Physical (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Let's Not and Say We Did

1 Hello.
Is somebody out there? John! John! John, stop! - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Shh.
It's okay.
- It's okay.
Stop saying that.
- I'm sorry.
Stop saying that.
You're all right.
I'm not all right.
Thank you so much for coming.
- That's the last of 'em, huh? - Yep.
Surprised everybody heading home to bed early.
Well, you know, people have jobs to do.
On a Sunday? What do you want me to say, Danny? You throw this at me last minute, rustle up a party for you.
I did my best.
I'm sorry it wasn't fucking Woodstock, man.
It's all right.
It was a swell party, all right? Don't sweat it.
You know, there is a lot of pressure on me.
I You write one book, you make one video, and right away, th they're like, bam, they're on you for the next one.
"You better hustle, before somebody comes along and and" Beats you to the punch? You want a drink? Yeah.
What do you got? Forty-year-old Macallan.
All right.
Unless that's too capitalist elitist of me.
I had to save the good stuff until the crowd leaves.
- Isn't that what you said? - Yeah.
Here we go.
- What am I? As bad as Reagan? - Worse than Reagan.
Worse than Reagan.
That's right.
- Here we Yeah, no.
- Really? Here, just take it.
You were always better at dishing it out than taking it, you know that? I know.
You've got a pretty good setup here.
I'm gonna say it because it needs to be said, but I think you should lay off yourself and enjoy it.
I can't.
It's just It's It's not the way I'm built.
And besides, I'm jealous of what you have, you know that.
- Do not start with that shit.
- Why not? It's true.
Oh, you are perched up here on Mount Hollywood, and you are somehow envious of my charming adherence to the ideology of our youth.
She picked you.
At the end of the day, she picked you, so Babe, are you coming to bed? Honey, I will be right there.
I miss you.
- She is just so horny.
- Yeah.
I can't keep up with it.
I I And the noises she makes, it's like an animal.
Yeah, we had front-row seats last night.
- You heard that? - All of it.
Fucking open-plan house.
Hon? Honey, I said I'd be right there, okay? I gotta finish my drink, I've gotta do my rounds, set the alarm.
- Come on.
- The alarm? You have a burglar alarm up here in paradise? Yeah, everybody in the canyon does.
You know, after Manson.
- Right.
- It's that or a shotgun.
She won't let me get a shotgun You can't set the alarm.
Sheila's not back yet.
What? She's not in the bedroom, sleeping? - No, she left.
Your car's gone.
- What? Are you well? You look well, still.
And you look skinny, still.
I'm well.
A little tired.
Maya's four now, so she's very active.
And are you going to try for another one? Or does that not go along with your lifestyle? All right, dear, just Did you bring a photo for us to see, at least? Yes, I should have something in my purse.
It might be a little dated.
- She's She's darling.
Just - Just darling.
And those cheeks.
And those eyes.
You know, I knitted a hat for her.
Of course, it's probably way too small by now.
- Yeah, she does have a big head.
- Mmm.
Isn't she sweet here? Mm-hmm.
A beaut.
I know how angry you've been, but if we could just meet her, to just even for an afternoon, it would mean the world to me.
You know she won't allow it.
She's made that clear over the years, and we have to accept it.
All right, but she's here.
I mean, she she had to come here for a reason? We both know what the reason is.
Don't we? Things Uh, yeah, they haven't been great financially speaking.
How so? We could use some support.
Danny's not a bad person.
- We We never thought so.
- One, two, three.
He's just naive.
We know it's charming, but it's unstable.
- One, two, three.
- All right.
Enough, dear.
How much support do you need? - One, two, three.
- Yes.
How much will it take? Don't back down.
Don't you dare.
- $5,000.
- Oh.
That's an awful lot of money.
That you have sitting in your savings account.
We will discuss it, won't we, Vaughn? And let you know.
It has to be tonight or you won't get to meet your grandchild.
Don't Don't Are they still doing it? Can she still get what she wants by taking it away? There you go, Mom.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- It's all right.
No, it's not.
It's kind of you to take care of me.
To take care of all of us.
Can you tell me what happened? I just wanted to go for a swim.
Got in a little trouble, that's all.
But you can't.
Swim, that is.
That isn't true.
I don't often but it isn't true that I can't necessarily.
Okay, I thought that But that's okay.
But you can't swim well, John.
If I hadn't heard you out there I used to as a child in the lake by the cottage.
It's big enough that there's a strong current.
My brothers and I, we used to race.
I still remember that feeling of getting to the middle.
Point of no return.
Where going back was just as hard as going forward.
I would keep going.
And I would win.
God was with me back then.
He's still with you.
Look at all we have together, all our blessings.
I feel that way most of the time.
I do.
But not all the time.
There is so much on your mind with the election, the development.
Let's get a good night's sleep, and in the morning, it will feel better.
I'm unhappy.
Seriously? You're You're not gonna call that? That's not a foul anymore? Come on.
Oh, come on.
Hey, Ernie, what are you watching? Oh, it's, uh, soccer.
Wha One of your European games? Must be.
It's the middle of the night.
I said is it one of your European games? Yes.
I just wanted to be answered.
It's hurtful to ask a question and not get an answer.
I I'm I'm I'm sorry.
It It's a It's a big qualifying match.
It's fine.
I don't care what you watch.
I just want you to communicate with me.
- I'm your wife.
- From the corner.
Yeah, pass, pass, pass.
Get it for us.
Pass, pass, pass, pass.
Oh, come on! You're right in front of What did W-What you do that for? Do you remember when, uh, we looked at this house? And we both had our moment when we knew it was ours, right? Like, for me, it was that kitchen.
All that space to prep and cook.
And for you, it was this basement.
All this privacy to what? To what, Ernie? To watch games.
- Is that all? - Can Can I please have my remote back? What the hell are you doing? Oh What are you d What What happened to Who Who Who did that? I did it.
Hey, man.
It It's Bunny.
I You heard from Tyler at all? Yeah, yeah, I'm calling again.
Because I still don't have a fucking answer or a fucking boyfriend.
Yeah, okay.
Well, you know what? You're a fucking mental case as well.
Dude, you need to take a fucking bucket of chill pills.
And so does your fucking mother! Call me if you hear anything, please.
You need something there? No.
It sure looks like you need some help.
Well, guess what, fuckface? I don't.
My boyfriend fucking flaked on me.
Sorry to hear that.
The guy must be crazy.
Yeah, well, that's how it goes, right? And then I can't call anyone anymore because I threw my fucking change in the sand.
Well, don't give up.
I actually have a a metal detector in my truck I can grab.
You'd be amazed what I can find with that thing.
Diamond rings and gold teeth.
Even found a bike once.
I still ride it.
What's the point? It's gone.
Like Tyler.
Like everything.
It doesn't have to be that way.
Pretty girl like you, you should be waited on, hand and foot.
Like a queen.
Uh, I don't even want that.
I can take care of myself.
I have since I was 18.
Then I met this cute guy, and all of a sudden, I think I should trust somebody.
That's my bad.
That's on me.
I can't trust anybody in this world.
- Bam.
I got one.
- Me too.
See that? Yes, I do.
You see this? Stick around, stick around.
Oh, God.
Man, I think I love you.
They wanna do it, okay? They All of them.
They're not forced.
They all agree.
I insist on that.
So, that's what you like? Why? I I don't know.
I just do.
It's weird and it's embarrassing.
And I I I just like it.
I r I really I always have.
But I ke I kept I kept it private.
And you you violated my my privacy, and you had no right to do that.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Oh, my God.
This wasn't fair to you at all.
- I'm so sorry.
- Damn it, Greta, don't don't do that.
- Don't Don't back down so easy.
- I'm sorry.
- You did it again.
- Oh, my God.
Fine! I'm I'm mad.
I'm mad at you.
You kept things from me.
You made me scared.
Why did you do that? - To protect you.
- From what? From me.
That I'm That I'm I'm I'm That I'm a monster and a sicko and a pervert and a freak.
We are all sickos.
Inside, anyway.
Every single one of us.
I am What? You're what? Say what you are.
Ernie, you have to say it to me from now on, whatever it is.
I'm so turned on.
That's right, you are.
- Yeah.
- I am.
- Where am I? - Hey, hey.
You're in LA.
Remember? We took a fundraising trip.
I just had the craziest dream.
There was a mountain lion loose in the house, and it was fucking huge.
And I couldn't find Maya, and I couldn't find you.
And I couldn't protect my girls.
Where did you go? Pharmacy.
Maya's stomach.
Your stomach.
Pick a lie.
Stick with it.
I went home to my parents' house.
Why did you do that? I I just felt so terrible about dragging you up here and making you do all of this, and all for nothing.
And I just wanted to make it right, and I did.
That's not See? What do they want in return? Despicable.
The depths to which you'll go.
They wanna meet Maya.
You gotta be kidding me.
I will be there the whole time.
She'd never be alone with them.
- It would be totally safe.
- No.
No, that is not happening.
Please, please.
Please don't.
No, no, no.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said yes.
But But just think of all of the good we could do with this.
- Everything that you could do.
- I don't care.
It is not worth it.
I would rather owe my soul to the Ku Klux Klan.
Well Well, what if, um, what if it was just my mother? - Just your mother? - Well, it wasn't her fault.
I mean, it was Dad's friend.
You told her, and she did nothing.
Well, I mean, what was she supposed to do? She could've believed you.
Defended you.
But she didn't have the guts.
He really thinks it's that easy for us.
And why wouldn't he? I mean, how old were you? Fourteen? I don't know exactly.
Thirteen years old, round-faced, soft belly.
You know exactly.
We don't owe those assholes anything.
Your family is right here, okay? Maya and me.
Okay? Are you kidding me? Let me just start by saying I'm sorry, dude.
I'm sorry.
I did a bad thing.
And I I had this whole night riding over here on my skateboard, trying to talk to you, and I just I just - Are you holding a knife? - Yeah, because I'm pissed at you, you piece of crap, and I'm gonna use it! Did someone creep on you? Who fucking creeped on you? Crapped, creep, whatever.
I'll fucking kill the guy.
Some lurker.
I shouldn't have talked to him.
I I didn't know where you were! I wasn't thinking! Fuck, dude.
That's not on you.
That's on me.
W-When you're not around me, I make bad decisions.
I, uh, it's why I need you.
And also, that's I'm into you.
Because you're pretty much everything I have.
I don't have a backup plan.
Did I ever tell you about that asshole, Brian? Your brother? No, Brian, my brother, he's pretty cool.
Just quiet since his accident.
I mean Brian, my stepdad.
He was just your classic run-of-the-mill dickhead.
Pushing us around, calling me an idiot.
And my mom would always side with him.
I kept waiting for her not to, but she always did.
Bullies only lose in the movies.
In real life, they win.
I am an idiot, though.
I mean, I I bought this board, and I don't even remember doing it.
I know we're trying to save.
I just I messed it up.
Can we Can we talk about it later? Fuck yeah.
- That is so chill by me.
- Mmm.
- Go, sweetie.
Sit down.
- Does she, um, need anything for the road? - Any snacks or anything? - Oh, we're fine.
Thank you for everything.
Oh, of course.
I mean, I I guess, um, next time you see me, I'll be a mom too.
I know it's the most natural thing in the world and I I shouldn't be scared, but, um, I'm a little scared.
Say something.
Reassure her.
Be a human being for once.
No one feels ready.
But trust me, you have everything you need.
There's no need to be scared.
Of the giving birth part, anyway.
Becoming a mom, that's, you know, terrifying and forever.
But good luck.
- Uh - You'll be fine.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Great to see you.
Good luck.
- We'll be rooting for ya.
- Mm-hmm.
- Vote Rubin.
- Go Ru Go Rubin.
- Bye.
- Bye, Maya.
Oh, my God.
I thought they'd never go.
I had the strangest dream last night.
You were in it.
Well, what was I doing? Saving the world, I hope.
No, you were drowning.
Well, that doesn't sound good.
You were yelling out and, uh, Mom was there.
It was confusing, but super real.
You guys weren't swimming last night, were you? That's what happens when you watch television right before bed.
Especially that Fantasy Island program.
Yeah, that's probably it.
Is Mom still sleeping? There's no breakfast.
Oh, your mother thought you wouldn't show up.
I said I wasn't sure.
You haven't exactly been reliable in the past, so it was only natural to wonder.
And where is she? She's in the car outside with her dad.
And that's exactly where she's gonna stay.
You know, I've met a lot of assholes by now.
Rude, nasty, even violent people.
But you're the worst kind of asshole there is.
In the pretty house with the good manners, because no one sees it coming, what an actual blackhearted shithead you really are! You pushed me around a lot as a teenager, and I I didn't know any better.
Yeah, I thought you were my whole world.
And now I know that you're just a couple of scared, old suburban shitheads, terrified of the truth! You will not talk that way in my house! Do you know what happened in your house? What your old fraternity buddy did? He came into my bedroom and he pulled down my pajama pants and spat on his hand Oh, stop it, just stop it! - Stop it right now! - And you didn't believe me.
- And you still don't believe me.
- Well, believe this! You doing okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
That's my girl.
Let's get outta here.
I'm going for a swim.
- Is that a new bathing suit, Mommy? - No, I've had it forever.
- Your butt looks big.
- Like two pillows.
- You should put on another bathing suit.
- Put on clothes.
Hey, hey.
That's enough.
Don't be rude.
Mommy's gonna go enjoy the pool.
Enjoy it, sweetie.
Thank you.
All right, eat your cereal.
- Thank you, Mommy.
- Thank you, Mommy.
Rise and shine, sweetheart.
Time to get up.
Ooh, look what I found here.
Day's gone, time to see ♪ Hey, sweetheart.
Jesus is coming, look busy.
I saw that on a bumper sticker once.
Sure gave me a chuckle.
Honey, you really need to get up.
My friend's coming home.
Also happens to be my boss.
Oh, boy.
Guess I'll clean up by myself then.
Sure was fun last night, wasn't it? What do we have? I still hate LA.
It's official.
Thank God.
We're home.
- And I'll tell you what else.
- Yeah.
I don't know if I'll, uh, be going back anytime soon, if ever.
However, I am glad that we went.
It reminds me of what I have right here at home - Mm-hmm.
- and what we're fighting for.
That's right.
Well, well, well.
Aren't you two just as pretty as a nun's twat.
- Hey, Jer.
What's going on, man? - I don't know, bud.
Why don't you ask your wife? Huh, Sheil? What the hell's going on?
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