Playful Kiss (2010) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

PLAYFUL KISS Episode 9 Stay right there! Hey! Hey, stop them! I'm running with Seung Jo right now, this doesn't feel real.
Surely, this is not real.
All crazy things are happening on the same day.
Anyway, you are rather athletic.
You seem to be able to run.
But you knew I was there? That we were following you around? Not to notice would be weird, it was so exaggerated.
I had no other way out.
When I found out Hae Ra and you were going to the movies, unconsciously I just But if you do like Hae Ra, there's nothing I can do about that.
Where do you want to go? What? I'm asking where you want to go.
Just like in a dream, me and Seung Jo.
I'm with Seung Jo.
It feels like I enjoyed a lifetime's worth of happiness all in a day.
I'm so happy right now.
Seems like mostly families come here.
We're the only ones who are a couple.
Of course.
Couples who row boats here, the rumor is they'll break up in 6 months, - Didn't you know? - What? You never heard? It's well-known.
Oh well, it has nothing to do with us.
We're not a couple anyway.
You know, we should go now.
Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hey, hey! When you're dry, you should change into this.
It's cheap but it's better than wet clothes.
I bought it at a road side stall.
You don't like it? Ah, it's the same style.
So, couple Ts? (T-shirts) Oh, hamburger! I'm really starving.
This is really delicious.
This tastes better than French or Italian cuisine, I won't get to eat such a delicious hamburger ever again.
If only time can stop still right now.
Eat, don't just look at it.
But why did you grab my hand and run? Hae Ra was there too.
Well, that's because you were right beside me.
Thanks, I'm always getting into trouble.
All along, nothing is too difficult for me.
But ever since you appeared, I feel like I'm in a totally different world.
All of a sudden, like having to solve a math puzzle.
Maybe this is a puzzle to test me.
A puzzle I can't avoid which I must solve.
That puzzle, do you mean me? At the beginning, I didn't know how to deal with it.
I felt absurd and I wanted to hide from it.
But from now on I decided not to run away anymore.
If there's nothing wrong with the puzzle then there must be an answer.
I'll give it a try.
You're going to give me a try? - If you don't get it, never mind.
- No, I get it.
You mean, I'm like a puzzle to you and you wanted to run away, but you changed your mind and going to get along with me Is this a proposal? Hey! How did you arrive at such a conclusion? I don't dislike you.
Even though I don't like to be with you, I'm saying I don't dislike you.
Ah! Thanks.
I thought you disliked me.
Since Senior High first year, I only had eyes for you.
I know nothing about Charlotte nor Richards, I can't cook and I'm not an attractive girl, but I'll work hard.
I'll work hard to become better.
Really? I'll look forward to that.
- What? - You said you'll become smarter, I'll look forward to that.
Since the mid-terms are just around the corner, your declaration now, how about you prove it with your mid-term results? - How's that? - Mid-terms? Oh, I hate exams.
Is there anyone who loves exams? So the acceptable grade is C? C? You're not embarrassed to say C? How about C+? Even though nothing has changed, his smile seems a little different now.
Compared to the time I wrote the love letter, compared to the time of the first kiss.
I feel Baek Seung Jo a little closer to me now.
Thanks for sending me home.
That was a perfect date.
You're happy living here? The room's a little small but it's livable.
It's just temporary anyway.
Until the original house is rebuilt.
- But is it all right? - What? I mean Hae Ra.
You were supposed to be out with her, but we ran away like that.
Well, she'll be fine because she's with Kyung Soo.
Hae Ra, I have something to tell you.
It's not easy for me to bring this up to you, I hope you'll listen to me.
I know, I fall short in many things What? Fall short? You can have my share too.
No, the food's enough for me, let me continue I I tried very hard not to think about it, the sound of not thinking about you grew louder and louder Shall we go? I'm having a headache.
A headache? You need a painkiller then painkiller.
You take your time.
I'll take care of the bill.
Hae Ra, I know I fall short of you in many areas, so I try very hard not to think of you, but the sound of not thinking about you keeps getting louder and louder, and finally it fills my whole mind.
That's what I wanted to say.
What's up, dad? Something good happened? What? No, nothing in particular.
If only good things happened.
Why? What's wrong? Well, nothing much.
The rebuilding project is going to need more time.
Since it collapsed suddenly, there was no insurance.
And the people are still figuring out what to blame for it.
Then what will we do, dad? Don't worry, it'll be solved, it's just a matter of time.
It may be inconvenient, but be prepared to stay here a lot longer.
All right.
I'm sorry, Ha Ni.
What have you to be sorry for, dad? Don't worry about me, I'm fine.
All right.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Oh! Look who's here.
We're not open for business yet.
Sit down, sit down.
What brings you here at this hour? Ha Ni's in school already.
We know.
We suddenly felt like eating SoPalBok noodles.
- Fresh clam noodles for you? - Yes, fresh clams with noodles.
Got it, got it.
Listen up fresh clam noodles, 2 servings here.
Oh, Bong Joon Gu, You sure have - the mannerisms of a boss here.
- Don't I? Shouldn't Ha Ni get a pair of spectacles? Everyone else says I look like the boss here, Ha Ni is the only one who doesn't see it.
Joon Gu, if you keep pestering her like this, Ha Ni will gradually dislike you.
What? Bong Joon Gu, you really don't understand women.
You know what? The reason why Ha Ni can't resist Seung Jo, it's because Seung Jo is so cold to her.
What? Cold? Women are like that, you keep a distance, she comes nearer.
You push forward, he runs away.
Is that true? Yes, if you continue like this, Ha Ni won't like it and will run further away from you.
No! No, no, no, no.
Chef did tell me to try letting her sought after me, I thought of acting same like him, but that image really doesn't fit me.
Also, that's impossible presence he has, I can't manage to copy him.
I'm a Busan guy after all.
I will proceed in my own style.
And then one day, Ha Ni will realize the real face of Bong Joon Gu.
Noodles still not ready yet? Oh! Hello.
Did you get home safely yesterday? Yesterday? Ah! Of course, I got home safely.
Since Kyung sunbae was around, I didn't worry about you.
But I think you did worry somewhat.
It was fun.
Like filming a movie, right? Let's call it.
Gangsters and Alice.
Good to hear you were safe.
Let's go in.
See! Perfect beauty.
An absolute beauty that's her.
You sure took lots of photos.
She's really pretty, right? So what happened yesterday? Did you go on a date? What date? We parted after dinner.
Really? I should have paid for the meal.
What were you doing? That was such a good chance for you.
You should have confessed your love.
I did think of confessing to her, But strangely I couldn't say it when I was with her, Only nonsense came out of my mouth.
It's too much of a luxury for a guy like me to go after Hae Ra.
Why? You're attractive in your own way too.
I know, that I'm attractive.
But I just behave so strangely in front of Hae Ra.
And you? Did you ever confess to Seung Jo? I wrote a letter.
Letter! Yes, a letter.
I should have thought about writing one.
- A letter, a letter.
- No, never do that.
Hae Ra is the female version of Baek Seung Jo.
If you wrote a letter, you will get totally put down.
Just be brave, look her in the eye and confess.
Women are weak to that kind of play.
I don't even dare to look at her, how can I look her in the eyes? Why? Practice will make you better.
Now, take me as Hae Ra and give it a shot.
Shall I? - This is not working.
- Why? You just need practice.
Hurry, again.
Looking at you, how can I imagine you as Hae Ra? You try it, I am Baek Seung Jo, Baek Seung Jo.
Try it, common.
I am Baek Seung Jo now, Baek Seung Jo.
In a spontaneous moment, suddenly someone confesses to you, - it's easy to fall in love at that point.
- Spontaneous? Hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing? You crazy? What do you want? - Practice, wait.
- Practice? Timing's important, the timing.
See? Like this.
"What?" "What are you doing?" Then you place your hand here like this, say "forget me, see if you can", then Bam! Kiss her directly.
Hey, that's convincing, you're great.
Is that so? So the girl say's "What do you want?" and then, forget me, see if you can.
Wait! For this, the timing is important.
The moment the girl raises her head.
When the girl raises her head, "What?" "What are you doing?" Forget me, see if you can.
That's right.
What are you two doing there? - I'm busy now, you go and supervise them.
- Oh Ha Ni, you practice hard.
I will.
Let's try again.
Sunbae, you be the girl.
- I'll be the girl.
- Raise your head like this.
What are you doing? Forget me, see if you can.
Perfect, right? It's perfect.
Your idea is great.
I know the timing is very important, but the kiss I watch it on TV, I see them angling the shot, going left and right like that.
Angle? No, a kiss is all about timing.
- Ah! A kiss is all about timing.
- Yes.
Ha Ni, you sure know a lot about kissing.
Oh, actually I don't know much.
At your level, you're good enough to publish a book on it.
Don't you think that girl is so weird? That girl from the tennis team who's been chasing after Baek Seung Jo.
You heard about that too? So is it true? - Sounds like some juicy rumor.
- Ah! A student at our school dumped a guy she had a one-sided crush on, and went to kiss another guy.
And it was in broad daylight too.
That's right.
Why would she do that to a guy like Baek Seung Jo? Dumped him? She chose to be with an old-looking sunbae.
This girl is really If you leave me like this unni! Seung Jo's here.
- It seems Seung Jo doesn't know about it.
- What? Oh Ha Ni and Kyung Soo sunbae were kissing? Ha Ni and Kyung Soo were kissing? Yes, kissing.
Oh Ha Ni is so daring.
She even told Kyung So to try that again? So what happened between her and Seung Jo? What else? Oh Ha Ni dumped Baek Seung Jo of course.
What is it you wanted to say? Well, I It's all right.
I'm leaving now for today.
But Hae Ra Sunbae! Let me go, I have to do it.
If I let it go, I'll never do it.
Wait! No, no.
Give it to me, give it to me.
Hey! I must do it.
No, no! No! Oh, Ha Ni.
Ha Ni! Ha Ni! Oh, Ha Ni, Ha Ni! - Oh, Ha Ni.
- Hey! Seung Jo, you're leaving so soon? What are you saying? How can I be with Kyung Soo sunbae? Oh! Is it true? You did that? Kiss? No, but I was getting so anxious so I was helping to educate him.
Educate? What education? Don't tell me Sex education? Hey, what sex education? Not that.
So sorry.
- The rumor's all over the school.
- What? Are you upset about that? Your follower has stopped following you.
Seung Jo! See, the main character of the rumor is here.
Quiet Kitty, since when did you and Kyung Soo sunbae get together? You heard about that too? That impossible rumor? I'm going.
Good luck! Congratulations.
Can you be alone till your older brother comes back? Of course.
- Shall I get Seung Jo to come back earlier? - Am I still a kid? - I need my own personal space too.
- Wow.
All right, Eun Jo, see you tomorrow night.
Go on, go on.
- Don't play games for too long.
- I won't go on.
Go quickly! - Let's go.
- Yes.
Asa! Ah! Seung Jo Oh Ha Ni I don't know why I ended up here.
How did things end up like this? I was so happy about our first date too.
What was that sound? Auntie? Eun Jo? Ah! Eun Jo! You Eun Jo! Ah! Eun Jo, Eun Jo, what's wrong with you? My tummy Hurts badly? Where's your mom? Where did she go? For a trip.
A trip? Oh dear.
Home - Hello.
- Baek Seung Jo.
Why are you at my place? Eun Jo's sick.
Eun Jo? What's wrong with Eun Jo? He's in pain and he vomited.
What should I do? What should I do? Oh Ha Ni, calm down.
Calm down then tell me.
What happened to Eun Jo? He said his tummy hurts and he keeps vomiting.
I see.
Maybe it's food poisoning.
Take note of what I'm telling you and just follow it.
First to make sure he doesn't choke when he vomits, lay him on his side.
Keep his abdomen warm, and take note of how many times he vomits, so you can let the doctor know.
Then call for the ambulance.
- This is 119 right? - Send him to Parang University Hospital.
I will make my way there now.
Oh Ha Ni, I'm leaving Eun Jo to you.
Parang University Hospital He's having obstruction in his intestines, resulting in twisted intestines.
Twisted intestines? A loop of the intestines is twisted on itself, it's been for a while now, I think he needs a surgery.
Surgery? It could lead to complications, you need to decide quickly.
But what do I do? Do the surgery.
It's not a difficult one.
Oh Ha Ni, I'm leaving Eun Jo to you.
I understand, please do the surgery.
- You're here? - Yes.
Eun Jo's in surgery now.
I heard.
How did it go? Indeed it was twisted intestines.
- Did the surgery go well? - Yes, it went well, no need to worry.
A part of the intestines went inside a lower part of the intestines, we opened him up and straightened it out.
The wound will heal in about a week.
Baek Eun Jo Thank you.
My parents are coming back by plane tonight.
Yes, they must be in shock.
The doctor praised you.
He said first aid was done well, it made it easy for him.
If you didn't tell me what to do, I wouldn't know what to do except worry anxiously.
Twisted intestines is a kind of intestinal obstruction, I never knew that.
I really never think something so scary like this can happen.
I should go give my dad a call.
He'll be worried.
Oh Ha Ni.
Ah! Where did I put my hand phone and wallet? Look at me.
I'm not that old but I'm forgetting things.
You know, the rumor about Kyung Soo sunbae? He explained it to me already.
Thank you, Oh Ha Ni.
I was so afraid, I thought it would turn out badly, if it turned out badly Everything is fine now.
It's the first time I ever heard, Seung Jo's kind words, and his warm chest.
My anxious heart was relaxed in a moment, I cried till my eyes and my heart almost melted away.
Hi, Eun Jo.
- Oh, Ha Ni's here again today.
- Yes.
Those flowers smell great.
You're here again? You're not sick of paying so many visits? Baek Eun Jo, how can you say that to your benefactor? It's all right.
- No more tests for you today? - Yes.
Anyhow your goal is hyung, for sure.
You're at it again! - Seung Jo's not here yet? - See, see! Her ulterior motive is showing.
You again! He'll be here.
Indeed, Ha Ni should be in our household.
You're saying the same thing again? You're here? Baek Seung Jo, your mouth may be saying that, but you're happy to see Ha Ni, right? How are you doing? How's Eun Jo doing? If Ha Ni wasn't there, it'd be terrible.
Yes, it would be terrible if Ha Ni wasn't around.
Thank you, Gi Dong.
No, thank God it's not worse.
How's the rebuilding coming along? - Is it going well? - Oh, ups and downs.
Since the cause is an earthquake, it's an act of God so there's no insurance pay out, the case is still being heard in the courts.
It will get better.
What is this? When you were staying with us, this was the monthly expenses you gave us.
She said we shouldn't accept the money, so she has been saving it.
Yes, but why give it to me? This is not right.
You've been showing me favor, I feel so bad already.
I definitely should not accept this.
Gi Dong, why are you doing this? If you won't accept that, I won't talk to you.
I know that you were trying to expand your restaurant and create an upstairs area.
And I know you were troubled about Ha Ni and delaying the rebuilding, - But this - Gi Dong, don't be like this, let's live together again like in the past.
I left because of Ha Ni.
But this is for Ha Ni's good too.
What? It's for Ha Ni's good? Why is it you don't know how your daughter feels? What? Actually, Ha Ni and Seung Jo, those two have been keeping things from us.
You didn't know, right? What were they hiding? The two of them have even kissed already.
And Seung Jo took the initiative on Ha Ni too.
- Kiss? - Seung Jo? Yes.
So Seung Jo must like Ha Ni, for sure.
Hello Eun Jo.
You're here again? Hello Go Ri.
Not Go Ri, it's No Ri.
That's right.
Hello No Ri.
I brought you cakes, eat it.
So Ri, you have some too.
No Ri! It's No Ri.
Sorry, I'm a little stupid.
It's all right.
Usually all the wards are very quiet, so it has been terribly boring.
Over here, it's fun.
I like it.
No Ri, have you been in the hospital for a long time? Yes, for about a year and 2 months now.
That's why I have to repeat my 4th grade.
Is that right? Then shall I give you tuition? You giving tuition to him, isn't that ridiculous? He's still in primary school, right? We'll see how that turns out.
Stupid fool.
Even so, I can manage the multiplication tables, you know.
I learned that in 2nd grade already.
Is that right? You won't even be able to come up with a comeback.
Just eat the cake.
Thank you.
What! Even you, No Ri? A fool's a fool anywhere.
You guys are really - Hey! - Fool! Baek Eun Jo! Oh dear.
- Chef, are you troubled by something? - What? Your face appears very worried.
- Are you all done? - Yes, of course.
I finished it in a jiffy.
Thank you, then.
Could it be, something happened to Ha Ni? What could have happened to Ha Ni? You should go home.
Yes, chef, I'll leave now.
Yes, thank you.
Go on.
- Goodbye.
- All right.
No Ri, I'll take your temperature.
No Ri gets feverish easily.
Moreover, he's been in the high dependency ward for 6 months, so you adults should be more careful to him.
How can you play so wildly with a sick child? - I'm sorry.
- Please be careful.
Sorry, No Ri.
I'm used to having such fevers.
Ever since Eun Jo came in here, I've been so happy every day.
I get to study with Seung Jo hyung, and Ha Ni noonim makes me laugh.
I never intended to make you laugh though.
All right, you should rest for today.
After the fever goes, I'll continue teaching you.
All right.
What is No Ri sick with? I think there's a problem with his heart.
I see.
Such a small child having to take injections and tests every day, and even bitter medicine too.
And he can't get to do what he likes There's no use of you crying.
Oh yes, if you're the one, I'm sure you can find a solution.
What can I do? You're a genius, aren't you? Then if you so wished, you could easily become a doctor or something, And then, you can heal kids like No Ri, and many other patients in this world, that would be great.
Everyone will be so grateful to you, then you'll feel a sense of achievement too, right? How? What do you think? You tell me to become a doctor so I have to become one? Yes, that's right.
Isn't it a great idea? I don't know.
I'm telling you it matches you perfectly.
Baek Seung Jo in a white gown, wow, I'd love to see you like that.
There's no stopping you, is there? Ah! So you've been running to the hospital frequently? So you get to stick together with Baek Seung Jo? His mom will not be there on purpose this afternoon, just the two of us.
Don't you wish Baek Seung Jo's brother stayed longer in the hospital? - Hey, that's not true.
- Who says not? I can read your mind so clearly.
What are you saying? You shouldn't be playing with the wheelchairs! How do you read this? - How much is it? - Yes, and what does it mean? - It means "how much is this?" - Correct.
Kids, have something to eat.
What's this? Why bother to know that? Eat quickly.
Happy birthday, dear No Ri, Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday! No Ri, happy birthday.
Eun Jo, congrats on your being discharged.
Seung Jo hyung, Ha Ni noona, thanks for teaching me, Yes, if there are stuff you don't know, call me anytime.
- You know my number, right? - Yes, I'll do that.
No Ri, you get well soon.
Yes, I'll be sure to get better.
No Ri, No Ri.
Eun Jo, I'm fine.
Once I recover, I'll come play at your house.
I'll come visit you too.
Yes, you must come all right? Yes, I'll come.
No Ri didn't cry, he's so strong.
He keeps seeing others getting discharged before himself, I'm sure he feels very sad too.
Eun Jo, let's go.
Eun Jo, congrats on your discharge! Ha Ni, welcome back! Dad, what's all this? I've been terrible.
I decided on things without caring about how you feel.
It's been an uncomfortable time living at the shop, hasn't it? When I saw you smiling at the hospital, I think Oh Ha Ni is indeed a member of our family.
- Welcome, Ha Ni! - Auntie.
- Yes, welcome back, Ha Ni.
- Thanks, ahjussi.
- Then what about my room? - You will share with your hyung.
No! I won't give up my room again! You should be thankful to noona instead.
No, I only did what I was supposed to do.
I'm tired, feed me.
You should go and rest.
- Ha Ni, you can manage the rest? - Yes, let me finish up here.
All right, thanks then.
- Rest well.
- All right.
Ha Ni, welcome back.
Oh, why aren't you sleeping yet? I'd like a drink.
Eun Jo, you're not sleeping yet? This time for all you did thanks! Kiddo he's so cute.
Here you are.
I'm not sure how, but I'm back.
You're all settled in? Yes.
You're here! What are you doing here? Not going home yet? I'll leave once I'm done.
Please go on up.
Ha Ni, you go up.
Ha Ni, wait for me.
Today, Bong Joon Gu's inaugural dish will be born.
Ha Ni, you haven't eaten yet, right? I knew it.
I made something for you.
Sit, sit down.
Father, you sit too.
Here, be excited.
Bong Joon Gu's inaugural dish.
Treasure Mandoo! (Dumpling) This is called Treasure Mandoo.
A mandoo inside a mandoo.
With Father's special permission, I made this dish.
I'm not sure if you like the taste.
Father, you try it too.
You try it and let me know how you judge it.
While waiting for you to be home, I almost turned in a statue.
Is that so? Oh dear.
I already ate.
Is that right? You ate already? What a pity.
Dad! Well, it looks quite good.
Does it really? Father, you please try it.
I'm a little shy and nervous too.
Oh, Joon Gu, you know We decided to move back to Seung Jo's place.
It's inconvenient to live here, and I'm having a headache about expanding the shop too.
Seung Jo's family is hoping we'd move back too.
So that's what we decided to do.
Just wanted to let you know.
Yes, I see.
Oh, why do I feel like I'm trying to get your approval? Well done, you worked hard.
Ha Ni, this is my inaugural dish after all, you must give it a bite, all right? Try it.
I feel a little sorry for Joon Gu, but I'm glad to be able to live with Seung Jo again.
A little excited but a little worried too.
Will I make it? Oh, where could it be? I'm quite sure I brought it in.
Is this yours? It's mine.
So you stole it? Stupid.
It was on the floor here, who will steal such childish looking panty? Just occasionally.
Usually I wear lace panties.
Your body is not at all sexy, even A-cup is too big for you, right? Did your puberty stop right after primary school? What did you say? Hey, even so looking at you in this state I have no desires at all, is that a big problem? Do you find it fun to torture me like this? If you don't like me living here, just say so.
Instead of teasing me when you're bored.
Trying to solve my boredom? Yes, why would I do that? When I look at you, I can't help but tease you.
But aren't you the source of the problem? Even throwing stuff like that all over the place.
It's good that you two are close, but please take all precautions before you get married.
Eun Jo lives here too.
When do you start selecting your courses to major in? In the 2nd year.
So no matter what subjects you choose, you'll get it? If many people go for those subjects, they will have to go by results ranking or conduct some tests, but that's usually not the case.
You know, I would prefer you study Business Management.
I'm not interested in that.
Why? Please stop at the subway station right ahead.
Hey! On the way to your class? Seung Jo! Again? Hey, why is Baek Seung Jo so temperamental? Has he become harsh again? This time, it feels different from previously.
I don't know.
Does he Didn't you guys kiss already? Like this, you guys hugged already, right? But why is he behaving like now? I can't figure it out.
I really don't know if he cares about me or not.
Oh, how frustrating.
Min Ah, don't you have any good ideas? Any way of telling if Seung Jo likes me or not? Ah! What if we try the yawning method? Yawning? Yawning has an infectious quality of being copied.
When you see someone yawn, you yourself will yawn too.
Try using it.
If after you yawn, Seung Jo yawns afterwards too, that means he's secretly watching you in class.
If he's not interested in you, why would he look at you? Asa! Is my lesson really that boring, guys? Really, what's this? All my life, I've never had any suffering.
Thanks to good parents, I've been living comfortably.
Yes, you and I have been living in such superiority, because everyone else in this world has been watching us.
What shall we do? More and more, I feel like we're so compatible.
That was when, Oh Ha Ni came to live in my house.
When I see her, I finally admitted that the world is not as I imagined.
That way of thinking is correct, my way of thinking is wrong, I realized this point I was a little shocked.
That's why I feel like I need to interact more in this society, recently this thought occurs to me quite often.
Anyhow, thanks, Hae Ra.
That I have someone I can share this with, it's great.
If you can forget Hey, Ha Ni, Ha Ni.
Good that you're here, come over here.
Hey Ha Ni, you know that thing you said about timing? Kiss timing I was practicing at home, but I had a question.
If you can forget then try forgetting it, then wait 4.
3 seconds, what if Hae Ra leaves before it's up, what should I do? Kiss her before she leaves.
Sure I have to kiss her before she leaves, but if the timing doesn't match up, I mean, you stand here and let me try.
The other day was a big problem, you want to try it again today? You cooperate with me.
- How am I to practice alone? - I'll help you out.
All right, you get over here.
Stand here.
Seung Jo did it fine.
I place my hand here, your head was originally lowered but you raise it, got it? If you can forget You saw that, right? The timing can't seem to match up.
I wasn't done with my lines yet but the kiss came.
It's too long, that 4.
3 seconds.
Sunbae, how about trying it holding the racket? When you hold the racket, it's like you become a totally different person.
Confidence, competitiveness, ambition, passion in your eyes.
Hae Ra! Hae Ra! Oh, you scared me.
Oh you look good even when you're folding clothes.
Girl, when I'm doing the chores on my own, I was so bored.
When two of us do it chatting away, chores become a lot more fun.
Humans are not meant to live alone, there's so much truth in this saying.
- Right? - Yes, that's right.
Oh yes, Ha Ni, go to Seung Jo's room and get me the laundry, will you? Eun Jo needs his sports gear in school tomorrow, I forgot about that.
Yes, I'll go now.
Oh! It's in the walk-in wardrobe, you know that? I know.
Oh! It's the couple-Tee.
He still kept it.
One room rentals Part-time jobs? What are you doing in other people's room? You're home? Auntie told me to get Eun Jo's sports gear.
You got it so you should leave, why are you still loitering here? Actually, I heard something from Kyung Soo sunbae.
Something about you leaving and living out there.
Whatever, Wang sunbae is weird.
It's true.
- What? - I'm leaving the house.
- Why? - The reason do I have to get your approval on that too? I don't mean that.
Is it because I came back to this house you're leaving because of me? Anyhow, it has nothing to do with you.
Don't link everything to yourself.
Leaving the house? Up until now, I've been living under my parents, I think it's about time I try to survive on my own.
I'll live on my own and try to work part-time, placing myself in a world without any protection, I'd like to challenge myself.
What kind of person am I? What can I do? All right, it's not a bad idea.
But then Ha Ni just came back not long.
- Seung Jo - This has nothing to do with that girl at all, it's my life.
All right, you have a go at it.
Oh dear.
Seung Jo's leaving.
Even though I've come back into this house, now Seung Jo's leaving instead.
Main Translator: ai Spot Translators: soluna413, thesexy-orange Timers: cute girl, starstruck Editor/QC: eduardjr Final QC: sayroo Coordinators: sayroo, cute girl Baek Seung Jo, where is he? If I don't work hard at it, I won't get to see him.
It's Seung Jo! Seung Jo, what are you doing now all alone? What kind of place is he living in now? Hey, Baek Seung Jo! "You have no chance, just give up", tell her that.
Tell it to her like a man.
Seung Jo! Living alone suddenly, don't you find it lonely? It's not like that since I'm together with Yoon Hae Ra.
What? Cohabiting? Is something wrong? No, I'm fine.
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