Phineas and Ferb s02e31 Episode Script

The Bully Code (15 min)

by ashirogi27 Do you find it as curious as I do that your menu has not changed since you opened in 1929? I know! It's awesome, right? It's our motto.
"Slushy Dawgs Will Never Get Any Better.
" Well, in that case, I'll– Step aside, weener! One Windmill Dog, hold the bun.
Excellent choice.
You saved my life.
It was nothing.
What are you doing? I am your humble servant.
What? It's the Bully Code.
I live my life by it.
"If a nerd shood save a bully's life, the bully is the nerd's slave for life.
" "Should" is misspelled.
Duh, it was written by bullies! That is very nice, but I do not want a slave.
Too bad, you got one.
Goodbye! I will empty my mind of all thought, except for Baljeet.
There, that was easy.
You are following me.
At a respectable distance, little master.
So, what do you think? What am I looking at? Duh, it's a new red shirt! Beautiful It's from Jeremy! He sent me a picture.
Aw, look at his cute, little wiener hat.
Let's send him a picture of me.
Make sure you got my good side.
How's the lighting? Wait, you took it while I was still talking! Oh! Let me see.
I'd better erase that.
Picture sent.
Oh, no! I hit the wrong button! Um, go into the menu and– Picture sent.
No, not again! Here, let me see.
Stacy, no, stop! Pictures sent.
I'm ruined.
Well, he's at work, so maybe he hasn't looked yet.
We've got to get to Jeremy's phone.
Come on, we're going to Slushy Dawg.
Peanut butter and jelly robot races, masking tape mummy gymnastics, a jelly bean monetary system for emergenations I don't know.
I'm not feeling any of 'em.
Phineas and Ferb are up to something.
I'd better tell Mom.
Candace, the photos.
Eyes on the prize.
Hey, where's Perry? Ah, Agent P.
Sorry to disturb you on Canada Day, but the world's top evil scientists have been photographed leaving Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated.
Something big is going on, real big.
I need you to infiltrate his headquarters.
Ahem? Sorry.
We need you to infiltrate his headquarters.
Carl thinks I need to be more "inclusive".
Find out what he's up to! Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated! Ah, Perry the Platypus.
Have you come to sign my cast? Look, I saved your spot, right there.
It says, "Save for Perry.
" But, i-it was a bigger spot before I wrote, "Save for Perry," but there– T-There's some room there.
Grab that marker! Ha-ha! You've heard of the Internet? Well, this is a– Uh Well, this is just a net.
But you're caught.
In exactly thirty minutes, the Tutti McFrutti ice cream man will park his truck in front of my building.
I know, because I was standing there yesterday when he ran over my foot! But today, I will wreak my whole revengeance! Behold, the Re-tire-Inator! Because, you know, he ran over my foot with the tire, and I'm going to hit him with a giant tire.
It-It's not like retire, like stop working.
That's not that Retire-Inator, that– That's actually over there.
The-The– I-I've got it ready.
It's– Full with crossword puzzles, and a big, fat, house cat that will lay on my belly and warm me into my senior years.
Anyhoo, where was I? Oh, yes.
Evil laugh.
Little Master, I've washed all your dust jackets and dusted all your cold knick-knacks.
Those are not knick-knacks! They are food, and they should be in the refrigerator! Oh I've disappointed you, Little Master.
I will strive to do better.
Do not strive for anything.
And I am not your little master.
I'll just fluff up your pillow then! (Song: "He'll Do Anything But Go Away") Little Master? Little Master? Stay away from me! He follows me all over town And every time I turn around He's standing there at a respectful distance He's arranging my underwear drawer By dumpin' it out on the floor When I'm brushing my teeth, I don't need his assistance No, no, no Well the story is old (Story is old) It's a 70's sitcom cliché He says he's in my debt, but, I wish he'd forget He'll do anything for me Anything but go away! Phineas, Ferb! I saved Buford's life, and now because of the Bully Code, he is my personal servant! It is driving me crazy! You have got to help me! Okay, okay.
We've just had to get Buford to save your life, and you'll be even.
But, how? Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today! Stacy, I see Jeremy's phone.
Where? There! His message light is still blinking.
That means he hasn't retrieved his pictures yet! Okay, let's just– What are you two doing here? I mean, not that I don't like surprise visits from you, but this room is for Slushy Dawg employees only.
We're Slushy Dawg employees.
We are? Yeah.
We did our training at the downtown branch to surprise you.
Surprise! Hey, that's rad! Candace, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.
What are all these buttons for? It's hot dogs.
How hard can it be? Here, fry something.
I'm gonna go et-gay the one-phay.
(Lit: get the phone) Ugh, you know I don't speak Spanish! Oh, hey, Candace! I see you've sent me some pictures.
I can't wait to check 'em out later when I take my break.
Yeah! No! I found out what all the buttons are for.
Oh, yes.
This thing is definitely the thing! What is this thing? This contraption, my friend, is completely foolproof.
Let me explain.
You'll "accidentally" step on to that platform, which will launch you up and over that flight of stairs, where you'll be kicked and rocketed through a piece of sheet-rock onto a trampoline.
Then conveyer belted up to a rotating system that will drop you onto a spring, bouncing you all the way to that red X, where Buford will be standing, waiting to catch you, saving your life.
Ooh, I am thoroughly terrified, yet tingling with excitement! Candace? While I check the stockroom, can you take the drive-thru orders? Ooh, my favorite! Uh, welcome to Slushy Dawg, can I take your order? Candace? You work here? Mom?! You eat here? Honey, where are you? Can you see me? Candace? Uh– This is weird.
My mom's here.
I think your brothers are, too.
Across the street.
What are they up to? Candace? Mom? Mom! Drive up to the window! You gotta see what the boys are doing! The boys are here, too? Hon, I'm boxed in.
I've got a heckuva line in front of me.
Fill orders, fill orders! Hi, enjoy your meal.
Come again.
Enjoy your meal.
Bon appétit.
Okay, Baljeet.
You just stand on that platform and when Buford comes along, we'll guide him to the right spot.
Although, it has occurred to us that you're giving up something really cool here.
What? You're spending all this energy trying to stop Buford from being your faithful servant, when the reality is having the biggest, toughest kid in town as your personal bodyguard is a sign of supreme coolness.
Really? Yeah, think about it.
Hmm Maybe you are right.
Ooh, hear that, Perry the Platypus? Tuttie McFrutti has arrived on time! In a few seconds, he'll be flattened by a speeding tire.
Oh, no! Oh, no, no, no! Oww!!! Ow! Oh, my good foot! My good foot! Ow! Ow ow! My bad foot! Oh, my good foot again! Oh, no, my bad foot– Oh, this is really a viscous cycle! Hey, Candace, I'm takin' my break now.
Stacy, we gotta get Mom up here so she can see what the boys are doing.
Keep throwing food out the window! Okay.
Hey, Jeremy, can I borrow your phone? Thanks! Erase photos, bust boys, erase photos, bust boys! Little Master! Little Master! I finished color-coding all of your overalls.
Whadaya want me to do next? Well, first, I would like you to iron all of my books, then perhaps polish my retainer, then you can start my college applications.
Massage my tootsies.
Sew my name onto my underwear, organize my book reports by subject.
Ooh, build me– Weenie! Alright, we're even.
What? Aw, man.
Ha! All photos erased! Now, onto the boys! Hey, just so you know, Mom's on her waay Oops.
Stacy, you're here, too? Yeah.
Candace wants you to go out front to see what the boys are doing.
Well, just give me a chili dog and I'll be on my way.
No! I saved your life.
Now you're my servant.
Ugh, all right.
Ew! But, the code! You've got no honor! Candace, wow! You okay? Um, yeah.
Here's your phone.
There's a picture on it.
No, no! Hey, that's a great photo of you! Huh? Phew! Now About your job No worries.
I quit.
Hey, you guys wanna hit Slushy Dawg before we go home? Ew! Nah.
Oh, heavens, no.
Slushy Dawgs never get any better.
Candace? Boys? Hmm.
I'll never understand public art.

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