Planet of the Apes (1974) s01e05 Episode Script

The Legacy

PLANET OF THE APES 1x05 "THE LEGACY" You know, before I met you two.
I lived in a comfortable house.
I- I ate excellent food, every day.
I was living the good life, and now look at me, You're very hard to please.
You don't like being on the run with a fair chance of being killed by Urko? Well, I would like a couple of minutes to think that over before I answer.
What about all the excitement and stimulation we provide, the fun things you've learned? I have learned that life is made up of a series of hills that I get to climb up so that I can climb down.
Well, I know exactly a way to find out what's on the other side of that hill.
Marvelous the way you figure these things out, you know.
Mmm, Here we go.
It can't be.
Whoo! I'd forgotten what a city looks like, This is downtown nowhere.
Hello there.
What do you call this city? Hey, look, we're friends, We just wanna talk to you, Are there any apes here? - There goes the welcoming committee.
- Hold it! Listen! Oh! - Okay to get my heart started again? - Mmm.
- We better find a place to hole up.
- Another day, another hole.
What about this place? I wonder what it was.
Must be important, by the looks of it.
- So was the Colosseum.
- What's a Colosseum? It was an arena where humans were forced to fight animals.
The animals usually won.
"Oakland Science Institute.
" - That was a government think tank.
- This- Oakland? Well, it was.
Come on.
Let's take a look.
Interesting decor- done in Early American disaster.
Hmm? This looks like it could be something interesting, Let's take a look, Vacuum-sealed.
Oh! Now, what is that? Beats me.
Did you ever see anything like that, Pete? - Uh-uh, - Someone sure wanted it to last for a long time, Wanna push some buttons? I don't understand.
In the years to come, whoever finds our institute.
we, the scientists, greet you, The destruction of our world as we know it is imminent.
But our civilization's great advances must not vanish, We have, therefore, deposited the sum of all our scientific knowledge in a number of vaults which are located in various cities throughout the world and which, we hope, will be found by future generations, In this city, the vault is embedded in concrete on the lower level of the- Power! Could be.
This baby's been around for a long, long time.
- Is it magic? - No, Galen, it's technology-based, way ahead of our time.
- Ah, Here, try this.
- Yeah, good.
- Hmm.
- What do you think? There's probably zinc in the power unit.
We should be able to find some copper plumbing pipe.
then all we need is a container and sulfuric acid to re-up a battery and get this going.
Does it matter? It could give us all the answers we've been looking for.
Let's go get that copper.
- Insulation.
This should do it.
- Do what? We burn this, collect the fumes- we've got sulfur dioxide.
You blend it at the right temperature with water and oxygen,you make sulfuric acid, - Hmm! - Then we melt down the copper we found, form a base conductor.
and we've got a battery, maybe.
Soldiers! Those two- they're not like the other humans in the city- too well-fed- and an ape.
When I give the signal, we separate and run for it.
Meet back at the institute.
Anybody not there within 24 hours, we figure they've had it.
Just get that projector rolling and find the film, top priority.
It's more important than any one of us.
Okay, now, take off!.
No, no! Don't be frightened, I won't hurt you.
- You have to go! No! - I can't.
Captain! I can tell you somethin' you'd like to know.
- Yes? - It's worth a lot.
- How much? - Two days' food.
One day? Talk.
Come on! Take him! Sit and wait! No, no, no.
There's got to be something more we can do.
when you joined this outfit.
you got stuck obeying orders from the commanding officer, Colonel Alan Virdon.
I do not take orders! - Then what are you doing here? - I accept suggestions.
Alan "suggested" we sit tight and wait for 24 hours.
It's liable to be a long, cold night.
Well, Virdon.
It's good to see you again.
You should be flattered.
We rushed here the minute we heard you were captured.
Now, let's not waste time.
Where is the renegade ape and your friend, Burke? Well, help him up! - Where are they? - I don't know.
Where are they? Where are they? - Like a needle in a haystack.
- Hmm? It's an old expression.
Hey, wait a minute.
Wait a minute! I'm tryin' to find somebody! In a haystack.
Why don't you eat? I was starving.
Are you planning to beat the prisoner again? - If necessary.
- You'll kill him.
If necessary.
That's too bad.
- You mourn for a human? - No! I mourn for Urko, and the strong influence you were becoming in the High Council.
I'm not worried.
My influence will continue to grow.
By killing humans? We're not concerned merely with the death of this prisoner, We must make certain his dangerous ideas do not infect domesticated humans, To this end, I believe that we- I will make certain ideas die with the man.
Eliminating him is useless if his companions are free to spread the poison.
Urko, your prisoner alive is the surest method of capturing the other two.
I see.
The wise Zaius has his own plans for getting information from the prisoner.
I have been thinking about it.
Stop fighting.
You're in luck.
You're gonna earn more food than you've ever seen.
- What do I have to do? - Ask somebody the right questions and tell us the answers.
Is that all? She was Tomar's woman.
He was a rebel.
When you capture a rebel, it's probably better to kill his whole family.
Those around him are usually infected, - Please I didn't mean- - Quiet! It's just as well you didn't kill her.
She will serve a better purpose.
What are you gonna do with me? Come along.
Ow! - Are you all right? - Yes.
- Are you sure? - Mmm, I'm glad of that.
Who are you? What's going on? Why'd they put us in here? Where's Virdon? - A man- he was captured yesterday.
- Yes, he was brought in.
To that building? - Which room? Which floor? - He's not there.
The truth- he was taken away this morning.
- I don't know where.
- You're lying! Well, there's no one else here but us.
You have no idea what it's all about? What about you, son? You know why they put you in here? I was caught stealing food.
A human can be killed for stealing food, Urko doesn't need an excuse to kill me.
- Wonder why he didn't do it.
- What is this place? This was kinda famous in my time.
It was built with oil money by someone who wanted to live like a 16th-century baron.
I- I don't understand, What do you mean, in your time? - Where are you going? - When Urko has a chance to kill me and doesn't do it, I want to find out why, They could have killed you! Yeah, they could have, but they didn't.
Deliberately- it was an easy shot.
They want me in here alive.
Now, why was that gorilla hiding in the- Of course, it's gotta be- It's a trap.
They're using me as the bait.
- A trap? - Yeah, for my friends.
But it won't work.
Urko's traps aren't gonna catch anybody.
Why? I heard shots.
Are you all right? - Yeah, Yeah, I'm okay.
- He tried to escape.
Yeah, but I'm not gonna try that for a while.
I think- I think I'll wait about 24 hours.
then we'll all find a way out.
Has been such a very long time, I think Alan is not coming back.
- Galen, I'm makin' a battery.
- Batteries? I don't care about batteries or all that knowledge that you fellows keep talking about.
I just care what happens to Alan! I know.
You got company.
I wonder how they do this.
- Huh? - I wonder how they do this.
Hmm? This thing that Virdon carried with him- I wonder how it was made.
Why do you waste your time on that stupid picture? He tried to escape! But he didn't succeed.
This will be the key to our problem.
You'll see.
I'm sorry I let you talk me into it.
I've studied the humans, They're extremely vulnerable in family situations.
It's only a matter of time until he'll come to think of that woman- and the boy- as his own family.
He'll lower his defenses with them, then he'll tell that boy things all your torture could never drag out of him.
- My name's Virdon- Alan Virdon.
- I'm Kraik.
It's a good name, Kraik.
Pleased to meet ya.
Now, you see, in my time, when two men met and wanted to be friends.
that's what they did- they shook hands.
- Why? - Well, I'm not really sure, You see, customs have a way of starting a long time ago and hanging on even when the reasons are forgotten.
But, uh.
I think maybe it started a long, long time ago.
When two new friends met, they grabbed each other's right hands so they couldn't strike each other with their weapons.
It's a very good idea if the friend hasn't got a knife in his left hand.
You really hit all the bases, don't ya? - I don't know what that means.
- Yeah, it doesn't matter, Do you have any parents, Kraik? I wonder why they put you in here with me.
You're no threat to Urko, I don't know, but I'm glad I'm with you.
How much longer? I have to make sulfuric acid.
find out if it will start that projector.
Then what? Then we find out where that hidden vault is and go there.
What then? We stash all that knowledge someplace safe.
And after that? And then we come back here, and we find Virdon.
Mmm! That's what I wanted to hear! - Look! Look what I found! - What? No, no, Kraik.
No, no.
Now- Kraik, now, take it easy now, Come on.
That's not gonna solve anything.
If you eat all the food now, what about tomorrow? I'm hungry now, I don't care about tomorrow.
But you will tomorrow.
What do you say we let Arn divide up the food equally so there'll be enough for today and for tomorrow, huh? Start of daylight, I want all the soldiers you can spare, - Yes, sir.
- That's all.
Commanding a war party? A search party, Zaius.
A search party for the chimpanzee Galen and Burke.
You do it your way, I'll do it mine- section by section.
building by building.
It's very good, Arn.
I'm glad you like it.
I want more.
Something doesn't taste good? Oh, no.
No, no.
I was just thinking about my friends.
These friends of yours- where are they? - You're better off if I don't tell you.
- But I'd like to know.
Kraik, if the gorillas thought that you knew, they'd tear you apart to get the information.
- I don't care.
Can't you just tell me- - Kraik.
He's trying to protect us.
Can't you see that? He's protecting us.
You're a very good man, Alan like Tomar was.
And you're a good woman, Arn, like- You're a good woman.
Don't touch that.
It's sulfuric acid.
Burn a hole in your hand.
Are you ready to put it together with the copper and see if it'll work? Uh, in the mornin', hmm? I'm bushed.
You are delaying.
It's been over 24 hours.
Maybe he'll be here in the morning.
- What are you makin'? - An airplane.
Oh, uh- it's a flying machine.
Vroom! Zoom! - "Flying machine"? - Sure.
- W-Will it fly? - Maybe, - Can I have one? - Maybe, Did you ever FLy, really? Oh, sure.
Many times.
There was a time when people used to fly everywhere.
And did they always have enough to eat? - No, not always.
Not everybody.
- Like here, now.
No, actually, people in that time didn't have it as tough as you do now.
I don't eat bad, If anybody can find food, it's me, I know this city like nobody else does, If I hear somebody's got fruit, maybe sometimes meat.
I sneak in the back way, or come up through a sewer, or crawl in a hidden window.
I grab and run before anybody's even looking! Yeah.
Well, if we can get our hands on what's buried in this city.
you nor anyone else will have to scratch or steal for food.
- Is food buried? - No.
but a lot of long-forgotten ideas that could help make this a nicer world.
A million things you never even dreamed of.
Could I have my own flying machine? Maybe.
He respects you, I think.
My son would be about his age.
I'm sure he's never trusted anyone before.
Go! It works! It works.
We haven't got much time.
Gorillas are going in every building.
- They're moving in this direction.
- Battery's ready to be hooked up.
There we go, There, Now, all we have to do is whomp up a strap to hold it to your side, and you've got something to carry your things in.
- What things? - Oh.
Yeah, that's right.
You don't have a baseball or bubble gum or even a crumbled-up chocolate cookie, You see, where I came from, boys loved to have pockets like that pouch so you could carry your things in it.
This place you come from- will you go back? I hope so, someday.
I think I'd like to see it, I think I'd like to see you start pulling your weight around here.
- What? - That means do your share of the work.
How 'bout going down below and collecting us some firewood, huh? In a little while.
That story you told Kraik about what the world could be like, - was it true? - It was a hope.
Only a hope.
But it's not impossible.
See, my friends and I found a place here with a message.
and it told about a hope for the world, for humans, in the form of human knowledge.
How do you find this knowledge? You know that building that's not far from where you lived- the one with the big columns in the front - and the arched entrance way? - I've been there, There's nothing inside- no food, no clothes, nothing.
Wrong, There's a machine in there, Kraik, and by now it might have already told my friends where to find that knowledge.
A machine that talks, You're makin'fun of me! Oh, yeah? Well, if you don't get to work right away, I'm gonna really make fun of you.
- I wanna hear more stories.
- Ah, later.
Do your job first.
- But- - Aah! Right now! I like to hear stories about your world too.
Compared to where you were living.
I'm sure that almost any place must sound wonderful.
When I first met Tomar, he lived on a farm with his brother.
It was beautiful.
Couldn't you go back to the farm? I've thought about it.
but it's easier to do nothing.
But when you're alone.
maybe it's better not to go where you're always reminded that once you were- you weren't alone.
You couldn't meet another man? Yes.
I didn't think so but I do now.
I'll be right back.
Kraik? Why did you take it? I didn't take anything.
We're gonna lay down a few ground rules on how to behave-you and me and Arn- and the first thing is, we trust each other, okay? - Maybe.
- And we don't lie, and we don't take things without permission.
I'm tired, I wanna sleep.
- Let me have the model, please.
- I won't! Now, you're not to take anything unless you have permission.
All right, let me have the airplane.
There's your stupid airplane! I don't want it! I hate you! I hate you! He wants to see you.
He says you promised him a reward.
Well, tell me.
Don't waste my time! Do you know where the outlaw ape and the human are? He was very upset.
He made the airplane just for you.
I told a gorilla.
You, see that no one gets out the back.
You go with him.
- Yes, sir.
- Post two guards on each side of the door.
Hey, come on, Kraik.
No, I don't hate you.
- I'm sorry.
- What will happen to your friends? Oh, they've long since left that building.
Would they take the talking machine with them? No.
But if my friends were able to get it to work, it could tell me where they are.
But it doesn't matter, you can't go to them.
But the apes might find that message, I've gotta get outta here.
- I know a way out, - Why didn't you tell me that? I liked it here, I had enough to eat, and the gorillas said they'd give me more if I helped.
All right, Kraik, I can't promise you any food, but I could use your help.
- Did you get it? - Get what? - The gun! - What are you talking about? I told the sergeant Virdon had a gun.
I threw it out the window.
- Where? - I'll show ya.
It's here somewhere.
Arn! All right! This way! Wasn't there anything at all in this place? - Nothing! Not Galen, not Burke.
- Are you sure? Of course I'm sure! They were gone, if they'd ever been there.
Just in the event Virdon should escape.
they would leave something behind- something that would tell him where to go.
Take me there! - Where are they? - We'll find out, They built it back up, Give me a hand.
In the years to come, whoever finds our institute, we, the scientists, greet you, The destruction of our world as we know it is imminent, - but our civilization's great advances must- Come on.
This way.
You said there was nothing here? - Yes, but there- that wasn't here before.
- What is it? - One of these must be a control.
We have therefore deposited the sum of all our scientific knowledge in a number of vaults.
- What is it? - Witchcraft! Be quiet! Quiet! In this city, the vault is embedded in concrete on the lower level of the Midtown railway station at the gateway to track number four, We wish you well- you who find and use our knowledge.
- What is a railway station? - I've seen pictures of them.
We passed such a place when we rode in, A long, narrow building.
Come! I know the place.
and I know a quicker way to get there.
The apes will have to ride through the cities.
through places where buildings have fallen into the streets and no horses can pass.
Oh! Could man ever have known so much and done so little with it? Come on, let's go! Alan! Alan, where ya been? We thought you were dead.
Listen, we spent two hours breakin' into this place.
It's a gold mine! Yes, it is.
But it'll be a mausoleum if we don't get out.
Urko and Zaius are on their way here right now.
We gotta move.
Come on.
Knowledge- death, destruction.
In the history of this world, one has been the same as the other.
Destroy everything in here! Burn this place to the ground.
Wait! Wait! What is here would give us great power! The knowledge would be safe with us.
We're not like humans.
Would we really be better off or safer? Remember- once the knowledge in here is set free - it will spread out of control.
- I will be in control! You are now! You have weapons, troops.
Suppose one of your officers learns the secrets in there.
He'll have the power to destroy you, to destroy the world.
Would you risk that? Burn it.
Burn it! Virdon is no longer of any use to us.
I'll go back to the castle and kill him.
Is that the farm? - Tomar's brother- what's his name? - Derlin.
It's so quiet.
You, uh-you do feel all right about coming back here.
It's different now.
I- I- I-I can't explain.
Maybe because Kraik's with me.
Maybe 'cause I'm not so alone inside myself anymore.
Why don't you stay with us? - He can't.
- Why? You're gonna like it here, Kraik.
You'll get plenty to eat.
- Every day? - If you behave yourself.
Alan! Uh, there are two times when you shake hands- when strangers meet, and when friends say good-bye.
God bless you both.