there! Come on! Just trust me! My stomach's going to sink into my back! Kuma-san, where's onii-chan? It's all round Want me to fill you with holes?! Roly-poly, roly-poly Roly-poly, roly-poly, roly! It's Loveline! Roly-poly, roly-poly, roly-poly! We lost him Roly-poly, roly-poly, roly-poly, roly! Let's try again tomorrow! This is our little secret! I'm the Magical Detective, Loveline! Want me to fill you with holes?! I'll get to the bottom of this today! Huh? Where'd he go? Nanako-chan? What's with the costume? I can't believe Yu is making poor Nanako-chan worry! But you have to admit, Senpai hasn't been hanging out with us lately.
No good He isn't picking up.
Then let's go look for him.
Sounds good! There's no point in dwelling on it.
Nanako-chan, we'll help out, so let's give it our all! Yeah, thank you! Withered flowers forget what they wept for day after day.
Withered flowers blossom in the stream of tears.
They still think of the cause Turning misery into meaningfulness.
Changing day after day-ay-ay-ay Turning misery into meaningfulness Phew, I'm beat.
Are you okay, Nanako-chan? Yeah, I'm fine! This is pretty tough without any clues to go by.
I don't think he'd wander very far Kuma rode the bus! Huh? Is that bear your friend? Hey, Kuma! What are you doing out here? Huh? Why aren't you saying anything? What a weird bear I-I'm not suspicious kuma~ Doesn't his voice sound off? And he's all stiff.
Yeah, it doesn't seem natural.
Normally he's, uh really high-wired.
Like how he randomly rolls around.
Oops! That was so forced W-Why would he run from us? He's the culprit! Huh? Yeah, I understand Onii-chan said he'll be home late.
What is he up to? He's acting weird What's gotten into him? Keep at it, Loveline! Yup! I'll conduct the investigation! You know some big words I have to solve the mystery today! You're surprisingly forward.
I don't have a problem with that.
Why? Huh? Where are we going? Don't you worry about that.
Diligence Strong Courage Daring Expression Persuasive Understanding Motherly Knowledge Expert Understanding Motherly Expression Persuasive Diligence Strong Courage Daring Knowledge Expert Onii-chan was walking with some woman.
Who could she be Huh? Nanako-chan? Nana-chan! Is something bothering you? It's onii-chan! You see, Yuuta isn't really my son.
Whoa, she's right! This is serious! It's even an older woman! Was this your "urgent business"? I was in the middle of practice.
Hm, hm So that's Sensei's type.
Huh? That's not the same woman I saw earlier.
Really?! Hm? What the She has a kid?! SOUZAI DAIGAKU Just like Mama's Cooking No way! You're lying! I won't believe it until I see it! I'll go double-check! Good idea! Let's go together.
Eh? But we don't really care It would be embarrassing if he caught us.
Then rest at ease! I came prepared for something like this.
Hey, is this even a disguise? This is work for the professionals.
Excuse me? Isn't that great, Chie? Senpai, save it for later! She's super old! He looks lonely Onii-cha- What is it? Uh, nothing It's nothing.
Then I'm heading out.
Take care Ouch! Adachi's screwed things up again! So I'm stuck here a while longer.
And here I was, promising I'd take you to the festival Loveline! What's wrong? The case will never close if the detective gives up.
Huh? So don't drop the case until it's over! I can't give up? I'll let you conduct the investigation! Ok! If you doubt the one you love, solve the case promptly with the power of magic! Leave the investigation up to me! I'm the Magical Detective Loveline! We're on the scene! Where's onii-chan? Damn it! How did you sell out? I'm sorry.
Some gorgeous foreign boy who spoke all funny-like gobbled it up like you wouldn't believe! He must be a monster to have eaten all your shaved ice! Just leave this to Loveline! Huh? I'd like to order a delivery.
Could you deliver some ice? Thanks for the order! Will she actually come? Yup! Onii-chan said she's amazing.
Thanks a lot! Loveline always helps those in need.
I would like to order some shaved ice.
I'm sorry, but it's all sold out.
Oh my, isn't she cute! Onii-chan! Hey, you! Can I see that? Raise me towards the sun! You were a huge help.
Thanks! Loveline always helps those in need.
Well? Don't I look great? Yeah, you look cool! You're supposed to say "cute"! Onii-chan! What's wrong? Would you like me to hit your back? I thought I was going to die! Are you okay? Yeah, thanks.
Fireworks Do you make fireworks? Yeah! Fireworks are like art to me.
Amazing! I just love sitting and watching the people's expressions at a festival right before we shoot off the fireworks.
Why's that? When I set off the fireworks, everyone around starts to smile.
Bringing a smile to their faces is really amazing! Making people smile is amazing? Oh! It's just about time.
Just wait until you see my huge fireworks! Onii-chan! Nanako? Onii-chan! What's wrong? Where have you been, onii-chan? Nanako, what's with that outfit? Where's Uncle? Onii-chan, there are fireworks! Yeah, there sure are.
They're pretty Yeah They are pretty! Sensei! Bringing a smile to their faces is really amazing! Yep! Onii-chan, you're amazing! Huh? Everyone was smiling! Everyone? You're amazing! Truly amazing! Well? Did you have fun? Yep, it was a blast.
Isn't that great? Yep! Oh, yeah.
There's a surprise for you coming in two days.
A surprise? Watermelon! Where's the watermelon?! Jeez, Kanji! It's a gift, so don't devour it! Watermelon! Where is it?! My uncle's getting it now.
Watermelon! Man, I can't wait to break it open.
Huh? We're breaking it open? Huh? We aren't? I want to split it open! Splattering juice, huge smiles and a night of love That bitter-sweet day was what youth is about! That's what youth is about! I'm back! Wow, look at all these shoes! How many people are here? Welcome home! I want to split it open! You do? Sorry 'bout that.
I didn't even think of breaking it open.
Nanako-chan, let's save that for later.
I agree! I'd like to do that at the beach, anyway! Oh, sounds good! But I think it'll have to wait until next year.
Will you play with me again next year? Of course we will! You bet! You bet! Isn't that great, Nanako? Yep! Me to me ga aeba When our eyes lock 瞳と瞳が合えば Jiken no hajimari it's the start of a case, äº‹ä» ã®ã¯ã˜ã¾ã‚Š Sono kotoba wo bikou suru I'll tail after those words of yours.
その言葉を尾行する After our hands touch, 手と手が触れて Te to te ga furete ほら 急展開 Hora kyuutenkai I see a rapid development; Nazo ga mata toketeku The mystery will be solved again! 謎がまた解けてく 恋に落ちたらね When they fall in love, Koi ni ochitara ne Onna no ko wa minna 女の子はみんな all girls become charismatic detectives.
KARISUMA meitantei カリスマ名探偵 あなたのことならね I know everything there is Anata no koto nara ne Zenbu wakacchau 全部 わかっちゃう about you.
ちいさな嘘でも Chiisana uso demo Even down to your little white lies.
わたしはミスラブリーン I'm Miss Loveline, Watashi wa MISU RABURIIN so watch out! Douka goyoujin! どぅか ご用心! Gotta love watermelons! This is bliss! Watermelons are great! Come to think of it, onii-chan Hmm? What were you doing all Summer? Want me to fill you with holes?! Yeah, well You want me to grant their wishes? I'm going to put everyone out! Why don't the two of us go somewhere? Yu-kun! I'm glad I met you there at the end.
Damn you, Neo Featherman!