Physical (2021) s03e10 Episode Script

Like a Prayer

is a story about control ♪
'Cause it's all about control ♪
And I've got lots of it ♪
When people try to tell me this
is just about bikini bodies,
I tell them what I hear from you,
women franchise owners
from all over the country.
[SHEILA] Congratulations, Tuscaloosa!
About how you're not afraid to
walk to your car at night anymore.
- [SHEILA] You don't need Mace
- About how you don't need to carry Mace
because you carry
yourself with confidence.
Nobody is gonna mess
with you. Am I right?
- [SHEILA] Strength in Numbers.
About how you stopped
abusing your bodies
- with pills and restrictive dieting
- [SHEILA] Let's do this thing! [CHEERS]
and started caring for them
with movement and intuitive eating.
[SHEILA] Congratulations, Tampa!
- About how owning your own business
- [SHEILA] Trenton!
gave you the economic freedom
to leave an abusive relationship.
- [SHEILA] Tulsa!
- The principle behind every Strength in
Numbers franchise is female ownership.
Financial independence.
Yeah! Strength in Numbers!
[SHEILA] It's not just
about building muscles.
It's about building community,
going from following along
to leading the charge,
teaching, sharing, growing, confidence,
courage, commitment,
becoming your own boss, taking
charge of your own destiny.
[DRIVER] Ma'am.
- [SIGHING] Thank you.
- [DRIVER] You're welcome.
Would you mind turning
that down, please?
[DRIVER] Of course.
It doesn't have to be
big. Just one thing.
Anything. As long as it's new.
Okay. I'll go first then.
Um, today I learned that you
can heal a cut with breast milk.
- I know, it's weird, right?
But think about it, that your body can
make something that's medicine and food.
[SIGHS] Mm-mmm.
No? Okay, sweetie. Good night.
- Good night.
- Love you.
- Love you. Good night.
- Have a good sleep.
That smells great.
I'm a little rusty on
the grill these days.
- But let's see what we have here.
- Mmm.
Oh, not to toot my own horn,
but that is perfectly cooked.
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, delicious. Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Welcome home.
It's nice to be here with you.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- That is good. I like that.
- Mmm. [SNIFFS]
It was a gift from someone. [CLICKS
TONGUE] Business acquaintance.
- Mmm.
It's good to see you enjoying it.
One of the many pleasures
you have brought into my life.
- Hmm.
I'm sure Maya is happy to have you back.
Never quite as much as I imagine
when I'm sitting there at the
Cincinnati Airport. [CHUCKLES]
But I can't complain.
You know, she's gotten so close
to Monica. Which is a good thing.
- You were missed. Believe me.
- Mmm. Mmm.
- So, you were in Cincinnati this time?
- Mmm.
Maybe Tulsa? [SCOFFS]
They all start to blend together.
It's a satisfying grind, but
- It is a grind.
- Mmm.
I wanna talk to the team about
[SWALLOWS] changing things up,
starting to delegate some of the travel.
You don't wanna slow down now, do you?
When you're so close to
the top of the mountain?
Maybe I have other mountains, you know?
[CHUCKLES] Other priorities. Maya.
My work with the foundation.
That's just getting started.
This is your peak earning time.
Just imagine
all the good you can do later
if you add to the coffers now.
I have to think of my health,
my own ongoing recovery.
Mentally. Physically.
Of course.
You have to take care of yourself.
don't you use the foundation in part
to help support your ex-husband?
Yes. Danny received one of our
grants for his environmental work.
Which is part of our mission.
Of course, it's not
the only thing we do.
[SCOFFS] I'm sorry.
The whole premise of ecology is flawed.
Stop man from destroying nature
- when nature itself
- But
- is violent and destructive.
What was that?
To think that some human can
put a stop to that, is just
You didn't hear that? It sounds
like somebody's out there.
It's probably just the ocean
breeze. I could have a look.
No, it's okay. I'm perfectly
capable of taking a look myself.
Thank you. You sit. Enjoy. [KISSES]
You were right. There was
nobody there. [CHUCKLES]
[DANNY] Good morning, friends,
enemies and everyone in between.
If you are up and alive and
listening to the sound of my voice,
I bid you welcome.
We are FreeWaves,
San Diego's last bastion of radical
progressive talk radio here at KSAY,
K-S-A-Y. I am Danny Rubin, your host.
And with me, as always, in our
veritable Versailles of a studio,
my one and only, my
friend, my comrade-in-arms,
uh, in many ways, the love of my life
Jesus Christ, this
gets longer every week.
Well, you get longer every week and
Impossible. I've been
6'4'' since the fifth grade.
- That cannot be the truth.
- No. I couldn't fit on the school bus.
They had to saw off the
whole front row for me. Yeah.
I bet they did. Everybody,
that is Jerry Goldman.
Jerry, should we go ahead
and, uh, give folks the, uh
the dish on what we have
for them in this week's show?
Per usual, I have no
idea what we're doing.
Perfect. Even better.
So, away we go.
Today, we're gonna be
getting into the sick,
- twisted origins of America's love affair
- Yeah.
with fossil fuels and how
it is poisoning our planet.
And we're also gonna be
discussing some radical,
new ideas for renewable
alternative fuels.
Cooking oil!
I mean, who would have thought
cooking oil would save our asses.
We are gonna get there. We're
gonna get there, Jer. Just gimme
gimme a second. We're, uh
We're gonna play [SMACKS LIPS]
an interview that we did with a
a young woman who I've
gotten to know very well
- over the past couple of years.
- Yeah. Yeah.
And, uh, she's got me hooked on a, uh
a new and forward-thinking way of
how to power our cars and our lives.
We make fried chicken with it.
I mean Tater Tots, french fries
- I mean, how wild is that?
- Jerry! Jerry!
It's just, I'm excited to be
here, man. To do this with you.
Yeah. And we're gonna
get into all that and more
after we take a minute to
acknowledge our supporters.
- Uh, the work that we do here at FreeWaves
is made possible by the generous
support of The Strength
The Strength The Strength in
Numbers [SIGHS]Foundation.
Uh, it is a non-profit group
dedicated to supporting eff
uh, supporting efforts to
make the world healthier,
kinder and more just.
The whole team here at FreeWaves
is grateful for their visionary support.
- What the fuck, man?
- What the fuck with you?
- What is wrong with you?
- We do it every week.
- We've got your ex-wife
- I'm introducing the show.
- like a fucking devil over our heads.
- I'm introducing the show.
- Do you have any idea
- [GRETA] Five, six, seven, eight!
All right, get ready to roll it out.
And, uh, one. All the way.
Hit the walls. Hit the walls. Yeah!
Six, seven, and To your left.
You having a little trouble back there?
[LAUGHS] I'll get it.
[GRETA] Well, it helps if
you show up to class on time.
- [SHEILA] Yes.
Seven, eight. And, uh,
one, two. [GRUNTING]
[INHALES SHARPLY] Give me a shimmy.
And shimmy. Here we go.
Let's take it from the top. One.
Do better. Push yourself harder. Yeah!
Look at you, showing up to my
class without even a heads-up.
I had a light morning.
Hey, uh, you don't
wanna go grab a coffee
before we get the day going, do you?
Oh, my God. I wish. But
I have What do I have?
Oh, I have the lawyers at
10:00. The tax people at 11:00.
Oh, I was hoping we could
find some It doesn't matter.
It was silly. Just some time
to talk without the whole team.
I would love nothing more.
Let's schedule a meal.
We have a big milestone
moment to celebrate.
As of this week,
Strength in Numbers officially
has penetration in all 50 states.
And I just said penetration
without cracking a smile.
- So, look, we're all growing.
We thought we were earlier, but
there were some copycat franchises
and trademark violators,
but we handled those.
- So, okay, let's see. Dinner this week
- How did we handle them?
- What?
- The copycat franchises?
Oh, the lawyers do it.
It's best not to get into the details.
Those guys can be effective.
Okay, so this dinner,
is this just us or,
- like, a couples thing, or
- Oh, um
Are you gonna tell me
who you've been seeing?
You've been very elusive. Which
you have every right to be.
It's nothing serious.
Oh, a little no-strings fun.
[CHUCKLES] Don't say with Danny.
- Don't say with Danny.
- It's not with Danny.
Then I'm very happy for you.
[SHEILA] I don't like the idea
of lawyers handling things.
I don't like how it feels.
What's the alternative?
I don't know. Letting them be.
They're stealing from you.
I stole too, early on.
I talk about discovering
aerobics [SCOFFS]
like Columbus "discovered" America.
Now Columbus didn't discover America?
It was already there.
He just claimed it, exploited it.
He conquered it.
We don't apologize for our
success. We celebrate it.
But at what cost to others?
The success of this
enterprise, that's you.
The idea to make it national: you.
The story of transformation: yours.
I did make it mine.
But I don't wanna see anyone
get conquered, vanquished.
Look at me.
You don't owe anyone anything.
You're right.
- I built this.
- You built this.
You built all of this.
This beautiful home.
It's all because of you.
But does that mean
that I have to be alone?
You're not alone. [CHEWS]
But I'm talking to no one.
I'm filling my home with the
ghost of a failed relationship.
No, somebody is out there.
- Hello!
Is anybody out here?
Is someone here?
[HARRIET] I don't like it.
No, I don't like this one fucking bit.
How about if I come over
with my Louisville Slugger?
It creates a perimeter.
[CHUCKLES] I I have an alarm system.
I'm not afraid. I'm more curious.
I mean, who breaks something and
then comes back to replace it?
A lot of loonies out there,
now that you're rich and famous.
[STAMMERS] Look, I can be
there right after my shift.
Thank you. Thank you. I can
take care of myself. Really.
I just I mean, I moved down to
the beach for privacy, you know?
So that I could look at
the ocean and know that
nobody was looking back at me.
But it hasn't really
worked out like that.
Even when I am alone, I
You're still there.
And the ocean, it's like
the world's biggest mirror.
So, who's sharing today? [SIGHS]
My least favorite
person in the group. Me.
I just made a year.
Harriet, that is wonderful news.
I wasted about 30 years
of my life bingeing.
I'm supposed to celebrate
one year without it?
Yes! And we're all gonna
celebrate right there with you.
I'm really proud of you.
Proud of you too.
For giving us a a space
to meet out in the real world.
- And decent fucking chairs for once!
- Oh, please. This is nothing.
These were a tax write-off.
Oh, come on. If I have to deal
with getting celebrated, so do you.
- Create a perimeter. Yeah. Yeah.
- I could probably break
- breach that perimeter, if I had to.
- Yeah, I know.
- Hello?
Hey, I know somebody is here.
So, just You may as well come out,
because I'm gonna stay
out here until you do.
Sup, Sheila?
[INHALES SHARPLY] I'm bad at stalking.
Well, you scared me at first.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Do you wanna tell me
what you're doing here?
But the thing is, I'm not super sure.
I know I'm very angry at you,
which I'm also not very good at,
because what happened
with me and Bun was
largely, if not fully, your fault.
was largely, if not fully, your fault.
Well, we were doing good.
We came back to the States.
She was teaching again.
She loves teaching. She
comes to life up there.
And then you sicced your lawyers on us.
[STAMMERS] I know nothing about that.
That's funny, 'cause they said it came
directly from Sheila D.
Rubin Enterprises.
Cease and desist.
Bunny wanted to fight it, but
I was like, "What's the point?"
And that's when she really went off.
She hurt my fucking
feelings, like, so bad.
And then she went to Mexico.
I think it was to get you back.
Not "get you back,"
but, like, get you back.
Like, revenge.
How does going to Mexico get me back?
I don't know. Guess you're
gonna have to ask the mall man.
I mean, it's one thing to
leave me, but [SIGHS]
it's just not fair to Gidget.
- Oh.
- We were like a little family.
You don't have any baby carrots, do you?
She loves those things. [SIGHS]
- You okay to get your bag?
- Got it.
Hey, sweetie.
Aah. Oh.
Interesting meeting spot.
Yeah. Well, you know, this is
where we get our recycled fuel oil
so we can make the big trip to
pick up a certain special girl.
Did you grow in the past two weeks?
No. Mom got me new
high-tops with wedges in 'em.
They give me, like, two inches.
They have ankle support.
- Good.
- Okay, sweetie. I love you.
- Love you, Mom.
- I'll miss you.
And, um, have fun at Dad's.
- Okay, bye.
- Okay.
Oh, um, I need to tell you I'm
making a trip out of the country.
So, um, I need to ask you, actually.
Oh, do you have to tell
me where you're going?
Not necessarily but, um, Mexico.
Oh, okay. You're coming
back though, right?
- Yeah, of course. [CHUCKLES]
- Great. Right.
It's a girls' trip. I'm
going to a resort. I'm just
I'm just exhausted from the traveling.
Well, yeah, I mean, approved. [CHUCKLES]
How's she feeling?
- Oh, uh, yeah, she's she's feeling good.
Kind of going through a thing
now with smells and textures.
Terry cloth somehow
makes her pretty angry.
Did you do anything like that?
You remember anything like that?
I mean, honestly, it just
all feels like so long ago.
Yeah, I know.
- I'm sure it'll pass.
- I hope.
Please tell her that though,
'cause she thinks it is forever.
- But she's young. Younger, you know?
She doesn't have the perspective
you and I um, we have.
you remember to bring
- Oh, yes. Yeah, yeah, of course.
- Yes. Okay, yeah. Great.
- Yeah. Oh.
- Oh, gosh. Yeah.
And she's been, um,
lying about flossing.
- Oh.
So, I don't want to shame her
about it, but, um, you know,
just don't take her word for it.
Right. Well, flossing is important.
- She's got those big-girl teeth now, so
- Yeah.
- Um, well, great.
- Okay. Mm-hmm.
- Well, enjoy Mexico.
- Mm-hmm.
- And, uh, try to relax.
- Yeah.
You know, you deserve it.
[GROANS] This.
This is what I needed. [SIGHS]
Are you happy?
I'm a fresh drink away from ecstatic.
[STAMMERS] In your life, I mean.
Would you say that you're happy?
Uh [SIGHS] I mean, not
every second of every day.
But I have something better now.
Yeah, like, deep [CHUCKLES]
satisfaction with my life.
- Accomplishments I can really be proud of.
A husband who I can honestly say is
finally coming around t Oh, no!
- Am I Am I upsetting you?
- No, no, no. No, no.
I didn't mean to brag. You just
asked, and I I wanted to be honest.
- Please don't cry.
- No, no, no.
I I am so happy for you. I
[SNIFFLES] I really am, truly.
SNIFFS] I It This is fun.
Maybe I should just take a little walk.
Sheila! [STAMMERS] No, absolutely
not. You're not walking away.
You're You're gonna stay
here and tell me what's going on.
I can't. I can't. You'll
think less of me. I
It is impossible for
me to think less of you.
That's not what I meant.
Nothing you could say would ever
change the way I feel about you. Ever.
I may have brought you
here under false pretenses.
Okay. How false?
I do wanna celebrate our milestone
and and spend time with you.
But, um, I also came here to see him.
Does he know this?
No, and I know it sounds crazy, but
it's even crazier than it sounds.
Tyler came to see me.
Tyler is involved in this?
All right. Okay. Um, I think we
Maybe we both need to take a walk.
Let's take a walk.
So, Bunny came down here to
seduce him to get back at you?
That's what Tyler said. And
I have no reason to doubt it.
Uh, yeah. But would John
actually fall for that?
Well, he fell for me, didn't he?
I mean, I know it's out-there,
but I just
I just at least have to see for
myself, you know. To know for sure.
And how far down the road
are we on this mission?
Well, we have an address,
- not far from here, of his church.
- His church?
Well, I can't very well
march into his house, can I?
No, you can't. But God's house?
All right. Sheila, I
love you. I support you.
is really starting to scare me.
You've moved beyond
John. You've evolved.
Heck, you've helped me evolve
and thousands of other women too.
I know. I know. But there there's
what I say and then how I feel.
And the truth is, I
think about him so much.
He's in my head.
Like, I'm I'm not
even seeing anyone, Greta.
I'm just talking to
him alone in my house.
Like I used to with myself, with Kelly.
I just I need to see what is
happening with my own eyes, so I know.
And then I can move on. Or maybe
Okay, well, if you're doing
this, I'm coming with you.
Hello, Sheila.
You weren't Were you
expecting me? [EXHALES SHARPLY]
- Not quite so soon, but yes.
On Wednesdays and Saturdays, it's
my job to look after the children.
I know it must seem surprising
to you to see me like this.
No, it's it's
it's it's perfectly
I mean, it's lovely
to see you like this.
- It's surprising to me too.
Believe me.
I don't think I knew
how much pressure I felt
until I wasn't feeling
it anymore after we left.
Not immediately, of
course, but with time.
I make it sound like, um
- I just do this a couple of hours a week
while the ladies have their class.
I'd be happy to show
you around afterward.
What we've built
it's humble, but it's special.
I'm sorry, what what class?
[BUNNY] Whoo!
And five, six five, six,
seven, eight! And one, two, three.
[GRUNTS] One, two, three. [GRUNTS]
One, two, three. You gotta
move it if you wanna groove it!
And pull it in, and in, and in, and in.
Five, six Five, six,
seven, eight, and twist.
And twi
And into the cooldown.
If you came to shut me down
again, you can fucking forget it.
It's a community class. We're not
even charging any money, honey.
I mean, I get paid by her.
Oh, don't look so surprised.
You're the one who preached
the gospel of exercise to me,
its empowering benefits.
We needed a teacher, and
Bunny was available. [CHUCKLES]
do you want now? Blood?
Me and Tyler got Hep B from
those stupid engagement piercings,
so mine's no good anyway.
I'm I'm not here to shut you down.
Then why the hell are you here?
Tyler came to see me.
And what'd he have to say for himself?
Mostly that he misses you and that
he was angry with me. For good reason.
How'd he look?
So, you came all the way to
Mexico to tell me how Tyler feels?
We came to offer you a grant from
the Strength in Numbers Foundation
for the work you've been
doing in the community.
You mean a tax write-off
to advertise your brand?
- Fuck you very much, but no.
- No, no. [STAMMERS] Gr Greta's just
I know you're trying
to help. But that's
that's not why we came here.
We came here I came here because
[CLICKS TONGUE] I suspected
that you were trying to punish me
by taking something
away from me that, uh
that was never really
mine in the first place.
Which I deserve, by the way,
because I, uh
I took credit for what you taught me.
You introduced me to aerobics
when I was at my lowest,
and it saved me.
You saved me, and then
I turned around and
Made a fucking fortune off it.
- Yes. And And that was wrong of me.
- I don't want to forgive you.
And I'm not asking you to.
I just want to give you credit for
being the first and for teaching me.
I wasn't the first.
[STAMMERS] Somebody taught it to me.
So, maybe it belongs to all of us.
Would it be okay if I
if I joined your class?
I really need to clear my head.
room in the back, ladies.
[SHEILA] I am not making this up.
This is a fact proven by scientists.
When human beings engage in
synchronous physical activity,
when we move together,
especially to music,
our brains release a
chemical stay with me
that makes us feel connected
to the strangers around us.
And we've all felt this intuitively,
whether singing in a choir or
cheering at a football game
or taking an aerobics class.
But here's the coolest part.
That same chemical, it also
makes us feel connected
to something bigger than ourselves.
You could call it a higher power
or God or just the infinite.
But I think that's kind
of miraculous, don't you?
To think I started this whole
thing looking for control
when all I had to do to touch
the infinite was let go of it.
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