Planet of the Apes (1974) s01e14 Episode Script

Up Above the World So High

THE PLANET OF THE APES Oh, oh, Alan! Pete! Alan! - Alan, look! - What's the matter? A flying reptile.
- A what? - A flying reptile.
Oh, I think it sees us.
- I don't believe it.
- Well, what do you know.
- Are you frightened? - What, seeing a man fly? A man? Oh.
Humans can't fly.
Yeah, it's some sort of a homemade glider contraption.
- Yeah.
- Uh-oh.
Get down! Get outta here.
We gotta get there first.
A flying human, they'll kill him.
Come on.
Pete, Galen, I found him.
Over here.
Let me help you there.
Are you hurt? Oh, no.
- Are you all right? - Yeah, better.
Oh,you see, that gust of wind- that gust of wind on that side.
I should put my weight on that side.
Well, it's not that simple.
Your design's wrong.
Oh, sure, sure, I can correct.
You see if I- No, never mind.
You wouldn't understand.
Alan, those troopers spotted you.
Come on.
This way.
He got away, but we have the thing that flies.
Yeah, well, it's very impressive.
You see, it will work.
Leuric, you got your glider up in the air, but it's a wonder you weren't killed.
You have a superstitious fear of flying.
I've got a lot of fears, but that's not one of them.
- I guarantee you'll kill yourself.
- Now how do you know? Oh, believe me, they know.
It's impossible.
No one has ever flown.
I'm the first.
How could they know anything about it? Leuric, listen.
What you've invented is a kind of a glider.
which is a remarkable achievement.
But it's a dead end.
Where do you go with it? - Up into the sky.
- For what? Put that same thought and energy into something that can be useful for you.
Yeah, invent a new kind of plow or something.
I will fly! I will do what no human be- Trying to steal my idea so you can take the credit.
We're not trying to steal anything.
We're trying to help you.
Listen, Leuric.
If we worked on your glider, taught you safety techniques, got you up there soaring like an eagle, we'd only be setting you up as a target.
Some gorilla would see you and pow! I don't care! I have to get on with my work.
How long do you think it will be before they find you? They already know that a human has tried to fly.
They are not going to stop until they find that human.
I won't stop my work.
Look, if you have to continue this project, could you do it someplace farther from town where you won't be spotted? There is a place the apes avoid because of superstition, but- It would take too much time to move my tools and materials.
It doesn't matter.
We'll move you.
Yeah, right.
Now let's move this junk to wherever.
Well, you're very good to me, I'll show you.
Several trips will be necessary.
Has this something to do with flying? Oh, no, no, I found it on the beach.
A strange rock appeared after lightning struck.
The sand must have melted it.
A hunk of glass formed.
I'll polish it, Galen, and show you what you can do with it.
Uh, if you don't mind, Leuric.
You expect us to believe a human- a human flew- - My troopers saw it! - Something even apes cannot do.
Now then, I expect you to believe Konag.
My garrison commanders are not in the habit of coming here to address the council for the purpose of lying.
This is very interesting.
but it's no more than a toy.
Is there any objection to having this human found, killed and any other such toys destroyed? - No objection.
- Zaius, if I might have permission to speak.
I'm just a female scientist with none of your wisdom in dealing with humans, but I merely wonder if this idea even though stumbled upon by a human, - might not serve us.
- Ridiculous! How could a human idea serve us? I don't know, but it's new and unexplored, and what could be lost in further examination? Yes, yes, go on! It's not widely known, but there is reason to believe that our ancestors knew how to fly.
What? There are references- vague, but strongly suggestive- in remnants of books, from the old days, before the world was almost destroyed.
Perhaps this human learned from some book he found.
If he has such a book, it is punishable by death.
He could infect the other humans.
But, in any case, why bother with something which is just a worthless toy? I'm sure you're absolutely right, Urko.
And yet, I wonder if flying were worthless.
would our ancestors have engaged in it? - Hey, hey.
How much more? - Hey.
Galen and Leuric should be bringing the last of it.
How you doing? This is a round stone.
It's useless.
- There you go.
- A little innovation.
I think I'm gonna stay here, work on this.
I, uh, can't wait to see Galen's face when he first looks through a magnifying glass.
Alan! Pete! They captured Leuric! I watched from my hiding place.
There was nothing I could do.
They just took him away.
Why didn't they just kill him? Well, the only thing I can think of is, uh, they wanna make a spectacle of him.
How? Public execution.
Bring my baggage.
Commander Konag, congratulations on capturing the human.
Where is he? In a cell.
He's been handled roughly, but he can answer your questions.
Oh, I'm sure he'll be much more cooperative thanks to your handling.
What's all this? Oh, some things that I use with the human.
and the others are my personal comforts.
since I'll be staying awhile.
Council gave you permission to deal with a human for a short while.
And how long is a short while, Konag? Three days? Five? Seven? Nine? We have no guest facilities! This is a troop garrison! I don't mind the inconvenience.
This will be perfectly adequate.
And, fellow, put those there.
Yes, ma'am.
These are my quarters! And it's so generous of you, Konag.
I shall be sure and tell Urko and the council how very helpful you've been.
I shall require a room, and I'm sure you could manage two or three sturdy tables.
And, uh, well, beyond that, you just won't even know that I'm here.
Thank you so much, Konag.
My servants will carry your personal effects out.
and I'll question the human shortly.
Trooper, I'm Carsia.
- You were told to expect me? - Yes.
Take me to the human, Leuric.
What's that? He's being punished.
He doesn't show respect.
- Next time eat what's given you without complaining.
Stand up! Stand up! You're worse than these lower animals.
There's nothing worse than strength and authority without intelligence.
Get out of here.
I'm so sorry.
Apes are not sorry for humans.
I'm different from some apes.
And I think you're different from most humans.
That's why I'm here.
Guard, when this man is rested and had his hurts attended to, please bring him to me.
And I needn't warn you against the repetition of brutality I just witnessed.
Gee, it's a nice carriage.
- You driving? - Yeah.
All the way from Central City? I drive Carsia to towns a lot further than this one.
- She's a very important ape.
- Oh.
And you get to ride it, huh? - Yeah.
- Gosh, you're lucky.
You know, if I was an ape that was as important as- Carsia- is that her name? I'd never come to this village.
Nothing ever happens here.
- Something happened.
- What? I don't know.
Carsia wouldn't come all this way to talk to a human, unless something important was going on.
Oh, yeah.
Why did you tell that guard not to beat me? Because there is nothing which can be accomplished by beatings which cannot be achieved in a more civilized manner.
What do you want? I refuse to be questioned by a human for whom I've requested decent treatment.
I'm sorry.
Well, that's the first reasonable thing you've said.
And I appreciate what you did.
I want to help you, Leuric.
I'm a scientist, I'm interested in truth and knowledge.
I'm told that you know the secret of flying.
Is this true? Yes.
Can you prove to me that a human or an ape could fly? I can prove to you that I can fly.
- How? - By flying.
- So you say.
- No, I have flown.
Well, almost.
if they hadn't taken my tools and materials from me.
If I get out of here, if they don't kill me, I will fly.
All right.
I will try again.
A flying reptile was actually reported as being seen near here, or so I was told.
I don't know anything about flying reptiles.
Or you're not interested.
And you're wasting my time.
You must have a superior.
Where is he? Konag is inspecting the outposts, He'll be back tonight.
There must be somebody else.
There has got to be somebody besides you.
- She's busy.
- She? - In a garrison? - Visiting from Central City.
From civilization? Ha! I shall wait.
Wait outside.
Is there anything else you'll need? What else is there to need? I'm not familiar with tools.
Some of these were developed by our ancestors.
We've since lost the knack of using them.
Perhaps because we have humans to do our labors.
I'm sure you know how to use them.
This does seem an awkward device for driving a nail.
It has another use.
See? Very good.
You're clever with your hands, just be equally clever with your head and design a device which will take you high into the sky.
How much longer do I have to wait for this female? Hello, I'm Carsia.
Oh, hello, indeed.
I'm Protus.
I am on an archaeological expedition and- What are you doing in this forsaken place? I'm on an expedition of another sort.
How may I help you? You already have by reviving my confidence in the fact that I am not the only ape on this planet with interests other than sleeping and eating.
I, myself, have not found the company very stimulating.
Do come in.
So, I have been trying to track down this rumor about this flying reptile.
Well, I'm glad you did.
but it wasn't a reptile.
Oh, I know.
The guard told me.
And a flying human, I mean, that is- that's much more of a curiosity.
I'll know in a few days whether or not the human can fly.
Oh, I would love to see such a thing.
Well, stay, I'd be delighted to have you present at the demonstration.
You are kind.
Well, I'm not quite sure that's the right word for me.
- Charming.
- Thank you.
Well, I'm not asking for compliments, although I do like to hear them.
Won't you please sit down? Oh, thank you very much.
Oh, you, uh, you don't think that you're kind? Oh, I was really not sure.
I think I have other qualities that are more important.
Such as? Well, I think it'd be more interesting if you found out for yourself.
Well, I intend to try.
But I very much doubt that I'll find you unkind.
I mean, that is very hard to believe.
Well, I suppose I could take credit for saving the life of a human who says he can fly.
He's promised to give us a demonstration in five days.
If he fails.
well- Well, I hope he succeeds, just so that I can see a human fly.
I'm eager too.
That's why I decided he should live.
Galen, can't Carsia help Leuric, even if his plan is a failure? Well, I can only go on what she's told me.
She's very sympathetic.
I know she'd want to protect him.
Yes, she's that kind of ape.
getting a little hung up there on her, Galen, huh? If you mean what I think you mean, I think you are jumping to premature conclusions.
Which may be correct, Hmm.
In the meantime, what are we going to do about Leuric? - See that he flies.
- A functional glider.
We're gonna have to make it for him.
Hey, I'm not sure we know enough to make a functional glider out of that junk we got.
How you coming? Okay, Galen, we're ready for it.
Be right there.
Ow!Jeez! Careful of this.
It is very hot.
Right there.
Okay, keep it taut.
Hold it as tight as we can.
Hmm, that's amazing.
Boiled tree sap.
And corn flour, Hmm.
That's the best we could do.
It's called glue.
- Galen, hold that a second.
will you? - I can't.
Why not? My fingers are stuck together.
Well, uh, what do you think? Yeah, I think it could fly.
- With luck.
- Oh, I do hope so.
It's very exciting.
If you think the prospect of flying is exciting, wait till you take off.
Oh, I cannot- Wait a minute.
You mean I take off? Oh, thank you very much.
This all has been fascinating.
- Galen, Galen.
- Wait a minute.
If you tied me to that thing, screaming and kicking, I would find some way to keep my feet on the ground.
It's gotta be tested before we take it apart and get it to Leuric.
Yes, and I intend to watch one of you test it, and I shall applaud enthusiastically if you are successful.
What would happen if an ape looked up and saw a human flying? Well, he would, uh, shoot the human down.
When you're hanging up there on a glider, there are not a lot of places to hide, right? Right.
If an ape looked up and saw another ape flying, he'd get pretty shook up, but he wouldn't shoot.
He is not going to get shook up because he is not going to see an ape flying.
Galen, you've gotta do it.
It's you or it's, alas, poor Leuric.
Save your breath.
It is out of the question, I refuse! I absolutely put my foot down.
Okay, now use your foot to kick up, right? Now brace yourself like I showed you.
You ready? - No way.
- Good.
Let's go.
Aah! Whoo-hoo! Easy, Galen.
Let the wind do it.
You let the wind blow it! Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! He likes it.
Well, Protus, what do you think? Oh, it is marvelous.
It's absolutely marvelous.
It is hard to believe that one can actually fly.
Oh, how thrilling that would be.
I'll be the first to know when I fly tomorrow.
Tomorrow? But that's two days earlier than Carsia said.
Ah, yes, Leuric's been working enormously hard.
- He's ready before we expected.
- How nice.
Come, Protus.
I've had a new book sent from Central City.
I'm sure you'll be interested.
Oh, Carsia, I'll be with you in one minute.
I do want to take one last look at this marvelous bird.
Very well.
- "Protus"? - Shh! Never you mind about that.
Your glider will not fly.
- It will.
- It won't.
But we have built a glider that will fly.
It is being disassembled and being smuggled to you.
This will fly, and I will fly it.
You will break every bone in your stupid head.
Now, you must stall for two days.
See, we can't get it delivered and reassembled in less time.
You just want time to steal my idea - so you can be the first to fly.
- Protus.
- Coming.
- Everything all right, Leuric? Yeah, everything is fine.
I'll fly tomorrow.
This is hopeless.
It's absolutely hopeless.
I mean, even if we could get it into shape by the morning, we couldn't deliver and assemble it in time.
We're going about this whole thing the wrong way.
The first order of business shouldn't be to deliver a glider that will fly.
The first thing we gotta do is to stop a glider that won't fly.
Are you ready, Leuric? All ready to move it to the cliff.
Oh, I am afraid that Leuric is somewhat single-minded of purpose.
It's a characteristic of humans.
I was trying to tell him yesterday that there are other areas of interest in science.
- See? - What is that? Ah, this, which is a natural substance, is an unnatural device.
Uh, look, I call it an expander.
See here, it's a fly.
Well, that's fascinating, Protus.
Leuric, come on.
It's your turn.
See that? - Ahh, Uh-huh.
- Uh-huh.
This, it'll expand almost anything.
Look, see here.
Oh! Ooh! Here, look see that? There's something over there I want to show you and ask you about.
I want- I want your advice about it.
It's, uh, it's right at the end of that table.
Over there.
Right there.
Look at this closely.
See here? A well-made joint you say, huh? Ah, but can you be sure? How many mechanical failures have been caused by poorly fitting joints, hmm? Weakened by small flaws that could have been exposed by my expander, Hmm? It could help.
I take a certain conceited pleasure in the way your mind works.
- Conceited? - It is uniquely penetratingly the mind of a chimpanzee.
Oh, don't be modest.
After all, are gorillas or orangutans capable of subtle ideas? Well.
you know.
I'd never thought of the gorilla as being subtle.
No, they hold higher authority because of brute force since they lack intelligence.
Oh, help! Help! Fire! Oh, what do you think caused it? It's gone, destroyed.
Oh, pity.
Oh! Your expander may have uses you never thought of, Protus.
Oh, that is amazing.
Oh, Carsia, I cannot take credit for this, no.
You will be known as the ape who made fire with an expander.
Thank you, Hmm.
My flight.
Oh, no, no, merely delayed.
You'll have all the materials you need, and you may start again.
Oh, I feel responsible for this.
Let me make amends.
I have these two servants.
They're rascals, both of them, but they are very, very clever with their hands.
I will send for them, and they will bring all the materials they can provide to, uh, put this thing back together again.
You two, what do you want? We're the servants of Protus, sir.
More foolishness for that human to make into wings? Yes, sir.
All right.
Take it in.
Thank you, sir.
You know, Protus, I like doing things for you.
Thank you.
- Interesting? - Oh, very, Very! - Galen burnt- - Shh! Galen burnt the wings, didn't he, deliberately? Leuric, what do you want, an engraved apology? We only ruined your stupid glider because you would have broken your stupid neck.
- It would have flown.
- This one will fly, and you'll be flying it.
All you have to do is assemble the pieces.
- I don't believe it.
- Do you hear this guy? - Alan, what are we doing here? - Spinning our wheels.
We should have left you up that tree.
We could have let the troopers pick you up when you crashed.
Oh, you were very clever.
You wanted to find out what I knew about flight first.
Right, we risked our necks just so we could take lessons from wobbling Willy and his wonderful wiggling wings.
Let's go.
Oh, now wait.
Wait! You-You were really trying to help me? - You really want me to fly? - That's right.
All right, I believe you.
I don't know why you're helping me, I don't know why Carsia is, but I don't care.
As long as I get up there just once, just once, I don't care what happens after that.
Well that is very, very flattering.
Oh, no, not flattery, it's the truth.
Every word.
Oh, I guess, uh, I am delighted to believe that, uh, chimpanzees are superior to, uh, other apes.
seeing I'm a chimp.
I don't know, however, that, uh, agreement would be coming so easily from, let's say a gorilla.
Of course not.
They haven't the intelligence to recognize the obvious.
Well, I suppose, uh, patting oneself on the back could be considered, uh, harmless and a good form of exercise.
I wanted you to read that book.
I wanted you to know how we feel.
"We"? Who is the head of the council? Zaius, of course.
An orangutan.
And who is commander of all the security forces? - Urko.
- A gorilla.
Can you name me one chimp who occupies a position of top authority? J- Just what are you hinting at? What do you want? I advised Urko of the delay in the flight test.
I expected you would.
This is Konag, the garrison commander, Protus.
Urko believes the human won't fly.
I know Urko's views.
He's authorized me to execute the human if the test is delayed beyond tomorrow.
And you! You might want to arrange to have your things taken out by then.
A gorilla in a position to give orders to you, to me, to chimps who are far above him in intelligence.
He gives orders to chimps, but he shoots humans.
What about Leuric? The test has been postponed until tomorrow.
There'll be no problems.
Come in.
Sir, the guard told us to report to you when we were through.
A precaution.
Oh, of course.
Well, are you through? Yes, sir.
Uh, is everything prepared for the flight? - Yes, sir.
- Very good.
Um- Very well, you may go.
Sir, I wonder if we could speak to you for a minute, please.
I am busy.
What is it? Uh, well, there's something I'm trying to remember.
We, uh, wanted to talk to you about, sir.
Your servants don't seem very bright, Protus.
They're not.
You can come back later if you can remember what it is you wanted.
Well, um, I just remembered what it was.
sir, we wanted to talk to you about.
The last load we brought in, it, um, it wrecked the cart, sir, we want to show it to you.
You permit them to bother you with nonsense like this? No.
Go! G- Go at once! Yes, sir.
I'll teach them some manners.
I'll be back in a minute.
What's the matter? What do you think's in that box in your girlfriend's room? - What box? - The green one.
The one that says "fragmentation cosmoline pack.
" Oh, yes, I wondered about that, but I didn't want to pry.
Fragmentation bombs.
Lovely little mama bombs with lots of little baby bombs inside, so when they blow.
they really blow, all over the place.
They were customarily dropped from airplanes.
Now the question arises: What is that cute little chimp that you've been romancing in there, doing with a case of instant death? Well now they'll mind their manners.
Now tell me- thank you- what were we talking about? We were saying the chimps, who are the most intelligent and the best equipped, are not in control of the government and the council.
Ah, yes.
Yes, that's what we- Oh, by the way, I've been meaning to ask you, what is this? The answer to some of the questions I've been asking.
- Oh.
- For instance, why would I waste the time saving the life of a human? Leuric means nothing to me.
but if he can teach us to fly- I- I don't understand.
The council chambers are guarded when the council is in session.
No one can approach.
The same is true of Urko's headquarters.
Now, Protus, think.
If Urko, his troops and the council were eliminated.
who would control the world? There are bombs in this box.
To eliminate them.
With Leuric's wings, we can swoop down out of the night sky- in the dark, unseen, unheard.
That is why I'm determined to keep him alive, until he can teach us to fly.
Do you see, Protus? Oh, yes.
It's perfectly clear.
- What are you doing here? - We're getting you out.
What? Oh, no! - Carsia is using you.
- I don't care! Stay away from there! She'll blow up everything if she gets her hands on the glider.
There's no time, the guards are coming.
Pete, take care of the guards.
I'll bring him.
Get away! Get away! Come on, come on! Now! Come on! Come on.
come on! There's no chance.
Let's go! You chose a human in preference to me? In preference to what you're planning.
Take him away! The test is cancelled.
The flight will proceed as scheduled.
I arranged for the execution of Leuric and that renegade ape first thing in the morning.
I shall look forward to witnessing Protus' execution after the test flight.
No, Leuric will be shot too.
There'll be no test.
A dead man can't operate those wings.
One of your troopers will take the human's place.
Risk the life of a gorilla in a pointless experiment? Absolutely not! - It's all my fault.
- Of course it is.
Some humans are much more human than other humans, but you- you are the most human.
- I'm sorry.
- A lot of good that does.
- How's that feel? - It's numb.
You know, even if I get out of here, I won't be able to fly.
It's almost impossible- We are facing a firing squad, and all you can do is- I don't care what happens to the human, but I want that flying device returned safely.
if, in fact, it can fly.
If you're worried about them flying off with it- Move out! Bring the human here.
You have an open area marked off by my troopers.
If you fly out of it.
you'll be shot down.
Are you trying to signal? No, of course he isn't.
The poor man is half frightened to death.
- He doesn't know how to tell you.
- Tell me what? He can't fly with one hand.
Is this true? The test is cancelled.
No, I insist the flight go on.
And I still refuse to risk the life of an ape.
Well, it's no good looking at me.
You couldn't force me onto that thing.
If I am going to be killed, I demand a decent, proper execution.
Huh? Wait a minute.
Oh, no, no, no.
Now you wait a minute.
It is out of the question.
It is absolutely ridiculous.
Even if I were willing, I tell you, I don't know how to fly.
Will the wings support both you and him? Yes, they might.
- But no! - Well, Konag.
it seems we have solved two problems.
I want to see if those wings can carry extra weight, and you want to spare any of your troopers the risk of flying.
- But I protest! - If they fall into the sea, they'll drown.
It'll be no loss.
You will fly.
The human will ride along with you to show you how to guide the wings.
Oh, Carsia I knew you were cruel but I didn't know how cruel.
Bring the wings! More fun than the no-hitter I pitched in high school.
Ready! I am going to fly! They're flying.
I knew it would work.
I don't know if I can control it! The wind is so strong! Whoo! Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! I made it happen, what nobody ever did before.
You also may be killed the way no one's ever been killed before.
Here we go! Where are they going? Flying out to sea.
Fire! Shoot them down! Both of them! Wait! You may not have to waste your bullets.
Hold your fire! They're dead and so is the secret of flight.
For a while, I wasn't sure you would make it.
Oh, oh, I wish we hadn't.
It flew like a bird, I knew it would.
I could have stayed up forever.
Oh, please, get me to the shore, quick.
No, we can't.
We'd be spotted in a minute.
Shot on sight.
Oh, I can't, I'd rather be shot.
All right, everybody, let's go.
Keep your heads down.
Try not to splash too much.
Oh, please, somebody shoot me! - What's wrong with him? - Ancient human disease- seasickness.