Physical (2021) s03e08 Episode Script

Like a Mouse

I mean, the classes are
packed. There's a waiting list.
And I'm not bragging. [CHUCKLES]
- I don't think it's me.
- It might be you.
[SHEILA] Or I've tapped into
something women have been craving.
A space without mirrors and all
the baggage that comes with them.
[GRETA] Those mirrors cost a
fortune. I was there for the install.
But I concede the point. It's
worth it. It's more than worth it.
Okay, what's next?
Women come to our studio
[SIGHS] to be free of judgment.
To focus on their mind,
their soul, their spirit.
Yeah. It's not a
workout, it's a "work-in."
Mmm. Definitely using that. That's good.
Oh, my God. So is this burger.
It's about moving together in
a sacred space, a safe haven.
And when we're feeding off of
one another's energy, it's magic.
All right, so, forget TV
spots and videos and cookies.
We're building a community.
Connection. Yes! That's
what I've been missing.
[SHEILA] A place for women to go
to just get away from life's crap.
Away from the pressure,
her kids, her boss, her job.
Her husband, her kids.
We should offer childcare.
Not everyone is able to just
get away from their kids.
Ooh, yes. A playroom for kids
while Mommy grapevines her shit out.
Ooh, oh! Why stop there? We
could offer self-defense classes.
[SHEILA] Ooh. Nutritional
workshops. Meditation courses.
- Fucking Lamaze.
- Making the next generation of customers.
- Weight lifting.
Women are too intimidated
to do that in the gym.
Yes, muscles!
- Mommy and Me yoga.
- Pottery. Lesbians.
Yes! What?
We're brainstorming.
There's no bad ideas.
- Yes.
- Okay.
I don't wanna call it
Body By Sheila anymore.
It's not mine, it's ours.
But the whole
And the word "body" just
feels particularly wrong.
It's so limiting.
Okay, so no "body" and no "Sheila."
- What's left?
- Everything.
This is bigger than me.
Or you. This is for all of us.
Hey, what about "Strength In Numbers"?
[CHUCKLES] Oh, my God,
Greta, I love that!
- Yeah.
- I love that. That feels right.
Yes, we're doing this
together because there's
[BOTH] strength in numbers.
- We need more instructors.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we do.
- Yes.
[DANNY] This is hard.
Harder for me than it
is for you, probably.
You've got your whole life
ahead of you. [CHUCKLES]
I don't wanna hold you back.
It's selfish of me to ask you
to compromise your dreams
[SWALLOWS] so you
can, you know [SIGHS]
stick it out with a single dad
who's still trying to pick
up the pieces of his own life.
You deserve more than that.
[SIGHING] All right.
- You "needed" to see me. [CHUCKLES]
Maybe you needed to see this.
- I
- I wore this for you.
You hate fancy stuff.
Yeah, I I Oh. Mmm.
- Ooh. Listen, Fidelia
- Mmm.
- How long until Maya and Reggie get back?
- Debbie. Her name is Debbie.
- [CHUCKLING] Who cares?
- Look [GRUNTS]
- Hmm?
- We can't do this anymore, okay?
I can't I can't see you anymore.
It's not fair to you.
I can't hold you back.
Your dreams. And you deserve
[STAMMERS] Wait, is
this because of Reggie?
Debbie. I just said it. No. [SIGHS]
Then it's because of Sheila.
Well, yeah, in part.
Because she doesn't even
care about you anymore.
I can't even remember the
last time she's even, like,
mentioned your name or that
you even, you know, exist.
Look, I [SIGHS] I'm really sorry.
[STAMMERS] I wish things were different,
but they aren't. [INHALES DEEPLY]
It's okay.
Yeah, you're totally right.
[CHUCKLES] We should not be doing this.
- You're not upset?
At all?
No, not at all.
I-I could be fired for this.
I don't want to be fired.
Not now that they're finally
figuring their shit out.
I mean, I've been practicing at night,
and I really want them
to make me an instructor.
So, this is [SIGHS]
good, yeah. This is right.
[STAMMERS] What do you mean,
"figuring their shit out"?
- What does that mean?
- Oh, I'm I'm not at liberty to say.
[SIGHS] Um, well, look, I hope
that we can still be friends, right?
Do you have friends?
- This was fun.
I'll see you.
[DEB] Was she very upset?
She yell? Cry? Barf?
Well, you know, it was a it
was a quieter kind of despair.
Well, look, you did the right thing.
Okay, well, I will see
you in the morning
- What? Where are you going?
- you little heartbreaker.
I'm just You know what,
I'm meeting up with a friend.
Who? Larry? Larry in 14B?
Deb, that guy's deranged.
He walks a bunny on a leash.
Okay, well, he's a very good
listener, incredibly generous lover
- No. [GROANS]
- and we just we have fun together.
Oh, are you? Are you having
fun? Fun, fun. Fun, fun, fun.
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, fun, that's what we're
on planet Earth to do, huh?
What millions of years of
evolution has led our species to,
is just the pursuit of fun?
You know what? It just might be.
You know, fun is a very
underrated life goal, Banany.
You should try it sometime.
Just not with your ex-wife's
secretary, you dumbass.
Oh, fuck you! Go!
[SNIFFLES] Hey, hey, hey, wake up.
- Daddy?
- Hey, it's me.
Do you wanna go to Sammy's and
get some chocolate-chip pancakes?
- I'm sleeping.
- Yeah, I know.
We'll go get pancakes in
the middle of the night.
It'll be so much fun. Huh?
And you can wear your
jammies to Sammy's.
- How about it? Let's go.
[DANNY, MAYA] I guess you'd say ♪
What can make me feel this way? ♪
- My girl ♪
- My girl ♪
Talking 'bout ♪
- [DANNY] Oh, shit!
- [SCREAMS] Daddy!
- Maya, are you okay? Maya? Okay.
- I'm okay.
Come here. Oh, my God. Are you sure?
- Are you sure you're okay? Yeah?
[SOBBING] I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry I did
that. That's my fault.
I screwed up. I screwed up, okay?
[CRIES] It's okay, Daddy.
- Nothing bad happened.
- [CRYING] Yeah?
It was just scary.
And we had our seat belts on.
[KISSES] We did. You're right.
You're an incredible kid, you know that?
- Yeah, you do.
And that's the best hug I've ever had.
I love you so much.
are my special girl.
[SNIFFLING] I need you
to do something really,
really important for me, okay?
Okay? Let's not tell Mommy about this.
She doesn't need to know about this,
you know? It'd just make her sad.
And we don't wanna make Mommy sad.
Right? Yeah.
- Shh.
- Shh.
Yeah, right. Okay.
[SHEILA] So we're thinking Anaheim
for the first satellite studio.
Just proof of concept, really.
Then open a few places in Southern
California little by little.
You know, we really believe it
could just take on a life of its own.
What do you think?
No, I-I-I think it's a great idea.
I was just wondering
is she gonna come
out from under there?
Hey, you wanna help me
make some pasta dough?
It's pretty fun.
- I'm sorry.
She's usually really
talkative and friendly.
- [CARLOS] Huh.
- Maya, hey.
Can we come out from
under there now, please?
The mouse game is over.
Carlos would love to
meet you, talk to you.
It's okay. I just hope
mice like fettuccine.
- Okay. Maya, enough.
Come out from under there.
- She never does stuff like this.
- It's really okay.
No, no, no, it's not okay.
Hey, Maya. Please get out
from under the table now.
- Right now.
- Whoa. [STAMMERS] Easy. It's really okay.
- I mean, I don't think you have to
- I can handle it. Thanks.
- [SHEILA] Time to stop the mouse game.
- We've played it all day. Time to stop.
- Okay I'm just gonna start
[SHEILA] I'm going to count to three.
One, two, three.
There's no TV, and there's
no more crackers either.
- What do you mean she's a mouse?
- [SHEILA] She's not talking.
She hasn't said a word
since you dropped her off.
And she's she's hiding
under the furniture,
and she'll only eat
cheese with her hands.
Well, yeah, that does
sound pretty mouse-like.
Did you try asking her what's going on?
Yes, but she won't answer me, because
- she's a mouse.
Do you know anything about
how this might've started?
No, I She was talking
and playing normal over here.
Maybe she saw a cartoon or something?
- Yeah. Maybe.
[SHEILA] This is not
just about exercise.
We wanna offer so much more than that.
- [GRETA] Self-defense, meditation, Lamaze.
- [SHEILA] A healing space for women.
I don't get it. So
it's not about exercise?
W-Well, it is ultimately
about exercise,
but we're trying to
But you just said that it
wasn't. [CHUCKLES] So
I-Is anybody else confused here?
I am.
Well, it starts with exercise.
Exercise is the beginning.
It's the catalyst for change,
for growth, for strength.
Strength in numbers. That's
what we're building here.
Strength and power.
Franchising. That's the ultimate goal.
So women aren't just
teaching our method,
they're owning it and
taking it across the country.
The world. [CHUCKLES]
Building muscles, building wealth.
This is This is something. This is
Unrealistic. It's crazy, even.
Yeah. We should stay
focused. Stay humble.
- But the packed classes, the wait list.
People do want this.
And if we don't do it, somebody
else is gonna do it first.
- And we don't want that to happen.
- Damn right about it.
- This is what women have been wanting.
- What they've been needing.
- Their whole lives.
- And they just don't know it yet!
- I mean, and sure, it's a risk.
- A big swing.
But fortune favors the bold.
- Yes!
- We can! We will.
But I can't ask Ernie
for any more money.
I mean, I can, but I don't want to.
We need to do this without him.
Yes. I couldn't agree more.
We have to find the money
ourselves. Get a business loan.
You think we can?
I know we can.
[GRETA] Our business
model's clearly working.
As you can see on page 5,
our numbers have grown exponentially
since we first launched.
I don't see it.
[SHEILA] Women have
never been more stressed.
They're in the workforce, but they're
still expected to do everything at home.
They need a place to go where
they can relax, unwind, recharge.
This is that place.
[GRETA] This isn't about fitting
into a tight pair of jeans.
It's about health and well-being.
Strength and stability.
[SHEILA] Fitness is
not a trend. [CHUCKLES]
It is increasingly a way of life.
And Strength In Numbers seeks
to capitalize on that Oh.
Sir, are you, uh Excuse me?
Okay. So now what? Prostitution?
Some kind of art heist?
We'll get the money.
You know, if we could
just talk to a woman,
I know we could get the loan.
But no, all these banks want women to do
is just pour coffee and cash checks.
Where are you going?
"If you have faith in Jesus Christ,
the hardest as well as the easiest
times in life can be a blessing."
Thank you. Thank you.
"All things are possible
to them that believe."
"As long as you consistently give the
Lord a generous portion of your time,
he will multiply."
Agnes, it's left hand for the
chili and right hand for the Lord.
Can I talk to you? It's important.
Uh, as you can see, I'm very busy.
Nourishment. Health. Community.
That's what I need to
talk to you about actually.
- [PERSON 1] Hey, Joey, where you been?
What do you want, Sheila?
My studio. We want to expand.
To help women. Really lift them up.
And I know things have been
difficult for you, Maria.
Things have been difficult for me?
- How could you possibly know what
- Because of me, i-in part, at least.
But you need [STAMMERS] You
deserve a community around you
that supports you as
much as you support them.
And rather than being prayed over,
what if you could actually
go somewhere and take control?
A place where you're seen.
A place where you aren't
dismissed and treated like
You want me to go to
your aerobics classes?
That's the thing. It's more
than just an aerobics class.
It's empowerment. It's healing.
And we want women everywhere
women like you to
have access to this place.
Here. This is the business plan.
- It has all the details in there
- Why are you giving me this?
Because I know you believe in
the power of transformation.
And redemption.
And I know that if you take
a moment to have a look,
you will understand exactly
- You want me to give this to John.
- what can be achieved.
It's an incredible opportunity.
One that could be very lucrative.
And one that could really
help a lot of women.
- And I thought if he heard it from you
- if you were behind this with me
- Sheila.
- to help women
- I have to go back to my station.
Okay, it was cute at first,
but now she's crouched in her
closet and she won't come out.
I think this mouse needs to
get her neck snapped by a trap.
Jesus, Debbie.
Well, I'm sorry, Banany. I mean,
you know I love the shit out of her.
I'm just, like, a little worried.
I mean, all that cheese, that cannot
be good for her digestive health.
Take it from someone who knows.
It's my fault.
No, no one in our family
can handle lactose.
No, I'm not talking
about the cheese, Debbie.
The other night, we
Maya and me [SIGHS]
we were in an accident in the car.
Oh, my God. What? What happened?
- Maya wasn't hurt
- What?
but it was really pretty
scary. And [CLICKS TONGUE]
I had been drinking. [STAMMERS]
[SIGHS] Danny, oh.
I had been drinking,
and I thought that we
could go get pancakes.
You know, for fun.
And I fucked up, Deb.
I hate myself for it.
And I asked her to not
say anything to anybody,
because I didn't want
Sheila to find out about it.
And that's why she's being
quiet as a mouse, okay?
I really fucked up.
It's okay. Come here.
It's okay, it's okay. Okay?
People make mistakes.
Yeah, I know. I know. But this
one's bad. This is really bad.
And I'm just [STAMMERS] I
was so down, and I felt so alone.
And you you had left.
Oh, fuck no.
Daniel Nathan Rubin,
you will not under any
circumstances be laying that on me.
No. I'm not saying that it's your fault.
I'm just saying that
you know, had you not left,
then maybe this wouldn't have happened.
Okay, yeah, th that's my cue to go.
- Okay.
- What? No, Debbie!
- Come on.
- No. Nope, nope.
I am doing more harm than good here.
That That is not what I meant.
Look, adult siblings are not
meant to cohabitate, okay?
It's like regression-orama.
And this latest escapade,
it just proves that.
I am giving you the
worst permission that
there is to act like a dumb teenager.
And it's not fair.
Like, it's not fair to
that precious little girl!
Okay, look. Please don't
go, okay? I can't be alone.
No, you don't want to be alone.
Okay? But you'll figure it
out because you'll have to.
And don't worry about old Deb, okay?
'Cause I always land on my feet.
- I'm not.
- I got a new job all lined up.
Now, it's more of a sales opportunity,
but if I can get on the
ground floor of this company,
I stand to make a great fortune.
Larry's making the introductions.
Like, can we celebrate?
- A little bit?
- No.
- Tiny bit?
- No.
Oh, my God, it's just exciting.
Hey, I'm gonna take a shower.
I don't know if you've noticed,
but I left a few of my things here.
Hello? Anybody there?
Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry, I just,
uh just distracted. Stressed.
You know, we're having a hell
of a time getting this loan,
and we're trying to do this
thing before the new year.
And financially we're
just, I don't know
- Sheila, please. Just [SIGHS]
- we're not there
- What?
- It's all you talk about.
Don't try to make me feel
bad about being ambitious.
I just want to get to know
you better as a person,
and all you talk about is work.
That's sexist.
Wait, how is that
No, no, no, I'm not sexist.
- That's what every sexist says.
And every loan officer too.
And for the record, I
find ambition attractive.
Knowing what you want and
and getting it, it's sexy.
Yeah, to some people.
Yeah, to me.
Is this about that guy?
Tall white guy with a
big stick up his ass,
came to see me at the market
like you were his property.
Is that what this is about?
I had an affair with him.
Yeah. He was married, and so was I.
But I couldn't resist
him because he wanted.
He wanted to be at the
top, and he wanted me,
and that turned me on so
much that I risked everything.
That's what ambition does.
It makes someone desirable.
You might want to look into it.
I'm gonna go.
- I'm sorry. Carl, I
- I'm out of here.
Sheila Rubin paid me a visit today.
Sh Sh-She She what?
me of a business opportunity.
What is this?
She wanted me to give
you my endorsement.
What she wants to do
would really help women.
Women like me.
Because she knows things
have been difficult for me.
How does she know that, John?
I didn't I I didn't say
It's not over with the two of you.
And it never will be, will it?
I think it's time.
For what?
Have you prayed on it?
It has been revealed to me.
To both of us, really.
Things have gotten so complicated here.
I've made it complicated.
It's my own doing.
But all these things,
all this noise
We bought that acreage to have our Eden.
Yes, but in the future.
Not so soon.
Why not?
Is it possible? Is it habitable?
It'll be primitive at first, but
the hard work will be restorative.
We can leave it all behind.
Everything that's happened.
You, me, and the children.
Nothing else.
Let's begin anew.
- [SHEILA] Hello?
This is John Breem.
Did Maria talk to you?
She did.
Good. And [STAMMERS]
So, what do you think?
We're leaving.
Maria and I.
And the children, of course.
We have land in Mexico.
And we're going to move there.
[SCOFFS] Wait, what [CHUCKLES]
To live.
You're You're moving to Mexico?
Yes. Tomorrow morning.
[SCOFFS] Are you joking?
I just wanted to call and ask you
what you'd like me to do with
John, wait. S-Slow down. Wha
You're leaving?
For good?
No. I mean Not over the phone.
You You You can't do
this over the phone. Please.
- If this is really goodbye, then
- Sheila.
It really is.
Please, just let me meet you.
I made a mistake.
A terrible one.
And I'm sorry.
We can go inside.
I'd rather stay out here.
So, this is it?
[WHISPERING] I'm never
gonna see you again?
I'm sorry.
- Sorry. I'm sorry. I
- No.
I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry.
Someone's just turned on the
light inside of your studio.
You're being burglarized.
Oh, my God. Whoa.
Keep back. They could be armed.
- Oh, shit!
- Oh, my God!
I'm so sorry.
Hey, John. Sheila.
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