Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Kill All Others

1 [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [THE CANDIDATE] Good morning, citizens.
From sea to shining sea.
Yes, us can.
Yes, us can.
[PEOPLE CHANTING ON TV] Yes, us can! Mex-US-Can! [PATRIOTIC MUSIC PLAYING] Ooh, easy there, partner.
Could you not be here right now? Your ride would go a whole lot smoother with I need some privacy, for goddamn sake.
Desert Shave.
I reckon that's 'cause only Desert Shave combines real aloe and cactus nectar I said get out! You people have no decency.
- Mag! - What? - Maggie - What is it? I'm busy.
Happy trails For God's sake, stop banging routers.
Use voice control.
You're so tactile.
I thought we said no more ads in the goddamn bathroom.
Bom dia.
Como vai? Jesus, Maggie, seriously? What? It's just an ad.
Chamo-me Flavio.
I don't know much, Philbert, but I know good coffee.
Tell me about your dark roast.
[EXOTIC GUITAR MUSIC PLAYING] [ELECTRICITY DRONES] Use voice control, you caveman! You know what, they they don't even wear Alpaca in Brazil.
You're late for work, by the way.
[TENSE MUSIC] - [DEVICE CHIRPS] - [MAN] Local time, 7:54 a.
, October 19th, 2054.
Only two weeks until election day.
In fact, with us on "Politics Now" is The Candidate.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Around this time of year, we get tons of calls, complaints, you could say, about our nation's Uniparty system.
Folks who believe that the election's already decided, and that their vote doesn't matter.
What do you say to folks like that? "Great question, Rashad.
" That's a great question, Rashad.
It's not about the result.
It is about the process.
And having every North American citizen, from Yucatan to Yukon, acknowledge and affirm the will of the majority by casting their "Yay" ballot.
It's critical.
It's not just ceremony.
- It is solidarity.
- [RASHAD] Well said.
Well said.
We have Rachel from Ontario on the line.
Caller, you're on.
This is sick.
We don't have a choice.
Wake up.
Why are we all pretending like we have a choice? One candidate is not democracy.
She's got a point.
[RASHAD] Candidate, would you like to [THE CANDIDATE] Um You know, it's been a long cull this season.
It's been a very long cull.
And for us, as a great meganation, to finally get down from 52 candidates to one candidate, well, it speaks to the great democratizing powers of collective deliberation.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Mex-US-Can! Yes, us can! - [PATRIOTIC MUSIC PLAYING] - [CHANTING] Yes, us can! Mex-US-Can! Yes, us can! [CHEERING] [RASHAD] Don't forget to tune in tonight for a special live interview with The Candidate.
Yeah, I I know, I know.
I'm I'm sorry.
The train was late.
[SUPERVISOR] Why don't you get a car like everyone else? [WHIRS, TRILLS] Thank you.
- [DOOR BUZZES] - [MUTTERS] Ah, shit.
You know, it'd be so much easier if you just bought yourself a computer-operated vehicle.
Set the address, have you here by 7:30 sharp.
Plus, you wouldn't even have to clock in anymore.
It does it for you.
- It's free money.
- Nah, I I know, I know.
You're such a fucking manualist.
It's just old habits, sir.
Yes, well, old habits die hard, Philbert.
Which line am I on? - B-Three.
- Come on Show up early, Mr.
Manualist, if you want B-One.
It's just B-Two's not even through a run yet, so Lenny's set up on B-Two.
You'll take B-Three.
Thank you.
[BUZZER RINGS] [MAN] Hiya there, Phil, we're two buckets behind, bud [MARY] Morning there, sweetie.
We'll catch up.
Don't you worry.
Absolutely, Mary.
Send the first bucket in.
[CHUCKLES] Early bird gets the worm, Phil.
How you doing this morning, buddy? Ah, it's one of those mornings, pal.
Tell me about it, man.
- Lunch in the Caf today? - Sure, why not? See if Eddie wants to come.
- Hey, Eddie old boy - Yeah? Sandwiches in the Caf today? Well, who the hell else am I gonna eat with? [LAUGHTER] You boys just keep up this monster pace I'm putting down.
Just keep sending the good ones, Eddie.
- You got it.
- Only the good ones.
Facet A, 17.
34 millimeters.
Aperture 1, clear.
Aperture 2, clear.
Aperture 3 So, my wife's fucking a coffee ad, that's great.
What? How's that even possible? Those things don't even have peckers.
The only thing they peck is your bank account.
Yeah, but still, she's pretty involved.
[EDDIE] You think too hard about these things.
You know what you need, Philly? You need to buy something.
That's why you're depressed.
Sir, I'm not depressed.
I'm just No, you definitely depressed.
I mean, when was the last time you bought something? I charged up my Transcard yesterday.
[EDDIE] No, stupid, we're talking about buying a real thing, you know, a thing-thing.
Yeah, like something that would be around for a while, - like an object.
- I don't need any objects.
[EDDIE] Everybody needs a little something from time to time.
Don't be a paranoid.
You know what, guys, never mind.
I'm sorry I brought it up.
And don't get bent all out of shape, Phil.
Okay? We here for you.
[EDDIE] You know what you need to buy? You need to buy some cheese.
[CHUCKLES] - Am I right, Len? - [BOTH LAUGH] He's definitely right.
What the fuck's eating cheese gotta do with it? - It's not about the eating.
- Exactly.
The Yellow Bonnet girl will pick you right up, if you know what I mean.
- So, what's she look like? - For me, it's a redhead.
Right, and mine has, like, a great ass and, like, some bee sting titties.
Yeah, Mag Maggie buys that, uh that cow brand.
- Uh uh Blue Bell.
- [LENNY] Blue Bell? - Something like that, yeah.
- Blue Bell? No, fuck that.
From now on, you be a man.
You buy your own brand.
And you buy a lot.
Like, say, maybe three, four packs - your first trip.
- Exactly.
Then you turn on the kitchen router, and wait for the magic.
Hey, Mags [CLEARS THROAT] Hey, Maggie, you in back? Maggie? - You have really good taste.
- Oh Hey, how are ya? Here's a little something for next time.
- [GIGGLES] - [MAGGIE] Phil? - Oh.
Yeah Hey, hon.
I didn't realize you were here.
I was just putting up some groceries.
- No, no, no - What? - No, don't [SIGHS] - Fuck, fuck.
- God damn it.
- Sorry.
- No, no.
- I'm sorry.
Yeah, I was I was gonna move those, but there's no space in the freezer, so - There was a sale.
- Yeah, sure.
- It's just decaf.
- I, uh you want a snack or something? I Oh, no, that's sweet.
Um, I was just coming in to tell you that the speech is about to start.
Hey, Mag, I'm I'm making a sandwich.
I'll I'll be there in a minute.
Hurry up, it's about to start.
You sure you don't want something? [PEOPLE CHEERING ON TV] [DEVICE CHIRPS] You have really good taste.
Here's a little something for next time.
[WOMAN] Tell me what you want.
[THE CANDIDATE] You know, this is not about what I want.
This is about what the good citizens of Mex-US-Can want.
- Can we change it now? - It's almost over, honey.
Ugh, so selfish.
What, there's another projector in the other room.
- Come on.
- Okay, I'm going.
And what are you going to do once affirmed? Well, as I said before, it's not about what I'm going to do.
It's about what we, as a great meganation, are going to do.
- And - Right.
I think we all know what we have to do.
We have to renew our commitment to education.
- Mm-hmm.
- Really invest in our public schools.
And, uh as I've always said, we have to take a hard look at our infrastructure.
- Right, sure.
- And, as you all know, we have to kill all others What? What? As you know, we have to kill all others.
- And at the same time - [DEVICE BEEPS] And, as you know, we have to kill all others.
Holy shit.
Hon, hon, uh, did you hear that? The The Candidate just went crazy on TV.
Research and colonization efforts Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, let me stop you right here.
Let's dig into that.
Hon, co come in here.
You gotta see this.
[WOMAN] That is a really controversial stance, as most Mex-US-Cans will tell you.
Uh, continued investment in extra-Earth research at this point is is wasteful.
Wait, what? - I can't believe she missed it.
- What happened? The The Candidate just said on international TV that we we have to kill all others.
They said that? Yeah it's over.
I mean, it's crazy.
The the the interviewer's gonna nail 'em.
And in your own words [CHUCKLES] I can't believe you just said this Oh, here we go.
Public schools are a failing preposition.
Most of them are hovering, what, below 20% at the moment Jesus Christ.
Come on, people.
What's going on here? Okay, yeah, I'm going into my room.
H hon, no, no, come come come here! You you gotta you gotta hear this, hon.
Everybody deserves an education.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Everybody deserves an education.
20%, 10%.
[CHUCKLES] [SOLEMN MUSIC] [MAN SPEAKING ON TV] To pour more money into fruitless research.
[WOMAN] No, you are too short-sighted Nobody's talking about that.
[MAN] We're arguing the wrong things.
You guys see that shit last night? Unbelievable.
I didn't watch it.
Yeah, I just caught a piece of it.
I mean, this changes everything, you know.
They're gonna have to impeach The Candidate.
No way they're letting them get through after they said that.
- What'd they say? - Kill all others.
- You're shitting me.
- I shit you not.
It was bananas, all right? I was up all night Googling.
I can't believe it's not on the news already.
[SUPERVISOR] All right, you guys, on the floor.
Philbert, B-One.
Ed, B-Two.
Lenny, B-Three.
Just kill me now, B-Three.
I wanna see that for myself.
[PHILBERT] All right, you gotta you gotta see the video.
It's nuts.
[BEEPS, BUZZES] It's weird, I can't find the video anywhere.
It's like they're not showing it or something.
[EDDIE] Probably they don't wanna repeat it.
I'm sure that you'll see it on the news tonight.
- You might've just misheard.
- No, I didn't mishear.
Uh, you know what, the commentators aren't talking about it, but the people will be.
I know who will have it.
BBC will have it.
They don't hold back.
Hey, Ed, if I find that link, you want me to send it to you? [EDDIE] Yeah, yeah.
Later, Phil.
I, uh, don't wanna talk political on the headsets.
Jeez, you guys are no fun.
[LENNY] Just shut up and push your button, monkey.
Screw you, Lenny.
[BUZZES] Why am I the only one who saw and heard it? [BUZZES] [MUSIC BUILDS] Well, then, why why do they even fucking keep us on, you know? What? Mr.
Political, you you wanna lose your job all of a sudden? Nah, it's not that.
It's just, you know, 3,000 guys.
I mean, you you you're telling me you can automate a whole entire factory, right, but you still need three guys to run it? It's quality control.
Machines can't do that shit.
Nah, they could.
They they they can.
First of all, it's against the law.
Second of all, thank God the union fought for it.
You, of all people, should know that.
You've you've been around since the old days.
No, my my dad was a union man.
Read the fine print three times, think twice, decide once.
- He taught me to really see.
- Well, then, there you go.
It's part of the whole global trade agreement.
You can't export all the workers, automate all the positions.
Gotta keep some guys around here, right? What, you'd rather be in a Djibouti plant? Or Guangzhou? Or worse, fucking Krakow? God forbid.
The weather's probably better.
Nah, it's just I can't stop thinking, you know.
What does it mean that they kept us here? It means we're the best.
Out of 3,000 guys? Come on, man, we're just tokens, man.
You know, Philbert, you're in a real shitty mood today, man.
That, uh that video you were talking about, - I saw it too.
- You saw it? The "kill everybody else" thing? It's it's crazy, man.
I mean, it's fucking scary is what it is, Ed.
- I mean, and it's got me - [SHUSHING] Easy.
Yeah, relax.
This, uh, political stuff, don't take it so seriously.
It doesn't mean anything.
Just lay off, go have some fun or something.
You saw the shit they're saying Those idiots say anything.
We know it isn't real, all right? It's just entertainment.
It's all it is.
[SOFT MUSIC] Speaking of entertainment, did you check out that, uh, cheese gal like we were telling ya? Oh, yeah, I did.
Uh, it's just it's stupid.
I mean, it's not like you can touch her or anything, so Oh, yeah? The optics can take you a long way.
Don't be so tactile, my friend.
[BELL RINGING] Hang in there, old timer.
Thanks, Ed.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] [MAN] This is Washington and Wells.
Transfer to Orange Line trains at Washington and Wells.
This is a Pink Line train to 54th and Sumac.
[MECHANICAL DOOR HISSING] [DOOR CLOSES] I think it's more about anti-establishment sentiment than any real agenda against a so-called other [MAN] That's a fair point Finally, somebody's talking about it.
As you know, we have to kill all others.
- And at the same time - Well, obviously, The Candidate isn't speaking literally.
- This is just about ideas - He's lying.
What happened? Hey.
Hey, somebody's in here.
Hey, somebody's still in here.
Hey, guys [MAN] Yes, we are working on it, Philbert.
I mean, yeah yeah.
Be before the the train was was sketchy Sketchy? Mechanically, you know I mean, it it stopped.
Uh frozen.
That that's the that's the word.
It had frozen just moments before.
But then we we went past this sign.
Trancom reports that there was a brief power fail.
Yeah, well, it wasn't brief.
It was more like [WOMAN] And during this brief power failure, you were fighting to the point that you felt it necessary to engage the emergency braking system? Well, no, no, the that was because of the sign, - which I'm trying to tell you about.
- The sign told you to stop the train? No, of course not.
Look, I'm not crazy, okay? I'm not crazy.
I some hackers must've gotten to it.
It was terrible, and I just I wanted to get a better look.
It was it was hate speech.
It said to "kill all others" in giant letters.
Isn't that some sort of crime or something? I mean It's very dangerous.
[WOMAN] How does the water feel? Fast.
- Soothing.
- The sensors usually override erroneous user input.
However, in your case, it stopped Yeah, because it was dangerous.
The cops Causing the train pod behind yours to crash into you.
- Crashed? I crashed a train? - Rarely happens, and "rare" would really be an overstatement.
"Never" would be more accurate.
Train incidents, they don't really happen anymore.
Auto-piloting rules out human error.
Same for COVs.
Except, of course, the occasional outliers.
Drugs, chemicals, those can create outliers.
I wasn't drinking.
I wasn't on anything.
I was just I was just concerned, that's all.
So you weren't.
He's all clean.
Thank you.
Nevertheless, Trancom does not want you back on their system.
[MUTTERS] [WOMAN] This conversation will be recorded for documentation purposes.
Consent? Uh, yeah, yep, yes.
[DIGITAL BEEPING] Now that we've established the situational facts, we now are going to assess the pre-dispositional factors.
Uh, what? Um, I'm not really clear [WOMAN] A simple yes or no is fine.
- Is everything okay at home? - Yes.
Any recent feelings of anxiety, depression, or paranoia? No, I told you everything's Any unexplained weight loss, weight gain, - sleeplessness, apathy - [SIGHS] God, no.
- Obsessive fixations? - Uh, no.
I'm fine.
I remind you that your veracity in the pre-dispositional assessment is equally important to the evaluation of your claim to the situational assessment.
Can you count he snowflakes? No, I'm sorry, I don't think I can.
Do you see the sheep? No.
In the upper left-hand corner, do you see the sheep? No, I'm sorry, I don't see the sheep.
Has anything changed in your psychic environment, real or imagined? In your interpersonal relationships, or your professional life, that would impair your ability to absorb, process, or respond to the world around you.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] What does COV provisional mean? It means what it sounds like it means, Maggie.
No, Philbert, uh-uh.
Don't do this, okay? You don't get to do this right now.
Fuck, Maggie, please, look, I just got in an accident, okay? All right, I mean, I didn't even have an accident.
The train did, you know.
I've been I've been interrogated for the last three and a half fucking hours, for an accident that wasn't even my fault.
There's no knocks on my license whatsoever, - so it's fine.
- But it's provisional, - so there's still - No, it they Fuck.
They just said I have to stay off public transit for a while.
They're putting me in a new computer-operated vehicle.
We don't have to ride around in this 20-year-old piece of junk anymore.
No cost to us.
Zero, zip, nada.
Cased closed, okay? I'm sorry, honey.
Are you all right? I'll pay better attention next time.
We can all just fucking calm down.
[MAGGIE] It's all gonna be okay.
You're okay, honey.
You're okay.
[WOMAN] While rising sea levels and rapidly increasing temperatures have long since impacted Who dresses these people? Kill all others.
[WOMAN] What sort of Candidate says this sort of thing? You hear this? It's unintellectual, and it's unpolitical.
This is exactly what I've been saying all along.
- Honey - Systemic change we need.
We'll get into all of this, folks, after the break.
This ain't nothing.
- Honey - This ain't nothing.
Honey, it's all this stuff.
It's too much.
Hey, I threw out all the coffee.
Coffee? I threw out all the coffee.
- Okay.
- And cheese.
It's all my fault.
It's a distraction.
I'm sorry.
[DARK MUSIC] No more noise.
Just us.
- Just us.
- Okay, babe.
[SIGHS] Lights.
- I love you, Maggie.
- I love you too.
Oh, Jesus, look out.
- It's Ms.
- How are ya? [CHUCKLES] - She's always out there.
- [MUMBLES] It's like she times it with our exit.
"Let me tell you about all my problems.
" [LAUGHS] - [MAN] Don't let her get away! - [YELLING] - Heading toward Clifton Place! - [WHIMPERS] [INDISTINCT CLAMORING] - [WOMAN] Cut her off! - [SHOUTING] - [WOMAN] Help me! - Scary.
- Wow, you stop the car.
- What? We don't even know - Stop the fucking car, please.
- Philbert! - Hey, what's going on here? - Philbert! - [PHILBERT] Hey! Whoa! - Philbert! - [GRUNTS] - [MAN] I got her! - Hey! What's going on here? - [WOMAN] No! - Help me.
- What's going on here? - Back off! We got her.
- Got her doing what? - She's an Other.
We caught her.
- Hey, get off of her.
Hey, what's the matter with you? What's the matter with you? You can't just attack people like that.
- What's wrong with you? - What, do you know her? Huh? No, I don't fucking know her.
- Get off of her.
- No! Philbert, are you out of your mind? No, I'm not going any place until the cops get here.
Well, they're on their way, buddy, so back off.
- She must've done something.
- You back off.
Nah, I didn't see her do anything.
You don't know what this is about.
I don't need to.
Get off of her! - Philbert, let's go, now.
- No, look, if nothing's wrong, I'm gonna see this thing through.
- How 'bout that? - Well, see it through, asshole.
We'll report you too.
Call me a fucking asshole one more time! - Philbert, please! - Call me a fucking asshole.
- He's one of them.
- One of who? - Citizens, remain calm.
- Hey! [MAN] Mr.
Noyce, stand back.
[MUSIC INTENSIFYING] How do you know the suspect? Well, I I didn't You know, I didn't I didn't see her as a suspect.
I just saw a woman running down the street.
You think you'd steer clear of any incidents, given that you were just here.
Look, I was literally on my way to work, when I saw this woman being chased, okay, and it just seemed wrong, and I I just reacted, okay? Are are those people being charged? Uh, 'cause they I mean, they assaulted that woman.
Uh, I think I know some of their names.
The big guy, Rick, I think his name was, I mean, he just tackled that woman.
Look, Mr.
Noyce, I'm not a political gal, and I do not buy into the mumbo jumbo about the Others and whatnot, but what I do know is outliers.
Most people have maybe one, two interactions with us over a five-year span.
You've been here twice in two days.
It starts to look bad, to form a pattern, to invite observation.
And under close enough observation, maybe anybody can look a little quirky screwy a little Other.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Go to work, Mr.
[BEEPS] [WHIRRING] Yeah, so luckily I wasn't hurt, you know.
Yeah, but from a HR standpoint, we still need to do health monitoring.
- Sure.
- 30 days.
Make sure nothing's wrong, no underlying health problems, you know.
I was just curious, is this for the train accident or for the other thing? What other thing? Uh, not um - I meant the nothing.
- Ah.
Need your consent to unlock.
This also gives us consent to report your health data to Human Resources.
- Oh, have a go.
- All right.
Go ahead.
You can put it on yourself.
- Nothing fancy.
- Okay.
So, um, is it for mental health, or just for Oh.
[CHUCKLES] No, no, no, no, no.
Don't be paranoid.
It's for overall health.
Stress, blood pressure, blood sugar, uh, cholesterol, to minimize sick time, you know, see if you need any preventative time off.
Got ya.
All right.
- God - Yes, it, uh pinches a little the first time, but, uh, then you won't even notice it.
- Oh, yeah.
- [BEEPING] Yeah.
Now, so your data is confidential, and will only transmitted to HR.
- That's it? - That's it.
- Great, thank you.
- Mm, yeah.
Oh, and one other thing, lay off the political talk.
Company policy.
You got it.
34 millimeters.
Facet B, 17.
29 millimeters.
[EDDIE] Did you get written up? Nah, I just got in a little scrape last night, and now they got me on substance watch.
Well, it beats pissing in a cup every 48 hours.
You weren't drunk, though, right? No, I was just distracted, like I told you.
Is that new? When they put that up? [LENNY] That is kinda freaky.
Is that a body? It's a dummy.
It's just an ad.
Shock value, probably.
Who are the Others? That's what I wanna know.
[LENNY] If you an Other, I think you know you an Other.
Like, they know who they are, for sure.
Come come on, guys, does it really matter? I mean, are we really talking about killing people here? You know, this morning, I'm I'm coming out of my house, and my next-door neighbor, he just face plants this girl in the middle of the street for no reason Do you know her? No, I don't know her.
I I didn't have to know her.
- It was horrible.
- Hey, look, guys, what if one of us was an Other? What do you think we'd do? You think we'd turn each other in? Or turn a blind eye? [BEEPING] - You nervous? - What the hell are you doing? I'm just messing with old Philbert here.
[LAUGHS] Come on, man, you gotta lighten up.
[EDDIE] They take it too far, these politicians.
It'll be over soon.
[DRUM ROLL] [PATRIOTIC MUSIC PLAYING] [MAN] Joining us today on "Politics Now" is The Candidate.
[DIGITAL TRILLING] Hi, this is Bob Bob Shoulders back.
- Hi.
- [DIGITAL TRILLING] Hi, this is Bob, Bob Lucas from Sacramento.
[CLEARS THROAT] Bob Lucas from Sacramento.
[CLEARS THROAT, BLOWS RASPBERRIES] Hi, I have a question for The Candidate.
Hi, this is Bob Lucas from - Breathe.
- [RASHAD SPEAKING ON TV] - [INHALES, EXHALES] - [DIGITAL BEEPING] [LINE TRILLING] [WOMAN] Hi, caller, what's your name, city, and question? Hi, this is Bob Lucas from Sacramento, and my question to The Candidate is about all these signs that keep going up.
I find them disturbing and gruesome and well, we don't even know what "Others" means, and certainly, all this talk of killing needs to stop.
Hold one sec.
Okay, we've got another call.
Uh, Philbert from Chicago, you're on.
[TENSE MUSIC] - [MAN] Speak up.
- [WOMAN] Can't hear you.
No, this this is B Bob, - Bob L Lucas.
- [RASHAD CHUCKLES] We see you bright and clear, Philbert from Chicago.
Mm, no, this.
this is Bob.
Bob Bob Lucas.
It says here you're agitated about the advertising.
- [MAN] Speak up! - [MAN] Come on! We're losing you.
Can you hold up your phone? You know, well, many of them are scared, and they should be But if you are not an Other, then you have nothing to worry about.
Are you an Other? [BEEPS] Fuck.
No, God, fuck.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You're on Three.
[WHIRRING, BEEPING] [SOLEMN MUSIC] How's it going up there, Len? [WHIRRING, BEEPING, BUZZING] It's all right.
All righty.
Ed, you all right back there? Ed? Ed, you all right, buddy? [EDDIE] We can't talk to you.
Nobody can talk to you.
[DIGITAL TRILLING] [MAN] Welcome home, Philbert.
Yeah, there was some kind of an incident at work.
Destination override.
Continue north.
[DIGITAL TRILLING] [MAN] Destination override.
[MAN] Citizens, remain calm.
Citizens, remain calm.
[GRUNTS] - Howdy, pard'.
- [GASPS] It looks like you could use a shave.
- Not now.
- Phil? - Where did you come from? - Come here.
- What are you doing? - [SHUSHES] Listen to me.
- You scared me.
- Listen to me.
You get your wallet, okay, you get your keys, passport, one, two changes of clothes.
Phil, what are you talking a They're coming.
They're coming, baby, okay? The COV, the motherfucking COV, I parked it close.
- Come here.
- Phil, who? Who's coming? It's a goddamn witch hunt is what it is.
They they say it's us, but it's not us.
I mean, it could be anybody.
They can make anybody Others, you know.
Like, they think, because I said, but, well, we're not.
It's it's a trap, you see, and anybody who can see them, then they can see you, and then they come after you.
The vigilantes, the signs, it's all Phil.
No, no, no, honey.
Honey, honey, honey, it's okay.
It it's okay, okay? Because this is what the doctors were worried about.
The the accident, you must've hit your head.
[OUT OF BREATH] No, it can't be.
- I could - Yeah.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, because the signs.
The signs came first.
Yeah, the signs came first.
And The Candidate said it, then the signs came.
And then the train accident happened, and then unless [SOLEMN MUSIC] You're fucking one of them.
You're like all the rest.
Phil Phil, no.
- Hey! - You get off of me.
- Honey! Hey! - You get off of me.
[MUMBLING] - Get off! - Aah! [PANTING] I didn't hit you.
You're not you, not the not the real you.
I'm sorry.
The signs.
I can prove what's real.
The world has to know! I'm gonna tell the world.
Philbert Noyce, we know you're out here.
Let us help you.
Noyce! Remain still! Your rescue's in progress! You think I'm stupid, huh? - Open up his CNS.
- Beta-endorphins? Dopamine too.
All he's got.
[PHILBERT] You're not saving me! You're saving yourselves! [POLICE OFFICER] Come down, Mr.
Noyce! Pulse, a little over 100, coming down.
[PHILBERT] Protecting The Candidate! Blood pressure, 140 over 90.
Protecting their ugly truth! [MAN] Philbert, calm down! I love coming down here.
It's like hanging out at the museum.
[CHUCKLES] My grandfather has some really good stuff, man.
I had to just not throw it away.
[EDDIE] Go ahead and bust 'em up, let's see what you got.
- Nice break.
- Mm-hmm.
This is real! I know it's real! Uh, let's see what you left me.
Oof, hopefully not a damn thing.
[EDDIE] Here Holy shit.
TV, audio on.
[WOMAN] Political terrorism grips a corner in - Oh, God.
- Northeast Chicago tonight, as a local man, identified as Philbert Noyce Did you know about this? - Did you know he was an Other? - He's not an Other.
[LENNY] That's so fucking crazy.
I mean, it could be anybody.
It could be a neighbor, a best friend, a co-worker.
Like, these people are all around us.
He's not an Other, damn it.
Fuck you! [MAN] Mr.
Noyce, come on down.
Cortisol, 30 micrograms.
It look like they gonna get him.
He didn't do anything.
[POLICE OFFICER] Come on, Philbert, come on! 28, 27 Oh, yeah, they got him.
Holy shit.
- [AUDIO DISTORTING] - [MAN] 26, 27, 28 It's going to activate.
Work his Serotonin.
Put him to sleep.
Drain his fucking brainstem if you have to.
They're not taking our information.
We're giving it to 'em.
We're giving it to 'em, and they're using it against us! [POLICE OFFICER] Come on, let's do this peacefully! And it's not just me! [SOLEMN MUSIC] It'll be you too.
It'll be all of us.
The Candidate's serious! You hear me? This is real! This is real! We are all Others! [POLICE OFFICER YELLS INDISTINCTLY] Ah, you not gonna do that shit.
No, he is gonna do that.
Oh, he's not gonna do that.
Oh, he did that shit.
[GRUNTS] - Aah! - [WOMAN] Going live in five, four, three two Before every great truth is spoken, there is an uncomfortable silence, and in that silence, we hear all the things we don't want to hear, see all the things we don't want to see, reckon with the irreconcilable conscience that must be faced.
We want to believe the best of ourselves, but before we can access our best, we must first acknowledge and root out the worst in ourselves.
To see such things means we are on the verge of a great truth.
Tonight, we are a little bit wiser, we are a little bit stronger, we are a little bit safer.
Ours is a self-identifying, self-correcting democracy.
When you see Others like our poor Mister - [WHISPERS] Noyce.
- Noyce here, purge themselves, well, you can't help but be a little bit sad for them and their families, but you also have to breathe a big sigh of relief.
It could've been you he flung from that billboard.
It could've been your loved ones, your children, and not his own disturbed self.
But now you know what I have known all along, that if you were not an Other, you would have nothing to worry about, that if you were a sane and productive member of this great meganation, mere words would not unhinge you.
And so I want to congratulate you, good citizens, for your vigilance and your belief.
Based on this great success, we are expanding to KAO program to every state and city in the Western Hemisphere, to finish the good work that we have begun.
[PATRIOTIC MUSIC PLAYING] Be well, dear citizens, be proud, and God bless.
Game on.
[BRITISH ACCENT] Little Manchester.
- Shoot that ball.
- Yes.
[MAN] Here we go.