Playing for Keeps (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

PAIGE: Shit.
Guess what just happened? You've spent the equivalent of a small car on clothing? Yeah, I was I was gonna tell you.
- You cheated on me first! - Bullshit! What about that hedge fund douchebag from Singapore? I still don't understand why Connor would tell you not to talk.
To stop people making up rumours about it.
JESSIE: Leaked by someone inside the club.
I wonder who that could be.
- Uh, I have no idea - Just stop talking shit about me and stay away from my family.
(GASPING) - You right? - Give us a hand? CORONER: Was anyone else there? Nah, leave him there.
Soft prick.
Before you ask it's not Rusty's.
(UPBEAT MUSIC INTENSIFIES) (CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICK) The girls are working pretty well.
He's a fast learner.
He looks more relaxed than Trav.
(PHOTOGRAPHERS CLAMOURING) PHOTOGRAPHER: Can I pinch you in here for me? Hi.
They're just asking me to squish in.
- Nah, you're right.
Get in there.
- Sorry.
It never gets any less weird.
Uh, bit closer.
Uh, lovely, and holding there for me.
Probably best that she's not here to see this.
It was Paige's choice not to be here.
I'm Cassie, by the way.
Or Dan.
- Uh, Daniel.
- Yeah, I know.
Um I'm a friend of Tahlia's.
I've been really looking forward to meeting you.
And holding.
Almost there.
Thank you very much.
(PHONE BEEPS) Looks like somebody else wants you.
God, it's good to see ya.
Mwah! Good to see you.
- Daniel's having a good time.
- (SIGHS) Well, I wouldn't have come if I was her.
Yes, you would.
OK, well, I probably would've, but that's not the point.
What is the point? We don't know that she's the one that went to press.
- (SIGHS) - Not categorically.
And if it's not just a rumour and they really are rooting around Oh, look, I don't care.
I I don't care if Jessie's screwing the entire team.
What Jessie does or does not do is her business, no-one else's especially now.
Paige just needs to learn to keep her mouth shut.
NEIL: Where's Rusty today? He's probably avoiding you, Neil.
Where the fuck is he? - Yeah, alright.
- Did either of you know about his affair with Jessie Davies? We're not here to feed malicious rumours.
How do you know it's not true? Are you suggesting team members don't sleep with each other's partners? I'm not suggesting anything.
I'm stating that today is about an exciting new product from our major sponsors, wotev.
Can you tell us about that? Dan? Uh, yeah.
Uh, absolutely.
Um Yeah, when they guys from wotev.
com ran us through it all, - I mean, yeah, it's clearly a game changer.
- Mmm.
Any actual information about the product itself, boys? Uh, yeah.
(CHUCKLES) So sorry, Neil.
I know you're having fun there, but can I just grab the boys for a sec? Circulate.
Have a cracker.
Oh! Ah! (CRIES IN PAIN) Thank you.
You know, we're gonna keep bumping into each other.
So you might as well talk to me.
We're talking right now.
Nah, I mean privately.
That's not going to happen.
Tahlia doesn't get where my head's at.
You're the only one that doesn't judge me.
Don't be ridiculous.
I'm judging you right now.
(CLEARS THROAT) I'm just asking you to talk to me.
No, you're not.
Well I know it wasn't the most boring thing I've ever done, but it was probably in the top 10.
What you get up to? I got so much done.
- Did ya? - Nuh.
I got nothing done.
You know why? (LAUGHS) That's a freak photo.
That's gotta be the one time I smiled.
I was just being polite.
She's, um one of Tahlia's mates.
- Yeah actually, you would've liked her.
- Oh, course she is.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Nothing.
I'm just not loving you in a boob sandwich.
Paige you were invited.
Did you just spend the whole night sittin' on social media? No.
I called Mum.
She didn't answer.
Also I went a couple of rounds with your punching bag after a binge.
I gave myself a gimpy ankle.
- Are you OK? - Nuh.
- I'm Scotty No Mates.
- No, you're not.
(SIGHS) Where? Where're my mates? Hmm? Why don't you invite your teacher buddies around to ours for a drink? Just chuck it out there.
No pressure.
Just keep it cazh.
Um (CHUCKLES) Can I ask you something? Off the record.
What do uni students use these days? To stay awake? Apart from coffee and sugar? Just just a bit of a leg-up, as it were.
In my day we did a little bit of, uh cold and flu over the counter.
But there must be something better around these days.
Just your standard issue study aid.
Nothing illegal.
If you're asking me what I do to improve my focus and stamina I eat a balanced diet, I exercise, I meditate, and I always make time in my day just for me.
Dan you've never been fitter in your life.
I swear, my skin folds just don't go down.
You're exceeding everyone's expectations week after week.
It doesn't matter.
The better I do, the more they expect.
The more I expect from myself.
No-one expects as much as you do.
- Aside from you.
- Aside from me.
- What are you up to today? - I've got class in the morning, but a double free after lunch.
(WINCES) Ah Give us a look.
- (GASPS) - Oh! Paige, we better get that checked out.
Actually, I'm pretty sure that Lauren's on early today.
I might give her a call.
Um I was just chasing Dr Gambi, please.
Daniel Fletcher.
I can't be seen by those women in my workwear.
And I'm in no mood to wear acceptable shoes.
A, they don't hang out at the club, and, B, what, are you avoiding them now? They started it.
Oh, hi.
It's Dan Fletcher.
Nah, nah.
Actually, my girlfriend's hurt herself.
Is there any chance that Lauren could? She can see you in two hours.
What if I don't want to be seen? Andrew specifically told the sponsor you'd be there.
You don't turn up and you don't even answer your phone.
Ran out of charge.
You've been late all week.
You're barely functioning when you do show up.
If you don't pull your head in, they will drop you.
Yeah, you mentioned that.
Stop acting like a teenager.
If this has got anything to do with Jessie, you can talk to me in confidence.
Do you think I'm fuckin' her? Doesn't matter.
Either way, you won't survive this level of scrutiny.
(PANTS) Scrutiny doesn't bother you, though, does it? Yeah, well, maybe it should.
What do you mean? You know, I don't know how he gets away of it.
Smart, strong woman like you.
I mean, Kath was still a kid when he married her.
What's your excuse? Hey.
- Well, that's not a happy face.
- Shove it up your arse, Neil.
(LAUGHS) Mate, what's up? - Hey? - (PHONE RINGS) - Brian.
- Neil.
- Hey.
- Are you around tomorrow morning? I just wanna see you.
- Yeah, so do I.
- See you at the park after training.
How'd you go? Rusty knows.
Knows what? About us.
- TONI: Are you on today? - Yep.
Not for another hour.
Just wanted to get in early.
Ooh, lovely.
Aren't you the eager beaver? JIM: Why are you limping? Oh, I'm fine.
Thanks, Jim.
Um actually I, um, I wanted to throw out an invitation to everyone, um, to please join me for a casual drink at my place.
- No pressure.
- Oh.
When? Tomorrow after school? Uh, I'd love to, but I have a date.
That sounds much more exciting.
- Actually, I could cancel it.
- Oh, no, no.
Please don't.
Is Daniel going to be there? Well, he's got training, so I can't guarantee that.
I'll come back to you.
Not a chance.
Good morning.
(GROANS) What time is it? I let you sleep in.
(GROANS) So I can't even go the snooze.
Uh babe I mean, you can snooze.
You've got time.
But do you really want to? I I got three hours of cardio to do this morning.
Are you fucking serious? Hey don't be like that.
(SIGHS) (PAIGE WINCES) That makes it worse.
Yeah, it might feel worse before it gets better.
It's just a light sprain.
Wear this for a day or two.
- Stay away from the punching bag.
- (LAUGHS) If it gives you any grief, come back and see me.
Anything else I can help you with? Actually, um I'm not getting a lot of social traction.
I-I don't suppose you have any tips on how to assimilate with the other ladies.
Yeah, I don't think my advice would do you any good.
See, I'm not a natural fit either.
If this is creepy and/or just desperate, let's pretend I never said it, but, um I don't suppose you'd want to have, like, a quiet bevvy with me tomorrow? Nah, reading you, it is creepy.
No need to explain.
Uh so Look, if anyone else had asked, the answer would be no.
- So, is that a yes? - I think it is.
You OK? What's going on? (SIGHS) Called it quits with Lauren today.
Why? Was a snap decision.
All the bullshit they've been throwing at Jessie and Russ.
If the press got wind of our situation It's not worth the risk.
Gotta pull the pin on all of it.
Both of us do.
You look a bit disappointed.
- It's not disappointment.
- You were always gonna break - Adam's heart anyway.
- I did that a week ago.
It's surprise.
I'm surprised.
- We decided together to open this marriage - We did.
and you've made a unilateral decision to close it.
It was more of a reaction than a decision.
Apparently Rusty knows about Lauren and I.
- How did that happen? - I don't know.
- (SIGHS) - He spoke to Lauren.
Whatever he said, it was enough.
I'm sorry about you and Lauren.
Is she OK? She wasn't thrilled.
She in better shape than you? No question.
So, do you reckon you could stand it being just you and me again? We can try.
Ah! (LAUGHS) - (MIMICS EXPLOSION) - (LAUGHS) Yeah! You gotta put your arms out.
- Airplane! - (MIMICS JET ENGINE) - Ah! (LAUGHS) - (LAUGHS) You smell seedy.
- I haven't been that bad.
- Yeah, you have.
Did you read the one that it's been on for years? - It's not even Jack's kid? - Uh-huh.
And what if he was a little bit older? - Old enough to understand? - He's not, thank God.
Mummy! You know, one guy called me a shameless little slut.
What are you gonna do? I have no idea.
Who else knows? Maddy.
I let her believe it's Jack's.
I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
Yeah, well, it's Karlie's fault, and she's my fault, so Wait, Karlie went to the media? Yeah, well, who'd you think it was? Paige came round asking questions.
I assu (SIGHS) I gotta call Kath.
Hey, what are you doin'? The trick is to break it down.
- So if we're looking at the square root of 2 - (PHONE RINGS) - (LAUGHS) - multiplied by the root of 4 - (LAUGHS) - OK, now, we've been over this.
Phones off when we're working.
It's not just about focus, it's respect.
- (PHONE RINGS) - Oh, pardon me.
Sorry, I could have sworn I turned that off.
Is it WAG Central? As a matter of fact, it is.
- (LAUGHS) - (WHISPERS) It's the President.
(CHUCKLES) Look at this.
She sprained her ankle.
Oh, it's nothing serious.
I just tried to juggle a snack with a bit of light sparring.
(LAUGHS) We've all done it.
Now (SIGHS) don't feel ambushed, but we all wanna say something to you.
We owe you an apology.
Especially me.
The whole Rusty affair bomb hit after you asked me if anything was going on between us, so I assumed you were the anonymous source.
- I was wrong.
It was Karlie.
- Course it was.
And I'm really, really sorry.
Now, we were all way too quick to judge, and we wanna make it up to you.
And when Kath's feeling guilty, you can pretty much ask her for anything.
- No, I don't need anything.
- (MIMICS BUZZER) Try again.
I'd I'd go a weekend at Kath's beach house.
- Mmm.
- Oh, absolutely welcome anytime.
Or Tahlia's skin magician.
They will make you look 10 years younger in just four weeks, guaranteed.
- So I'll look 12.
- Come on, Paige.
Will you please just make us all feel better by accepting our apology bribe, mmm? - OK, there is one thing.
- Great.
Consider it done.
Come have a drink at my place later.
- Sounds great.
- Today? - Yeah, I could do that.
- Hey, can have a bit of a ladies' soiree.
Lauren's coming too.
- Oh.
- This is happening.
ANDREW: Let's go! Pick it up, Trav! Pick it up, Trav! Come on! Show these posers how it's done.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) (COUGHS) If I can turn up on time to blow the head honcho, then so can O'Reilly.
- Pull him into line.
- Yeah, I'm tryin'.
Don't try, Brian.
Get it done.
Come in, come in.
- OK, thank you.
- For you.
- Oh (LAUGHS) You're taking this home, 'cause we're drinking Burr Cutters! - Sounds painful.
- (LAUGHS) It's a Casterton legend.
It'll change your life.
Take a seat.
Take a seat.
- How's the ankle? - Oh, it's fine.
You're about to taste heaven in a glass.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks for coming.
This is exactly what I needed.
I've just had a few too many shitty days lately.
(SIGHS) Me too.
- Anything in particular? - Thank you.
My relationship ended yesterday.
I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
Oh, no-one did.
I didn't even see it coming.
How long were you together? 'Bout 18 months.
- Oh, what an arsehole.
- Mmm No.
No, it's complicated.
(BUZZER SOUNDS) I invited some of the other girls and it didn't occur to me that that might be weird for you, and your face is telling me that it's weird.
No, look, I I just thought you said you - weren't really connecting with them.
- Yeah, I wasn't, - and they apologised en masse.
- (BUZZER SOUNDS) It was really confronting.
I'm so sorry.
What are you trying to prove? Every time you turn up late, every fumble, every single time you put yourself first We're all trying to get on with it.
But maybe you can get your head out your arse and give us a hand? Eh? Rusty?! How did I not know you were seeing someone? 'Cause I didn't tell you.
Thank God.
I thought I'd forgotten.
- (PAIGE AND LAUREN LAUGH) - But why didn't you tell me? I didn't tell anyone.
- Just try it.
- Oh, I can't.
Are you intolerant? - Sometimes.
- It does get easier.
(CLEARS THROAT) - It's quite nice.
- Yay! (LAUGHS) If you wanna keep putting that crap in your body, I'm not your mum.
I don't care what you do on your time.
But if I see that at the club again What are you gonna do, Trav? Look, I don't care how much you hated him.
And no-one gives a shit.
Tryin' to hurt my feelings.
Nah, mate.
I'm sayin' no-one gives a fuck! Have a bit of respect.
People are tryin' to mourn.
Oh, is that what you were tryin' to do? Yeah, see, I thought you were using Jack's death as an excuse to play another year on your shithouse form.
Pretend to be a hero.
- Ah! - MAN: Oh, gee.
Shit! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) MAN: Stop! What are you doin'?! - MAN: You alright, mate? - Nah, I'm right, I'm right.
- MAN: Get off him! - Mate, I Fuck off! MAN: Boys I said I'm right.
(GROANS) MAN: Mate what's going on? (BUZZER SOUNDS) The more you get out now, the less you'll have to purge down the line.
You'll feel so much better if you just focus on all his negatives.
You don't even have to participate.
- We can tear him apart for ya.
- (CHUCKLES) Come in, come in.
- Welcome.
- KATH: Hi.
- JESSIE: Hello.
- Sorry I'm late.
We were just about to tear Lauren's ex a new one.
- Oh.
- Trying to.
She's not helping.
(LAUREN SCOFFS) Oh, there must've been something he did that upset you.
Pubes in the soap? Jocks on the floor? - Did you hate his family? - He was kind.
There was no blame or drama.
We just - both knew it was over.
- Oh, bullshit.
Someone got hurt.
- Someone always gets hurt.
- Thank you.
Not necessarily.
I didn't say I wasn't hurting.
Well, I'm it's his loss.
I mean, look at you.
You're brilliant, you're upfront, you're smokin' hot.
He's a dumb-arse.
Had to be said.
To freedom from arseholes! - To freedom from arseholes! - Freedom, sister.
- (LAUGHS) - (LAUGHS) ANDREW: The coroner has confirmed the cause of death.
Just say it.
It was an accident.
What does that mean? The combination of drugs in his system, the knock in the head, added up to an unintentional accident.
No crime.
No liability.
At least you've got a chance of seeing out your contract.
- TAHLIA: Well, she's an absolute idiot.
- KATH: Mmm.
She wants to keep this romance a secret, but then goes and parties with him the whole night.
At the end of the party, gets in the same car as him.
- They get papped.
- (GASPS) There we cameras? Evening, ladies! - Hey! - Oh, Dan! So I've had a couple, but I think I'm handling it pretty well.
- Oh, look, we should let you go.
Come on.
- Yeah.
You rest up, and we'll all go out.
Oh, we don't go out.
Not on a whim.
Uh, what if you need something? It's just easier to prevent social media bombs - and havin' to clean up afterwards.
Am I right? - Mmm.
Oh, what if we went to the sleepy pub near my school? I've been there a few times and I have seen one other punter once.
No, not advisable.
You do not know what you're dealing with with the media.
I mean, you can go from being a-a-a shining role model to a gold-digging ho in a single image.
- (LAUGHS) - Yeah, but you you can't stand out if there's no-one else there, and you said I could have anything I asked for.
Couple of ground rules upfront, OK? Number one, location services turned off.
Actually, just give me your devices.
Come on.
I'll do yours.
- Gimme.
Thank you.
What? - I'm going home.
- Oh, no! - Yeah.
OK, rule number two.
There will be a recce carried out by myself before mass entry.
Rule number three, I reserve the right to pull the pin anytime I like.
- Am I clear? - Clear as rum.
- White white rum.
- That was a joke.
- OK.
Let's go.
- Oh! What happened to all your school mates? Ooh, not enough notice, apparently.
Don't need 'em anyway.
Um look at you and all your lady friends.
- Go, Scotty! - (GIGGLES) - (KEYBOARD CLACKING) - (MUTTERS) We talked about that.
I'll just be two seconds.
- Hey.
There's fresh coffee and I made muffins if you're hungry.
- Ooh, what kind of muffins? - Double choc.
(SPEAKING QUICKLY) The kids are sound asleep.
I read them four stories.
That ghost book of Abi's is terrifying.
I'm just halfway through this final email, - then all I've gotta do is Yep? - Mads? - Take a breath, babe.
- Oh.
- Go again.
- (BREATHES DEEPLY) I wasn't breathing.
(LAUGHS) Uh take another one, then.
What's, uh what's goin' on? I've got a lot of work done.
I scored a little bit of pseudo from Gavin at the pharmacy.
- Told him it was for you.
- You are unbelievable.
Oh, sorry.
I'll fess up tomorrow when I go and pick up the nit cream.
- Gavin knew it was for me anyway.
- Nup! It's not that.
After all the shit you give me about all the stuff I take Look, I don't do it for a pick-me-up or 'cause I'm tired.
I do it so I can do my job.
What the fuck do you think I'm tryin' to do?! I've got all the help I can possibly get and I'm still just being eaten alive by the hours here! The kids are fine.
I'm fine.
You'll work out how to make it happen.
Alright? (SIGHS) - (QUIETLY) Fuck! - Oh, babe! Why are you limping? Uh (EXHALES) I'm gonna miss a few weeks.
- Oh - I've done my calf again.
Why don't you go have a lay down? No.
No part of me wants to rest right now.
Not even my eyes.
Well what would you like to do? (UPBEAT MUSIC) (MUFFLED CRASH, BOTTLES CLINK) (MOUTHING SILENTLY) This could take a while.
- How many levels? - Just one.
Does she always do this? Once we had to wait 40 minutes before we got the all clear.
I think we're gonna be fine.
(PAIGE CHUCKLES) What did I tell ya? No-one even looks you in the eye.
Can't even get reception in here.
I don't think those two gentlemen care.
It's like they're asleep with their eyes open.
Do you know how to make a Burr Cutter? - I need O'Reilly on the ground this week.
- Mm-mm.
Look, I know he's been out of control.
I'm not disputing that.
We have to rein him in now, or he will self-destruct.
That's exactly what I've been saying to you for the last four weeks.
Well, if it was your idea in the first place, - what's the problem? - The problem is I need him now.
I cannot get us across the line without him.
Wrong answer.
- Find a way.
- Travis threw the first punch.
I don't care.
He crossed the line.
- He injured another player.
- Trav injured himself.
He's not listening to you, Brian.
And he's not playing this week.
Now shall we have a little dessert? Yeah, I'll have a look.
I'm going to the bar.
Now, hold on, hold on.
It might come good.
- I don't mind it.
- Oh! How on earth did you find us? - I sent an SOS to Kath.
- Mwah.
Have you heard of a Burr Cutter? Ooh, is it some sort of weapon associated with harvesting? It's much worse than that.
It's like a car crash in your mouth, but I love it.
You will not look back.
- I won't have one, thanks.
- Uh yeah, no, she won't listen.
- I'm not gonna drink it.
- Oh, Paige will.
- TAHLIA: Look at me Burr Cutters all round! - Need some water.
- PAIGE: Yeah? - TAHLIA: Whoo! You need to know how much you mean to him.
TAHLIA: Whoo! - Kath, you don't have to say - No, no.
I know.
I don't need to do anything.
But I want you to know that there is no doubt in my mind that he's in love with you.
- This is purely pragmatic.
- PAIGE: I'm feeling it! Please tell me you know that.
And he's miserable, if that helps at all.
PAIGE: (LAUGHS) Yeah, you do.
(VOICE BREAKS) Yeah, I don't think it does.
- I've never been with a married man before.
- (WHISPERS) Hey you do not need to qualify anything.
I know.
I just don't know how you handle it.
Neither do I.
I did not know that they were that close.
Either did I.
You guys really have each other's backs.
It's beautiful.
- I might head off soon.
(SIGHS) - Me too.
- TAHLIA: I'm gettin' old! - Thank you.
How are things at home? Mmm pretty good.
Aside from the fact that Connor told his mother that I was the one who cheated on him.
Well, you did, babe.
But he failed to mention that he was the one who cheated on me first.
I know.
I was ropeable.
- So I made him tell her - Mm.
And now he's got the shits with me.
He's pullin' away, Kath.
I've just made it worse.
All you did was start a conversation that needed to be had.
OK? You've done nothing wrong.
(PHONE RINGING) It's a bit past your bedtime, isn't it? (CHUCKLES) Nah, I'm right as rain.
I might go for a jog later.
Just tell me where you are.
I'm glad you stayed.
Yeah, uh, I thought you'd turn your nose up at a place like this, but you seem comfortable.
I grew up in pubs.
- Mum was a bartender, single mum.
- Mmm Spent most of my time watchin' TV while she was working.
I learned to spell by watching Wheel of Fortune.
Oh, I loved that show! This place suits you.
Suits a lot of people.
None of them are in high school.
No-one gives a shit.
That's why we come here.
- Who's this? - Uh, one of my students.
She's 16.
Cute! OK.
Obviously I should give you a grown-up lecture, but I don't wanna start a war.
And if you leave now, there's a legitimate chance I won't even remember you were here, so Are you serious?! This is Nuh, that's cool.
(PHONE CHIMES AND BEEPS) Hm! Well, obviously one of us should leave.
I'm not going anywhere.
That's bullshit, we were here first.
I know you.
You look better without a fringe.
(INCREDULOUS LAUGH) It's not polite to film people without their permission.
Give me my fucking phone! (PHONE CHIMES) The future - is a very big place.
- PAIGE: Oh, no, don't - don't threaten her.
- Move! - Wait! Hold on! - Come on! (BOTH LAUGH) - Babe! - Your face when she said you looked better without a fringe! Was half expecting to find you in my bed.
Were you disappointed that I wasn't? (BOTH CHUCKLE) Look, I'd prefer to be in your bed I'm just waiting for the invitation.
(PHONE VIBRATES) I'm gonna have a bath.
(HUSHED) Fucking hell! That's a nice shiner you got there.
Brings out the colour in your eyes.
They're calling it "an accident" Neil told me, officially, now.
He was taking pills.
Prescription meds, but (INHALES) more than what he was supposed to have apparently.
They told me to to go to ground when Jessie was being slammed by the media about me.
no comment, no denial no acknowledgement at all.
Said, "I'd just fan the flames".
She means more to me than I could ever explain and I shouldn't have to.
I mean, she made my life easier when she could have blown it up.
It's as simple as that.
And now she's lost Jack.
(CHUCKLES RUEFULLY) She has this carbon copy of him asking her where he is.
The whole world's got an opinion, and I can't go anywhere near her.
I can't help out with JJ.
I can't do anything at all (WHIMPERING SCOFF) because Karlie said we were fucking around.
(CARBONATION FIZZES) You know you could've brought these out when you first go here.
(CHUCKLES) Was hoping not to be here that long.
(BOTTLES CLINK) (CHUCKLES QUIETLY) Hey, look, I know it's really late, and I'm sorry, but do you wanna come stay with JJ tonight? I will pay you double.
(KATH SIGHS) You OK? Not in any meaningful way, no.
What the fuck is going on, Connor? I dunno.
(CHUCKLES) Look, I I can't focus.
You know, I'm not sleeping, I'm I'm trying to pretend that everything's OK, but it's not.
That has nothing to do with us.
- What if it does? - It's about you and Tahlia.
We owe it to ourselves, and more importantly to Tahlia, and to Brian, to just walk away from this.
Yeah, agreed.
I wanna be very clear I think you are a very talented young man.
And I think you are - an incredibly beautiful woman.
- No! No words from you.
Don't speak.
OK, maybe you can just say one thing, but quick.
I don't wanna stop but I know, I know we should, but I really don't want to.
(SIGHS) Right, here's what we're gonna do, OK? You're gonna drive me home we are never gonna talk about this, ever again, and we I feel like I am breathing through my eyes now.
(BOTH GROAN) Rusty told me Jack had drugs in his system when he died.
What kind of drugs? Antidepressants (SIGHS) That makes sense given everything he'd been through.
- and oxy - Like you take? Mmm.
and Xanax.
Your Xanax.
I gave him a few of yours and a few of mine.
You didn't think to tell me about this before now? Well, it was ages ago.
I Didn't really occur to me until Rusty brought it up tonight.
(CLEARS THROAT) Do you ever think about why we started seeing other people, in the first place? Not as much as I used to.
Not since it started making sense.
Yeah, it did make sense.
We made it work didn't we? I think so.
Do you think you and I can work without it? The way I feel about you has never wavered.
It's all still right here for me.
Always has been.
Question is where are you? I'm pretty sure I'm right here.
(SIGHS) Oh, god, I missed you.
I missed you, too.
(KISSES SMACK) (BOTH SIGH) I'm glad you called! Rusty! I can't hear ya! I just said "I'm glad you called!" I still can't hear ya! - I said,! - Nah, you're gonna have to get closer! (SIGHS) (GASPS) (SIGHS) (EXHALES) Didn't think you'd show.
Yeah, well, neither did I.
I didn't think you'd get in the water.
Well, it's not too late to change your mind.
You gonna record me, or - Yeah, that's usually how it works.
- Yeah, well, get on with it.
Whenever you're ready.
I'm not having an affair with Jessie Davies or any other woman because (SIGHS) I'm not attracted to women sexually.
Sorry, yeah, just to clarify you're saying I'm gay.
Now, leave Jessie Davies alone.
Rusty came out this morning.
What I wanna know is why he would pull a stunt like this - without going through us? - Andrew, it's not a stunt.
It's a personal statement.
D'you reckon we've got anything to worry about? - What do you mean? - What else did Rusty say to Neil? Jack knew Rusty was gay, that's why he hated him! I am preparing to launch my new men's fragrance line.
Connor by Talia.
Why don't you just get a branding iron and burn it into my forehead? This has to be the last time you and I discuss what happened between us, in any way, shape or form.