Physical (2021) s03e03 Episode Script

Like It's on Fire

And we're expecting another
6 inches of rainfall by dusk.
A flood warning is in effect
as far south as Baltimore.
Folks are encouraged to stay off
the roads, if at all possible.
Our crew witnessed several
wrecks on the interstate,
one a youth church van.
Prayers to their families.
Gosh. Stay safe, Ed.
And now let's kick it
over to sunny San Diego,
where our fitness expert,
Sheila D. Rubin, is standing by.
See? It's not hard. It's challenging.
- Know the difference?
- [PANTS] You bet.
- [SHEILA] Do you really, Stew?
- I do not. [SIGHS]
Hard is the voice in your
head that says that you can't,
that you've tried before,
and you've failed before.
That you're weak. And you're
the last one to know it.
[STEW] Sounds like you've been
talking to my mother-in-law.
- I kid. I kid.
A challenge is what's left
when you kill that voice.
[PANTS] It's a burning in your
thighs that says that you can,
that you're strong.
So that clicking in my knee, that's
a challenge? [EXHALES HEAVILY]
No, Stew. That's osteoarthritis. [PANTS]
But we can work with that. [PANTS]
I'll show you some modifications.
For four, three, two, one. Come on.
Walk, walk, pivot. Walk,
walk, pivot. You've got it.
[DIRECTOR] And we're out!
- [SIGHS] Thanks, ladies.
- Okay. [PANTS]
- [GRETA] Excuse me. Sorry.
- Pardon me. This is me. Hi.
- Thank you.
- Um, you are stunning. You are a star.
You're in orbit. I
actually feel light-headed.
Take it easy. Just
the first day at work.
- Uh, no, that was just broadcasted
to every kitchen and
living room in America.
I'm talking about New York,
DC, Jacksonville, Topeka.
Why am I naming cities? You
know what America is. [CHUCKLES]
So, you're terrific, quite obviously.
You don't need me to tell you that
- so I'll cut right to it.
What we're proposing is that we
marry your national brand to ours.
Regional brand.
You were picked up by
Good Morning America.
- I'd say you're national.
- I meant you.
Hartman Foods doesn't have a
footprint in the Southwest yet,
- according to our research.
- Or the Pacific Northwest.
Well, um
So it's us that would be launching you
into the world. Isn't that right?
[CHUCKLES] Let me jump in before
these ladies eat you whole, Mason.
We're not in all markets yet, but
we want you to help us get there.
Every woman wants to be Sheila Rubin
- but they wonder,
"What would I have to
sacrifice? Pleasure? Happiness?"
Not anymore.
Meet our new product:
a fat-free cookie.
No fat in the cookie, no fat on
you. It's scientifically proven.
[REPRESENTATIVE 1] We'll hammer
out the specifics in a formal offer,
but we're thinking a
sizable up-front payment,
plus profit participation.
[MASON] Every time a consumer
takes a bite of a cookie,
you get a bite of the cookie.
[CHUCKLES] But first, the fun stuff.
We wanna know your likes and dislikes.
What's your favorite
flavor of cookie, Sheila?
We've got a lot to choose from.
This cookie has to really say "you."
[INHALES SHARPLY] Uh, we are gonna
want some time with these cookies,
if you don't mind. So we would
like to take some samples home
and get right back to
ya with our thoughts.
[SHEILA] And everyone's
talking like it's no big deal
there's a tray of hot cookies on the
table and, for me, it's all I see.
I mean, it's like It's like
[SIGHS] You know what it's like?
It's like there's a
strobe light just flashing,
and I'm supposed to just ignore it.
- How is that even possible?
[SHEILA] Or it's like there's naked
people having actual sex in the room,
and everyone else is
pretending like it's normal,
having a normal conversation and
- [STAMMERS, SCOFFS] I can't. I can't!
They kept asking me what my
favorite flavor of cookie was,
and you know what's crazy? I don't know.
I don't know. I really don't.
I-I thought I was just
put on the spot or frozen,
but I kept thinking about it
and just kept coming up empty.
Yeah. Funny thing happens when
you spend your whole adult life
just denying anything you want.
You lose touch with yourself. You know?
That's it. Yeah.
[STAMMERS] I don't know.
I don't know what I like. That's
such a humiliating thing to admit.
Anywhere but here. [CHUCKLES]
My therapist told me to
take myself to dinner.
Try new things, give myself room
to develop likes and dislikes.
- How did it go?
- [FRIDA] Oh, I didn't do it.
Eat dinner alone in a restaurant
with everyone looking at
me? I'd be mortified. [SIGHS]
[GROANS] Okay. What do we have here?
Hey, how do I know you?
The post office. Yes. Two
weeks ago you sold me stamps.
- Yeah, that's right.
- [DANNY] I do not forget a face.
- What the fuck are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
What are you doing here?
You in some kind of a cult now?
This is my support group.
My anonymous support group.
I'm Well, I'm
sorry. I didn't realize.
I just I went out for a
quick jog to clear my head,
something I do quite a bit now.
It's pretty incredible.
It's life-changing.
It's actually very It's very
me-changing. [INHALES DEEPLY]
Yeah, I just kept jogging,
and I ended up here,
and I will get out of your hair.
I just wanted to see if you could
maybe pick Maya up a day early.
[SIGHS] My coworkers keep
asking me out for drinks,
and if I keep saying no, I'm
in danger of being the old guy.
You gotta be kidding me,
Danny. I need more notice.
Well, Sheila, I could ask
someone at the village
[STAMMERS] if you
want, but those girls party.
By the end of the night, our
daughter's gonna be drinking
out of a salt-rimmed glass.
You don't live here anymore.
You need to call first.
Or at least knock.
Oh, your ex is a real
piece of work, huh?
[INHALES SHARPLY] I think, uh, Marsha's
gonna turtle for the
next year and a half.
[SHEILA] I'm sorry. It
will not happen again.
Well, I mean, one way to make
sure it never happens again
is for us to get a real
space for these meetings, huh?
Hey, I think it's working quite
well here. I mean, I'm happy hosting.
I'm sure you are.
But did you ever consider
us hiding out in your garage
isn't exactly the best road to recovery?
I don't think a little privacy
is compromising my recovery.
What about ours? We're not on TV.
We're just regular people who've
worked really hard to get this far,
and feeling like we're your secret
just doesn't feel that great, Sheil.
- I mean
- I'm not hiding out.
I just have a lot of
complications in my life right now.
- You know, childcare for one. [STAMMERS]
- O-Oh, you're the only one with kids?
I don't think so. People work it out.
I will make sure there are no
more interruptions. It's a promise.
[KELLY] Like what you see?
[SIGHS] How could I not?
Such a classy photo, you
lying there spread-eagle.
Oh, that's right. You
don't know what you like.
Ladies, gentlemen, chocolate, vanilla.
[CHUCKLES] Bless your little
heart. I never had that problem.
I imagine you haven't.
I know what I want and
I know how to get it.
- I even know what you want.
- And what's that?
Right now, more than anything [CHEWS]
you want to fuck Danny over.
No. Danny's already a mess.
He'll derail himself eventually.
Okay. You could wait for
him to self-destruct, maybe,
and in the meantime, he
casually invades your life,
your recovery, your business,
and he changes your custody
arrangement on a whim.
But what's one more
day of childcare after
six years of raising a kid by yourself
while Danny pretends his life's
more important than yours?
[CHUCKLES] Sounds like
he has you convinced.
It's just who he is,
who he's been allowed
to be by everyone. By me.
Oh, so now it's your fault that
he's a lazy, selfish son of a bitch.
[CHUCKLES] That's rich.
You should go on the
road with that routine.
Speaking of the road, aren't
you late picking up Maya?
Is this your car?
It was our car, mine and Danny's.
Okay, listen carefully.
Convertible, German, bucket seats.
You're on television now.
Have some self-respect.
Oh, great, you're here. I'll,
uh, go get Maya and tell her
have a word outside, please?
Yeah. [SIGHS]
Okay, so, what's this all about?
You now have 50/50
custody of our daughter.
[SCOFFS] I don't remember my
lawyer saying anything about that.
No lawyers, no discussion,
just compliance.
[SCOFFS, CHUCKLES] Okay. I get it.
You want me outta your hair,
because how dare I swing by the house
- that we co-own or participate
- [LAUGHS] Danny.
- in the business that we co-own?
- I think you should stop.
So you use our daughter to
clip my wings. Jesus Christ.
Every time I think you
have hit your moral bottom,
you somehow manage to sink even lower.
Funny you should mention morality.
Remember that college protest
when you threw a brick
through the courthouse window
- and spent two nights in jail?
- You think I'm ashamed of that?
No, I'm sure you're
quite proud of yourself.
But it does beg the question,
Danny, why was it only two nights?
Last time I checked,
damaging federal property
- carried a sentence of up to ten years.
- So you're a lawyer now?
Doesn't take a lawyer to figure out when
someone's cooperated
with the authorities.
Is that what happened?
You just gave the cops some names and
I wonder what Jack and
Jerry would think of that.
I wonder what all your new
colleagues would think of that.
What happened to you?
You do one segment on the
news, and you're suddenly
This is who I've always been, Danny.
I just never let you see it before.
- It doesn't fit. [SIGHS]
- I'm sure with a little effort.
Look at me. [INHALES
SHARPLY] I'm not up for this.
- Of course you are.
- It's just been a while since you
Left the house? [SIGHS]
I understand your trepidation,
but this dinner is important.
- These people are important
and they need to know
that we are important too.
Why do you need these people
to know that you're important?
They don't see us.
They don't respect us.
Their bigotry about
our faith is something
they will have to
reconcile with the Lord.
But you know what the Games mean to me.
Have meant to me since I was
a boy, watching with my father.
Greatness achieved through
discipline and purity of mind.
And to play some small part in that
They installed cameras
today in the neighborhood,
on every light post,
to catch the vandal.
We're being watched now, at all times.
- How we handle that will chart our course.
[BARTENDER] Can I get you something
to drink while you wait for your date?
Oh, uh, I'm not waiting.
dining by myself this evening.
Even better.
Wait a second.
Did you go to MiraCosta Community
College for a few months?
Like You look so familiar.
[STAMMERS] I didn't.
I would, uh I would love
a glass of white wine, please.
I used to get that all the time
when I first showed up on TV.
[CHUCKLES] "Did you grow up in Tampa?"
Do I look like I grew up in Tampa?
Then again, maybe I do.
- [BARTENDER] Get a chance to decide?
- Oh, yes. Let me see here.
- [BARTENDER] Do you need another minute?
- No, no, I'm almost
Is it really this hard?
This life-or-death, just
to pick a goddamn entrée?
- [CHUCKLES] I guess so. You know what?
Maybe that crappy little
car is just right for you.
Do you have any lighter fare?
Everything here seems to
come with a sauce or
Yeah, that's kinda his thing.
Um, I'm not really a food guy per se,
but people seem to
dig the surf and turf.
I I don't usually eat shellfish.
Oh, my God, that's it!
- You were on the news.
The leotard lady.
Oh, my God, you didn't
go to MiraCosta. [LAUGHS]
- [KELLY] And now they'll all watch you
- You'd never go there.
- [BARTENDER] I was thinking, "Maybe she"
- [KELLY] sucking a lobster tail,
that purple vein filled
with God knows what.
You know what? I think I do need
a few more minutes to decide.
Thank you so much.
So, John, you're a mall man.
- I develop commercial real estate,
so malls are a large part of my book.
- Well, that's big business.
We've been happy with
our growth. [CHUCKLES]
No one happier than
the missus, I'm sure.
- Shop, shop, shop.
Maria, Heath was speaking to you.
he was speaking about me.
It is a miracle when there's enough room
in the car for me and her bags.
- Can I top you off?
- We don't drink alcohol. Thank you.
Oh, you can partake in a little
merriment with us, can't you?
- God will understand. Oh
- [GASPS, IN SPANISH] Fucking bitch.
This fucking bitch
will put a steak knife
in your neck if you ever
talk like that again.
seemed spicy. What'd you say?
Oh. Oh. I know what
you're going through.
I-I don't think you do.
Picking off that menu
[SCOFFS] it's impossible.
Does the fact that I am
sitting here by myself,
and that I'm a woman, just entitle
you to walk up and talk to me?
I mean, if I was a businessman by
myself, would you do the same thing?
Mmm, probably not. Although
- Maybe. Depends.
- Okay.
- Can I get the check, please?
- Oh, no, no. Hold on, hold on.
- Before you go, let let me apologize.
- Oh, please.
N-Not for talking to you, because
that's just normal human behavior.
- It's more-more-more for this.
- Oh.
Why do I bother bringing you
the best produce in the country
if you don't want people to taste it?
Dumping all this butter on this
beautiful asparagus, you know?
And don't let me get
started on the pesto,
because the pesto is a crime. [SCOFFS]
Carlos, by the way.
Look, I I don't mean to impose
I think it's a bit late for that.
No, but it would kill me kill
me if you came all this way
- I live very close by.
- and you paid all this money
No, and I haven't ordered anything
- off the menu.
- and you don't try
- the very best thing in the restaurant.
- I-I don't wanna try anything else.
- I-I'm fine. Thank you.
- No, no, no. Y-You must. You must.
Please, put that down.
Take this.
It's an Azoychka. Not
an uncommon cultivar.
That tastes like I
mean, it reminds me of
It reminds me of summer.
- [CHUCKLES] When I was a kid.
- Yes. Yes.
That may be the best
tomato I've ever tasted.
- Or maybe the only tomato I've ever tasted.
And now, sadly, all food will
be ruined for you forever.
- Consider me ruined.
Listen, uh, thank you for indulging me.
And, uh, enjoy the rest of your tomato
and your night. I will
- Where did you come from?
- Me?
Oh, yeah. The tomato.
- Yeah.
They grow them on a small
family farm outside of Lodi.
Well, they must be magicians.
- No, no. You could grow these.
- Not a chance.
I have a black thumb. I
kill artificial plants.
[CHUCKLES] That cannot be true.
- How would you know?
- I don't.
I just have a hunch that you
don't give yourself enough credit.
And to tell the truth, I don't have
the best luck in the garden either,
but I know what to buy
and I know how to sell it
at a handsome markup
to joints like this one.
So they can murder it
with butter and garlic?
Yes. Exactly.
Pleasure's a very simple thing.
People forget that.
- You know, um,
you didn't tell me your name.
Y-You don't have to, but you didn't.
I'm Kelly.
Nice to meet you, Kelly.
No, no. I-I-I'm not Kelly. I'm,
um [SMACKS LIPS] I'm Sheila.
- Oh.
- Okay, well, nice to meet you, Sheila.
- I Nice to meet you, Carlos.
I don't know why I did that.
I was just trying to be, you know,
- mysterious and
- No, no need to explain.
[MAYA, DANNY] I love
you, a bushel and a peck ♪
I love you with a
hug around the neck ♪
Okay. Good night.
I know, sweetheart.
And I wanna help you,
but not as much as I want you
to learn on your own. Okay?
You can do it.
Mmm. Have a good run.
Find something great in it. [CHUCKLES]
Food, clothing, services.
Now, imagine a
state-of-the-art retail village
built just a couple hundred
yards from the athletes' quarters.
A public private partnership.
- [HEATH] Well, that sounds exciting.
- [CHUCKLES] I think it's the future.
But I'd like to pitch
you on another role.
- Course.
- Porta potties.
Excuse me?
We'll need something on the
order of 5,000 porta potties
around the competition sites.
And given your background
in construction,
we think you could be our man.
I can source toilets, sure, but I think
there's a bigger opportunity here to
Tell you what, you nail this,
and you'll have a lot
of fans on the committee.
Good man. We'll loop
you in with logistics.
Yeah. Loop me in.
Can I have a private
word with my wife, please?
- That was Heath Rudiger on the phone.
- Mmm.
After weeks and weeks of networking
with the LA Games Committee,
I've been assigned porta potties.
My contribution to the
'84 Games will be toilets.
And this is my fault?
Your behavior at dinner
certainly contributed.
- That isn't fair.
- Isn't it?
You just invent new
ways to humiliate me.
You have an affair, you mock
me in front of strangers.
I'm made a captive in my own home.
And in spite of that,
I'm expected to be obedient
If you want peace, John,
things are gonna have to change.
I'm trying to figure out
what this reminds me of.
Mmm, it's on the tip of my tongue.
My older sister's lip gloss.
It smelled just as good as this
and tasted just as terrible,
so caramel is out.
- You okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
'Cause in the meeting
you seem very, just
[STUTTERS] We don't
have to do any of this.
- Hand to God, Sheila [STUTTERS]
if dealing with the cookies
is too much for you given your
- Just your health comes first.
- I'm actually fine.
Really? Because you seem very
distracted and it feels
I-I met someone.
I think. I mean, no,
I-I know I met him.
I just think he could maybe
be someone. [INHALES SHARPLY]
- Oh, my Lord in heaven.
- [CHUCKLES] Stop.
Wait, no, here I am thinking
you're And you're
- You met someone? Tell me everything.
- Yeah.
Uh, there's nothing to tell
[CHUCKLES] really.
I mean, we talked.
And he was funny and
he seemed kind of real.
- He fed me.
- [GASPS] Stop.
[CHUCKLES] And, um, I
gave him my phone number.
I just wrote it down and gave it to him.
I me Who am I? [CHUCKLES]
I'm so sorry,
- but I think about you so much
- Stop.
am always afraid to ask.
- And then you have this beautiful news
- No, no, i-it's nothing yet.
- Yeah, it's Of course.
- Yeah.
- I'm just gonna eat cookies.
- I-I mean, maybe it's something.
It actually started with the cookies.
I went to a restaurant alone to
try to figure out what I like.
Anyway, he, uh
He showed up and, well,
turns out maybe I do know.
- Maybe. [CHUCKLES] Maybe.
- Maybe.
But I know I don't like
caramel or strawberry.
[BOTH] I love you,
a bushel and a peck ♪
- I love you with a hug around the neck ♪
- [YAWNING] Love you. Neck, yes.
Okay. Good night.
Ow. Shit. Fuck.
So, over the loop [SIGHS]
over the thing,
you go around the tree.
Then you do the next one.
Count your blessings.
You are living a gift.
Not everyone's so lucky.
Run free.
No, the keys. Grab the ke All
right. Let's go, come on. Let's go.
Oh, sorry. Can you drink
coffee while you're doing that?
[GULPS] I don't know.
[SIGHS] So how's that going?
- You're asking me how pumping is going?
- Sure, yeah. [CHUCKLES]
- You know, it's part of it, right?
This crazy ride we're all on.
- Right.
- The balance of being
a parent and a professional.
Right. Well, going swell.
[CHUCKLES] Good. Good, good, good.
I have a daughter.
- Maya. [SIGHS]
- Mmm.
It's so strange how these
things that give life meaning
can leave us feeling so
disconnected from ourselves. [SCOFFS]
But maybe that's the point, you know?
To come out of this changed and better.
And it's not about balance at all.
It is sacrifice so that
we can grow. [SIGHS]
[SIGHS] You know what gets me through?
Mmm? [SWALLOWS] I humbly submit.
One day, I'm gonna be sucked dry
and I'll have nothing left to offer.
Not to the kids, not to my job. Nothing.
And then it'll be over.
- I'm gonna get you another coffee.
- Yeah.
Love it if it was hot.
- We love the chocolate.
- [REPRESENTATIVE 1] Wonderful.
But my profit participation goes
up 50 basis points every quarter.
- Go ahead.
- Okay. Yeah. [SIGHS]
- Hello.
- [DANNY] Hey, Deb.
- Danny Banany! Who died? [CHUCKLES]
- No one.
No one died. I just wanted to
call and check on my baby sister.
- It's been a long time.
- Are you high? [CHUCKLES]
Me neither.
[SMACKS LIPS] You know,
um, I was just sitting here
and I was thinking, do you
need a place to stay right now?
I mean, you know me, Banany,
I always do and never do. Why?
Well, I just happen to have
[SMACKS LIPS] a foldout couch,
uh, in this vibrant coastal hamlet,
and it's just calling your name.
You could come and hang
and refresh your tan.
- What happened?
- What do you mean? [CHUCKLES]
I left you a message about
Avery's untimely death,
and I didn't hear a word from you.
You know how much I loved that bird.
I know. I'm sorry.
and I are getting a divorce.
There it is. [INHALES SHARPLY]
Oh, no.
[SIGHS] I don't know if you're
trying to sound sad or surprised.
I'm sorry. How are you coping?
I, uh
I've got Maya half the time and it
turns out that I'm a fraud of a dad.
And beyond that, I
I'm pretty fucking lost, Deb,
and I could use some help. [SWALLOWS]
And I've got grass.
I'll be on the next bus.
Great. Great.
- [ANNOUNCER] Good football.
A ball to Schneider. He'll
fling it wide to Miller.
Oh. Oh. Oh. Good evening.
- You have no idea. [KISSES]
- Uh, should we go upstairs?
- Nope. [SIGHS]
- Mmm. Let me just turn off the game here.
- The only thing I need you to do
- is get these slacks off before
- Oh. Ooh.
- Oh.
- Oh. [GASPS]
- I broke your belt buckle. Oops.
Oh, something sure put
a battery in your back.
Yeah. I have news. [BREATHES HEAVILY]
I Sheila and I just
closed an endorsement deal
with a diet food company.
A lucrative one.
Well, you sure have been busy.
[SMACKS LIPS] I hope you understand the
spirit with which [INHALES SHARPLY]
Jesus. Spit it out, Greta. Okay.
The thing is, I haven't felt good
about us these last few months.
It's like, the more we became partners,
the less we were, you know, partners.
And I just think it would
be better, healthier,
if we ran the business without you.
Ern, I just wanna get
us back to normal
I'd like to watch the game.
[ANNOUNCER] Just into
the attacking form.
Try left side.
You're doing it. Fighting,
winning, hurting, healing.
This is good. You're good.
And yet, here you are in the
bathroom, talking to yourself.
Hard to spin that one, isn't it?
- Hi.
- Hi.
So, uh, I was thinking Italian.
You know, there's also
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