Pie In The Sky (1994) s03e05 Episode Script

This Other Eden

1 S03xE05 "This Other Eden" Jan 28, 1996 There you are, girls.
Stuff yourselves for a change.
Henry, what do you think you´re doing? Those are supposed to be for human consumption.
Oh, Margaret, haven´t you heard of the food chain? We´re at the top of it.
Well, I´m more concerned about the distribution of wealth.
We´re at the bottom of it.
But I´m recycling it.
That´s good, isn´t it? I can´t see what´s wrong with them.
You want fresh herbs, you´ve got fresh herbs.
Fresh?! Mr.
Crabbe! Mr.
Fisher´s on the phone for you.
Oh, give me a break! Stolen garden gnomes, sir? It´s not just gnomes, Crabbe.
It´s entire gardens.
Trees, shrubs, buckets, and spades the lot.
Vanishing under people´s noses.
Says here the owners were all away when the thefts occurred.
You see, Crabbe? Making progress already.
Lombardy poplar.
Grape hyacinth, three of ´em.
And one statue of Venus.
No arms.
Thanks a lot.
Sounds like quite a haul.
Ah, seven gardens have been stolen so far.
And all the victims were clients of Thomas´s.
Who´s Thomas? Thomas´s of Middleton.
Gardeners and landscapers to the well-heeled in these parts since the 1700s.
Anyway, they started out with the odd expensive shrub.
But now they´re taking the whole kit and caboodle.
I didn´t know shrubs were so valuable, sir.
Oh, it´s all valuable, Cambridge, even the soil.
Do you know, according to Henderson, Middleton mulch is world-famous? Sells for a fortune in Japan.
Now, then Alan and Jan Webster, Chalfont Street.
Better get the Wellies on.
Why do you suppose they left that? No idea.
It´s a beauty, isn´t it? Well, maybe he just didn´t like peonies.
Must have been a bit of a shock.
That garden was part of our life, Mr.
It´s not the money or anything.
We were fully insured, of course.
The assessor´s been ´round already.
Lovely man.
Is that him now? No, no, that´s Toby.
He´s putting in a new garden for us.
Insurance bods sent him ´round.
He was ´round here like a flash.
He´s been a real godsend.
Fantastic pH.
Yep, I can really work with this stuff.
Toby Wellbeloved.
Gardens of Eden.
Henry Crabbe.
Um, Alan tells me you´re a real godsend.
The miracle of nature soundly thrashed by the power of science.
Simple as that.
What about our little mud patch, then? Give me a week, Jan, and it´ll be looking like Kew Gardens.
Oh, it´s not my field, but, um, I should have thought it´d take a bit more than a week.
You obviously haven´t heard of the Gardens of Eden, Henry.
Tell you what.
Have a butchers.
Well, it´s no wonder my insurance premiums are going up.
Hmm, a CD-ROM.
Bit flash for a gardening firm, isn´t it? Well, obviously you´ve never heard of the Gardens of Eden.
You double-click the icon with your little mouse.
Yes, thank you, sir.
I do know.
Gardens of Eden.
The first U.
garden company to use space-age technology, designed by NASA aboard the space shuttle CULTIV8.
- This means we can install - Crabbe.
- as opposed to the - You´re sure about that? landscapers would need.
Well, thanks for your help.
- Yeah.
- Argentinean guano, and our unique.
That was the Websters´ insurance company.
Someone else who had never heard of Gardens of Eden.
for all plant life to thrive.
So, how did you know, Toby, about their garden? Can I be of any help? Uh, it depends how much you know about herbs.
Ah, not much, actually.
I just run the place.
Uh, Frank Thomas.
Oh, are you related to, um Oh, uh, great-great-great grandson, give or take a "great.
" Anyway, you need my sister.
Uh, hers are greener.
Uh, but we can supply and maintain a complete kitchen garden.
Well, from what I´ve heard, I´d probably get it pinched.
You as well.
Well, bad news travels fast, you know.
Sold out of barbed wire and security lights twice already this week.
Oh, so it´s not all bad, then.
You´ve obviously never heard of Gardens of Eden.
Oh, oh.
Oh, yes, yeah.
"The miracle of nature soundly thrashed by the power of science.
" Yeah.
If you buy that, you´ll buy anything.
The sad thing is, my clients do.
I´ve lost five regular contracts to Gardens of Eden this month.
Jackie! Uh, Jackie Thomas, my sister.
This is, uh Oh, I´m sorry.
Henry Crabbe.
, Barstock Police.
What´s this about? Oh, herbs.
Dying ones.
In my experience, Mr.
Crabbe, the health of a plant reflects the atmosphere in which it´s grown.
So it´s no wonder you´re having trouble, is it? I´m sorry.
I, uh You should have told us you were a policeman, Mr.
I´m sorry we can´t be of more help.
Gary this pesto tastes a bit dull.
Same as always, chef.
Is it? In everything? Yeah.
Of course.
The freshest of ingredients? Mrs.
Crabbe told me to use them.
She said not to say anything.
Stand aside, Gary.
You are a cook, not an accountant.
Remember that.
- Yes, chef.
- Traitor.
Well, we´re up on last night.
Oi! First thing tomorrow basil, thyme, dill, please, Gary.
Which are growing at the bottom of the garden.
All right! All right.
While you´re at it, cancel the meat order.
Get a few tins of corned beef.
And you can tell Henderson we´ll use instant mash from now on.
Margaret, God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.
He grows this stuff fresh.
I cook it that way.
Last time, Henry.
So, what we looking at, then? Resale value of £12,000.
This lot will shift like manure off a shiny shovel.
So the gardens get stolen, and Toby´s offering them a replacement in minutes flat.
Yeah, then he gets the insurance money, and Thomas´s lose another regular customer.
Well, maybe he´s just a good businessman.
Still smells worse than his Argentinean guano.
Ah, he´s turning into Millfield Lane.
Oh, good.
Lots of lovely big gardens in Millfield Lane.
He´s got a camera.
I´m just trying to remember if, uh, taking snapshots of somebody else´s rhododendrons is an offense or not.
Unless he´s trespassing.
Which I don´t suppose for a moment he is.
Oh, looks like he´s leaving.
Oh, let´s go back to base and have some decent coffee, eh? Oi.
Linney, Horticultural Division.
You´re under arrest.
Detective Inspector Crabbe, Barstock.
You´ve just been outranked.
We always get this hassle when we have to deal with you local plods.
Well, it´s hardly surprising, is it, if you go around behaving like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Right, Crabbe, what´s this all about? Why don´t you ask Butch Cassidy, sir? D.
Cassidy, is it? D.
Linney, sir, and D.
National Horticultural Division.
Never heard of it.
Set up in ´91, sir, to deal with the increase in garden crime on a national level.
We keep a database of stolen plants.
Lucky taxpayers.
It says here you tried to arrest my two officers.
Suspects, are they? They were putting our investigation in jeopardy, sir.
Really? Crabbe? We were observing a suspect, sir.
Our suspect.
Gentlemen, perhaps I should inform you that D.
Crabbe is one of my most senior officers and that I personally appointed him to this investigation.
I´ll pass that on to Chief Constable Walker, sir.
Head of the Regional Crime Squad.
The Horticultural Division was his brainchild.
He´s something of a gardener himself.
Yes, quite.
You know, I think our departments should be liaising more closely on this.
Then this sort of thing won´t happen.
The best of both worlds, as it were.
So, what´s our plan of action? Toby Wellbeloved is our prime suspect, sir.
We´d like to monitor him very closely.
Exactly how you were thinking, Crabbe.
Sir? Excellent.
From now on, gentlemen, D.
Crabbe will be acting as your local liaison officer.
So, how is old, uh, Geoff Walker these days? He still playing the golf? Righto, Mr.
Ready in an hour.
Can I help you? Can I have a word? We need to find out who owns this place.
Any ideas, Cambridge? Colin and Elizabeth Redbridge, 15 Millfield Lane.
Their garden was designed by Thomas´s of Middleton, June 1987.
It´s been maintained by them ever since.
And, uh, the Redbridges will be away until Saturday.
That´s three days.
Oh, must be careful, Cambridge.
These two are good.
Call the boys.
Don´t suppose they left you the keys, did they? Spink to base.
Has the herb-growing copper been back? I told you, Jackie.
I didn´t know.
You don´t think I´d I can´t leave you two alone for a minute, can I? If these thefts don´t stop, the only thing you two will inherit from me by next year is a couple of wheelbarrows and an overdraft.
What are you proposing we do, Mum? Go to the police? Don´t even think about it.
So, what else can we do? Make bloody clear to whoever´s doing it that if I catch them, they´ll wish they´d never set foot in a garden.
Look, I know you don´t like the police, Mum, but this is their job.
We don´t want any more trouble, right? - Mr.
Crabbe, isn´t it? - Yes, that´s right.
Thomas, I-I´m sorry to bother you at home.
Uh, can I have a word? Yes, yes, of course.
Come in.
Thank you.
Look, um, I´m sorry about Jackie yesterday, Mr.
- It´s all right.
- Uh my family can be a bit difficult.
Not at all.
What can I do for you? Mr.
and Mrs.
Millfield Lane.
We do their garden.
That´s right, yeah.
We think they may be the next targets of these garden thieves.
Then perhaps you´d better keep an eye on it.
Oh, we are, we are.
But the Redbridges are away at the moment.
We´ve talked to them, and they´ve given us permission to go into their house.
Redbridge said you´d have some keys.
We do indeed.
All our clients leave a spare set with us before they go away.
We work on a basis of trust.
It´s a sort of family principle.
Very noble.
Uh listen, Mr.
Crabbe is it all right if we keep this just between us? Well, it´s just that my mother, Annie, she owns the company, and to be honest, these thefts have left her a bit Of course, not to worry.
- Mum´s the word.
- Right.
Thank you.
So, what are you planning to do? Well, we´re going to mount a stakeout.
You know, flasks of coffee and hushed voices, all that.
Thanks a lot.
I, um I don´t suppose you´re allowed to tell me who the prime suspect is.
It´s classified.
Of course.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Well, who was it? Jehovah´s Witnesses.
Told them what they needed was a good lawyer.
Any movement your end, Blue Leader? Repeat Any movement your end, Blue Leader? Negative, Red Leader.
That food ready yet? What´s happening with the grubstakes, Local Liaison Officer? Oh, thank you, Group Captain.
Uh, I´m just waiting about five minutes for the Green to liaise with the Pink Team, and then we´ll be in a go situation.
T-minus five, Red Leader.
Blue Leader.
Do what? You just called him Red Leader.
He´s the blue leader.
You´re the red leader.
Look, it´s not gonna work if you keep getting these names wrong, is it? Now, then, would you please pass me the black pepper, Red Leader? Three figures approaching via the lane, Red Leader.
Four people on foot at the back, sir.
Go, go, go! Ready for this? Can´t they wait a minute? Freeze! Come on move! Move it! Stay where you are! You two, ´round the back! Cut them off! Quick! Quick! Horticultural Division! Freeze! Freeze! Drop your weapons! You´re under arrest! Nobody move.
McGregor? Good Lord.
Henry Crabbe.
You can´t blame us for organizing our own patrols, Henry.
After all, we´re only trying to protect what is ours.
You know this man, then, do you, D.
Crabbe? Know him? George? George "The Cat" McGregor? Do I know him? He´s world-famous in burgling circles.
All right.
All right, you can all go.
But we´re confiscating your garden tools.
Um, George Yeah? uh, smoked-mackerel paté on Saturday? - Oh, book me in for 8:00.
- Fine.
Marg Hello? 11´10".
- What on earth is going on? - We´re measuring the garden.
Yes, I can see that, thank you, Nicola.
I´ve had a brilliant idea, Henry.
Margaret, what´s this all about? "Pie in the Garden.
" "Pie in the" No, no, no, no.
Gary, I think it´s time we mashed a potato or something.
Margaret, we can´t feed people out here.
People like eating alfresco, Henry.
It´s very fashionable.
- Come on.
- Fashionable? Please.
No, you´re too late.
The designs are being drawn up.
Oh, I see.
I see.
I can´t afford a sprig of rosemary, but you can commission someone to turn this lot into Le Terrace de Middleton? Now, calm down.
I´m not paying for it.
I´m doing his accounts in exchange.
Well, all right.
Well, I-I just hope he likes chickens, that´s all I can say.
Hello, Henry.
Ah, my, uh, CD-ROM won you over, then, eh? And I see enormous potential.
This space could be Could be really nice.
Once you got rid of the old clutter.
It´s a really bad moment, I´m afraid, Toby.
Sure, no probs, Henry.
You´re the boss.
Later, Mags.
Some things, Mags, are simply beyond the pale.
He´s a very talented boy.
It´s an excellent deal.
He happens to be under investigation for a series of major thefts.
Innocent until proven guilty, isn´t it? Margaret! Oh, good.
The cavalry.
Toby Wellbeloved just left this restaurant.
And you´re standing in it.
And you´re laying the tables.
I´d say that´s strong circumstantial evidence.
If you gentlemen don´t mind, I´m trying to have an argument with my wife! So I´d be very grateful if you just got on with the job in hand and left us alone.
Yes sir.
Yes, they´re both here.
Yes, we´ll be right there, sir.
You stake out the wrong garden.
You arrest a bunch of pensioners.
And while you were doing so, another ratepayer on the other side of Middleton has their garden stolen! And if that´s not enough, you, Crabbe, have managed to employ our chief suspect to dig your garden.
Uh, no, not me, sir.
It´s my wife.
And worst of all, I have just had a phone call from Chief Constable Walker asking me if I´d seen this.
Who´s she? A self-publicist by the name of Annie Thomas.
Oh, God.
I take that noise to mean you know this woman, Crabbe.
I-I know of her, sir.
Well, so does half the county by now.
Go and sort her out.
And I want you two to stick to this Wellbeloved like glue.
If he´s planning something, I want you two breathing down his neck.
Understood? - Yes, sir.
- Now get out.
You needn´t bother reading it all.
"He´s been about as effective as a chocolate fireguard.
" Wonder how she got your name, sir.
Just get on with it, Crabbe.
Obviously grown in a healthier environment than my herbs.
Thought we´d see you today.
Well, we do read the papers, you know.
Is your mother about? She´s in Carbridge.
I´ll tell her you came.
Uh, perhaps you could mention to her I came bearing an olive branch.
I thought herbs were more your line? Look, I assure you we´re doing all we can.
We know that, Mr.
That´s the problem.
I´m sorry about your gardens, Jackie.
They were beautiful.
You must have been very proud of them.
How would you know? Look, I know nothing about gardening.
I mean, I-I couldn´t even grow mold on cheddar, but I do know about cooking.
And I imagine you feel the same way about your gardens as I feel about my steak and kidney pie.
"Pie in the Sky.
Henry Cra" I hear it´s good.
I´ll tell you what.
Why don´t you come and work your magic over my dismal excuse for an herb garden, and I´ll cook you a meal on the house? Thanks.
And, please, bring your mother.
Oh, I don´t think so.
She doesn´t have much time for the police.
Oh, why´s that? Don´t let her worry you, Mr.
It´s a family matter.
Not business, then? Same thing.
We´re a family business.
Cheese and pickle or ham, sir? Listen to this.
Thomas´s of Middleton, Ltd.
, founded 1793 by Adam Thomas, et cetera, et cetera.
A list of Thomases as long as your arm, the last of which is our friend, Annie.
Well, isn´t that what we expected, sir? Ah, yeah, but Ah, but here´s the interesting bit.
Thomas´s ceased trading in September 1966.
Annie was found guilty of financial misconduct, embezzlement, and fraudulent trading.
She did a year in Holloway.
Well, at least we know where she´s coming from.
Yeah, but also notice it´s Mrs.
Annie Thomas.
She married into the family, you see.
All the other owners were born Thomas, including the last one, her husband, Charlie Thomas.
Would you like me to check it out, sir? If you´d be so kind, Cambridge.
That man is a barbarian! Nice legs, though.
My chickens are not clutter, and they can´t be cooped up all day.
Otherwise, they won´t lay, okay? They´ll develop claustrophobia.
Nicola, would you take Butch and Sundance some coffee and a slice of cheesecake, please? Nicola Tell Fisher I´ll shut up when he nicks whoever´s ruining my business.
Thomas, with respect "Respect.
" That´s a laugh.
Uh, would you get us some coffee, please, Nicola? Yeah.
Please, have a seat.
Look, um you´re not the only one that´s done time.
Holloway Prison´s bad, Mr.
Crabbe, but not as bad as the National Police Computer.
Once you´re in there, you never get out.
Well, I don´t trust everything I see on a computer screen.
I mean well, for example, why would anyone embezzle money from a firm they already own? Thank you, Nicola.
And I think there´s a lot more to this than appears on the file.
About Charlie Thomas, for example.
Look, if you want me to find out whoever it is that´s trying to get at you, you´ve got to tell me your side of the story.
Once upon a time, sweet, innocent Annie Burton met handsome young devil Charlie Thomas.
Married in six months, two kids, cottage by the river.
So, what went wrong? Charlie inherited Thomas´s and changed overnight.
He transferred the business into my name.
"For the kids´ sake," he said, in case anything happened to him, and I believed him, of course.
Oh, so he stole from the firm? Embezzled, stole, took money up front for work never done The lot.
In six months, it was all gone, and he did a runner.
And you were left with responsibility for all the debts.
They took me away in handcuffs, Mr.
Crabbe, in front of the children.
Yeah, but I mean, there was a trial.
I mean, surely all this came out.
Lawyers talking in huddles, fraud squad, coppers.
And poor little me in the middle of it, frightened out of my tiny mind.
I didn´t stand a chance.
Yeah, and, uh, Charlie.
What happened to him? If I knew that Still, I mean, Thomas´s seems to have recovered very well.
It´s taken me 25 years of blood, sweat, and tears to build it up again from nothing.
And then some thief comes along and helps himself.
Perhaps now you´ll understand why I´m here.
Morning, Crabbe.
Any joy with that woman? Um, this is Mrs.
Annie Thomas, sir.
Assistant Chief Constable Fisher.
- Sir, I think - Not now, Crabbe.
As I´m sure D.
Crabbe has informed you, Mrs.
Thomas, there are official channels if you wish to make a complaint.
Use them next time, all right? I wouldn´t lower myself.
I´m sorry, Mr.
Crabbe, it´s my fault.
I should know by now.
Never trust a copper.
Bit of a handful, isn´t she? I thought I was doing quite well, sir, till you came in with your size-15 boots.
You´re wasting your time talking to people like that.
I think she got the message, though, didn´t she? Here you are.
Oh, lovely.
- Cheers, Mags.
- Oh, this looks wonderful.
Yeah, it´s coming on.
Now, you wanted a wisteria against the wall, and, uh Fuchsia.
Lovely choice.
And a big bay tree as the centerpiece, yeah? Yes, that will keep Henry happy.
Thanks for the drink, lovely.
- Right, I´ll get onto it.
- Good.
- See you later.
- Bye.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Operations proceeding satisfactorily? We, uh were supposed to be working undercover, sir.
You all right, Mum? Uh, yes, of course, love.
You´re supposed to be unobtrusive, Crabbe.
Oh, it´s all right.
Toby went hours ago.
Probably caught the bus.
Well, go! So, uh, how long´s Charlie lived here? About three months, sir.
Before that, at various addresses in London.
And before London? No fixed abode.
Still hasn´t lost the green fingers, though has he? Stick around, would you, Cambridge? Let me know if Charlie appears.
Good evening.
Have you booked? Where´s Crabbe? Two rude men to see you, chef.
They´re coppers.
Can smell them from here.
Don´t worry, Gary.
They haven´t come looking for you.
Pie in the Sky.
No sign of him all day, thanks to you.
Well, you´re supposed to be watching him.
He better not strike again tonight, Crabbe.
It´s not likely, is it? He´s sitting over there.
Nicola, would you put the gentlemen at this table, please? Yeah.
No, it´s no trouble.
Thanks for letting us know.
Two salmon.
Salmon´s off.
Well, I know the accommodation isn´t a patch on what it was, but you´ve got to admit the grub´s pretty good.
No disrespect, Mr.
Crabbe, but I don´t think green fingers are one of your gifts.
Hallo, Jackie.
Perhaps you should stick to cooking.
Oh, I don´t know.
There you are.
I mean, I´ve learned quite a bit about gardens in the last few days.
And more than I think I´ll ever need to know about peonies.
For instance, they´re very hard to establish.
And once they are, they hate being moved.
Tell me something I don´t know.
All right.
I will.
Peonies were the only plants that were left in any of the gardens that were stolen.
Just like the rather beautiful specimen I saw in a garden of a bungalow this afternoon, not far from here.
Home of one Mr.
Charlie Thomas.
But he doesn´t live Oh, yes, he does.
Since just before these thefts began, in fact.
He wouldn´t.
He wouldn´t do that.
Would he? I was 5 when he when I saw him last.
Most of what I know about him I´ve learnt from Mum.
All of it bad.
But I do remember that peonies were his favorite flower.
When I was five, he planted one in the garden especially for me.
He said one day I´d be as beautiful as that flower.
Then he almost destroyed our family.
Oh, Jackie, that really is very moving.
Eavesdropping, Toby? Appropriate behavior for a thief.
Now, now.
There´s no need to go ´round making wild accusations against people.
Yes, was there something you wanted, Toby? Just to congratulate you on the monkfish, chef.
It was a bit garlicky but otherwise superlative.
Thank you.
I´ll make a note of that for future reference.
Oh, Jackie, you must have a butchers at Henry´s garden when I´ve finished.
I think you´ll like it.
Ciao! I didn´t know you knew Toby.
Know him? I despise him.
He´s a bloody thief.
Well, we are keeping an eye on him.
He´s been stealing my designs for months.
I´ve even seen him photographing them.
Oh, that´s what he´s been doing.
But you can´t copyright a garden design.
So he gets away with it every time.
Gary, we´re going to need more spinach.
Yes, chef.
Um, I think, uh pie and mash for, uh, Jackie.
Look, I´ll pay for it myself.
Can we fit her in, Nicola? Um, table 6 is empty.
Uh, no, table 6 McGregors.
I took the booking.
No, it´s all right.
They phoned and canceled.
- We´ll put her there.
- Okay.
The McGregors have canceled? Yeah.
Apparently they find the idea of a weekend in Truro more enticing than your paté.
Um, I´m no chef, Mr.
Crabbe, but I wouldn´t use these in cat food.
Does the name "McGregor" mean anything to you? George and Moira? I do their garden.
I thought so.
Gary, can you hold the fort for a while? Well, why change the habit of a lifetime, chef? Don´t slope off, Henry.
We´re nearly full tonight.
Margaret, this won´t wait.
Nicola, how´s Toby doing? Uh, coffee and brandy.
Fine, keep him topped up.
On the house.
Margaret, call Cambridge.
Tell her to get to the McGregors´ house as quick as she can.
This is about my father, isn´t it? Get in.
The gate´s over there.
We need to get under those trees.
Sorry, sir.
Come on! Wait, wait.
Bingo! Don´t move! Police! Ohh! Dad.
Oh, my God.
Why couldn´t you just leave us alone? Just let me get away, please, Jackie.
You bastard, Charlie Thomas! It´s not worth it, Annie.
Give me your hand.
Sir! You couldn´t resist it, could you? I was only trying to make - a bit of money.
- Oh, save it.
Life´s too short to stand here talking to you.
See you in court.
He decided to stand and fight, sir.
Well, that was a big mistake, wasn´t it? Cambridge is a black belt in more things than I´ve heard of.
Someone to do his dirty work.
That´s just like Charlie.
Well, at least he kept it in the family.
Frank? You and Dad.
Why? Oh, it figures.
It runs in his blood.
You inherited your dad´s green fingers, Jackie.
Frank inherited his greed.
Us Thomases help ourselves.
Isn´t that what you taught us, Mum? Not this time, Frank.
You can forget the company.
Something else for Jackie to inherit, all of it.
I´d hate to spend Christmas with you lot.
Like father, like son.
Chief Constable Walker is delighted, Crabbe.
And he´s very excited about my idea for a permanent local-liaison unit.
A man of infinite wisdom, sir.
Yes, Crabbe.
I said something like that in my memo.
Ah, gentlemen! I wanted to thank you for your help with D.
Crabbe´s investigation.
Sorry you missed all the action, boys.
Well, we were sticking to Wellbeloved.
Like glue, sir.
My God, sir.
He can knock back the brandy.
Seems you were wasting your time after all, eh? So Frank Thomas was stealing from himself? Well not really, sir.
You see, he was selling the plants to his customers, but then stripping out their gardens and selling the stuff again.
And, of course, they were telling when they were going to be away from home.
As far as he thought, he was being rather clever, really.
So, who was he selling it to? Oh, well, that´s a bit of a problem at the moment.
We haven´t traced it so far.
All this stuff turned up in Charlie Thomas´s lockup.
Doesn´t it make you glad to be a copper, Crabbe? Not only that Nothing like job satisfaction, sir.
Smoked-salmon mousse with dill and fresh tarragon.
Not bad for a copper.
And this garden´s not bad for a Wellbeloved.
Seems to be an original design, in any case.
Oh, he´s not finished yet.
I´m still waiting for Toby to bring the centerpiece.
No chance of it being a chicken run, I suppose? I´m sure if Thomas´s had the contract, we´d find room - for the chickens.
- That´s my girl.
Mind your backs! Here you go, Henry.
The jewel in the crown.
La pièce de résistance.
That´s very nice.
Oi, oi.
Award-winning Jackie Thomas has turned up for a butchers.
Don´t go stealing my design, now, will you, Jackie, eh? I really do not like that young man.
There´s ways of dealing with types like that, Jackie.
Only not in front of the law.
Would you be able to tell the difference between one of your pies and someone else´s? Oh, naturally.
Same goes for my plants.
I grew this bay tree.
And this jasmine.
They all come from my gardens.
Margaret Good night.
Oh, well done, Nicola.
Thanks ever so much.
It´s all right.
I´ll see you tomorrow, Mr.
Yeah, good night.
So Toby bought all this from Charlie Thomas? Yeah.
Then he had the cheek to sell it on to his clients, including us.
Still, he has just been charged with handling stolen goods.
You enjoy being in the right, don´t you? Well, it beats being in the wrong all the time.
Still, you have to admit the garden´s lovely.
Yes, it is, isn´t it? Shame it´ll all have to go.
What? Well, you can´t feed people out here, Margaret.
This is evidence.
We´re booked through for the next two weeks! Well, you´ll just have to tell them the horrible truth.
Which is? The food tastes just as good inside.