Pie In The Sky (1994) s05e06 Episode Script

The Apprentice

1 S05xE06 "The Apprentice" Aug 3, 1997 [ALARM RINGING] Out of the way! Come on, Tina! Andrew.
You´ll be all right.
You´ll be all right.
I´ve called for an ambulance.
[RATTLING] [CAT SCREECHES] I would like to speak to as many as possible, so if you could draw attention to our poster Our poster that we sent.
No matter.
Can we fix a time anyway? Do you mind pointing that somewhere else? No, no, not you.
I´m sorry, Mr.
I look forward to it.
That´s enough for now, sweetheart.
Look, be a good girl, will you, and run along and make some coffee.
MORTON: Stay where you are.
I´ll give Lisa some work.
Doing what? Oh, some typing maybe or some flower arranging.
Nothing too demanding.
She is only a girl.
Are you listening to this? ´Cause that is the kind of stuff men are up against now.
We have to watch every word we say.
I don´t mind making the coffee.
That´s not the point.
Do you mind telling me what´s going on? Sorry.
This is Detective Inspector Crabbe.
This is Ben.
This is Lisa.
Pupils at Barstock Comprehensive.
They´re here to get some work experience.
Part of Mr.
Fisher´s Youth Initiative.
You mean he was serious about that? Bloody kids! In my day, it was "seen and not heard.
" Now the whole world´s got to sit up and take notice of the little Have you seen this? Yeah, I heard about that, sir.
FISHER: Ruddy surveys! Waste of public money.
HENRY: I thought you commissioned that one.
Yeah, well, with all this publicity lately about teenage crime, I had to do something.
That off-license job was done by children, wasn´t it? Listen to this.
[CLEARS THROAT] 74% don´t trust us.
Under 15% would come to us for help, and 87% think we´re corrupt.
Are you moving forward on that one, sir? Corrupt.
I was supposed to get a look at those figures before they went into print.
May I ask what you´re doing about it? FISHER: Well, I´ve launched this Youth Initiative.
I´ve got Morton going round the schools and Guthrie doing the youth clubs and community centers.
Giving talks, that kind of thing.
I meant about the off-license job, sir.
Oh, that.
Well, I´ve got the usual team of investigators working on it.
What´s in that bag? Muffins.
FISHER: They got raisins in? No.
I could murder a couple with my coffee.
[CHICKENS CLUCKING] GARY: Oi! What do you think you´re doing? It´s stuck.
If I keep ahold of it, you just take the foot out of the wire.
[SIGHS] What are you doing round here? Are you the owner? Hi, Sally.
Did Gary order that cheese? SALLY: I don´t know.
HENRY: Well, where is he, now? He disappeared outside.
Come on.
What´s going on? I came out to empty the bins and found him at the henhouse.
It´s got a little tear just above the claw.
Oh, yeah.
But what are you doing annoying my hens? Oh, I wasn´t.
I came round the front, but there was no reply, so I came in the back and that´s when I heard it squawking.
So, what was it you wanted? I was looking for the owner.
HENRY: What for? Wanted to ask about some work.
Shouldn´t you be at school? Oh, are you with the school? This work-experience thing? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Well, I´m afraid we haven´t got any room.
I won´t be in the way.
Cooking´s my best subject.
I´m good in the kitchen.
Well, I suppose Gary could always show you how to SALLY: The dining room´s starting to fill up.
Anyone interested in serving lunch? Yes, Gary´s just coming.
[SIGHS] Please, mister.
I´ll work dead hard.
I promise.
- What´s your name? - Nicky.
All right, have you got anything for me to sign? You know, from the school.
I´ll bring it tomorrow.
If there is a tomorrow.
[SIGHS] You not coming to join us, Nicky? Yes.
Come and have some of Gary´s cheesecake.
Don´t be shy.
Come and sit next to me.
I think you did really well today, chucked in at the deep end, didn´t he? Yeah.
He did all right.
SALLY: I think he was brill.
Well, he´s only on work experience, so don´t get too attached.
- This better than school, then? - Yeah.
What year you in? I´m in the third I mean the fourth.
Sorry, I´ve just joined the fourth year.
SALLY: And have you got a girlfriend? I bet you have, a good-looking boy like you.
I bet you you´ve got them queuing up.
Oh, look at him.
He´s blushing.
Bless him.
You suit red.
GARY: Oh, leave it out, Sally.
Well, I think it´s sweet.
A lot of girls go for the bashful type, especially with eyes like those.
I´m going to make some caramelized oranges.
- Come and watch if you like.
- Oh, yeah.
Nicky, shouldn´t you be keeping an eye on the time? What for? Well, we´re only supposed to keep you during school hours, aren´t we? Well, if it´s all right with you, Mr.
Crabbe, I´d rather work on.
HENRY: Okay.
Where do you live? I mean, do you need to catch a school bus home or anything? Um Well, no, it´s okay.
I´ll walk.
TINA: "A man was badly injured when a group of thugs held up an off-license.
" "Thugs" like it.
"Andrew Price, the owner´s son, decided to have a go and was viciously attacked.
The police appeal to anyone with information to come forward.
" Give me that.
MORTON: Well, I could talk all day about this job, but I want to know what you think.
That´s why I´m here.
So, is there anything you want to say? Is there anything you want to ask me? Anything at all? Yes? Is that your own hair, or have you got an extension? [LAUGHTER] - Well, I meant - [BELL RINGS] GARY: Klingons? They´re the ones that do that thing, aren´t they? What is it again? No, that´s "Live long and prosper.
" That´s the Vulcans.
You know, like Spock.
Oh, right.
What´s that you´re putting in? This is port and red wine.
There, you stir.
Klingons are the ones with the weird ridges in their foreheads.
Oh, yeah, I know them.
Now pour it over the venison and make sure it´s well coated.
Both sides.
What now? Now we leave it to marinate for two days.
And we have to turn it and baste it at least twice a day.
Did you always want to be a chef? Yeah, I suppose I did.
Where were you before you came here? You know, different places.
HENRY: Good lord! Look at the time.
I forgot all about you, Nicky.
You should be home.
- Oh, no, I´m okay, Chef.
- But it´s late.
I´ll give you a lift if you want.
Um, well, no.
It´s okay.
I´ll run.
I like running at night, honest.
All right, but, first, come with me.
- Night, Gary.
- Yeah, see you, Nick.
Not too many at one time, Sally.
Now, that´s for your work tonight.
There´s no need to Go on.
Take it.
You´ve earned it.
Thank you very much, Mr.
[DISHES SHATTERING] I knew it! I knew it.
Straight up.
Done a stretch, he has.
In the nick.
He gets out and he waltzes straight into a job.
I mean, talk about landing on your feet.
So, Nicky, that short for Nicholas or what? Yeah, yeah.
There´s no peppers.
You never ordered any.
Yes, we did.
And where´s the aubergines? I´ll bring them round later.
I need that stuff now, Henderson.
I´m running late as it is.
I´ve got still half a dozen deliveries to do.
Well, you´d better hurry up, then, hadn´t you? I´ll tell you what I could use.
Another pair of hands.
I mean time was when being inside was what you might call retribution.
You know, punishment for your crimes against society.
Not these days.
Oh, no.
Now it´s all Open University and counseling and you name it.
All right for some, eh? And flour.
Do you know there´s no Klingon words for food.
GARY: Really? NICKY: Well, they´re so disgusting that nobody´s ever eaten with them.
Put it in there, and prick all over the bottom with a fork.
Did you know there´s no Klingon words for hello or goodbye? Why´s that, then? I think it´s because they don´t basically care enough about each other.
So, what do they say then? They say things like, "What´s your business here?" Here we are, then.
Now, if you just leave that for a moment, Nicky, I will show you how to gut fish.
GARY: It´s all right, Chef.
I´ll show him once we´ve done this.
No, I don´t mind.
It´s all right.
I know how to do it.
You need a sharp knife.
No, it´s all right.
Hold on.
Now, you take the fish by the head.
Then you put the knife in here.
Then you cut up the middle of the underside.
Then you take out the intestines.
Cookery class? No.
My dad taught me.
HENRY: Oh, yeah? Every chance he could, he´d take us fishing down by the mill.
It was magic.
Just us two.
I suppose we must have talked, but you know what I remember most? Just being quiet with my dad.
I don´t think I finished emptying out the dishwasher.
I was thinking we could do that haddock poached with some melted butter and chopped herbs.
Chervil? Tarragon maybe? Chives? Or dill.
Parsley maybe.
GARY: Or a salsa verde.
HENRY: Oh, no.
Afternoon, everyone.
[CLATTERING] Nicky, are you all right? Yeah, thanks.
Good afternoon, sir.
Just passing.
Wondered if you´d seen this.
HENRY: Oh, very good, sir.
I´ve decided to run an essay competition for the schools on the police today.
What do you think? Oh, yes, absolutely, sir.
I know it´s not the answer, Crabbe.
It´s a step in the right direction.
An attempt at breaking down barriers.
At reaching out.
And if, through this, we can make a difference to just one young life, well, I´d feel I´d feel That that´s how you´d like to be remembered, sir? Well Yes.
Who told you that? That´s what it says just here.
As far as I´m concerned, this Youth Initiative has been a great success.
Guthrie and Morton are doing an excellent job.
Oi, come on! [CLUCKING] Hey! What´s all this? NICKY: I´m sorry, Mr.
Have you been here all night? No.
Well, I must have.
See, the thing is I went to my house and my mum had locked me out, so I thought I might as well come in here.
Why didn´t you knock? You could have come inside.
NICKY: It won´t happen again, Mr.
Well, has it happened before? Is everything all right at home, Nicky? What do you mean? Well, I mean, you´re hardly ever away from this place.
It´s as if you haven´t got a home to go to.
Everything´s all right, Mr.
Good, well, all right, then, go and call your mother.
What for? Because she´ll be worried about you.
She´ll be glad to know you´re all right.
I´ll do it now.
Oh, and, Nicky, I haven´t forgotten about that form.
Yes, Mr.
[CLEARS THROAT] Why is everything so quiet? Look around.
No kids.
HENRY: Oh, right.
Well, where are they? MORTON: They´ve gone.
Gone where? Back to school.
All of them? MORTON: It was only for a week.
Are you sure? Do you think we did one scrap of good? I mean, let´s face it.
Kids hate us.
It´s traditional.
Like spots and mood swings.
[CLEARS THROAT] Barstock Comprehensive, wasn´t it? MORTON: Is there a problem, sir? Oh, hello.
Can I speak to the headmaster, please? Sorry.
Oh, the head teacher.
Can I help you? TINA: Maybe you can.
I was wondering if there was a McDonald´s around here.
Oh, yeah.
If you go back up to the street, take your first on your left, then Very funny.
Go on.
[SIGHS] Hello, Sunshine.
Are you absolutely sure? Right.
You´ve been a very great help.
Thank you very much.
I don´t understand it.
He was here earlier.
You´re sure he´s not upstairs? Yeah.
Is something wrong? No, I just wanted to talk to him, that´s all.
Well, he can´t be far away.
I was going to show him how to make mayonnaise later.
No sign? Tell me you banked last night´s takings.
Oh, no.
Why? SALLY: Because they´re not in the drawer, that´s why.
Now, hold on.
Surely, you don´t think Nicky´s done it? You mean Nicky´s done a runner with the money? Well, it is possible.
SALLY: God! And he looked as if butter wouldn´t melt.
GARY: Oh, that´s right.
Stick the boot in! Well, what else could have happened? Anything! There was a girl hanging around here earlier.
It could have been her.
It could have been one of us.
Well, it wasn´t me.
You don´t honestly think Nicky´s done this, do you? Well, I telephoned round all the schools this morning.
None of them remember sending a boy here on placement.
So he´s been lying to us.
You could at least ask him about it before jumping to conclusions.
Yes, exactly.
So, where is he, Gary? [CLUCKING] Hold on.
You want me to go round schools asking about a kid who may or may not be a pupil there, who may or may not be called Nicky? Yeah, well, I´m pretty sure his name is Nicky because he´s very comfortable with it, and besides, I found this, which has got his initials scratched on the side.
See? N.
So, that will probably help a bit, plus he´s very interested in cookery.
Oh, great.
And, well, you´ve already got the description.
I was hoping I wouldn´t have to set foot in another school for a long, long time.
An excellent response to my essay competition.
Over 200 entries.
I want a short report on each one and the five best on my desk so I can pick the winner.
On the other hand, if duty calls It must be something about this cooking thing seems to attract a certain criminal type.
They stand over the stove, working away on their own.
But maybe that´s the time they´re working out their next job.
That´s a fascinating theory.
Did you think that one up all by yourself? Do you see how they took to each other straight off? Like kindred spirits.
"Like attracts like" sort of thing.
You don´t think maybe they´re in this together? It wouldn´t surprise me.
What wouldn´t surprise you? No, no.
No, nothing.
It´s not important.
Just, it wouldn´t surprise me if I had to soak this tray all night to get the grime off.
Ignore him.
What´s he been saying? Exactly what you´d expect him to say.
Nicky took us all in, Gary, not just you.
[BELL RINGS] Oi, Jane.
My mate fancies you.
Shut up! Nicholas Banks.
Ah, Banks.
Till recently, he was a pupil at Millbank Comprehensive.
He left in the fifth year.
So that makes him what? 16, 17.
Seems he was a quiet, hardworking lad, showed a lot of promise.
Then a couple of years ago, his work took a nose dive.
The only class he made any effort in was cookery.
Any reason for the change? None that I could find.
There were some reports of bunking off.
Did you get an address? MORTON: I´ll go if you like.
No, it´s all right.
I´ll go myself.
Banks? - And you are? - Henry Crabbe.
I believe your son´s working for me.
Oh, at the restaurant? That´s right.
May I come in? Yes, of course.
HENRY: Thank you.
So, when do you expect him back? Well, I´m not expecting him back.
He´s up north.
Working? Yes.
Not for me.
My restaurant isn´t 10 miles from here.
Well, how strange.
Well, I must have got it wrong.
And he led me to believe that he was staying here with you.
How would you explain that? Well, I wouldn´t.
I mean, it´s typical Nicky.
You never know where you are with him.
So you´ve no idea where he is now.
Why don´t you ask him yourself? I´d like to, but I can´t.
He´s left.
Quite abruptly, it appears.
That´s why I thought you might know where he´d be.
I´m sorry.
I don´t.
HENRY: You´ve no idea at all? I told you.
I don´t know.
I mean, can you think of a friend´s house he might be staying at? Or with a relative perhaps? Look, I care about Nicky, but I don´t keep tabs on him.
He is over 16.
HENRY: Oh, how lovely.
Twins? Yes.
Now, I really need to get on, so if you don´t mind Well, I´m afraid it´s not quite that simple.
You see, Nicky has stolen money from me.
What? HENRY: I can hardly believe it myself, but money has disappeared from the till.
Nicky´s vanished without trace, and now I find he´s been lying.
How dare you? How dare you come in here and This has got nothing to do with me.
He is your son.
I want you to leave.
Before I call the police.
I think I can help you there.
Detective Inspector Crabbe, Barstock C.
Don´t worry.
I´m not making this inquiry official yet.
Now, can we start again? I really don´t know where he is.
When was the last time you saw him? Ooh.
A week ago last Friday.
That´s right.
I was at a ballet rehearsal with the girls.
And then when I got back, there was a note.
What time was this? Sometime after 9:00.
And it said that he´d gone to look for some work.
And well, then, a few days later, he phoned to say that he´d found a job up north.
And then since then, nothing? Look, it really would be better if my husband didn´t know about any of this.
Now´s a very busy time for him.
But don´t you think his father has a right to know? Oh, he´s not Nicky´s father.
No, his father´s dead.
Oh, I see.
We divorced when Nicky was five, and he stayed with his dad.
And then when he died a couple of years ago, well, Nicky had to come and live with us.
By that time, of course, I was remarried and we had the girls.
These last couple of years haven´t been easy with Nicky.
Apparently, there was some truancy.
Was there a problem at school? Well, my husband went up there.
I mean, he took time off his work.
And what happened? Well, the headmaster was useless.
Frank said he wouldn´t last five minutes in industry.
Anyway, well, he had a heart-to-heart with Nicky.
He told him that he had to stick up for himself, you know, fight his own battles.
Well, it seemed hard at the time, but it obviously worked because there were no more complaints.
There´s just one last thing.
Could I see Nicky´s room? Oh, there´s not much point.
And anyway, it´s in a mess just now.
Please? When did you say he left again? We needed an office.
Frank brings a lot of work home.
And anyway, it was time that he left home.
Ever since he left school, all he´s done is hang around the house all day.
He´s out every night.
I don´t know who he´s with, when he´ll be back.
A week ago on Friday.
Didn´t you think it strange that he left so suddenly? I´ve done everything I can for Nicky.
It´s time he left home.
Here´s my card.
Perhaps you could give me a call if you hear from him? Could I have your phone number so I can let you know if I find him? I´ll give you my mobile number.
I suppose, technically, in order to be missing, you´ve got to be missed by someone.
So what? He lied to you.
He stole from you.
No, no, he didn´t come to Pie to steal.
Believe me, I´ve seen enough young thieves in my time to know, and he wasn´t one.
Yes, he was in trouble.
And the one place he couldn´t go back to was that house.
He came to Pie in order to hide.
Let it go.
You´ve seen the last of that money.
HENRY: Hang on.
Something happened.
Something happened that Friday night.
Something important.
It frightened him.
So he rushed home and then he left quickly before his family came back.
Now, we know he hasn´t got any transport, so it must have been fairly local.
And you want me to check out all major incidents involving teenagers on that night? No, just one.
Find out what the latest is on that off-license job.
I was just about to start making the choux pastry, Chef.
It´s all right, Gary.
It won´t take a minute.
Have a seat.
Now, you remember that day when Nicky left.
You said there was a girl hanging around outside the front of the restaurant.
Oh, yeah.
Well, how well do you remember her? Would you recognize her again if you saw her? - Yeah.
- Good.
Is that her? Yeah.
That´s her.
Are you sure? Mm.
Why, what´s she done? Have you picked her up for something? Not just yet.
You carry on with those profiteroles.
I´ll deal with this.
He´s still in hospital.
Whatever those monsters did to his back, he´ll not walk again, that´s for sure.
Can you tell me what you remember about that night? I´ve already been through it all with the police.
I know, I know, and I really am sorry to bother you, but it´s very important.
17 years I´ve worked here.
Known Andrew since he was that high.
I used to babysit for him.
I was on the till.
They burst in.
Six, seven of them.
One of them dragged his arm all the way along the shelf, smashed all the bottles.
The big one, he grabbed a bottle, smashed it against the counter and held it against my face, told me to put the money in a carrier bag.
I couldn´t do it.
My hands were shaking too much.
He called me a That was when Andrew It all happened so fast.
He must have grabbed him from behind, ´cause the next thing, they´re all on the floor and they´re kicking at him.
Kicking and kicking.
And that girl, she´s yelling, screaming.
"Get him! Get him!" I can still hear her.
HENRY: That´s terrible.
Must have been terrible.
I´m sorry, but can you remember, it´s very important, if one of them was particularly smaller or younger than all the rest of them? I can´t remember.
As I said, it all happened so fast.
17 years I´ve worked here.
Everything all right here? Yes, Chef.
Nothing better than freshly caught trout.
[LAUGHTER] Purple and orange and blue I can sing a rainbow [CELLPHONE RINGS] Hello? HENRY: Henry Crabbe here.
I said I´d let you know if he got in touch.
Please don´t hang up.
I just want to ask you one thing.
WOMAN: What? Do you know where Nicky´s father took him fishing? Mr.
Crabbe! Hello, Nicky.
I thought you might be hungry.
Mez sort of looked after me.
It was okay at first.
I was in with Mez´s gang.
Me! I used to be scared to walk down the street on my own because of guys like them.
And there I was in with them.
I suppose I felt I suppose I felt What, strong? For a bit.
But once you´re in with Mez, there´s no way back out.
You know the sort of stuff Hanging around, shoplifting, perhaps a bit of joyriding.
Then he took up with this girl, Tina.
That´s when it all got really scary.
She´s evil.
Always egging him on, always making him do things.
Until one night, it got really out of hand.
What night was that, then? I didn´t mean to take your money, Mr.
She made me do it.
She said she´d burn down the henhouse if I grassed her up, and she would.
She´s evil.
I told you that.
I´m not talking about the money or the henhouse.
Just tell me what happened that night when it all got out of hand.
See, Nicky, I don´t think you´re bad.
You have made some bad choices.
I mean, look at you.
You can´t go on living like this.
You´ve got to make another choice now, and I hope for your sake it´s the right one.
Oi, watch it, you! Did I just hear a voice? Over there, did I just hear a voice? No.
It sounded more like a mouse squeaking or a snake in the grass.
MEZ: Oh, now watch what you say about my little buddy.
My little Jiminy Cricket.
My Wee Willie Winkie.
He knows who looks after him, don´t you? Yeah.
You wouldn´t shop your Uncle Mez, would you? Me? I´m in this up to my neck.
I was there, remember, when we did that bloke.
Yeah, but you didn´t kick him, did you? - NICKY: Yes, I did.
- I never saw you.
NICKY: I did.
I kicked him in the back.
Liar! You´re a wimp.
NICKY: Here, look at this, Mez.
Here you are.
Great stuff, Nicky.
You´re the best, mate.
You know that? It´s that sweet little face of yours.
No one looks twice at you.
TINA: I´ve got a great idea.
You´d be perfect for it with that sweet little face of yours.
What for? Not now.
In the park.
- Ooh! - Nicky! This blueberry cheesecake really isn´t going very well.
Do you think we should call it Fruits of the Forest? [TELEPHONE RINGS] It´s all right, Sally.
I´ll get it.
Now! Hang on a minute.
I knew it.
He´s a wimp.
I´m not.
Shh! Here´s another one.
Remember that cute little kid look.
Excuse me, sir.
Yes, son? I´ve lost my money.
- He´s doing it.
- Yes.
I wondered if you had any spare change to get a bus home.
I´ll see what I can do.
MEZ: Now! Run, Tina! Run! [SIREN WAILING] [ENGINE TURNS OVER] I´ll get you for this.
Cow! I´ll get a lawyer.
I know my rights.
I´ll sue.
MORTON: Relax.
We´ll get you to hospital.
Ow! My leg! Ow! My leg! We´ll get a doctor to look at your leg.
Is that all you can say? I´m in agony! Oh, I love the jacket.
Bad news, I´m afraid, sir.
No sign of Nicky or the girl.
- Oh, nice one, Guthrie.
- Well, don´t blame me.
Well, you had him and then you let him go.
Well, at least I didn´t hit him with a car.
Well, it´s a good job someone stopped him.
Please! Can´t go very far.
GUTHRIE: I´m not so sure, sir.
One of the cars has been nicked.
Oh, terrific.
They could be anywhere by now.
Not just anywhere.
She knows exactly where she´s going.
[VEHICLE APPROACHES] Is anyone there? [SIREN WAILING] [BUSY SIGNAL] [BEEP] I´ll show them.
Show the lot of them.
This one´s for you, Mez.
Thank God you got away.
You grassed us, snake.
You set us up.
Tina, I never.
I swear.
You´re my mates.
Stay away from me.
Stay back.
I said stay back.
So that´s confirmed for next Friday night.
All right, then.
Pie in the Sky.
Sally, it´s me.
I want you to go into the restaurant, get all the diners, and tell them to leave the building immediately.
What for? HENRY: Just do it.
Get out now.
I´m so sorry to disturb you all.
There´s nothing to be alarmed about, but if you could all just step outside for a moment.
I´m sorry.
I told you what I´d do if you set us up.
Tina, I didn´t.
I swear.
They were already onto you for the off-license job.
How do you know? Tina, they´ve got your photograph as well.
I could have got away, Tina, but I came back for you.
It´s just us now, Tina.
Me and you.
We got to stick together.
That´s what Mez would want.
I stole a police car.
Just think what we could do with it.
We could ram-raid a shop.
We could push it into the river.
Or maybe we could drive it into the front of the police station.
Mez would like that.
Now, come on, Tina, give me the matches.
Come on, Tina, please.
MAN: Stop, police! Stay where you are! [SHOUTING] Come on! Come on! You all right, Nicky? She didn´t hurt the chickens, Mr.
Come on.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] What am I supposed to tell them? Just put a bottle of wine on every table on the house and say there´s no extra charge for all the excitement.
[CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYS] [DIALING] The cellphone you are calling is switched off.
Please try again later.
GARY: That´s right, isn´t it, Chef? What´s that, Gary? Nicky doesn´t have to worry too much, does he? You´ll see he´s all right.
Come on, Nicky.
We´ll have to get you down to the station.
You go in the police car.
I´ll follow on.
But he´s going to be all right, isn´t he? HENRY: That´s for the courts to decide.
But you owe him, Chef.
This place could have got torched tonight.
I know.
And it´s down to him that you caught those other thugs.
And he took part in a crime that left a young man damaged for life.
Yeah, but he never meant to.
It´s all right, Gary.
I think I better go.
Oh, and thanks, Mr.
Crabbe, for letting me work with you.
It was really ace.
I liked him as well, you know.
They´re gonna put him away, aren´t they? That´s for the court to decide.
God help him if they put him inside.
They´ll eat him alive, Chef.
I should know.
Facing up to what he´s done.
Best chance he has.
Oh, yeah? And then when he comes out, he´ll have a prison record.
Who´ll give him a chance then, eh? Wind up on your own, can you? Yes, Chef.